Saturday, 6 July 2013

What's Going On

I'm going demented trying to figure out what is going on.  Just as it seemed the end was in sight, we have the Portuguese Attorney General's Office denying all knowledge of a letter requesting judiciary assistance, while Scotland Yard have already lined up 38 persons of interest.   

Will the full facts of this case ever be disclosed? It would be hard for anyone to deny political interference, but we have had a change of government and any past indiscretions can be blamed on Gordon Brown, so there is hope.

On the dark side, Goncalo Amaral has said that Scotland Yard only want to investigate an abduction.  I struggle to get past that, as I do trust Goncalo Amaral and he has contacts within the PJ.  However, that was quite some time ago, and he has not said anything recently that I know of.  I also trust Joana's site, and if the Portuguese Authorities have said they have received no letter, then it must be presumed true and of course, it has now appeared in The Mail.  

Scotland Yard told us that they have made 16 visits to Portugal, and top prosecutors from the CPS flew out there too.  They must have gone to see someone!  If they are only meeting with high up officials, who are not keeping the force on the ground informed, then alarm bells must ring. 

I tend to think this case must have a conclusion.  If they wanted to bury it, that could have been done a long time ago.  We must also remember that the case was largely dormant for 4 years, in that 'no police force were actively investigating' - but that may have been part of the mccann spin.  It may also have been a case of the authorities wishing it would go away. 

That was never going to happen. The leading players love the cameras, and the cameras love them.  In fact, if we look at them dispassionately, as the walking goldmines they are, or think they are, we may get to the bottom of it - but not in a good way.  There are still millions to be earned from the Madeleine McCann name.  The dwindling sales of the tabloids get a boost every time they get the name 'McCann' into a headline and it may be good for a few years yet. Our leaders may appear to have climbed out of the press barons' beds, but I somehow doubt they have given up the mutual back scratching.    

Why was Richard Madley drooling over Kate? Is it because the McCanns and the Madeleys are awfully nice middle class people? Or could it be because like every journalist out there he would sell his grandmother and throw in a couple of kids, if he could get the breaking news exclusive.

Who knows how this case will end, but end it must.  It may be that Scotland Yard, like the PJ before them, will have had to investigate every other avenue, before re-interviewing them, perhaps they got lawyers to insist on it.  Whatever happens, when someone does stand in that witness box, the evidence must fit the story. 

And for anyone who wonders why I doubt the McCanns - it was because they never looked.


  1. Why do you have so much hatred for the McCanns - two strangers who have never done you any harm.

    1. I don't hate the McCanns, but I have always found them impossible to empathise with. I dislike their demands over our press and freedom and speech and the cruel and vindictive way in which they pursue anyone who dares to criticise them.

    2. Rachel, why do people yourself, always come out with the "Why do you have so much hatred for the McCanns etc etc etc", when people question the McCanns strange behaviour.

      You must admit, or maybe you don't, that it seems rather strange that at least one of the McCanns, along with some of their friends, would not look for Madeleine, the minute Kate discovered her 'missing'.

      Before you say they did look, Kate admitted more than once, to the media, that she and her husband never looked for Madeleine, because for the first 48hrs, they were non functioning.

      The McCanns couldn't have been that non functioning, because when they should have been out looking for Madeleine, they along with their friends, all went back to their apartment. The McCanns and their friends, used the blank pages of one of Madeleine's colouring/exercise books, to write down their timelines of their activities that night.

      The McCanns notified everyone but the police, they were notified at 22.40 by staff of the Ocean Club, who arrived at the McCanns apartment, only to find out that the police had not been notified, they notified them.

      Amongst the people the McCanns notified, were their family and friends, including their media friend John Corner. He arranged for the story of Madeleine's disappearance, to be put out in the UK media.

      Gerry phoned Gordon Brown, to notify him of Madeleine's disappearance. Brown phoned Tony Blair and Tony Blair contacted the British Ambassador who was based in Portugal. At 23:00hrs, the PJ were notified by the British Ambassador.

      If you don't believe me, there is information about this on this link.

      Rachel, instead of accusing Bell, of hatred against the McCanns, know what happened to Madeleine, give us your views on what happened!

      I can only speak for myself, when I state that any comments I make about the McCanns, are what I have heard them say, regarding their non searching and what I have read in the files.

      I take the files to be truthful, because if they weren't the McCanns, who have had copies of the files in their possession, since 2008, would have protested loudly, that the contents were all lies and they would have sued the authors of the files, as well as the people who publicised the files.

      One man the McCanns definitely would have sued, the minute they read the file, which contained the report he sent to the Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation. They haven't sue him and they haven't made a public statement, to say he lied in the files.

      The man in question is, the former PJ Chief Inspector Tavares de Almeida, his report is in the link below.

      Rachel the ball is now in your court. Tell us what you think happened, but please don't quote newspaper reports. Study the files and if you want to listen to the McCanns, go on to the You Tube website, where you will find a video where you will hear Kate McCann say how she and her husband never searched for Madeleine.

      In another video, you will also hear Kate say what Madeleine told her, along with her husband, on the morning of the evening she disappeared. You will hear Kate say, 'we nearly didn't go out, but then we decided we would!' If Madeleine really did say the things to her parents, they must have had hearts of stone, to go out and leave their 3 children alone. The didn't even lock the door of their apartment.

      I would like to say more, but I'm running out of characters.

    3. Rosalinda, if the press were printing outrageous lies about you would you just let it go or would you take action? If people were posting leaflets to your neighbours, writing to your employer trying to get you sacked, writing to Social Services to try and get your children removed - would you just let it go or would you take action? If someone wrote a book accusing you of lying about your experiences with the Catholic Church and said that it was actually you battering the nuns - would you just let it go or would you take action? Because this is what Kate and Gerry McCann have had to put up with.

    4. At one time Rachel was a well known fact that Rosalinda was a well known justice for the Mccanns supporter.I doubt you will get to see this reply though because Rosalinda only likes people who support her and her lies.

    5. They will see it, because I am glad you brought it to my blog. When I first started posting on this case, I did so with extreme caution and a great deal of sensitivity. If I was wrong, I did not want to add to their grief.

      However, time and the weird behaviour of the main protagonists has since confirmed what I suspected.

    6. we have seen so many cases where the persons involved in some way come out to protest there innocence ,the most recent ones are in jail .within a week they had been to see the pope had t shirts printed , balloons going up a key to the church ,then there arrest ,they where out of there as quick as a flash ,and we where told they need not return to portugal again if they did not want to .
      experts study the interviews people do in cases like this ,im no expert but ive seen them squirm a few times in interviews , and im told that they would only go on tv if clarence veted the questions first .whats all that about ? gerry stormed off one show because they threw in a question that he was not prepaired for.
      to me for a mother to sit there and say , madeleine asked why we did not come when they cried the night before ,they said they upped the checking times , to me any mother worth her salt would not have gone out and left them again .
      it will be a case of this going on for more years ,

  2. Great article! My sentiments too exactly. When anything involves so much money, incentives to seek the truth will be banned or pushed aside as much as possible. To me, only a trial would bring the truth or at least shed light on part of it. If you wish to sign and share two petitions that ask this, here are the links:

    Thank you for this blog! Kind regards, TLMP.

  3. well enough money has been spent on it .hope your ok ?,,graceland xx