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I can't read the full article as I am not a subscriber, but the headline 'we'll never give up' speaks volumes.  It says the McCanns will not, under any circumstances, accept the findings of Operation Grange. Though the Met Police and the parents appear to be all pals together, the fact that the McCanns will never give up [looking for a live child] means that they have already dismissed or will dismiss, any other conclusions OG might reach.  Such as Madeleine may or may NOT be alive. It could be interpreted as they have thrown down the gauntlet.  Gerry may even have his whiteboard out, frantically drawing up plans to launch a GoFundMe appeal for the Tapas Two (feck the others), a wider agenda, and a helicopter on standby in case he needs to make a quick getaway to the island of Elba.     

There are clearly rifts between the police and the parents, which of course immediately blows out of the water, the argument that Operation Grange are going to conclude the case with a 'dead patsy' to assist the McCanns. 

'We'll never give up' may as well also have the add on 'lying'.  They are sticking with the abduction story and Madeleine is out there, whatever is thrown in their direction.  It probably explains why we are all still here 8 years later.  They are never going to give up voluntarily, the fairy story they came up with all those years ago, is carved in stone.  And they will not accept that Madeleine is dead, because if they do, there endeth the Fund. 


Met Police Press Release

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) has today, 28 October announced the new structure and changes to the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

The investigation into what happened to Madeleine continues but with a smaller team of officers. Officers investigating her disappearance have completed the huge task of bringing together and investigating the massive amount of information held by colleagues in Portugal, the United Kingdom investigation and the private investigators working on behalf of the McCann family.
They are now following a small number of focused lines of inquiry that have allowed them to reduce the size of the Home Office funded team.


Our work is done.  The Metropolitan police have acceded to each and every one of the parents' demands (see letter to PM front page The Sun), they have brought together all the evidence and information, something the McCanns were demanding when they were doing their fundraising tour in November 2010, and they have examined it as a 'whole'.  Job done or alternately, box ticked.   

Detectives investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in May 2007 have been working through material and following investigative inquiries since the Home Office requested a review of the case in May 2011.

For those who weren't aware, they have been investigating this case since May 2011.

Operation Grange is working to support the Portuguese investigation and this work continues. 

The word 'working to support' is significant, it acknowledges that the Portuguese have primacy and 'working' is a 'doing' word, it implies activity.  The word 'continues' is ambiguous.  Does the work of the Portuguese continue, or the support from the UK?  Matters not, for suspects involved in this heinous crime, I suspect those words will be unsettling.

While there remain lines of inquiry to follow, the vast majority of the work by Operation Grange has been completed.

Again, not the words a suspect wants to hear.  They are two clipboards away from a wrap. 

This work included reviewing all the material relating to the case which were brought together for the first time and amounted to collating over 40,000 documents from United Kingdom and foreign law enforcement agencies, as well as various private investigation companies.
Officers worked meticulously through the information. Some of the material had to be translated into English, facts had to be cross-referred and diligently analysed to ensure an oversight of what the MPS was examining and to search for new lines of inquiry.

Stick that in your Defence pipe and smoke it. 

Once this work had been completed the review became a full investigation in July 2012.
The investigation team has taken 1,338 statements and collected 1,027 exhibits. Having reviewed all of the documents, 7,154 actions were raised and 560 lines of enquiry identified, and over thirty international request to countries across the world asking for work to be undertaken on behalf of the Met. 

We know everyone is going to be screaming for a breakdown on where the £10m went, but meanwhile here are some figures to play with. 

Officers have investigated more than 60 persons of interest. A total of 650 sex offenders have also been considered as well as reports of 8,685 potential sightings of Madeleine around the world.
The Grange team received on average two hundred emails a week, and following the media appeal in October 2013 across three countries, received over 7,000 responses. 

Absolutely, no stone has been left unturned, Get it!  Every suspect thrown up by the three different branches of this investigation (PJ, Private Eyes and UK police) has been thoroughly investigated.  No socially inept dirty rainmac enthusiast has had his porn stash unscrutinised.  Every weirdo on 3 continents has accounted for their sleazy whereabouts on the evening of May 3rd. There is quite literally no-one left.    

For an investigation of this size, the extraordinary circumstances of investigating a missing child four years later in another country, the vast wealth of information and theories, it was always going to be an immense task and required a full team of 29 staff working on it. 

A lot more explanation will of course be needed there, if they are to convince us that chasing spotty men, smelly men and long deceased men was a valid use of police resources.  Especially as there was no evidence whatsoever that the child had been abducted.  Unhappily for OG, they, like the PJ before them, have had to sift through mountains of paperwork amassed by the parents' constant appeals for help.  They actually have my sympathy on this, bombarding an investigating police force with thousands of sightings and false information from the gullible and the cranks is a good way to keep them otherwise occupied.  Should add, I suspect 199 of those 200 emails a week probably come from Bennett. 

With the significant amount of work approaching completion, as with all investigations the MPS has reviewed the staff required to progress the remaining work. 

Understandable. It's been 4 years. 

A team of four officers will continue to work solely on the Grange investigation, funded by the Home Office. The enquiry has not reached a conclusion, there are still focused lines of investigation to be pursued. 

Ahha, this is where it gets interesting.  A team of four officers will continue.  Why would OG need to retain a team of 4 officers working solely for OG, if the suspects were non British? The crime took place in Portugal. 

The focused lines of investigation, will not reassure the parents. There is not so much as a hint of the word abduction, nor any mention of looking for a live child.  

The officers will continue to be overseen by Detective Chief Inspector Nicola Wall, the current senior investigating officer, and sit within an existing major investigation team on the Homicide and Major Crime Command. This will give them access to officers within that team should they be required to support further operational activity.

Ooooh, again very uncomfortable reading for a suspect.  'And sit within an existing major investigation team......'.  To me that suggests Operation Grange are part of a major investigation that goes beyond the events in PDL, and beyond the parents. And they have access to the 'A' team officers should they be required.  Oooer.   

Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley, from the MPS said: "The Met investigation has been painstaking and thorough and has for the first time brought together in one place what was disparate information across the world. 

