Thursday, 30 June 2016


I am old enough to have lived through many political crisis, but I am not sure any have affected me as dramatically as the events of this week.  Watching senior members of the (former) Labour Party weep, is bringing about a fair bit of weeping in myself.  Mostly for believing that that shower of turncoats destroying the Labour Party were ever in politics for anything other than themselves. 

Those baying for the blood of Jeremy Corbyn stood alongside those baying for the blood of society's most vulnerable.  They are blind to the queues at the food banks, and the homeless sleeping on our streets, and they are blind to the consequences of their lack of investment in our future generations.  Can they not see the destruction of our towns and communities?  Once thriving high streets are now wastelands, and not because of the immigrants - they happen to be the only ones brave enough to start up new businesses, but because we, the people, are having to pay off some mythical debt run up by greedy bankers who threw the dice once too often. 

For the first time in decades, Jeremy Corbyn is offering us something new.  He has inspired hundreds of thousands to join the Labour party as members.  Even old cynics such as I, have dared to peep above the parapet to offer my unwavering support.  Not one of the contenders the PLP have to offer, could  draw a fraction of the crowds that turn out to support Jeremy Corbyn. Could chief back stabber Angela Eagle fill arenas - she hasn't even got the support of her own constituency  

Jeremy Corbyn is the only anti austerity Labour Leader we have, or are ever likely to get, especially with so many Labour MPs now revealing their true colours.  He is the only Leader who will set to work on improving the lives of the many, not just the few.  He is the only Leader who actually cares about the horrors being inflicted on the people of this country by a greedy minority determined to preserve the status quo.  That's why the people love him. 

If the tories vote for Boris, then the only way to beat them in a General Election is to present a Leader more popular with the people than Boris, and the reality is, the only one who can beat Boris, is Jeremy.  How are the plotters, schemers and conspirators not aware of that? 


Saturday, 25 June 2016


In response to a question on previous blog, Why the cover up?  I sort of picture one of those classic [in] 'The Thick of It' moments 8:05.  Someone in Whitehall picked up the phone that fateful night and it was such an appealing case they decided to give it full government support. As the facts emerged in the full light of day, they were beyond the point of no return. The scenario kind of reminds me of those end of world movies where all the leaders and diplomats are dead or unavailable and the underlings and lunatics take over. The initial mistake must of course lie with Tony Blair, who by 2007 was so used to telling almighty whoppers that this one was probably minor by comparison.  

And it suited the incumbent labour government - they were pushing for ID cards and a national DNA database. Fear of child abduction can be very persuasive when trying to convince the public to have their babies microchipped.  Almost any Law goes if someone shouts 'Think of the Children!'.  It is all very 'Big Brother', but BB is already here - we have CCTV everywhere, most of our personal and private information is readily available to anyone determined to get their hands on it. 

For the Charity Missing People, it was the gift of a poster child.  Most missing kids are spotty, unattractive, belligerent teens who have gone off in a huff.  But, as Jon Corner said, Madeleine was 'special', the cherubic tot in her party dress tugged at hearts and wallets.  The iconic picture of Madeleine in her red dress sends a very powerful, emotional and almost hypnotic message.  To explain.  The picture of dear little Holly and Jessica in their football shirts, arouses emotions in me that are, quite frankly, scary.  As a lifelong pacifist with a horror of violence, I know that if I came face to face with Ian Huntley I would not be able to stop myself from physically attacking him. It would be beyond my control.  Ditto, the evil bastard who killed Jo Cox.

The sweet little face of Madeleine has been used to stir up that spirit of hatred and rage in the watching world toward paedophiles, or more accurately towards those mythical bogeymen every generation uses to frighten their kids into shutting up and doing what they are told.  Those same mythical bogeymen are now being used to frighten all of us by those who offer us protection.  The case of Madeleine proved these creatures do exist and the call to root them out couldn't have been more popular. 

