Saturday, 27 April 2019


‘All that stands against the McCanns are the suspicions of Amaral which are all based on the only similar case he’s previously investigated’.
That is a statement from the comments section of my blog, not mine obviously, but it pretty much sums up why the McCanns and their supporters pour such venom into the angry words they use on here to denounce the former detective.  It’s all his fault.  No one would suspect them if it wasn’t for Goncalo Amaral. He is blamed for wasting time in focusing on them, thus allowing the abductor to get away. But worse, and this was the basis of their legal claims against him, he had told the world their daughter was dead.  And if the world believed their daughter was dead, no-one would look for her.
The McCanns, or more specifically Ziggy on here, continue to be affronted by anyone who believes Madeleine is dead. To say Madeleine is dead is to invite a barrage of personal abuse ranging from cruel/evil, to mental health problems, to alcohol and substance abuse. In the Bizarro McCann world, dead is an insult perpetrated by evil online trolls to victimise the parents of a missing child. In the Bizarro McCann world, they are not the ones who did something wrong. It was Warners fault for not putting up notices advising parents to look after their children, it was GA’s fault for investigating them instead of looking for an abductor, it was the Sun’s fault for making people blame them instead of Goncalo Amaral.  In the Bizarro McCann world, everything is someone else’s fault.  
But it all comes back to Goncalo Amaral, he spoiled everything, and it was all going so well, those grandiose plans they made around the swimming pool were in sight. Fame and fortune lay ahead, an annual Madeleine Day for the whole world.  Jim Gamble wanted a specialist police agency to respond to child abduction abroad, had he got it, they would have had nothing to do this past 12 years.  Gerry (in his head) had all the skills to be a television host, like John Walsh in the USA, who’s 5 year old son was abducted and murdered. Unfortunately, what he sees when he looks back on his interviews, is the not the same as the rest of us.  There is a lot of delusion in the Bizarro McCann world.
If I were a considerate blog host I would ask my readers not to refer to Madeleine as dead, which of course is exactly what the McCanns would like me to do.  However, as this blog is about truth and reality, I’m not going to do that. It would be like saying, hey folks I know the hypnotist isn’t here with his swinging brass watch, but could ya all just hop over into the delusional section, it would make the parents feel so much better.  I have nothing against being delusional, I think we have all resorted to that at one time or the other, but demanding that others join you is a step too far.  
There is nothing evil or malevolent in accepting reality. Madeleine hasn’t been seen in 12 years, even after 48 hours her chances of being alive were slim.  The dog that was trained to alert to the scent of cadaver alerted in the apartment of the McCanns (no other), the boot of their hire car, and to items and clothing belonging to the parents. That was enough to change the course of the original investigation and it is enough for lay members of the public to suspect the parents.
Most people haven’t read GA’s book, their suspicions come from what they have seen, heard and read. The weird behaviour of Madeleine's parents. The parents’ behaviour has never been normal, what other bereft parents of a missing child opened an online shop within days of the child going missing?  It is the parents behaviour that arouses suspicion,  it is so far from normal that it has provided fodder for blogs and forums for years.  They paid Lord Bell £500k to stay on the front pages of the tabloids, I guess the only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about. 
Finally, I used the above quote from my last blog to illustrate not only the Bizarro World of the McCanns, but the condescending attitude of those on here who claim to support the McCanns.  Does a heart surgeon perform the same operation on the next patient, regardless of the fact that the new patient has entirely different symptoms? 

