Monday, 3 December 2012

HI OLD AOL BOARDIES and chilling

I spent almost 5 years enticed by a message board.  Yes, its back to haunt and provoke old AOL Europe and Ya Gotta Laugh boards, but for most it will be remember with a fair amounts of giggles too.

My younger son is studying psychology, and could talk the hind legs off a donkey, so I am getting some substance to many of my own theories and conclusions.  Ah, feck it, those weren't 5 wasted years, I met some bleddy good friends, including one who wants to should out 'watcha bellend' at a book signing, lol.  I'll make sure to be in diva mode and demand endless supplies of maltesers so the games can begin! Ditto vino, as most are no strangers to the bottle, ha ha.  

But back to the pluses of those 'wasted' years - I learned more about life, and the characters in it, than any book could teach me.  Including the aforesaid grammatically incorrect sentence.  

Bizarrely, those 5 years will never be forgotten.  From Day 1, I posted as myself, albeit under the pen name of Cristobell 'Bell' to many of you, Bellend to others, lol.  

I can look back and laugh, but it honestly felt as though we were living in a real life soap (but with more believable characters).  

And what characters there were!  The formidable Annies, Jo, Cherub and Bev.  I couldn't dislike any of them even if I wanted to, they are all part of the women who put the backbone into society.  They are the real movers and shakers, the ones who actually do practical things to help others.  A special mention for Bree, little leprachaun that she is, lol, and Helen who shares that same mischevious sense of humour and Inta for keeping a home for us.

And the lovely, Graceland Ann of course.  A legend.  Always happy to catch up with you.  

But enough joviality, that cyber circle also contained elements of Dr. Evil, the dark side of human nature, that manifests itself it within the heart of our society.  An evil that I would prefer to ignore, because I would have to add it to my already full list of news items that I have to turn away from, because I know sure as eggs is eggs they will bring on an 'episode'.  

Know your enemy is a phrase oft used by Generals (I think) -  I am a huge of fan of The 300, and I imagine it is something the divine Gerard Butler would say.  But I digress, I could see why I pissed some people off.  Apparently I am a Libertarian (I did a quiz) and some people don't like that.  I can never figure it out, because I'm not in the least bit bothered what path they have chosen to take.  My philosophy has always been, that of 'whatever gets you through the night'. For some people that is religion and good diet and exercise - probably, who am I to judge? 

I would love to pull Neitzche up on a few things.  Enlightenment doesn't bring joy, and contentment for evermore, it takes away a big chunk of 'the only shoulder some of us have to rely on'.  Saying God Bless all those we love, was an integral part of bedroom routine.  Not just for the Kids.  I am presently having an inner battle, as to whether it is ok, to be Catholic, on the odd occasion.  It certainly helps with the dusting of ornaments and cleaning of floors.  No Cobwebs for me these days, and have to switch off my inner Buddhist, when I let loose with the bleach bottle - for which I blame Gnats, lol.    

My new best friend asks God to forgive me every so often when we are chatting, she's very religious, but unbelievable wise.  She's quite a muse!  So too Dr. Mary Beard, who wrote a wonderful essay recently.  Must dig it out.  

But waffling, hi to old pals and I think of you often - we must arrange a day (evening) to be on Inta's at the same time.  


  1. How could I not come and read your blog Bell? I think it's ok to be whoever a person wants to be..some people have stuff going on in their lives that would sink a battleship .. others wouldn't notice if a missile clipped their ear as it whizzed past..whatever makes people happy suits me..(I DO like a CLEAN china cup and saucer though)but I can forgive just aobut anything else...
    What did the old AOL give me? mainly like minded people who enjoyed giving out their thoughts on most subjects, nothing wrong with having a different view unless the evidence is punching a person in the nose but they still insist on going down the idiotic route..but mainly I liked that the old board was a 24/7 one...fed up? on you went and you were never bored again...whats the weather like 500 miles got it on to make good soup...yep, it was in there too. (I've yet to find out how to get down far enough to cut my own toe nails though, so it wasn't perfect..sob! (I pay £30 to have mine done every 6weeks)now if it was Gerard Butler cutting them I'd chip in an extra fiver for "extra's) Funnily enough we didn't realise at the time that we had a "GOLDEN BOARD" with the old AOL board (too busy arguing) but that again was a privilege...from strong debate to fighting like warriors..laughing one minute to offering sympathy the next..I reckon it saved sanity for most of us as we swung into whatever mode was set on our shoulders at the time. I do miss some of the peeps from the old board but I look back on it as feeding everyone something and as we all came back to it time and time again it couldn't have been all bad...and no matter where anyone is there are rules...I didn't like them at school(or at aged 16 and trying to get into the pub)and I still dont like them although we now have to live with them....I guess.

  2. hello bell and annie , i had many late night on that board lol , would say im out of there at 11 oclock tonight, look at the clock 11.45 will just reply to this ,,look again 12.30,,there where the good and the evil on there .and as you say 5 years was a long time where did it go ? i still wonder where madeleine is . if your ever doing a book signing in manchester let me know Bell i will come along x take care and keep writing .xx
    gracelandann xx