Thursday, 26 September 2013

KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid

I am a huge fan of The Thick of It, UK political satire for the uninitiated, an hilarious programme once you get past the cussing.  I actually find it quite amusing the number of ways in which they can use and abuse the 'F' word.  The Thick of It gives we mere mortals, an amazing insight into the machinations of politics. The main protagonist, Malcolm, is supposedly based on Alistair Campbell*.  As the wonderful Armando Iannucci has not been sued, we can only believe it is pretty close to what actually goes on.

By dawn on 4th May 2007 the story of Madeleine McCann disappearing was headline news on all the channels.  A break in had occurred, and a child had been abducted.  There was no room for speculation, those were the facts. The journalists did not have to write their own scripts they were being provided with them, straight from the horses mouth via several relatives and McCann enthusiast Michael Wright. As we now know, it was a carefully manipulated campaign, designed to appeal to the public's heart and of course, its purse strings.  How did Gordon get involved.  Vanity probably.  Politicians love nothing better than a popular bandwagon to leap on, particularly one that includes a cherubic little girl with a photogenic family who embody all that puts the Great into Britain.  It must have been a huge Oops moment, when they discovered there was more to the case than first appeared.  By then of course, it was too late to backtrack and they had to grin and carry on regardless.  Again, I refer you to 'The Thick of It'.   

I think orders probably came from on high that the parents were to be treated with kid gloves in the half arsed hope that it would all go away.  If it didn't, the story of 'Missing Madeleine McCann' made global headlines and lots of [publicity seekers] wanted a piece of the action, and a mention alongside an appealing pic of the missing child. It shows their fans what kind compassionate people they are,   I doubt those wellwishers imagined the McCanns would still be whining about what a hard deal they had 6 years later, and asking for more cash to put it right. 

The tv studios embraced them, their mumsy she-wolves protecting the stricken parents from the mythical mobs of haters and pitchforkers trying to batter down the studio doors.  Those doubting the McCanns were clearly jealous of the charming couple's loving marriage/beautiful children (minus one)/comfortable life etc, etc.  If you weren't with them supporting the search, you were against them, ergo a hater, ergo a chav.  

Alleged threats brought them more headlines and more donations from nice people. The 'masses' obviously hated the McCanns because of their success. So, they made a tiny mistake. All parents do.  Shame on the rabble who were only booing them because they had all their own teeth and good jobs. Journalists empathised with them, they were PLU (People Lie Us), one or maybe two generations away of the tenements who had made good. The McCanns were nice people who go to properly run holiday resorts and hotels, just like them, not on half price boozy excursions to Benidorm. How could it possibly be their fault?  The prols were obviously too blinded by their lust for Kate's earrings and matching necklace to have any understanding of the case. 

I'm going to have to say it, there is an underlying class war going on here.  The 'pro's' tend to be right wing extremists whose favourite word is 'ban'. They can apply it to almost everything.  When they are not trying to ban things, they are advocating a good thrashing for the riff raff who have the audacity not to believe the saintly pair.  Not for them a kebab and a swig of white lightning, the McCanns' cocktail parties are probably wall to wall with ambassadors and Ferrero rocher. No doubt discussing high profile good causes they can attach their names too, whilst ignoring the most obvious good cause of Kerry Needham.  

But I digress, there will always be conspiracy theories surrounding this case, some may even have legs.  I see it more as a runaway train driven by person(s) who don't know how to stop.  Is it lunatic (A) with his wider agenda? or lunatic (B) with her obsessive hatred?  What a combo.  Keep it simple, stupid.

*I believe Alistair found it amusing.

Ps.  Is it just me who has a  bit of a crush on bad boy Alistair?  And could it be used as part of an insanity plea in the future?    

Tuesday, 24 September 2013


So the kidnap threat gets filed away with all the other McCann press releases. No evidence of it. The trolls are not waving screenshots to back up the claim, and even if they did, they are not relevant (thank you Blacksmith ).   

The McCanns fought Goncalo Amaral's application for the trial to be heard in private. A small victory, but they got the press and cameras they wanted.  They got the headlines too, but at what cost to the twins, we can only imagine. This time however, it does not appear to have worked.  The public have not risen up in horror at the atrocities perpetrated on the suffering parents.  There have been no comforting chats about horrid anti middle class people who are jealous of them, on Lorraine's sofa and I doubt any stern letters have been sent off to the Portuguese Ambassador. The rioting in the streets Kate predicted hasn't happened.  Pretty sure the latest sensational headlines haven't helped the McCanns' press victim image one bit. Anyone following this trial will know they had a choice. Wonder what Hacked Off will make of that? 

