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I was saddened to see the recent images of Goncalo Amaral, the former Portuguese Police inspector, who had the misfortune to pick up the poisoned chalice that was the case of the missing child, Madeleine McCann.  I can only hope that his drastic weight loss is the result of dieting and healthy living, rather than the living nightmare he has endured in his quest to find justice for a tiny, vulnerable child who mysteriously vanished from a small, tranquil resort in the beautiful Algarve.

Within moments of the child disappearing, a media campaign, the like of which we have never seen before, began in earnest.  With a Sky news channel dedicated to the hastily assembled Team McCann, we were continually fed daily, and sometimes hourly, updates, on the plight of the grieving parents, and the incompetence of the sardine munchers, who were doing nothing to help them. 

None were attacked so viciously as the Inspector in charge of the case, who bore the brunt of News International's powerful and sinister, unique brand of interpreting news to the satisfaction of its proprietor.  

In September 2007, Goncalo resigned, his career and reputation in tatters.  He had no option but to set the record straight, and rightly so.  When we leave this world, all that's left is a few trinkets and our reputation, and in the end our reputation is the only thing that really matters.  

In his book 'The Truth of Lie' he gives an honest account of the events, as they occurred, in the summer of 2007.  An account that tallies, almost verbatim, with  the police files that were released following the shelving of the investigation.  An investigation that had been seriously hampered by the overwhelming media attention and the scurrilous slurs of a newspaper industry that has since been found corrupt.

Goncalo Amaral was not a police chief with an immaculate uniform and shiny buttons, he worked overlong hours, he jeopardised his marriage, he is human.  However, he has never stopped caring about the plight of a lost little girl and his humanity shines through.  In his book he is gracious, and compassionate to the parents, he understood their loss, despite the viciousness of their campaign against him.

On 13th September the trial begins.  The McCanns are demanding £1.2m in damages from the man whose life they have virtually destroyed.  May justice prevail, Forca, strength to you Goncalo.  

'Today the only person prosecuted in the case of the disappearance of little Madeleine McCann is the officer who conducted the investigation'  Honorary Chief Commissioner of the National French Police   


  1. I thank You a lot !

    Because me:

    Com Gonçalo Amaral e Sua Família .Vítimas do casal McCann! E não acredito que Madeleine Mccann tenha Justiça.

    With Gonçalo Amaral and His Family. Victims of the McCanns! And do not believe Madeleine Mccann has Justice.

    Kind Regards,Cristobell!

    1. Many thanks MC, I am so happy to see that this post has reached 'someone' in Portugal, and sincerely hope that it can be spread further, and hopefully reaches Goncalo and his family, with the difficult days ahead.

      There is much support for Goncalo in the UK, though it is played down by the media. Please know that even if we cannot be there with you, we want truth and justice to prevail.

  2. The Expresso interview, 06 September 2008

    Q – Your English lawyers already have a translated copy and they are analysing it. Do you intend to sue Gonçalo Amaral?

    Gerry – At this moment we are focused on what we can do to find Madeleine and not in suing anyone.

    Kate – All that I am going to say about this – because I'm not going to waste any time on Mr Amaral – is that as a professional and as a person his behaviour has been a disgrace.

    Q – Aren’t you curious to know what the book says?

    Kate – What for? It must be nothing but a load of rubbish. It is so secondary… It certainly won’t help to find our daughter. My consolation is that on the cover he calls her Maddie, the name that the media have invented. We never called her anything like that.

    Poor Maddie

    1. It may have helped Kate to read the book, Goncalo is in no way malicious, and to be honest, not sure how you can claim libel for something you haven't read!

    2. im sure i saw in one of the interviews cant remember which i heard kate say maddie loved ...
      and that statement .
      She has a lot of personality and her name actually means 'tower of strength'. But she hated it when we called her Maddie

      and i would think the twins at that time where to young to say madeleine .

  3. Please i had some things to say to You, Cristobell:

    has made some mistakes inYour blog.
    First of all, Gonçalo Amaral was not the lead detective.

    Investigations in Portugal are under the authority of the public ministry or judge who give instructions to the PJ.

    Furthermore, GA did not resign in September 2007, he was pulled off the case in October 2007. May be will be better check facts first .

