Saturday, 12 August 2017


UPDATE - 16-08-2017

I'm delighted to say normal service on my blog has resumed.  There was almost a hostile takeover there for a while, dark forces were wearing me down with their anger and hostility. 

I hasten to say, I had no objections to Ziggy offering an alternate perspective, but eventually, even I could see that he had a firm agenda to break down what he would call 'myths' supposedly born of Goncalo Amaral's book and discussed constantly on social media.  He is the unwanted 'Admin' keeping my readers on his topic. 

Effectively, he was attempting to steal my blog, from under my nose, and as a bleeding heart liberal I was allowing him to.  The turning point came, when I realised that he didn't actually like it here.  He had no respect for me and no respect for my readers, it was then that I was hit by the overwhelming smell of coffee. A very fine one too, Americano, my current fav instant. 

My critics were right of course, I was being dim.  The USP of every blog, is the blogger's personality.  It is a wonderfully narcissistic reflection of your life and times, not quite a personal journal, but not too far away.  Ziggy was taking over, changing the tone and format of the discussion. Worse, he was bringing in the kind of nastiness seen only in the forums. Nitpicking and repeating every line, so he could respond with a thousand words, where one or two would do. 

Regardless, I am back to looking forward to opening my postbox, I always enjoy reading alternate views and the interesting topics that arrive with each new post.  Normal Service has been Resumed!


Gaw'd knows what's happening to it [my blog] 18:49, most of it is above my head too! Since I mentioned the Hadron Collider and Tolkien, the Boy's Own have taken over. As the mother of two sons, both the aforementioned are forbidden topics in my home!  On their part, I am not allowed to discuss Madeleine McCann or the divine gowns worn at the Oscars.   

I am not sure if the forces at work here are dark or mischievous, some may be testing how far they can go off topic before I become like every forum host who has gone before me.  Some slip through due to the sheer volume of incoming, and some are not caught by my 'spam' catcher.  Ziggy, I'm afraid, I only skim read, he has lost my attention. And ex husbands everywhere must know that feeling.  For my inattention to Ziggy's rants, I must apologise, not only is he disrespecting me, he is disrespecting my readers and other posters.  But as you will see from my reply to him today, my patience is running out.

I am a great believer in the concept that debate/ discussion will naturally find it's own level 18:49 with minimal intervention.  I like to think my blog is an level playing field, where everyone has equal opportunity to present their case.  The popular posts get more responses, or should I say more positive responses, and those with flaws have those flaws pointed out. 

Ziggy plays Devil's Advocate, or he tries out possible scenarios that will alleviate Gerry and Kate of any blame.  He is fuzzy on his knowledge of this case, hoping it will make him appear as the outsider he pretends to be. He hasn't read Goncalo Amaral's  book, but he knows every sniffer gland on the end of a spaniel's nose.  He knows those parts of the McCann abduction story that are weak, and those are the ones he keeps plugging, and of course, where his 'expertise' lies. 

He doesn't bother with Bennett, HideHo, Hall et al, because they aren't a threat, they will only ever appeal to a gullible, niche, audience.  And besides which, they have always supported the parents' case that they have been victimised because of Goncalo Amaral's book.  And whilst in very arrogant mode, the McCanns with all their high priced lawyers and prize winning authors etc, didn't destroy Bennett and Hall - I did.  One of the reasons, Kate needs me for her book, btw. 

My blog however, is a different kettle of fish.  It has intelligent readers and intelligent contributors and it can in no way be described as a 'hate site'.  That is getting through, and that is why my blog is becoming so popular.  There is no 'shame' attached to posting here, it is a reasonable discussion among reasonable people.  I don't investigate people, I don't put them on public trial, and I don't find them guilty in a kangaroo court. 

But let's return to those dark forces 18:49.  I have made lots of enemies along the way - I have no idea why, I'm really quite charming!  But it is as it is.  I have frustrated many dreams, I am the Mozart to their Antonio Salieri (though Salieri is giving them too much credit), They may have spent a zillion hours researching and finding links, but it's Cristobell Unbound who makes no claims for anything, that the followers of the Madeleine case want to read.  That's got to irk. 

Those who are genuinely seeking the truth in the McCann case, are watching as developments unfold, as is this blog.  Like the rest of the world, they have moved on from 2007.  They have little, if any, interest in the scurrilous tales that began in cheap tabloid headlines and that were picked up by porn sleuths, who thought they had stumbled across the Sodom and Gomorrah, the Good Lord warned them about.  Enter Bennett, Hall, Textusa and Hyatt. And an honourable mention for Jim Gamble.  All of whom are currently trapped in a timewarp. 

