Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Blame the last government.  A brilliant quote I picked from Jill Havern's in response to the quandary David Cameron now finds himself in.   He may have misjudged the mood of the populous when he merrily handed over £3m of public money to search for the most famous missing girl in the world.   Eventually, Scotland Yard's finest would have to come to a conclusion one way or the other.  Maybe DC saw distorted surveys that led him to believe there would be rioting in the streets if the government refused to do anything for poor Maddie and that delightful family.

However, 18 months later and £3m down the plughole (in these times of austerity) and the public are going to want results.  So too, Team McCann, who must surely be way ahead of us, and already preparing their 'Keep the Maddie Review Open' campaign.  Who knows?

This is a problem that will not go away and it is implicating more and more people by the day.  The SY review team are in the embarrassing position where they cannot come to a different conclusion to the Portuguese review team, without a major diplomatic incident.  The only way to prevent this, is for SY to claim they have run out of funds and have to shelve it.  Its not the greatest excuse I have ever heard, its a bit like something made up at the end of 10 hour crisis talks, when the 'keep it simple, stupid' argument kicks in, and the one who gets the short straw has to announce it to the Press.

I have much to thank 'In the Thick of It' for, its like cramming an A level in politics into delicious and hilarious bite size pieces, so that you come away feeling the way you did, when you first saw Educating Rita.  But I digress.

Unfortunately, even that will not be the end of the matter.  At some time soon, the Portuguese Review Team will release the results of their findings - why wouldn't they?  It is in their interests to protect their tourist industry and the reputation of their own police authorities.

Of course this could support TM's claim that they are being framed, but without 'clearance' from Scotland Yard, this argument is significantly weakened.  The renowned NHS doctors want, dare I say, need, a 'Declared Innocent' certificate to hang alongside their diplomas and future grandiose schemes for enlarging the Madeleine Corporation Fund.

Cameron is indeed between the devil and the deep blue sea.  Politicians have got away with 'big' lies in the past, and over time they are forgotten.  This one however reappears at every anniversary and balloon releasing occasion (the main protagonists love the cameras), and the doubters are multiplying by the day.  Not least those upset by the waste of their hard earned taxes.

At the moment I think we are seeing spin at its finest.  Eighteen months and £3m later, people are going to want results.  DI Redwood has already embarrassed himself with his asinine comment that Madeleine is either dead or alive - will his grand finale be 'there was an abductor or maybe there wasn't'.

Cameron must ask himself, how many more are willing to go down with the ship?   Who would have thought there were so many armchair and proactive sleuths out there, who are unwilling to let the matter go.  This case has now gone so much deeper than a 'missing child'.  I believe whoever took that first call in the early hours of May 4th, acted first and thought later.  Maybe their head of spin was off for the night, and their decision maker was feeling all paternal and maudlin.  I have to say at this point, that I have no idea whatsoever what happened to the child, but people telling me I have to believe something, always bugs me.

My first theory, was the simplest.  However, now that someone has thrown in the whole question of the sale of the NHS, I am pretty much back to square one.

For any Pro's who might be reading, I have no problem whatsoever with being proved wrong.  It gives my opponent something to be happy about, and it enlightens me.

Sunday, 12 August 2012


Time and time again, I have seen women choose a partner for themselves and substitute father for their children, in less time than it has taken them to choose a new pair of shoes.  

Let me put this bluntly, there is a breed of men out there who hone in on vulnerable women and take full advantage of the ready made home and family.  The often make the lives of their step children a living hell.  Especially if they do not adapt to the ideology of their new dad.  It can often be entirely different to the way the child has previously been raised. They may introduce new routines, new rules, new punishments.  

A word of warning, should the odious Toby Young ever be single again, I would advise any woman to run in the opposite direction.  He is man who believes in corporal punishment for kids.  Nice.  

I know this story of poor Tia, is as yet incomplete, but I feel the sorrow is in her short, transient life, a stepfather in one refuge, a step grandfather in the other.   As one person on Twitter put it, she had more parents than a PTA.  

I have written about my own dysfunctional childhood,  and should add, apart from the sadistic nuns and the paedophiles queuing up to be our carers, I also went through 3 occasions, between the ages of 11 and 15, where boyfriends of my mother, attempted to initiate sex.  Yes, 3 separate men, just to be clear, and all transient stepfathers.  They happened during my visits 'home', my mother never knew. I didn't make a big deal of it.  I wasn't harmed physically, I was repulsed, but not enough to cause a scene.  Basically it involved wanting me to watch porn with them, or showing me their bits.  I was a savvy kid, with a gift for the gab, and though they were creeps, they weren't violent,  I was able to stay safe, but I know many don't.

Too many women get all excited about nothing, and then marry him, to quote Cher.  I have related the above incidents, to demonstrate how common sexual abuse is.  However, abuse is not just sexual, it is physical and mental too, and it goes on, not just in the sink estates, but in the leafy Avenues too.  The streets of London, or indeed any major city, are filled with kids kicked out of their homes by their parent's new partner. 

Let's hope that Tia has not lost her life in vain and that parents will engage with their children, listen to them, and stop taking an adult's word above theirs.  


It occurred to me following the tragic case of Tia Sharp this week, that met officers must be reviewing thousands, if not zillions, of hours of CCTV from all over the globe? I am basing this on the last report in Tia's case being 120 hours of video footage.

