Monday 15 September 2014


The Summers and Swan book Looking for Madeleine hit the bookshelves in the UK last week, a book that claims to give the definitive account of what happened to Madeleine, approved and rubber stamped by the parents, their spokesman Clarence Mitchell, and their number One fan Jim Gamble, the former head of CEOP.

I haven't read the book, nor will I.  When its release coincided with comments from the former Police Chief who has assisted the McCanns throughout, it came across as the story endorsed by the authorities in the same way that books had to be approved in Stalinist Russia.  Any book approved of and recommended by 'The State' should be read with a huge pinch of salt (if you have the time) or discarded if you don't.  In my opinion, its as much a part of the 'McCanns are Innocent' narrative as the phoney detectives, phoney sightings, and phoney abductors.

But those aren't the only reasons I won't buy it.  When I began following this case 7 years ago, the internet was buzzing with blogs, forums - hundreds, if not thousands of people with their own individual theories.  It became impossible to keep up, and on top of which, I get very irritated if I have taken the time  and trouble to read volumes of pages, only to discover the writer is clearly barmy and has come up with an even more ludicrous scenario than the McCanns.  I hold grudges.  I have still not forgiven M. Night Shyamalan and Mark Wahlberg* for The Happening - 2 hours of my life I will never get back!

If you want a clear idea of what this case is all about, you have to sort the wheat from the chaff.  If a theorist comes up with something that 'might' have happened and discards the alerts by the blood and cadaver dogs, I recommend you stop reading.  Ditto, the idea that there was someone in PDL soooooo important that the intelligentsia have closed ranks to protect them. I mean seriously, someone with more State protection than the US President and the Prince of Wales going to an off season holiday camp in Portugal for a bit of nooky - Really?

If you want to spare yourself 24/7 reading, and believe me there is that much material out there, you can do no better  than the McCann files, Joana Morais, Blacksmith Bureau and 'Only in America, Teddy' and Pamalam who incurred McCanns' wrath by saving all of Gerry's blogs - well worth an afternoon of reading you will never forget.  Links to these sites will shortly be available on blog.  Good Quality Wristbands was also cracker - though not live afaik, it still contains some brilliant articles as too the terrific website of Ironside, Steel Magnolia who has now sadly passed away.

For discussion, Madeleine McCann Mystery, and also the Jill Havern forum, which still has some excellent posters, if you ignore the ones who have concluded the case (before the police).  But no more wars - please! 

For the truth, and to spare yourself the entire police files or propaganda books, read the first hand account of someone who was actually there and right in the thick of it.  The lead detective, Goncalo Amaral, a man born to write.  His work has the easy going charm of a fireside chat with an interesting and wise old friend - you swish the pages as quickly as you can, inwardly shouting, tell me more, tell me more.

Goncalo Amaral's book, The Truth of the Lie** is the definitive book on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.  Dr. Amaral - yes, Dr. Goncalo is a highly educated man, the complete opposite in fact of everything that has been written about him in the UK press.  One of life's gentlemen, his book has been translated by volunteers and made freely available online. That he has not clamped down on them legally (thus far) negates the McCanns argument that he wrote his book for profit.  Dr. Amaral wrote his book so the whole world would know the truth of the lie. His focus has always been the little girl who disappeared, the child who lost her life.  Some might say he is Madeleine's Avenger - the antithesis of all those who trying so hard to prevent the truth of her disappearance being known.

Dr. Amaral was the co-ordinating detective in the original Portuguese investigation, his position was made untenable by the interference of the British Government and his name has been demonised by the McCanns and those who assist them, ever since.  He was too close to the truth and he had to go. The Truth of the Lie is based on the Portuguese investigation files (police files also freely available online) and gives a first hand account of the way in which the McCanns came to be Arguidos and the author's plans to follow up the little known sighting by an Irish family on the night Madeleine disappeared.  The stage Scotland Yard seemed to have reached in last October's Crimewatch.

The real question of course, is why this book 'Looking for Madeleine' is being published and distributed in the UK, whilst the true story of Madeleine's disappearance is only available to the English speaking population online? Could it be that the McCanns through their vexatious use of lawyers have prevented 'The Truth of the Lie' from going on sale in English and in the UK? They have fought Dr. Amaral in the Courts for 5 years, to prevent his book being published and for compensation of £1m+ for the distress he has caused them and their missing daughter.  The lunatics on STMs and JATYK2 (hilarious pro site filled with the best of the pros (6 tops)) are now protesting about book burning and fascism, whilst failing to see the irony of their support for the banning Dr. Amaral's book and Hacked Off!     

*Mark Wahlberg has seen redeemed himself with 'Ted' :)

** - Free English translation of Goncalo Amaral's book - though I urge everyone to buy the hard copy of the book as soon a publisher is brave enough to print it.  Should that day ever arrive, I will display it on my bookshelves like a trophy!