People are beginning to question why the McCanns are pursuing a claim for 1.2m Euros from the detective who investigated the disappearance of their daughter.  They don't like his findings, who would? But does that really entitle them to all his cash and belongings? Hope they are not setting some sort of precedent.  'You said I did it, but can't prove it - gimme yer house'.  

What on earth is this trial all about?  Apart from money that is.  In my opinion, it is based on an irrational hatred that borders on insanity, and unbelievably a small group of professionals are going along with it.  What ho, nice work if you can get it.  They are however, faffing about telling us how depressed Kate was, how the twins may sometime in the future read something unpleasant (err, thats a future ALL kids can look forward to) and poor Gerry couldn't go on. Lets not forget, they could spare themselves (and us) all the pain simply by returning to Portugal en masse for a reconstruction and Kate answering the 48 questions. Its a bit like Dorothy's ruby slippers - it has always been within their power.  

Unfortunately their persecution of Goncalo Amaral has finally caught up with them.  They couldn't stop the trial - and they tried.  As expected, it has opened up all sorts of cans and worms are flying about everywhere.  Not least the revelation by Michael Wright that he has been 'monitoring' forums and social network sites since 2007. Has he sat on his hands for the last 6 year ignoring all the horrible things people were saying about his best buds?  

Those of us targetted by Team McCann's 'monitoring' would be very interested to hear more about this little revelation from the police.  Be in no doubt, the internet campaign has played a major part in this scam, and those of us on the receiving end of the 'monitoring' (defamation/intimidation/ threats etc) will be asking the police who the tormentors are and what action will be taken.  There is testimony that confirms this was an organised campaign.  But I'll save the internet wars for another day. 

Kate wants Goncalo Amaral to be miserable and live in fear.  But thats not enough, what she really really wants, are the royalties from his bestselling book. The McCanns did not sue Goncalo as soon as the book came out, they waited a year before issuing a Writ.

While the McCanns case is based on hate and greed, Goncalo Amaral's is based on truth, and justice for a little girl who went missing on 3rd May 2007, he has remained focused on seeing his job through until the end.  A hero of our time, a man who lost everything but kept his pride, his dignity and his honour. Now thats the film I want to see - the good guy comes up trumps!

For Goncalo this case is about the truth.  The truth that he and his team did not let the little girl down. The McCanns were lying when they said the PJ were doing nothing.  They had in fact launched the biggest missing child search in Portugal's history. Goncalo and his team worked night and day searching for Madeleine, giving up their holidays and neglecting their families.  The McCanns were criticising the police and most especially Goncalo on the world stage.  In the interests of Free Speech, was he not entitled to counter that with The Truth of The Lie?  

Truth of the Lie can be read here:

Saturday, 21 September 2013


I think the kidnap threat is a sexed up version of the supposed death threats on the Madeleine Facebook group.  The McCanns were unbelievably successful with that particular scam and got the front pages of several tabloids.  Internet trolls are a hot topic at the moment and a great way to get sympathy.  By tweaking a few details they have made the latest version more sensational by changing the target from Kate to the twins.  Again, they are shamelessly using those children to manipulate public sympathy.  In my opinion that is wrong on every level and it needs saying!  

The story can no doubt be quickly disproved, but they have the headlines they wanted - 'Kidnap Threat to Twins'.  By the time it is revealed as a hoax, the damage will already have been done. All the public will remember is the kidnap threat. Similarly while most people recall that Goncalo's Amaral's book was banned.  The fact that the ban was overturned and it is back on sale passes them by.    

The McCanns still appear to be pulling the strings, they have learned a lot media tricks over the years.  Goncalo was obviously way ahead of us in asking for the trial to be heard in private.  He probably foresaw what was going to happen. The McCanns will fight back with what they do best. Negative propaganda. They are clearly prepared to get down in the mud and the blood and the beer with this latest outrageous story.  Lets hope the Judge can see the histrionics for what they are.  As for Dr. Amaral. he really doesn't have to do very much at all, he has an Ace up his sleeve - The Truth.  

