Wednesday 31 December 2014

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A year ago, at almost 57, I was nearly 5 stone overweight, size 22,  fat sick and manically depressed.  By giving up processed food, following a high fibre, low calorie diet and taking up 40 minutes exercise a day,I have lost nearly 5 stone, most of it when I began to take exercise.  I have more energy now than I did in my 20's and am loving my new size 12 clothes!  As a food lover and exercise hater, I inadvertently stumbled across the easiest way in the world to lose weight and keep it off forever more and I want to share it with everyone! 

I approached my own weight loss regime by wondering how much I could eat, and how little exercise I could get away with.  Not the most enthusiastic approach in the world, but it worked!  As I began to get my health back, and it happened within days, I realised how ill I had been, and it all began with a 30 year old exercise tape! 

There is nothing complicated in my diet plan, it won't cost you anything more than £1.99 on Amazon, and if you take the helm as I suggest, you will be back in control within weeks. Who knew control of your waistline could also give you control of your life, but it does and I highly recommend it!

I have also opened a Reluctant Dieter's Facebook page ( for anyone who wants to share their stories and tips and get a bit of moral support and advice along the way.   

Happy New Year to all my readers.  There's a big welcome to all on my new facebook page, come on in and grab a glass of bubbly, or whatever takes your fancy, not the waiters please, and we can start conquering the world, one pound at a time!  Cheers!

The Reluctant Dieter's Guide to Health and Weight Loss, by Cristobell, available on Amazon 01/01/2015 :)

Sunday 28 December 2014


At my fattest and looking like a lumberjack!

December 2014 - the New Me
On New Year's Day, I will be publishing my account of how I lost over 3 stone in 3 months, and how my life changes have cured by Type II Diabetes and brought my blood pressure and cholesterol back within the normal range.  I have gone from a size 22 to a 12 and am doing more now than I ever did when I was younger. 

My diet plan is the easiest one you will ever do, and will last you a lifetime.  I urge you to please buy my book, its a good giggle (I hope) and full of useful information in less than 100 pages!  The changes I made can be achieved by anyone.  Best of all, it won't cost you a thing, apart from £1.99 on Amazon! 

If you like my book, and I hope that you, please take a moment to comment and share.  My writing career ended because of my opinions on a high profile case and my books come under savage attack. This book is a (largely) politics free zone, my only hope is that I can get the message out there that losing weight and keeping if off is easy!


I’m not the result of a laboratory experiment or a year spent with a formidable personal trainer and a cupboard full of goji berries, simply a middle aged fat woman who took control of my life, lost over 3 stone, and got my mojo back within 3 months. It wasn’t painful, I never went hungry and I will never return to eating the harmful addictive food I ate before.

Best of all, I took myself out of the fat belly danger zone and brought my high blood pressure and high cholesterol back within the normal range and my Type II Diabetes has gone. 

High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and Diabetes Type II, make up the huge variety of symptoms that combine to form Metabolic Syndrome, that nasty killer condition that ensures we rarely see old fat people. Our bodies simply cannot cope with carrying all that excess weight around and we are not aware that we have got it until we drop down dead. Alternately, when we haven’t got it anymore, we can see just how ill we were.   

At the age of 57 I had pretty much resigned myself to being overweight and unwell for evermore. It was all part of the ageing process wasn’t it? With middle age comes middle aged spread and acceptance that all the dreams I once had now lay in my children. I had written myself off.

There was no such thing as a successful diet, because as soon you return to ‘normal’ eating the weight piles back on. As far as I could see there were two choices, an extended miserable life of lettuce leaves or a shortened life of eating the food I enjoyed. There had to be a better way and I was determined to find it. 

And find it I did, and I want to share it with everyone who has ever failed at dieting, or even succeeded, because the very gentle diet and exercise routine I suggest YOU create, will be manageable, but more importantly, sustainable for life. Unfortunately, the diets drawn up by other people (experts) consist of foods we can’t afford and aren’t available in our local shop. If you are planning the menus, you make the choices.

When I bit the bullet and started my diet and exercise program, I fully expected it to go on for a very long time before seeing any results. The startling fact is, the opposite was true. The effects were almost immediate (within days), even with my ‘I really don’t want to do this’ half arsed approach, it worked. I leapt with joy at discovering how easy and pain free losing weight was going to be, but with a tinge of regret - if only I had known I could shift 3 stone within 3 months, painlessly and with minimal effort, I would have done it years ago! 

As cheesy as ‘if I can do it, anyone can’, might be, it applies. I’m an a stereotypical, post-menopausal Fat Fifty Female, who has tried every diet, failed and sought solace in a sausage roll. The only exercise I got was the short walk between the living room and the kitchen, with the occasional trip to the supermarket to stock up on double cream and packets of BOGOF sweet things. That I was anti exercise was a given.  

I lost the weight without any treadmills, without any humiliation and without ever going hungry. That losing weight is hard is a myth, it’s not, it’s easy. That doing exercise is painful and unpleasant is also a myth, it’s not, it’s easy and indeed fun and it doesn’t need anywhere near the amount of time and dedication that is implied.

Most of us are put off dieting and exercise because we are always being told how hard it is and we have horrible memories of diets that banned things. We are put off before we begin, because the results they are selling us are out of our reach. Much as we would like to run around the local park in lycra, or swim ten miles before breakfast, we can’t because we’ve got laundry to put on, kids to get to school and some explaining to do to our boss about the report we didn’t finish yesterday - and probably why we are late - again.   

Alternately, if we have spent the last ten years moving gently from bed to sofa to comfy chair (via the fridge), a couple of hours on a treadmill would probably kill us. We need to take baby steps, and every little helps. 

The diet and exercise plan I suggest, will be the easiest and most effective you will ever do, because you will fit it around your own lifestyle. If you are eating with the family, you simply need to up the veg and decrease the proteins and fats. You wont need to go out and buy anything special. If you are lucky, and your family are learning about food with you, they will accept the brown bread and loss of coco pops without complaint. 

This isn’t a dieting book per se, I’m not a health food guru and I have much yet to learn. Its simply an account of how I did it, and the hurdles and pitfalls I faced along the way. If anything it is ‘The Reluctant Dieter’s’ Guide to fitness and weight loss, because if my half arsed approach to healthy eating and exercise worked, I am sure there are others out there who will do much, much, better!

Anyone Can Lose Weight                                   
Obesity and Depression            
How Depression Takes Hold            
Reasons to Live                    
I Must Create My Own System          
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How to keep the weight off            

Sunday 14 December 2014


So I wonder who the Brazilian couple expressed a desire for a child to?  Err, lots of couples desire children, for many its why the get married.  Has 'we hope to have children one day' translated to 'we are on the Algarve to steal an English child'.  Would a couple who desired a child (not in the normal way) really go to the Algarve and spread the word around that they were planning a kidnap? And of course, this couple who desire a child are Brazilian, and sadly Brazil is a nation who's Capital's streets are littered with thrownaway children, children who's disappearance no-one would notice.  Any couple who desired a child in Catholic Brazil wouldn't face many problems.