    Kind regards

    1. Apologies for the delay in my reply. I am sure you are aware that there are many anomalies in this case, and many variations on 'the truth'. We are no so far apart. September/October, he was pulled, he resigned. I am hesitant to state anything as FACT, as I do not have access to the full police files and the confidential information that has been held back.

      In the UK we were informed that Goncalo Amaral was the lead detective, and my blog is primarily for an English audience. If I am incorrect, I can only apologise, and thank you for your input.

  4. Actually Christobell, there are at least 4 big fat lies in Amarals book.

    1. According to Amaral - On the night of 1st May Madeleine cries for 1hr 15 mins.

    Not so - Mrs Fenn said she heard 'a child' crying she did not name names.

    2. According to Amaral's book - On the morning of 2nd May Madeleine asked why her parents did not come when she was crying the night before.

    Completely false - it was on the morning of the 3rd May two days later when that happened.

    3. Fact - Madeleine asked why her parents hadn't come when she AND SEAN were crying.

    That means TWO children were crying. So in his book Amaral craftily leaves out Madeleine's reference to Sean in order to make it look as if Madeleine was the ONE child that Mrs Fenn reported hearing on the 1st. That's called Lying by Omission.

    4. Amaral claims that Jane Tanner identified Murat as the man she saw carrying away a child. If that was true she would have been rushed to the police station at the speed of light to get that truly momentous piece of evidence in writing. But no - after the Identify Parade she was told she didn't need to make a statement and to go home.

    The only reason for that is because she did NOT identify Murat at the Identity Parade - and so a statement from her to that effect would have been no good to Amaral.

    Amaral would have been over the moon to have a statement from JT identifying Murat as the abductor to wave in his face when he made him an Arguido the next day. But he couldn't do that with a negative statement from JT could he? So best to have no statement at all - and then he could lie his head off to Murat about what JT had said - with nothing in writing to prove him a liar.

    Even the Portuguese Attorney General didn't believe him - as there is no mention of JT identifying Murat in his Final Report -under the section headed Robert Murat - where everything that the PJ did do regarding Murat was listed.

    So much for Amaral's claim that everything in his book is from the files eh?

    1. Thank you for your contribution. My intention with this blog was offer good wishes to Goncalo Amaral, not to indulge in tit for tat, word games on the contents of his book. I should say however, that I have examined the police files, and can find no reference to the evidence of DI Small, the English detective who organised the under cover operation involving Jane Tanner and her identification of Robert Murat.

      I can only assume that this falls within the English investigation and was not part of the Portuguese files that were released to the public. The McCanns did of course apply for disclosure of the Leicester police investigation, but this was denied, as Kate said in her book, neither she nor Gerry had been discounted as suspects, or words to that effect.

  5. Well said. Due to the peculiar nature of this case, it is impossible to predict how the forthcoming trial will go. I’m not holding my breath but I still hope there will some justice for Madeleine and for Goncalo Amaral. Despite the PR, the lawyers, the compliant UK media, and millions of pounds (of other peoples money) the McCanns have spent trying to gag everyone, suppress the facts and airbrush themselves in the process, the public do not believe them.

    What is it about the McCanns? Prince Harry caused no harm to anyone on his holiday but nevertheless the media put him through the wringer just for fooling around. The McCanns left three kids alone to go out on the lash almost every night of their holiday, until one of the children permanently disappeared. The McCanns little girl died in the apartment or she was abducted by a paedophile, but either way she came to terrible harm as a direct result of her parents behaviour, but for some unknown reason the UK media practically genuflect in their presence.

    I can't get my head round the fact that people can behave the way the McCanns and their tapas friends have behaved (especially as it concerns a missing child) and yet they still remain immune to scrutiny. Why is it taboo for the media to question them? Everything is wrong with their version of events. They came back from holiday with one less child and a story full of holes. They hired myriad lawyers and PR, and deliberately created a media frenzy so hysterical that it could only have been detrimental to an abducted child. They begged the public for money and begged them to search for a girl with a coloboma. They built the campaign on the coloboma but now have the audacity to claim “We never made much of that”. They enriched themselves on the back of their missing girl, refused to answer police questions, refused a lie detector, hired a succession of incompetent and/or corrupt private eyes. Meanwhile their tapas friends refused a reconstruction and hid under a stone somewhere and the McCanns used fund money, donated by the public to help find Madeleine, to sue those who had the temerity to question them (on the ludicrous basis that it harms the search). If there is anyone in the public eye whose behaviour (holiday or otherwise) should be questioned by the media, it is the McCanns.

