Wednesday 12 March 2014


Despite the risks involved (see last post), today is your day Jayelles, when I say your name out loud (though not 3 times, I've seen Candyman and Beetlejuice) and respond to your obsessional stalking.

I'll give you a minute, no doubt you will want to get your breath back after all that writhing on the floor.  Better now?  Hope that will give you a little insight into the twinkle you see in other women's eyes, that twinkle you have never had, and probably never will.  

Where do I begin.  First of all, please do not concern yourself a moment longer about my sanity.  I have reached an age where I don't give a fuck what other people think of me (its quite liberating), happily most people find my eccentricity charming, so I can live with that.  

I can see how my, shall we say brutal honesty, could be seen as a mental health issue, and indeed the number of times I have been asked not to return to places of work would support this.  Unfortunately the knock on effect is that I now seek out lies and stupidity in the wider world.  Lets just say, I have a heightened sense of injustice that goes right back to early childhood.  I cannot bear cruelty towards the vulnerable, it gets my heckles up.  A three year old little girl doesn't just vanish.  

But lets get back to you.  I have a theory that some women, when they reach a certain age, buy an inordinate amount of cats or they find someone to stalk on the internet.  I am guessing you are sitting at your computer with a variety of moggies on your head and a couple creeping out from under your armpits. Am I right?

You keep your own identity carefully hidden whilst ripping into and naming and shaming others.  Do you not see the hypocricy in that?  You claim to be defending a noble cause, yet you do not have enough faith in it to reveal your own name?  

You have been unmasked as a dental receptionist from somewhere, I don't know if you are, and I don't really care, the picture certainly matched your character, as to the passion for collecting and filing information on other people. All those irritating little A-Z cards day in and day out, it takes some kind of devotion to filing to pursue it in your spare time - err, kudos.  I look forward to the Filing Awards (is it like the Baftas?) and your final recognition.

Your passion for the McCanns (personally) Jayelles is (Oops, thats twice) is way over and above that of, shall we say normality for want of a better, or lets call it a baseline, and you fly off the scale.  You would be in the group known as 'superfans', and my advice to Kate and Gerry is 'Be Afraid'.  You were also obsessed with the Jonbenet Ramsey case, though I not sure who the object of your obsession was there, and frankly, I can't be arsed to look it up.

You are not my first stalker Jayllbait (gotcha!) - I once worked with a woman who became more me than me.  It was like Single White Female in the workplace.  Sadly she was a much better me than I was, and she nicked my job!  Ce la vie.  Your reasons for stalking, wow, that would go into several pages, and I have would have to charge you ;)

Tuesday 11 March 2014


I don't think there was swinging, I do however think there was a lot of jealousy. Some people in this world become fixated on what others have, that they do not.  It eats them alive and creates a personal hell within their minds, that can sometimes go out of control.  This is particularly true of narcissists.  I am not necessarily talking about material possessions, it also includes great personalities, a sharper wit, good relationships, good children, helpful relatives, more friends etc, etc, if a person is inclined towards jealousy, they will find something and some way in which to include the words 'not fair' in their thought processes.  

Bearing in mind that the McCanns' personalities have not changed since, or because of, Madeleine's disappearance.  The people we see now are the same people they were prior to 3rd May 2007.  

Rightly or wrongly, many of us reacted to them with intense dislike, probably because we could see straight through them, and the same must be true in their personal and social lives.  On the surface, they would appear to be valuable friends to have, attractive, financially comfortable with good connections, the epitome of the middle and professional classes and probably regulars on the guest lists of all their medical friends.  However, the way people appear in public can be entirely different to how they actually are within their own homes, or in the relaxed atmosphere of a holiday.  The holidays, Christmas especially, always show a marked increase in murder, abuse, break ups and break downs, they are intense times when we are with our loved ones 24/7 - real personalities show through.  

Returning to the swinging, it is unlikely.  When Kate made her anguished appeal that she couldn't make love to Gerry, a lot of women felt sympathy, no-one could.  I think Gerry might well have fancied studying the assets of the giggly quiz mistress further into the night, but a lot of that could have been macho bravado in front of his mates, or possibly an excuse to stay away longer from the whiney nagging of his uptight wife.  Even Hulk Hogan would have flinched at going home to an angry Kate.

I think the group holiday was for fun and relaxation, though I don't think the relaxation part was fairly distributed between the McCanns.  Fiona even brought her mother along, not something you would do if you if you were expecting a stream of a visitors through the night in various stages of undress or possibly bondage gear.  I don't entirely know what swinging involves, but I am guessing a lot of bed hopping or the hiring of a hall if there are a lot of participants.  I am trying to form a picture in mind, but all I can imagine is a Brian Rix Farce from the 1960's.  

I suppose there are occasions where a group of people might loll around, sharing spliffs and cuddling each other, they may even throw their kaftans and otherwise cautious natures to the wind by sharing the love, but it doesn't sound like the doctors.  Besides, they all had early starts because they had very young children with them.  I just don't think its physically possible to get up close and personal with all your holiday chums through the night when you have to get up at 6.00am to make the baby's bottle.  Nor do I think it physically possible to play tennis all day if you have been 'at it' all night, which, going off on another track, might explain a few things. 

This lot were not getting their jollies through sex, they were getting them through sport.  It seems exercise produces natural endorphins that can take you to highs, we couch potatoes can only dream of.  Who knew.

Ps.  To Blacksmith. I did giggle at your reference to my stalker Jaillbate, I have thus far avoided soiling my blog with her name, I fear if I say it out loud she may suffer the same fate as the poor woman who was admitted to hospital with multiple orgasms.