Yeh, we got that, but again, given that the abduction story was as flimsy and unbelievable as Bobby Ewing waking up in the shower 2 years later, some might think you nincompoops for chasing NON existent abductors.  One might even ask if you investigated the claimed alien sightings as well? Or God forbid, the ones claimed by psychic visionaries or seen by fruitloops with crystal balls. 

"This work has enabled us to better understand events in Praia da Luz the night Madeleine McCann went missing and ensure every possible measure is being taken to find out what happened to her.   [remember this actual SY quote when you read quote from K&G]

Not giving up. 

"We still have very definite lines to pursue which is why we are keeping a dedicated team of officers working on the case. We have given this assurance to Madeleine's parents, Kate and Gerry McCann.

Very definite lines to pursue.  Ouch.  And that's why they are keeping a dedicated team.  They have assured Kate and Gerry, because going by their past behaviour, they will scream from the rooftops that they (Madeleine) has been abandoned if the Met are not seen to be placating them.  While this status quo exists, the McCanns can't take over the investigation/search themselves. Whilst they were brazen enough to try and usurp the police in Portugal, they wouldn't dare do it here.  

"The Portuguese police remain the lead investigators and our team will continue to support their inquiry. They have extended every courtesy to Operation Grange and we maintain a close working relationship. I know they remain fully committed to investigating Madeleine's disappearance with support from the Metropolitan Police.

The ball appears to be back in the Portuguese court.  Operation Grange have completed their side of the investigation and it would appear are waiting for instructions from the Portuguese. 

"The Met was asked to take on this exceptional case as one of national interest. We were happy to bring our expertise to bear only on the basis that it would not detract from the policing of London; and the Home Office have additionally funded the investigation above normal grants to the Met. That will continue at the reduced level.

Who did the asking?  Was the 'asking', the very staged public appeal by the parents splashed across the front page of the Sun, or did the 'asking' come from Portugal or from political spinmeisters in Whitehall with enemies to destroy?  

And of course, we mustn't forget the obvious question, what was so important about this particular missing child that required the full time services of 29 homicide officers for 4 years.  29 officers taken away from London policing whatever way you look at it.   

"I have overseen this investigation since 2012 and am very grateful for the enormous assistance of the media and public so far which, through the appeals, have generated new information and lines of Inquiry. " 

Why, why, why, when the object of your Inquiry was directly in front of you!  But, don't answer, save all this for later date, I still have faith in you and don't want to distract anything!

Our decision and rationale has been discussed with Mr and Mrs McCann.

Our decision.  You presented it to them as fait accompli, they had no choice.  Kudos.

Mr and Mrs McCann said: "We would like to thank all the staff from Operation Grange for the meticulous and painstaking work that they have carried out over the last four and a half years. The scale and difficulty of their task has never been in doubt.
You betcha.  We saw the truck loads of box files. 

"We are reassured that the investigation to find Madeleine has been significantly progressed and the MPS has a much clearer picture of the events in Praia da Luz leading up to Madeleine's abduction in 2007.

Note the subtle change, the McCanns addition of the words 'leading up to'. Scotland Yard (see above) clearly said 'events in Paia da Luz the night Madeleine went missing'.  The words 'leading up to', puts an entirely different spin on Scotland Yard's statement. It suggests OG are going with Kate's 'someone was watching us' theory rather than looking at them. Scotland Yard's statement could of course, be interpreted as they are focusing on the events of the night of May 3rd.  Much as Goncalo Amaral was doing when he was removed from the case.    

"Given that the review phase of the investigation is essentially completed, we fully understand the reasons why the team is being reduced. 

They accept the police can do no more?  Just like that?  Where are the cries of Madeleine wants and needs to be found, we are never giving up.  This half arsed statement is one of acceptance.  Obviously, they cannot twist the actual words of OG, but they could have added, that they still remain hopeful Madeleine will found, or even have sent a message to tell her they were still looking. 

"We would also like to thank the Home Office for continuing to support the investigation.
"Whilst we do not know what happened to Madeleine, we remain hopeful that she may still be found given the ongoing lines of enquiry. " 

Ahh, so now they remain hopeful she may be found, but they have linked it to imply that the ongoing lines of enquiry suggest she might be.  Naughty, naughty, but they were clutching at straws.

The remaining Operation Grange officers will be deployed to other enquiries within Specialist Crime and Operations.


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When I first read about the sighting by the Smith family 8 years ago, I was astonished that the McCanns were not using it to support their claim that Madeleine had been abducted.  The Smiths, a family of 6, had seen a man carrying a child through the streets of PDL at almost the exact time that the alarm was raised, yet the McCanns went with the solitary sighting of Jane Tanner for the efit drawings and their public appeals. 

For me, the fact that they weren't using the Smith family sighting was one of the facets of this case that convinced me something was being covered up.  As more details emerged, it became apparent that the man seen by the Smiths looked exactly like Gerry McCann.  Looking at the overall picture, I considered the chances of a doppelganger of the father carrying a doppelganger of the missing child through the streets of PDL on the night of 3rd May, too much of a coincidence to dismiss. 

Even if there were a double of Gerry McCann in Portugal, or more specifically staying in the tiny resort of PDL at the same time as the tapas holiday group, what would be the chances of him being out and about at the same time as Gerry, and carrying a child who looked exactly like Gerry's missing daughter? The words snowball in hell came to mind. 

The idea that the Smith family are lying to protect a man known only casually to the grandfather is ludicrous.  Why would a nice family from Ireland embed themselves in a high profile crime and put themselves and their 12 year old daughter at risk of being charged with the very serious crime of perverting the course of justice?  Not to mention of course, that the case involved the possible death and disposal of the body of a 3 year old child. 

There is a sustained and ongoing campaign to discredit the evidence of the Smith family, not from Team McCann, but from a supposed truth seeker on behalf of Madeleine.  Why MUST he trash the evidence of these vital witnesses?  What is hoping to achieve?  And of course, how does this help Madeleine? 

The same campaigner is now attempting to discredit the evidence of the upstairs neighbour Mrs. Fenn.  Mrs. Fenn is no longer with us, but she gave statements to the police stating that she heard a small child crying for over an hour on the evening of Tuesday 1st May.  She is of course, no longer here to defend herself, so the smearing of her character is without limits.  She was also malevolently dismissed by Kate McCann in her book, who implied that she was nosy and uncaring. Bizarrely, neither Kate or Gerry asked her what, if anything, she had seen, when their daughter was allegedly taken.  Bizarre, because Mrs Fenn was in all evening and lived directly above apartment 5A.  

