Thursday, 1 November 2018


I have to say I was very impressed by a recent Blacksmith blog where he has placed the entries in Kate’s book alongside the entries in Gerry’s blog. Something I have often pondered doing, but never quite got around to, due to it being quite a monumental task.  In a nutshell he has shown us a small sample of all the thousands of lies that can be proven beyond any reasonable doubt. Thanks JB, and thanks for the links, you clearly went to Uni, lol. I somehow wriggled through without ever understanding Harvard Referencing!  But thank you for showing it is OK to revisit old ground, to discuss those huge red herrings that seem to have bypassed all those diehard Gerry and Kate McCann supporters.
That open window.  Here’s what I think happened. Just an imagined scenario of course, not an accusation. Ok, that’s pathetic, I’ll go with ‘Some might say’.  Some, those who think like the first two policemen who responded to the call, that an ‘abduction’ scene had been staged. Some might say, the purpose of Gerry’s return to the apartment was to force open the car park window to make it look as though there had been a break in. Unfortunately, he bumped into Jez Wilkins and could not get to the window.  Kate was then left with no option but to open the window herself. Her’s were the only fingerprints found and the window had been opened from the inside not the outside.
After Kate raising the alarm, almost the first thing Gerry did was to tamper with check the window.  A strange thing for a doctor to do, especially if he suspected a break in and an abductor. In at least part of his medical training he must have learned about pathology and forensic science. That window, potentially contained the fingerprints and a direct link to whoever took Madeleine.  
Bumping into Jez Wilkins was not part of the plan, some might say it threw all their other plans awry.  And by ‘their’, I mean all those who took a collective decision.  Not only did it prevent Gerry from doing his bit, it left Jane Tanner loitering with intent and wearing purple.  
I think we all know by now that ‘breaking news’ is the news that sticks.  We are wiser now, but were we in 2007?  The McCanns were.  Not only did they tell the world their daughter was missing, they also told the world how innocent they were. They used the local church for photo ops, and they visited the Vatican. Not only were they displaying their innocence, they were displaying the support they had throughout the world. Well Morocco anyway. Kate’s deluded ‘Rome is preparing itself for our visit’ remains as it is. Deluded. Maybe all the more bizarre and grotesque 11+ years on.  It brings to mind that cringingly embarrassing oscar acceptance speech by Sally Field ‘you love me, you really love me’.  It grieves me to say that about Sally Field, because she should definitely play me should a film of my life ever be made (ok, I fantasize a lot, I also have an Oscar acceptance speech). Not only do I resemble her or she resembles me (especially when playing Sybil) and she can’t hide the crazy behind her eyes, lol.
But let’s get back to that window.  It was crucial to the abduction story, it was proof that someone had broken into that apartment with criminal intent.  The ‘break in’ was integral to the parents’ claim that a stranger/abductor had stolen their child.  After all, nobody would be stupid enough to leave 3 vulnerable toddlers alone in an unlocked holiday apartment, judy as they sure as hell wouldn’t leave their money and passports.
Gerry changed his statement. Err, alarm bells, major alarm bells.  He didn’t in fact enter the apartment via the locked front door using a key, he entered the apartment via the sliding doors at the back like, err, everyone else.  (how the feck did he get that essential detail wrong?).  Regardless, he later (10 days) remembered that he entered the apartment via the patio doors, no key was involved, but he ‘sensed’ the presence of an intruder, hiding behind the children’s bedroom door. A suggestion Goncalo Amararl demonstrated as ludicrous in his documentary.
Of course, had the abductor been in the apartment when Gerry returned to check on the children and use the bathroom, then that window in the bedroom would have been wide open with the curtains whooshing just as they did for Kate. And of course, the bedroom door would have slammed shut.  It didn’t, it remained open through Gerry and Matthew’s checks on the children, it didn’t slam until Kate arrived.
In one of their civil actions, I can’t recall just now which one, various witnesses appeared on behalf of Goncalo Amaral. They confirmed that the open window was not an entry or exit point. That is, they proved beyond doubt that the open window was a red herring.  Kudos to Team McCann on that one, they claimed the ‘red herring’ theory as their own. A cunning plan by the abductor to fool the investigators.  What a shame the McCanns don’t have a real enemy to blame for Madeleine’s abduction, there is so much they could project onto him.
They daren’t unleash any of their usual anti police spiel on the British detectives charged with investigating this case. It directly contradicts their British police good, Portuguese police bad message.  Up until 2011 the ‘only’ people searching for Madeleine were her parents.  The Portuguese police had given up searching for Madeleine and/or her abductor. The clear message being, they knew who was responsible but (at that time) did not have enough evidence to prosecute.  
Madeleine’s parents believe they are intellectually superior to the police, and yeah, it must be said, they believe they are ‘above’ most people.  You could not get a better illustration of that than looking at who they chose for their holiday companions.
They are nouveau riche of the worst variety. For me they bring to mind ‘the working class can kiss my ass, I’ve got the foreman’s job at last’ - an amusing little ditty from the 70’s that has become ageless. It pretty much sums up why tories still win elections in the 21st century.  
I truly believe that Gerry, Kate and their intellectual equals, thought it would be a piece of cake to outwit the bumbling third world police forces of Portugal and to charm their way into the far reaching protection of Mother England. Sounds delusional, but kudos to them, they pulled it off.  And probably would have pulled it off if they hadn’t been so greedy as to return to the public again and again for donations.  The donations they had already received were beyond anyone’s wildest dreams, Certainly, no single family hit by tragedy has received the global response and financial aid that the McCann parents received.