This blog has always been under attack from dark forces 18:49.  JG for example has warned me on twitter that I am not to say anything libellous about him or the US NCMEC, and JG is a ex cop, who has used counter intelligence all his working life.  I have no doubt, I am watched very closely.  They live in trepidation of the day I write a blog entitled 'J'Accuse', or maybe an article that closely examines the role in society of missing children's charities and dedicated police agencies.  An alternate title, might be, 'the way in which the Government and the 'Establishment' ensure we all live in fear'.  Then there is the involvement of MI5, MI6 and the death of Brenda Leyland.  A little paranoid I know, but one of the reasons I stay in plain sight and constantly reassure people that I am not in the least bit suicidal. 

Should I ever decide to kill myself, it would be in a sleazy nightclub in New Orleans after having sung all of Billy Holiday's greatest hits to a cheering audience who love my sparkly dress, and having taken copious amounts of drugs and alcohol, and said 'they shoot horses don't they'.  My sons however, recommend Dignitas or a holiday in Syria.  How I wish the anti feminist Good Lord had given me daughters - they would be ruling the world by now!

But I digress.  The McCann camp, I think, are very unsure.  They want to condemn me, but they can see how I can be used to their advantage.  And I should add, I am the last chance saloon, if the worst comes to the worst option, but look at what they have had so far?  If they know anything about PR, and they really should by now, Gerry should have that white board out looking at the wider agenda.  They can still make amends, and they can still provide for their children. 

But before hubris swallows me entirely, my audience may drop dramatically should I axe Ziggy, but now he is lowering the tone of my blog, that matters less and less.  My blog is precious to me.  It is a 'work of art' of some sort, lol.  I hope my 'other' works, of which there are many, will be my 'legacy' (hopefully profitable, lol), but this is a baby I dote on and nurture.

I don't take online stuff personally, which is why I have been able to read and observe the  bizarre behaviour in forums.  I have observed the Cesspit and the pro McCann counter campaign with a mixture of disgust and fascination.  Long ago, that freaky behaviour reached that point in Animal Farm, where the pigs become indistinguishable from the men.  The bloodlust, on both sides, is quite bizarre in the 21st century.  The gravity of it brought to mind my own personal awakening, when I realised that fascism and communism eventually become one.  A bit off topic I know, but an anecdote that reflects the shock of my realisation that a lot of the 'antis' were very mean people with issues of their own!

What makes them mean 18:29 - who knows?  A lasting grudge that life has treated them badly, a belief that anyone and everyone around them is to blame for current or past misfortunes and their own dissatisfaction with life.  They will always look around for someone else to blame and they will never be mature enough to understand that they are responsible for their life choices.  They alone make every decision.  Of course Neitzche  (sp) said it far more eloquently than I.   

I don't in any way want to curb the spontaneity and freedom of speech of those who post here 18:29, and in my experience, even the tiniest beginnings of rule making sets in motion the kind of dictatorial state that none of us want. 

But I am waffling, which is certain to irritate my critics - they are only here to find subversive or libellous statements, lol so the fluff must grate, not intentional of course.  All my own personal haters have tried every trick in the book to close me down or label me a headcase  or establishment plant 18:29, including  social media smear campaigns from both sides.  But in the words of Chumba Wumba, I get knocked down, I get back up again

The greatest threat to my blog is a poster who can change the dominant ideology - I think most who read here, believe the parents and Tapas group were involved.  But as yet, no-one has emerged who can sway the majority over to 'The McCanns are Innocent' - and I fear Ziggy is their best shot.  He is trying lots of theories here, but none of them are 'taking', I'm  not sure he has persuaded anyone, and heaven know, I've given him enough tries. 

I do take heed and listen to the advice of my contributors 18:29, 'ask the audience' is always the best option, but I still lean towards the goodies will always win over the baddies.  They don't need the odds altered in their favour. I have confidence in my own ability to challenge misinformation, but more so, I have confidence in my readers, who more often than not, present far more concise and articulate arguments than my own! 

Saturday, 5 August 2017


I am being invaded by 'dark forces' apparently, my first thoughts were Batman, the Dark Knight, and hopefully the Michael Keaton one.  To be fair, I hadn't yet had my first cup of tea and had just awoken from an amazing dream that I cannot now remember, doh!

Dark forces indeed - not quite sure how to define that.  There are a number of people who would very much like to see my blog retired, I'm sure, but I feel they are mostly from the 'anti' side.  I am a big old fly in the ointment of their deranged theories.  Bennett especially who had his heart set on being the leader of a well funded cult. 

