Sunday, 15 September 2019

I'm delighted the Lib/Dems have decided on one policy, because 1)it appears they have only one policy (Remain) and 2)even the most staunch remainers do not want to take the choice away from everyone else.  They are being as undemocratic as (Leave at any cost) Boris and his few remaining far right chums. Probably for the first time in his life Jeremy Corbyn finds himself in Centre ground, even Tony Blair is praising him.  More for his genius political strategy than his philanthropic agenda I'm sure,  but praise nevertheless.  

I do try to supress my inner bitch, but I am happy to make an exception in the case of Jo Swinson.  Jo Swinson gleefully joined up with the tories for a coalition government and voted with and alongside them for the cruellest of the tories' cuts and sanctions to the poorest in our society. She has blood on her hands just the same as those Eton boys she is so happy to team up with.  I couldn't be happier that she and her ill-informed party cohorts are going with just the one stance on Brexit.  As nice as it would be to put it all to bed once and for all, it would be much nicer, and fairer, to see what Brexit might look like with Jeremy Corbyn at the helm.

Saturday, 14 September 2019


Good to see Boris Johnson being given what for as he travels around the country pretending all is well.  Strange how the Conservative government have gone from no magic money tree, to having billions suddenly available to invest in the country and the NHS.  Well done that lady in Doncaster for pointing out the devastation of austerity, and asking why, they [tories] suddenly have money available.  'I'd rather have a Labour Brexit' than a 'Tory Brexit' she said, pointing out that Labour will take care of the workers.  Politician Boris then, unfortunately, took control, but not before the damage was done.  And take note Labour PR, that brave lady's 'rather have' statement works.

My fondness for William and Kate and Harry and Meghan, is a complete contradiction of my usual Marxist leanings, but I was so profoundly touched by the image of the two young Princes walking behind the coffin of their mother, that I have felt maternally protective towards them ever since.  This generation of royals, maybe steered by their mother's philosophy, are using their positions for genuine good.  I would like to give a huge hug to Meghan.  Finally, the royals have a family member with a mind of her own.  They are having to adapt to her, instead of the other way round, and I love it.  She is kind of like Princess Diana, in the rebel sense, but with confidence and attitude.  That is probably what's upsetting the establishment and sycophants like Piers Morgan.

I applaud Meghan's fashion initiative in passing good clothes onto people in need of good clothes.  Having to fork out for an evening gown out of a fixed monthly income presents many problems.  I'm not being ironic or sarcastic, I did at one time work for a very sociable company, poor me, that put on many 'do's' throughout the year.  It's nice to know too, that items of clothing we own that hold many happy memories, can be the source of happy memories for someone else.

It's easy to be snobbish and patronising about fashion, as if there are far more important and meaty issues to discuss, especially for socialists.  So I am hugely impressed that Meghan who cannot avoid the fashion police, has been able to use the interest in what she wears to create a philanthropic and charitable cause.  That was a stroke of genius.  And for the first time, the royal family have a woman who will not be bound by the codes, conventions and 'that's how we've always done it' rules of Britain's ancient royal court.   And good job too, it's high time someone stuck a firecracker up the tartan kilt of Balmoral, they have long needed a good dusting off.

Six million Jews were killed in the name of patriotism, Charlie Chaplin replied when asked if he was a patriot.  Sadly, patriotism so quickly takes those extra steps into nationalism, white supremacy yada, yada, yada, we must kill all foreigners.  It becomes frightening.  It is not enough to be British, you must fight for your little bit of soil, see off the threat of marauding continental invaders, especially the brown ones.  Imagine a great big melting pot with a pinch of white man wrapped in black skin.....  keep it stirring for a hundred years or more, and turn out coffee coloured people by the score.  Oops, went off into a song there.  The horror, the horror.

I'm not a fan of extreme patriotism or nationalism, maybe because I don't particularly have a country to vow to.  My father was Scottish, my mother Irish, and I was born in England.  I have to say I have never particularly felt English, whatever that means, I am more inclined to say feck it, than Oh dear, and I have always loved partying to excess, so I call myself a Celt.  When the troubles in Ireland came over to England, my ex used to say 'your lot again', I think he and 'his lot', saw me a mad Irish woman with links to the IRA.  Not true.  Though I have never agreed with the occupation of Ireland by the English, any more than I would have agreed with the occupation of England by the Nazis. That should bump up my enemy list.