Gerry and Kate are definitely of that demographic who believe ‘if we build it, they will come’.  They imagine what they want, then move hell and high water to get it. ‘We are finishers’ Kate said. And I believed her.  I’m a finisher too, thought I, I have climbed mountains, metaphorically, to tick off the boxes in my ‘things to do before I die’ list.  I attained a degree, tick. I had weekly column, tick. I had a play nominated for a Sony award (twice!) tick, I had a book published, tick, I have freedom of speech, tick, tick and a few Irish jigs!
Apologies for turning that into a tickbox list, but while I’m at it get drunk with Jack Nicholson in New Orleans and sleep under the stars in the Valley of the Kings remain blank :(  Oops, also coffee in the Seinfeld cafe :)
But back to that window. Was it a good idea for Kate to release that ‘red herring’ statement? Did it make them look more guilty or less?  I tend to think genuinely grieving parents wouldn’t give two profanities as to what the public thought about the finer details of the crime scene.  They wouldn’t give two profanities as to what the public thought of them period. Creating a viewer friendly public image is the last thing on the minds of parents and loved ones who are reaching out to the public for help. They don’t need image consultants, they don’t need to stage public events and invite the press. They appear on our TVs reluctantly, they are always close to tears, and we the audience want to reach out and hug them. Whoever advised Gerry and Kate to show no emotions is a moron. If it comes from the McCanns themselves, then it is chilling.
Again I digress, forgive me.  Imagine you (a generic you) wanted to create a scene from which a child was abducted, how would stage the room so it coincided with your story? If I held a poll I think we would all raise out hands for ‘open a window’. A stranger couldn’t just walk in an unlocked door could they? That is preposterous. The co-signatories to the collective decision also saw this as a complete distraction for the intellectually inferior Portuguese Judiciary. An open window and the word of six (British) doctors, case closed.
Unhappily for Gerry and the collective co-signatories, the police officers of the original investigation failed to give these God Complex doctors, the respect they believed they deserved. Literally no-one was taken in by the open window.  But it served it’s purpose on the first night.  That is, it enabled Team McCann and all their accomplices to spread the word that the apartment had been broken into.  The first news that hits the stands is the one that sticks.  Bizarrely, Team McCann knew that.  
Unfortunately for Gerry and Kate their past media exposure has not stood the test of time.  Perhaps, in a rare moment of clarity, that is something, Kate foresaw in the future when she declared her book ‘an account’ of the truth.  Some solace perhaps for her children, but still not the truth without the word ‘account’ in front of it. It’s halfway to an apology, the rest will follow later.
But back to the subject. That window does indeed deserve a blog of it’s own.  It cannot be used as evidence of a break in, because Kate, by her own admission, says it may have been a red herring.  Clearly that window had left Kate et all extremely vulnerable, enough for Kate to break her silence on the matter.
The open window was all the McCanns had to support a stranger abduction - that is, until Jane Tanner came forward with her sighting of a man carrying a child at the significant time.  Open window, JT sighting, parents in the clear, case closed.  Kate’s claim that the open window fooled them just as much as it fooled the watching world, didn’t work. Actually, on a scale of what didn’t work for Team McCann, it is right alongside Gerry’s interview with Paxman and pretence that he was invited to a media conference in Edinburgh. ‘Why are you here Gerry?’. Hmmm.  Who knows.
Had Gerry been a few moments earlier, or had Jez Wilkins not appeared, the state of the window may have been more convincing as the point of entry.  Instead opening the window was a spontaneous act by Kate who needed more than a missing child to cry abduction.  The McCanns have stated over and over that little Madeleine would not have been capable of opening that window.  Nor indeed, the patio doors and the two garden gates.  And of course, they accept without question that the abductor was courteous enough to close the patio doors and curtains, and the gates at the top and bottom of the staircase.  How thoughtful of him, particularly as he had a child in his arms at the time.  It is easy to see why the McCanns and their friends have been so reluctant to return to Portugal for a reconstruction.  
The staging, such as it was, was clumsy and ill thought out - the timeline written on a torn out page from Madeleine’s colouring book, shows how desperate they were. They were not armed with A4 writing pads, subject dividers and colour coordinated folders and post it notes.  They were right slap bang in the middle of a major disaster. All their careers and futures were at stake.  Unfortunately, their preconceived ideas that the Portuguese police were in some way backward soon hit them full frontal, and none have had the guts to return since.  For the record Operation Grange, filming the reconstruction in Spain (wtf?) with actors, screams you do not have the co-operation of the people you are assisting, ie. The parents of the missing child, and of course, those who were part of the holiday group.
That open window has of course, been lost in the sands of time. No-one, not even Kate and Gerry believe the intruder came in via the window.  Kate would of course never admit to opening the window herself, but has gone so far as to say, it may have been opened by the abductor as a red herring. Whilst I don’t wish to project any super powers onto this horrendous fiend, he does seem to have the ability to enter and exit buildings without leaving any trace whatsoever. And the two babies who shared the room with Madeleine carried on sleeping soundly.  Madeleine too slept on, even as she was lifted from her nice warm bed, and passed through a window, or carried off by a stranger.  The voice of her daddy close by, yet she did not scream or call out to him.  
Blacksmith has opened, or at least led us to the doors of perception.  The foundation lie was the first one we were fully aware of, but how many were there before?  What if, as we, or most of us, believe, it is all a lie, a great big hoax? Does the UK accept that it has been duped, or does it add a few more layers to the web of lies?
As a kid learning board games, we had a saying, ‘cheats never prosper’, I can’t say that turned out to be true, especially with Monopoly, but in the real world, karma is never far away.

