Sunday, 28 July 2019


As my readers by now know, I am not a fan of Boris Johnson, whilst I have no doubt he is a great hoot on a wild night out, the nearest he should be to Whitehall is a west end gentleman's club where he can discuss thrashing the help to his heart's content. It is unfathomable that this bumbling nincompoop is now in charge of leading the UK away from the safety net of it's nearest friends and neighbours and directly into the darkness of Trump's ugly face of capitalism.

Boris may be leading a nation of 60m+, but his election to the highest office in the land was limited only to a select few.  Members of the tory party who had only a small selection of leadership candidates to choose from.  The great British public have had no say whatsoever.  Boris is good for all those billionaires, like Jacob Rees-Mogg, who intend to make fortunes from the island of England being lost at sea.  Already we have seen large shipping contracts for companies who err, have no ships.  Brexit will bring out every scammer, every con artist and every wide boy with a good line in selling Londons' bridges.  The NHS is already being run down for the sale of the century.  

The thing voters need to remember is that Boris Johnson is not a cartoon character from the Viz, nor is he a badly drawn caricature, he is all too real, and he is evil.  Behind the playfully tousled hair and buffoonery, is a heart and soul intent on making as much dosch as he can for himself and his billionaire supporters.  How much did ordinary Londoners make out of the London Olympics.  Nothing. They were expected to work for free, like the serfs of old, their reward would be in heaven.

Boris Johnson represents the get rich(er) quick brigade.  He goes along with everything that makes the tory party the nasty party, like robbing the poor to enrich the rich. Ie. the opposite of Robin Hood. As long as the poor and the working classes have just enough to live on, he and his ilk, can maintain the status quo.  Working people do not earn enough to protest at being taken for granted and few now have strong unions to represent them.  Employment, even on shit pay, is better than unemployment.  And this is where vultures like Boris swoop in.  Where non tories see the misery of unemployment, tories see an untapped, free, work resource.  Thousands of units (people) to loan out to their manufacturing and retail donors.  Don't for one moment be fooled into thinking Boris Johnson and his right wing cabinet will do anything to protect British workers from the devastating effects of a no deal Brexit.
On one of the simplest of dilemmas yet to come is the crisis in the NHS.  We all know how much the NHS relies on foreign nurses and foreign workers, will they all disappear overnight?

Theresa May failed miserably with Brexit.  There is nothing in Boris that gives hope for success.  He is already preparing for no deal, because he knows he doesn't have a hope in hell of getting anything better than Theresa May.  As tories, both are already privileged, self entitled twats, so negotiations of any sort, were never going to work.  The Europeans, it would seem, are waiting for someone a tad more enlightened so must now be rolling on the floor laughing as Johnson steps up to the plate.  To be fair, I expect Boris got the PM job, because it is a poisoned chalice.  Any (tory) PM at this juncture, is in an unwinnable situation.  Not only is the country divided, but so too is his party.

Boris Johnson was not elected by the people to take the UK out of Europe.  He was elected by, almost literally, a handful of rich, middle aged white men with vested interests.  We need a general election, and we need people to vote with the interests of their children and their children's children in mind.  The idea that we can lock the gates and live with the same white neighbours for ever more, is not only ludicrous, it's downright creepy.  It's the 21st century, people travel and move on, neighbourhoods cannot stand still in time and who wants them to?  As the young move on, others take their place, it keeps the wheels of society turning.  

The problem with Boris Johnson and his War Cabinet is that we are not at war.  Not a good start, wouldn't we have preferred to hear he was preparing for peace talks?  He is coming out fighting, too stupid to remember that fighting got Theresa May nowhere.  We are one small nation against 27 nations who are united.  We don't hold the upper hand.  The UK is friendless and alone, Trump doesn't count because he is so far gone down the batshit crazy route, he can't be depended on for anything.  Should the gaffe prone Boris meet the gaffe prone Trump anything could happen.  