Whenever these childless couples theories appear, you cannot help wonder why said abducting childless couple would ignore the two sleeping babies (choice of boy and girl) who shared the same room as Madeleine?  Why squeeze past the two cots to steal a child who was almost 4?

I sometimes wonder if these theories come from Mr. Ludicrous himself, they become more and more ridiculous as the months/years go by.  No wonder the McCanns have made appeals to the public for convincing abduction stories - 'what do YOU think happened' the pro's challenge, 'and give a step by step account of exactly how they did it'. The Ideas Department is open for business.

The McCanns are in the unhappy position of having to create and distribute abduction stories on an almost weekly basis. For all the negative publicity that emits from Scotland Yard, they must have a story ready for the Sundays to counteract it.  Stories full of hope - especially now we are hitting the Season of Giving.  The coffers are low. Madeleine is alive and being cared for as a Princess in a castle in Sao Paolo, give generously and WE, her parents, will get her home.  Please ignore the man behind the curtain Scotland Yard, they were only pretending to look for a body, they are really closing in on the couple looking after our Madeleine.  In light of these new developments, we will shortly be releasing a 'tanned' age progression picture, so the search can go on in Latin America, where the power of prayer is greatest. 

Of course they have stopped with the 'sightings', they weren't sustainable after Scotland Yard were on the case. Once all those helpful people sending in photographs and 'might have been Maddie' stories, realised they were liable to have them checked out officially and charges of perverting the course of justice might follow, they dried up. 

We are told the Portuguese police believe Madeleine was taken by a Brazilian couple and Scotland Yard believe she was killed in the apartment by bungling burglars who fled with her body, and somehow managed to bury her in the vicinity immediately after the alarm was raised.  These inept burglars, came away from the apartment without so much as a wallet or a TV (though they did manage to clean up) have kept their dark secret for 7+ years, despite over £2m being offered as a reward?  Err, Ok, the public will buy that.

You can see why the McCanns are having problems with their spin.  Absolutely none of it stands up to scrutiny.  For example, at some point the theories of the PJ and SY will have to tally - only the Portuguese have the power to prosecute anyone for this crime - so at the moment, we are left with a Brazilian couple who desire a child ignoring the two sleeping babies and clashing with a gang of bungling burglars in Apartment 5A during one of the half hour checks.
Neither gang came away with what they wanted, but they did manage to run around with a mop.

Before anyone pounces on me for being disrespectful, I do not create these stories they emanate from Team McCann and are showcased by the British press.  The UK media work on the assumption that the public will accept as gospel, everything they tell us.  Unfortunately for 'the establishment' the internet has thrown open the doors to information our forbears could only dream about and they have lost control of the news.

The case of missing Madeleine McCann has revealed to lots of ordinary people the extent to which their trusty daily newspapers have been lying to them.  The truth about Madeleine's disappearance is a only a click away, and more and more people can see that what the UK media are telling us about what happened in Portugal, bears no resemblance to the truth.  The world is now a global village, and news isn't restricted by borders.  What happens in Portugal doesn't stay in Portugal.  What the British newspapers have been telling us since the McCanns started to wield their Carter Ruck sword (with public money) bore no resemblance to the investigation as it was being reported in Portugal, and contrary to what the Establishment might believe, the British public are not stupid.  

For whatever reason the British Establishment and the British media chose to believe the word of two neglectful parents over that of the Portuguese police, a stance that was doomed to end in tears, a lot of red faces and Lord knows how many millions.  7+ years on where are we?  A childless Brazilian couple and a gang of inept burglars.  Hands up those still convinced this was an abduction? 


Friday 12 December 2014


'After this week, Smithman will the central focus of glamour-girl, Vogue-featured 'I paint my nails to impress the men' DCI Nicola Wall.
Tony Bennett.

Ooh that got has got my feminist heckles up this morning (angry face).  My blood is boiling. Tony's reference to 'painting nails for the men' reveals so much about his attitude to women, and indeed the 21st century and so too the dimwits who support his creepy misogynist stance.  Of course Vogue would be interested in a high flying female detective, it is read by women worldwide! We like reading about other women and especially those with powerful careers. We don't want to read about women who are barefoot, pregnant and shackled to the kitchen sink. 

What the hell is wrong with a bit of glamour?  Must DCI Wall wear tweed suits and brogues with her hair slicked back in order to be taken seriously? Is her nail polish and lipstick a distraction to the men? In that case what about the cute young male detective whose hair falls so seductively over his brow when she's brings him tea, should his bangs be cut off or stuck down Hitler style to prevent any outbreaks of attraction in the workplace?

What a dull old world this would be if it were ruled by Tony and his devoted followers, a world where a glimpse of stocking is something shocking and heaven knows. Apologies I drifted away there.

Tony's bizarre statements reveals that his theories are growing closer and closer to those of Team McCann - they are united on Smithman, and now it seems they are united on criticising Scotland Yard. I can't help wondering what the old rogue is up?

Tony is a man of strong religious beliefs, that include creationism, and he has a fixation on the weird sexual practices of other people, a fixation shared by lots of religious zealots and wannabe saviours of our morals and our children.  I don't want to focus on their sex lives, I haven't yet had my breakfast, but they seem to believe there are legions of devils among the rest of us having Roman orgies in our bedrooms.  They believe they have given 'all of this up' to follow the divine path, and are therefore superior and have earned the right to stand in judgement.  It matters not that other peoples' sex lives are probably just as dull as their own, what is actually driving them is the product of their own (very disturbed) imaginations and logic has long been discarded.

Tony believes there is an international paedophile ring operating in PDL that runs through and up to the highest echelons of British society and he wants to be the Christian soldier who drives them out with his trusty sword.  He cannot accept that Madeleine's disappearance could simply be the result of a tragic accident (or indeed murder) and opportunist parents.  There must be paedophiles in there somewhere.  On the 'paedophiles on every corner' front, he and Jim Gamble are singing from the same hymn sheet. 

Robert Murat was selected as a patsy very early on.  He was a single man, living with his mother and shock horror, he had a bit of porn on his computer.  All the other stories about him, I won't repeat because they are so offensive, but Tony Bennett bought them hook line and sinker because it suited its own ideology and agenda.  Here was someone he could hate even more than he hated the McCanns - a sexual deviant! However, I have no doubt, when the true story of Robert Murat being made an arguido emerges it will be clear that he was 'fitted up' with the profile, the anonymous tip off, and the bizarre bestiality stories from childhood - obviously created by a big fan of [i]Criminal Minds[/i]. 

