Tuesday, 11 June 2019


Britain is on the brink of a constitutional crisis, and it is going to get considerably worse if the fate of the UK is put into the hands of the totally incompetent, lying cheating. blustering Boris Johnson.  If he takes the helm we are heading straight into a cliff. 

There has to be a General Election. The Brexit deal as devised by Theresa May should be set out in a simplified bullet point format, so the public can see what the House of Commons are voting for or rejecting.  It is about time the public knew exactly what is on the table.  I would suggest Jeremy gets his pal, filmmaker Ken Loach, to make a public information film, yes, of the old fashioned variety, setting out exactly what a 'deal' with Europe looks like, what  a 'no deal' looks like and how Labour would handle it. 

Right now, everyone is arguing about principles, not facts.  Theresa May kept us in the dark as to what Brexit will actually mean, how each of us will be affected.  Vital medication for example? Are people hoarding? Should they be hoarding?  I want someone to explain it all to me 'like I'm a 4 year old', and I'm guessing, I am far from the only one. 

The problem with the Referendum lay in the fact that the public were woefully uninformed as to what leaving the European Union would actually mean.  They were guided by Boris Johnson's false claim that the UK would save £350m per week and Farage's fake posters of hoards of immigrants heading for the UK

This time around there is no excuse for the public not to be fully informed.  Theresa May lost every time because she went with her own judgement rather than the wishes of the majority.  And we the public do not know what deals she made, because there must be hundreds, if not thousands, of individual ones.  On Human Rights for example, will the UK continue to uphold the principles of the European Court? Are the tory echelons dusting off their horsewhips?

It takes a talented expert to explain a complex subject in simplified terms and the Labour Party has such experts and such talent.  To win a snap election, all they have to do is set out the facts for the public to decide.

Monday, 10 June 2019


Thus far in the tory leadership race, we have a coke head who led for a lifetime ban on teachers who had ever used cocaine, a homicidal psychopath who lowered the benefits bill by killing people, an habitual liar and Bullingdon Boy (where rules of membership include burning a £50 note in front of a homeless person).   Then there is crying Rory Stewart, who looks as though he is still getting his lunch money stolen every day.  Don't be misled by the caring face, he voted for the Bedroom Tax and benefit cuts.

It would be difficult in any society to find 4, ok 3, more odious individuals, but among the tory echelons they have quite a selection.  I haven't for example mentioned Lord Snooty, Jacob Rees-Mogg, who is poised to make billions if a Brexit deal can't be reached and who we know just can't wait for the all clear to flog his servants.  And of course Jeremy Hunt, raider of the NHS, who is more universally known by the alternate spelling of his surname.

Americans probably wonder, why the British consistently vote for politicians who only represent the privileged 1%.  And never was that more obvious than David Cameron's front bench of old Etonians.   Are working class people really voting for a government of privilege and elitism?  It compares to the angry mobs storming the bastille to demand more oppression.  Absurd.  But it happens again and again. 

Of course the odds of the tories choosing, or even finding, anyone 'likeable' to represent them is absurd - like they care.  It seems to matter not that their leader is despised by the masses, they still get into power anyway.  Happily we now have social media and good people who go on there everyday to expose the lies of politicians and the despicable voting records and policies of their evil leadership candidates.  Michael Gove probably felt pressured today to reveal his cocaine use, because he knows it is now open season for journalists to do their jobs.  His revelation may be softening the way to something bigger and more scandalous, is how a journalist may see it.  I don't really care which hideous lizard leads the party, they are all intrinsically evil.

What I do care about is the Establishment's constant endeavours to blacken the name of Jeremy Corbyn.  They fear him because he is honest and if he gets into power he will put the interests of the people before the bank accounts of billionaires.  Austerity is a con, a hoax, perpetrated on the British people by the Conservative government, aided by the Liberals.  They have literally broken Britain by sucking money out of the economy.  Nothing has been saved 'financially', and many parts of the UK are now looking neglected and derelict.  People are literally lining up at food banks and sleeping on the streets. 