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Almost a year ago I wrote a blog entitled Forca Goncalo, it was ahead of a trial that turned out to be postponed.  At that time I was irked at the personal attacks on Dr. Goncalo Amaral and the particularly vindictive way in which they used his marriage problems and personal life to attack him.

I wanted to speak out on behalf of warring couples everywhere and extend a middle finger to those smug marrieds who sit holding hands and never exchange a cross word. 

We cannot even begin to imagine the stress Goncalo and Sophia must have been under this past 6 years. The McCanns had launched the most successful media campaign for a missing child the world has even seen, and Detective Amaral was the evil baddie keeping the angelic cherub away from her tragic heroine mother.  The world hears what it wants to, and the basic fairytale premise was shifting tabloids by the baleful. 

In defence of Goncalo and Sophia, no human could have withstood the the pressure they were under.  And if on occasion the words, 'I love you, I hate you' have been thrown around, so what?  If a person goes through their life never having a love so passionate it drives them insane, I pity them.  Time heals, it gives you something to giggle about in your dotage.

To Sophia and Goncalo

The calm, calculating McCanns however, remain firmly stuck together, God help them, surviving a trauma that would have torn most families apart.  Their relationship remains unscathed, apart from Kate's rather undignified 'I couldn't make love to Gerry' on the front page of the Sun.  In recounting her holiday, in her 'honest' book Kate merrily relates: Gerry off for his third tennis match of the day while she calmly bathes the three best behaved toddlers in the world. I personally would have rugby tackled him before he reached the door and set about him with a frying pan, while screaming 'its my holiday too'.  

In contrasting their own Stepford Family existence to the family life of the Amarals, they have placed themselves in the unfortunate position of having to hold hands and coo at each other whenever a camera is pointed in their direction.  One shudders at the thought. I know which couple I prefer.

The McCanns have been the perfect media couple.  A fine example of family life in Britain today (apart from losing a child) and role models for the riff raff. They were used to spearhead the Amber Alert Campaign, preaching to us (their fave role) Kate became Ambassador and Gerry headed up Hacked Off.  Hopefully there will be enough left in Fund to erect statues in Rothley town square. 

However, before they start knocking up the cement, they should know their automaton behaviour is fooling no-one other than their 'Misery' inspired fanbase.  Or 'the possessed' as I have come to think of them

The sane people in the UK, and there are still a few of us left, wish you all the best for tomorrow Dr. Amaral. You are a credit to your family, to the PJ, to your Nation, and to the fight for truth and justice everywhere.  Forca Goncalo.  

Monday, 9 September 2013

Oscar Wilde - A Libel Trial of Woe

Oscar Wilde with Lord Alfred Douglas 'Bosie'

In the summer of 1891, a passionate love affair began between two men, that scandalised society and ended the career, and some might say, the life, of one history's greatest literary geniuses.

Oscar Wilde

The magnificent Oscar Wilde, was by then 38, an established author,  and a renowned wit - the most sought after guest at every dinner party.  A flamboyant character,  he may not have been the full on 'Lord Byron - Mad, Bad and Dangerous to know', but he was perhaps a cheekier, some might say, more eloquent version - a linguist who could cram into a few words, that which the rest of us dare not say out loud - even if we could. His humour was risque, his lifestyle questionable, but this only enhanced his popularity, until that was, at the height of his fame he became locked in a legal battle, that no-one could realistically win.    

The whole saga began in the summer of 1891 when Oscar met the vivacious and strikingly handsome 22 year old Lord Alfred Douglas - Bosie, as he was affectionately known. It led to a passionate and tumultuous relationship between the pair, that would wreck the author's life and send waves of panic through the establishment.  Oscar Wilde's downfall began with a libel trial that would send shivers down the spines of potential libel claimants for evermore. 

Lord Alfred Douglas 'Bosie'

Bosie was the youngest son of the Marquess of Queensberry, yes he of the Queensberry boxing rules. The Marquess was one of the old establishment, a stern, angry man who had recently lost his eldest son and heir Francis, to suspected suicide.  There were rumours of an alleged homosexual affair between Francis and the then Prime Minister Lord Rosebery, when he had been Foreign Secretary.  Lord Queensberry was a melting pot of rage and his youngest son, Bosie's relationship with Oscar Wilde incensed him. 