Today will be very interesting indeed.  Tony Bennett will be jumping for joy if RM is made an arguido again, if he is, it will confirm a whitewash.  If he isn't Tony will claim the whitewash continues. Whatever the outcome, it looks as though the McCann case is heading towards the perfect storm and it is being led by an attractive, glamorous female who knows rather more about the ways of the world than an antiquated preacher who twitches at nail polish. 

Thursday 11 December 2014


Yes, the cat's out of the bag, its official, the McCanns do not like the Smith sighting!  Well of course we have known that for years, but those trying to convince people otherwise have now been proved categorically wrong.  The Smith sighting has always troubled the McCanns deeply.  If Smithman didn't bother them he would have been shouted from the rooftops because his running through the streets with a child supported an abduction story.  A man who looked like Gerry carrying a child that looked like Madeleine in PDL at kick off time is just too coincidental in my opinion.  Lets hope DCI Nicola Wall heard the McCanns dismissal of the Smith family evidence.

All in all a terrible day for the McCanns I'd say.  I think they stayed away because it kept the press away - clearly they were not expecting things to go well.  Bad sign too that Isabel didn't show up.  Law is another form of showbiz for ugly people and barristers are as narcissistic as they come.  The lead barrister in a 'winning' trial wouldn't miss the last day's summing up for love nor money. Its their moment in the spotlight, the time they present all their knock out blows (if they have any) and slam home all the words they have been preparing for months, if not years, that Isabel would miss the final act is bizarre.  I read that she had another court case, but frankly if I were client, I would be livid, and if they are not, then its because they have already given the case up - a real possibility, they might be saving cash, her non appearance has saved them the cost of two barristers for the day, as it was the childrens' barrister spoke on behalf of all the claimants.  Are the McCanns now finally cutting back?  If they are, its a weird time (and place) to choose and shows how much faith they have in their case.

Some are predicting the McCanns will appeal if they lose.  I don't think that will happen.  This trial has been a huge embarrassment for the parents, I don't think they ever expected it to go this far, in fact, I think they truly believed that Goncalo Amaral would pay up as everyone else had and it would be another easy win.  They waited until Goncalo's book had been out for a year before they brought proceedings (allowing the royalties to stack up) and at that time they were at their most powerful.  Their coffers were full and the great and the good were putty in their hands. 

Unfortunately for the McCanns, the long delays in Portuguese Court proceedings has seen a complete turnaround in their fortunes and the way in which the public perceive them.  Seven years on and after multiple legal actions against anyone who criticises them, the McCanns are now seen as greedy and unscrupulous and that they are demanding cash from the detective who was searching for their daughter takes bizarre to the extreme.  Another case where we have seen this is Jonbenet Ramsey, the Ramseys sued 'Jonbenet's Avenger' and the case settled.  However, the McCanns don't have the resources or the clout of the Ramseys (well they did for a short while) and they didn't bargain for the strength of character shown by Goncalo Amaral.

The McCanns desperately want this trial to go away with as little publicity as possible.  They tried to settle almost two years ago, but Goncalo Amaral was having none of it.  He wanted his day in Court, and what we may well be seeing now is the McCanns squirming.  They take no pride in this case and no-one, other than sycophant Summers wishes them victory - the case doesn't even get a mention on the Facebook page, strange as you would think they would appreciate the support of their 610,000 followers. 

I did a rather pessimistic blog yesterday (I was in a grumpy mood), but today I am feeling rather more optimistic that justice will prevail.  The (female) Judge in the Lisbon trial wasn't in the least impressed with Gerry's strutting and dissing of the dogs' evidence, and the fact that their lawyer droned on about them yesterday gives away their weakest spot. Well two weak spots, the dogs and the Smiths sighting have them rattled enough to use the damages trial to refute them publicly - even at the risk of annoying the Judge still further by going off topic. That, imo, is very telling indeed.

Wednesday 10 December 2014


Never in the entire history of crime worldwide have a  police force devoted so much time and trouble to steering suspicion away from the obvious suspects. 

Armed with an open cheque book, and who knows what agenda, for more than 3 years Scotland Yard's finest continue to investigate non English blue collar workers who may or may not have been in PDL when Madeleine McCann disappeared.  White British professionals are not suspects or people of interest.

The failure of Scotland Yard to investigate the 9 people who were there, the ones with the means, motive and opportunity to make a body disappear, has reached the stage of excruciating embarrassment for the entire UK.  

It all began with the UK's bizarre decision to accept the word of Gerry and Kate McCann above that of the Portuguese police and authorities.  From then on the parents were seen and portrayed by the British Mainstream Media as victims of a bullying and corrupt foreign police force who were trying to blame the McCanns because they were incapable of investigating the abduction properly, ie, in the far superior British way.

The only ones who appear to be bullying and corrupt right now are the British (and what the hell are they doing investigating a crime in Portugal) - as they pull in yet more Portuguese citizens and accuse them of a crime they couldn't possibly have been involved in.  It doesn't seem to matter, that these men (and maybe women) will have to live with the shadow of suspicion over them forever more, in fact it doesn't seem to matter how many lives are wrecked to keep the abduction story going. In my more optimistic moments, I think that Scotland Yard are acting out some of elaborate plan, but they wouldn't harm innocent people in the process would they?

Well 3 years on, Scotland Yard haven't found an abductor either, and its not for want of trying.  Now the British police are back in Lisbon to 'supervise' the next round of interviews, while the suffering parents are up the road, trying to extort over £1m from the detective that the British had removed from the original investigation!

I wish I could speak and understand Portuguese, because at the moment I can only imagine how 'What the Fuck' translates. 

As a postscript, I'm now starting to wonder just how far 'they' are prepared to go to validate this 'abduction' story. If all of this is subterfuge then why are they involving so many innocent people? Can it be justified at the end of the day? Poor Brenda Leyland actually died as a result of the sick game that is being played out to protect this couple, it's not just the Portuguese who should be asking wtf, we should be as well.

Friday 7 November 2014


Unfortunately, my attempts to start a Revolution on Wednesday resulted in rather a damp squib!  It was reminiscent of a time in my life when I falsely claimed organisational skills on my CV and fecked up at least 20 appointments and 3 seminars.  Note to self, do not attempt to organise anything ever again, not even a drinking session in a brewery. 

Apparently, there is a lot more to stirring up a mob than watching The Motor Cycle Diaries and knowing all the words to The Red Flag (as do all visitors to my home, it is pinned to the loo door :) ).  And in this day and age, how to send and receive text messages is essential Doh! (blushing smiley), as indeed is a rapid course on how to use the internet technology effectively, ok, I'm standing in the corner now facing the wall.   