We look like an impoverish third world nation.  We have suffered years of austerity, and the worst is still to come if there is a no deal Brexit.  We are now dealing with results of years of tory greed and incompetence.  They are stubbornly holding onto power despite the fact that they have failed miserably in making any sort of deal with Europe and they are never likely to. 

I think the only way to break the deadlock would be to have a General Election.  Whether they put Evil Esther or Barmy Boris in charge of Brexit negotiations, the people didn't and the people will want a say in the matter.  Seriously, should the fate of the entire nation lay in the hands of either of the above odious pair?

But I am going to brighten up this rant.  There is hope for the future.  Social media has overtaken the Mainstream media.  We are no longer brainwashed en masse.  News stories are instantly proved or disproved, the misinformation tools of wannabe dictators are constantly dismantled.  We can see that Jeremy Corbyn is not the monster the MSM portrays, their smear campaigns do not touch the hundreds of thousands who turn up for his rallies and who rushed to join the Labour party to keep him as Leader. 

Jeremy Corbyn is a kind, decent, and above all, honest man, the kind of man who actually listens to what others are saying.  In a nutshell, the ideal person to send to the Brexit negotiating table.  Added to which, he understand how the economy works, something you would think most politicians would know, but it appears not. He understands for example, that if the money creamed off the net annual income for billionaires was reinvested in, say the NHS, it would provide better patient care and more nurses. 

Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonald, who have spent their lives studying economics, understand that if the Government invests in the country, infrastructure, healthcare, education, science, technology, we will all benefit.  It is basically Roosevelt's New Deal, the way in which he rescued the USA from the Depression. investing in projects for the good of the people creates jobs.  Those jobs create more jobs, as once people have disposable income they start to buy luxury goods and services.  Austerity brings that mutually beneficial cycle of common sense economics to an end.

I am a child of the sixties, OK, they say if you remember the 60's you weren't there, but I was, just too young to partake in the sex, drugs and rock and roll.  But I remember the spirit of the times, the stroll down Carnaby Street, screaming at the Beatles and falling in love with Davy Jones (monkey).  As young as I was, I could sense Britain had come through a period of darkness and into the light, though tis true my memory may have been coloured more by Austin Powers than Harold Wilson.

In 2019 we face heading back into the darkness, a darkness created and enforced by this shambles of a tory government.  They dare not call a General Election now, because all they have to offer is more of the same and then some if we leave Europe without a deal.

Jeremy Corbyn offers a real alternative.  Where the tories are offering mere survival if we are lucky, Jeremy Corbyn is offering hope to millions, an opportunity to make the future brighter.  The Welfare State was founded immediately after the second World War, so too the National Health Service and National Insurance. The Welfare State undertook to protect the health and well being of its' citizens especially those with financial and social needs.  Radical socialist ideas at the time but ideas that put the UK at the forefront of the civilised world.  If a Labour government can build a Welfare State and a National Health Service in the aftermath of a World War, imagine what  a Jeremy Corbyn led Labour Government could do now?

Imagine a government who took the National Health Service to the next level by building more hospitals and employing more staff? The need is clearly there.  How about more schools, more teachers.  Imagine a government investing in science and technology and the Arts? England was once a world leader in exploration, at one point we ruled the waves I believe.  And we evolved into a civilised nation because we welcomed immigrants and learned from them.  How many of the world's geniuses would now choose to make the UK their home?  Closer to home how will the NHS survive if all those lovely nurses from Eastern Europe are forced to go home?

What we are faced with now is a battle between the Left and the Far Right, not only in the narrow minded, one issue Brexit party but in braindead Boris (currently watching Walking Dead).  What I fear the most is that the phenomenon that led the American people to think 'let's give a raving lunatic a try', may be replicated here in the UK.  After Trump, the saying 'stranger things have happened' has become meaningless.