Tuesday, 23 April 2019


I was going to add Tapas 136, the number given by Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe at the beginning of Operation Grange, and one that stuck in my head because I thought it sounds about right.
The Tapas 2, Gerry and Kate, have pretty much taken all the flack for the Tapas 7. the group minus K&G, the Tapas 6 especially, OMG did six doctors really do that? Or the Tapas 9, all the adults in the group. I’d like to leave out Fiona Payne’s mother as I doubt she had much input in any of the childcare decisions made, but there she was on the steps of the Royal Courts of Justice, taking a bow alongside the rest of them.  
I don’t like the Tapas friends, I haven’t liked them since the moment I read they had torn up missing Madeleine’s colouring book to write out their alibis. I tend to think if the two year olds had been in the room, one of them would have shouted ‘no, that’s Maddie’s’.  I don’t like their condescending attitude towards the Portuguese Police and a re-reading of their statements hasn’t changed that. They believe themselves superior, their social circle elite, they didn’t fraternise with those beneath them. Their attitude to the PJ borders on racist. Who was feeding all the sardine munching, wine swilling stories about the PJ to the British press? Happily they were tripped up by their own arrogance, the Portuguese police were far more advanced that they had thought.
The framing of Robert Murat too deserves a special mention.  It takes a special kind of evil to accuse an innocent man of such a heinous crime.  It began with Jane Tanner, who, from the back of a police van in a covert operation, identified RM as the man she saw carrying a child, even though he was nothing like the description she gave to the police.  Then there were the three tapas friends who claimed they had seen RM outside the apartment on the night. They didn't, he wasn't there. Then there were the creepy anonymous phone calls to the police, followed by the tip off from Sun reporter Lori Campbell.  Combined they led to RM being made the first arguido. That and the CEOP profile that he happened to fit exactly. 
The only reason I can think of for the investigations taking so long is that 9 of the key witnesses aren’t talking, and haven’t talked since 2008.  The infamous Pact of Silence, the shady Collective Decision. Police can’t force witnesses to talk and once they are lawyered up, it’s over. For many, that’s it, they got away with it, they can get on with their lives.  But of course it is never really over, especially now when tenacious detectives have so much new technology available to them.
Of course the will to prosecute has to be there, but I’d say a 7 year British investigation would suggest it is. ( I don’t want to make OG feel bad, but Mueller completed his in just over 2 years).  But fair dues, if witnesses won’t talk, OG are having to investigate via the longer ‘prove it’ route. Bet Gerry regrets saying that now.
I suspect the characters of the central witnesses may be what is driving the investigation on.  It’s not only Gerry and Kate who are not likeable, their friends have the same unlikeable traits.  Jane Tanner gives an example in her rogatory statement. She was uncomfortable with the block booking of the Tapas table for the entire week. She was aware their ‘selfishness’ was upsetting other holidaymakers but she didn’t speak up. It is bad enough when there is a large rowdy crowd in a restaurant, add pompous know it alls, and your appetite is ruined.  And to those eejits saying there was no neglect, READ the tapas statements.
Downplaying the neglect and making discussion of it taboo, let the entire group off very serious child neglect/endangerment charges that could have destroyed their careers, especially the medics.  Unfortunately that meant the loss of detail from the crucial hours before the alarm was raised.
Madeleine’s parents want us to focus on everything they have done since they found Madeleine gone, and ffs, ignore everything prior to that. As Kate said, they are not the ones who did something wrong, and they have been punished enough.  And they have, especially the McCanns.  The Tapas 7, not so much.      

Tuesday, 16 April 2019


So why was neglect written out of the missing Madeleine narrative. If it hadn't been for the neglect, Madeleine couldn't have been taken, it was integral to the abduction that the parents were away from the apartment at the moment she disappeared.  I've been musing on that for a while, wouldn't it have been far less complicated if they had claimed Madeleine was taken whilst they, her parents, were asleep in the other room?  No neglect charges.  But of course that way, there would have been far fewer witnesses and it wouldn't have had the drama of Kate running down the hill screaming.

The Miss Marple in me tends to think the entire tapas meal and the dramatic announcement were all part of the staging.  I'm not saying they hadn't done the same every other night of the week, but this time, they were keeping a note of their actions and timings.  Perhaps making sure they were seen by other diners and restaurant staff leaving and returning to the dinner table.  Preparing themselves for the statements they would give to the police.  Bizarrely they did not include Jane Tanner's sighting in those preparations, so I guess it was a later addition.  It is unbelievable that JT did not tell Kate about her sighting on the night, and unbelievable that she didn't point out to the police and searchers 'he went that way'. 

All my opinion of course, before Ziggy blows a gasket.  I think charges of neglect or child endangerment were a very real prospect, so much so that Gerry took legal advice so he could impart to the rest of us that what they did fell well within the bounds of responsible parenting.  That it was selfish, reckless and just plain stupid doesn't seem to have a legal category.  And even if it did we aren't allowed to say it for fear of hurting the parents feelings. 