You can kind of see how easy it is rustle up an angry mob when an attractive child is involved.  It is a classic narrative device, beautiful child stolen by monster, villagers hand round pitchforks and storm the 'castle'.  For some reason, little blonde princesses are always held captive in plush surroundings rather than dingy hovels, except in D.W. Griffiths' Birth of Nation, but the premise is still much the same.  Putting the villain in a Castle makes him one of the hated rich, making him black makes it racist. 

Most of us are able to control our rage against these monsters, we are able to keep it in perspective and allow justice to take its' course. But for many, as we have seen with the McCann case, that sense of anger and need for retribution has never gone away.  That is, it remains as intense as it was 9 years ago and maybe even increased by the fact that all these years later no-one has ever been charged. 

Many antis, like myself, have become attached to this case because we have a heightened sense of injustice.  It simply isn't possible for us to forget it and walk away.  The words of Edmund Burke ring in our ears.  If the only person punished for the disappearance of Madeleine McCann is the detective who searched for her, then justice as we know it, no longer exists.

For most of us, hopefully, the rage has subsided and turned into a quest not only for justice but for enlightenment.  We want to understand, we don't want to build bonfires in the village square.  We want justice by those who, we pray, know what they are doing.  In the cold light of day, we don't really want to rip monsters limb from limb, because that would make us monsters too.  Right now, I wouldn't want to be Kate and Gerry for all the tea in China.  Having been indoctrinated with Catholic guilt as a child, I remember the torture of examining my conscious every night, and the fear of knowing for certain that 'I'd be in for it' the next day.  Fear of being found out is crippling.  In retrospect, I should have titled my earlier memoir, 'Catholicism made me a manic depressive loon

But back to that perfect Stepford family and the cover up.  The well groomed, articulate professionals, Drs. Gerry and Kate McCann, were the epitome of the aspiring British middle classes.    Great ambassadors for the UK.  Note, Karen Matthews didn't have convoys of government officials to speak for her or protect her from the press. 

A spin doctor could not have created a more perfect family. The hard working, church going couple have no flaws.  No drink, drugs, or colourful pasts, they had planned and followed their lives and careers to the letter.  All the boxes were ticked, they couldn't possibly be guilty.  For Gordon, they became representative of his dream of the ideal British family with Methodist values.  Like himself they had climbed the social ladder through diligence and determination.  They were PLU (People Like Us) and that, in a nutshell was their appeal to journalists like Lorraine Kelly, Tony Parons, Piers Morgan etc.  They really like their own kind, and because they identify with the McCanns, their first thought is 'it could have been me'. The McCann case illustrates how little Lorraine Kelly thinks of her audience, she immediately fell in with the McCanns' mantra - people only suspect them because they are jealous of what they have achieved.  She just cannot see beyond her own blind prejudice, perhaps she thinks all her viewers are jealous of her too.   

This case reeks of class division.  I don't know of any other parents caught in traumatic circumstances receiving direct telephone calls, from not one, but two, Prime Ministers.  I find it hard to believe that the government support continued for as long as it did.  I think however, the 'dodgy' support stopped around June/July 2007 when Clarence was unable to get Kate and Gerry a meeting with Gordon Brown or any other high level minister.  From then on, they had to rent their own villa but they still had Clarence (in his recent lecture he said he was out there for 3 months).  I don't know if he was still being paid by the Home Office at that time, but if he was, then questions need to be asked. 

Poor little Madeleine has been a big earner for all those who took up her cause.  Spin doctors, police agencies, charities and untold lawyers have all profited since the off.  Then of course we have the Media.  The tabloids have been using Madeleine's name ruthlessly in order to increase sales.  Sensational McCann stories always shift copy.  Maybe not quite in the same way as they did in 2007, but there is another big pay day on the way.   