Sunday, 14 October 2018


There’s clearly a lot more to little Madeleine McCann’s disappearance than the simplistic narrative put forward by her parents and their friends on the night she vanished. A narrative accepted without question by the entire British establishment and senior police officers who should have known better. Madeleine was stolen in the night by a bogeyman - yeh, the mythical monster we use to make naughty children stay in their beds and go to sleep. Guess what kids, he’s real.
Child snatchers are mostly grotesque characters from children’s story books, comical caricatures of the dangers that surround us, if we don’t eat our greens or go to sleep when the light’s out. We take comfort in the fact they are not real, our parents will protect us, or we can always hide under the duvet.
Gerry and Kate made this mythical creature very real. So too did their entire bandwagon. Not much tops a child stealing predator for front page news.  Whilst New Labour were calling out for us to carry ID cards and line up to submit our DNA for a National Database and Jim Gamble wanted to police the lawless internet.  What better way to promote all these causes than the cherubic face of a missing child?
But, let’s put all the intrigue aside for just one moment, because I want to reply to a very interesting question posed by one by one of my regular contributors, JC (probably not Mr.Corbyn :( or the other ‘JC’)). How about we just forget it? Not JC’s exact words, but you get the drift.
To those of use who can merely observe, it would seem both Operation Grange and indeed the PJ, are caught in ‘check’, that is not quite check mate, because there appears to be a tenacious few, who, like Goncalo Amaral, will never give up.  A police investigation isn’t about protecting people from their crimes, it is about getting results, and by results, I mean convictions. The police build the case for the prosecution, not the defence.
As most of my readers know, retribution is the part where I wuss out.  Punishment is something I just cannot get my head around.  I find the word medieval and it's connotations barbaric.  I was never able to smack my children, the idea of it was abhorrent to me.  And before any smartass jumps in, they have grown up to be kind, decent, gentlemen with impeccable manners.  No smacks were ever needed.
But back to punishment.  This is where myself and other gentle folks back away.  We are not emotionally involved, Madeleine wasn't ripped from our lives.  I can only speak for myself here, but the face of Ian Huntley incensed me!  And if I am honest, it incenses me still.  If I were in his presence, I fear I would physically attack him.  When I see shattered mothers speaking on behalf of their children, I feel their pain, and I feel their anger and I fully understand their need for retribution.
I don't feel any of that in the case of Gerry and Kate.  They are the ones who had their beloved child ripped from them.  I don't think there was any malice intended that night, in fact I feel much the same as Goncalo Amaral, that is, there was a tragic accident.  On those grounds alone, we could all say, how about we just forget it, these people have suffered enough.
But it doesn't end there.  Because if Madeleine died on 3rd May, everything that happened thereafter was a crime.  Some might say there were multiple crimes carried out by multiple characters, some who were reporting directly back to the British Government!  If the McCanns were to be prosecuted, they could and probably would, name names.  Any trial of the McCanns and/or their friends, would reduce to farce if they claim they did not act alone.  Who's idea was it to start a Fund? Hmm Who's idea was for the parents to take Amber Alert to the European Parliament? Again hmm.  The police had the mobile phones and all the numbers the McCanns and their friends phoned that night.  Perhaps even 'who arranged the burner phones?'.
When you start to look at the number of witnesses etc, you can begin to see the scale of potential crimes committed in this poor child's name.  Gerry and Kate may indeed have been the unfortunate victims of fate on that night, but everything they did after that was premeditated.  Now that's cold.
Along with an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, society also dictates that no-one should profit from crime.  I don't know what the exact laws are, but some might say, the McCann family, all those lawyers, spin doctors , and psychologists who flew out to PDL.  Maybe too all those police agencies despatched from the UK to assist the Portuguese police. 
The biggest charge of course is perverting the course of justice.  Is it possible the UK will despatch to Portugal all those lied to the PJ? How  many would that be?  You can see  why the Tapas 6(?) requested a private  plane.  The number liable to those very serious charges could run to dozens.  All those of watching the shenanigans going on in PDL, could see how disruptive the McCanns media campaign was to the Portuguese police.
It was a circus of Team McCann's making. 
Should they get away with all that?  And indeed, everything they have done since Madeleine disappeared? Starting with their very cruel campaign against Goncalo Amaral, the detective who searched for their daughter.  It could be said that they have suffered karma in bucket loads, they still don't have that 'innocent' statement from anyone who matters.  Simply by trying to keep up the pretence and the unrealistic image they created for themselves, they are already in purgatory. 
I think the decision not to just let this case drop, was made a long time ago.  Probably an agreement was made between David Cameron and his Portuguese counterpart and it would not have been to cover up for the two doctors.  No former Prime Minister wants 'authorised a cover up' on their  historic record.  From a diplomatic perspective, the Portuguese were much maligned for their investigation into Madeleine's disappearance with Goncalo Amaral labelled as a 'disgraced detective' and the PJ labelled as incompetent and corrupt.  The parents of Madeleine were successful beyond their wildest dreams, in getting the entire British establishment blaming the Portuguese police for Madeleine's loss.  There was much for DC to put right.