I refer to extreme patriotism, because right now it seems to be the core issue with those who insist we leave the EU on 31st October.  They talk as if our whole way of British life is threatened by our membership of the EU.  Our culture and heritage are threatened by belong to a group of other nations they claim.  As if the EU has banned bowler hats, cricket and strawberries and cream.  That these nationalists feel threatened is a source of amusement to me.  Our traditional Englishness will be around as long as the people who practice it.  For example, had Hitler declared Morris Dancing seditious and illegal, it would not have stopped those men with their bells.  The European Elite cannot interfere with our love of tea and crumpets and a fish and chip supper on Fridays.  Happily those with a love of their nation's traditions carry those traditions with them wherever they might be - see Days of the Raj, but in good ways too.

It is sad that there are people who actually believe these mythical threats to our culture and heritage actually exist.  It is the weakest of the Leave arguments. Are they so feeble and lily livered that they would immediately abandon all they hold dear on the directive of EU Elites?  A rule that decrees they eat spaghetti on Sundays, not roast beef perhaps?  I'm citing the ridiculous to demonstrate that it is not logistically feasible to ban culture, tradition and heritage.  Even if anyone wanted to, it wouldn't work.  Our culture is not now and never has been under threat.

If leavers took the time and trouble to study the history of Britain, they would see that we have been invaded many times before and our bowler hats and flag of St. George remain intact.  If your identity is strong enough, how can you lose it?  Our culture and ethnicity does not make us enemies, that lays squarely with 'fear'.  Fear of the unknown, fear of what we do not understand.  All those who have battled fear however, know the way in which to win is to confront that very fear.  Look at the worst case scenario with a logical mind. No-one is now or ever planning, to stop you from waving your Union Jack.  Stop believing the mad rantings of dishonest brokers with their eye on the profits.  Come back to reality.  

In an unstable world with an unstable Commander in Chief, we need all the friends we can get.  Trump welcomes the chaos of a no deal Brexit, because being the vulture he is, he can't wait to swoop down on the carcass of the once Great Britain.  He doesn't wish anyone well, not even the faux copy of himself in No. 10.  As he falls, he will take all his sycophant friends with him, and the PM of Great Britain will be a great distraction.  His legacy will be 'the biggest loser', but hang on, Boris is even worse.

To all those who want to hang on to their British identity, I suggest they look towards the heroes of World Wars I and II.  Those fighting men and women who gave their lives to holding onto our freedoms and our 'Britishness'.  The right not to be dominated by Nazis.  Britain has historically welcomed all those strangers to our shores, and we are richer and more enlightened because of it.  Immigrants from Europe and the Far East, have brought the food, fabrics and culture of their far off homes to our doorstep.  And we have loved it.  Their hard work and initiatives have brought different tastes, sounds, art and order to new industries that we have welcomed.  Are we so ignorant that our culture now must be of British origin only - put your books away academics, we don't want to learn anymore. 

Unfortunately, the masses who chant 'make American Great Again' and 'Britain First' have no idea of what they are actually demanding. I get that Britain First want to put 'brits' at the front of the housing queues and benefit systems.  I get that brits want to keep all the goodies to themselves and never share.  But do they get the isolationist part?  The fact that our small island will be all alone in this great big world of sharks?  Sadly, I have encountered people of that ilk all my life, I am sure we all have.  They err towards politicians with nasty policies, it's the only time they feel empathy.  Happily, most of us don't want to be shut in by fences and border walls, figurately or otherwise.  To shut marauders out, means to shut the indigenous people in.  This is where the blame lies if our descendants discover an island of inbreds in the far off future.