But back to that cover up.  Paedophiles are this century's witches, they are universally despised and no-one cares very much how they are treated by the police and the authorities.  You only have to look at the way in which Cliff Richard has been treated.  I'm not a fan of Cliff's and I have no idea what he did or didn't do, but the suspicion has been enough to tear his life apart, the allegations being enough to make him the victim of those paedophile hunters who relish going that extra mile.  He may be an odd chap, but seriously has he been, or is he, a threat to children?  I've said it before, but I'll say it again, children are at risk in their own homes and from people who know them, not random pop stars.  How many at risk children now are being helped by the police pursuit of ancient celebrities for crimes allegedly committed 40 years ago?

The 'powers that be' need the population to be living in fear.  The case of Madeleine has been ruthlessly exploited to exacerbate the terror of child predators in our midst.  We are given inflated figures of the number of children going missing, enough to fill several schools each year, but without the follow up that the majority are found very quickly and in 'innocent' circumstances. The pretty, innocent little Madeleine could have been any of our kids - at that stage when they are cute, vulnerable and in most need of our protection.  And she was stolen from her bed!  Not from dysfunctional, drink and drug addled parents who put her at risk, but from respectable, responsible doctors!  If it could happen to people like Kate and Gerry, it could happen to anyone.  That message alone is worth its weight in gold.

If I hate Kate and Gerry, and it's hard not to, I hate the fact that they have robbed so many kids of the joys of 'playing out'.  So many parents think that their children are not safe anywhere, they dare not let them out of their sight.  This generation are being raised within the safe confines of their own homes and approved leisure activities, or chaperoned everywhere by a responsible adult.  They will never know the freedom of becoming besties with a random kid in the park just because you share a love of hanging upside down on the climbing frame.  This fear of predators has imprisoned our kids, far too many are being raised to be timid, fearful and fat!  They don't grow up streetwise, because they have never been out on the streets.  They are being led by the hand past that essential development milestone by over protective parents covering their eyes.  The best protection we can give our children is to educate them!  Beginning with Part I, Common Sense. 

For the first time in history EVERYONE has access to information.  It is unprecedented and the speed with which it has arrived has made it uncontrollable for anyone.  It is, as Grace Dent pointed out 'lawless'. Gone are the days when awkward problems could disappear with a dodgy handshake and a gentleman's agreement.  All those ancient libel and slander laws might just as well be moved to the mediaeval section of the Natural History Museum for all the relevance they have now.

This is an iconic moment in history and it's nothing to fear! Imagine explaining it to your mums, dads and grandparents?  And to those of us who remember manual typewriters! lol.   It is a new renaissance, a move from the dark  to the light ages.  The WWW is bringing about the biggest shake up and threat to the 'Establishment' and the Ruling Classes, that the world has ever seen.  Society works by keeping everyone in their place and social media is a leveller, literally anyone can shout their case in 140 characters, and it can be read by the highest and the lowest in the land.  People like 'lawless internet' (sic) Grace Dent want to keep it for the elite, and those who agree to play nicely. Jim Gamble wants trolls (how do you define troll?) in the dock in front of a Magistrate.  The McCanns want the press gagged and financial compensation for every time they are dissed. 

It is the duty of all of us to hang onto this freedom for as long as we can.  Happily, the social media moguls are humanitarians and philanthropists, and there are too many hackers who can stay one step ahead.  The authorities would like to make them Public Enemy No. 1, but happily it has never worked.  'Do Not Share' is almost a guaranteed 1000 retweets. 

The internet has given the General Public access to information.  Something we have never seen before, there is no empiric evidence for what happens when the dialectic shifts so dramatically.  The Madeleine case demonstrated that news could not be contained by borders and censorship.  The public have seen for themselves, via our kind friends in Portugal, that the details they were reading in the British newspapers did not correspondent with the details available in Portugal.  The Madeleine case, more than any, may have boosted the sales of tabloids but they have shown the general public that their newspapers lie to them and it will be a major contributor in their eventual extinction.  We can now read what we want, where we want.

The balance of power has shifted.  As the riots in the Middle East and indeed here in the UK demonstrated, mobs can be gathered in an instant.  And with today's Brexit result, we are likely to see many more.  Who remembers the poll tax? 