From an economic perspective, I am curious as to how resources are allocated.  Are they linked in any way to statistics?  In a nutshell, do they start at the beginning and work outwards?  

The Met are being mashed at the moment, but in their defence, they have admitted their errors almost immediately, and it only took them a week to cop on, that they should start investigating the place she went missing from.

I think many questions have arisen following the tragic events of this week.  I don't know whether it is in the climate of the Levenson Enquiry and resignations at the met, but I feel we have been told quite a lot about the way in which this missing child cases are conducted.  This tragic case has a sense of transparency about it.  

There are of course, a lot of political reasons behind it, not least the characters involved, are easily dispensable and unlikely to rock any corporate or government policy.  In addition, it is great spin, it diverts the attention of the populace towards the degraded lives, of the shiftless and their unlimited sprogs who are infesting decent society.  We already have calls for compulsory sterilisation.  It also provides excellent gloating opportunities and reasons to deprive the deprived still further, and it detracts from the billionaires bonuses and the double dip recession.  Its a win, win situation.

For the Scotland Yard team reviewing this case, the public are this week, much more informed than they were last week.  As nice as Kate and Gerry and their friends might be, it will be hard to convince anyone that starting with a sighting on Mars (I am pretty sure the Mars Rover had a travel pack of age progressed Maddie posters) and working backwards, is not in anyone's mind an economical, or even sane, way to conduct an enquiry.  


Like many, I have been following the tragic case of Tia Sharp.  Having spent my entire life studying human behaviour and psychology, alarm bells rang from the moment this story broke news.

I have a feeling this blog will cause much controversy, but I feel so angry on behalf of this child that I refuse to keep quiet.  

Too many women take strange men into their beds and into their families based on nothing more than a drunken night of sex.  Within days, weeks, these unknown men are owners/occupiers and role models for their precious offspring.  

I know how hard it is to be a single mother, its as lonely as hell and an endless struggle against poverty and destitution.  Chuck in the hormones that are continually signalling to us to mate and reproduce as often as possible, and its easy to see how our natural instincts to protect our young can be easily blinded. 

Have I done it myself?  Yeh, and I produced another child.  Other than producing an amazing son, we were a match made in hell.  Unfortunately, I am not a Black Widow Spider, so bumping him off post coitus was not an option.  

I should add, I'm kind of glad it wasn't, there are so many qualities in him that are good, not least that he was, in many ways, a great dad, and I knew instinctively that he would never harm the kids, and that was my only priority.  

Some of you will know the reasons behind my heightened instincts for spotting a wrong 'un, you learn an awful lot about human behaviour, when you see it at its very worst.  I refer of course to the nuns and wierdos society deemed appropriate to be given the care of vulnerable children. 

Time and time again, I have seen women such as the mother and grandmother of poor, tragic Tia.  I have lived on rough council estates, I have seen and even been dragged into those pointless, bitching, streetfights.  I watched as a downstairs neighbour gave his deranged son an air rifle so he could shoot at things from the balcony - I kid you not.  It sickens and appals me, but it also breaks my decrepit old socialist heart that all of this could be avoided if someone had just sat down and read a book with them, when they were 5 years old.  

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Friday, 3 August 2012


I bought my first book on body language, back in the early ninety's and it is a subject that has fascinated me, ever since.  I would not claim to be an expert, because study of it in depth leads off into areas of anthropology, psychology and the meaning of life, but it is easy enough to figure out the basics.  

Approximately 80% of our communication lies in our physical presence.  Our stance, the positioning of our arms, our legs, the tilt of our heads, the phoney smiles.  Our internal wiring, all those squiggly things  inside our heads, are usually way ahead of us, they aready prepared for fight or flight.  Its beyond our control.  Hence the reason some people speak before their vocal chords get connected to the full extent of their memory banks. 

I once watched 16 hours of old black and white interviews with Marlon Brando - mostly waiting for him to answer each question, it must be said, but his replies were well worth waiting for.  So too the late Christopher Hitchens.   

Intelligent people, take their time to process their thoughts before engaging their gobs, or head butting someone for giving them a funny look. 

Fortunately, we have evolved, we accept different cultures, different traditions, even different sexuality.  Well most of us do.

But this is about body language. When you find out someone is a bad person, and you didn't know that before, you can look back with retrospect, and see that the all the signs were there.  In the 1930's it took a while for the world to catch on that Hitler was bonkers.  

Some people have an innate gift, an ability to sum up a person's character, likeability, intelligence within a split second.  A little bit ahead of the rest of  us.  They are able to hone in our base instincts, surpassing intelligence and morality on the way.  They go far in sales and spin doctoring.  Some go into comedy and parody those quirks of nature, some appeal to the cruelty within us, some use their powers for good.   


I am not a Royalist but, how you could anyone not love that picture?  I mean I would be deliriously happy too if I could have tickets to any Olympic event, I wanted, but I'm not out to be surly, its just a boy and girl in love, not staged, simply spontaneous. An Ahhhh moment.

Oh dear Boris, what can I say, other than I doubt a red face and white hair is very becoming. 

 I defy anyone not to giggle if they click on the above picture - leads to an hilarious link, Kristin Stewart is a Trampire!  

And finally,

because their story is just soooo cute!