Sunday, 25 March 2018


For we onlookers, there appears to be mountains of circumstantial evidence to go to trial, but we are not really au fait with what the police need to go to a prosecution. It is possible that much of what we see could be easily dismissed by a wiley defence lawyer.  This is a case without a body, always difficult to prove, but not impossible, which is why I suspect, the police have not given up.  
However, this cover up is not confined to a handful of people, and the crime that was committed on the night. This particular web spreads far and wide, even to the heart of the establishment.    It does actually warrant a Public Inquiry.  There were clear abuses of power.  As clever as the McCanns and their team were, they could not have pulled off such a massive and long lasting publicity ‘campaign’ without assistance from above. The personal phone calls from Blair and Brown for example, went a long way towards giving the abduction story credibility. So too the hands on assistance of Jim Gamble and CEOP.  With the McCanns being vouched for at those high levels, (almost) all criticism of the abduction story became taboo and illegal in the UK.  Illegal in the sense that large news organisations were silenced by the substantive damages they had to pay the parents.  Since then, few if any, have dared to question the fact that Madeleine might not have been abducted.  To this day, the book of Goncalo Amaral has never been published in England.  I believe it was the interference of the UK government that prevented this case from being solved.  ‘They’, whoever they ‘they’ might be effectively perverted the course of justice, ie. a serious crime. 
The big question is, how far are Operation Grange prepared to go in order to solve this crime? Will they restrict themselves solely to 3rd/4th May or whatever happened thereafter, the actions of the official bodies who interfered, for example?  Or indeed, all the characters who flew out to PDL to assist.  Who put pressure on the police to go easy on the McCanns and their friends? Who put pressure on the PJ to remove GA from the original investigation?  Who gave those orders?

I think however, that the 'government' assistance began to be withdrawn by the end of June/beginning of July.  That is according to Clarence Mitchell who told Vanity Fair, they were unable to get a meeting with a high level Minister, but by then the damage was done. Much of the evidence had been lost and the witnesses were allowed to collude in order to get their stories straight, Gerry was allowed to sit behind Kate as she gave her one and only interview. 

Those errors or influences at the beginning of the investigation have cost two countries millions, and left this 11 year old case unsolved.  What began as a relatively straight forward case of abduction, or staged abduction, quickly turned into a multimillion bestseller, with the government, the police agencies, the charities, the media moguls, the lawyers (a given), the chat show hosts, the child protection army, and last but not least, the spin doctors, all wanted a slice of the action.  Who jumped on the bandwagon, and who gave it a push to keep it going? 

