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3rd May 2014 - Seventh Anniversary Since Madeleine’s Abduction
1 May 2014 at 16:21
Seven years without our daughter, seven years without a big sister for Sean and Amelie. [Translation: Seven years we have been suffering, do you hear that?']  Sometimes we feel totally stuck for words. A lot of the time there are no words. [Comment: there are plenty of words Kate, you wrote a book with 120,000 of them. Have you really nothing to say to your 11 year old daughter, if, as you believe, she is out there?] Our situation seems as unbelievable as it did that very first night without Madeleine.  [Unbelievable is the right word for it.]
Whenever I find myself becoming paralysed with disbelief, unease, frustration or sadness, I have to refocus my mind on the positives, of which there are many. [Comment: always that simmering anger beneath the surface - why Kate? the investigation is beyond your control.  Anger towards the investigators isn't logical, given your mantra is 'no stone unturned'. Some might even say its a tad ungrateful.  I am sure Kerry Needham would give anything to have the resources of two countries' police forces looking for her son]
The Metropolitan Police force continue to make encouraging progress in their investigation with new evidence being uncovered, fresh information coming in to the inquiry following appeals and subsequently, links being made between people and events. We are hugely grateful to the general public for continuing to support the investigation, especially those who have found the courage to come forward with information despite difficult circumstances. [Good of you to thank your public - difficult circumstances? whatever does that mean?]

Whilst the MPS are cautiously optimistic of beginning enquiries on the ground in Portugal in the near future,[Comment: glad to hear the Met Police are cautiously optimistic about beginning enquiries on the ground, they'll show the PJ how its done eh!, A little lesson you should have learned in childhood Kate, it is never a good idea to tell people you think they are stupid - especially not the people who are investigating the disappearance of your daughter] we really hope that this will turn into a concerted effort from the Portuguese authorities as we know there is still a lot to do. Working together is key to the progress of the investigation and a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) could provide a more streamlined way of working with less bureaucracy.[im sure SY and the PJ value your suggestions and input, but as former arguidos, should you really be commenting on how the police forces of the UK and Portugal should run their investigations - it gives the impression you are in charge, or want to be.  This is not an occasion for Gerry and his whiteboard and we would hope the police are following the evidence and not the directions of the former suspects] 

It may be seven years since we last saw Madeleine but the passing of further weeks and months as a result of unnecessary delays and barriers are not only frustrating, they are incredibly distressing. [incredibly distressing for Madeleine?  No.  Incredibly distressing for yourself].  Each day without Madeleine and each day of not knowing is another day too many, regardless of how much time has already gone by.[Translation: Listen, you heartless bastards, think about my pain! Every day without Madeleine, I am suffering and it cannot be stressed enough.I don't know how Madeleine is, but its my pain we are discussing here. My life is very happy, but it could be happier, lets not forget that. Ps. I have put a lot of work into my whiney voice and look of despair,  Its only chavvy people who are jealous of my good looks, my macho husband and me being on Lorraine's sofa who think I am a phoney] 
May is an important month for all missing children and their families worldwide with May 25th being International Missing Children’s Day. This May is particularly special in the UK as a new enhanced Child Rescue Alert (CRA) system (to help find abducted and missing children in serious danger) is to be launched by the charity Missing People and the National Crime Agency. This system (based on the highly effective ‘Amber Alert’ in the USA) I believe, will help to save the lives of abducted children and ease the suffering faced by their families. It’s a very exciting step forward. [Q:  Why are you and hubby always involved in schemes that want to tag every citizen, give governments the  power to spy on us and campaigns for restrictions on free speech?] 

Throughout the whole month, the charity Missing People are running a ‘Forget-Me-Not’ campaign with several different ways for the public to get involved to help find missing children. One really important and simple way you can get on board is by signing up to the Child Rescue Alert. By registering, you will receive an alert with relevant information, by text or email, when a child is abducted in your area. This way you can join the search immediately and play a vital role in helping to find a child in danger. Please take a minute to visit and sign up today. There are several other ways to help too – Take a look on
                     [In this age of the internet, mass communications and mobile phones, there is no need for further legislation or Amber Alert.  When a child goes missing it is flashed on the news, facebook, twitter and every relevant news outlet.within moments, and the police and public response is phenomenal, the like of which we have never seen before. The number of children who are genuinely abducted is so small, that it does not warrant scaring the entire population into having their children microchipped and handing over their DNA].   
It goes without saying, but needs to be said….We are grateful beyond words for the continued and unwavering commitment, help and love from all our faithful supporters. Thank you SO much for keeping Madeleine in your hearts.
                       SEVEN YEARS.