Tuesday 9 September 2014


Now that the dust has settled and Candyfloss has now provided us with a new, friendly forum ( its time to call a truce.  Hopefully everyone had the opportunity to say that which was simmering away inside them (I was one of them) and we can concentrate on doing what we are all here for.  Getting justice for the little girl who disappeared and focus our efforts on those responsible for the cover up.

Whether Tony was up to no good will remain a mystery, like everything else in this case, we will have to wait for it all to come out in the wash.  It doesn't really matter in the whole scheme of things, its a bit like a cinema audience fighting amongst themselves in order to change the ending of the film.  Utterly pointless. 

Although I have been around this case for 7 years, this has been the first and only time, I have ever followed a major crime and it has been an enlightening experience.  It opened up a whole new world I had no idea existed and if I wasn't convinced about the McCanns' guilt before, I certainly was when I encountered online the criminally insane people who protected them. 

The first forum I posted in was like a gladiatorial arena, it had pros and antis posting together and it had no moderators.  It was where I developed my (now 3 stone lighter) rhinoceros hide and the ability to squish trolls on twitter.  Looking back on it, I'm not altogether sure whether people on the AOL Europe board believed the McCanns one way or the other, or just liked to fight a lot. 

But back on message.  Tony's investigation will have no relevance to the real one and I doubt SY read the lengthy tomes he sends to them.  Very few people believe Tony's theories, and if he was muddying the prosecution case (deliberately or otherwise) by discrediting the main witnesses, then he has failed.  The Smith family maintain their dignity and followers of this case are left wondering what he is up to.  The investigation continues.

Still trying to get this on blog :)

Sunday 7 September 2014


I left CMoMM because I objected, on moral grounds, to Tony Bennett's harassment of the witnesses in this case and I was soon to discover many others left for similar reasons or were simply whooshed for voicing an alternate opinion.  My exit however was slightly more dramatic as I had the means to reply. 

I have allowed this subject to continue on my blog, as it has proved to be very enlightening indeed, and much as I would like to drop the matter and move on, I am driven to discover what exactly Tony has been up to, and on who's behalf?  I am hoping the anonymity of this blog will encourage more to come forward with what they know.  Where did it all begin, at the Mirror forum, the 3 Arguidos?

Does anyone remember Tony handing over a list of anti names at his trial in London.  It was hot gossip on the cesspit pro forums, but not picked up on CMoMM, most of us at that time were too pre-occupied in sympathising with the injustice heaped on TB by Carter Ruck and the McCanns to question the minutiae of the Judgement, and in any event, we had Tony to deconstruct it for us. 

Was there a list?  I don't care about my name being on it, I would have failed in my campaigns against injustice if it weren't, but others do care, and guard their privacy with passion.  Quite right too, The queues for the gallows would be unmanageable if the entire population declared themselves Spartacus.  The martyr route takes a certain kind of dedication and madness.  We are few, and mostly bonkers.  As a catholic child I determined to die burning at the stake like my heroine Joan of Arc for a great and noble cause, only I wasn't quite sure what it would be - I was rapidly going off religion.  But I digress, the simple explanation is that most people are too busy living their lives and enjoying their families to become the target of crackpots.  Those of us who put our names, know what to expect.

The word 'list' for me comes in the same sinister category as the word 'ban' - that is, words I despise. I've always found it somewhat absurd that one adult can believe they have the power to 'ban' another adult from doing as they wish.  The word 'list' is reminiscent of good old Joe McCarthy and the Hollywood witch hunts, 'give us the names of your mates, and we'll let you off'.  The honourable ones chose prison and ruination, indeed one said, he could give them a list [of his friends] but he wouldn't be able to face himself in the morning.  Quite. 

Tony now sees himself as Emile Zola, and we are his accusers, kudos to him for the dramatic twist, but the questions remain unanswered and I want to know more about the 'List' and the agreement of Carter Ruck to write off nearly £300k in legal fees.  Tony pointed out during his legal battles with the McCanns that he was far from alone in not believing the abduction story. which is fair enough - why should he alone be punished, he wasn't the only one - its the standard reply of the tell tale kids in the playground. But why volunteer the information that he knew the 'real' names of many others?  That's simply not cricket. 

I don't want a war against Tony, and I won't publish aggressive or juvenile posts.  However, I think there is a lot he is not telling us, and indeed, I feel we have been misled.  This isn't personal, I have always thought of Tony as a passionate, if somewhat eccentric, campaigner for justice - though I have to confess I have not studied his work in any great detail as I fundamentally disagree with almost everything he says.  That's not to say I disliked him, he is an interesting character, but his behaviour may not have been as harmless as I thought, and I want to know the truth. 

