Saturday, 16 August 2014

BURIED BY THE ANTI'S - Banned for having an opposing view

I started today as the angry girl I once was, the sullen little beastie, confined to the corner with my arms folded and my bottom lip sticking out in defiance at the sheer injustice of it all.  I knew it was on the cards, but I am angry just the same.  I am banned from Jill Havern's forum for telling the truth, but before I go into the lurid details, let me explain why I follow this case so closely.

Tis no secret I suffer from manic depression, I have discussed it on here in the past, it has plagued me for a lifetime.  I'm not ashamed to say that I have used the puzzle that is the mysterious disappearance of Madeleine McCann to distract my thoughts from bigger issues that would emotionally tear me asunder if I were to dwell on them.  I hasten to add that I would not have used this case in such a way, if the parents had not been involved.  Like every other decent human being, my heart breaks for genuine victims of such terrible tragedy, but that angry little girl standing in the corner simply can't keep quiet about the injustice dished out to another little girl by all those claiming to be on her side. 

When news of Madeleine's disappearance broke on the morning of 4th May, I was nursing my terminally ill mother and trying to run two homes and a job 100 miles apart.  Both my mother and I took an interest in the case.  She was an early riser, and a canny Irish woman with a gift to see 'exactly what people were' in an instant.  Unfortunately that gift didn't come with a stop button, much to my embarrassment as a child, but to my amusement as an adult.  It tickled her to see the shock on people's faces when she fired an arrow directly at their Achilles heels.  To the indignation of many, I appear to have inherited it, and we are both giggling.

As my mother's health deteriorated, I had much to escape from, each day brought worse and worse news.  I couldn't turn to religion, since I had become enlightened, and its a tough old road to go down when you haven't got a higher power to turn to.  No benefit to my poor mother either, who screeched 'tell him feck off' very loudly when I suggested a priest.  She could already see Dad and her long deceased siblings, she didn't need a man in black to guide her. 

To escape the living hell that was my reality at that time, I delved into researching this case, and having taken the blue pill (or was it the red pill?) there was no way back.  It has been a lifetime quest to discover what it is that makes people evil. For me this case has opened up the door to so much that I was unaware of and I am horrified by what I have found.  I have completely lost faith in the political party I once loved, and my belief in the old fashioned British principles of playing fair, have been shattered.  And it all began with this case.

By scrutinising every detail, every statement, every video, I became more and more intrigued by the grieving couple.  Tis my belief the pair share a rare form of psychopathy, and students of psychology will be studying this case in textbooks for decades to come. I have studied body language, forensic linguistics (thank you Tigger and Hobs) and human behaviour.  I've studied the media in far more depth than I ever have before (and I used to teach it!) and I have studied and continue to study the politics behind the cover up.  At the  end of 7 years, I am much wiser and more cynical than I ever was before.

My dear old Mum saw through Kate and Gerry straight away.  I took the opposing view, on the basis that she was as mad as a hatter.  But try as I may, I could not understand their constant TV appearances and trips to see the Pope and Oprah Winfrey.  Whatever 'innocence' everyone could see went completely over my head.  I went online and soon discovered I was far from alone, but that is another topic for another day.  My enemies will accuse me of being pro in the early days based on the fact that I refused to criticise the parents until I was 100% certain that they were involved. 

Returning to the Jill Havern forum, my days there were always numbered. As a lefty, anti establishment, libertarian, tree hugger, I had been dodging bullets from the moment I joined!  In fact on joining, I received a long winded diatribe from one of the more prominent members telling me off for my immoral and louche approach to life and my support of legalising drugs!  For anyone trying to form a mental image, I am more Hyacinth Bouquet* than Janice Joplin. 

But lets not digress.  Why was I banned.  Firstly, I was set up and I fell for it.  I'm not proud of that, doh!  After reams of posts criticising me, Sharon (moderator) stepped in to ask posters to take it to the Members lounge.  I posted, 'I will reply in members lounge, if I can be arsed'.  Bingo, they got me, instant ban!  I was set up M'lud.

But I am not going to be sidetracked by silly conspiracy theories. They wanted me out, and they have achieved it.  Now they are free to place Tony Bennett back on his pedestal, where he can continue preaching to the converted.  A forum that only permits one view is not a forum as there is no exchange of ideas, but a single (tedious) and worshipful flock of sheep.  Well baaa to you a'holes who forced me out, I wear my black fleece with pride.

For those unfamiliar with the Jill Havern forum, it was set up to support most famous anti McCann activist Tony Bennett and his campaign The Maideleine Foundation.  Tony Bennett took civil action against Kate and Gerry McCann for child neglect.  The case was thrown out, but it attracted a lot of (negative) publicity.  Tony also printed leaflets listing 60 facts about Madeleine's disappearance and at one point, he and others distributed the leaflets in the McCanns home town of Rothley.  Again, this attracted much publicity.  Tony was barred by the Courts from distributing his leaflet and has gone through many legal battles with the McCanns, the upshot of which, he is gagged and must make a monthly payment to the parents.  An angry man? If I were Tony I would have stopped those payments the moment the diggers went into PDL, mind you, I would have cut my arms off and spent weeks in prison hanging upside down before paying that pair a penny!

As I am now able to post 'unbound', I can state that I never supported any of the tactics used by Tony Bennett and the Madeleine Foundation, as I believed them to be tasteless and harmful to those seeking justice for Madeleine.  Whilst I admire Tony's hard work and diligence, I do not agree with his conclusions, nor the way in which he is pursuing the matter, and in fact I believe that he may even be harming the official investigation by trying to meddle with the witnesses.  Some on the Jill Havern forum are demanding the Smiths come forward and make a public statement to rebut Tony's (frankly ridiculous) accusations - oblivious to the fact that this family are witnesses in a major criminal investigation, who cannot and should not, speak about anything pertaining to a future trial! Deh!

I believe Martin Smith replied to Richard D. Hall, because he is a reasonable man, but didn't reply to Tony, because banging their heads against a brick wall would have been more productive.  Even now, admin are saying on the site that Martin Smith's email might be fake! 

My disagreement with Tony and indeed the reason for my ban rests on the evidence of the Smith family. Tony is adamant they are involved and 'we' (JH forum) have a right to investigate them.  I believe they are innocent witnesses and that we should respect their privacy.  Tony also believes that the investigation by Scotland Yard is a whitewash, a  means to cover up Madeleine's disappearance and clear the parents of any involvement.  I am not so cynical.  There are good people in this world, like Goncalo Amaral and the Smith family, those who are brave enough to stand by their truth in the face of so much hostility.  And I believe there are good people in the police, men and women just like Goncalo Amaral who stay focused on the victim of the crime and won't give up until she gets justice.

Farewell to the posters on JH who continue to fight for truth and justice.  The ban is for a week, but after this blog, I doubt I will be back.  I entered the McCann fray to discover the truth behind the disappearance not the truth according to Tony Bennett and other commentators who demand we believe them or they will take their ball and go home. 

*I have and use a cakestand for afternoon tea :)


  1. Good for you. I left said forum being banned for daring to speak against that bloke. 'Researcher' indeed! An old fool with too much time on his hands more like. His zealous religious views are also a complete joke
    You are better off out of there.

  2. Sharon posted this explanation of your temporary ban in the Members forum, which you can't see at the moment, Linda : "For the constant disruption of certain threads despite having been asked many times to stay on topic, and for attempting to derail threads by turning them into yet another Smithman thread. She was asked on a number of occasions to keep the debate on the Smithman issue on the Smithman threads but was insistent on derailing these other threads.".

    Many other people have had temporary bans, including Tony Bennett, for the same reason. You were not banned for your views on Smithman, you were simply asked to use the relevant thread which you ignored.

    1. I personally have never once been asked to stay on topic, so the post begins with a lie! Please post proof of the many times I have been asked to stay on topic. I knew darn well you were looking for an excuse to ban me, so I stuck strictly to the rules!

      Incidentally, almost every poster on the Mainstream thread is discussing the Smith family sighting including all those posts accusing me of dissent and much worse. I have stayed out of it - the one reply I did make stating I would respond in the Members Lounge got me banned! And with lightning speed. A set up? As if!

      Tony is conveniently away as all this goes on. Presumably not contactable by land or sea. Way to get others to do your dirty work for you I suppose, whilst you plead innocence.

      Tony has had ample opportunity to respond to my criticism of his attacks on the Smith family. Indeed, since he was last on the board, or should that be seen on the board over a week ago, the Richplanet videos have been released. He obviously contributed to them, yet he has remained silent.

      Martin Smith, the focus of so much of his research and hard work, has publicly stated he does not know Robert Murat. Still Tony remains silent.

    2. I believe TB is currently in hospital having Plebgate removed from his backside

    3. Cristobel,i must correct you in that I think TB has been posting this week as AIYOYO .You will recall he was caught using the alias Fleffer earlier in the year to bolster an argument against WLBTS.

    4. Wouldn't be surprised at all. He always was and always will be a nobody. Can't understand why anyone ever supported him. Far too full of himself and now everyone else is suffering. Can't accept differing opinions because his are always right. Yeah right.

    5. Somehow don't think you'll ever be shown details of when you went off post, Cristobell, so don't hold your breath. The TB/JH/Sharon mafia all come from the same mould.

  3. This is my second try Cristobell, lost my first post to you, It was good and long. I will try again and give you the gist. Don't let them get you down. I've seen with my own eyes over the past few weeks what you have put up with, absolute rudeness and bating you. You have done well, keept your cool and stood your corner. There are a lot of nice, good people on there, but also some above their station who bow down to a very pompous and rude man, who in my opinion only, had a good heart once upon a time but illusions of grandure and self importance have ruined him, I don't want to hurt him or anyone, but he must stop the "I am the expert mentality and I am always right", it's not attractive it is petulant. His minions I have no time for, they are fawning over him even when he talks shite. A great site, some good mannered, clever, lovely people, but going to the dogs with them enabling some people to be rude and then blaming the victim of the rudeness. Alas, I did not have your good manners and fortitude, two years ago I got so riled up, I called a person a bad name, which was Arsehole, it made be feel better because the person was acting like one. I got banned. I was gutted as could no longer debate. I understand how you feel completely. You are a very Sassy, clever, well mannered educated lady, it's there loss. Head up, Chin up. I will post another time, God Bless You.

  4. Stick to your beliefes, stay true to yourself. Don't be intimedated by these forums you are right to hold your own opinions & state them

  5. Heck Cristobel - you`d better come back to JH`s forum or else my life will never be the same !
    Loads of people on the forum disagree with Tony, you`re not the only one - and we should continue to debate (but on the correct thread of course).