They may not have been aware of the number of players when they first began, but their continual requests for more funding suggests they don't intend to leave anyone out.  But again, back to that crazy scenario of the McCanns, their extended family and all those ambulance chasers who were on the first flight, being taken back to PDL to face charges and possible imprisonment.  Like almost everything in this case, if you scratch the surface there is always another layer beneath.  The reality of all those who should be charged flying out to face a Portuguese criminal court has to be miniscule.  Will Portugal ask for their extradition?
For older members of the McCann and Healy clans it seems ridiculous, but how about the Tapas friends, their siblings and Clarence Mitchell?  Will they all fly out to PDL willingly?  What about those experts? Superintendent Hill, Jim Gamble, the psychologists, the family liaison officers?  All are witnesses to the beginning of the Fund and the spectacular media campaign, not to mention the highly irregular separate [from the police] 'search' by the McCann family.
Quite a few people face quite a few  charges I would say, which is why I'm not screaming at OG.  On the other hand, all those who forcibly pushed the abduction story, will never be able to relax until OG is filed away stamped 'abduction'.  For them, their weakness and greed, is always just a breath away from public exposure.  Those crime experts who have staked their careers on the parents being found innocent. 
Sadly, it  is only strangers who fight for justice for Madeleine.  Kate has forgiven her daughter's abductor.  Again, not normal.   I am sure that madness that possesses me when I see the face of Ian Huntley, possesses the mothers and fathers of murdered  children every time they think of their loss.  I can't help but be cynical about Kate's bizarre 'I forgive the abductor' press release.  I don't see pious and self sacrificing, I see,  'I've got nothing to say about the abductor' (because there isn't one).  It also carries the connotations, 'ffs don't ask me to speak directly to the camera'. 
It's difficult however, not to compare this case to that of missing Shannon Matthews.  Shannon was of course found alive, and her disappearance basically mimicked Madeleine's but the donations were much, much, lower.  Shannon of course survived, but there would have been an outcry if the powers that be had said, how about we just forget it.
Karen Matthews faced justice in a criminal court, in front of a jury of her peers and she was sentenced to prison. 
For Karen Matthews there was no stampede of lawyers, CEOP and government appointed press officers rushing to Karen's side.  Karen was a graphic illustration of broken Britain and the broken benefits system.  The family and friends of Karen were as proactive as Team McCann, but without the online shop and good quality wristbands.  The friends of Karen however, believed her implicitly, until they didn't.  When the truth dawned on them, they were genuinely shocked, none of them said, let's keep this going, it's a good earner, they went to the police. 
What happened  on the night of Madeleine's disappearance triggered a complex web of lies that spawned, who knows how many, crimes, who knows how many suspects?  Which begs the question, how did OG and the PJ split the case up?  I am guessing the PJ will cover Madeleine's disappearance and those directly involved.  The original crime.  OG I presume will handle the British end.  Those crimes that might relate to fraud etc.  Is it mere coincidence for example, that the McCanns hired not one, but two firms of private investigators who were criminally corrupt?
I actually feel so closely involved in this case now, that I am finding it quite frightening to think of the reality of a prosecution or several prosecutions taking place.  I don't even like Kate, but can see that she is very fragile and emotionally over  wrought. I don't think she could handle any form of questioning, especially not in the witness box as a defendant. As for being sent to a Portuguese prison?  Kate's fragility, the real and the fake, has I am sure endeared her to many.  It is hard, if not impossible, to see the cunning and the conniving underneath.
Gerry however, gets what he deserves.  He has a real struggle to hide the 'smug'.  He has Trump's 'still winning' air as he taunts the police with noooooo evidence.  One image of Gerry that chills me to the core, is the press conference the parents gave with an aged progressed image of their daughter behind them.  For some reason Gerry got the giggles, and was struggling to contain them.  To see a picture of your child as she would look if she were alive can't be anything but traumatizing for a parent.  I broke down whilst watching the same on an episode of Quincey!  But to laugh, may God forgive him.  On my last blog I received a post from some  students who had spotted Gerry lying 37 times, just on the parts of the case they studied.  He's a bad liar.  He has no control over his micro expressions (duping delight) or his body language.  On occasion he looks as though he is  suffering a flea infestation. 
My own personal favourite is the parents interview with Sandra Felgueiras, where Gerry shows all the finesse of a trembling adolescent in the presence of the attractive gym mistress.  I'm not knocking him, I too became a blabbering heap when I met the Cadbury's Milk Tray man.  He was even more handsome in the flesh than he was dressed in black and sneaking into ladies' bedrooms.  I offered him tea, coffee, anything - quite literally anything.  But back to Gerry's performance in that interview.  In his defence he was equally smitten with Jeremy Paxman.
But this was confident Gerry, talking to a woman (easy peasy), he had the air of man that said, we just had a drink out back together, they were on first name terms.  Gerry went straight into flirt mode, despite the fact that Kate's claws were digging into his thigh or the palm of his hand.  I think he was sending her telepathic messages, 'don't worry, I've got this'.  Kate is weirdly possessive of Gerry, but that's too big  a subject for here and now. 
Because this case has gone on so long, most people don't really care one way or another what happens to those who made the child disappear.  Happily there are no angry mobs, or seekers of vengeance.  Even Goncalo Amaral who has suffered more than most at the hands of Gerry and Kate, seems content to let fate run it's course.  He has back, that which was taken from him, his freedom of speech.