Monday, 19 March 2018


The ‘researchers’ (stalkers) of Madeleine anti McCann website CMoMM have sent a long, detailed letter to the Portuguese police professing to have solved the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Putting aside that it is laugh out loud funny for one moment, it is littered with libel and heinous accusations against people who cannot defend themselves.  I hope it finishes with an International Arrest Warrant for interfering with witnesses.
Although I suppose strictly speaking, they have only libeled and slandered the witnesses on social media because anyone they have ever approached have rightly told them to sling their hook. To support their creationist, homophobe and ambulance chasing leader Tony Bennett’s sexed up vision of what happened to Madeleine, they have delved into the private lives of the young nannies and their friends to force some kind of connection with the McCanns.
Bennett and CMoMM (mostly Bennett, he bans anyone who disagrees with him), are pointing out to the professional detectives in Portugal that they have got it all wrong.  According to the weather and the early blossoming of the begonias, Madeleine died on the Sunday, err, or the Monday.  But definitely not the Sunday.  For the PJ it must be like having the cavalry come rushing in. Not. But I expect it has given a chuckle.  
To prove Madeleine died earlier in the week they claim the crèche records were forged, the deceased Pamela Fenn lied, and so too did the nannies, who due to at least 20 degrees of separation knew the McCanns, and were therefore willing to pervert the course of justice to cover up the death of a child.   And to prove 'Smithman' wasn't Gerry*, they have stalked the Smith family, including their children, online, looking for, and not finding, reasons why the entire family lied.  So they made them up anyway, for 2 years they were stalking the wrong Smiths.
But let's move onto the more macabre aspect of CMoMM's wild and libellous accusations.  To believe Madeleine died on the Sunday or Monday, we must believe that the parents, their friends and all the children carried on with their holiday regardless.  That is, with the body of a child hidden in the wardrobe, or behind the sofa, they carried on taking the kids to the crèche, who's staff didn't question Madeleine's absence because they were in on it.  And of course they all carried on playing tennis, going for runs and having lively meals at the tapas each evening as if nothing had happened? 
We must accept that this quite ordinary group of holiday makers, who were not criminals, would carry on regardless for 4 days, knowing that a small child had died?  The whole scenario is unthinkable, which is probably why neither Goncalo, OG and the PG have never thought of it.  Those batshit crazy, researchers, criminal investigators, ex police, etc, have thought of everything it would seem, except common sense.
They cannot accept the conclusions of Goncalo Amaral, the detective who was there on the ground, and sure as egg is eggs, they won't accept whatever conclusions the police reach.  They are without morals and scruples, they crossed the decency line, years ago.  Their description of themselves as a group of professionals (professional nutcases) is questionable, busybodies, stalkers, trial groupies, prosecutors, judges and juries should have been in there somewhere.  They have put every independent witness they accuse on trial and found them guilty and presented it to the PJ as fait accomplish and signed off,  Your welcome. 
Their methods to persuade their readers that they alone have the answer to the Madeleine mystery are despicable.  They don't seem to understand that prying into the private lives of others, may not be illegal, but in the court of public opinion, it is creepy and then some.  Imagine this group of anonymous 'professionals' scouring the FB pages of these young women? Then we get to the Madeleine 'make-up' photos.  And a link to an entire thread filled with revolting thoughts of those looking for sexual behaviour in young children.  The yuck factor should be enough, to discourage anyone from taking their ridiculous claims seriously, but once again they are publicising the findings of their kangaroo courts which just happens to libel and intimidate those independent witnesses.  I sometimes wonder if they dream of a mistrial. 
The MSM cannot and will not give Bennett any sort of platform, thankfully, and it's likely his audience isn't above double figures.  Whilst ignoring CMoMM (and I try to), it incenses me to see the good names of these independent witness so publicly trashed online. They are accusing them of helping to cover up a heinous crime. At this point apologies to Ms. Baker, and a note to posters.  Do not libel witnesses on my blog.  
The findings of CMoMM are malicious, vindictive and based on wishful thinking.  Where a regular detective would accept only the truth will 'fill a gap', CMoMM make something up. They approach their 'research' with confirmation bias.  That is, they have already reached a conclusion so they only 'study' evidence they can make fit.  They must create connections between witness such as Ms. Baker and the parents, as if knowing a friend of a friend's cousin on Facebook is enough to persuade an innocent young woman to help cover up the death of a child.  The only thing Ms. Baker is guilty of is showing sympathy to the family of Madeleine.  Period. 

*  Smithman.  Why is Bennett so keen to rule Gerry out?  A promise made in a court corridor perhaps? Or another dumbshit error on his part on the wrong Smith family scale.  Having declared Smithman NOT Gerry, he would be too humiliated to go back on it. Words that will never come out of Bennett's mouth 'Sorry, I might have been wrong'. 