Returning to Smithman, when the Times revealed that an efit of Smithman existed in 2008 that had not been publicised, the McCanns claimed that they did not have the finances to publicise another suspect.  A strange excuse when you bear in mind that they were accruing millions in their Madeleine Fund and were paying a news agency £500k to keep their story on the front pages.  

In October 2013, Operation Grange and BBC Crimewatch released the Smithman efits and named him as their prime suspect.  Once more, the McCanns stuck with their own prime suspect, the sighting of Jane Tanner that was dismissed by Operation Grange as an innocent tourist collecting his child from the night crèche, and still do.  

It seems to me that the lady doth protest too much.  In this case, the lady being Tony Bennett who is up to his 9th (or is 19th) thread repeating for the zillionth time that Smithman is not Gerry McCann and the entire Smith family are of questionable character and are compulsive liars.  I actually left CMoMM because I was appalled at the stalking and harassment of this innocent family and of course others that 'dog with a bone' Bennett has stuck his teeth into. 

I have nothing but respect for the Smith family, they have kept their dignity and have stayed out of the circus created by Kate and Gerry and have maintained an honourable silence despite all the obscenities that have been hurled in their direction by a professional stalker who has attached himself leach like to their private lives. 

As I have said before, when this case comes an end, the Law must be reassessed so this type of stalking and harassment of witnesses in high profile crimes can be treated as the criminal offence it surely is. 


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UPDATE 19/10/15 - So, who doesn't want the truth out there? 

UPDATE 19/10/15 -  So who doesn't want the truth out there?

The personal attacks on myself and Sonia Poulton are relentless and most of them are coming from the antis in the form of the CMoMM forum, who claim to be fighting for justice for Madeleine, but who are in reality, doing everything they can to silence those who are trying to get the truth into the public domain. 
On the forum where I currently post,, several members accuse myself and Sonia of using this case to advance our careers - as if that were a bad thing!  Doesn't everyone try to advance their careers?  I find the British idea of NOT trying to win, and NOT trying to be successful, ridiculous. 

Why is it wrong to try to advance your career?  Should we all be aiming for mediocrity?  Should we all be 'umble and unassuming? Are we not allowed to take or expect credit for the work we do?  I know those were the rules when I was having the catechism pounded into me at the age of 6, but I discarded that nonsense decades ago. 

I, and indeed Sonia, are using our talents to get the truth of Madeleine's disappearance into the mainstream media, something genuine 'antis' have been trying to do for years.  And as a respected mainstream journalist, Sonia has the talent and the connections to make this a reality. 

As for myself, my writing and my blogs are read by thousands, including newspaper editors, police, psychology students and ordinary members of the public who like straight talking articles that sort the wheat from the chaff, and give a reader friendly perspective of what is going on. I have studied this case in depth for 8 years!  I know it inside out and upside down and I am quickly able to distinguish between fact and bullshit.  My enemies are, understandably, those in the bullshit category.

The idea that any documentary on this case should be made by a Mother Theresa doppelganger, or 'he who is without sin' are absurd.  As too is the idea that only paragons of virtue have the right to challenge discrepancies in criminal cases and outright corruption.  When a documentary or film is broadcast, the viewers are only interested in the CONTENT of said documentary and film, they care very little about the private lives of those who made it.
And for those who claim I am trying to profit from the death of a little girl, I should point out that I was commenting on this case in my own name and with my own face when I got a book deal with a major publisher (Random House).  Any 'normal' author would at that time have shut the fuck up knowing the huge amount of damage criticising the McCanns would have on their writing career.  I continued speaking the truth, and yes, I suffered for it.  Those who claim I am using Maddie, need only look at the negative reviews I get for my books, commenting on this case has done my writing career no good whatsoever.

I do have a personal interest in getting the truth about this case out into the open. Having been on the McCanns' 'McCarthy Blacklist', I lost my job, my home, my friends, my health and on occasion, my sanity. 

I very rarely talk about the way in which my involvement in this case has affected my life, because I despise pity.  My childhood dream of becoming a successful writer is based on hard work and talent, not the pity vote. I accept that if my last book didn't make it, it was because it wasn't good enough and I must try harder.  I don't blame other people, I blame myself.  I work at perfecting my craft ALL the time.  My writing is an obsession and I am my own harshest critic, I only publish about the half the blogs I write, the rest are not up to scratch or need more work.

My involvement in the Madeleine case was not pre-planned or pre-meditated, it just happened.  Even if I had wanted to abandon the case and turn my attention to other topics, it wasn't possible.  Team McCann had their teeth stuck into me like a rabid pitbull, I was at the top of their Blacklist and they were determined to destroy me.  And as we all know, they don't play nicely. 

Like Goncalo Amaral, I care very much about my reputation and the legacy I leave - it is the reason ALL my works are based on honesty and integrity.  I will not sit back quietly while people are calling me a liar and blackening my name with sick and malevolent accusations.  I have the means and the ability to rebut every disgusting thing they say, and I will.  Turning the other cheek was binned along with the catechism.  I have a reputation to recover, and like Kate McCann, I am a finisher.

Those anonymous creatures who are now throwing rocks at me, have taken no chances and no risks, their lives are completely unaffected by the comments they post in forums and on twitter because they shield themselves with a fake modesty umbrella.  They are too 'umble and virtuous to reveal their real identities and they are more than happy to join in the stoning of any attention seekers.  Attention seeking being a far greater crime than the murder and disposal of a small child.  The hypocrisy of those shouting  'think of the children' while hiding behind walls of anonymity and in a vermin ridden cesspit, never fails to astonish me. 



To the pessimists out there who believe this case will never be solved, and that Sonia's documentary will never be aired, I think a few rudimentary facts need to be acknowledged.  The harbingers of doom, seem to have little, or no knowledge whatsoever, of the way in which the media industry and life in general, works.  With their tin foil hats clamped firmly down over their ears, they have analysed the limited information they have, and decided the world ends in 7 days. 

