Saturday 23 March 2013


If Pope Francis is looking for ways in which to make people like them again, and stop them from being suspicious, an idea might be to offer fair compensation to those who were abused whilst in the Church's care?

The scandal is, that each victim must face a public trial that is cruel and almost voyeuristic.  If a CSA survivor has been in the care of proven psychopaths, they should be automatically compensated, rather than tortured further with painful memories.  The Catholic Church in Ireland have admitted liability for the behaviour of the Sisters of Mercy, without victims having to go through the ordeal of years of litigation and a trial. Its time for the Catholic Church to make amends worldwide.

Now would be a good time for Pope Francis to make reparation to those who suffered at the hands of those employed by the Catholic Church.  Compensating victims without the need for them to go to trial makes good economic sense and shows genuine remorse from the Vatican.  They could do with some good publicity.  

Meanwhile, I'm so excited to tell all my lovely friends,readers and those who pop in now and again, that my book Cry and You Cry Alone goes on sale all in the USA and Canada on April 1st. Please do look out for it, its release in North America is a lifelong dream!

Since I have told my story, many more have come forward, and there is an active campaign going on here in the UK to get to the bottom of the past abuse. 

It was as recently as 2010 that I took the Catholic Church to Court and my story is one that may soon be faced by many globally as they face the decision on whether to make a claim for compensation. Part of my reason for telling my story, is to make others aware of what they face, its only fair.

Thursday 7 March 2013


Someone on the Jill Havern forum asked if evidence given in open Court can be published without fear of libel.  Good question.  During the January 2010 book banning trial in Lisbon, the proceedings were reported live on the net - Sky News I believe and via twitter.  We were basically given live streaming of what was going on in the Court. Goncalo Amaral had many good witnesses, and previously unknown evidence was broadcast live to the UK.   

It was hugely damaging to TM (Team McCann) - there are a few short videos of a very angry Gerry outside the Court, shortly before he announced that he had to return to the UK due to work commitments - leaving Kate to face the gathering crowd alone!  Call me a cynical old feminist, but I was astonished at that.  Not being alone in times of trouble is one of the few things that marriage has got going for it.  The whole 'until death do us part' thing that is. Although, I can't for the life of me, imagine why anyone would stay with Gerry, unless of course they were shackled to him.  Had it been me, I would have done him in with a rusty rake years ago. 

But here we are, six years on, and an angry ex detective has been quietly building his case with ever growing public support, while the parents have been making enemies in very high places.  The press that had served them so well in the past, might hold grudges, so too, Home Secretaries.  Their need (or greed) for that £1.2m from the honourable gentleman has taken them past the point of no return.  

I faced my own David and Goliath battle in Court. In my book [i]Cry and You Cry Alone[/i], I have given an indepth account of my 3 day trial against the Catholic Church, and the trauma of one and half days in the witness box.  I wrote my book immediately after the trial, knowing that everything I had said had proved to be true, and my publishers knew it too as they had full access to all the Court documents.  I had no fear getting into that witness box, and I have a gut feeling Dr. Amaral is now feeling the same, because the truth destroys the lie every time. 

Yes indeed, in answer to the question, court proceedings are open to the public, and I have a feeling it will be standing room only. 

Ps.  Carter Ruck, I am bonkers and have a certificate to prove it :)