'I say old chap' and 'its just not cricket' doesn't really cut the mustard when one is part of a mob storming the Houses of Parliament. In retrospect, my choice of venue may not have been one of my brightest ideas, though my green tea and home made scones went down rather well with a 7ft Jesus and his hip hop companions!  I did manage do a 30minute interview with a Hungarian journalist and I spoke to a few other reporters. Everyone agreed the McCann case is a cover up and scam, but meeting up with people and the Madeleine message was lost in overall cause, Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square were chocabloc, doh!

Would I do it again!  Absolutely!  The atmosphere was electric and all of the people so good natured.  Age, colour, ability or disability, it mattered not.  On the rare occasion I go to a pub, I usually find all the nice people are outside (no matter what the weather, lol) smoking, or even not smoking and having a laugh.  That's how it felt on Wednesday night. 

I didn't stay late, I had the hospital yesterday, but had I been 20 years younger I would have! Did it achieve anything?  Probably not, I remember all too well the Marches against the War in Iraq, and how the voices of the people fell onto deaf ears.  But it reminds those in power that WE are the many, and they are the few, something they seem to forget at times. 

Will I give up on Revolutions, not at all, but before I attempt to start another one, will check out local college courses, or maybe google 'how to start an uprising?' - have been studying Wat Tyler lately but I don't think it ended too well for him :( 

Monday 3 November 2014

Wednesday's March

Following the recent tragic death of Brenda Leyland, I will be joining the Anonymous March in Trafalgar Square, Central London on Wednesday 5th November if anyone wants to join me, from 4.00p.m. - official march begins at 6.00pm.

Brenda was the latest victim in a long running campaign by Gerry and Kate McCann to shut down internet discussion about their daughter's disappearance.  It reared its head with the publication of the Summers and Swan book, where the authors officially labelled those who didn't believe the McCanns abduction story as haters and trolls, and culminated in an entire day of rolling news exposing Brenda Leyland as a hate filled troll.  All of which has since been disproved.

Brenda was NOT a troll, she didn't threaten or abuse anyone, she was a concerned member of the public who knew, as many of us do, that the authorities and the Mainstream Media have not been telling the truth about this case.  Gerry McCann demanded that an example be made of one of those who criticised himself and his wife, and for whatever reason Brenda Leyland was selected.  Why she was selected is a mystery, one that will hopefully be revealed by the Inquest. Other posters had made far worse remarks than Brenda ever did, so why did Sky News, or the dossier compilers select her?

I want the authorities to know that we will be watching the Inquest very carefully, and that we know the truth.  I want to see Brenda's good name and reputation restored and I want to see to see apologies to her family.  There will be many who want this shameful episode forgotten and brushed under the carpet, and for Brenda's sake we should make sure this never happens.

For 7 years, we in the UK have been watching a circus, a debacle, a cover up on a spectacular scale that might well lead to the very heart of the establishment - we just don't know.  This case was solved by the Portuguese police 7 years ago, but for some reason the UK cannot or will not accept their conclusions.  The original lead detective was taken off the case, and ever since we have had nothing but smoke and mirrors. 

During the worst financial crisis I have seen in my lifetime, the UK government are pouring millions of pounds of public funds into a cold case that can never be resolved until all the main characters are included in the investigation! 

Something that is looking increasingly less likely as the years go by.

My protest is not against the family, lord knows they have enough to deal with, and I hope that anyone who joins me will not abuse nor harass them, there are innocents involved.

I do however want to harass the politicians, and ask why not one of them, not even a rogue one, has had the guts to ask in parliament what on earth is going on in this case?  People like Brenda, myself and thousands of others are asking questions that should be coming from those who represent us.  And asking those questions should not be a public order offence, a small child disappeared and that should concern everyone.

Unfortunately, this case has become so much more than that of a missing child.  It is being used as a means to introduce policing of the internet, it has become a direct threat to Freedom of Speech.  The McCanns and their most vociferous supporters claim their lives are affected by what is said about them online - Seriously?  And I say this as the victim of every sick, depraved, troll and stalker on the net for the past 7 years - try googling my name!   In my opinion, if internet abuse bothers you that much, you should stay out of the public eye! 

Ditto the #McCann hashtag on twitter, its a battleground, the skill lies in outwitting and spearing your opponent in 140 characters, its not everyone's cup of tea, but for some it saves kicking the dog.  However, if you are of a sensitive disposition, steer clear, there are zillions of other hashtags!  Such is human nature weirdos will crop up in every walk of life, running to the teacher, a policeman or whoever you deem appropriate to take charge of your life, will not make them go away.  No-one has that power.  It is impossible to legislate against human nature.

Some people fail to understand that the only control they have, is over their own lives - outside enemies, dangers, etc, will always be there, it is how they react to them that matters.  If they allow those fears to get inside their heads and grow out of proportion, that is their own choice, but they have just bypassed the ONLY part of the action and the reaction they had control of.   

A law cannot be tailor made to fit the McCanns' internet needs.  Any law that protects victims and parents will affect ALL victims and parents.  Ergo, we can never again criticise anyone with offspring.  What we are witnessing is megalomania in action, but it suits those who want to bring in tighter controls over the internet. 

Conspiracy is not a dirty word, conspiracies can and do happen, history is littered with them.  There are indeed Dr. Evils stroking their white cats and plotting ways and means in which to take over the world through the power of the internet.  At the moment it is LAWLESS, its classless - they'll let anyone in and there isn't a VIP lounge.  History is now all inclusive, the masses can have  their say, no-one is excluded, there isn't an elite. Eeeeek.

The McCanns and their supporters (perhaps one hand washes the other?) want legislation that will make having an opinion a criminal offence - and it won't just apply to their case (much as they might like that) it will apply to EVERY case. This is a couple who fought for a book to be banned (succeeded in UK) and who have sued and threatened to sue anyone who criticises them.  Are they really the best people to be advising a government on privacy law? The UK already has the most draconian libel laws in the world, what else is there left to gag?

The McCanns with the best spin doctors public donations can buy, are very good at manipulating public opinion.  They went from parents who committed an act of gross negligence to tragic heroes anointed by the Pope and feted by the Great and Good!  Convincing the public that Freedom of Speech on the internet is a dangerous thing, should be a piece of cake!

For Madeleine's sake, for Brenda's sake and for the sake of Freedom of Speech we need to make a stand. 

Tuesday 21 October 2014


In the 1980's greed was good, greed worked and fortunes were made, but then the bubble burst, all those high interest mortgages to high risk borrowers were not sustainable.  The super rich retreated to count their profits and the world's economy took a nosedive, with the poorest and most vulnerable left to pay the price.