    JH`s forum is not built solely around Tony`s ideas - in fact he has been sent to the cooler himself before now. I`m sure JH wouldn`t want a one sided discourse - what would be the point of the forum?

    None of us know for sure where the Smith`s stand in all this (unless of course Tony or you have inside knowledge).

    The only thing all of us want is that the liars are brought to justice, so you get straight back there (as soon as you`re released that is !)

    1. Hard to debate when one prominent poster jumps on every thread stifling debate pointing out 'the facts' as he sees them. Yet the likes of Cristobell get banned for apparently 'derailing threads'. Laughable.

  6. About a year ago a poster called Logica on the Pat Brown blog said he had been banned on CMOMM for disagreeing with Tony Bennett.He said things are not what they seem on the Havern forum.Maybe this will be a blessing to be out of there.

  7. Sorry to hear about your temporary ban, Cristobell. I agree with much of what you say but regardless of whether I agree or not, it will a great loss to the forum if you do not return.
    All the best, and hope to see you back posting by the end of the week.

  8. Commiserations Cristobell or welcome to the club! I have mixed feelings on all this:

    1) I think the JH forum does some outstanding research
    2) I think there are a lot of decent, intelligent people on there
    3) However I think the vitriol is ever present
    4) A common motif: somebody is attacked and then when they retaliate they are banned
    4) Also debate on the internet is flawed: people can misunderstand each other so easily on forums, rendering them ineffective IMO
    5) I'm surprised by some of the views of some of the people on that forum -- Blacksmith once spoke of the Plymouth Brethren
    6) How can you know who anybody is? There surely have to be shills on that forum (distracting and creating vitriol?)
    7) I'd love to see the list of banned people. Have Chatelaine, Ultima Thule and WLBTS all been banned?

    As for Tony Bennett
    1) Don't like his views on just about everything outside the Mccann case
    2) I do however think he gets most stuff right as regards the case. And I share his frustration that people won't question things like the Smith sighting or become aware of the high level machinations going on here.

    I think I can easily forgive Bennett (not that I'm saying he cares) because one he's been through a lot and that might account for some of his behavour and secondly because he's one of the very few people on this case who can analyse clinically and logically.

    Ideally I'd have his views vis-a-vis the case mixed with your views on life in general. :)

    1. Cristobell, please do NOT suffer fools gladly. Some of the responses to your post that. I have seen, want their Cake and eat it, they want to be your friend but are condoning the rudeness and closed minded ness shown to your views. No two people are likely to think the same or have the same responses to happenings, that gives no one the right to be rude, diss or make anyone feel bad about their views, this works both ways. you say to the person, I agree or don't agree with that, why do you think that? Oh ok, can't see where you coming from but will bear that in mind, we agree to disagree, end of. No one has the right to belittle someone for their viewpoint, if they do they have a closed, one track mind. No matter all Smooze, I love you both. People need to get real and stand up for RIGHT over WRONG. Fairweather friends springs to mind. Stick to your Guns Girl, you are the one making the most sense. No one is slating a certain person, he has done his best and stood up for his beliefs, but at what cost to himself and others. There is NO excuse for rudeness, diva like attitude, it is spoiling the goodness of the man, who I believe is a good man who doesn,t know how to behave, you find that a lot with really intelligent people, clever, but no common sense. It's the followers I have the problem with, they ain't clever or nice, they are sponging off a man, feeding off him, they are thick as two planks, they know the Man gets carried away with his beliefs, he is passionate in what he believes,it's the followers, enabelers who cause a lot of the trouble, they don't know diddly squat, they are in awe of this person and no matter what outlandish thing he says, they will agree, they are feeding off him. he is probably a sound bloke, one to one, but! I do think he sees himself as THE EXPERT, I don't blame him, I think he has a true heart, if a bit boring. No, it's the followers,like fecking teeny boppers, take that fans, thick as shit, but clinging to a celeb in their eyes, they can't string two words together, but they converse with the lead singer, look back at the posts, you will see who are the fans, stars in their eyes, always the same ones digging you out. Like little girls screaming at a concert. The person, is not without blame, but I have to concede he gives 100% to his beliefs! I'm not knocking him for that, he is pompous, he does think he knows all. Without these hangers on, who are bolstering his belief in himself, he is probably a nice man. It's the hangers on, the people who leap to answer posts to defend his views, who bombard people with different views to him, they are the ones. I could name them all, can't be arsed. Nought will change. You are a clever, fair lady, you don't need them. Please start your own discussion group, we know you will be fair and just, you have proved you are. Some of the replies you have had to your post, don't make sense to me? They agree with you to a certain extent, but, then they state otherwise.
      Take care and please think carefully about all the posts you have received. You have nought to think about re any of your blogs/posts. You are on the ball and have always been a lady.

    2. Sorry, me again. I have just thought, they are all saying they miss you, come back, BUT, then they give their talk. We miss you, but that person has a point, please come back so we can diss you all over again. We like you and your points are valid, sometimes, you do give a different perspective to things, but we do love our King, doesn't matter pretty much what you say, but we cherise you input, even though we think it's shit. You have been here soo long, we will miss you as a sister, who else are we going to argue with, when we know our King is in the all together, the altogether as the day that he was born. I do really think they will all miss you Cristobell, you are the voice of reason, they have had you there talking sense for a while.I am being horrible now, I am so angry you have been banned, who are hey to do that? Well it just shows them up. They will Defo miss you within a day or two as it gets boring on their, once the FAN club have had their say! no one wants to debate same old same old? Please start your Own forum, I'm sure you are more than capable. Chow, speak soon.

    3. What's that Take That song Cristobell, Want you back for good.
      Whatever you did whatever you said, you didn't mean it, we just want you back for good, yea right.

    4. Tony Bennett didn't get most things right about this case when he landed himself in court and got fined and restricted did he TBR ?
      I too have been banned from jh forum and had one or two posts deleted with the reason giving that my posts were potentially libellous (which they were not ) but yet at every given opportunity Tony Bennett is permitted to Libel the Smith family without any cautioning by admins and has regularly sent topics off topic with greta ease.

    5. Well I thought the judges were just unfair on him though maybe I'm wrong. Believe me, if you think Bennett makes you angry, I'm sure he makes me even more angry. Like I say I had a spat with him as well. All I'm saying is that I don't let my dislike of the man interfere with my reception to what he has to say on this case. I also think whoever it was above who said that it's the bottom feeders who are the most repulsive, got it spot on.

    6. Hi Thomas, so grateful for your comments. Re TB, I agree he is passionate, I agree he is hardworking, but he allows his passion to influence his research. Several times on Jill Havern, I have pointed out the concept of 'Six Degrees of Separation' - basically anyone can be linked to anyone within 6 moves. Gerry once or was it twice, played golf in Portugal. Robert Murat likes golf and lives in Portugal, ergo they must be linked. Enough already!

      The chances of Goncalo Amaral being wrong, SY and the PJ, all being wrong and Tony Bennett being right, are about as remote as being struck by lightening. Especially given, he has the least facts available to him.

      Tony reached a conclusion several years ago and he is sticking with it come what may, even if he has to pound a square peg into a round hole to achieve it. The passion has replaced the logic as it were. Unfortunately, people who take unwieldy, 100% stances - in anything at all, will eventually find themselves with no wriggle room left. They must admit they are wrong, or defend a theory that is not sustainable. Tony has put his theory under the spotlight and must expect it to be challenged.

      He has never convinced me to believe his version of what happened that night and besides which, when someone insists I MUST believe them in preference to my own conclusions, it gets my heckles up. In one of the last posts made by Tony before his own abduction, he accused those who believed the Smith family of having some sort of blind, religious faith! A tad OTT from himself!

      He is desperate for people to believe his theories and it seems, willing to go to any lengths to establish them as fact. Why he would want to do this I have no idea, we are all here fighting for the truth about what happened to Madeleine. What we believe happened matters not a jot, and quarrelling just makes us look silly.

      Tony is trapped with a theory that doesn't hold up. We have all been there, but we have a rethink and start again. Tony won't do this, its his way or the highway.

      I mentioned to him that the investigation, like every living thing, has evolved. [for Gawd's sake don't get him started on evolution} Tony is basing his own investigation on a 7 year old file.

      His refusal to adapt to the new evidence as it emerges has left him trapped with two theories that simply do not stand up to scrutiny. He has had ample opportunity to respond to Martin Smith, Richard Hall and indeed myself, but he remains silent. Though I see the attacks have begun, thought I was reading a pro site for a moment!

      Best wishes Thomas

    7. Well CB I agree all this bickering does just make us all look silly. Plus the 6 degrees of separation thing is important. I think TB goes too far when he makes lists of people who holidayed in Prai De Luz and includes the Smiths in a list with other more disreputable people.
      He could well be right that Prai De Luz is the home of some secret criminal activity; he could be right about questioning Martin Smith; but the fact that they holidayed in Prai for 11 years or something doesn't prove anything.

      The attacks are always worse when they come from your own side. That silly Lazzeri stuff -- another person using the anonymity of the internet to their advantage

  9. Well, this is a bombshell.

    I hope Cristobell returns, we need the input and rationality she brings to debates. I find myself agreeing with her on most elements to this case, except I am as convinced that the case will never be solved by the British police and authorities as she is convinced they are painstakingly working towards the truth. I agree with her that the Smiths are genuine but do believe there are other angles from which to view their sighting.

    Cristobell, unlike some, always remains polite and respectful. Sometimes when up against quite rude adversity. I admire her patience, logical thought and her thoroughness in explaining her arguments. She will be, as I also believe Russiandoll is, a loss to this forum if she takes the decision not to return.

    I firmly believe this to be the best researched site regarding the McCann mystery, with the most thorough and rational contributors. It is a pleasure to be here because all sides of the arguments are analysed and dissected. People will have differing views, of course they will because this is so massive with so many unanswered questions. Nowt wrong with that as long as everyone remains respectful and are here honestly. Cristobell is both.

    I look forward to your words in a week's time, Cristobell. I hope you're back to offer them.

    Dee Coy

  10. Yes, I've been banned too, Thomas. Without a warning and without reasons given. It was kind of "comforting" to read Jill's explanation this morning as to whom the GENUINE posters are: Admin, Mods, Tony and PeterMac. BTW I don't for a second doubt the latter one.
    @ Cristobell: your banning was to be expected, just like mine. From what I hear on the wire I wouldn't be surprised, if a new forum would emerge before too long.
    Regards, Châtelaine.