Wednesday, 3 October 2018


I am very happy to attach a link to a brave new documentary by journalist Sonia Poulton.  And it was hugely refreshing to watch a documentary based on the facts of the case rather than the very creepy speculation of a handful of oddbods.

Firstly, I would like to thank Sonia for putting to bed the ludicrous and frankly offensive idea that people who question the unbelievable abduction story are filled with hatred for the parents of a missing child. As Sonia pointed out, there are ‘antis’ and ‘pros’, and it was the ‘pros’, the supporters of the parents, who planted the medieval idea that non believers were haters and pitchforkers.  
Thankfully, Sonia skilfully avoids the pitfalls of actually stating it was Colonel Mustard in the library with the dagger, the police work and the forensics, she rightly leaves that to the officers of Operation Grange and the PJ.  As a professional, she knows that the police cannot be held to words they have written or spoken during an ever changing investigation.  And they have said very, very little, but for some what they have said is carved in stone. 
Sonia picked up on, what most of us picked up on, and it began long before we knew anything about the forensic evidence or even heard the name Goncalo Amaral.  As the McCanns opened an online shop, went to see the Pope and embarked on a European tour, we were the ones saying WTF, while Team McCann insisted no-one had the moral right to question what is normal.  Who knows how the parents of a missing child should behave, they opined, they saw the use of lawyers and spin doctors as innovative and brave.  But let's dispel this once and for all.  Yes there is a line between normal and freaking crazy, and it should be ok to say that. It was good to see American profiler Pat Brown put into words what so many of us were thinking, to sum it up 'the behaviour they [Gerry and Kate] exhibit, is so out of whack'. Indeed.  Most of us know what we would feel, and have an inkling as to how we would act, beginning with searching every bush, every ditch, and every inch of the vicinity.  Pat picked up on those huge anomalies, that distinction between normal and not normal.  Gerry's chatty, newsy blog for example, stands out as a major 'WTF' (please do see my WTF series of blogs).  What father of a missing child, possibly in the hands of paedophiles, could write such light hearted dross? 
Goncalo Amaral has recently raised the question of the massive Madeleine Fund being wasted on legal proceedings by Gerry and Kate McCann. The McCanns and their Board of Directors (including Esther McVie) at the time promised transparency, and promised the Fund would not be used for legal fees. Clearly that did not last long, because forensic accountant Enid O'Dowd, couldn't even find the name of a single employee.
The segments chosen by Sonia perfectly demonstrate very strange behaviour of these parents and the topics that have kept social media buzzing for all these years.  Social media has picked up where the mainstream media have opted out. Why won't the MSM publish the truth? The answer is probably quite simple, they know how litigious the McCanns are.
I hope this documentary is seen by everyone and anyone with an interest in what could easily be described as the crime of century.  Sonia has gone much further than other documentary makers in this case, in that she has tackled those behind the scenes players directly. Ouch for Richard Bilton, but much deserved, his 10th anniversary documentary was appalling. How dare he intrude on the lives of those Portuguese workers with such heinous suggestions, he was racist, classist and the BBC at it's snobby worst.  But Sonia was far from finished.  What have you got to say for yourselves Jim Gamble and Martin Brunt?
Saving reputations shouldn't cost lives.  In order to protect Gerry and Kate McCann, a multi pronged attack was planned on those who dared to criticise the McCanns.  Jim, and I have no doubt it was Jim, chose, or helped choose, Brenda Leyland because she was so 'ordinary', Jim is fixated with monsters disguising themselves as normal people.  Poor Brenda was labelled a troll, at a time when internet trolls were public enemy number one.  Sky News and indeed the tabloids were merciless. Who can forget Carol Malone's 'fecked up bitch' remark?  Brenda's tragic death was a result of a group of sadists thinking up ways in which to destroy this woman's life completely.  Brenda Leyland was the example used to silence the rest of us.  I am sure she would be pleased to know it totally backfired on them.
This documentary has the quality and professionalism of award winners.  Sonia has bravely trodden where other journalists have said, 'no way'.  She has taken away the taboo our of not believing the parents, and shown that forums such as mine, have plenty to talk about!
Ps.  There are a couple of appearances by moi!  I have to say, although I am a narcissist, I also suffer from body dysmorphia (quite rightly says Smart Arse Son), so I am relieved not to look as hideous as I think!  

Sunday, 23 September 2018


In her book Madeleine, Kate McCann accuses the Portuguese police of focusing their investigation on them [the parents] to the exclusion of all other options available.  I am not sure that is true, because we all saw the scale of the Police search for Madeleine - the largest in Portugal’s history. So convincing was her ‘Roxanne Pallett’ account of the treatment she and her husband received at the hands of the Portuguese police, the entire British establishment and media stood behind her. Inherent racism, probably. And probably the first time the British Government has sided with suspects against the Judiciary of another nation.  
But all that aside, Gerry and Kate have fought tooth and nail to ensure the British public, only gets to hear their side of what happened during the summer of 2007 in PDL.  As yet, no publisher or media mogul has picked GA’s book and no newspaper has serialised it. It’s possible of course that the entire publishing industry is under some sort of ‘D’ notice with regard to publishing alternate theories to an abduction, or it could simply be, that the McCanns are so litigious, no-one can arsed.
There has been a subtle change, in that the MSM now refer to Madeleine’s disappearance rather than abduction, but they are still plugging Team McCann press releases and the idea that the McCanns were cleared when the original investigation was shelved.  They weren’t, but it wasn’t until the Portuguese Supreme Court pointed it out, that it began to sink in with British journalists.  I’ve just had a read of Tracey Kandhola’s latest article in The Mail. The English is of course appalling, she doesn’t know the difference between their and there, and claims The Fund’s sole objective is to find Madeleine, support the Family and bring the abductor to justice. That’s 3 objectives Tracey - do you not know what sole means? I normally ignore bad English, but she is getting paid for that crap.
All Gerry and Kate’s efforts to silence Goncalo Amaral, have proved futile. There are just too many forms of communication now, to keep bad stories out with borders. Anyone who looks beyond the tabloid headlines and the mind numbing gibberish of Lorraine Kelly, can see for themselves that there is lot more to Madeleine’s disappearance than has been made public.
The official line in the UK, is that Madeleine was abducted. However, equally compelling, are the findings of the original investigation and Goncalo Amaral.  In his book, The Truth of the Lie, GA theorizes, based on the alerts of the dogs, that Madeleine died in the apartment and her parents hid her body.  That is, he reaches the same conclusion as the original investigation.
The McCanns claimed the original investigation was flawed and the UK media have gone with that ever since. Gerry and Kate are innocent, the Portuguese police got it wrong. And that’s basically been the state of play ever since Operation Grange began their Review.  
The other narrative, the theory of Goncalo Amaral however, has never gone away. No other pieces fit the very carefully aligned spaces in the jigsaw puzzle. A cover up has never been possible! It may be in the next couple of weeks we will hear the results of OG’s investigation.  It has been too public, and publicly funded to be locked away in a vault with nothing said. The minimum I expect will be, ‘we have done as much as we can and are passing our files to the PJ, oh, and no further comment’. Then again there could be a major revelation, we can only wait and see.