One of the injustices in this case that irks me the most is the downplaying of the neglect.  That all these medics were completely let off the hook while lesser mortals would have been in a police cell and their children taken away.  This wasn't neglect without a victim, a child was missing.  Closing the door on the neglect charges at such an early stage may well have been a huge mistake. 

Another injustice is that the real dangers faced by toddlers left on their own has played no part in the Madeleine dialogue.  Accident, injury, poisoning, choking, poking something into an uncovered plug, the list is endless.  All of it brushed under the carpet by dippy breakfast show hosts, in order to promote the abduction theory which attracts more viewers.  Presenters like Lorraine Kelly and Fiona Phillips focused on the one in zillion chance your child could be abducted, instead of the odds on certainty of a child left alone having an accident.

Yes, I think they should all have been charged with child neglect.  Not least because none of them show any sign of remorse or guilt.  The arrogance of their statements shows they firmly believe they did nothing wrong.   The 'Tapas System' worked perfectly for 5 nights in a row, there was nothing wrong with it.  No-one could possibly have foreseen a child predator being on the loose.  In any case it was Warners fault for not warning them to look after their children.

Tuesday, 9 April 2019


1.  They are an attractive, successful, middle class professional couple.  And I cannot stress this enough, everyone knows criminals have shaven heads, tattoos and piercings. It is on page one of the Police Chiefs Guide to identifying criminals.  Being well groomed, articulate and not short of a bob or two, screams innocence.
2.   The lead detective of the PJ investigation (known to have an ear piercing) took an intense dislike to the fragrant couple and decided to frame them for the disappearance of their daughter, so he could hurry back to his long sardine munching lunches and red wine.  Simples.  It was a personal vendetta. Somehow, he managed to get British police dogs to alert to the scents they are trained to alert to, blood and cadaver as part of his dastardly plan by promising them a lifetime supply of tennis balls and doggy treats.  
3.  The British government stepped in because they knew Madeleine had been taken by someone so high up in the British establishment, that MI5, MI6 and the Secret Services in the form of Clarence Mitchell, was sent, pronto, to PDL to carry out the cover up. This person is so VIP, he, and I’m assuming it’s a he, puts out a request for a small child. Not just any small child, but Madeleine McCann specifically. Despite her being out of the country and on holiday with her family. Here we are in James Bond fantasy territory, whoever stole Madeleine has more power than Prince Mohammed Bin Salman and must be protected at all costs.   Presumably he has the power to send someone in with a bonesaw if they speak out? 
4.  Gerry and Kate have been heroic in their battles against Freedom of Speech. They have successfully silenced Richard Desmond and Rupert Murdoch, the great British public, not so much.  Their efforts to silence their critics online went catastrophically wrong, they did not come out of it as the good guys. They failed in their efforts to have laws introduced that would jail bloggers and commentators on social media. Their hopes of jailing journalists, remain a pipedream, but their battles go on. They are going to ask the ECHR to burn Goncalo Amarals books, they will never give up (suing GA).
5.   Would an innocent couple spend almost their child’s entire Search Fund suing an ex detective for damage to their reputation?  Of course they would!  Some might say it was being made arguidos that caused their reputations and donations to the Fund to plummet, but Gerry and Kate lay the blame firmly at GA's door.  Again, he has been pictured wearing an earing. 

Detectives should not be allowed to use their expertise and inside knowledge to write books about former suspects. It gives them an unfair advantage over former suspects who also want to write books. And to be fair, Gerry and Kate did provide GA with the subject for his book, ergo they should be entitled to all the proceeds.  
6.   The McCanns refusal to participate in the recent Netflix documentary. Despite all their ‘Don’t you forget about me’ and awareness campaigns, they saw no point in being in a documentary with a potential audience of 30m+.  Ok. But in any event they had their most enthusiastic fans on camera, speaking on their behalf.  The puffy faced Vicar, who not surprisingly said very little, his gushing wife, and I’ll see you in the dock, Jim Gamble.  Not to mention stern faced, creepy, Summers and Swan who appear to be closely related to the Adams Family.
Are we there yet?  I hope so, because not believing all of the above means you are desperately in need of psychiatric help.  Maybe not in immediate need of a straightjacket but heading in that direction.  You see, the main defence presented by  the supporters of the McCanns on here, is the highlighting of the critic's perceived mental deficiency accompanied by accusations of obsessive hatred.  As in, you would believe Gerry and Kate if you didn't hate them so much.   Think back to when you first saw those dog videos?  Were you going through a break up? Was your boss picking on you?  Did the McCanns holding hands and the sight of their big house send you into a frenzy of jealousy?  Be honest. It wasn't the dogs barks that made you suspect Gerry and Kate, it was their happiness