But I will finish on an uplifting note, we are not born with hate and fear in our hearts, that's something we are taught.  See my short video of the week:

Monday, 9 September 2019


I don't know what it is about habitual liars, but at some point, the more seasoned among them, can no longer hide the contempt they feel for those lapping up their lies.  They go past duping delight and into broad smug grins, before bursting into outright guffaws. But there is a stage further, the stage of yeah, yeah, whatever, as demonstrated this past week by Eton toffs Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris De Pfeffel Johnson.  

Now the positioning of the far right is crystal clear to everyone in this country and the watching world.  Team Toff (billionaires and Bullingdon Boys) and Team Tommy (Robinson/Yaxley Lennon, violent thug/racist/convict), the Eton boys and the Thugs Army are now united as one, speaking the same, fucked up, batshit crazy, hate filled language. 
Oooh err, two opposite ends of the social scale, standing side by side.  Imagine a joint fundraiser - what does one wear?  A top hat or a cap to doff to one's betters?  The latter I presume, because the reality of Tommy's world dictates that everyone should know their place - something Tommy is probably learning during his prison stay.

It is kind of ironic that the UK is now in greater danger of being taken over by fascists than we were in 1939.  Boris Johnson is probably counting on the population being broken and dispirited after 9 years of austerity and subjugation, too apathetic to fight his underhanded coup.  He probably thought it would take a while to purge the Conservative Party of moderate members and replace them with far right extremists, but it is all happening in days, hours even.  He is either ecstatically happy or looking for an out of the way ditch.

I'm thinking of introducing a series of WTF moments for Donald Trump, there are plenty of resources out there.  This week's invitation to the Taliban to join him at Camp David however, is beyond 'wtf', it is kind of like that moment you had to sustain belief that an aeroplane would deliberately fly into a tower building.  Your brain is frantically scrambling through a lifetime of memories in order to make sense of it, but it can't.  President Trump's lunacy has been discussed and debated elsewhere, the overall consensus being, yeah, he's definitely bonkers, so I will go for the bit that intrigues me the most.

I absolutely loved and adored both my parents, especially their little foibles and eccentricities as they got older.  The memory lapses and 'senior moments' were the source of much gentle teasing and many giggles within the home and with them giggling too.  However, I would be mortified, and they would be too, if people were laughing at them.  OK, I get that Melania probably hates him as much as the rest of us, but at what point do his kids say 'oh dad, please don't'.  Seriously, if they loved him, they would section him, it only takes 3 signatures (my own kids enquired), as long as one of them is not a paw print.  

I used to hate the bitchiness of the old female columnists of Fleet Street, I thought it showed their true nature, rather than the true nature of the target they were ridiculing.  Especially when the whole world wanted a Princess Diana story.  Oh my how they all ate and choked on their vitriolic words in the days after she died. However, not bitching, is hard to do.  And in the case of Ivanka Trump it is fully justified.   Maybe because she reminds me of every self entitled, rich bitch I went to school with and worked alongside.  She appears to have cajoled a role for herself as chief Ambassador both for the US and the Trump brand and Female Entrepreneurs, as if she too were a female who started her own business with no resources.  As for her hijacking of feminism with Corporate Barbie, it will never happen.  The only time feminism will hit the White House, is the day Kelly-Anne turns up at work dressed like Steve Bannon.  

Friday, 6 September 2019

So what has Europe ever done for us?

Ooh ooh I know, I know.  OK, go ahead, The European Union has brought peace and stability to the continent of Europe for the past 80 years.  Ok, apart from the peace and stability, what else has the EU done for us?  It has enabled us to trade freely with our closest neighbours and friends.  Ok, apart from peace and stability and a common market in which to trade, what else has Europe done for us?  It made us part of a group of powerful nations with similar ideology, democracy, justice and fairness for all.  So apart from peace and stability, free trade, and powerful allies, what else?  We and our families are free to travel, live and work in any EU country we wish and we are eternally grateful to all those wonderful foreign nurses when we go into hospital.  OK, apart from peace and stability, a common market, powerful allies, freedom to travel and wonderful foreign health workers, what has Europe ever done for us?