    1. Good. I honestly think it is very badly needed.

  11. Lol, Woofer, I am sure it will be! Unfortunately my days have been numbered for quite some time and dancing on eggshells was becoming tedious.

    The truth is, I find the investigation and publication of the private details of the innocent witnesses in a major trial, morally reprehensible. We all have the ability to snoop on whoever we want, one of the joys of the internet, however, just because we can, doesn't mean we should.

    Tony may do the research and the work, but it doesn't mean his train of thought or his conclusions are the right ones. Particularly if he is biased before he begins. Any academic will know that you cannot reach a conclusion without looking at every angle. As he has based his research on one theory alone, it is simply not valid.

    Unfortunately, he has a strong, authoritative voice that influences many, to the extent that they too will cross moral boundaries without thought for the consequences of their actions.

    I am not even sure that what Tony is doing by investigating the private lives of witnesses in a major trial is legal. The McCanns have wisely stayed away from them. If this case ends in a mistrial because of the over zealous actions of a self appointed vigilante, I don't think any of us will be very happy.

    I have no regrets Woofer, who knows, the move may give me the confidence to strike out on my own a bit more and update my blog more regularly, which is something I always enjoy.

    I did like the discourse of a forum, and I liked to hear alternate ideas. Many, many times posters on the JH or the FB groups have said things that have made me sit up and listen intently, for me nothing is ever carved in stone. I like to listen to other people's ideas. Very often others see an answer when all you can see is haze, or, as sometimes happens, you can discover something new that makes all your previous theories redundant. Tony's insistence that he is right, dead right, is not an endearing trait, and as we have seen, makes discussion impossible.

    There are a few good posters left on JH, and I will continue to read them, or at least the parts I can see, lol,

    1. Miss Martyr is not banned - she is suspended

    2. I don`t know who this lazzeri person is, but he/she sounds awfully like an established member of JH forum who often baits Cristobell. The bitchy, hard nosed tone is familiar.

    3. sallypelt?yes it did seem as if she was settling old scores.

    4. He/She says at the start of the attack that as long as everyone is entitled to their "say"all is fair in love and war etc
      That is the point ,only Bennett and his acolytes get a "say".Doh!

    5. It' not the first time lazzeri has chosen to slag you off on her/his/it's blog though cristobell.
      Seems to have an unhealthy obsession with you

  12. Yet again Cristobell, you have given wise words and please strike out on your own, I am sure many will follow you, the voice of reason.
    I am no longer anonymous.

  13. @ Cristobel - "If this case ends in a mistrial because of the over zealous actions of a self appointed vigilante, I don't think any of us will be very happy. "

    That aspect concerns me too.

    @ Richard Hall - if you manage to liaise with the Smiths, it would solve a lot of confusion if you can find out if MS really did report his sighting to the Portuguese police 2 days after MBM`s disappearance as per the Mirror article of 13.10.13.

  14. People only ever combine against and dispense with what they fear, my fine and beautiful friend. As my Martial Arts supremo is wont to say;- Suck it up, Princess! On with the battle..........

  15. @Chatelaine: You said "It was kind of "comforting" to read Jill's explanation this morning as to whom the GENUINE posters are: Admin, Mods, Tony and PeterMac. BTW I don't for a second doubt the latter one."....I actually put etc at the end of that list which you left off. I couldn't name everyone which is why I put etc.

    1. How can you say TB is genuine if he uses aliases such as Fleffer,Aiyoyo etc to make it seem that his point of view has support.That is underhand , deceptive and frankly unacceptable to your other members.

    2. FFS Aiyoyo is not TB!
      Cristobell has been banned for ONE week, it is not the end of the world as we know it, folks. Please get some perspective and remember why most of us are reading - because we want truth and justice for a small child.

    3. Well Jill Havern, it,s not nice when your boy is wrongly accused of being someone else is it.You have given Bennett and his cronies a platform to label honest posters seeking the truth as promccann disruptors just because they disagreed with TB.
      You yourself have labelled banned posters as other names to justify there expulsion without proper research.
      Blacksmith called your place a cesspit and he has a valid point.Only you Jill Havern can clean it up.

    4. I don't think it's about the one week ban. The forum now believes and states as fact that the Smith family are liars. All of the threads take this up and if it needs to be challenged it is shifted to a sub thread which means it's a new required belief of the forum. That's not free speech and Sharonl's should never have been allowed to post what she did in that manner. I see she got rewarded as a promotion for her troubles, she is now admin.

    5. Anon 9.10. Strange behaviour. The forum states across the top that it will not permit personal attacks on members, yet they have used the very personal attack on me by lazzeri as the subject of a thread!

    6. lazzeri has done himself/herself a big dis-service. Never appealed to me at all (it's all those red/bold type of "corrections" similar to TB's "sermons") however this personal attack is a new low. Only about 13 threads posted on JH today of which over half are non maddie ones - there's even one dedicated to Miss Martyr whoever she is :) Meanwhile I've got a bit of research results to post (of the read/travelled/questioned/photographed kind) with nowhere to post it. Shame.

    7. Lazz says he hates liars then ignores Bennett the biggest liar in Christendom since Gerry McCann

  16. ANTIS please, not ANTI'S. It is plural, not possessive.

  17. Chin up, Cristobell,

    you weren't the only person to post on threads where requested not to (if that's what happened). What I can see is a post saying that the smith sighting is "ludicrous" and then asking people to take their concerns elsewhere to another thread. IMO that's censorship, deliberately baiting people and insisting in no other point of view. A few days ago the same request was made. Many many others continued posting on the thread, they weren't banned but you were.

    As many have said JH is a good forum however I don't believe many will remain where we are required to believe that a man had his family including his 12 year old daughter lie purely so we can discredit a sighting to prevent a whitewash. Like you said recently banging a square peg into a round hole isn't going to solve anything at all.

    1. I agree that Cristobel was set up.The baiting blog was posted was posted by sharonl who I believe has a history of banning anyone who doesn,t toe the Bennett party line.
      Had Canyfloss or NFWTD been on duty it would not have happened.
      BTW has Candyfloss thrown in the towel?

    2. I really hope that Candyfloss is merely on holiday.

      I wonder how long it will take for people to realize that Cristobell is not the cause of the issues on JH, she is merely a symptom. Nobody is going to be bullied into accepting something that isn't true and most JH members aren't willing to accept it no matter what tactics are played. At the end of the day nobody will remain except a handful of TB supporters. I think it's time for JH to decide if she supports Madeleine or TB, it seems it can no longer be both.

    3. I think her position is crystal clear.She is scared of losing TB.Perhaps she needed him in the beginning but the forum would have stood on
      it,s own had she shown him the door.It,s too late now,it has lost all credibility.

  18. I'm not sure if you're making a drama out of a crisis or a crisis out of a drama Cristobell.

    Either way it doesn't matter. Drama and crisis are where you just love to be. Even if there's not one you engineer it.

    As Spudgun says, 'suck it up Princess'.

    1. I think there's a variety of people who have contributed to the case and there are two ends of the spectrum:

      At one end the people who have publicly exposed themselves in the name of justice -- of which Cristobell is one.

      At the other end there's the people who haven't really contributed anything and have hidden behind the anonymity afforded by the internet to hurl bile at others who are actually on their side.

    2. Not the only one telling me to 'suck it up' is he?

      Rather than respond to Martin Smith, Richard D. Hall or myself, he uses a dreary mouthpiece called Lazzeri lies in the Sun to attack me personally and accuse me of lying.

      Using that word you love Laz, I couldn't be arsed to read the entire diatribe, having scrolled down and saw you were a fan of Judge Judy (did we get to Jeremy Kyle?) and Tony Bennett, I appreciated just how valuable my time is and moved on.

    3. Apologies, the above reply is in response to Lazzeri lies posting as Anonymous above.

  19. As Thomas Baden-Riess has rightly said "debate on the internet is flawed: people can misunderstand each other so easily on forums, rendering them ineffective" I know this to my cost!

    However, there are also people on forums who are determined to be bloody-minded!!

    It is their loss, Christobell, and I am sure that there will be many there who will miss you, I know I will.

  20. You rock Cristobell, loved reading your posts over there. So many great posters gone, so much damage being done to the cause imo.

  21. I actually can't believe they banned you. There's such a pattern. I have never seen a discussion forum ban so many prominent,high profile and intelligent posters as that place. Discussion forums usually ban wind-up-merchants and trolls, people who want to disrupt. That place bans people who share a different interpretation to certain posters. Once I saw you developing your views (and sticking to them) on Smith I had a feeling you were on shaky ground. So disappointing.

  22. Sounds as though the one doing the banning needs a reality check. A serious case of delusional grandeur there! Shrug your shoulders and get back on there as soon as you can!

  23. I think TB is as mad as a hatter, totally up his own arse, seems to think he is a messiah or summit!

    1. he is not the messiah,just a very naughty boy!

    2. TB has done a lot of great work but his extremism in so many spheres (establishment, EU and some aspects of this case) really put me off. I felt a mod should have advised him to tone it down a wee bit and direct his energies into what he is really good at. It shouldn't be his job to have a Stalin type 'denouncement' system where anybody who challenges him is some sort of 'agent of TM'. In all seriousness it drives me potty.

  24. Hi Christobell: Chin up, it's just a glitch in the grand scheme of things; these things always happen in penultimate times.

    I can't do links at the moment, but I would like to send you a virtual song and that is: A Change Is Gonna Come, performed by Beth Hart x

  25. I love the Sam Cooke original,i think he wrote it.
    How appropriate.

  26. Sorry to hear about your ban Cristobell. That forum has lost all credibility in my honest opinion. It's not really a forum at all when you have to agree with TB or get attacked by some of his cronies and of course his numerous alias' if you don't.
    It's really just an exclusive private members club that started to help Tony Bennett and it's all centred around him (not Madeleine). Some fantastic posters have been banned over the years just because they don't agree with his way of thinking or 'facts' as he likes to say, and challenge him. As other people have stated, the forum has gone massively downhill and has become a bit of a laughing stock. I do hope another forum does start.

    Jill Havern members. Be aware with personal emails as Jill and Tony and maybe some others can all read them. That's a fact.

    What makes me laugh is TB accuses you of being on Team McCanns side if you don't agree with him. The guy is a few sandwiches short of a picnic. I know several people who have known him personally over the years and they all say the same thing. The guy is bark raving mad. He enjoys the 'ego boost' that the stage of which of course the Jill Havern Forum gives him. In the 'real' world nobody takes him seriously and he most definitely is a laughing stock.