Saturday, 17 March 2018


In reply to Team McCann's chief publicist overleaf, Goncalo Amaral's theory wasn't disproved by the archiving report and the information contained in the files! In fact the Supreme Court highlighted the fact that the McCanns were not cleared by the archiving report.  You are believing your own propaganda!  
The police have never discussed the evidence they have, though both the PJ and OG said they were satisfied with the original investigation, ie. the one led by Goncalo Amaral. They had no need to revisit it. Let that sink in. They had no need to dismantle everything GA had done, and start again. The police files and GA’s book correspond, nothing has been disproved.  You are mistaking your daydreams for reality.  And your bravado about 11 years and no arrests is hollow because the investigations haven't finished. Any arrests will come at the end and we are not there yet.  Until then whoever is responsible for Madeleine's disappearance is still very much on the hook.
I should add however, that in 11 years, GA’s theory is the only one that hasn’t fallen by the wayside. Thousands if not millions have been spent on trying to find alternatives, not only by the McCanns but, it would seem, by the UK and Portuguese governments.  Dozens of oddballs and innocent blue collar workers have been plastered over the tabloids as possible abductors of Madeleine, lives wrecked to keep the abductor theory going. People have been invited by Jim Gamble on breakfast TV to inform on their neighbours and friends, anyone they think may be hiding the crime.  Paedophile gangs, people traffickers, deceased paedophiles, tractor drivers, cleaners, laundry workers, soothing couples, men with learning difficulties and the latest from SY’s finest, burglars, have all been offered as alternate theories, but none have stuck.  It takes quite an imagination to believe that an inept burglar has been able to cover up the crime of the century for 11 years, but there we are.
Neither the McCanns nor the MSM have ever bothered with the bonkers theories, mostly because on reading them, it quickly becomes apparent that they are bonkers.  The UK MSM have steered clear of GA’s actual theory, just as they have steered clear of (for the present) his toxic book. His theory, bizarrely, is 'illegal' in the UK and several news organisations have paid the penalty. The taking away of Goncalo Amaral’s freedom of speech outrages me, I cannot believe that laws exist that suppress the other side of the story, and deeply ashamed that the UK still practices them.  
I celebrated the fact that Goncalo Amaral ultimately won his long legal battle with the McCanns. Justice was served and the truth prevailed.  GA had been publicly accused of bungling the investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance, there was a vindictive campaign to portray him as lazy and incompetent, and most hurtful, ‘a bad dresser’. He was ‘disgraced’ by the British media, with lazy and incompetent columnists latching onto the racist spitefest with glee.  Who can blame him for wanting to tell The Truth of the Lie, and some might say he had no option.  He had to explain his side for his own reputation and for his family and loved ones.  Former suspects pursuing the detective who searched for their daughter is not a concept that should sit comfortably with anyone, it gags the police and leaves them vulnerable to financial claims from suspects they pursue.  Gerry and Kate wanted GA's family home. 
Goncalo Amaral's theory has not been disproved, it remains the ginormous elephant in the room that journalists like Martin Brunt and Richard Bilton skirt around.  In fact it is skirted around by every journalist who interviews them and writes about them, on the grounds that it is unthinkable and offends British sensibilities.  I think if Lorraine Kelly had to interview a guest who was stark naked and told not to mention it, she would do so without raising an eyebrow.  She has avoided the elephant more than most
All the McCanns' legal actions against Goncalo Amaral have been prey to the 'Streisand Effect'. But who knows, maybe that is what they were going for. By SE, I mean they have drawn more adverse publicity to the subject they wanted to hide.   Whether they in fact helped sell more copies of GA's book is debateable, but for many years now it has been available free online to anyone who wants to read it.   
Until the PJ and OG reach their conclusions, the only credible theory is that of Goncalo Amaral and the original investigation.  As the archiving report pointed out, the McCanns lost the opportunity to prove their innocence.  How they managed to spin the archiving report into 'cleared' and a declaration of innocence, was a feat worthy of some kind of 'Spin Oscar', under the category 'Most Convincing BS', it fooled most of the leading broadcasters.  I wonder if they kicked themselves when the Portuguese Supreme Court deconstructed it [the archiving report] for them? 
Nevertheless, GA's theory stands unchallenged, no-one has come up with a more logical or reasoned conclusion, and as mentioned above, it hasn't been for lack of trying.  The bonkers theories, I will deal with in a Part II, they are crying out to be shot down in flames, they have no objective other than to stir up hatred, and they are doing this by fantasising that the crime is far more heinous than it appears.  I find the Madeleine died on the Sunday theory particularly abhorrent. 