The internet has changed everything.  Imagine for a moment if a ruling government or indeed a sinister Doctor Evil, had access to a database of the entire population's private and confidential details?  Finances, health and criminal records, even private exchanges of messages, texts, emails between family and friends? Think of the potential for corruption and the potential for blackmail.  Effectively, anyone considered subversive (and who is to judge what is subversive?) could be arrested on any trumped up charge.  Receiving a picture of grandchildren on the beach for example, could be construed as 'exchanging child porn'.  (yuck, yuck, yuck, I know, but that's where we could be heading).  

Jim Gamble as we know wants a task force to police the internet. Ostensibly to track down paedophiles, but depending on the powers he might be given, he could pry into anyone's internet history. He just has to convince us there is a need for it.  Happily the huge social media moguls of Facebook, Twitter, Google etc, told him to sling his hook, but his campaign continues.  Mr. Gamble remains a leading light in the politics of those who want to police (censor) the internet, people  They rely on the argument that if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear, but it doesn't matter if you have anything to hide or not, you and future generations should have the right to the freedom of privacy. 

The public emotion that is aroused by the tragic story of Madeleine has been exploited by, well, almost everyone.  The innocence stolen is a reminder of the mythical dangers that exist all around us and our 'need' for government protection.  When police agencies pitch for higher funding, they have to produce evidence that a threat exists.  That's what happens when you run a public service under capitalist guidelines.  The more popular the cause the more money ploughed into it.  As Kate said at the beginning, she had no idea of how vast the problem of child abduction was, and she has been trying to convince the rest of us ever since.  The US missing children's Centre is a multi-million dollar corporation, and the 'Madeleine Fund' could have been too, if it hadn't been for that darn detective. 

The world's response to Madeleine's disappearance was a phenomenon we have never seen before.  Millions had access to instant paypal buttons, collection buckets and the assistance of major Banks to express their outrage with cash donations.  The Madeleine's Fund became the fastest growing money spinner the world had ever seen because all those who knew how to exploit a major disaster were first on the scene.  It became a phenomenon via the internet, but the internet has eaten it up.  Where they succeeded in the legal claims against the tabloids, they had no chance against the World Wide Web, thinking they did is perhaps another example of the megalomania that lies at the root of this case

The case of missing Madeleine McCann, more than any other, has given substance to those who claim the internet and Freedom of information is a dangerous thing.  Firstly, by bending over backwards to persuade us that internet was somehow involved this 3 year old's disappearance.  The computers of Robert Murat, and who knows how many others, were seized within days.  Finding a group of weirdos exchanging pictures would have been a major coup for an organisation such as CEOP.  Despite the fact there has never been any evidence of an internet connection or a paedophile ring in PDL in 9 years, the rumours still persist, and bizarrely, they are mostly promoted by the antis! 

Ps.  I'm still too traumatised to comment on yesterday's Brexit result, and ashamed to be British.  In WWI, my great, great grandmother from Dundee, had 6 sons on the Western Front, only two of them came home, for the others, she got plaques.  Dundee lost an entire generation of young men.  Men who fought for freedom alongside their European friends and allies.  Now we are the little Englanders who took our ball back so we could play on our own, not having to share with anyone else.    


Monday, 20 June 2016


Anyone in any doubt that the Sun, more particularly Antonella Lazzeri lie to us about the Madeleine abduction story need only read her latest 'PDL is full of paedos' article and the truth of the story from the actual pub landlord Robert Mark Hurst as above.

Someone it seems, is pretty desperate to link Madeleine's disappearance to Clement Freud and Robert Murat.  The idea that the 82 year old Clement was some kind of child catcher who employed minions to keep an eye out for unguarded children takes absurdity to the extreme, but nonetheless, the barrel scrapers are going to squeeze it for all it's worth.  Once again, it takes the focus off the Mr and Mrs.  If only they had known what was going on - they would have gone to Butlins. 