I could go on ad infinitum, but instead I shall recall an anecdote that I am sure must have stayed in mind for good reason.  I was watching BBC Question prior to the Referendum, and Yanis Varoufakis (Greek Economist) was on the Panel.  I have to admit I was immediately smitten, not just by his handsome face but by his intellect.  The question, even back then, was should we leave the EU.  He carefully explained that under no circumstances should we leave the EU under a Conservative government, but if we left under a Labour government, there could be many benefits.  It was the warning of allowing the tories to have control of the negotiations.

What I didn't add to my opening paragraph, was the higher European Court of Human Rights.  Without the protection of the ECHRs, tories and employers (mostly the same thing) are now free to overwork and exploit their employees to their heart's consent. Think how bad austerity has been for society's most vulnerable, and that was under the watchful eye of the ECHR.  If we are crashing out of the EU on the 31st October, everyone other than the top 1% will suffer and it is society's most vulnerable who will bear the brunt.  

It should be abundantly clear by now that what Boris Johnson has in mind isn't good for anyone.  A few billionaires will make further billions which they will never live long enough to spend, and the already crumbling UK will sink further into the abyss - eventually becoming so corrupt one of our former colonies will have to step in and restore order.  

Wednesday, 28 August 2019


For the first time ever, I think, Donald Trump has mentioned Jeremy Corbyn, more precisely, his fear of Jeremy Corbyn and fear for his new best buddy Boris Johnson.  And Boris, it would seem has taken a page straight from Trumps book of how to abuse the Law and the Constitution and get away with it.  How long before Boris starts shouting 'fake news'.

To be fair, he might as well start with it now, because his statement explaining why he was shutting down parliament, avoided Brexit completely.  His concern now, is Crime, the NHS, the Infrastructure etc, that is, domestic politics over the biggest crisis of our time.  The tories have ignored domestic politics for years, but suddenly it is their number one priority.  Now Johnson's constant referencing to increasing police numbers and focusing on our safety make sense,  perhaps he is hoping to use his water canons?

Already social media is alight with calls to action, marches, peaceful protests. civil disobedience.  The last time a wannabe dictator shut down parliament, Charles 1, it resulted in Civil War and the loss of his head.  We are probably on the brink of civil war as I speak.  The pompous ass that is our Prime Minister probably trash talked our previous Prime Minister (a woman!) and our European allies (feckin liberals) with the wrecking ball that is Trump.  History is being made, we are living it, we should be recording it, we should be reacting to it.

Parliament, including many tory MPs have overwhelmingly rejected a 'No Deal' Brexit (twice)and put to the vote, they would probably do so again.  What Boris Johnson is doing is unconstitutional and undemocratic.  But he hasn't won yet, and he can't win if the entire country comes out against him.

And I don't think there can be any doubt that Boris Johnson is aiming for a no deal Brexit. Donald Tusk has made it clear that they (Europe) will not budge on the question of the Irish Border and there isn't one.  If a peaceful solution were available, someone would have thought of it by now, so Johnson is almost certainly going with 'f**k Ireland', probably on the advice of his new bff.  This brief parliamentary sojourn I would imagine will be a very busy time for Boris Johnson and all his billionaire pals.  A time in which great fortunes will be made by those 'in the know'.  A time for new shipping companies with government contracts for example, to actually buy some ships.  

Johnson is sweeping aside the wishes of the majority in order to force through a catastrophic cutting of all ties with our friends and neighbours in Europe.  He wants us to do the equivalent of a 'moonlight flit', leaving behind all our past ties/loyalties and leaving a trail of debt, so a tiny percentage (less than 2%) can add to their billions.  My heart goes out to all those small businesses who are dependent on trading with our European neighbours and who have established networks to run their companies.

I am terrified for the NHS and especially those like diabetics who need life saving medication every day.  Will supplies of insulin be uninterrupted?  Are people stockpiling, should we be stockpiling?  And the stockpiling applies to pretty much everything.  How many familiar groceries will disappear from our shelves?  What about our nurses?  We all know how much the NHS depends on foreign nurses, will they all disappear?  ?Will right wing Boris shut the door on immigrants and refugees?  Will we become an insular society of nationalists, hell bent on returning to Victorian times.  Victorian Times were particularly good for the rich, the tories and the employers, they could literally work and starve their employees to death without the interference of Health and Safety or Human Rights Courts in the Hague.