The nihilistic nineties brought with it a climate of fear, we didn't know who or what to believe and we didn't really care.  Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins told us there is no God, no powerful being to come and rescue us, we were on our own, with nothing to worship except the weathered coins that jangled in our pockets. 

In the territorial twothousands (territories matter, especially those that have all the oil).  The Messiah arrived in the enthusiastic form of a bright eyed Tony Blair, education, education, education, he shouted as the people's party leapt to its feet in an encore.  I'm here to bring you equality and justice, he declared, trust me, I'm a lawyer.  Like sheep we followed, I may even have been baaaing as I popped the champagne, yes, yes, yes, Tony, enlightenment for the masses, its the only way!  

There was much that was good, Surestart, EMA, University education open to all, but underneath, lurked something very, very bad.  In order to lead the people, you need to control the people, you need to know who they are and where they are, how much they earn, where hey shop etc, etc.  I know, said some bright spark, lets convince them the danger  of terrorism is everywhere, and the only sure way to stamp it out is with ID cards, only those with something to hide would object.  And if they are not convinced how clear and present the danger is, we can send army tanks into Heathrow Airport - that should up the ante! Don't be ridiculous, said someone else, we could never get away with that. 
But the public weren't quite rattled enough to queue up at police stations volunteering samples of DNA, their bank statements and full medical history.  The (manufactured) fear of terrorists, muslims and aliens just wasn't cutting the mustard. Twas Messiah Tony's sheer bad luck, that he arrived to save us slap bang in the middle the of the Age of Information, he was going to need a lot more than 2 loaves and 5 fishes to win 'em all over.  The Great British public are nothing like the previous generations, who sat around radio sets in their Sunday best respectfully listening to the PM's speech.  Now they are more likely to be making a cuppa and googling 'why are we are going to war'.  Maybe teaching them to read and use a computer wasn't such a good idea after all.  Doh!

With education came the realisation that the 4.8% of the population who are muslim were very unlikely to overthrow the government and introduce Sharia Law in the UK.  A new enemy was needed.  Someone we could all universally despise, someone we could string up from a lamp post to the cheers of a baying mob.  Someone no-one would defend, for fear of being accused themselves. A bogey man, a child snatcher, a sinister predator hiding in the bushes, or behind the wall, watching families and waiting for the opportunity to sneak in and steal their babies. 

And where  does this threat come from?  Why directly from the computers in our living rooms and bedrooms!  The lawless internet is riddled with paedophiles waiting to prey on kids with lollypops and plane tickets to Disney.  These perverts are the new public enemy number One, the enemy within, the reds under the beds, the invasion of the body snatchers.  Never mind that 99.9% of children are abused and battered by people that know them, the message is 'Stranger Danger', or more accurately, Cyber Stranger Danger. The unseen threat, is the best threat of all when a government wants to instil fear into the population.  Its unsettling, its unheimlich and when our kids lives are at stake, we will hand over anything our 'protectors' demand, especially if it is accompanied by the implication that if we don't, we must be 'one of them'.

And this is where poor little Madeleine McCann came in.  She was the poster child in a campaign of fear.  A campaign that struck terror into the hearts of young parents worldwide, when every young blonde girl was assumed to be the missing Maddie, and every smiling granddad was a potential predator. And the legacy - obese kids confined to their bedrooms by overprotective parents terrified that if they step outside the door they will be snatched by one of the paedophiles who lurk on every corner.  People reluctant to intervene when they see a distressed toddler on their own, parents terrified of their children being photographed.  Young mums and dads have lost the freedom to enjoy their kids, and the kids have lost the freedom to enjoy their childhoods as we did. Gone are the days when scruffy kids sat at the dinner table, excitedly telling their parents about the pals they made and fell out with, the conkers and snails they collected, how they got a great big hole in their best jumper.  Replaced with mums and dads terrified to let their offspring out of their sight, and terrified to let them stray any further than the sweetshop or nearest takeaway, unable to relax until they know the kids are safe in their room eating junk food and playing mind numbing computer games. 

The latest 21st Century fear is internet trolls.  Beware the lawless internet says Grace Dent, stamp out the small groups who are spoiling it for everyone, says the Mail, make an example of a troll demands Gerry, 'your wish is our command' says Sky Television. 

The internet is a powerful tool and the powers that be can't just let any old pleb post on it without some sort of censorship and restraint.  The journalists in El Vino's are weeping into their Chablis, as Joe Public are doing their job for them, only better, and more thoroughly. Their articles and opinions can now be compared, their word is no longer final - its open to research and credibility checks.  Perhaps this should be the Transparent Twothousands, because sweeping under the carpet is no longer an option, unless of course, they can get some new laws in pdq, and award another standing ovation to Mr. Gerry McCann.  The problem is we can see for ourselves those newspapers, journalists and television presenters who stick to their principles and beliefs and those prepared to lie through their teeth for a pay cheque.  The public will judge them, and therein lies the karma.  

As for the trolls, jail them by all means, although they are likely to be solitary types with few friends and too timid to step outside their bedrooms.  But ffs, people should educate their kids so they don't need smelling salts when they encounter a bit of harsh reality. If Chloe Madely is such a wilting flower, has she really chosen the right profession? Perhaps twitter should carry a 'not suitable for sensitive adults or namby pambies', so she could have made a hasty exit to a flower arranging hashtag. And I say that as someone who has been on the receiving end of McCann orchestrated troll campaign for several years.  Yes, there are indeed dangerous trolls out there, some of whom drove an innocent woman to her death, a more important trolling story I believe, than a minor celebrity with hurt feelings.   

If individuals voice an opinion in a public arena, opposing opinions will follow - its how a democracy works.  The only people who oppose it are wannabe dictators, tyrants and Dr. Evils.  Everyone's opinion is valid, whether we like them or not. Characters such as the McCanns and the Madeleys are living in cuckoo land if they think they can step up to the platform, say their piece, and walk away to a round of applause.  It takes 'You Must Love Me' to a whole new level, complete with a prison sentence if you don't.   

Thursday 16 October 2014


On 5th November I will be in London for the Anonymous #MillionMasksMarch to protest at the UK's blackout of the truth behind Madeleine's McCann's disappearance and the hounding to death of an innocent woman who did no more than express her opinion online.

Anyone wishing to join me, with a mask or without, will be welcome. There will be no lists of names, no records kept, and revealing identities will be optional. I will probably set up somewhere near Trafalgar Square with a big flask of coffee and maybe a sign declaring 'I'm Brenda Leyland'! 

The official March begins at, and as we do not yet know how big the crowds will be (there will be lots of people marching for different causes) I will give out a mobile contact number nearer the day.  If anyone is willing to help on any organising aspects, I would be very grateful!  Otherwise it may be a case of us all gathering at Trafalgar Square until someone shouts ACEEED, and blows a whistle!  ;)

If there are any budding film producers or photographers, and nimble fingered tweeters, you will be especially welcome - as long as anonymity is respected. Unfortunately, the malicious way in which the McCanns have run their media campaign has made anonymity essential in most cases. Recent events have shown how the McCann supporters track down their critics, so no need to make it easy for them.   