This latest revelation of a high profile paedophile with a villa close to the McCanns' holiday apartment is a pathetic straw to be clutching at, but it's pretty much all they have got.  It could also buy them time, as in 'has the Freud connection been fully investigated by Operation Grange?' Or, 'they are blaming us because they covering up something bigger'. It's win win for K&G.

Unfortunately, due to so much nonsense being written about this case, many of those who are genuinely searching for the truth are being misled by those with preconceived ideas. 

The chances of an active paedophile ring operating in the PDL area in May 2007 are even less likely than Madeleine being stolen from her bed when her parents just happened to be out.  The idea that the adults in the group who 'were so into each other' were sexually interested in their own toddlers is not only completely unheard of, it is disgusting.  These are parents who got others to look after their children at every opportunity. 

As for the 'swinging', that is laugh out loud stupid!   I have led a far from sheltered life, and never in my entire existence have I been to an orgy or encountered swingers.  Ok, there was one party that got a bit hot and heavy, but when we sobered up, we all vowed never to speak of it again.  The idea of going to an organised event with all your kids and mother-in-law in tow, is, once again, ludicrous. 

Those screaming for the blood of stranger child predators are being wildly misled.  The threat to children comes from within their own home and from people who know them.  Education is the answer.  Young parents need to know what to look out for and how to teach their children to stay safe.  The danger doesn't come from a pervert in an internet cafĂ© in South East Asia, the danger is always much closer to home. 

Lets imagine for one moment that a paedophile ring exists that runs from PDL and Robert Murat, right up through the heart of the British Establishment.  We must assume that there is a large group of people with a shared interest in sex with children who keep in touch with each other regularly, sharing images, videos, etc, without a care in the world that their lives would be ruined beyond repair, if their bizarre tastes became known.  Seriously? 

And where are they are getting kids to abuse from?  The rich pickings of the old Church run childrens' homes have long since been shut down.  Abusers need vulnerable kids, kids who have no-one to defend them, and kids who will not be believed.  'Normal' kids have the protection of their parents.  And, thank all the Gods there may be, kids are not being abducted from their homes or stolen off the streets.  Stranger abduction is as rare as it ever was. 

If we believe all the theories, the sleepy little Algarve village of PDL was a haven for paedophiles, wandering gangs of burglars and groups of sexually enthusiastic tourists who bring their families along to swinging events.  Anything other than accept Kate was a mother who couldn't cope, married to man who preferred tennis to spending time with her and the kids, and a confined holiday where something was bound give.

For whatever reason, people prefer to believe in an abduction or some form of child abuse rather than the simple fact that a group of selfish, narcissistic doctors left their babies and young toddlers on their own and one had an accident.  It's much too simple. 

Wednesday, 15 June 2016


Kate and Gerry are horrified that Clement Freud has been unveiled as a paedophile, and they have raced to the front of the angry mob with a big bag of mixed rocks. Instantly forgotten is the wonderful kind man, as described in Kate's book, who befriended them in PDL, as they salivate at the thought, that finally, there is new Suspect to blame for Madeleine's disappearance.  So he was a friend, so what? For the ruthless, callous Jail dodgers he is the patsy they have been praying for.

Before Bennett and Hall go rustling up another 20 hour sermon, lets get things into perspective.  I do not dispute Clement Freud was a paedophile, in fact I would go so far as to say he was a 'classic' paedophile.  That is, he abused children he had access to within his own home.  That is what the majority of paedophiles do.  They don't hide behind the bushes, in seedy bedsits or opulent mansions by the sea stealing the toddlers of holidaymakers who are reckless enough to go out and leave them on their own.

 There is no evidence to suggest that Clement, or Cliff, or any of the wealthy inhabitants of the Algarve ran a 'Marc Dutroux' style paedophile ring. When an evil paedophile gang are active, children disappear or are found dead.  As far as I am aware, there has never been any need for a state of emergency to be called in the PDL area.  If there is a practicing paedophile gang in the Algarve, then the police forces in Portugal and the UK are being criminally negligent in 1. Not informing the public and 2. Taking all the time in the world to bring it to an end. 