Boris Johnson will be like Trump.  Cutting loose with Europe without any promises or pledges will allow this right wing tory government to bring the working classes back to the days when they had no option but to work long hours in inhuman conditions.  They want us subjugated, they want us to know our place, and they want the upper hand in all future trade negotiations.  In a nutshell they want to reverse all the gains made for ordinary people by the Unions and the Labour Party.  

There is no honour to walking away from Europe as Boris wants.  That won't matter to him because he is shameless.  But it will matter to each and every British citizen and the way in which we are seen forever more in the eyes of the world.  

But I started with Trump so I will end with him.  His backing of Boris Johnson is one of the best things that could happen for Jeremy Corbyn.  A vote for Boris is a vote for Trump, and even hardened conservatives might struggle with that.

Saturday, 24 August 2019


'I met a gin soaked, bar-room Queen in Memphis'.  Well bless my cotton socks and happy anniversary today to Honky Tonk Women everywhere, and especially to the Rolling Stones song which was number 1 in the US and the UK, 50 years ago.  And thank you James Melville for pointing it out.  My cotton socks need blessing, because after all these years I had no idea just how raunchy the lyrics of said song were.  True, being taken upstairs for a ride is pretty unambivalent, but the honky tonks and the gin soaked bar queens are a revelation.  I always thought the words were 'I met her in so far...…..something, something, Memphis', though to be fair, I have never really tried to sing along.

I was not quite a teen in 1969, and the love of my life was Davy Jones of the Monkeys. The adorable Davy set the high bar for the men in my life from then on. Pity I didn't stick with it.  David Cassidy was divine, Donny Osmond cute, but my heart lay with the playful and childlike Davy Jones. 

Like many from my age group and background, for the first part of my adult life I was oblivious to anything outside my own orbit.  I was unaware that 'pop' songs, or heck, music throughout history contain subversive and political messages. I knew they sounded rebellious, but I didn't know why.  And that the same applied to art and literature all those 'vanities' that I am drawn to. My entry into higher education was an awakening, within 6 weeks I knew there was no turning back.  However, despite all that, it has taken me 50 years to discover the Rolling Stones were labelled the bad boys for good reason.  And wtf does 'blow my nose' mean, lol?

My plan was to write a blog tomorrow, thus giving Trump an opportunity to make a complete arse of himself at the G7, he is an endless source of material.  Last year saw him sat in the naughty chair with his arms folded with Angela Merkel and all the other world leaders looking down on him.  I actually think Trump is facing historical defeat next year, he will lose by the biggest margin in Presidential election history. While the strength of his base may have increased, the numbers haven't, and even his most ardent fans are now stating publicly that he is a raving lunatic.  In losing the trade war with China, all those farmers who voted for him have lost their future livelihood.  China was their biggest customer.  

Happily his ratings are plummeting (he judges everything by ratings), mostly because of his stupidity.  How does he think calling an entire (huge) ethnic group ignorant and disloyal will help in the polls?  Racism and cruelty is not as popular as Trump believes it to be.  Eventually, even white, blue collar men without a college degree, will ask themselves 'what if he comes for me next?'.  And he could, at the drop of a hat, look how he fat shamed one of his supporters at last week's rally? 

There are so many similarities now between Trump and Hitler that Godwin's Law is officially off the table.  Hitler in the 1930's was able to seize control of Germany, despite having a small base like Trump, because he took control of the army, the police and the media.  Trump probably dreams of sending the troops into liberal areas just to beat the shit out of them, but he is restrained thus far because the USA is a democracy.  Soldiers and the forces of law and order swear allegiance to the Constitution, not to the mob boss in the White House.

But it would be remiss of me not to comment on our own bumbling oaf who has today just had his arse whooped by Donald Tusk.  Tusk has #Mr No Deal trending and not in a good way for our PM.  Europe are standing firm with Ireland, and quite rightly.  Those of us who remember 'the troubles' in Ireland know what the realities of a border in the island of Ireland would be catastrophic.  Who could be so callous as to throw away the Good Friday Agreement? All those willing to settle for No Deal that's who.