The Marquess of Queensbury

From what we have have seen so far of this poisonous little tale, homosexuality was pretty rife among politicians and the landed gentry at that time.  But, like the poor dying of hunger, it was a taboo subject - something you didn't talk about at the dinner table. From what I can see and from the historical research I have done (Black Lace novels), the ruling classes were pretty much up to all sorts - as long as it didn't scare, or indeed involve, the horses.

The golden couple of the age, Oscar and Bosie, were a breath of fresh air in Victorian London.  They crossed barriers of good taste and propriety and encouraged others to do the same. It was all jolly good fun.  The saucy sniggers became full blown guffaws, corsets were unbuttoned and closet doors were flying open. Society was changing.  
Oscar strode the world's stage

'This angered the workhouse master, and he swore by all the Gods'*. Lord Queensberry was very angry indeed that his son was flaunting his unconventional relationship all around town.  He was determined to have revenge on Oscar Wilde, no matter what.  Thus began Lord Queensbury's campaign to wreck Oscar Wilde's life. The final straw for Oscar came when Lord Queensbury left a calling card with a hotel porter, accusing Oscar of 'posing as a sodomite'. Its meaning is open to interpretation, but in any event, the devastating evidence presented by the Defence during the libel trial rendered word games unnecessary.   

Why did Oscar go ahead with his libel trial knowing that so much could be brought against him?  Perhaps he felt he had no choice. The Marquess of Queensberry was never going to end his vendetta. In issuing his libel writ, perhaps he thought that his powerful rhetoric would win the day, and that the society he had charmed and enlightened would stand by him. Sadly, he was soon to discover that his meteoric rise to the highest echelons of society could only be matched by his catastrophic fall from grace.  When there is a threat to the establishment, they quickly close ranks.  You wont find any spontaneous choruses of 'Consider Yourself One of Us' in any Jane Austen ball rooms. 

As the great and good condemned homosexuality from the pulpits, Oscar Wilde served two years hard labour.  His fortune lost and any new found liberal attitudes towards sex had been stamped out. Sulky aristos climbed back into their wardrobes to read about dashing highwaymen and their wives resumed their tut tutting. Considerably more of God's little creatures were shot and torn to shreds to the shouts of 'tally ho', while the servants were made to pray more and work harder. I expect sales of flogging gear went up. 

Oscar Wilde became the martyr for their sins. He was the sacrifice they were willing to make in order to maintain the status quo. If they were seen to punish a sexual deviant, they couldn't possibly be guilty of it themselves. The only thing they lacked was a crucifix.   

I do not know why Oscar Wilde pursued his case to Court. He was indeed guilty of much he was accused of and he was guilty too, of believing that others could see the world as he saw it.  He may even have been naive, or perhaps brave, enough to think he could change public opinion, and perhaps even the laws on homosexuality.  He began by defending himself confidently, eloquently telling the world about the love that dare not speak its name.  But by the end, he was defeated.  The civil trial led to criminal trials [homosexuality was illegal] and a number of rent boys, were only too willing to appear for the Defence. Oscar Wilde was sentenced to two years hard labour, his health was destroyed and he died far too young.   

The love that dare not speak its name

Perhaps love had driven him insane, who knows, maybe he was the Irish upstart who held a mirror up to the shallowness of the ruling classes.  It reflected their own hedonism, and it was held by someone who knew secrets about them. Perhaps the world did for a moment, tilt a little towards liberalism, but the influence of the sombre old Queen and her long dead dictatorial husband, brought society back to its rigid, ordered, Apollonian ideology, a society where there was no place for non conformists. Homosexuality clearly flew in the face of the accepted family values espoused by the glorious Regina, the aged Queen who refused to acknowledge lesbianism on that grounds that women wouldn't do that. Homosexual men did not fare so well.  They lived in fear of being blackmailed and caste out of society. Victorian values were firmly established during those years, and even now, sentimental old tories smile with fondness at the idea of restoring them. 

Oscar's libel trial was ill advised. Perhaps his passion had driven him into the realms of megalomania, a common trait in geniuses, he was not listening to the sound advice of his friends. He knew he was right to complain about Lord Queensbury's harrassment of him but in claiming libel he was putting himself in the dock.  

*Christmas Day in the Workhouse - Author unknown.