Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Well it seems Dan and Zora have succeeded where 1million plus tweets from the genitalia obsessed Scumcop and mad as a box of frogs Loopyjudy failed. They have taken over the administration of our very successful Facebook Page and kicked out the founding members. 

The basis for this hostile takeover is fear of trolls.  Can't say any of us are fond of them, but in some cases this fear can develop into a full blown case of trollophobia.  This is not a mild affliction, it leads to hysteria and loss of rationality, and in severe cases can bring on intense megalomania and delusions.  In the very worse cases, former sufferers have been known to die in bunkers or strung upside down by their own petards.   

Some might compare it to xenophobia, fear of foreigners, and this occurred to me. Poor old Waleed with his dodgy foreign name was an easy target and apparently a former pro.  Well news flash Zora, many doubters are, which you will no doubt discover as you go through each individual's account. Kate is right.  People are inherently good, and there are some things they just don't want to believe. It is a huge leap to cross that line and admit you may have been wrong.  I could not bring myself to speak freely about this case for a long, long time, because what is at the heart of it, is abhorrent to myself as a mother and as a human being.  Being a former pro, does not mean a person is insincere, most of the UK public do not know the facts behind the headlines, they may not have known then what they know now. Thats why we are here.  

You have built the Leaning Tower of Pisa on quicksand Zara, all the creative work existed long before you stole it and will continue long after you are gone.  The creatives were the founders and their talent goes with them.  While you and your psychotic sidekick use the members list as target practice, does it ever occur to you that you should have opened your own Group?   Ahh well, good luck is all I can say.  If you didn't have enemies within the group before, you have now.  

Its all a very small distraction and not worth the McCanns cracking open the Chablis just yet. While Scotland Yard are doing their hokey cokey trips to Portugal and sending us postcards, the trial of the century is about to start.  The Marquess of Queensbury .v. Oscar Wilde will pale in comparison.  This trial is about reputation.  Did an obscure book in a foreign langue harm the reputation of the McCanns, or might it have been the global media campaign?  

The original group and the original posters can be found here:


  1. Well said, Some people have OTD (obsessive troll disorder) and power seeking Ego's. I agree that Zora and co should have made their own page or even have the decency to ask the group before taking over somebody elses work. Karma is a bitch.

  2. Start Controversy II and put it out to all group members you've started from fresh and learned the lessons. Stuff them, these things happen. They'll soon realise when people aren't interested in Controversy and abandons it to die a death. Come back bigger and better, for Madeleine's sake.

    I don't understand the closed-minded pros, just because they don't want to think it's true it doesn't mean it didn't happen.

    One further point, if they're so convinced it wasn't K+G, why are they worrying enough to make such a huge fuss? It's childish and small minded and for some, there has to be an incentive to spend every waking hour 'keeping an eye on' antis discussions and threatening/intimidating them for disagreeing and conversing?

    Keep up the good work :o)

    1. Rosalinda used to have a lot of sympathy for K and G.

  3. Wonderful entertainment watching it all unfold! Better than anything on the telly, and more backstabbing than Dallas!