Monday, 17 September 2018


Once again, my comments box is overflowing so time for a new blog!  Thank you to T and others for bringing latest news to my attention.  In response to T's are the Mailonline taking the piss.....
I've just had a read of it T, and I suspect they might be!  Why a picture of Gerry with this tongue poking out? The article is written of course by McCann superfan Tracy Kandhola - I guess she doesn't get to choose the accompanying pictures.  Her reference to 'The Bacon' sounds about right.
But dear oh dear, what can Gerry talk about that is so emotional?  The hundreds of hours he spent scouring the wastelands of PDL searching for his daughter? How he didn't sleep, didn't eat, wouldn't rest from the physical search?  Or how he took to his laptop asking others to search, not in the vicinity of where his daughter vanished, but globally.
He has hidden his pain very, very well up until now, that is, the only emotion we have seen from him is anger, and we've seen that quite a lot. No memory of Madeleine or even the age enhanced pictures provoked a tear.  Will he vent his frustrations at the PJ? Will he vent his frustrations at Operation Grange?  A seven year investigation that has provided no results, would be frustrating for anyone.
Gerry probably did have a close and special relationship with Madeleine, as most fathers do with their daughters.  It is a special bond because Dads can lavish unreservedly all the love and praise they hold back from the mother.  All dads become protectors, gallant knights in armour, their daughters the princesses they swore to protect. In the eyes of their little girls they are heroes.
True, my views are mostly based on my own experience, but as a people watcher I often observe the interaction of dads and daughters when I am out and about.  It makes me smile to see big strong men being bossed around unashamedly by cute little girls in ribbons! Most of us know, boys as well as girls, that our dads would lay down their lives for us.  We could not for one moment imagine our Dads not looking for us if we went missing.
I said in a post recently, that Gerry and Kate have a lot of front, and this latest interview by Gerry will be on the day before the funding for OG runs out.  Coincidence?  Probably, but it should garner sympathy for the family if Operation Grange declare there was no abduction.  In my opinion it is odd that Gerry McCann is the father chosen as a spokesman for men’s mental health issues, the comparisons to Prince Harry, bizarre. Are the McCanns preparing to relaunch themselves and The Fund, should OG not produce the result they want?  Mens’ mental health is a very serious and real issue. Those bringing it to public attention have a moral obligation to speak about the subject honestly. Given the last 11+ years, how much honesty are the producers of this programme expecting from Gerry McCann?  

Ps.  I have just read the Sun article by Gerard du Cann (yeah, I know), which is of course totally sympathetic to Gerry and Kate claiming they were cleared by the Portuguese police in 2008..  However, the article is accompanied by the infamous Sun video of the dogs alerting, and a man who had the urge to dig up his garden.  Just saying.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

A BARREL OF RED HERRINGS - more funding for OG?

