Tuesday, 27 October 2020


 In response to Unknown, 21 hours ago, I didn't publish you on the previous blog, mostly because there are too many comments there now, but also because your post amused me.  So, herewith, verbatim, I had to write it out in manuscript (still can't c/p) and retype, so herewith:

'Ros, you are incapable of defending your views and that's why you bin many comments.  I never use vulgar or abusive language. Shame on you'.

Let me respond to the second part first.  Err, well done on not using vulgar or abusive language. Take a bow.  No, your modus operandi is hurt and degrade, arguably, the nastier choice for abuse.

To the first part.  I am happy to defend my views against anyone, bring it on.  Have been saying this for the past 13 years!  I think I am despised by the antis as much as the pros.  Probably because I unmasked many of them, for the phonies they were.  As for the pros, the truly psychotic ones who posted on the Myths sites, Tigerpussy or whatever his name was, I slayed the lot of them.  They were so bad at dissing me, even I couldn't be arsed to read it, and I love reading about myself! Lol, even the bad.

So here we are October 2020, in a pandemic that has gone on for 8 months and getting worse.   On the Madeleine McCann case, what views do I need to defend?  We still have free speech, I'm allowed to have any views I want.  Happily, as much as they tried, the McCanns and all their cohorts were not able to bring in legislation that would take away free speech.  They stopped books being published and newspapers from reporting facts, but they have never been able to silence social media.  I don't think it should be forgotten how hard they worked to silence journalists and put them in jail and how badly misguided the 'hacking' campaign was.  Definitely worthy of a chapter.

As for the defend yourself challenge,  I have easily slayed every creep from the Myths sites, Tigerpussy wannabe and all the rest of them.  And I would say to anyone, literally anyone, from any of the Madeleine websites, anti or pro, bring it on.  Do you think I tremble in fear of the El creepos, Bennett, Hall and Hyatt?  Or indeed, any 'renowned' journalist, ha ha ha, I would love to hear how they know so much more than me.  

Bring it on unknown from 21 or is it now 22 hours ago.  Bring forth your genius and destroy my views and opinions.  Tell me where I've gone wrong.  Talk about the case, not me on a personal level, the evidence, the statements, the truth you think I have misconstrued.  You sound fired, unknown at 22 hours ago, write something cohesive and persuasive, the floor is yours: