Sunday, 12 August 2012


It occurred to me following the tragic case of Tia Sharp this week, that met officers must be reviewing thousands, if not zillions, of hours of CCTV from all over the globe? I am basing this on the last report in Tia's case being 120 hours of video footage.

From an economic perspective, I am curious as to how resources are allocated.  Are they linked in any way to statistics?  In a nutshell, do they start at the beginning and work outwards?  

The Met are being mashed at the moment, but in their defence, they have admitted their errors almost immediately, and it only took them a week to cop on, that they should start investigating the place she went missing from.

I think many questions have arisen following the tragic events of this week.  I don't know whether it is in the climate of the Levenson Enquiry and resignations at the met, but I feel we have been told quite a lot about the way in which this missing child cases are conducted.  This tragic case has a sense of transparency about it.  

There are of course, a lot of political reasons behind it, not least the characters involved, are easily dispensable and unlikely to rock any corporate or government policy.  In addition, it is great spin, it diverts the attention of the populace towards the degraded lives, of the shiftless and their unlimited sprogs who are infesting decent society.  We already have calls for compulsory sterilisation.  It also provides excellent gloating opportunities and reasons to deprive the deprived still further, and it detracts from the billionaires bonuses and the double dip recession.  Its a win, win situation.

For the Scotland Yard team reviewing this case, the public are this week, much more informed than they were last week.  As nice as Kate and Gerry and their friends might be, it will be hard to convince anyone that starting with a sighting on Mars (I am pretty sure the Mars Rover had a travel pack of age progressed Maddie posters) and working backwards, is not in anyone's mind an economical, or even sane, way to conduct an enquiry.  

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  1. Good only knows what part of the investigation the MET with their £3.5m review started from. Much would seem to be what the McCanns from their various sources had gathered, then probably cross-correlated with information from the Portuguese & British Police forces.

    But like you say, starting on Mars and working backwards aint going to help. Neither is it, when operation Grange, beleive Madeleine is alive, not 50%\50% but alive, with a little bit of back paddling.

    Can something be drawn from Tia's case? Leveson has played his part - dumbed down information. Who is\was Tia? do you know ... I certainly don't. Is there a social history? Who knows

    But the UK police whilst working on Tia's case never battled with language difficulties, non-cooperation, worldwide glare and no information of backgrounds, read the files and see what the Portuguese were given. Read the one piece of information that is mind blowing 'Gaspar's statement' - eventually passed to Portugual, but as a standalone piece of information, was\is meaningless.

    £3.5m is almost blown - and what conclusions might the MET operation Grange eventually deliver. Of course, thanks to Rebekah Brooks\Cameron & the Sun's readership open letter, for which no one at Leveson could remember or take responsibility for.