Monday, 7 January 2013


Society has changed.  That is a fact.  Factories have been relocated to third world countries where child labour is legal, and the Internet is killing off the High Streets.  Vital telephone lines are operated by automatons and if we venture into a shop, we get little or no service, unless we join the baffled queue at the help desk.  

Ergo, traditional working class jobs have all but gone.  That's right, they have disappeared, and are never coming back. Whilst the bible might preach hard work ethics, the need to scrub our doorsteps or polish our betters' shoes, is no longer there.  Whats more, we no longer care about nods of approval from the toffs.  

Am I talking rebellion.  Not at all, (well maybe), just trying to clear up a bit of confusion.  Just as Gordon Gekko had the brass face to declare 'Greed is Good', I dare to say, 'Leisure is Good'.  I'll wait a few moments for a few to get their smelling salts.  We have more leisure time available.  All of us.  I haven't peeled a spud since I discovered frozen mash.  

Once we accept that we have more leisure time, we can start to look outwards, towards job creation. The idea that wearing a pinnie at 6.00a.m and looking stressed will enhance our reputations, is a myth. So too, the god given right of men to wander into the female free drawing room for a good cigar.  Or for most of us, the shout of 'just off to the pub'.  But this is not a feminist issue, it affects all of us.  Some men are riddled with guilt if they are caught out with their feet up watching Take Me Out, although, that might just be the catholic ones.    

I digress, It is shameful that the government is failing to invest in science, technology, academia, and yes, leisure?  As an enlightened society, shouldn't these subjects be the way forward? 

Shouldn't we also be investing in our children.  Yes, even the children of the undeserving, or more accurately, the ones who need it most?  SureStart was a brilliant scheme.  At a time like this, young families need more help than ever before.  Not by taking their children away, but by practical help in turning their, and their childrens' lives around.  

Apologies if I am now standing on a soapbox, but I cannot comprehend tory mentality and at times I feel like letting rip!  What do successful people have, that unsuccessful people do not?  Hope.  Yes its that simple.

We must adapt to the new technology that is now available.  There is no way of turning the clock back.  But it should be an exciting time.  Scientists should be discovering things that create industry and improve lives.  We were once world leaders, now we are somewhere behind Ecuador*

Life has improved for everyone, we are living longer, we are surviving once fatal diseases.  Over 50% of the population are employed by the Care Industry, and that figure will increase.  Thats reality.  The chances are, we will all, at some point of our lives, need care.  It makes sense to reward the carers, who often work 24/7 and live on a pittance.  Invest in the Care Industry, teat the workers with respect and a living wage.  

Meanwhile, thanks to all those who read and retweeted my blog.  For those who do not know me, I am a woman of two parts.  I spent the first half of my adulthood as a tipsy Margaret Thatcher, attempting to preach Marxism.  I always wondered why smart, fun guys always dumped me.  Now I know why.  In a nutshell, became enlightened when I hit 40 - that is became a mature student, and found out that Marx had a good friend called Engels.  Who knew?  Lost my religion (my safety belt - lighting candles at times of tragedy made me feel better) along the way.

Anyway, I muse on here, pretty het up about our current crisis these days, and doing what I can to help by getting on my soapbox.  

Ps. Watched the Iron Lady last night, and realised that I must have been pissed throughout the 80's because for a moment there I thought it was Mary Whitehouse at the helm, or that mad dog woman.  

* I have no idea if thats true, but you get the idea.  

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