Tuesday, 23 July 2019


Jesus, Mary and Joseph, God Help Us.  It has just been announced that Boris Johnson is our new Prime Minister.  It's like the UK watched the catastrophe of making a narcissistic idiot who got lucky, the Commander in Chief, and said 'hold my beer'.

Boris Johnson is the Prime Minister because the Conservative party quite literally, have no one else.  They have no-one dynamic, no-one the public can get behind, not even a politician who represents old, traditional, tory values.  He doesn't even have the headmistress, I'm in charge qualities of Maggie Thatcher or Theresa May.  Should he flex a giant whip, his colleagues will be rolling on the floor laughing.  Boris is the prankster, the Bullingdon Boy, who shamelessly burns a £50 note in front of a homeless person.

Like Trump he doesn't read.  All his prehistoric views and opinions were established in his privileged childhood.  He cannot comprehend anything outside of his elite world.  Right now he is probably rubbing his greedy little hands together and arranging State visits for Mohamed Bone Saw and Vladimir (I can dispose of your enemies) Putin.  

On the plus side, putting Coco the Clown in charge of the Brexit negotiations could bring about a much needed General Election.  I believe Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister could introduce to a new generation, the same upsurge in the nation's morale as that brought by Harold Wilson in the swinging sixties.  Imagine a government that invests in science, technology, exploration, infrastructure, the arts, and most importantly of all, it's people?

It is astonishing that almost every generation, for at least the last 200 years, have voted their oppressors into government.  They go along with the myth that rich (ergo successful) people know what is best for them.  They overlook that rich (successful) people are rich and successful because they exploit people like them.  It is easier to sell the idea that each and every one of us can be rich inconsiderate arseholes too than the idea that we can treat each other with kindness and respect.  

We are a nation in turmoil.  All of us, even the deranged nationalists and brexiters, know, deep down, that it's time to let the adults take over.  Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, have literally had years in which to prepare for this eventuality.  They are amiable (vitally important) experienced, and wizened statesmen.  On their team they have Keir Starmer, not always my favourite politician, but one of the few people able to understand the mathematics and logics of  the nitty gritty issues that will directly affect workers in the UK.  

Today will go down as a sad and shameful day for the UK.  Who knows what the outcome will be on history.  Like the USA, we have as leader of our nation, a man with no principles, no morals and no intention of doing anything for anyone other than himself.  The UK, in the 21st century has as PM, another old Etonian, who takes glee in exploiting those working classes who are daft enough to believe he will in any way attempt to make their lives better.

Boris may wear baggy trousers and clown feet, but there is no friendly clown about him.  He is the grotesque head that tries to lure children down drains, the laughing face of a tory party that impoverished the British people to the extent that food banks are a necessity, where people sleep and die outside the Houses of Parliament.  Don't be fooled by his faux friendly exterior.  This is a thug, he may pass himself off as a cute, accident prone toddler, but he is a dangerous idiot.  Like Trump he will follow his own instincts, despite what he is told by his own advisors, the educated and the well informed and an alarmed, ready to march, public.  We are about as close to Armageddon as we are ever likely to be.

Thursday, 11 July 2019


What drives a certain category of men, lets call them 'Gammons who like 'em young' (Gammon is so deliciously insulting), who believe that having a young, beautiful woman hanging on their arm, will somehow make them appear virile and desirable.  That other men will envy them and that other beautiful women will be curious as to what they are missing.  They bask in the reflected glory of the beauty by their side.  

It's all an illusion of course, while certain people will accept the shallowness of the above argument that the contestant with the best arm candy wins.  More will be repulsed.  Those men who seek ever younger partners as they themselves grow older, are clearly not mature or man enough to handle a grown woman who is their equal.  And I am not talking about genuine May/December romances that happen spontaneously.  Many of us have our own precious, 'Summer, the first time - she was 31, I was 17', moments, to look back on and smile.  Some I am sure led to long, very real, relationships, and kudos to them say I, love is hard to find and I applaud them for holding onto it.  I am, kinda, discussing misogyny.