For our inhouse psychologist who 'has forgotten more about psychology than I could learn in 20 years', I have decided to name all of the above McCann Derangement Syndrome.  MDS.    I know you have your own set ways in which describe it and practice it, but it's a large umbrella.  Ideally you would like all non believers of the McCanns to accept that their inability to believe a load of old tosh is down to personality defects within themselves.  Yeah, that should win over the crowd.  

Monday, 1 April 2019


The only new developments in the Madeleine case in recent years has been the libel battles in Portugal where the McCanns’ claim against Goncalo Amaral was finally ruled out in the Supreme Court.  
Neither the PJ nor Scotland Yard are saying anything about their investigations for public consumption, and this time round extra care is being taken that there are no leaks.  I have always believed Operation Grange to be genuine, I am simply not cynical enough to believe that dozens of police officers, both English and Portuguese would do anything to cover up the death of the child.
Following the Netflix documentary, my belief has been shaken and stirred.  I have it in my head that the authorities ‘police, politicians, film makers, newspapers etc etc’ are conspiring to get the public back into the same mode of thinking about the parents as in 2007 when their popularity was at it’s height.  I remember at that time feeling as though I had stepped into an episode of the Twilight Zone, what could all those people praising and deifying the parents, see that I couldn't?  I even toyed with the idea that mass hypnosis was at play. The topic of missing Madeleine was so emotive, it divided families and friends. You were either for them or against them.  And against them made you a hater and a pitchforker.

But I'm going to skip all the different beliefs and factions and go straight to the main one, which has a hard core of believers from both sides, pro and anti.  The belief that Operation Grange is a cover up.  I know, I know, I am now in tinfoil hat territory and badly missing my friend John Blacksmith, but I am now seriously thinking, OMG, what if it’s true? First we have the 8 part Netflix documentary, preceded by days of the parents saying they wanted no part of it. That may have been a shout out to all those bored senseless with the McCanns, as in don’t worry folks, they had no hand in it, this documentary is honest, independent and not heavily biased towards the parents, we're not the BBC.  Ok, level playing field. Not on your life

The Netflix documentary revived the Madeleine story, brought it bang up to date and reignited all those issues they used to terrify the public the first time round.  The human traffickers, the paedophile gangs, perverts seeking the company of other perverts online etc etc.  All presumably carrying on with their dastardly deeds as none have been arrested in 12 years
Then there was a shift in the paradigm, the Madeleine case was largely forgotten and Gerry and Kate weren’t on anyone’s radar, other than in this tiny corner of the internet, people neither cared or said Gerry and Kate who?  The Netflix documentary put the couple right back in the spotlight, using their 3 biggest supporters, Jim Gamble and Summers and Swan to explain away the dog barks and portray the McCanns as victims of the press and the incompetent Portuguese police, Goncalo Amaral especially.
For the past couple of weeks, the tabloids are reflecting (or manipulating) the public’s mood with positive Gerry and Kate McCann stories.  Preparing us some might say, for the failure of the £12m UK investigation and reinforcing meanwhile the idea that the parents have done nothing to be suspected of.

The police of course are saying nothing. The tabloids are getting their stories elsewhere, from sources unnamed who would have us believe the McCanns and their friends are totally off the hook and the remains of Operation Grange are sat around twiddling their thumbs.

So let's look at the facts.  Operation Grange has cost £11.5m thus far with another £150k requested.  Nothing about this basic fact screams 'we are abandoning the investigation'.  It says the opposite in fact, it says 'we are on to something and we are not giving up', it doesn't say those of us who are left are sat around doing 'grunt' work. That's pure fabrication by the tabloids, another round of Gerry and Kate Good, police officers who investigate them, Bad.  Tracey Kandhola et al are trying to change  the narrative.  Why?