    1. I wonder if something more sinister is going on here.Some people must have sent the Madeleine Foundation money in the erroneous belief that it was going to the McCanns in the search for Maddie.
      Has Bennet accounted for this money?

    2. Tone likes a word play

      foundation - or base - is Al-Qaeda - or in Arabic القاعدة‎

      the sick imaginations of an under employed man

    3. At the end of the day, Tony Bennett tried to make money out of the death of a near 4 year old little girl. He was selling his '60 reasons book' for a fiver.
      As bad as the parents in my view.


  27. The forum is riddled with wind up merchants, but if they suck up to the tops then they are in the club.....Ladyinred, now she is one shit stirrer. She is determined to destroy in a clever way.

    1. She is poison.That was a funny post which called her ladyinbred.She was raggin and waggin her tail.

    2. Ha - yeah totally agree about Ladyinred. She used to send me personal emails on a daily basis being all friendly then slags me off when I get banned. Very strange woman indeed.

    3. Actually I think she could be a shemale, pre op.If look at some of her posts she often says she is a lady!She doth protest too much!
      It,s like tb posting as Maninpink...............
      Well maybe not so strange after all.

    4. Your all wrong about Ladyinred.
      It,s a misprint for Laddyinabed.
      That,s another one of TB,s aliases when he goes to his cottage in Scotland!

    5. Strange she has stopped posting....Maybe it was her way to stop on the number of posts being 777....Thats no jackpot number

  28. TB is a leech and parasite who attaches himself to human suffering and feeds off it ferociously.

    Whatever one's stance on the Mc-saga - reading just some of TB's homophobic/islamophobic/RCphobic/Europhobic mutterings -

    exposes that man as who he really is, a bitter and failed little human being

    social worker - my a.rse
    anti-social worker more like

  29. This is a case of a good man gone celebrity. This is a case of minions clinging to his every word. I'm not here to diss him, he had a good heart, still has. His downfall is he thinks he knows all, he needs to think again. If you don't tow his line your shite. He is what I called him when I got banned. he can't debate, he quotes irrelevant facts in fecking BLUE to reiterate to you/us that we are morons. How to gain friends and influence people, No wonder the McCanns sued him! he goes to far and gets under the skin

    1. I can't stand the Mccanns and I hope they rot in hell for what they have done. However it does bring a smile to my face that they have virtually bankrupted TB.

    2. TB seems to be a bit of a Little Englander and it's that narrow minded and condescending attitude that has turned me off that whole forum. Why can he not just let people debate without jumping in on them with the 'facts' in blue or red as somebody else has said.

      FACT. There, the above opinion must be true..

    3. messiah complex - plain and simple

  30. I can see now why they didn,t want you to go permanently.You have opened a can of worms as far as the unholy trinity of Tony Bennett, Jill Havern and Sharon Lawrence are concerned.NFWTD is too good a person for that mottly crew.

    1. Yes NFWTD is great. Candyfloss and Tigger were as well although it looks like they have been whooshed by Team Tony, Jill and Sharon.

  31. Tone killed off 4 fora - to the best of my recollection. (3a was one of them)

    Introducing himself as the kind and wise uncle - ingratiating himself with the forum hierarchy - then killing off all dissenters (figuratively).

    This guy Tone - scattered hate pamphlets round Rothley in the hope that the twins
    would find one - bearing Madeleine's face - and ask their parents:

    'What's that all about mummy and daddy?'

    Despicable behaviour

    How low can you go? - Tone can tell ya

  32. Quote - "That forum has lost all credibility in my honest opinion. It's not really a forum at all when you have to agree with TB or get attacked by some of his cronies and of course his numerous alias' if you don't. It's really just an exclusive private members club..."

    Interesting opinon! TB was I think in at the start of Havern's forum and is still there 5 years later. If you go to Google Analytics, Havern's forum had over one million views in July, and every evening has 300 to 400 viewing it at any moment, far outstripping any other Madeleine forum, with many more members than any other. and new members joining all the time, so hardly 'exclusive'.

    A forum that has lost all credibility? LOL, after the last few days, it's Cristobell who's lost all credibility, see l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun blog

    1. Christobell came out as her own person on Icke's ill fated TV thingy


      Lazarus is just an anonymous 'mouth' hiding behind a screen

      correct again?

    2. Well the forum has been going 5 years and there are probably only 10 to 15 'exclusive' members in all that time including 'mods / admin' that have posted over a 1000 posts. Less than a post a day. Everybody else gets banned when they get to that level.
      I don't doubt that a lot of people view it. PeterMac is an outstanding researcher and poster and gives the forum some credibility along with a few others as well.
      You only get the same 20 or so names actually posting though these days rehashing the same old stuff that was discussed years ago.
      TB has admitted that the Jill Havern Forum was set up to help him. Of course he would still be there. He has personally banned hundreds of posters in those 5 years.

    3. That was a hatchet job by someone settling old scores .The writer denied knowing TB not too convincingly.Noop must do better than that.

    4. piss poor argument: 'Havern's forum had over one million views in July'

      yep and millions of people bought Bay City Rollers albums and timeshares in Spain..go figure

    5. There have been times when the JH forum was buzzing with some of the best McCann commentators on the net, but they have been leaving in droves. Candyfloss, Chatelaine, Russian Doll, Tigger, all gone. Laz and indeed JH state that my ban is temporary. That's good of them! I can return if I sit in the cooler for a week and think about my attitude - which brings a flashback of my convent days and all the punishments I received then for 'not believing' in God. Didn't work then, won't work now.

      And should add, just scanned the rest of Laz's drivel and see she doesn't doesn't have a cake stand or do afternoon tea. Course you don't Laz, I'm guessing white cider, (anytime) and knuckle dusters?

    6. Lazzy hardly matters - who apart from Tone reads (writes) that illiterate and ill-informed guff?

    7. Nice post from the heart .I loved you as Fossey especially your final post to plebgate that got you banned.Was worth it.

  33. There is a reason TB is doing everything possible to discredit the Smiths.
    There are reasons why everybody who questions TB or challenges him on that forum are instantly banned.
    TB has his own agenda. All is not what it seems.

    1. Agreed,he is up to something and it,s not good,I would guess his angle is money simply because he is probably past it as far as sex goes!

    2. errrrgh - excuse me, I'm having my breakfast

    3. Anon 16.04. I have never been able to understand why it is so important for Tony to discredit the most important witnesses in this case. I have always put it down to some sort of eccentricity, but now I am beginning to wonder.

    4. "O would some power the giftie gie us to see ourselves as others see us."

      I speak not as a member of that forum but as a fairly regular reader. Just lately it has been like watching a slow motion train crash. This is what happens when forums go bad. This one has gone toxic. A small all-powerful elite at the top and an inner circle of fawners imposing their will on the nonconformists who dare to think for themselves.
      It doesn't matter whether you get a permanent ban or a temporary one. It's who gets singled out which is the interesting angle. Chances are that they have gone off message with their differing opinions.
      Cristobel has gone, and so have other similarly decent, thoughtful posters. Who will be the next victim, because there will be a next victim who will be shown the door or just walk away in disgust. Otherwise TB will have no-one to hector and harangue, and it looks like candyfloss won't be around to stop it.
      Leave them to it. Let them blindly follow The Pied Piper of Harlow into the abyss.

    5. Hi Cristobell. Yes, at first I was very disappointed to get banned as I really enjoyed contributing. To be honest I'm glad I'm out of there now which I'm sure you are as well. It's certainly a strange set up with all the banning's not towing the TB line and as other posters on here have highlighted there certainly seems a hidden agenda going on. Sometimes you thing the forum should be called the complete mystery of smithman. TB and his followers certainly want to discredit the main potential witnesses which is most bizarre. I do find that man extremely odd and it's fascinating to hear some of the comments being left on here about him and his agenda. The JH forum is certainly not what its cracked up to be and as others have pointed out I most certainly think there is an alternative agenda going on. The forum is dying a slow and painful death anyway. It's interesting that TB has vanished since the Rich Hall docs came out. Unless he is commenting in the members lounge. Not privy to that but wouldn't surprise me if there is a thread there about this blog and all the interesting and enlightening comments being posted.
      A new forum would be great (hint cristobell). I would love to join as I'm sure a lot of the current genuine members of the JH would. Not to mention all the genuine ex members that have been banned from there.
      I believe the Smiths are genuine as did GA. I was disappointed a bit that Rich Hall took a slight TB stance on it but apart from that the docs were first class.


    6. Hi Andrew, Christobel, RD, Chatelaine ... I agree we need a new forum. As someone has said earlier, JH has gone the same way as tbe DM, 3as and the Maddiecasefiles. Best wishes, Chilli

  34. Tone is a malicious waster

    If he dissed you Christobell

    don' t take it as an insult

    take it as a badge of honour

    you're your own woman

    and Tone does have problems with women - frequentlly

  35. The forum itself would be great if it got rid of Tony Bennett, Sharoni. Even Jill herself. Oh and all Tony's malicious hangers on. The likes of Plebgate, Ladyinred etc.
    The vast majority on the forum are sound, genuine people all wanting the same thing. That is justice for MBM. It's a shame that the above names mentioned are in it for there own agenda. Which is not about discovering the truth at all.
    Somebody (off that forum) once told me that TB is actually in cahoots with Team Mccann and Brian Kennedy. The aim to muddy the waters and convince people that the potential main witnesses are discredited so a fair trial (if it got to that stage) could not proceed. TB would be handsomely compensated if he achieves his aim.
    Didn't believe that for a second at first but nothing would surprise me with that man.

    1. I was banned for saying TB was working for the MCC,S tongue in cheek.
      Now I,m not so sure.
      I hope Smith is for real and sues the pants of TB and his crew ,who have libelled his family.

    2. The vicious way in which the forum are stamping out dissent is reminiscent of Team McCann tactics. They are determined to discredit the most crucial witnesses in this case, and we have to ask why?

      The McCanns never wanted the Smith family evidence in the public domain. Since it has been, Tony Bennett has done everything in his power to discredit it. This helps the parents, it doesn't help Madeleine. Whether he is aware of what he is doing, I couldn't possibly say, this is a guy who also believes in creationism, so rationale does not apply. Mad or bad, who knows? But in any event, his batty ideas could be a threat to the investigation and we have to believe there are good people out there who will ensure that missing child receives justice.