I want to show that questioning the disappearance of an innocent child is nothing to be ashamed of and that we are ordinary people who have researched this case, rather than the evil trolls, the media portrays.   

So many of my friends and family said when they heard the news of Brenda's death, that it could have been me, the truth is, it could have been any one of us.  We should not be made to live in fear of the media and the police for voicing our opinions.  Conspiracy is not a taboo word!  Conspiracies can and do happen, unfortunately so many people are indoctrinated to the extent that they cover their ears, eyes and mouths the moment the word is uttered.  Its a bit like when you say the word 'sit' to dog! 

Sunday 12 October 2014


'NASTY EVIL LOOKING PIECE OF SHIT' - a reference to the picture of Brenda Leyland remains under their 'troll' article, whilst my comment below is whooshed! 

Demonising those who do not believe the McCanns has been the nation's sport for the last 7 years, yet even a cursory look at the details of the case will reveal that the abduction story simply doesn't add up.  Brenda was not a troll, just a concerned citizen who had done no more than pursue justice for a missing child. As a frequent tweeter on the McCann hashtag, I too have been subject to threats and abuse from McCann supporters, in fact anyone who expresses doubt about this case receive the same treatment, newbies especially are torn to shreds. 

Celebrities too are jumping into this discussion, protesting that 'ordinary' people should somehow be restrained, or restricted from posting their views and opinions on social media because they can't be trusted.  There is a kind of snobbery when they talk about the 'lawless internet' and the uneducated making whoopee with snippets of information they don't have the mental capacity to process.  Troll hunter Dom Joly dives in calling me 'Totally fucking Nuts', then blocks me so I have no right of reply, yet I am labelled the troll!

This is the age of information and anyone with a bit of gumption can google anything they want.  The truth about this case is merely one or two clicks away.  In a current poll, over 90% of the population do not believe Kate and Gerry McCann and their disbelief is not based on envy or hatred, it is based on the original Portuguese police files that are freely available online.   

Anyone else having their responses whooshed by the MSM can have them published here.  We will get the truth out there one way or another!

Friday 10 October 2014


Brenda Leyland (Sweepyface) had nothing whatsoever to be ashamed of.  She fought for what she believed in, and she believed the death of Madeleine McCann was being covered up.  Anyone would be very fortunate indeed to have had Brenda fighting on their behalf, safe in the knowledge that she would never, ever, have given up.  Someone who would carry on fighting for you regardless of threats, abuse and repugnant allegations?  Brenda's sons have so much to be proud of, she could have walked away years ago, she could have given up, as so many others have, but she didn't.  Her will was stronger than the will of those who wanted to do her harm.

The question each of us must now ask, especially all of those who post anonymously (perfectly understandable given the constant threats), is, would we be suicidal if we were 'outed'?  It seems to me Brenda would have been happy to talk to Martin Brunt. Those of us who use social media, do so because we are trying to get the hidden details of this case into the public arena, ergo the UK's top reporter turning up on your doorstep is the stuff of dreams.  Brenda had nothing to be ashamed of.  Her tweets were not threatening, nor were they abusive, she had nothing to fear in them being revealed, other than the disinformation of the press.

We all immediately assumed that the 'outing' made her suicidal - and that is a possibility given that she fled her home.  She had been labelled a vicious troll and knew full well the Media would lead the rabble chanting 'burn the witch' to her door - there were already McCann supporters on twitter threatening to smash her windows.  She must have been terrified, but would she have been terrified beyond logic?  The problem was solvable, the troll accusations easily disproved.

She appears to have been a strong, feisty lady, who made little or no attempt to conceal her real identity - and having dedicated so much time to getting the truth 'out there' would she really have said, 'Ok, its a fair cop, I'll just go shred all my work and take up knitting'.  Would any of us do that?

I'm probably one of the worst offenders here in that I immediately went into sympathy mode, that is, I saw the vulnerable Brenda, rather than the strong determined Brenda, the Brenda who was determined to get justice for Madeleine.   Many of us have said, I wish Martin Brunt had come to see me, I have plenty to tell him, why then would that not be true of Brenda?  She wasn't hiding away in a backroom as has been intimated, she was an active member of the community.  And why on earth should not believing the McCanns be a matter of shame? Brenda was anything but ashamed of her beliefs.

Most of us know the UK press will not publish negative McCann stories, but the 'outing' of Sweepyface may have forced the issue.  That is, at some point, one of the big media hitters was going to have to interview Brenda, and she was going to tell them all she knew, including information about the McCanns own sinister media campaign.  The irony of course being that it is all coming out now anyway. 

Wednesday 8 October 2014


You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.  Abraham Lincoln

So the mainstream media are now labelling Brenda Leyland as mentally unstable, a conspiracy theorist with a fixation on the parents of a missing child.  She wasn't.  She was a well educated, refined lady, a popular and active member of her community and loved by those who knew her. 

Labelling Brenda and indeed all of us as conspiracy loons, the MSM can continue to ignore us and promote the agenda that Gerry and Kate McCann are the victims of a Portuguese conspiracy and a small underclass envious of the parents detached house and room for a pony. 

But lets deal first with the anti McCann conspiracy, involved are all those who do not believe that Madeleine was abducted, so as conspiracies go, its a pretty big group. 

Are our beliefs based on myths and rumours? No, they are based on the official Portuguese police files released after the case was shelved, wherein the Attorney General stated that Kate and Gerry McCann failed to prove their innocence.  He did not clear them, as stated over and over again by every UK media outlet, the case was shelved because the McCanns and their friends refused to co-operate with the investigation. 

We are right to ask questions.  The crime occurred in Portugal, so why are Scotland Yard investigating it? Are they saying, we don't accept your sardine munching findings, so we will come up with better ones ourselves, ta very much. Whatever Scotland Yard are doing, it cannot end in prosecution, they cannot drag Portuguese citizens over to the UK to put in an Old Baily dock for a crime committed in Portugal. So why are Scotland Yard investigating a crime in another country?  To take this a wee bit further, can all UK citizens accused of crimes abroad expect the same treatment if they too don't like the conclusions of the host nation?


There is no evidence whatsoever to support the abduction story. 

Kate and Gerry McCann and their friends did not search on the night Madeleine went missing, they stayed in the apartment phoning everyone on their contact lists. 

Despite their daughter being 'taken in the night', the McCanns put their twins in the resort crèche the following day - 4th May.