                       STILL MISSING.
                       STILL MISSED.
                       NEVER FORGOTTEN.
                       THANK YOU.
I do feel sympathy for Kate, but not for the reasons she might think.  The idea of spending a further 7 years chasing an obscure variety of suspects in the Algarve must be hell.  So too the knowledge that at any time, someone [be it a member of parliament - yeh, that'll never happen] or a journalist, will have the guts to stand up and say 'the Emperor isn't wearing any clothes'.

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  1. Poor Kate. I felt like that when my nanna died.

    If working together is now the buzzword, does that mean them and their friends will change their minds about their refusal to co-operate with the police? They're innocent so there's nothing to be frightened of. Is there?

  2. Did Kate express a single thing about the way her daughter MADELEINE may be feeling today?

    Was there one sentiment expressed that showed Kate's unselfish love or that she believes Madeleine is a live, findable person?

    How very sad.

  3. 7 years ,never hear of the rest of the tapas 7 these days ,another good post bell ,

    graceland .

  4. they found the cotton top monkeys pretty quick , from lancashire ,to yorkshire .

    we should like to thank everyone involved with the media and social media for spreading the word so far and wide yesterday and to the police and Wildlife Crime Unit for all their hard work and support."

    After they were stolen, Lancashire Police said it believed the monkeys were targeted specifically and their details were circulated to all ports and airports in case the thieves tried to take them abroad.

  5. Cotton top monkeys? Is that a euphamism for Tapas 9? ;)

  6. Excellent blog post.

    From Day 1 of this case it has not been about trying to find out what happened to a little girl left alone with her even younger siblings in an unlocked apartment at night in a foreign country but about trying to protect her negligent parents from any hint of responsibility or accountability regarding what happened

    From Day 1 we were groomed to see the parents as the victims not their unfortunate daughter

    Money/attention/pity seeking/ refusal to answer questions - and all with the blessing and support of powerful people who should hang their collective heads in shame if they had the conscience or courage to do so.

    1. it was a locked apartment remember, until that didn't add up...

  7. Brilliant Blog. I love your responses (red) On day 1 I heard a little girl had been abducted and felt really sad. But as the days went by and I learned that 2 supposedly responsible doctors had left 3 babies unattended in a foreign land and I watched in horror the parents faces, close to tears but never actually shedding any, that is when I though what a circus!! who are they trying to kid? who carries on their 'normal' activities when your child has just gone missing? No way did that little girl get abducted - she was killed and the parents covered it up. The way they shamelessly turn the spot light on how they are victims is a disgrace. What I can never work out is this: Setting off balloons and attending events, spending time on TV sofas, court rooms and in front of cameras takes a lot of organizing, yet they plod on with it all without a thought that Madeleine could suddenly came home. And do they ever scour the passenger lounges at the numerous airports they attend in the hope that their daughter may be among the boarders? Airport CCTV would be interesting viewing - watching them go straight to the duty free shops and restaurants and remain there until their flight is called? I believe she is hidden in full view.

    1. BTW ref CCTV - It can be retained for years, Trust me I am in the business - so any airport who has the temerity to state K & G are not STILL in their system are LIARS

  8. I am a grand mother and there was a time when I was briefly denied contact with my granddaughter, she too was only 3 at the time but I missed her so much that - according to my husband - I began to scrutinize every toddler that resembled her,

  9. Although this is tangential, I am compelled to tell anyone who will listen: Calpol is not a sedative. Never was a sedative. Never will be a sedative. Calpol is a brand name for paracetamol suspension (liquid) in low and medium g/mls for infant and juvenile ingestion. The fact that a practising GP publicly stated she habitually gave her three infants 'Calpol' to sleep at night, is shockingly ignorant of her at best and, at the worst, could show malice aforethought or, depraved heart intentions because I find it hard to believe that a qualified GP would make such an elementary mistake: Perhaps, in trying to cover the error made in mentioning medication to begin with, McCann said the first thing that came into her head, to cover the fact that a soporific was given? Either that or, like most health care pro's, McCann is regularly given free stuff and perks in exchange for product placement and promotion of the relentless pharmaceuticals industry.