  36. I am annoyed in principle that you have been banned by JH's forum as I strongly support your thoughts and theories. Like you am opposed to TB's opinions and his manner of shoving down peoples throats his views as if they are right and that he is some kind of umpire over all that is posted or known about the McCann case.

    I question TB's intelligence - especially given his legal background. He has not played his hand very cleverly at all (as the Court hearing proves.) Sure, I hate that the fact the McCann's won anything - but given the evidence against TB the judge had little choice as the case was never about whether the McCann's were guilty or not.

    Anyhow, I now will not follow that site any longer and will not get worked up about the biased and rude comments made to a group of people who genuinely want to see some sort of justice for little MBM.

    Of course we may not be right on every subject - but without thinking outside of the box - the truth on any subject may be missed. Isn't that how a good investigation works??

    I also dislike the way anyone new to the forum is treated - almost always lambasted as if they were the enemy - just as soon as they post. I am sure that there are many who view that site that have been following the case since the beginning - for me the first "red flag" was the washing of cuddle cat. No loving mother on earth would do that. Just because people don't post, does not mean that we know nothing about the case - as far as I know there is not an A level on the subject.

    Should you set up your own forum - I for one would like to be a member. Good Luck in all that you do from now and I hope that your health stays well.


    1. agreed Nicole,

      if you set out your own stall/forum Christobell - I'd join in happily

      I'm not the oracle on these matters - but a forum wilts when a single point of view becomes 'mantra' and drowns out all that have differing views - bit like bind weed - Tone has been good at doing that - keep the likes of him out - your forum, should it appear, will succeed.

      oh, and get aureliusmod from the Mirror forum to lend a hand - no shenanigans then 8 -)

  37. Tone the comb

    is an outrageous misogynist indeed

    What K&G are culpable of - bar their child neglect - I do not know - does anyone?

    But why K&G were the perfect fodder for TB's appetite for destruction is plain to see:

    They are successful professionals - he is not
    Gerry is of Irish stock - Tone detests anything un - British
    They are to some extend at least,Roman Catholics - Tone totally hates that religion

    There - in 3 easy steps are the motivational factors for TB's hatred of the McCanns explained

    (and the fact he could make a few squid out of selling his wee leaflets)

  38. TB is in my opinion an MI5 asset. He has links to Shrimpton, whom in turn has links to MI5. They both worked together, Shrimpton was his sidekick on the weights and measures case. Low and behold, Christopher Story did some extensive research and came to his conclusions. He never ever spoke about it in a forum....However Shrimpton did. TB was soon to become the savior in getting everyone to see Shrimpton as being some wacko. The same with Birch. Its called controlled opposition. TB is given an avenue, and he has to proceed on that road come what may.
    Its all about MI5 involvement. You only have to look a little deeper to see whats happening. Notice how things have gotten really bad on the JH forum since all the Paedophillia scandal has broken. Christopher Story is credible...Madeleines disappearance is much more sinister IMO

  39. Hi Cristobell. Really disappointed to learn that you have been banned from that forum.I guess it was inevitable though if you didn't agree with Tony's view and dared to challenge him.

    I used to be a regular poster. I started off as Andrew77R. I was annoyed with TB's dictating views and his attacks as well his cronies on other members. Especially the fairly new posters. I drank too much wine one evening and called him a loon and asked what his real agenda was all about. Instant ban. I was gutted at first and emailed Jill to ask if she could apologise on my behalf and have me reinstated. She passed my personal email onto Tony who immediately got in touch and wanted to find out all about me before he could recommend me to be reinstated. I apologised but he proceeded with further emails saying that he wasn't convinced I was not part of Team Mccann and wanted literally an essay off me to try and convince him otherwise and tell him everything I know about the case and why I should be allowed to come back to the forum. After several long winded emails he basically said I will not be reinstated. Jill herself actually emailed me to say it was Tony's decision if I could come back.

    Anyway - my next alias. Fossey. Again this time i was sick of Plebgate causing trouble and disrupting so I got in a 'forum' spat with him and again was instantly banned. That guy drives me mad.

    My final alias - frankS. I got another instant ban at the time when it all kicked off about the poster WLBTS (who for one second I never thought he was a 'worm'. As genuine as they come on there). I sent a post saying it would be interesting to see a genuine poll of who would actually like Tony Bennett banned from the forum. Instant ban.

    It was a great forum and I enjoyed my time on there. There's some fantastic posters but it's really just the Tony Bennett show. I still read what other posters are saying from time to time as I am genuinely fascinated by this case and it makes me sick that the parents have not been charged yet. The Richard Hall docs were fantastic. I ordered the set, made some copies and distributed to friends and family. It has been a big eye opener for them which is great. I believe the tide is slowly beginning to turn and the truth will be revealed soon. Justice for Madeleine Beth McCann.

    P.s - Interesting comments about the poster L.I.R. She is most certainly a 'stirrer'. I also used to have almost daily private messages from her being all friendly and nice and again as soon as I'm not around she stabs me in the back. If your reading ladyinred. I can assure you i have recently not reincarnated myself as a poster called 'Spartacus' which you said. I wouldn't invest my time posting on that forum even I was allowed to after seeing it in a totally different light.

    P.p.s - a big hello to some of the posters who I actually used to get on with. Pretty much everyone apart from TB and Plebgate.

    1. Hi Andrew, yes I remember you very well :) Was sorry to see you banned, you were a great contributor to the forum. Tony does have the ability to make peoples' blood boil unfortunately, which of course assists with the bannings! I even had the admins baiting me! lol

      Pathetic, I feel free, don't about you Andrew, phew.

      From my own perspective, I was always on thin ice, but thought it better to remain and counter Tony's arguments with reason in the hope that it would keep the damage under control. Unfortunately, that became untenable once those batty theories became part of the Richard Hall documentaries and would therefore be seen by a wider audience. I could not in good conscience allow them to go unchallenged and I hope that issue has been amicably resolved between Richard and the Smiths.

      Why didn't Tony acknowledge his contribution to the videos? Or indeed, have Richplanet acknowledged or thanked him? Why the secrecy? Why the clampdown on discussion of Video 4, which follows almost exactly Tony's theory that the Murat is somehow involved and the Smiths covered for him. If Tony has sold that as gospel to Richard, then I am probably the least of his worries.

    2. WLBTS was too hot for Bennett to handle ,as was Cristobel.They had to go.

    3. Blue bag stood up to him ,he will go next.

  40. TB is an asset....Not to CMOMM, but most definatly to MI5 and The McCanns. He is a very dodgy fella. Just do a bit of a deeper search and you will see

    1. He can,t be M15.He is not that bright.He can,t tell a porkie without messing up.
      He is a charlatan and has been found out.

  41. TB has anyone banned for debating a different point of view. Why would anyone involve their 12 year old daughter in a conspiracy is a very good question. But unfortunately does not fit TBs agenda.

    He points out Murat and Gerrys phones were turned off for the same 32 hours this is CLEARLY not true but is now an internet myth.

    TB states 17 similarities between Smithman and Tannerman but several of the points are CLEARLY not true but have now also become internet myths.

    He then states FP and RO withdrew their identification of Murat in late 2007/early 2008 this is CLEARLY untrue but it too has become an internet myth.

    A cynical person may think TB is working with the Macs to ensure no resolution to the Madeleine case. He is clearly not there to debate but to shut down any reasonable discussion.

    J J

    1. Hmm..I don't credit Tone with that intelligence

      Alex Jones - all NWO and Bilderberg and Fema camps (whilst selling his water purification kits, etc) - now there's a business plan.

      Tone - I see as a lone, sad soul - who rages at a world full of empowered smart women - dark skinned British people and RC Irish

      all those things he so detests

      but is impotent to do anything against

      Tone reminds my of Alf Garnett - and I am showing my age here - 'I can bang too'

    2. As I said above, Martin Smith lives in the Republic of Ireland so ticks that box. It was clear to me he had a warped contempt for Smith and was setting out to 'prove' he was dodgy.

  42. TB almost certainly knows that people know his background. What better way to keep the boat rocking whilst he is away than to introduce himself as Spartacus. Why not, its all about him is it not ? The man is fucking mad. Have LIR drop in with her accusations and let another shitstorm begin. She is fucking mad too. They all know each other so well.....Im sure of it

    1. That's interesting what you say here. See my post above when LIR accused me of reinventing myself as 'spartacus'. Obviously can't see what is being discussed in the 'members lounge' but I should imagine plenty of lies, shit stirring, false accusations, malice, libel etc. Makes me so mad that I can't even defend myself.
      I wish the genuine members of CMoMM could really see this forum for what it really is. Which is nothing to do with poor Madeleine Mccann.

    2. No you are wrong there.TB is not Spartacus .
      Read the post from Spartacus to Sharonl.
      Andrew nothing being said about you,LIR back in her basket.

    3. Agreed .Read the first post by Spartacus .It is to plebgate enquiring about TB and the cottage industry.The ambiguous word was deleted in most posts but is still there.
      Hardly something TB wants to broadcast.
      Talking of plebgate he seems to have disappeared,must still be stuck up TB,s arse

  43. Makes me wonder why the McCanns and Clarence are not all over Richard about the videos. Perhaps TB has completed his job in having everything fucked up over the Smith sighting. Most likely any evidence of value has been destroyed so as not to get a fair trial...Well done TB, you certainly have been looking after G & K
    Time for a relaxing holiday perhaps aye Tone. A Mark Warner freebie no doubt.

    1. Mad or bad? Why can Tony not see that he is assisting Gerry and Kate by discrediting the most credible witnesses for the prosecution? It seems incredible that he does not know what he is doing. I lean towards mad, but that case is unbelievable on every level.

    2. I thought his rantings against Bluebag on the recent Murat/Gerry thread showed signs of advanced paranoia.
      When he lied about the contents of a pm I had sent to another poster I realised how devious he is.
      Time will tell.

    3. Bennett is bad,mad and sad.

  44. Tone was always the last one to be picked for the footy team

    The one to make the numbers up

    But then - in late age - he discovered the 'interweb'

    'Now I can spill my bile widely' he thought

    and he proceeded to do so

  45. Tone the comb

    is no shill or agent

    he does not have the mental capacity for that

    he hates jews/muslims/catholics/women/gays &/or anyone who succeeded in life

    Bennett should be pitied

    Bennett has no friends

  46. I think that forum have some good posters.
    I dont know what happened, but I like to read you and Tony and some others.
    I dont like to get personal.
    I dont think it is good.
    But i see JH members can get mean or personal
    For a newbe it is hard 'to fit in'.
    I think it is the reason why people read it, but not comment on it.
    It is bad when it gets personal... and people join in on a personal fight.
    I dont know what happened with Madeleine, so I cannot claim to know the true.
    Even the posters who dont agree can both make good points.
    Even people I dont like can have good points.