Kate refused to answer 48 police questions

Most damning of all, specialist blood and cadaver dogs, trained by Scotland Yard, detected blood and the odour of cadaver in the McCanns' apartment, the hire car and items belonging to Kate McCann.  A child is missing so who died in 5A?

In the majority of cases where a child is claimed to have been abducted, the parents have been involved, that is a fact.  The McCanns are not even unusual in their behaviour, Youtube is full of 'grieving parents' giving interviews, who have later been discovered to have killed the child themselves.  The McCanns are unusual because they have had so much support from the government and the media.

It is condescending and patronising of those journalists, who have clearly done no research whatsoever, to label people such as Brenda Leyland a conspiracy loon on the basis that she was only a member of the public and didn't know what she was talking about.  Well news flash.  Brenda knew exactly what she was talking about, and sure as eggs is eggs, Martin Brunt knew it too. 

If a journalist campaigns for a cause he/she believes in passionately, they are feted as heroes and presented with honours, accolades and awards.  If a member of public acts similarly, they are obviously mentally unstable. 

Well those who speak out are the movers and the shakers of this world - whatever walk of life they come from, and Brenda's passion was just as worthy as those with 'Reporter' stamped on their passport.  She was fighting for justice for the forgotten child in all this, Madeleine McCann. Her 4000+ tweets were a credit to her persistence, just what is it going to take for someone to stop the madness of the McCann scam.  One crime has led to hundreds, and now it is taken a very sinister turn indeed.  It can only get worse, unless someone out there has the guts to say, enough is enough. 

Martin Brunt knew immediately that Brenda Leyland was a nice, decent woman and probably wondered himself what the feck he was doing.  Even under extreme duress, she was well mannered and kindly invited Martin and the crew into her home.  I know Martin Brunt is feeling like shit right now, but he could go some way to putting this right, by revealing the full interview, the one in which she explained why she was campaigning  and give her an opportunity to clear her name. 


Sunday 5 October 2014

Pee in the Pot, or get off It! Two years on from death of Brenda Leyland

Two years ago this week, Gerry McCann, the father of a missing child, demanded that an example be made of the internet 'trolls' he claimed were hounding and threatening his family online.  The McCann family or a 'group of concerned citizens' had compiled a dossier of 'offenders' and ex head of CEOP Jim Gamble and Sky's Martin Brunt took it from there. This was Jim Gamble's cleansing of social media at it's finest and a taster of his own particular form of justice.

The victim they selected, Brenda Leyland, hadn't in fact committed any crime, she, like myself and thousands of others simply refused to accept the establishment line that Madeleine McCann was abducted by a stranger.  The McCanns and those who assist them, truly believed they could stamp out all their critics with a gang of thugs patrolling the internet and via hard cash in the libel courts. To be fair, for a while there they succeeded. 

Unfortunately for Gerry McCann, Jim Gamble and Martin Brunt, their jackboot, vigilante tactics appalled the public, whatever Brenda had done, she did not deserve a public execution.  They selected Brenda because she was 'ordinary', but it was that ordinariness that made her everyone's mum, nan and aunty - the McCann couple, already seen as cold, were now chilling.

It is bizarre that two years on, Operation Grange seem as far from a conclusion as they were at the outset but probably not surprising.  The grisly details of what happened the night Madeleine disappeared have become the back story, it's what happened from that night onwards, that will make the Chilcott report look like a couple of hours of light reading. 

The incumbent Blair government perverted the course of justice.  There is no nice, or euphemistic way of putting it.  It was obvious to the first two Portuguese policemen on the scene that the abduction was staged, and ten years on, to anyone who looks at the facts without the 'but they are such a nice couple' blinkers, it still is.  The problem Operation Grange have, is that once they point the finger at Gerry and Kate, the entire house of cards will collapse.

What was said during Gerry's one to one chats with PMs Blair and Brown?  Or indeed between Kate and Cherie?  One thing we can be sure of, every word will be kept verbatim.  Are we to believe that two British Prime Ministers, with all the country's top advisors, police and Special Branch, were taken in by Gerry and Kate?  Not only were they taken in, they put the full services of the establishment at Team McCann's disposal.  That's an Oops right up there with Okily Dokily Mr. Bush.  

How many New Labour cabinet ministers were schmoozing the McCanns?  Or police chiefs attending their fund raising events?  Will the highly experienced and decorated Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe and Jim Gamble explain how they were so misled by a couple of tricksters the average housewife could spot within seconds?  The unveiling of a fake abduction would reveal a sea of red faces and a scramble by those who should have known better to find excuses for supporting such an obvious scam. 

I kind of get the predicament Operation Grange finds themselves in and the difficulties they must have in releasing public statements.  At some point they will have to pee in the pot or get off it.  It has been clear for some time that OG are not looking for an abductor, which translates, 'we know who's responsible but we don't have enough to prosecute'.  Gerry's 'Nooooo evidence' mantra seems to be holding up quite well, but you can't keep throwing public money at an investigation that's going nowhere. 

Unfortunately, while the silence of Operation Grange might temporarily hold back the floodgates, (who dare publish while Gerry and Kate have so much on so much power over so many - including Amazon?), the walls of the dam could give at any time, and the entire team could look like procrastinating fools. You can imagine the water cooler chat, 'Seriously! Scotland Yard's finest didn't know?', following The Sun's serialisation of Kate's latest memoir 'Gotcha You Mugs!'. 

Those of us who know more about this case than is healthy, would argue the 'No Evidence' point quite vigorously, a quick google of Madeleine McCann, will not only throw up every rational argument for why the parents were involved, it will do it in alphabetical order and with pictures. 

Whatever is going on behind the scenes in an effort to limit the damage when Madeleine hits the headlines again, should not be used to take out members of the public.  And vigilant groups, even if they are 'establishment' ones, should not have the power to destroy lives. 

If I were Brenda's family, I would still be mad as hell, but I respect their right to privacy.  I think unless you understand the full horrors of the abuse of power in Madeleine's name, we 'McCann geeks' will always seem a little strange. My own adult sons think I am quite bonkers.  When justice finally arrives for Madeleine, Goncalo and all those 'destroyed' by the McCanns and their henchmen, I want to see Brenda's name cleared, public apologies for those vile troll headlines that drove the poor woman to her death.  The use of the word 'troll' has sinister undertones and it will be used unscrupulously by those intent on policing the internet and targeting dissenters.  In the case of Brenda it was used as a warning to others that spectacularly backfired. 

I think on this sad anniversary, it is important to remember the ghastly way in the full might of the establishment and the media were used to destroy the life of an ordinary woman who dared to question an obvious lie. 