I have been checking out the latest news on Madeleine this morning and it's hard to tell what is going on. This case, as always, is a barrel of red herrings. Eg. It has been shelved indefinitely by Scotland Yard, more money has been requested, no it hasn’t, the parents still remain hopeful of finding Madeleine alive, etc, etc. The contents of the annual flurry of speculation and quotes from ‘sources’ are much the same every year, and all covered by the heading ‘nothing to see here’.  
Out of this year’s nothingness however, it is significant that Officers from OG have been visiting Portugal. This, from a Freedom of Information request, though I don’t know who from (please don’t let it be Bennett, lol). That to me suggests they are liaising closely with the PJ, which of course is essential if they are working together to bring a prosecution. One trip would suggest, 'yeah it was nice working with you, ta ta and all the best'. Several trips suggests conferences with Counsel, prosecutors, etc, all the steps necessary to tie the two investigations together.
And significant, yet again, is the silence from the McCann camp. Significant because they went to so much effort to have an independent Review. They launched a Petition and fundraiser amid a blaze of publicity and appeared on a multitude of news programs to plead directly to the government and the public to support them. At the time, they didn’t get what they wanted, I’m not sure they even got the 100,000k signatures they were aiming for. Their wish wasn’t granted until 7 months later via the front pages of the Sun.  
Why then are they so accepting of Operation Grange dragging on for so long without any results? Most parents in such a position would be literally going insane with their need to know what happened to their child.  Either OG are being horribly cruel, or the parents do not accept their findings.  I suspect the latter, which is why the McCanns are not knocking on the doors of Scotland Yard demanding results.  
Unfortunately, for the McCanns, neither the Review or the Investigation have given them the innocent stamp they so desperately need.  That validation of 'no involvement'' to wave in the face of the Goncalo Amaral, or the green light to re-launch the Madeleine Fund.  But worse, how can they continue a search for a living child that the police believe to be dead? And these are not just Portuguese police, these are British police.  It is ironic that two tabloids reporting this week are using videos of Gerry and Kate speaking about hope, Kate reassuring the interviewer and audience that ‘real progress’ is being made in the investigation. If she believed that, not sure if the interview was this year or last year, then why is she so accepting of it’s pending closure?
As many of my regular readers know I watch (too many) real crime documentaries, and it is heartbreaking to see the pain of those who have lost loved ones.  They never give up and they never stop chasing the police for results. Their need to know overwhelms them, which is why the public were so generous to Kate and Gerry.  In many cases, it completely takes over their lives. Winnie Johnson is the first mother who comes to mind. Other than Kate and Gerry, I have never seen a single case where the parents, loved ones, of the missing refuse to accept the missing person is dead. They need to know one way or the other. Winnie Johnson for example, insisted on being present when the police dug up The Moors in their search for her son’s body.
But returning to the continuation of Operation Grange. If their agenda was to lull those watching the case into apathy and disinterest, they have achieved a great result.  Even if Gerry and Kate were partying with Sir Cliff, Clement Freud and Ray Wyre on the evenings of 1st and 2nd May, it wouldn't knock Trump off the front pages.  Although, fly in a top tory politician and you might have a case. 
The massive gag 'order' or whatever it is that has protected the McCann camp from the mainstream media thus far,  cannot last forever.  Something's got to give.   The parents' loss of their libel actions against Goncalo Amaral has disarmed them in the Civil Law arena.  They have, metaphorically, had their designer (Carter Ruck) legal claws removed.  We haven't quite reached the stage where British publishers are clamouring for GA's book (we will), but at some point the tabloids, or a hungry journalist (moi, lol) will dip a toe.  Should the proverbial sh*t hit the fan, always a possibility, any tabloid carrying serialisation of Truth of the Lie will have a  scoop.  Just saying. 
The public's level  of apathy is probably as great as it will ever be, the world has moved on.  The Madeleine case is not the talking point it once was.  Announcements of more  funding for Operation Grange mean little to most of us, but I would imagine, are excruciatingly painful for those responsible for Madeleine's disappearance.  Their best result would be no more funding and the files archived, they cannot relax all the while the investigation(s) are live. 
Meanwhile I toy with the idea of the opportune moment for Operation Grange to announce their results.  At the end of their investigation, one would assume, but given all the VIPs involved, that day could be a)when Trump is marched out of the WH in handcuffs, b)when Theresa May twerks during PM's Questions, c)Boris breaks down and admits he's a racist and also he sold the UK to Vladimir (who can  resist those eyes?) Putin. 
I lean towards a)that visual strikes a note, and has for some reason become lodged  in my memory bank, when it happens it will feel like deja vu.  But I digress, for those still fighting for justice for Madeleine, that the police won't give up is a positive sign.  For the parents too, it should be a positive sign, but they're not saying.  Is it possible 11+ years on the police are looking at new leads? And that these leads evaded the Portuguese police and 8 (yeh, I know, but what I read somewhere this morning) firms of private detectives?  Is it possible British detectives based in London, are regularly flying to Portugal to tell their Portuguese counterparts about leads they missed? Seriously?
How do the number of flights of officers from OG to Portugal compare to the number of flights from previous years?  Are they more frequent? or less?  More, suggests something's brewing. How many conflabs do you need before you both accept it's  finally over?  Filing a case away with no further action, is a one meeting scenario, keeping in touch only prolongs the agony. 
If the objective of Operation Grange was to clear the parents of any involvement in their daughter's disappearance, then they have failed.  If anything they raised more suspicions.  First with their Crimewatch documentary that saw membership of online anti groups, triple, if not quadruple.  Largely in part, because the main suspect looked exactly like Gerry.  Perhaps Gerry should have changed the colour of his hair for that appearance, or at least grown a moustache.  The Crimewatch telephones were of course inundated with callers shouting 'behind you' to DCI Redwood and the presenters. 
Operation Grange then upped the ante by digging in PDL, err, within the vicinity of  the McCanns' apartment.  This was explained by Martin Brunt suggesting the abductor stopped to bury the body immediately after leaving the apartment?  As whoppers go, or shall we call it farce, MB was going out of his way to create a scenario that did not involve the parents. Impossible under the circumstances, and shame on him for trying. 'It's possible the (downgraded) burglar/abductor brought a shovel with him. Really Martin?  To top it all, man of few words, DCI Redwood stated Madeleine may not have been alive when she was taken.  Headline stuff for the online forums, but brushed under the carpet by the MSM.
As far as I remember the McCanns didn't comment at all on the digs, even though they were in Lisbon fighting a libel case against Goncalo Amaral at the time.  When asked, Gerry fielded a question with 'all areas are being investigated'.  He didn't express any fears nor did he offer or ask for any prayers during what must have been a very difficult time.  The digs, not the libel actions.  Now, that's cold.  Again, I remember Winnie Johnson, and all those mothers and fathers pleading with murderers for the return of their child's remains.  Gerry and Kate were a few miles up the road, not in a Church, but in a Court room. 
If the suspects in this case are the McCanns, then police and those in the know, are keeping it very close to their chests.  Both investigations appear to be ruled by Portuguese Judicial Secrecy laws, they have rarely spoken and when they have it has been ambiguous.  DCI Redwood's statement that 'neither the McCanns or their friends are suspects', reminds me of Bill Clinton waving a finger and stating 'I did not have sex with that woman'. Intended to put the armchair detectives off the scent, but effectively just adding to the speculation and research of odd bods who haven't stopped talking about the Madeleine case for 11 years. 
If I had a gift (like Sally Morgan, lol),  I would foresee a truck load of grief landing on many doorsteps (simultaneously) in the very near future.  True Operation Grange are not being pressurised by, well, anyone, not by politicians, the parents, not by the media, not even by the gobby Carole Malone, to carry on, or give up and archive what they have.  No-one is pressing them for answers. Again, not even the parents, politicians etc or the usually inquisitive media. 
Those insisting that Operation Grange is a cover up have the lack of anything happening as further proof that no-one will ever be charged and the findings of OG and the PJ will never be revealed to the public.  That is a myth among the more loony side of several forums and facebook pages, but it doesn't stand up to any reality checks.  Like how do you get 30+ homicide detective to swear allegiance to the abduction story? Each officer knowing the jeopardy they would be placing on the future careers.   Imagine a future interviewer; 'so you spent almost a  decade working on the Madeleine McCann case - how did that go?
We can for now only guess at what the two police forces have in mind.  They have given nothing, well almost nothing, away.  The digging in PDL is a visual that cannot be spun as a crime committed random abductor.  Those familiar with the facts of this case, will find it unbelievable that a burglar broke into Apartment 5A, immediately killed a child whilst two others slept, cleaned up and escaped with the child's body. Only to remain in the vicinity, holding the child, and digging a hole while a massive search was underway.  
It is possible this case will end with the blame being placed on a hapless burglar, who may well now be deceased.   And the chances are that no-one (other than Tony Bennet) will make a fuss.  But I don't think that will happen.  An £11m or is it £12m? police investigation cannot be swept under the carpet.  Operation Grange was launched in a blaze of publicity, and a statement from DCI (ManOfFewWords) Redwood 'Madeleine is either alive, or she is dead', go eat your heart out Shrodinger.  One day he, or rather his successors, will have to open that box.  I suspect they already have, and the cat was dead.   