    I dont think this case will ever be solved.
    I never understood why the UK continue to sell this story.
    It gives them a bad reputation.
    This case really changed my mind about the UK.(politics/parenting/education/justice/media/preventing/protection/childcare)

    So agree to disagree can be really good.
    But get personal is not the way.
    It will only getting worse then.
    But it did.

    My opinion.
    Whatever happened..
    I think it is a pitty it had come this way.
    JH does have some great comments.
    I think you and Tony both are..

    1. I apologise this has got down and dirty Mrs FeeX, its not usually my way, live and let live and whatever gets you through the night, being my own personal road to enlightenment. However, when Tony's eccentric ideas are placed into the Mainstream (no pun intended) as fact, they become dangerous. Not only to the potential witnesses, but to any future trial. Tony's attitude of we can agree to disagree as long as everyone agrees with me doesn't enhance discussion, it brings it to a stop.

      It is not a debate if another person doesn't 'listen' to your replies - there is no interaction, they are merely reciting a script without taking into consideration the points their opponent has just made. Tony preaches, he doesn't discuss, and those who don't see what he sees, are somehow lesser mortals.

      But I am not here to denigrate him. I have been in a moral dilemma as to what to publish here on my blog. I am not printing the more outrageous stuff, but I do understand the frustration of all those who were whooshed from Jill Havern's without the right to reply. Admin posted that I was in the cooler as if I had had some sort of mental breakdown, and that I had been banned for constantly going off topic. None of it true!

    2. Well I did comment on there.
      Not for long.
      I never made a personal attac, but some members did on me.
      They thought I was someone else..but I was not.
      I did think it was a paranoid thing to welcome newbes like that.
      But my English is not as good.( So ?)
      And they seem to forget outside the UK the news and forums are not the same as in the Uk.
      I dont like the way it is getting nasty, but to be honest I will sleep well.
      I dont blame you, or can blame anyone else.
      I dont know what happened to grow it this way.
      So.. I will read it, because they have ( had) good comments.
      ( Some of them are indeed gone)
      But I wont comment there.
      I do hope it will change, be more objective.
      It is possible to respect eachother and do think different.
      Even if I dont like someone.. well that person could do have some good arguements..

      Just like saying the Russian are all bad because' they have Putin..'
      I cant say all the UKpeople are bad because..Politics/standards/media/hooligans/bad tourist, etc.

      Or all man are bad because they do so much crime.
      But I understand your dissapointment.
      Because I do know, it sometimes get personal.
      I did take it personal,at first,but then I felt sorry for those paranoid persons who really thought I was someone else.
      They had' the need' to attac, without be sure if I was indeed someone else.

      I did miss the attac on you, so for me, it came out of the blue.
      To keep up, with that forum is almost a dayjob.
      So an another reason not to comment.
      I did find this JHsite by google.
      I also read others forums, also good comments there.
      I can go there.
      I do understand such thing is 'not righ't as a member of JH to do it?
      Or some members of JH dont like/agree other forums?
      I dont stick with only one opinion.
      I love to learn more before I can make my own opinion.
      In this case it is all about opinions.
      In fact.. I even wondered why cared about this case.
      Probaly because it was so huge over Europe.
      And still is raising many (and more) questions.
      ( Not forbidden to ask I hope)

      Fact is.. no one knows what happened.
      There are some good theories about it.
      A lot of money wasted..
      I almost every country a Maddie lookalike was 'seen'
      ( Traumatised )
      And still, they did not even find one childpornproducer in their search..
      (Or didnt botter, because it was not to find such people, only to find the girl)
      Well the UK gives me the creeps in the things or way to handle.

  47. Cristobell, I admire you for your integrity and morality in the case of the Smiths.
    It is not right that it has become shooting season on CMOMM for this family.
    In fact some of the theories have been downright disgusting and is a good reason for anyone who believes in true justice to distance themselves from this forum.
    It is apparent that it is only a platform for TB and now it appears after many of the good posters have left that it now mostly remains populated by sycophants and trolls.
    Anyone that questions TB is immediately pounced upon by one of his socks. He saves himself for arguing with the big guns but can only do this with a dogmatic repetition of his beliefs. There is no critical thinking or debate.
    I don't know how the forum can move forwards, any salient points or research are now drowned out by utter drivel by the trolls. Descriptions of clothing, photographs and inane observations. These are not permitted to be challenged because it keeps the number of views and posts up.
    It has really lost it's way because it will be a stage without an audience soon and only a couple of actors playing all the parts.

  48. TB works for Team McCann with MI5 involvement. Fact.
    TB and Jill Havern are on Team McCanns Payroll. Fact.
    CMoMM website has it's own agenda. Majority of posters are unaware. Fact.
    Anyone who discovers the underlying agenda gets banned. Fact.
    Jill Havern Forum is all about confusion. Fact.
    Jill Havern Forum is to prevent this case having a fair trial. Fact.

    CMoMM members. Please wake up to all of this.

    Some seem to be as they are jumping like rats from a sinking ship now.

    Get that site closed down if you really want justice for Madeleine McCann. Justice for that little girl and her parents to stand trial for the involvement of her death and the cover up involved.

    1. 04.57: I wouldn't advocate closing any forum or website down, everyone has a right to be bonkers if they wish. The internet is littered with websites promoting all sorts of barmy ideas, and these websites have their followers. Whatever gets you through the night.

      The Jill Havern forum was successful because it (once) gave a balanced view of this case and those with opposing ideas were treated with sort of respect. Over recent months, it has become more and more hostile. New posters are pounced on and interrogated and fear of trolls has replaced discussion of the issues were are there for. It doesn't need to be closed down, it will die a natural death, or shrink to a shadow of what it once was. A pity.

    2. Are you having a larf? TB and JH on MI5 payroll?Another fruit loop conspiracy theorist! Jeez!

  49. I've never heard you stirring so much shit as you did tonight
    I've never seen you whine so slight
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    I love you......not

    Sorry was a bit bored :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Im sorry. It was about LIR

    3. there was a sad man called pleb
      who thought he was good on the web
      arse licking was his game
      his crawling showed no shame
      and now he,s a mini celeb

  50. That whoever you are is brilliant.

  51. You say you were banned. CMOMM say you were put in the cooler. I don't know which is true, but even being put in the cooler seems to be an overreaction on their part. I remember when TB was unmasked as 'fleffer', followed by him publishing parts of private messages from a CMoMM member. It needed a lot of prompting by members before he was put in the cooler. I don't think he ever explained why he used the 'fleffer' alias to reply to his own posts. I think one of his sycophantic followers explained it for him.

    CMoMM Admin seems to know or at least be able to check if someone has more than one account (through checking duplicate ISP numbers). I noticed that when someone is banned and starts a new account, TB often seems to have insider knowledge about such a reincarnation and takes delight in winding this person up. Other members may feel silly (I did) when they've talked to this 'new' member, but TB makes it look as if he has a special gift to recognise a 'born again' account under a different alias. I don't think he has any such gift, just insider (ISP) knowledge.

    I am even starting to doubt PeterMac now. There was someone with his name in Nottingham who did a 'Common Purpose' Course in 1991/1992. There's no way of knowing if it's the same person, but it would not surprise me.

    Keep blogging Christobell! Your opinion is as valid as anyone else's!

    1. They have indeed put me in the 'cooler'. However I don't accept 'punishments' from people on the internet, or indeed from anyone, I'm a grown up. I'm actually astounded that they think they can discipline me and am struggling to hold back the 'F' word! I joined a forum, I didn't sign up for a 'I will obey' regime.

      As for Petermac, I had respect for him, but I notice he too is now insisting that his own theories are right regarding the last photo and the man seen by the Smiths. Once again, when people insist they are dead right and everyone else is wrong, I stop reading.

      Regarding the private messages on the forum, it was recently revealed that Admin had full access to these and were indeed taking advantage of it. Another blow to the validity of the forum I think, as the reading and indeed the publishing of members' private messages is an abhorrent practice and one that I am sure drove many away.

      I'm actually glad to be away from there now, as I did not realise just how toxic the forum had become and I will indeed keep blogging! x :)

  52. Well, rules is rules and when someone is asked several times to post on the correct thread instead of repeatedly disrupting a thread then a suspension (NOT a ban) is going to happen. Shame really that you decided to slag of TB and the JH forum all over Twitter and Facebook though because at the end of the day, we're all here for Madeleine McCann, not to feed our egos of how important we are and therefore should have preferential treatment

    1. TB disrupts most threads at some point. That's his job on there. Stop logical debate and get his cronies to join in.
      Tony, Jill, Sharoni are thick as thieves and are in Team McCann's and Brian Kennedys pockets.
      Please wake up and realise what that forum is all about.
      Yes its the biggest 'Madeleine' forum. It's also a controlled forum for the 'Anti's'. Allowed to muddy the waters everywhere with threads on dodgy pictures and 10 pages on my mate knows someone from Portugal so could be in on it etc.
      As soon as debate happens on critical stuff like the Smith Sighting then the main players are all over it like a rash and do everything in their power to discredit it. Has anyone been banned for talking about ' kates clothes'. Answer no. Has lots of people been banned for opposing TB's views on the 'Smith sighting'. The answer Yes. Then ask yourself why.
      Discredit Smiths, Discredit a potential criminal trial. Thats the Jill Havern forums objective. Keep all the antis in one place and let them discuss crap for 5 years. However the serious stuff gets jumped on straight away and banning's issued. They don't want you getting close to the truth.
      Jill Havern Forum is controlled by Team Mccann. That is a FACT everyone.

    2. As well from Bennett dissing the Smith family you,ve also got Sharonl doubting the evidence of Mrs Fenn !
      What the fuck is going on over there?

    3. She is not the only one. Textusa doesn't believe the Fenn testimony.

    4. I obviously never read the debate that got Cristobel banned.
      You are just repeating parrot fashion what JH told you.
      Go and research the facts.

    5. yeah anon @08.35

      Rules are rules except when there are no rules for Bennett and made up rules as they go along on the jh forum for genuine posters who argue or debate with Bennett etc and by the way go back and have a look at some of the recent topics and you will discover all the inner circle members disrupt threads and go off topic without any caution or reprimand from remaining admins.