    Why are the media onside anyway? The McCanns have squeezed millions out of the media over the years and they got a good kicking from the duo at Leveson. The McCanns are the antithesis of a free press; together with their lawyers and PR, they micromanage, control and dictate every word that's written about the case.

    1. I agree entirely, and have today written a blog along those lines.

      At the moment, I feel that this case is in a surreal, abstract world, where black is white and two and two equal five. We have a 'renowned' detective (Horrocks) who gives his opinion, totally dismissing the evidence of the blood and cadaver dogs, and insisting that 'the abductor' chose the moment when the father and a male friend were standing directly outside the apartment to steal the child and walk past them with his victim outstretched on his arms under the light of a silvery moon, an open road, and several street lamps.

      I can only hope that anyone he has ever arrested is now seeking urgent legal advice.

    2. I see your still haven't read the FSS reports by John Lowe and still don't know that the cadaver dog was also a blood and bodily fluids detection dog and the implications of that fact.

      You also seem to have no idea that from where Gerry and his friend were standing - then (unless they could see round corners) - they could not see what was going on at the front of the apartment - and if they were facing down the road on which they were standing -then they would need to have eyes in the backs of their heads to see the abductor crossing the junction behind them.

      Fortunately the detectives now in charge are NOT ignorant of the facts unlike your sources of information - which you have appear to have confined to AntiMcCann sites.

    3. Both dogs, blood and cadaver, alerted in the McCanns apartment, and no others.

      As for the position of GM and Jez Wilkins at the time of the 'abduction' - this is unclear. Both give different accounts. In any event, unless the two men were nailed to the spot with their heads in neck braces, they could, within seconds, have glanced in that direction. A very risky and quite unbelievable scenario.

      Like yourself, I am pleased to see that the case is now being fully investigated.

      I have not shared my sources of information with you or anyone, so your final sentence is absurd.

    4. If BOTH dogs alerted at the same spot - as they did behind the settee - then Grime classed that as a 'blood' ONLY alert and NOT a cadaver alert as Keela ONLY alerted to blood.

      The blood trace detected behind the settee by both dogs was proved by the FSS NOT to belong to Madeleine or to any other members of her family.

      There is no forensic evidence whatsoever that there was ever a cadaver behind the settee.

      As you say, the dogs made no detections in the other apartments. In the light of Grime's claim that his dogs could detect 'deposits' made many decades ago, don't you find it strange that despite the fact that although hundreds of holidaymakers must have passed through those other apartments over the decades, apparently (according to those 'non alerts' by the dogs,) not a single drop of blood had ever been shed in those other apartments by any of those hundreds of people in all that time?

      As neither GM or Jez saw the abductor then it would seem logical that the reason for that was because they had their backs to the road which the abductor crossed during the few seconds which he would have taken to cross it some distance away from them. Even if they didn't,logic also dictates that they would be looking at one another whilst chatting.

      On the other hand if JT's claim that she saw an abductor was part of a preconceived cunning'plan' - then once again logic dictates that GM would have also claimed to have seen him.

      Many of your claims and views are not consistent with the PJ files or the FSS reports. However they are completely in line with much of the misinformation peddled on the AntiMcCann forums. It's not rocket science, one only has to read your blogs about the McCanns to see that.

    5. So a sample of 'nothing' - fresh air perhaps? was sent for testing?

      Other than that, please save your nonsense for the gullible.

  6. Bravo!!! Wonderful reply there, Anon.

  7. I second that!


    1. Yo Jo, my friend! xxxx Good to see ya kid, hope you are well. Following your amazing experience with the Dalai Lamar, I am now pursuing my New Year's Resolution to become an anarchist! If I get arrested at any time soon, I will blame you! lol (((hugs)))

  8. You forgot to mention Amaral's convictions for perjury and drink driving. Why was that?

  9. would we all shine if something in our past came out , be it big or small . there have been many cases of children going missing ,but non with a backing like they got from the start and the admaral took the brunt , he was not there the mccanns where at the tapas , what did they expect ? him to find the child right away? and because he didnt he was called for not doing his job .