Sunday, 11 March 2018


Even after 11 years, the smoke and mirrors continue and no-one is any the wiser than we were 6 or was it 7, years ago when the British police set up a task force to investigate the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.  Their objective 'to investigate.....  as if the abduction had occurred in the UK'. The chant of all those who are firmly convinced that Operation Grange are covering up - for whoever. 
I personally don't hold that any words are carved in stone, language like life is fluid, it changes constantly.  Circumstances change, new information comes to light.  Conspiracy theorists unfortunately, have a tendency to ignore that which is directly in front of their faces.  They continue to look deranged rather than admit they might be wrong.  Realistically, what could a British police force do in Portugal, that the PJ couldn't? Particularly with all the language and cultural barriers?  The only reason for a British task force, would be if British citizens were involved.
But let's get back to the continuing Smoke and Mirrors.  Last week another McCann related story appeared in The Sun.  Using Kate's 50th birthday, it was reminder of the McCanns' plight. They are down to their last £750k, but set to continue their own search when Operation Grange closes.  A 'pal' told the Sun about Kate's sadness, and other pals volunteered that they were going to try and bolster her spirits. Clarence Mitchell said the parents are extremely grateful to the police for all they have done and are doing in the continuing Search. 
All very pedestrian, nothing new here, move along folks nothing to see.  Except.  Gerry and Kate are not the only victims of tragic events, each of whom go through sorrowful anniversaries, milestones and Mothers Days.  Why are they not asked how they feel, or how they are getting on?  And would they want to be? I suspect not.
So what was the reason for squeezing a story out the Madeleine case, yet again?  Was it planted by Team McCann?  It's looking that way, 'a pal', 'pals' finishing with CM.  It's unlikely journalists worldwide kept a note of Kate's birthday in their diaries.  I'm sure they have to scrape many barrels while scratching around for a story, but I doubt birthday lists are included.  The Sun of course, didn't have to go with the non story, and that they did suggests it is in their interests to keep Madeleine's parents in the public eye. 
The article is intended to garner sympathy for the parents who are going to give the money Kate earned on her book to the Fund. Again, it would seem, as the book carried stickers saying that's exactly where the royalties were going.  Regardless.  If they have £750k available for the Search, why not give it to Operation Grange so they can continue? 
I know Clarence says the McCanns are extremely grateful, but I don't sense any enthusiasm there.  In fact I get the distinct impression that the McCanns and Operation Grange have reached different conclusions. Gerry and Kate seem resigned to the fact that OG appear to believe Madeleine is no longer alive.  They, on the other hand, plan to continue their search.  All of which begs the question, if OG are 'covering up' on behalf of Gerry and Kate, why are they not singing in harmony?
I've always wondered, given the McCanns' complaining of media intrusion, and the nasty things being said about them online, why they continue to keep themselves in the news.  They, more than anyone, should know when they issue a press release there will be a backlash.  I don't wish to be too harsh, but the definition of stupid, is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Even rats in a laboratory learn to stop pushing the button that electrocutes them.  They still employ Clarence? Why?  11 years on, can't they speak to the media and the public directly? It's not as if CM has any great powers of persuasion, even in the early days he was described as 'lying with as many teeth as he has in his head', though sadly I can't at the moment remember who said it.  
Clarence effectively said nothing.  He's no Sarah 'not that I aware of' Sanders or Anthony 'let me give you the lowdown' Scaramucci. 'The McCanns are extremely grateful' could have been said by any of the pals who gave quotes for this story, at zero cost.  It's literally one step up from 'no comment'.  They could even have said it themselves.  CM is what remains of a crumbling protective wall.  For me, this protective wall is worrying.  Weird, but worrying.  They seem to believe everyone is out to get them, and that's an unhappy way to be.  Far more than reality suggests.  In Court they claimed they had received threats on social media, but couldn't produce any.  There are no angry mobs out there.  The angry mob leader wanna be, Tony Bennett, has little if no support outside a handful of certifiable sidekicks who are too afraid to reveal their names.
The only thing that stops the McCanns communicating is the McCanns themselves.  True, it is horrible to be ripped to shreds online, but not so much that it dictates how you live and prevents you from defending yourself.  Major and minor celebrities are torn to pieces daily.  I once had a 'pro' website spend days/months discussing whether I wore a  wig and they did in fact call me Wiggy.  Far from being traumatised by the discussion (they were hoping it was cancer) I found it hilarious.  I have a lush head full of 'paddy hair', one of my blessings.  Even when my world collapses, my hair always looks amazing!  It's one of my 'constants', and something I hope someone will carve on my tombstone.  'Always had great hair'.  'Also a writer',