    6. @18.28
      So you slag the forum off but you still read it? What's the sense in that? I can't see any evidence of thread derailng and I read the forum almost daily . Seems that some people see only what they want to see.

  53. They wanted me out, and they have achieved it. Now they are free to place Tony Bennett back on his pedestal, where he can continue preaching to the converted. A forum that only permits one view is not a forum as there is no exchange of ideas, but a single (tedious) and worshipful flock of sheep. Well baaa to you a'holes who forced me out, I wear my black fleece with pride.


    By using your blog to insult members of CMOMM you are doing yourself a disservice.

    It's not about TB pedestal and it's most certainly not about Cristobell pedestal.
    "........ place him BACK on his pedestal" - Back? Where had it gone? Did you believe you took over his pedestal momentarily?

    Are you proud of yourself labelling members there a'holes?
    Just imagine someone labelling Cristobell's supporters sheeples and a'holes - imagine that for a moment, what would you think of that person? Then imagine again what you think people think of your rudeness ?
    Same thing Cristobell, dont you see ? You are not above insulting people when your line is not toed.
    It's all about you -- look at me, poor me.
    Blaming others won't help.

    Many posters there have opposing views and opposing TB ones and they were not banned. It's not your opposing view that got you banned.
    Your crusade against TB is not pleasant.

    You could have asked people to stop posting vitriol against members there because allowing it reflect on you, but you didn't. In fact you started the ball rolling for your sheeples to follow and it does not look as if it is going to abate.
    Admit it, you are an attention seeker, and when you can't have your way you are a sore loser.
    Denigrating members there and allowing vitriol on TB on your blog reflect on you, not them.

    It is your true color unbound - spectacular own goal.

    It's all about Cristobell and her unbound ugliness.

    The way you write people would not be wrong to think you are a pompous little martyr pretending to its about opposing views. Many posters there have opposing opinions and many opposing TB ones too but they are not banned.

    1. This must be from AIYOYO or AQUILA.

      2 more of TB's puppets.

    2. Get back in your poodle box Ladyinred.

    3. Name a poster who has stood up to Bennett and is still there.

    4. Very noble of you Cristobel to let the Bennettologist post after all the bollocks we have had to listen to for years.
      It could be Smokeandmirrors or Tiny or plebgate/endgame.No wait he is still stuck up TB ,s arse until he tell us otherwise.
      Where are you pleb?

    5. That post is Jean Munro`s MO.
      But its vitriolic enough to be one of the beloved `A`s, especially the one that`s nasty to all the newcomers on JH. Lazzeri`s peuk could easily be him/her.

    6. "It's not about TB pedestal and it's most certainly not about Cristobell pedestal.
      "........ place him BACK on his pedestal" - Back? Where had it gone? Did you believe you took over his pedestal momentarily? "

      Ah, so you admit he does have a pedestal. One that you will defend tooth and nail by the looks of it.

    7. It,s inarticulate enough to be Gollum or lj as they be both struggle with the English language to put it mildly.
      Have you notice the avators of these two are as ugly as their personalities.
      Can,t be jeanmonroe as there are no swear words!

    8. It was Snifferdog, who next to Bennett must be the biggest crank in there.
      Looks like she was sniffing something other than dog food when it was written .

    9. Just to be clear, the assholes on JH were those taunting and baiting in the hope I would respond in such a way as to receive a ban. Aquila, Aiyoyo, Plebgate, Ladyinred and star player and moderator Sharon - diligent devotees of Tony, always on guard, and always in attack mode. The credit on this occasion goes to Plebgate and Sharon, who's sustained two pronged attack ended successfully when I was foolish enough to respond. Oh well, live and learn.

  54. Cristobell, if you have the guts take your vitriol to that platform and you shall see how well (not) it will go down.

    Don't hide on your blog to insult them because that is cowardice and deplorable.

    1. No one is hiding,just telling a few home truths.It must be painfull for followers of Bennett to realise what is going on.
      Bennett is mad and devious.
      Havern is scared of losing Bennett and is a liar.
      Sharon Lawrence is stupid and will do anything for these two
      Why are you here ,go back to the cesspit and discuss a-z tv programmes

    2. 12:05 Err, my right to reply on that platform was removed, I can't post on there, nor can I read the vitriol that is being spewed about me. And from the number of replies to my post, it seems I am far from the only one who had their right to reply taken away. Unfortunately for the powers that be on Jill's forum, I have my own blog and continue to have a voice. A right denied to all the others who were so unfairly banned.

    3. Rosalinda - hang in there

      right to reply - does mot exist - unless you run your own show - and get able monitors on board

      3a folded because Bennett bamboozled the admin - the guy's a cancer

      I'm glad you are rid of it

  55. I remember on the JH forum there was a thread called 'comment left on Cristobells blog' which included this riddle. It was fascinating as it certainly appeared to be from someone who knew the Mccanns well and tried to get a hidden message across. Anyway Tony reckoned the original poster rang him up or something and Tony said she was some prankster and discredited it straight away. Reckoned he had proof via email it was a hoax or something which surprise, surprise Jill also confirmed it was a hoax. I don't believe that for a second. Again debate stopped in its tracks when potentially getting too close to the truth. Very much like all the Smithman stuff.
    Just saying. All very interesting this stuff coming to light now.

    1. A concerned poster20 August 2014 at 09:51

      This was what made me start questioning Bennetts motives. Another poster asked for the number so he could ring the lady in question. To my knowledge he didn't get it. Either Bennett couldn't hack that genuine new info came in through Cristobells blog or he had more sinister motives for quashing any discussion. Sad either way. Is it true about Candyfloss and Tigger?

  56. Can anyone work out yet how Jill Haverns Forum is financed with almost round the clock full time moderators?

    1. Made me think when they apologised about all the ads popping up, and was sorry they had no credit card to pay to stop ads. Said was not familiar with paypal.....what utter bollocks

    2. It's the Media Monitoring Unit made flesh. Not some spotty Kev/Trev/Nev. Big ups to you, Cristobell.

    3. It's financed by Team McCann and BK. Wish you people would realise.
      TB and JH are there to 'disrupt'. It's simple.

  57. Have no concerns in calling that overinflated ruler of JH forum an asshole. You are better off out of there as you have loads and loads of fans.

  58. I'm hoping that this is just a temporary glitch. There aren't as far as I'm aware any other forums of this type which are still allowing new members. There really is a demand for somewhere that this case can be discussed without getting abused by foul-mouthed McCann supporters.

  59. TB has returned to the circus. He put up a 10 option poll about this blog. It was taken down for some unknown reason ;)

    1. lol and outed the secret of the inner sanctum. Hilarious.

  60. Bennett is a scorched earth merchant - he likes to destroy things/communities/ideas/people - just for the fun of it

    20 years ago - that might have resulted in a letter to the editor - in his local rag - ignored by all

    But behold - Tone the comb discovered the interweb

    and thousands of posters who craved for the soothing words of a wise man making sense of it all

    It has always been thus - follow the sandal

    One of Amaral's biggest mistakes was getting into bed with the snake oil salesman
    - Amaral never recovered from that error since - losing credibility by association with the mad monk

  61. The Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann™
    Actually reading the forum name in light of whats gone on has made me think a tad harder...Perhaps all along it was always going to be, and ever will be a complete mystery.

    1. 9 well educated witnesses
      one event
      totally contrived (and conflicting) accounts of events that night

      The full force of the PJ
      and 7 million push by the Met (and counting)

      and all we have - is an odd sock


      you are correct .. this will remain a complete mystery - unless someone croaks and spills on their deathbed

  62. I am now under fire from pros and a number of antis on twitter = funny old world. They have all merged into one, like the final scene in Animal Farm where you can't tell the pigs from the men.

    The response to this post has been amazing and indeed enlightening. So many voices stifled and censored and so many interesting theories. No wonder the discussion on JH has become like a stuck record! I am certainly now starting to wonder if the JH forum has been used as a tool to misdirect the investigation and the trial.

    Why are they so determined to dismiss the Smiths' sighting and implicate Robert Murat? It goes against everything we set out to do - get justice for Madeleine Beth McCann.

    Tony either:

    Truly believes there is a vast network of paedophiles operating from a golf course in PDL and leading directly to the heart of the British Government, or

    He is laying the groundwork for discrediting the key witnesses in the event of a trial. What he is doing is very useful to the parents as it diverts attention from them and supplies all the preparing work for their lawyers. Tony has helpfully given hundreds of reasons (in blue) why the Smiths couldn't possibly have identified he man they saw that night, and done his best to smear Henri Exton, who seems to have been the only investigator to have prepared a credible report.

    Should Martin Smith be asked about being 60-80% certain it was Gerry he saw, the McCanns' barrister can wave a TB leaflet giving 50 reasons why it couldn't have been!

    I have no idea why it is essential for Tony to convince people the Smith sighting doesn't count and why he and others are going to such extreme lengths to shut up and discredit anyone who opposes them on this point. Much food for thought.

    1. One may wonder the same from you Cristobell. I have altered your words to illustrate my point.
      I have no idea why it is essential for Cristobell to convince people the Smith sighting counts, and why she and others are going to such extreme lengths to shut up and discredit anyone who opposes them on this point. Much food for thought.

    2. She says she does not know what is true or not but that the evidence of the Smith family should be given respect.In your scrambled brain is that so hard to understand?

    3. 05.03 Is that what you took from all this?

      I'm not trying to prove anything. I'm trying to persuade Tony Bennett and the Jill Havern forum to stop harassing the witnesses in this case and interfering in the investigation.

  63. The thing is Team McCann over the years have been very successful in shutting down various forums. However they allowed the Jill Havern forum to originate and continue to this day. TB and JH were all in on it. It's called the wider agenda.

    Ex C-R employee.

    All will come to light soon.

    1. Am I reading that properly, you are an ex employee of CR?

      Strange that the forum are insistent the investigation is a whitewash and the Smith family didn't see anything, and disputing either results in a ban.

      I don't claim to know anything, I don't know how anyone can in this case as we are simply not privy to the evidence, therefore if someone takes an adamant 100% stance on something, it is bound to be suspicious. This case becomes curiouser nd curiouser.

      If you, or indeed anyone, would like to contact me privately, my email address is

    2. Ex C-R employee? Hmmm.

      By your logic 'they' also allow this blog to stay. Hmmm.

      I can't see how the JH forum is part of the wider agenda. They do come up with a lot of good and well researched stuff. Team McCann may allow it to exist so they can monitor it.