For their information, and indeed for those influenced enough to have begun digging out a bomb shelter under the patio, documentaries have been pointing out discrepancies in high profile criminal cases and major cover ups for years, its what they do.  One could argue that it is the reason the entire documentary making industry exists. 

The much too simple fact is, mainstream television, Panorama, World in Action, etc, have no shortage of subjects, they are inundated with news stories every day, stories that are of current interest to the public and stories that are not protected by multi million pound lawyers.  99 times out of a 100, stories will be discarded because they are simply not worth the time and trouble.  Individual journalists choose the topics THEY want to focus on, topics they personally are passionate about and ones that they want to investigate  Topics that they hope will capture the zeitgeist. And once they have produced their masterpiece, they move onto the next subject, as I said, it is a fast moving world, and they don't want to be tied down in a complex legal battles, or he said, she said, squabbles on social media.

That is not to say, that they don't take on seemingly impossible cases, of course they do, watch the BAFTA documentary awards, and you can see the struggles groundbreaking documentary makers with a passion for their subject, have had to overcome.  If it was an easy business, everyone would be doing it and winning awards! 

I am not sure what it is people expect from Sonia's documentary.  Whilst the theories of the armchair detectives may be interesting, presenting one or all of them as the definitive explanation as to what happened to Madeleine McCann, is ludicrous.  If she starts giving a detailed analysis (as worthy asit might be) of the telephone records, the last photo, Smithman etc, or accusing the entire clientele of a Warners resort of being 'swingers' (which would definitely trigger dozens of lawsuits), it would run to hours, and viewers would switch off in droves.  Whilst all the detailed analysis may be of interest to the Cluedo players, the general public want the story in a nutshell. 

Should add, while I am on a roll, the entire business of documentary making is Iconoclasm!  And the most successful documentaries are those that attack large businesses and corporations.  Documentary makers can and do, make documentaries about world leaders, media moguls, royalty and McDonalds, do people seriously believe the Drs McCann are more protected than them?  

All documentary makers have hurdles and barriers to overcome, it is par for the course.  As I said above, if we all had easy access to the secrets and machinations that go on in the corridors of powers, everyone would be doing it.  But for the brave and the tenacious, they will carry on regardless and take the hurdles in their stride.  They are fighting injustice, and it is a dog eat dog world out there, it is not for the feint hearted. 

Documentary makers who go where angels fear to tread are the ones who expose the evil and corruption that goes on 'behind' the scenes, the places the rest of us do not have access to.  And anyone who thinks that is easy, is seriously deluded.  Naturally, when they are investigating sensitive subjects they will face walls of outright hostility.  Try saying out loud a McDonalds Quarterpounder is bad for you. 

When I began commenting on this case, absolutely no-one within the mainstream media was questioning the patently absurd abduction story. I wanted to know why, and the clumsy attempts by Team McCann to cover it up, made it all the more fascinating still.  I'm one of those people that when someone tells me not to do something I do the opposite.  I have a get out of jail free card, confirmation of lunacy from two renowned psychiatrists.  Much as I want to keep my trap shut, I just can't.  But, I digress, from the start, I have been trying to get the truth behind this cover up into the public domain, and I foolishly believed that that was what we were all here for. 

Clearly there has been an establishment cover up in the case of Madeleine McCann, but establishment cover ups have been exposed in the past and will continue to be exposed in the future.  Usually by daring, and heroic documentary makers and broadcasters. 

All these doom laden statements about the documentary 'never being aired' and how we will all be deeply disappointed when it is, are I'm afraid to say, a projection of the doom mongers' negative view of the world.  The reality is quite different. 

Investigative journalists are used to facing opposition, it is par for the course, however, they very rarely face opposition from people who are purportedly on the same side!  What would have happened if the makers of the Westbourne nursing home abuse scandal had faced so much public hostility?  What about the Hillsborough documentary?  The people of Liverpool will never forgive the Sun Newspaper, and the comments of the odious Kelvin McKenzie?  The Sun is boycotted in the area to this day.  Do you think the people of Hillsborough would have campaigned to stop a documentary exposing the cover up behind the tragedy?  How about the people of Hillsborough up against the might of the Rupert Murdoch empire?

Sonia, should be getting support, not hostility.  If the McCann case has taught us nothing, it has taught us the power of popular opinion polls.  If the public are behind you, it is the most powerful weapon of all.  The worst reaction to a documentary, would be 'who cares'.  I urge those of you who do care, to get behind this documentary.  The internet is the most powerful  media weapon of the 21st century.  It has not only taken over the tabloid headline, it has crushed it!

The mystery behind Madeleine's disappearance can only be covered up if the people allow it to be.  That's how it works.  In the days of the Lindbergh baby, there was little the people could do, but time have changed.  The more we shout 'we know there is a cover up going on', the more the authorities have to listen.  They have no choice, we vote for them.  A cover up can only succeed if the people allow it to.  Once, they become the collective 'we', a government, if it wants to stay in power, must accede to its' wishes. 

The Madeleine mystery has dragged on for 8 years, because there has never been an effective lobby to protest against it.  Arguably, you could also say, that there has been an effective lobby, because the McCanns were granted their review and they were granted an investigation.  Operation Grange may, or may not, be coming to an end.  I believe it is, but whilst there is a 'untold' documentary (that will go viral) looming and thousands of people all over the globe, watching online, the chances of it continuing for years and resulting in a cover up, become less and less likely. 

If this case is to end with little Madeleine getting justice, then the more people who know and care about the cover up, the more likely it is that she will.  Please share Sonia's teaser with your friends, your family and everyone you know.  This case is not just about the tragic death of a small child, it is about the very real threat to ordinary people like Brenda Leyland, and to the way in which we will be 'allowed' to use the internet in the future.  It is a direct threat to Freedom of Speech. 
Social media pressure groups are the fear of everyone living in the public eye.  Huge numbers can be bought and traded to make 'causes' appear more popular than they are.  Equally, if a cause is worthy, it can get the publicity it needs.  Lives are being saved, and injustices are being challenged.  Public opinion, sways with the wind, it can be used for good and it can be used for bad.  Get enough 'likes' on Facebook and you can form a Government.  