Gerry at one time considered himself a man of many eloquent words, and Kate is the author of a book, it must irk enormously that they are not able to defend themselves online.  I suspect the real reason is, there are just too many awkward questions awaiting them.  Even with all the interviews they have given, they have never expanded on their original statements. They haven't veered off onto other memories from the holiday, or any anecdotes or trivial incidents.  Instead they issue statements via a spokesman or pals, the same MO they used when Madeleine first went missing and they were under Judicial Secrecy.  At that time they were putting out negative stories about the Portuguese police via their friends and family, thus getting round the JS.

At one time I would have said every press release issued by Team McCann had an objective.  TM would probably say to raise awareness, as in Madeleine is still missing.    Fair enough.  But basically they are nothing burgers (apologies, lol, presently hooked on US politics), they are not passionate enough to stir up emotions, nor strong enough to convince anyone of anything.  The parents are giving a tepid response to the ending of the official search for their daughter.  And perhaps a sign that OG haven't given them what they wanted.  And they haven't, their daughter is still missing.  Maybe the talk of using the account hopping £750k to continue their search is bravado, but it also says they are not going to accept the conclusions of OG.  

Friday, 2 March 2018


The supporters of the McCanns claim that it is mean not to believe the parents of a missing child. Actually ‘mean’ is an understatement, the words ‘hater’ and ‘pitchforker’ peppered all and any reference to critics of Madeleine’s parents.  Journalists, politicians and celebrities quickly learned that any questioning of the abduction story was career suicide. Gerry and Kate were middle class professionals, PLU (People Like Us), naturally their fellow PLUs would defend them against the non PLU Portuguese Authorities. Our government, our police, our media, chose to believe the two suspects of a serious crime, over the Portuguese police investigation.  Let that sink in for a minute.
The supporters of the McCanns set up a forum Stop the Myths, in which a small group of deranged psychopaths discussed the ‘antis’ in malicious and abusive mean girls talk, while munching cyber popcorn.  Their sister forum was ‘Exposing the Myths’, a site dedicated to tracking down and naming and shaming anyone on social media anyone who criticised the McCanns. Their objective; to do to every critic what they did with Brenda Leyland. Photographs were taken from facebook, including children of their targets and posted on Exposing the Myths. Members were urged to write to their target’s employers, friends and neighbours, informing them of their online activity. This blacklist of course, became the infamous dossier, and was swiftly deleted following the inevitable tragedy.  And it should be mentioned, such lists have a history of ending in tragedy.  
Everyone should be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Quite so.  Except perhaps when faced with the bleeding obvious. Someone caught in possession of a smoking gun, for example. It would be hard for the arresting officers not to have an opinion one way or the other.  Unfortunately for the McCanns, their story was unbelievable.  Quite literally.  And that became more and more clear as the media storm died down. They were putting the story out there, as fast as their fingers could type, but there was no innocent explanation for leaving toddlers alone in a holiday apartment, and that stark reality was never going to go away. 
Ever since then, Gerry and Kate have focussed on anything but the dangers of leaving children.  Understandably, perhaps, because they fear criticism but also because it is going to be hard to sell the one danger of a stranger abductor.  The biggest danger of course, is accident.  And that should have been the lesson learned from this tragedy.  The McCanns were unfortunate, that the 1 in a zillion predator was out and about that night, but for most people, the risk would be a toddler falling, or ingesting something. 