RIP Brenda Leyland



So Sky's rolling news day on McCann trolls has resulted in the death of Brenda Leyland (Sweepyface) a middle aged lady angered by the lies of Gerry and Kate McCann. Seven years on, despite being suspects in the eyes of the rest of the world, in the UK they are still being treated like victims and being compensated financially.  No amount of money will satisfy Gerry and Kate, they have had over £4m, they also want the Laws to be changed so their crimes will never be reported.  We have had a news blackout in the UK for the past 7 years.  Why?

The McCanns didn't have any threats against them or their children.  Their witness claimed this in the Lisbon libel trial, but could not substantiate it.  Several months on, no-one has been arrested or charged for threatening the McCanns.  A bit like the abductor.

The biggest threat they could find to the McCanns was poor old Brenda, an obviously shy, timid lady who clearly presented no danger to the McCanns whatsoever.  But she was to be the scapegoat, the face of the cruel campaign against an innocent family.  She was the line of least resistance - had they doorstepped any of the more outspoken among us, we would have given them an interview they couldn't broadcast, on the hour, every hour, etc without Carter Ruck jumping down their throats - now re-employed by McCanns it seems and kerchinging nicely. 

Did Martin Brunt threaten her? If so, what with?  He had pretty much done the worst thing imaginable, but it clearly left her in great fear.  She fled from her village.  More doorstepping perhaps?  Her past raked up?  Did she have mental health issues?  Did any of her family?  Was she a vulnerable adult in any way? Surely Sky News would not have carried out such a catastrophic public attack without making a few basic checks? 

Were the McCanns going to go after her financially, as they have done with Goncalo Amaral, demand that she sell her house?  Was she facing threats of financial ruin? How could a regular person stand up to Carter Ruck? Her limited 'I thought I was entitled to' - portrayed her as ignorant, but what else did she say when she took the crew inside her house?

What did the police say to her?  Afaik, she was not arrested or cautioned, but did they give her a 'stern' taking to? And how stern was that talk?  Normal people with no criminal record or dealings with the police would be terrified. What Laws did Brenda break, if any?  Lets hope the police taped their interviews with her, if I were her family, I would demand they be revealed at the Inquest - and there should definitely be an Inquest.

However, Jim Gamble's hope of using 'outing' as a device to stop people asking questions about the McCanns, or indeed anything, has spectacularly backfired.  The consequences of such sinister threats have become all too apparent.  I would imagine legal talks are frantically underway as we speak, Sky News cannot just brush this off, they must at the very least, issue an apology to Brenda's family.  No Court in the world (maybe N.Korea or UK under McCann Rule) would have found Brenda guilty of anything.  If worse tweeters exist, then why didn't Sky go after them, why go after a fragile, quiet lady in a pretty village, who clearly posed no threat to the McCanns whatsoever.  The cynic in me pictures the McCanns looking up the property prices as one reason, but more likely the subliminal message was 'it could be you'.  There were threatening undertones in that news report, and more than a tinge of cruelty in the way the story was reported.  They couldn't hide their glee at exposing a respectable middle aged lady as a vicious internet troll to all her friends, family and neighbours. It was pitchforking at its very worst.

However, any gleeful thoughts Gamble and McCanns may have of outing people on a regular basis must now be treated with the seriousness it deserves, as Brenda's tragic death has proved.  The punishment Brenda received (based on no evidence) was way beyond anything a Court could have dished out.  It seemed more like payback, than a genuine news story,  Her face, and home, was broadcast every hour, on the hour, as she was publically labelled as a 'Hater', continually hounding the family of Madeleine McCann.  She wasn't.  She was angry at this blatant miscarriage of justice as many are.  Nothing she did deserved the kind of punishment she received.  The death of a child is always emotive, especially when those charged to uphold the law appear to be covering it up. Sky News acted as Judge, Jury and Executioner.  Brenda is dead because of what she was accused of, not because of what she did.  She probably said a lot more in that Sky interview than 'I thought I was entitled to', but will we ever know?  They wanted to label her as evil, and they did.
Brenda, bless her, knowingly or unknowingly, may well set off a chain of events that will bring about the final downfall of the McCanns and their minions.   Jim Gamble and the McCanns wanted to use her as an example of what will happen to anyone criticising them, but her suicide has turned the tables.  Now they have to justify what they have done to her. 

Friday 3 October 2014

HOW MANY PEOPLE SCARED AWAY from questioning the McCanns?

Well first of all, I'm surprised the McCanns had to hire lawyers Carter Ruck, I thought they had them on a permanent retainer.

Also very strange how the big bully media has given them £55k from the one hand, and dedicated a day's news to them from the other - wonder if it was all part of the deal?  The McCanns firmly believe that the more they get their story (and faces) out there, the more chance they have of turning public opinion back in their favour.  There is a certain glee in that for some of us because we can see that they are in fact digging themselves into an even deeper hole. 

Yesterday, we had a day's whitewashing from Sky News, almost every hour, on the hour, possibly accompanied by a subliminal 'you will believe' message to further hypnotise the especially dozy.  Then we had the imposing presence of Jim Gamble ramming home the menace and bullying message just to make it absolutely clear, that they will go after anyone questioning the official story.  How many perfectly innocent people with legitimate questions about Madeleine's disappearance been scared away by these shock tactics?  The message was clear.  Anyone tweeting negatively about the McCanns will come to the attention of the police. We are all under surveillance because we don't believe the ridiculous abduction story.

And just to hammer the message home, Gerry and Kate have again received a substantial payment from a UK newspaper, said by them to have been donated to a charity (which one?) and they are back up on their pedestal demanding the newspaper industry be gagged.  The only people who want newspapers gagged are those with something to hide.  What kind of police state are we turning into where journalists are imprisoned and every story has to be run by the subject, before it can go to press?

Its not the tories demanding the media gags, they have running the gauntlet with press barons since time began, its New Labour and the increasingly more sinister Hacked Off.  A public that votes to gag the free press, is a public walking blindly into police controlled State. 

A free press comes with good and bad, those used to the limelight, or born to it, treat it with the same attitude as the Windsors, 'Don't Complain', Don't Explain'.  Those who choose to put their private lives in the public domain, again and again, invite public comment, especially those who pose for 'Hello' style photoshoots and tell the world 'I couldn't make love to my husband'.  The McCanns make themselves the news, ergo comment will follow. 

The press do not persecute and intimate victims of crime.  Sadly, our history is littered with tragic stories of children taken and murdered, and their families have continued their lives, devastated, but with the privacy they asked for. 

The problem the McCanns have (apart from megalomania) is their inability to accept that the public just don't like them and their constant whining about what a bad deal they have had ain't helping.  The public know who has had a bad deal - I remember seeing the Ben Needham tweeter asking for donations for a PC ffs.  Yet keep the sympathy and cash (£4m+ to their private company) with Gerry and Kate.  Perhaps Gerry and Kate could give the cash to them?