Sunday, 4 October 2015


UPDATE;  14/10/15 
In response to interfering with the investigation and timing of Sonia's documentary.

When Sonia began her documentary, this case had been going on for 7 years and looked likely to be going on for another 7 more. Questions needed to be asked, it started the ball rolling.   

As an experienced and professional journalist, she understands the difference between investigating a story that is of public interest, and interfering with the due legal process. Sonia, unlike a few of the loons who have attached themselves to this case, has a bit of common sense!  And, like the rest of us, wants justice for the child and for Brenda Leyland, who is still, disrespectfully, being referred to as a troll. 
Unfortunately, the most prolific commentators on this case have no understanding of how the media world, or indeed, the real world, works.  They judge the media by their own 'high' principles and standards, that is 'don't talk to her, she is no better than she ought to be'. This of course shuts them into a cloistered little society with limited membership, lets face it, most of us wouldn't be good enough, lol.     

But back to the media.  The powers that be, whether they like it or not, are kept in check by public opinion.  We live in a democracy, if the public don't like you, you are going nowhere.  These How to Win Friends and Influence People wars are now being fought on social media.  Twitter and Facebook are the Cullodens and the Waterloos of the 21st Century, you live or die by your 140 character missiles. 
In the past, bad news, and negative publicity could be hidden by a sensational story that might drop in out of the blue, or one that could be manufactured out of something that has been lying around for 6 months. But this is not a lesson in media, lol, the role of the investigative journalist is to tackle injustice on the public's behalf  If it were not for the fact that the public DEMAND to be informed, then the powers that be would be able to get away with pretty much anything.  The first thing on any wannabe tyrant or despot's checklist, is censor the press.  Brave journalists like Sonia Poulton should be applauded, anyone remember Watergate?

In the case of missing Madeleine McCann, the public were asking why no-one had been prosecuted, and why the authorities could not see what they could.  The public had also witnessed so many clumsy and transparent attempts to shut them up, resulting in the death of an innocent woman, that serious questions were being asked, and the MSM were not listening!  And it wasn't just a few cranks in a seedy internet forum who were questioning the abduction story, it was thousands, thousands of ordinary people like Brenda Leyland. People who were not members of weird cults. 

Sonia took a huge leap, when she began making her documentary, she has been asking the questions we have all been asking for the last 8 years, and she has been asking the right people!  What she has done has been beyond courageous, as many of us have discovered asking the wrong questions can seriously affect your life and career!  This case has attracted some of the most malevolent creatures in our midst, people dedicated to destroying the lives and careers of others for the sheer pleasure of it. 

Is she in league with Murdoch?  Good heavens, presumably whilst not having drinks with James Bond, she is cavorting on the back of a horse with Rupert?   Sonia took a huge risk when she began her documentary, but she has survived, not only has she survived, but she remains as popular as ever and is welcomed on television as a commentator.  She has blown open the myth that the McCanns are untouchable and she has footage that will become all the more valuable when the walls go up - which they will.  

If a documentary, or indeed any factual program is to be successful, it has to be current and bang up to date.  And in this fast moving 'breaking news' age, it has to be fluid and adaptable right up until the moment of broadcast - the timing is crucial. Unfortunately, some have been in conspiracy mode for so long, that they can't see beyond their tin foil hats. 
We are all on tenterhooks at the moment, something appears to be happening - Operation Grange have a deadline.  Sonia has all the footage, and all the interviews and is ready to go! 


I think Tony and CMoMM are struggling to find new aspects of this case to tear apart.  They have scrutinised every minute detail of the photographs, the shutters, Smithman etc to death, some several times over, and their minds are firmly set in conspiracy mode.  A cup stopped being just a cup for them many years ago.

What they singularly fail to do, every single time, however, is to ask the basic question, 'what would be the point?'.  Given the vast scale of this crime and the number of high powered people involved, where do they think Tony Bennett and CMoMM, or indeed any of us, fit into the bigger picture?

We are all of us, without exception, armchair detectives.  Our research, our opinions, and our conclusions are based on files that are now 8 years old.  The chances of any of us being called as witnesses for the defence or the prosecution are zilch, we are onlookers, no more, no less.  Nothing we say or do will have any relevance whatsoever in any future criminal trial. 
When the truth about Madeleine's disappearance is eventually revealed, the MSM will be going after the 'main' characters, those actively involved in the initial crime and the cover up.  Tony Bennett may see himself as a main player in the case, but he really isn't.  Other than giving the McCanns several sensational headlines over the years to support their victim status, Tony and all his research, will have no impact whatsoever on the eventual outcome of this case.  The publicity he has had so far served the purposes of the McCann PR campaign, a deeply unpleasant man victimising the family of a missing child. 

This case is much, much bigger, than Tony Bennett and the deluded people who support him, the public's interest lies with the disappearance of the little girl, not the strange people who have latched onto it.  Do they really believe that global media magnate Rupert Murdoch is devising cunning plans to entrap Tony Bennett and his cohorts? lol. 

Tony is not a major player in this case, his views only become relevant if the press need a sensational 'hater' headline to support the McCann's victim status. These articles are initiated by the McCann press department and given to 'friendly' journalists.  The Madeleine case is still of public interest, McCann stories sell.  Tony Bennett is the villain of the piece.  He is the leather clad thug with knuckle dusters, the bad guy tormenting the nice family, but he has had his day, his services are no longer required and he's been left more bitter, and more angry, than he was before. 

I have no idea what Mark Souster was after, maybe he did want to write an article critical of Tony Bennett, CMoMM and the 'antis' on his 'friend' Brian Kennedy's behalf, but I doubt it.  If Brian Kennedy was still supporting Kate and Gerry, I doubt they would look as haggard as they do, and I doubt they would be shifting money around in their accounts.  Equally, Mr. Souster has expressed his support for Goncalo Amaral, therefore his proposed article may have been an opportunity to spread the word about Goncalo's defence Fund.  As it is, we will never know. 

We have no idea what Mr.Souster's relationship with Brian Kennedy is, other than a shared love of Rugby, but once again, the creationists have taken a tiny bit of knowledge and filled in all the gaps for themselves, based on fear, paranoia and very immature imaginations.  They have decided Rupert Murdoch is out to get them (lol) and they have now holed themselves up in their bunker for another session of mutual back patting and discussions on their latest near miss.  Phew.  And Mr. Souster? If he wanted confirmation that a certain group of 'anti's' are a cult like coven of brain dead morons led by an evil, bible bashing fanatic, he now has it in bucketloads.     