Let's keep it real.  At the time of Madeleine's disappearance Clement Freud was 83 years old, he was in England and I think we all agree, he looked nothing like Smithman.  And seriously, why would he burgle holiday apartments, or be part of gang who burgled holiday apartments?  That's if they are sticking with the burglar story, but I sense a change of tack coming. Kate and Gerry don't care who is accused as long as its' not them.  A paedophile gang suited them on the first night, and it will suit them now. And this is where the twain shall meet, the McCanns will be singing in harmony with the conspiraloons. 

I haven't looked at CMoMM or indeed Textusa's, but suddenly all their suspicions of deviant sex, paedophile gangs and swinging parties are finding legs. Bennett is probably checking Freud's flights to and from the UK and making up reasons for any 'changes in plans' or 'sudden' departures. I expect they are in a frenzy of 'what ifs' and 'Oooh errs', as they join all the dots (via Anne Summers) and get lost again.    

I'll leave them to it, lol.  Of course, as a great friend of Gordon Brown's,  Clement making contact with the McCanns should raise questions and eyebrows, but it isn't evidence of anything other than the bizarre and creepy way in which the establishment sucked up to Kate and Gerry and their Pear's winner Missing Poster Child, Madeleine.  As the friendships did not continue (we want an interview with the PM, but all we are offered is low level consuls*), we can assume the McCanns had served their purpose, and the VIPs just moved on. No-one is closing ranks to protect them now.  They have been thrown a bone with the Clement Freud story, it's a great distraction and it feeds the McCannmade myth that PDL is awash with perverts and predators, but it won't go the distance.  That's the problem with myths, todays audiences want tangible proof - and in 9 years there isn't any.  No predators on the Algarve and no abductor.     

As with much Kate and Gerry do, I find their reaction to the Clement Freud news distasteful. The speed with which they were 'horrified' was undignified.  Note the lack of comments from other notable figures - it's called class. Most people think closely and carefully, before publically turning on their friends.  Especially when they only have a limited amount of information.   

Still it amuses me to think of Clarence's predicament at this moment.  How can he serve two Masters?  The family of Clement Freud must be sickened by the wild accusations that are already emerging and sickened too, that the couple they had been so kind to have said nothing to stem the rumours.  From a professional (and economic) perspective, he would do better to side with the Freuds (you would have to nuts to go up against them) than with the sinking Team McCann. 

I guess what we are seeing is Karma in action.  All those who rushed to befriend Kate and Gerry are tumbling at an alarming rate and if people like Gordon Brown's best mate are being exposed, there must be many among the living who are trembling. 

*Clarence Mitchell, Vanity

Wednesday, 8 June 2016


I think when Gerry and Kate look back on where it all went wrong, they may well find that it was their obsessive hatred of Goncalo Amaral that sealed their fate.  It was not enough for them that Goncalo was forced to give up his long and successful career, Kate wanted him to feel misery and fear. 

So, why didn't Goncalo turn the other cheek?  There is difference between proactively seeking revenge and defending your reputation.  Goncalo Amaral defended himself against the smears and allegations by presenting his side of the story in a factual, well written book.  Those following the abduction story were presented with 'both' sides, and could form whatever opinions they wanted.  However, in the twilight hate filled world of Team McCann,  they demand that only their version of Madeleine's disappearance should be in the public domain, any other must be silenced with calls for imprisonment for those who do not comply.  Not believing the McCanns is officially abusive. 

For the McCanns and their maniacal followers, Goncalo is the Leader of the antis.  All rubbish of course, he keeps a sane arm's length between himself and the likes of Bennett et all.  Nevertheless, his evil, malevolent nature seeps through all those who support him they claim, we must be twisted, mentally unstable and degenerate lowlives because we fail to see what they see. 