With the 'pro' McCanns and the McCann camp, I have never said anything libellous, not only because I am fully au fait with Libel Law, but because I have my own very high standards of social etiquette. I do wonder how some of these people (both sides) were raised that they think it normal to be so rude to strangers online. 

I tend to think that people who are abusive to others, online or indeed, anywhere, are quite literally revealing their own inner troubles.  And I don't think any of us are immune to it.  When I look back on the (I promise!) very rare occasions I have 'snapped', it is usually because I have had bigger troubles elsewhere.  It is an unfortunate aspect of human behaviour, but one, most of us are able to keep in check.  It is hard I know, when someone is shouting at you, to imagine that it is themselves they hate, but tis true. 

I was blessed in having a father who was one of life's gentlemen, from the top of his 'hat for every occasion', to his highly polished shoes. He treated EVERYONE with respect, and his good manners and quiet charm made an impression on everyone who met him.  Such is life, I took after my mad, fiery, Irish mother - Lord knows how those two got together, lol. My mother's behaviour, he was never able to contain (no-one could, lol), but with myself he was able to smooth a lot of the rough edges.  He never disciplined me, but he would explain the impact my words could have on others and I would cry like a baby. 

Don't ever hurt somebody just because you can, my Dad would tell me in his thick, Dundonian accent, and his words are never far from my thoughts.  And it would be fair to say, they have tormented me many times - that is, I have been tempted to unleash 'my powers' many times, but it would cause me more pain than it would the recipient.  I don't get the need to make another person feel bad - and I have no ideas on punishment whatsoever, which is why I steer clear of the whole Law and Order thing. I've never understood how hurting and demeaning someone can make them a better person.   

I would have made a terrible executioner in the days of old, I probably would have got the knitting hags, the guards and the audience, singing a rousing rendition of 'We Shall Overcome'.  I'm still in love with Jonathan Rhys-Myers (hence still in history mode) and hear he is fond of the liquor.  Maybe I can ply him with the hard stuff and convince him I'm a 30 year old wench lol, (and yes there IS enough Potcheen in Ireland, to the smartass at the back).  I would however, have to insist on the cod piece and the Crown.  I know this could lead to my head being removed from my neck, but totally worth it. 

But I digress, probably because I have a zillion things to do and am looking for ways to put them off, lol. No-one has the power to 'shut my blog' down. I don't advocate hate - never have, I'm a peace loving old hippy chick.  Though it may not seem that way, my interests are academic, this case opens doors to just about every 'ology out there.  I think in studying this case, I have learned more about psychology, human behaviour, politics, society and culture, than if I had spent equal time with my nose in dedicated books.

I have to admit I was miffed at not getting a mention in the Summers and Swan book, or indeed any of the hyperbole that was going on prior to the doorstep siege on Brenda Leyland.  And of course, my name has been erased from the forums and facebook pages - that I am despised on twitter is a given.  Why? Because I am offering a civilised forum where all opinions are welcome.  There are no rules, because rules are really not my kind of thing. As if! lol.

I started this blog with faith in the goodness of human nature. I believed that open discussion and debate would eventually find it's own level.  Brusque words are spoken, and much is said in jest, but it has never become a slagging match of he saids, she saids, or personal insults.  It has grown and it has attracted many talented writers, people with the intellect to understand it is not necessary to be a deplorable to question the validity of the abduction story.

Happily, my unpopularity is not reflected in my viewing numbers and I must admit I get a buzz from the new traffic feed chart - especially when I see far away and exotic places!  People read here I think, because it is an open forum, I don't ban or censor people for disagreeing with me - I welcome it actually, because it gets the old brain cells flowing.   

People are drifting away from the outlandish theories, they are beginning to see them in the cold light of day. 10+ years on, they sound even more ridiculous than they did when the tabloids were virtually making stuff up to get a McCann headline.  I don't suppose for one moment they thought there would be eejits out there who would take those salacious headlines and make them their life's work.  All those stories of child abuse and bed hopping, are now being seen by those following this case and those new to it, for the unsavoury nonsense it is.   

For those convinced I am 'pro' , they have much evidence.  My blog too, has I think, calmed much of the hatred and hysteria that surrounded this case.  More so than their lawyers and spin doctors, lol.  All their Lawsuits and angry pronouncements made them more enemies than friends.  Not entirely their fault, much of the hatred was stirred up by those who have tried their damnedest to turn a tragic event into an international crime.  A heinous crime, involving the worst kind of perversity they have been able to come up with.  And worse.  They have named, accused and found, innocent bystanders of being complicit unnamed heinous crime, based on nothing other than their (freaky) imaginations.  People like Tony Bennett, Richard Hall who flew all the way to the US to have a dirty discussion with a dirty minded old preacher in the Midwest.  I find it absolutely astonishing that anyone believes that stuff.