      There are also some dubious things going on at the JH forum however. Perhaps it is just the nature of such a forum.

      Incessant posts about clothing, appearance etc. are allowed to run on and on whilst serving no obvious purpose. These usually start during a dry spell.

      The photographs are analysed ad infinitum whilst hardly anything ever comes from it. It usually goes like this: someone questions some anomaly in a photograph. Others add more anomalies. Then some self-proclaimed expert joins in and explains the anomalies away. Usually the same pattern.

      A weird post is the one asking if anyone has contacted Operation Grange. If I had contacted Operation Grange, I would not tell the JH forum about it. It is probably totally innocent, but it does remind me of CEOP asking for holiday makers to hand in their holiday snaps to be 'passed on' to the PJ.


  65. You're obsessed! Obsessed with running Tony down and a forum that has been a valuable source of information and research.
    All about YOU! Do you think of the damage you have done? The damage to the credibility of those who have one aim. That aim being to get truth as to the fate of Madeleine.
    Hardly balanced the disgraceful actions of yourself, putting YOUR views as though they are fact. Insulting those who have another opinion.
    No wonder you are under fire from both pro's and anti's as you put it. You are not showing yourself to be an asset to either!

    1. Bennet was outed last night being on admin which he always denied.Some followers were shocked!
      Snifferdog to the rescue.The only dog on the planet that can,t smell shit when it,s placed in front of it.

    2. I don't think you can blame Cristobell for damaging TB's and JH's credibility. Cristobell wasn't the one who called Martin Smith a liar and she's not responsible for the "abduction" of some of the best JH posters like RD, Chatelaine, Candyfloss, Tigger and many more. I for one won't be returning to JH until their Smith accusation has been retracted.

    3. The forum has been a valuable source of information and research. In your own words, has been but no longer, it is now fuelled by lies, innuendo and fantasy.
      Anyone who doubts this one simple example according to TB, he writes often (1st August 2014 latest) that Fiona Payne and Rachael Oldfield changed their statements identifying Murat, in late December 2007/early2008. This is blatantly untrue as 2 mins research will show, so for what reason does TB do it?

      Will he provide an answer to his adoring disciples?

    4. How can I be putting my views as fact when I am firmly of the belief that we do not know enough about the case or the investigation to put forward anything as fact? We are onlookers, no more than that.

      The damage I have done to whom? You might want to note I'm also one of those who has been battling for justice in this case for 7 years, and I have done so in my own name. I want to know the truth, not the McCanns' truth, not Tony Bennnett's truth, but the real truth.

    5. Woooah, Candyfloss is gone? WTF happened there?

  66. Kick the tires and light the fires. Then send the boots back in without Tony to polish up that not too far in the distant hell hole. Its never toooooo late.
    Martin Smith is a liar because he patented a golf item.....totally laughable. Tony needs to go. Pronto

  67. Bennet knows as much as he possibly can about members there, having access to their email addresses and private messages to other posters. He is one sinister man collecting evidence on anyone to use against them to save his own sorry skin.Remember how he was willing to sacrifice members names in Court?
    He was always a rude, intolerant person on whatever forum he was banned from. Became very contrite and sorry for himself leading up to his case, but soon reverted to the old Bennet after.
    What did some of us get for begging him to stop his personal campaign against the McCanns after CR had warned him? Being accused by members there for being friends/family of the Mcs.
    He failed to see that the rubber neckers wanted a trial, makes for an exciting week for some of them.

    I sometimes wonder if his denial of the Smith sighting is part of his penance from CR.

    Sorry I can't agree on what a good egg NFWTD is. When as Marian and then latterly Jean, she could hardly compose a post without calling someone a troll. Seems that since being appointed a mod, she has invented a new personality as being everyone's friend. Don't be fooled folks.

    PeterMac isn't without fault either. Numerous times posters have referred to him being a retired detective, but he has never corrected them. He never came out of uniform taking the fast route to early retirement. He should be more honest.

    The JH forum must be running out of potential members now that so many have gone. It will get like JATYK2 with six people all toeing the party line.

    Shocked at Chatelaine and Russian Doll what did they do wrong? Was never keen on tigger but she gave them good service. As for the very pleasant and fair Candyfloss, maybe she simply resigned through disgust as to what the forum has become.

  68. Tony has completely stabbed Richard Hall in the back. All the 4 hours only leads to two areas for TBs interest. Murat and Smith. Richard had to say we may make future videos. Tony couldnt give two fucks now, Richard has said the message.
    Richard Hall called Amarals book "A truth about a lie"
    In all honesty, Richard has probably never even looked at the Madeline case. Tony more than likely spouted so much crap that Richard fell for it without realising Tony has cleared the McCann s now

    1. Indeed. All roads and lines of investigation end with the parents. Unfortunately, in following the madcap theories of Tony Bennett, the videos ended with all roads leading to Robert Murat.

      A crying shame as the videos could have been ground breaking in getting the truth out into the public domain.

      Tony has indeed done Richard D. Hall up like a kipper and achieved more than Team McCann have in 7 years, he has taken the focus off the parents.

    2. Bennett won't be the first to convert on orders as so not to incur further punishment.
      Think Brenda Ryan and BB1.

    3. 04:01 And he would certainly not the first lawyer to have his head turned by Team McCann.

  69. I see Bennett has written an imaginary scenario of what would happen if Smith was called as a prosecution witness.
    This from the man who thought his own trial was for Libel and that he would be cross examining the McCanns. Some of us kept telling him his case was for Contempt of Court but he never could get his head round it.

  70. Hello Ros.

    But it's now two years since I christened that site as the cesspit, gave the evidence for the description and appealed to people to leave. The appeal was serious - any member who stayed on there was, and is, colluding in behaviour that is not just criminal libel but, in some cases known to me, criminal full stop.

    I'm not criticising you now - but where do you think I was coming from when I made that appeal? Did you think I was making things up? That I was inventing the evidence? Why were your ears closed when the evidence was laid out? Did you seriously think, like the disciples, that I had a vendetta?

    Even now you haven't left the cesspit but were thrown out. You really could try confronting those questions.

    Best wishes. Blacksmith.

    1. Hi Blacksmith, good to hear from you.

      I never thought you had a vendetta Blacksmith, and in fact I have always read your articles with interest. I didn't really understand your dispute with Tony, but now in retrospect, I should have looked into it a bit more rather than bury my head in the sand. It was wrong of me, and I now realise that.

      I posted on the forum because I enjoyed the interaction Blacksmith, I like to hear other opinions before forming any views. I had hoped, naively as it turned out, that I might have be able to persuade the more reasonable members on the forum to think logically about the 'lie' Tony was selling them.

      I failed of course, but not completely, judging by the number of replies I have received to this blog. People are starting to see I think, how wrong it is to harass witnesses in a major crime, and I tend to agree with you, it probably is a criminal offence.

      I won't be returning Blacksmith, even if they allow me to. Tony appears to be 'back' today (did he ever go away?) and he is again laying down the law (in blue) - we are all liars, except him. There really is no reasoning with someone like that and I don't want my name associated with such appalling behaviour.

      There certainly are a lot of questions to be asked about that Forum, and I feel a tad stupid that it has taken me so long!

      Kind wishes to you Blacksmith, the fight for justice for Madeleine goes on, but that big old tangled web is going to need a lot of unravelling.

    2. I think you may find this of interest. Oh Dear Mister Blacksmith

      Germane too are the comments and all links therein. Not least yer man at 16:02 Where he quotes Bennett's attempt to discredit a poster on JH Forum.

      The style of which, is somewhat familiar. More to follow.

      And just on a lighter note, and for reasons that matter not, I found myself induced to visit his twitter account last night.

      I thought his stats, quite enlightening, in a psychoanalytical way that is.

  71. Do people not realise how insignificant all this supposed drama is - there is a missing child and everyone turns it into "me, me, me"!

  72. Hi.

    Thanks for the courtesy of a very open reply.

    As to the future you will have buckets of cess emptied over you for a while. When I investigated Scientology many years ago members who left were officially pronounced "Fair Game".

    Everyone knew exactly what that meant but nothing was said openly. There was no need for an official order to harass leavers since it is of the essence of cults that disciples compete with each other to do the bidding of the local cultmaster without being instructed.

    Which is, of course, what is happening to you. It will pass.

    Best wishes.


  73. Hi Cristobell,

    I think we are now witnessing the 'death throes' of the Jill Havern Forum - thanks to Mr. Tony Bennett and his devoted disciples. A great success for the McCann's.

  74. I’ve been a member of the JH forum for a few years. When I first joined it was a pleasant forum where people could discuss things and bounce ideas off each other, whether ideas were rubbish or of some value people discussed ideas with some decorum. However, it has now changed into a not very pleasant place, dominated by TB, who seems to like to discredit anyone who has an opposing idea to his “the Smith sighting is a lie” diatribe we get forced down our throats every so often. I’ve thought about why TB is now so dominating and wonder if it is because of his court appearance with the McCanns. He seems to be discrediting the Smith sighting as if his life depends on it, and I’m now wondering after reading many of the posts on this site as if in fact that is the case. Has he sold his soul to the devil and has come to some agreement with the McCanns and their advisers that his costs in the court case would be kept to a minimum if he did as he was told with regard to the JH site and to discredit the Smith sighting and to put focus on RM again.

    I have wondered for some time as to whether TB was part of admin on the JH forum as when RD was banned, although I only saw part of why she was banned, but I know there was an argument between RD and admin that RD accused TB of posting from overseas (under another name) when he was on holiday but admin denied that. However, I saw a post from TB either that morning or the day before which showed that TB's post (in his own name) was ahead of UK time by an hour. I thought that was strange at the time but didn't think anything more of it until I read RD's post and admin had denied that TB ever posts when he was overseas. I then realised that admin were covering for TB for some reason. It could be the fact the TB finances the JH's site, that's why he has so much say in it.

  75. Sadly the martyr thread seems to have been whooshed but in it's place is a fleffin Smithman 2 thread with individual coaching in blue. It's extra credits as the thread now contains a quiz so best read the thread before you take the quiz because no doubt the results will define what type of member you are categorized as. I'm hoping for an A but you can never tell.

  76. TB was temporarily banned because he posted parts of a PRIVATE message from another member. I think admin banned him to save face because members were complaining. TB = fleffer. Maybe he is also admin.

    1. I was shocked when I found out that admin could read pms on the JH site, not that I sent that many, but to think that TB had access to everyone's pms is even more disturbing if he is part of the admin team and the forum members had not been advised.