As for Sonia and Mark Souster being paid 'Murdoch Shills' out to entrap the antis, I can barely type this for laughing.  Step aside Kate and Gerry, step aside Duchess of Cambridge, Syrian Refugees and Prime Ministers shagging pigs heads, we are holding all the Murdoch front pages for Tony Bennett! 


It seems Mark Souster has now deleted his twitter account.  And who can blame him?  Bennett, and his little model army are out to destroy him, just as they set out to destroy Sonia Poulton.  They have trolled him relentlessly on twitter and these busy little researchers are working their socks off trying to find some 'dirt' on him.  His change of career direction is described by Bennett as a 'lust for money', the idea that he may have family to support hasn't of course, crossed Bennett's narrow little mind. 

The bigger question should be, why is Bennett out to destroy any journalist who asks questions about the McCann case?  Since the release of Sonia's trailer there has been much weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth in the CMoMM forum, what is it they fear?  Why, all these years on, are the hard core that surround Bennett, so terrified that their real identities might be revealed? 

As I have said before, I don't think Bennett is in the McCann's employ.  He is too much of a loose cannon, and he personally wants the attention, he doesn't want to share it with anyone else.  For what it is worth, I think he truly does believe the whole world is out to get him. His paranoia and fear are a byproduct of reading the bible too literally and the comparisons he sees between his struggles and those of the good Lord. 'They know not what they do' he pleads, as the sane people nail him to the cross, or more accurately, ignore him completely.  

To Mark Souster I would say, don't let this very tiny band of malcontents affect your life in any way.  When they get bored with you, they will return to Smithman or Sonia, or myself, lol, although the subject of this week's 'research' seems to be your goodself, JillyC and Isabel McFadden. All, people who have dared to ask questions without their express approval and people who remember what the missing Madeleine case is actually about.  

Don't let them drive you off Twitter Mark, or allow them to influence you in any way.  The majority of people who follow this case know all about Tony Bennett and his nasty little gang of trolls, and they treat them with the contempt they deserve. No-one will judge you by what they say, a mere glimpse at their forum, gives the casual observer a good idea of what the ideology of that forum is. It is driven by an angry, bitter megalomaniac (most of the trolls are himself under different guises) who's attempts to head a massive cult movement have failed miserably (again).  People did not donate to his Madeleine Foundation as they did to the McCann's Fund, nor have they raised him shoulder high while singing his praises. Nor will they.  In a nutshell, they are a small band of misfits, terrified of their own shadows, who lurk in a tiny corner of the internet, despised by almost everyone.  Don't let them get you down.         



Regarding the door stepping issue, I think we need to get some perspective.  The only way to confront injustice head on is through door stepping and as investigative journalists traditionally go after those who are evading the law for whatever reason, it is an essential part of their role and long may it continue.    Stopping it doesn't protect the good guys it protects the bad guys.

Sky News were not implicated in the death of Brenda Leyland because they argued that their actions in door stepping Brenda and broadcasting the footage was in the public's interest.  Whether exposing a middle aged lady to hate and ridicule for discussing the high profile people involved a high profile criminal case, was in the public's interest is debateable.  Brenda wasn't conning the public nor was she a danger to anyone.

Kate and Gerry on the other hand are conning the public.  They have, since the very beginning, been appealing to everyone to 'join their search' for their daughter.  They have used every opportunity to remind us that Madeleine is still out there and still needs finding.  They have never given up and they will never give up.  As we speak they are preparing a new campaign by moving money around, in readiness for when Operation Grange give up.  They are finishers they are not going to be beaten by a group of cops (like Amaral), who they do not believe to be on the same intellectual and social level as themselves. 

If Kate and Gerry were selling a product that didn't exist, or that wasn't theirs to sell, they would quite rightly be prosecuted for obtaining money by deception.  They KNOW Maddie can't be found, their facial expressions give them away when, especially when asked about sightings. The McCann's are not talking a few little old ladies into having new driveways or double glazing, they are appealing to the whole world to keep looking for a child (who will never be found) and for cash donations to a fund that will never be used to find her.

The McCanns have left many victims in their wake.  They haven't just covered up their child's death, they have persecuted those who have sought justice for her and they have hoodwinked hundreds, neh thousands into believing that they are searching for their lost little girl.  Their appeals for help (and cash) know no bounds, the case has never gone away and they have never returned to their 'normal' lives, because they maintain a media team and pay good, hard, cash to keep themselves in the  news!  The McCanns are seasoned veterans when it comes to the media, they know how to snatch a front page off a Kardashian and they are steered by a circle of advisors straight off the set of a political comedy by Armando Iannucci. 

This very bizarre case which began with the disappearance of a small child, may well turn out to be one of the biggest scams the world has ever seen!  Right up there with 'I've a got a bridge to sell you'.  If I were a defence lawyer arguing that the doorstepping of Kate McCann was in the public's interest, I would have to say, I rest my case.   :)


And for the critics, some of us have been trying to get the truth about Madeleine McCann's disappearance into the public domain for the past 8 years and now we have something tangible out there, some are going out of their way to find nonsensical things to whinge about! 

Err, the message for those who missed is:  Sonia is confronting this cover up of Madeleine's disappearance head on - not pussfyfooting behind closed doors or playing Cluedo in a forum for 8 years.  She is asking the questions that matter, the ones we have all been discussing for 8 years, directly to the people who can answer them! 

I watch a lot of real life documentaries, its a passion/obsession.  The ones that hit home are the ones that stick with the story and the ones that use the drama of the story to keep the audience's attention. Sonia is spot on, she has gone for the key words and the key phrases, the ones that attracted the big audiences at the very beginning.  For those who tend to forget why we are all here, we are fighting a huge injustice, an injustice that saw the tragic death of a child being cynically used, not only by her parents but by those we trust to protect us, to enrich and empower themselves. Worse still, our own mainstream media appeared to be 'in on it' - no one was speaking out for Madeleine!  And those of us who did, suffered the consequences. 

