Sunday, 23 June 2013

Enough is Enough - The McCann Saga

I see that opinions are varied on whether or not this will be a whitewash, but I think truth and justice will prevail for the missing child.

This case is not contained within the UK, other countries are involved.  The McCanns ex private detectives are currently facing criminal charges in Spain and Hallagen faces similar charges in the US. Newspaper reports from the time the McCanns employed these crooks, suggest that they were paid huge amounts of money from the Madeleine Fund, and any amount of evidence could be revealed in these forthcoming trials. 

In addition to this, the McCanns are claiming £1.2m damages from Goncalo Amaral, the co-ordinator in the original Portuguese investigation  who wrote The Truth of the Lie, a book based on the police investigation and TV1, the Portuguese television company who made a documentary of the book.  Attempts to settle this claim broke down in January and therefore a full libel trial must now go ahead, and a court date is imminent.  I think we can be pretty certain that Goncalo Amaral and TV1 will fight this claim vigorously and of course, whatever is said in Court can be reported in the UK press.

In my opinion, it is very unlikely that Portugal will bow down to the UK, and accept the blame for the failed investigation and the yearly bashing of their tourist industry by the McCanns.  Scotland Yard have said many times that they are supporting the work of the Portuguese investigation and there is no hint of animosity between the two forces, other than the blatantly manufactured stories of the popular UK press.  Why on earth would the Portuguese say their own investigation was shambolic and the beautiful Algarve is a haven for paedophiles?

From the recent press stories, if we discard the fluff, we can see that Scotland Yard are opening their own investigation, which of course will mean that any British suspects can be interviewed and charged here in the UK.  Those very expensive extradition lawyers employed by the McCanns, are now redundant as a full investigation can take place on British soil.  

This case is simply too complex to cover up indefinitely.  Any of those involved could break the pact and spill the beans at any time.  We can only imagine Scotland Yard detectives interviewing Jane Tanner?  Even the staunchest pro McCanns avoid using her nonsensical sighting as evidence of an abduction - are seasoned homicide detectives really going to accept it? 

The CPS visiting Portugal is a huge development in this case. Logically, they can only be involved if a trial is to take place in the UK.  They are legal prosecutors, not investigators, and I don't think they would fly out to Portugal if the suspects had not yet been identified.  

I know we have had a lot of ups and downs over the years, and at times it has seemed as though the McCanns are being protected, but I get the feeling that protection is no longer there.  Put simply, they have gone too far.  The ambitious Gerry and Kate saw the Madeleine Fund as a leading 'charity', one that would last forever more.  Their rage and anger I think, stems from frustration at their not being able to sustain the level of donations they achieved prior to their arguido status in 2007. The blame for this fell squarely on the shoulders of Goncalo Amaral and he had to be discredited at all costs.  

However, their vendetta has 'cost' them dear, so too have all their other legal attempts to shut down opposition. They have allowed their vanity and relentless pursuit for publicity to overshadow common sense. They believed they were invincible and their 'little company' would grow into a giant corporation, employing top libel lawyers to crush any dissenters.  All very high risk, but I have a feeling they went through a lot worse in May 2007, and if they could overcome that, anything else would be a piece of cake. 

The McCanns have said 'they will never stop - and if they money runs out, they will raise more' - and therein I think lies the problem. They are never going to go away, and no PM, government, nor Great British public, will ever be free of their demands. Maybe someone has finally said, enough is enough. 


Tuesday, 11 June 2013


I'm having a fantasy love affair at the mo.  I have found over the years that fantasy ones are much better for my health and bank account.  You can dump them without the hassle of restraining orders and moving house.  

The current object of my dysfunctional desires, is the simply scrumptious Henry VIII, I am, I am, in the wonderful and oft repeated Tudors on BBC2.  So he executed two of his wives - but at least you knew he was single!  On the plus side he bought his Queens (just saying His QUEENS, makes my toes tingle) lots of diamonds, pearls and big country estates.  I totally get why 6 of them were up for it.   

I'm trying to wean myself away from this current obsession by finding a down side to him.  Of course his real name isn't Henry, or Big Hal, its Rhys something, which, sad to say, doesn't quite capture the sexy allure of this God and my current fantasy boyfriend. Aw shucks, I'd be quite happy to call him 'Your Majesty'.

Enough already. However, even in my little fantasy world, where everything should be sweetness and light, its not.  I also have the hots for his best mate, hereinafter known as Your Grace, who just happens to be the new Superman!  I hasten to add, that my little fantasy world doesn't generally involve any 'how's yer father', (not with my arthritis, and him being superman) - but I digress.  I now have to go see the movie, on the basis of 'im being in the Tudors! Doh! 

Ps.  My sons have never forgiven me for taking them to see Little Buddha when they kids!  All these superhero films are payback :(

Sunday, 9 June 2013


Having watched the case of Madeleine McCann since May 2007, and read the extensive police files, I do not believe there was an abduction.

Apparently not believing the abduction makes me a 'hater' and a 'pitchforker' and a stalker of the grieving parents.  

I don't hate the parents, I don't own a pitchfork and as for stalking, I merely read the same press releases as everyone else and sometimes I comment.  

This has led to a hate campaign against me that is malicious, spiteful and ridiculously disproportionate. I have never abused, insulted or accused anyone of anything. In trying to understand the nature of this dirty campaign, we need only look at the words of Kate McCann in regard to the detective who led the search for her missing daughter.  She wants him to feel misery and fear, indeed she wants anyone who does not believe her to feel misery and fear and her supporters are more than happy to carry out her wishes, as a quick scan of their antics on twitter will confirm. 

Recently these supporters have attacked my book Cry and You Cry Alone, by claiming that I have lied about St. Anne's Convent. I haven't.  All the details of my case are a matter of public record, and I have since been fortunate enough to meet up with peers who were at St. Anne's at the same time as myself, many of whom suffered far worse experiences at the hands of the nuns, than myself.  These cyber trolls who are attacking me, are also attacking others who had their childhoods blighted by cruelty and abuse. These same trolls also attack those who were abused by Savile.  We must ask, how attacking survivors of historic abuse helps in their search for the missing Madeleine McCann?

I have attempted to step back from this case as the Hate campaign against me is now affecting vulnerable people who do not deserve this abuse. However, this has made no difference, and in fact the McCann supporters have raised their game by posting negative reviews of my book on Amazon and by 'lifting' everything I tweet or post in order to trash me on their hate site.  This is censorship 'mccann' style, anyone who doubts their story will be ripped apart and used as an example to others who might be tempted to voice their doubts.  

Despite all of the above, I still have sympathy for the McCanns, there can be nothing worse than losing a child. Both the UK and Portugal have invested heavily in Reviews to discover what happened to Madeleine - lets hope these Reviews lead to a re-opening and  conclusion to this tragic case.