What they spectacularly fail to see is the many ways in which they are projecting their own very scary inner turmoil.  The hatred and pichforking comes from them, in fact one of their claims to fame may be the addition of the word 'hater' to the internet lexicon.  They started it!

Whilst the anti side may have more than its' fair share of obsessive stalkers and weirdos, the majority are rational, lucid, ordinary people who simply won't accept the old baloney they are being sold.  Even if the Brenda Leyland publicity stunt had been successful, and several of us were now imprisoned, it still wouldn't convince the public that the McCanns were genuine.  In fact, the result would have been the opposite, there would have been a collective cry of 'WTF!'

That's the problem with maniacal hatred, it causes the loss of all reason and common sense.  How many of us know people who are eaten alive by the problems they are having with their neighbours, their work colleagues, basically whoever they currently blame for the misery that is their lives.  It's not an endearing trait, and any friends left will be near the end of their patience.

I actually went through 5 years of litigation when I took the Catholic Church to Court for the abuse I suffered in their care.  I was determined to confront those who had so badly abused the power they had over the vulnerable children in their care.  But I was wrong.  Five years with a court case hanging over your head is an experience I would not wish on my worst enemy.  It is not a life, it is a living hell, it takes over your every waking moment and pushes you to the edge of insanity.  I was right, dead right, as I sped along, but it was killing me just as if I were wrong. 

Kate and Gerry have had years of libel, all instigated and driven by them, and all of which must be costing them an arm and a leg. They, and indeed everyone around them is waiting for it to be all over, so they can begin living their lives.  They are of course still waiting.  Still paying lawyers, still using their leisure time to plan ways in which to destroy their arch nemesis and still convinced that a 'win' will make them happy.  'What's for dinner mum?' 'Do it yourself sweetcheeks, I've just found evidence Goncalo was caught having a fag behind the bike sheds aged 14.  Got him!'.   

And so it goes on.  The whole point of the McCanns' libel actions against Goncalo Amaral, have long since been forgotten.  If it was to prevent the truth of the Portuguese investigation from getting into the public domain, then that ship has long since sailed.  With the release of the PJ files and video evidence of the EVRD dogs splashed all over the internet, the only one not allowed to discuss the case was the detective who investigated it!  All the facts and details revealed in Goncalo's book have since been published in hundreds of different publications and by hundreds of individuals.  The details of the Portuguese investigation have spread too wide and too far for them ever to be contained again. 
There is nothing left now, but a matter of principle.  Or a matter of spite.  The chances of Kate and Gerry destroying Goncalo and having all their money troubles resolved by a win in the Supreme Court, are remote to nil.  Such is karma, all the hatred they have espoused against Goncalo this past 9 years, has doubled back onto themselves. No-one understands their obsessive hatred of Goncalo, and fewer still want to be part of it.  It has nothing to do with finding Madeleine and it has done nothing to clear their names. 

For most people, police the world over especially, the idea of two former suspects suing the detective who investigated them, is abhorrent.  How can police officers operate if their private homes and future earnings are at risk?  Mr and Mrs McCann seem unaware that true crime is a popular and growing genre especially in high profile cases.  If the ECHR deny Goncalo's right to have an opinion, then the same must apply to every police officer and detective throughout Europe. Criminals will be allowed to say whatever they wish about them, but they will be denied the right to reply. 

Gerry and Kate may be qualified doctors and wooden actors, but they are not very bright if they are allowing their lawyers and advisors to persuade them they can win.  I suspect however, that the will to win, comes not from their advisors, but from their own bloody minds.  Their need to destroy Goncalo overrides every other area of their lives, they are prepared to sacrifice everything, rather than admit defeat. 

If I were among their allies, I would be making arrangements to bail. The hatred that drives Gerry and Kate goes beyond reason and common sense.  They have allowed it to dominate their lives and the lives of all those around them for way too long and scarily they will never stop.