Friday 5 September 2014


Many thanks to JJ, for another brilliant insight into the myths created by Tony Bennett:


More Myths and Legends of Tony Bennett
Many of you believe TB is a meticulous researcher in the search for the truth regarding MM, but is there evidence to support this?
There is an unrelenting onslaught on the ‘lies’ of the Smith family and the ‘blatant lies’ of Robert Murat.  But why doesn’t he ever want you to remember the pernicious campaign waged against RM by the Macs and Tapas 7?
One of TB’s diversions is to analyse every tiny mistake in anything RM has said, such as he forgot to mention he went to the bank, therefore he is party to child abduction. Another is he agreed with the Macs to be the fall guy in exchange for £600,000.  Are we really to believe anyone would admit to abducting and killing a child and spending the rest of their life in prison for money?  Most would think it ludicrous.
But there is abundant evidence the Macs and Tapas 7 deliberately chose Murat as their scapegoat, but this is not considered.
TB never fails to repeat the story again and again that JT, RO, FP, ROB, all changed their minds about their identification of Murat at the end of 2007.
You will note that recently Richard D Hall made several  DVD’s,  entitled “Buried By the Mainstream Media” in which much valuable insights and information was placed in the public domain, but then Hall reduces his credibility to zero by quoting facts straight from the myths book of Bennett.  Among these myths are that both Murat and Gerry’s phones were switched off for the same 32 hours.
Total tosh, a TB myth.
When he first wrote this on CMOMM, Friday 8 January 2010, TB said “here is a little known fact that needs more public exposure”.  Somebody had the audacity to reply, “the reason it is a little known fact, is because it’s not true”
Information followed from the PJ and phone companies proving Gerry’s phone was switched on but as usual TB continued with his lies.
No discussion, it is not permitted.
Hall then quotes the fact that by the end of 2007 the Tapas group were all singing from the same hymn sheet and that they now knew it was not Murat they saw that night.
TB started this myth on JH,  that by the end of 2007  all the Tapas had changed their stories it was not Murat they saw.  TB repeats this time and time again and people actually  believe it.
As a researcher, he even investigated a company formed by Martin Smith in 1991, as in his opinion, it had relevance to Madeleine, 16 years later,this is astonishing.
So if TB is right, and the Tapas all retracted their identification of Murat, at the end of 2007, how does Bennett  explain their rogatory statements, given to the Leicestershire Police in April 2008 and Kate’s book “madeleine” in 2011.
TB always tries to minimise their id of Murat saying simply, they were mistaken.
Now read the 2008 statements of Fiona Payne and Rachael Oldfield, where they state “the man came up to me, shook me by the hand and said I am Robert Murat”.
How can this be a mistake?  It is a clear attempt by them to wrongly blame and implicate Murat.  This is a criminal offence in Portugal, called calumny and is punishable by a jail sentence,  In the UK it is called Conspiracy to Pervert the Course of Justice.
Does Kate in her 2011 book, say they were mistaken.
No, she does not.
Can Bennett produce any police statement, where they have retracted their id of Murat?
No, he cannot.
As usual he has made it up as Bennett wants you to look anywhere except at the Macs and Tapas 7. 
You need to ask him why?
He has been told many times he was wrong but did he recheck his facts? 
No, he did not.
Now he is using Hall to peddle his nonsense.  How is this helping to discover the truth by undermining a valuable piece of work by RDH?
Payne and Oldfield committed a criminal conspiracy in order to implicate Murat TB does not want anyone looking there, hence his deceit.
This id holds the key to the whole mystery. Why did they deliberately lie?  And how they came to do so.  It was not a mistake, remember “he came up to me, shook me by the hand and said I am Robert Murat” 
Where in all of Bennetts copious work does it come up for discussion?
If any Police force needs a point to start, here is positive proof of a criminal offence.  Why has it been ignored?
I am surprised Bennetts research has not pointed out of the three separate groups of the Tapas 7, one each has certainly committed a criminal offence, perhaps this is a reason for a pact of silence.
But of course, in Bennett world, they never gave these statements.  In ROB’s rogatory statement in April 2008, ROB states “Murat that night broke up a fracas with some English and the GNR.
Murat told him he had a daughter of the same age, mentioned his wife was in Norfolk with his daughter.   Rachel and Fiona have vehement views on Murat and said he was a translator for the British Police”.
They sure meant to leave ‘no stone unturned’ in setting Murat up.
Murat has been thoroughly investigated by the British and Portuguese Police and nothing has been found to link him to Madeleine but Bennett insists he will continue to dissect Murat’s school life, business life, social life, present wife, ex wife and on and on and on.
Of Martin  Smith he examines in such detail the lives of Smiths fellow company directors, from years ago as having relevance.  Smiths daughter, 12 at the time, has her school work examined in great detail and is labelled a liar on numerous occasions.
But of two women who by their own police statements, have committed a criminal offence, which has a direct bearing on the mystery of Madeleine McCann, nothing, absolutely nothing.
Either Bennett is the worst researcher ever, or he has been given an agenda not to draw any attention to the stitch up of Robert Murat by the Macs and their friends.
Draw your own conclusions.
This is a brief resume (sorry Cristobell) on one aspect of Bennetts misinformation misdirection half truths and lies and there is much much more.  The myths and legends of TB could run and run.
Many thanks to Cristobell for her bravery in allowing another point of view to have an airing.