As to a comparison between Sonia doorstepping Kate McCann and Sky News doorstepping Brenda Leyland.  Brenda was a lady who preferred to live a quiet, unassuming life, away from the limelight.  She was the epitome of a private person.  She used the name 'Sweepyface' online, and she knew if it was public knowledge that she did not believe the Kate and Gerry McCann, she would be universally despised and caste out of society, as indeed happened. 

Kate on the other hand, has courted the media from the day her daughter disappeared.  She and her husband shamelessly use the media to get everything they want.  They paid £500k to keep their story on the front pages!  All their press conferences and media appearance have been carefully stage managed and within their control and for 8 years they have been able to dodge direct questions that demand direct answers.  In addition, Brenda had not lost a child in mysterious circumstances! Isn't about time someone asked Kate and Gerry to tell the truth about their daughter's disappearance? As to those comparing the two, there is no comparison. 

Friday, 2 October 2015


I lost all faith in the last labour government, not just because of their illegal war but also when they started calls for identity cards, DNA samples, and invented ever more reasons to snoop into the affairs of all its citizens. The enemy at that time were terrorists, but it has since moved on to paedophiles to internet trolls, back to paedophiles.  It doesn't really matter who the enemy is, the objective is to accumulate as much private and confidential information on the populace as it can, in order to stay in power for ever. 
Almost one year ago today, a middle aged woman died as a result of the actions taken by a group of concerned citizens online.  As we mark the anniversary, Jim Gamble appears on the BBC, again, calling for an army of volunteers made up of the 'right' kind of people, with the 'right' kind of values, to patrol the internet for 'paedophiles', giving them the use of police premises and police IT equipment. 

When he speaks about the 'right' kind of people, we can only hope that he didn't mean the ghastly couple who preceded him on the same news report. A weathered Barbie who pretends to be 14 and a punch drunk thug, who use their own daughter's face and profile to root out pathetic misfits looking for a child to molest.  Or, more accurately, they seek out a few weak skulls to crack open, egged on by a frenzied crowd.  The best protection this odious pair can give their daughter is love, attention and a good education, unless of course, they are planning on going with her on every date she has for the next 10/20 years.    

Happily, big Jim's contemptible ideas have few, if any, takers and I was glad that the commentator mentioned the suicide risk posed to innocent people when groups of vigilantes are encouraged to act outside of the Law.  The suicide risk doesn't seem to bother Jim one bit. Naming and shaming is his thing. Thirty nine men killed themselves during the last Witchfinder General Hunt  Operation Ore, and it was just a year ago that he appeared on Sky News demanding a crack down on internet trolls followed by the suicide of Brenda Leyland.

There is no suggestion of course that Brenda Leyland was attempting to groom children online, she was accused of being an internet troll - a crime equally as heinous in the eyes of Jim Gamble.  She wasn't an internet troll either.  She was an innocent woman, caught up in a power struggle - in the eyes of those who used her, she was collateral damage, a price the public have to pay if they want the authorities to protect them.  

For some time now Jim Gamble has been seeking a special force of his own to lead.  A force made up of the 'right' people, people who can skip past all the formalities of police vetting, training, etc, and can go straight to the enforcement section, Judge Dredd style.  People with the 'right' values, who will do the job just for the love of it, and of course, a stylish uniform and a badge. 

I do hope that the new Labour leadership are not quite so enthralled by Jim Gamble's ideas, as the last one, if they are, Labour will never get into power again. The public can now read beyond the headlines and the truth can no longer be suppressed.  What the pontificators of Jeremy Corbyn fail to grasp, is the fact that the audience has changed.  The general population are becoming educated at the fastest rate ever known to history. Kids are leaving school, not just with qualifications, but with a key to information on every subject they were ever curious about.  And its not just kids.  Those of us who remember scouring libraries and reference sections, know all too well the amount of time and labour it took to track down the information we were seeking, now it is only a click away.  

We are all researchers.  We are no longer reliant on the mainstream media for our news and we are no longer restricted to one newspaper and one point of view.  Now everything is available to everyone, not just the privileged few.  Ten years ago, hardly anyone knew who Jeremy Corbyn was.  Now they do. 

Thursday, 1 October 2015


3/10/2015 We want an example made
 Almost one year ago this week, Team McCann pulled off one of their dirtiest and meanest stunts yet in a bid to stamp out their online critics once and for all.  They had flattened the UK and Portuguese newspapers with a series of libel actions and threats, but the little people online just wouldn't go away - they wouldn't surrender to the might of the McCann propaganda machine.

The war against those who did not (and could not) believe the abduction yarn spun by the parents and their equally negligent friends, began the night the poor child 'disappeared'.  Among the stampede of relatives and friends who rushed out to join the grieving parents in the idyllic holiday resort setting, was cousin/fellow entrepeneur/ besty, Michael Wright, who kindly told us in a Court in Lisbon, that it was his job to monitor the internet to ensure that everyone (without exception) believed Kate and Gerry, and if they didn't, there must be something wrong with them. 

30/09/14 Brenda doorstepped by Sky News
Thus began the demonization of the opposition, the crime of NOT believing Kate and Gerry, became greater than that of stealing and/or murdering a child.  Kudos to Mr. Wright, it was very successful, even to this day there are a number of 'anti's' still terrified that their identities might become public knowledge.  Some have good reason, their behaviour has been appalling, but for others, they used anonymity because they knew criticising Gerry and Kate could directly affect their earning capacity, their families and their futures.  .  

Unfortunately, the circumstances of this case offered a platform for the self righteous to tell us about their own perfect parenting and gave them an opportunity to 'throw rocks' at their perceived betters.  These malevolent people exist in every environment, their fall back line is 'it's not fair', they see themselves as victims and people further up the food chain as 'lucky'. They need to point out the faults of others in order to make themselves look and feel better.  The McCanns know exactly what these 'nasties' are like, because they are cut from the very same cloth.

However, the majority of people who question the abduction story online, do so because they are appalled that a small child has been made to disappear and that her parents have shamelessly profited from her loss. No-one is jealous of Kate and Gerry, for most parents losing a child would devastate them, no amount of fame or money would take away that pain. The idea that people criticise the McCanns because they are jealous is a reflection of Gerry and Kate's own priorities, morals and values, and it is not a good one.  

