Sunday, 23 December 2012

THE POPE SAYS...........................

The Pope has spoken out on historic child abuse, maybe something was lost in translation, but other than suggesting a bit more praying, he offered no apologies, nor compensation for lives ruined.  Apparently, child pornography etc, was big in the 70's and he reminded us there are of course greater and lesser degrees of evil - I think the implication being that abusing children falls somewhere between missing mass and eating meat on a Friday.

Having lived in a Convent run children's home in the early 1970's, I would strongly suggest that His Holiness delve a little deeper into the meaning of evil, especially, where it concerns small children.  Paying particular attention to the whole 'Suffer little children' thingy, unless the clergy interpret that particular phrase as as it being their duty to bring about the actual suffering. 

But, I won't mince words.  I would like the Judge in my own particular case to contemplate the idea of living a children's home run by a practising (and very skilled) paedophile and sadist and then ask himself on what planet that could be considered as a nurturing environment?  I would ask others too, those who might perhaps doubt my story, to ponder on the implications for children reared in such an environment?  

That Peter Rands was a paedophile cannot be disputed, the evidence was there within his withheld personnel file.  'Found in bed with a 15 year old' in 1972.  Some would find that pretty convincing evidence for preventing such a person from working with children.  Not so, the Catholic Church, Rands continued to work with children until the late 1980's.   

True, he had his own particular forms of self punishment, and no doubt once he informed his employers that he had given himself a darn good thrashing, they took him back into the fold.  

I would urge anyone who was at St. Anne's Convent, Orpington, who suffered abuse either directly, or indirectly, to come forward and speak your truth.  Peter Rands was not the only 'Uncle' abusing at that time, there were others and some have since been imprisoned.  

In numbers the case cannot fail.  The Church will fight individual claims, but class actions allow anonymity and in most cases, no necessity for years of litigation or trials.  In Ireland, claimants merely have to prove that they were at an Institution where abuse took place (with the Sisters of Mercy it is a given) and their cases are settled.

Prayers and apologies are not enough.  In too many cases practical and financial help is needed.  Lets ensure it gets to those who deserve it.


  1. hello bell , ive been trying to send you e mail are you back on line yet for e mails , gracelandann ,,wishing you and yours all the very best for christmas and new year 2013 xx

  2. I went to this so called school and saw things in my lessons I still can't get out my head , two of my class mates were black brothers and the mobile class room by the field were you hang your coats up in the middle ( wont say who) but the teacher would hang them up by there jacket collars for the whole lesson time after time for no reason at all, I would tell my parents but be smacked and told not to lie.

  3. I went to this so called catholic school and I saw things I still can't forget at 53,, two of my class mate were black brothers and the two roomed mobile class room by the top field the teacher would hang them up by there jacket collars on the hook for the whole lesson for no reason at all, if you told your parents or other so called teachers / nuns you would get a smack round the ear. you learn to shut very quickly at that age

  4. Many thanks for your contribution Jim, and I hear you. In no way were the horrors that went on at St. Anne's 'normal'. If you place a load of religious fanatics, sadists and perverts in charge of vulnerable children, the outcome will not be happy. Those charged with 'protecting' us, were the ones we feared the most.

    The convent was bad enough while run exclusively by a bunch of bitter, angry, frustrated women, but in the late 60's, some bright government spark, had the brilliant idea of advertising for single, religious men to move into children's homes to take over the role of 'father' (more specifically 'uncle'. Blind faith to the point of insanity was the benchmark - ex Jesuit monks and self flagellators had the advantage over regular guys, and the strict disciplinarian's were positively encouraged.

    They applied the same mentality as the orphanage in Oliver Twist and your average 19th century workhouse. We were the children of the 'underserving' poor and they were 'correcting' us before setting us into the world as model citizens, obedient domestic servants and subjugated wives.

    But I am waffling, the way in which we treated and imo, brainwashed, still makes me mad as hell. Kindest wishes Jim, I do hope your experience made you all the stronger, I'm kind of thinking it has. :)

    1. Thank you for your super reply i'm not very good with words and explaining myself not in your league, have ordered today from amazon Cry and you cry alone, never in my adulthood have I ever spoke about this school and my life there before moving on and out to Ramesden Boys but it been a warm feeling to think that I did see the thing I saw and there are people out there who believe me. thank you

  5. Is this the same Rands who claimed to have been in a De la Salle Approved School, was a nurse, lived on a chicken farm in Orpington in the early 60's, invited kids to feed the chickens and gave their parents free eggs as a prelude to inviting the kids for a sleepover and share his room on the farm? Last I heard of him in the 60's, he was trying to join the Carmelites at Aylesford.