Instead for the last 11 years, we have had fawning British PLUs, reassuring the parents of Madeleine that they did nothing wrong.  I can't help wondering if there would have been any fawning, if the parents were unemployed and from a Council estate?  I suspect not.  In those cases investigative journalists can be quite ferocious.  This case has, amongst other things, exposed the huge class divide there is in journalism and the police.  Would Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe have been releasing balloons to raise money for Shannon Matthews?  Would Jim Gamble have appeared alongside her mum and step dad on morning TV?  Would Karen and partner have been regular guests on Lorraine?  The case of Ben Needham only came back into public attention because of the huge chasm between the way Ben and Madeleine were treated.
The amusing side to the class issue, if there is one, it that normally reasonable people have to pretend they too can see the Emperor's new clothes, rather than being thought a chavvy hater.  And this is the weird bit.  The very prolific McCann media monitoring machine, managed to convince the watching world, that those who refused to believe the abduction story, hated the McCanns on a personal level.  All the suspicion is based on jealousy of their looks, their beautiful house, all their achievements etc.   I've always wondered why owners of shiny objects think others are jealous, they are clearly not wise enough to know that others don't care.  I don't think anyone is coveting their material goods, or even their bodies for that matter.  Given their obvious suffering, I think most people feel sympathy for them.  Myself included. 
I think the question of it being mean to criticise the parents of a missing child, is again debateable, when those parents are being mean to others.  That is disparaging the work of the Portuguese police and the people of PDL, who did so much to help them.  More specifically a ten year vendetta against the detective who searched for their child.  Their continued claims that Goncalo Amaral was somehow responsible for the loss of their child has gone beyond unreasonable, and into obsession.  Their belief that a victory in the ECHR against him will somehow bring them closure, is delusional.  Do they not have any psychologists among their friends who could point that out to them?
Ultimately, Gerry and Kate chose the battlefield, social media.  They believed they could control it, that they could continue to enjoy the benefits that came from it, whilst bullying and silencing outspoken critics with threats to destroy names, careers, etc, and of course the Black list. They achieved the opposite.  Every time they struck one down, 10 fold took their place.  It was never going to be sustainable and the strong arm of the law was never going to arrest people for disagreeing with them. 
Of course, the length and ferocity of this social media battle is largely down to Team McCann.  For whatever reason, they have kept it going through the years, mostly, I suspect for any outrageous comments they could turn into tabloid front pages to get the sympathy vote.  There was always a sense of 'go on, say it, I dare you', just as there is on my blog now.  Anyone, literally anyone, can disappear from the public glare if they want to.  Gerry and Kate demand the impossible.  They want to stay in the public spotlight, but they want immunity from criticism. 
And they have largely achieved that in the mainstream media.  Possibly because all the PLUs who run the mainstream media still can't contemplate that 'nice people' are capable of committing crimes.  But, more likely I think, none of the legal departments can be bothered to get into a spat with the very litigious parents. 
On social media, the McCann media monitoring machine has all but capitulated.  Apart that is, from a couple of battle weary diehards who are still trying to tell us the dogs were wrong and we're a bunch of losers.  They are almost rejoicing at the moment, that the long, long, investigation into Madeleine's disappearance is drawing to a close.  Why, I must ask, don't they want to find the child?  They mock advances in forensics and technology, advances that might even help their case by introducing new fingerprints or DNA that will rule the parents out.  Why do they assume new advances would be detrimental to the parents?
For anyone who is interested, and with me thus far, the supporters of the McCanns foresee Operation Grange closing, with the file being put in the 'cooler' to shield culprits of greater importance than world leaders and the pope.  Ooer, I actually got as far as the Dali Lamar and Putin, before I told myself to stop. No-one is above the law, and no-one can just make little girls disappear.   We don't know what OG are doing, we don't know what the PJ are doing, but they are obviously working on something.