I have, over a lifetime, come to categorise men into two kinds.  Those who really love women and those who do not.  I currently have it around 30/70 at the moment, those men who really love women being part of the much smaller group.  And any woman who has made love to a man who really loves women, will know exactly what I am talking about.  Those who really love women, can be divided into another subsection.  Those who love women but don't stay around long (who shouldn't be missed), and those who remain hopelessly devoted forever more, (who should be rushed to the altar post haste). 

The problem with those who don't stay around long, is, put simply, so many women, so little time.  They are on a mission.  They are spreading sweetness and light in their own seductive ways, and it must said, if you can avoid getting emotionally involved, they are worth the risk.  They will paint your toenails, join you in the bath and make you breakfast.  Every woman deserves the experience, its like all your spa days in one, with a few added extras.  Just don't ever think you can be the one to pin him down.

The hopelessly devoted may lack the fun extras of those who don't stick around long, but they make up for it in mileage.  Their heads won't be turned by a stunning new neighbour or the waitress who brings your drinks.  The only down side, they won't be drawn into humdinger arguments just for the hell of it.  They reply to everything with 'yes dear', a quality that I underrated for many years.  To me love was Marlon Brando in a torn vest shouting 'Stella', the rain pouring down and the pair reuniting in a passionate embrace.  All so they could get back to knocking seven bells out of each other.  Now my biggest turn ons are 'can I get you a cuppa'.

But I digress, this blog began (in my head) with the very ugly and very sensational case of Jeffrey Epstein's arrest.  Epstein and his ilk, are among that category of odious old men who really do not like women.  They are stuck in that pre-adolescent stage of male development where girls are still the enemy and the way to get attention is to pull their hair or flatter them with a patronising comment.  No wonder all the women in the Whitehouse wear their party frocks to work every day, probably in the hope that Trump will tell them how pretty they.  Melania is permanently in a pristine prom dress proving, as if we don't already know, that Melania does no cooking, no washing up, and absolutely never rolls her sleeves up so she can get stuck in.  And Trump, bless him, loves to show the men in the room how charming he can be to the womenfolk.  See Trump as he introduces his daughter 'look how beautiful she is' he says to the crowd and gets a big cheer. Would he introduce Don Jr with 'look how handsome he is'? Ok both are yucky on every level.

Art collectors like the world's acknowledgement of their exquisite taste, the fact that they have the disposable income to acquire iconic works of art.  Trump does it in his own way with his gold toilets and his supermodel wife.  How can we be jealous of him if we can't see his fabulous acquisitions - principally his perfectly coiffured, silicone enhanced spouse.  He actually made her sign a pre-nuptial agreement not to get fat I don't know what he will do with the getting old part.  Among all Trumps atrocities, that odious little snippet has passed largely unnoticed.  Men who really love women incidentally, make no such demands, they love every wrinkle and every squidgy bit as much as they always did. One of the nicest things about couples who grow old together is the kindness, respect and compassion they have for each other, pre nups not needed. 

It is that inability to cope with adult women that drives men like Trump, Epstein and Prince Andrew towards the kind of  'Lolita' parties Epstein had on his island and plane.  Epstein chose women of the younger kind, because women of the younger kind don't have the wisdom or life experience to understand they were being degraded.  They had nothing to judge these aging gropers by. no past real lover of women to compare them to.  Young women, and indeed young men, are very easy to manipulate, they accept, often without question, that the older person knows more than they do.  Especially if they come from a dysfunctional background where moral guidelines are obscured. A confident youngster incidentally, would be more likely to tell these dirty old men to go sling their hook.

I hope on a daily basis that one or all of Trump's crimes will bring him down, but I especially hope that this one does.  Even the most deranged of Trump's supporters must see that Trump has told us in plain sight, that he likes young girls, just as much as Brett Kavanagh likes beer.  Anyone who thinks a Miss Universe owning, model agency owning, and in your face lech, was the fatherly figure at the Epstein parties is totally deluded.  Trump has multiple allegations of rape and sexual assault against him, he stated publicly he found Epstein's penchant for younger women amusing. And this trial will probably reveal an avalanche of cringingly awful detail - especially from all those who were silenced first time round.