Tuesday, 4 September 2018


LOL Ziggy (spokesman for the McCanns)* you want me to compile a believable narrative to the McCanns and Tapas statements. I'm flattered that you would turn to me for such a plotline (and yeah, it would be a piece of cake), but I'm not doing it.  As a writer, plotlines are kinda my thing, I once spent an entire weekend figuring out how to get a character off the Titanic as it went down, my ‘new’ storyline was seamless and quite brilliant, lol.
But back to the topic.  You want me, a mere blogger, to provide an answer to all those anomalies in the tapas group story and succeed, where all those dozens of police detective who have access to all the information, have failed.  And indeed all the McCanns’ own writers (Summers and Swan, Tigerloaf, Ziggy Sawdust etc) and batshit crazy online supporters have also failed.  Quite spectacularly I might add.   
So everyone’s failed Ziggy, on that we probably mutually agree.  No-one, thus far, has come up with a definitive storyline that clears the parents and their friends and lifts all clouds of suspicion away from them. They haven’t passed lie detector tests, they haven’t been ruled out by reason of rock solid alibis, they are each others’ alibis.  Their alibi is collective, if anyone deviates from the script, they will all have a lot of explaining to do.  Ergo, none of them have been able to speak about the events on that holiday for 11+ years. 
Given that suspects, witnesses, etc, once lawyered up, cannot legally be coerced or forced into giving additional statements, there is nothing the collective Law (no pun intended) can do about it.  That’s why so many suspects seem to walk away, even if they do live forever with that cloud of suspicion over them knowing they are on borrowed time.  Advances in technology are seeing cold cases, some decades old, being brought to justice.  
It is clear I think, that the police, both British and Portuguese are not looking for a live Madeleine, or indeed an abductor. It is unlikely all those leads they have mentioned are ongoing.  No police force would leave an active paedophile, predator, child trafficking gang to carry on with their crimes all these years without arrest.  It would in fact be criminally negligent of them, if they did. What if another child were stolen?
So given that the police are no longer looking for an abductor, from all appearances, and no longer looking for a live child, why is Operation Grange still live?  Why do Scotland Yard still have such a strong influence on the the investigation of what is, essentially, a Portugese case, falling under Portuguese jurisdiction. Logically it is down to the Portuguese to issue arrest warrants and pursue a prosecution.  
It could of course be that the British police and the Portuguese police have reached different conclusions, though that, I think, is the least likely scenario.  Two police forces are not going to be funded by two countries, to act in opposition to each other. Good diplomatic relations between the UK and Portugal supersede the plight of two British doctors.  At least in David Cameron’s book, who not only took a family holiday in Portugal, but gave the go ahead for the opening up of a Scotland Yard investigation.  Knowing, I am sure, the full story, that is, the Portuguese interrupted investigation and the full findings of the British secret services.  Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, said as much when Operation Grange opened in a fanfare of publicity all those years ago. From what I remember it sounded as though those 130+ suspects they had in their sights, were British.  Which of course would make sense, British detectives do not have the language skills, the local knowledge, or the resources to carry out any meaningful investigation in Portugal.  Imagine Portuguese police, trying to carry out a similar investigation in Leicester and you get the picture.
Regardless the case is still open Ziggy, albeit with a much reduced skeleton staff to keep it going.  Why? In 2008, the Portuguese Police were not prepared to continue with an investigation that was going nowhere. And it was going nowhere because the parents and their friends would not return to PDL to a reconstruction, or answer further questions. They hit that wall that I am sure is all too familiar to many detectives. They did not have enough evidence to bring a prosecution.
In 2011, the Portuguese police and the British police had enough evidence to re-open the shelved filed and for the British, to start a whole new investigation from scratch.  Those of us who have been around a while remember how adamant the Portuguese were about not re-opening their files. Their attitude ‘we have been led on a song and dance, enough!’, perhaps even, ‘the parents of this child is your [British politicians and police] problem, we wash our hands of it’.  That would be the logical, rational conclusion.  The PJ, had via the Team McCann global campaign, been led off on a multitude of wild goose chases courtesy of the proactive family, and, quite understandably, had had enough.  But in 2011 when Operation Grange got the go ahead, something changed for the Portuguese too. 
It is bizarre, that it was Gerry and Kate picking away at the scab as it was healing, or at least fading from public memory, but as usual, their appearance in any headlines can usually be traced back to their now enfeebled media monitoring machine.  Their determination to stay on the front pages is difficult to understand, given the amount of risk it involved. Every time they spoke, all those 'nasty internet trolls and forums' were revitalised.  The control they had over the MSM never extended to the internet, where freedom of speech still prevails. 
Despite all the efforts of Team McCann, many of which were sordid and abhorrent, they have never been able to silence those of us on the internet who simply do not believe them.  True, they succeeded in convincing the world that their critics were haters, pitchforkers and minions of Satan, but their twisted ideology began to wear thin.  When I gave an interview to the Sun newspaper, under the headline of being a troll, lol, I didn't receive any criticism from the public whatsoever.  All of the hate mail, and suggestions to kill myself, came from the hardcore 'antis'. 
The tactics of the Team McCann Media Monitoring Machine, will, I am sure, be discussed at great length in the future.  Social media is now the battlefield of choice, for just about every situation, and the missing Madeleine case could be said to have laid the groundwork and not in a good way.  That is, step one, demonise your enemy, claim not believing the god fearing, church going McCanns is a sign of inherent evil and mental deficiency.  Step two, name, shame and inform neighbours, friends, employers, customers, book publishers, of their target's 'online behaviour'.  All standard practice for the anonymous group of concerned citizens who selected Brenda Leyland for full public retribution.  Retribution that never came, because the public were appalled not with Brenda, but with the cruelty of all those who took part in such an outrageous publicity stunt.  Tragic that Brenda did not live long enough to have realised that.
But I have digressed Ziggy, you want me to give you a blow by blow account of how the parents of Madeleine were involved in her disappearance, you are saying to me, what you have been saying to Goncalo Amaral, and every detective who has investigated this case.  Prove it.  If not shut up.  End of. Period.  Lol.  For a blow by blow account, I would refer you to GA's Truth of the Lie, and of course the interrupted original investigation.  The theory of GA, and the interrupted investigation, is the only one that fits the facts and circumstances.
I'm not a detective Ziggy, more an amateur psychologist, or people watcher.  Gerry and Kate's reaction to their newly found fame intrigued me.  So too the idea that this couple, who so loved the limelight, could in fact be hiding a terrible secret.  Gerry’s need to ‘seize the day’, was in itself gripping to watch. My thoughts at the time, this is a man who never lets an opportunity pass him by.  That of course is the secret behind every successful person, but bizarre that the day in question is the one on which your daughter disappeared. 
*in reply to a post on last blog.