Thursday, 22 August 2019


Homeless families  in London are being housed in shipping containers.  That's the top trending news in the UK today.  August 2019, not August 1919 or even August 1819, here in one of the richest most advanced nations in the world, in the 21st century, human beings are being housed in shipping containers.  How does any tory politician go into any negotiation with leaders of more advanced countries, without being beetroot red with shame!  18 years of the nasty party and this is where we are.

And we are here, because the masses, all those of us not in the top 2% of high earners and billionaires, are stupid enough to believe that that these entitled, privileged, greedy, blood thirsty (foxes!) upper class dotards know what is best for the rest of us.  The idea is ludicrous, but for many, those upper crust inbreds are preferable to a kind, honest, incorruptible man who wants to change the UK just as dramatically as the Labour Government of post war Britain.  Imagine a Britain that invests in science, technology, the arts, a Britain that welcomes talent from all over the world and builds on our collective knowledge?

The myths about Jeremy Corbyn are created and circulated by those with vested interests in keeping honesty out of government.  And to that I would add a potential Prime Minister unwilling to turn a blind eye to atrocities that are going on in Palestine.  It is not anti semitic to condemn the actions of Israel, and from what I have observed, most Jews do. I saw today that 79% of American Jews voted for the democrats, Trump's pro Israel stance is not winning them over.  Whatever, it is absolutely crazy to suggest Jeremy Corbyn is in any way racist.  It's kind of like Trump projecting all his crimes on, well everyone else. Honest broker Jeremy is being accused of all the despicable traits usually associated with the right wing of the tory party.  

Harry and Meghan.  I have confessed, I think, to having a soft spot for Wills and Harry, and now too Kate and Meghan, despite being a socialist.  Harry and Meghan will be pounced on whatever they do, because, mostly because, schhhh, Meghan isn't white.  And that's quite a lot for a Daily Mail reader to take in.  Quick pass the smelling salts.  That they make a beautiful couple and it's high time the royals married outside the family, should boost their approval rating, not lower it.  I love both of them. Harry for being a cheeky chappy and Meghan for being her own woman.  I know we should all be concerned with our carbon footprint, but it's a bit much to demand a Duke and Duchess should set off on a bicycle made for two or, heaven forbid, a rowing boat.  I think the young Royals are doing a terrific job on the popularity front, much better than their predecessors.  Except maybe Princess Di.  

It's incredible to think that a President of the United States could be so easily be taken in by what started out as an inter office prank.  He actually believed he could buy Greenland, just as easily as he could buy and build a luxury condo in Azerbaijan, no occupants required when you are merely money laundering.  Rather than admit he had been pranked, he went along with proposed purchase of Greenland idea as if it were a real thing.  The world meanwhile were rolling on the floor laughing, as the great eejit in chief dug himself deeper into the hole.  Now he has been further humiliated by the President of Greenland pointing out that the whole idea is absurd, but all he's got is 'we are the United States you can't speak to us like that'.  Sadly for the citizens of the US, he uses the collective 'we', when he personally is being insulted.

And back to Boris Johnson.  Gawd 'elp us.  More specifically, gawd help the island of Ireland and everyone who makes their living hauling goods from one country to another.  Are we going to see ships queuing up in the Irish sea, lorries backed up from the border with Ulster?  Jeez, the loonies are officially now in charge of the asylum.  The outlook is good for those who want to make a quick few billion and run, but for those who depend on ongoing trade for generations to come, not so good.  

So happy that one of the more odious members of the Royal family could be about to have his collar felt.  I doubt he is popular with anyone, least of all the press corps, so they will all be digging away.  I once read, it may have been in the fawning butler's book, that HRH Prince Andrew was bad tempered in the morning, known to throw whatever came to hand at the hapless servant with the task of waking him.  I like to think said servant spat in his tea.  The US happily, does not rule out felons on the grounds of their royal blood, so let's hope gropey old Andy is called to account for himself.