The case of missing Madeleine McCann has shown the public just how disingenuous, if not downright corrupt, our government, our police and our mainstream media are.  The people who discuss the Madeleine case online are appalled that those they formerly trusted are so happy willing and able to brush the death of a small child under the carpet.  Those hiding the truth behind Madeleine's disappearance should be hanging their heads in shame, not those discussing it

So twisted is the propaganda surrounding this case, it is those who discuss this case and who want the truth be told, who are demonised.  It is at this point that my heart truly goes out to Brenda Leyland.  Trying to explain your interest in the McCann case, in a nutshell, and without making enemies is like banging your head against a brick wall while slapping your arse with a ping pong bat.  Painful and pointless.  When someone casually asks 'why are you so interested in the McCann case (you weirdo)', where do you begin?

Brenda had nothing to be ashamed of, but she either bought into the idea that she did, or she understood just how pointless it would be trying to explain.

Shame, or fear of public exposure, is something we all live with.  We can't help ourselves, for the more paranoid among us, 'what is the worst that can happen' is never far from our thoughts.  Brenda Leyland was carefully selected, she was neatly slotted into the prim, respectable, middle aged housewife bracket who live in fear of their net curtain secrets becoming known to their neighbours.  The genre even has its own comic character, Hyacinth Bouquet.

Team McCann suspect that most of their critics are middle aged women with too much time on their hands, ergo, the example selected had to be representative of that group.  It was probably a similar group doing the selecting, based on what would they, personally, would fear the most.  No one was buying into the myth that the McCanns' tormentors were an organised gang of leather clad thugs waiting to attack a vulnerable family, they simply didn't exist.  Their new enemies were dark, sinister fiends disguised as normal people, people without criminal records, respected by their community, who were leading dark secret lives, that their family and friends knew nothing about.  First they have to convince their enemy that their behaviour is despicable (even if it isn't), then threaten to expose them to public ridicule. 

Brenda Leyland did nothing wrong, legally or morally.  Chatting to people online is not dissimilar to chatting to people over the garden fence, its merely the 21st century equivilent, except, our gossip and our comments are preserved forever more and freely available on the worldwideweb.  And, of course, we are no longer talking about  her at no. 19 who's no better than she ought to be, we are talking about people in the public spotlight. Should we become guarded and paranoid, or better still, lighten up a little?  

Among those who criticise the McCanns, Brenda's comments were pretty tame, but from the perspective of striking fear into the hearts of the ordinary people questioning Madeleine's disappearance, the message was loud and clear. Criticise the McCanns and we will destroy your life.    

For the McCanns, Brenda Leyland was the final solution, the ultimate deterrent. Brenda had bought into the doctrine that she should be ashamed of her online activity with regard to the missing Madeleine case, it was not a subject she discussed with her family and friends.  She may even have said things in the heat of the moment that she regretted and feared there would be a scandal if anyone found out. Like many, she used a pseudonym on twitter and was reluctant to reveal her true identity, ergo, she was representative of the majority of anti McCann posters.  In shaming Brenda publicly, they were demonstrating that their threats to those on their Blacklist were very real, any one of us could have been next. 

Making an example of Brenda Leyland should have driven away at least half to two thirds of those who still comment on the Madeleine case online. Most people will opt to protect their families over internet squabbles and keep the Madeleine case in perspective, that is, for them it is just not worth it.  Once rid of the 'numbers', Team McCann could then say, it is only a tiny handful who don't support us, and they are as mad as a box of frogs. 

Team McCann have used the very proactive 'seek out and destroy' war tactic from the beginning, whilst building a huge line of defence.  Forums and websites were shut down and discussion was brought to a halt with those old playground classics 'my dad's bigger than your dad' and 'I'm telling'. There was no debate, the pros simply had nothing with which to prop up the abduction story.In creating an atmosphere of suspicion, paranoia and downright lunacy, TM were able to shut down most of the negative discussion surrounding this case, but they couldn't stamp it out completely.  Many who remained, chose to be anonymous.  They knew Team McCann were scouring the social media sites, collecting their personal details and then writing to their employers, neighbours, family, friends, customers, etc, or at least threatening to.  The threat was usually enough to silence all but the most stalwart. 

The 'Wiki Hate List', was a compilation of the names of anyone found to be disagreeing with the McCanns official story and it was published on McCann supporters site Stop the Myths and promoted by the sell outs Summers and Swan on Twitter.  It was used to frighten people away from twitter and other social media.  It was made up of 'facts', snippets, c/ps from FB and other social media, tweets, screenshots, vulgar photoshopping etc of people commentating negatively about the McCanns'. I believe my own particular section ran to over a 100pages, lol.  This Hate list, or list of haters, was the dossier handed to Scotland Yard by the McCann family and the precursor to the death of Brenda Leyland.  

Team McCann knew exactly the kind of impact the sudden and intense pressure media exposure would have on Brenda's life.  They themselves had lived it!  Kate even claimed to be just like Brenda, a very private person who did not seek the limelight! Brenda was a proud woman who's standing in the community mean't everything to her, Kate and Gerry knew how excruciating it would be for her. They wished this fate worse than death on a quiet, middle aged lady who had never harmed anyone in her life!  How callous is that? 

Brenda Leyland felt that misery and fear to such an extent that she took her own life.  But knowingly, or unknowingly, Brenda scuppered the final solution.  Team McCann didn't so much destroy the enemy as increase it 100 fold. I like to imagine that thought went her mind in those final moments.  Her sacrifice might well have turned the media tide.

The humanitarian side of me hates the fact that my words bring more pain onto this already very troubled pair, but unless they are stopped the evil they are creating will continue to destroy lives.  And they will never stop, we are finishers said Kate, they know exactly what they are doing, they have told us so many times, (Kate has pretty much wiped out her entire defence with that one).  They have no remorse for what they have done, no tears for their lost daughter and no intention of giving up their highly profitable Fund.  The life of Brenda Leyland mean't nothing to them, they may even believe that she deserved what she got, they are not very strong on empathy.  That they live by the philosophy of wishing misery and fear on their enemies is chilling.  That's why I continue, and because I'm a  finisher too.