But I should of course comment on the result of the poll - and this is where I get confused.  It would appear the 'yeses' have it, but not if you combine the 'Nos' and 'don't know's.  In any event it is a terrible reflection on our Government and Police that, let's call it 50/50 for the moment, that half the audience think they are corrupt.  But even before we reach that conclusion, it could be said this blog has a niche audience.  I don't flatter myself that people come here to read me, they come here to read about the Madeleine case (well, a bit me, lol), that is, my blog is a cornucopia of sane and cross party public opinion.  The Facebook pages have had their day, even the forums are struggling, with wandering big gobs looking to them for refuge. 

But back to the poll.  With a general audience I suspect the figure would be 70/80% to the 'Nos', but that could be split by adding a 'don't care' option.  The anger and the hysteria has gone, mellowed not only by time, but by the realisation of so many 'Mcann' watchers, that they had actually crossed that line and become OCD loons.  They were following the preachings of mad men and women, on the female front, HideHo and the biscuit muncher deserve an honourable mention. 

People are still seeking the truth, but they know now they will not find it in the batshit crazy theories of Bennett, Hall and Hyatt  plus his devoted (and probably only) student hobnob eater.  I don't know what HideHo's theory is, apart from the fact that she is accusing innocent young women of being part of a heinous crime.  Oh and I can't bear the music on the videos. 

But that poll.  I suspect the 'yeses' are made up of varying parts:

1.  The cynical, who have seen too many scandals whitewashed in the past. Hillsborough, Stephen Lawrence, Daniel Morgan etc.

2.  Those who believe dark forces are covering up the involvement of VIPs, possibly politicians, billionaires, celebrities, holiday resort nannies for nefarious reasons, possibly:

     i)     Downing Street and our security forces made a huge error by interfering in a criminal investigation overseas. 

     ii)    Someone of greater importance than the Queen, the PM and the Donald combined was visiting PDL for the annual orgy season, hosted by Warners Family Resort (kids and elderly relatives welcome).  Never mind yachts and Lolita flights, cut price, off season PDL is THE place to be.  As long you don't mind kids screeching at your bondage gear. 

   iii)   The police both here and Portugal have become so fond of Gerry and Kate, they are willing to risk their careers and reputations to protect them.

So there we have it.  In my opinion 2) i) has kept the details hidden this past 10 years, but I do not believe it will ever be sustainable.  As John Blacksmith said recently, the truth will find a way out. 

2) ii) is just nonsense.  Why do alleged huge sex scandals always involve VIPs and celebrities. What about Fred the plumber, or Harry the brickie?  Or indeed, any other not world famous, drunken Uncle who tries to tries to grope the bridesmaids.

2) iii) Whatever charismatic, mesmerising effect, Gerry and Kate may have on those they meet or hypnotise via the telly, I'm just not seeing.  Nor do I believe Gerry is involved in top secret scientific research or cloning.  If Operation Grange were covering up for Gerry and Kate, why not let them in on it?  Why prolong their agony?  In my opinion, this is where the cover up argument fails. If the purpose was to get Gerry and Kate off the hook, why didn't they do that 6 years ago?  They may have announced the parents and their friends weren't suspects, but they didn't produce anything to confirm that.  Eg. Phone records, witness statement, even a lie detector test.  On it's own, it is meaningless.

But the countdown begins, just a month to go, before Operation Grange finally closes up shop.  They have done absolutely amazingly on keeping everything they have under wraps.  I personally don't think it is for nefarious reasons, and the compliment was genuine.  Having watched way too many real crime/dramas, I fully understand the frustration of the police.  Real crimes are not solved within an hour (including adverts), sometimes they go on for many years, and yes, even decades.  But there are 'Goncalo Amarals' the world over, that is determined cops who will never give up on the victim. 

With the case of Madeleine 'someone' has decided not to let it drop.  Letting it drop incidentally, would be the best way to cover it up, deh!  And it would be the best result for Gerry and Kate.  They are unable to hide the strain of living under an investigation, they more than anyone, need to know what conclusions Operation Grange have reached.  But who won't drop it?  Many officers I'm sure, but also, I suspect, Theresa May.  She was threatened with her face being on the front page of the Sun every day and ordered by her boss, David Cameron, to give the McCanns a Review.  Just my opinion, but the amount of money ploughed in, and the lack of information given out, suggests unwillingness to let it drop, comes from above.