Friday, 20 June 2014

LAST MAN STANDING - Have faith Goncalo!

Why did Goncalo Amaral drop his bombshell on Monday morning by firing his lawyer and postponing the trial?  We can only speculate as to his reasons.  Has he gone off his head as some have suggested? No, I don't think so, but he may, understandably, be in a dark place, this trial is the culmination of 7 years of injustice.  If we imagine an athlete training for years on end for their 30 seconds in the Olympic arena, we can gauge some idea as to how Goncalo might be feeling.  He has to get this right.

More troubling for me is his cynical interview the night before, where he seems to believe the case of Missing Madeleine will end with an unknown burglar held responsible and the McCanns given carte blanche to pursue him for the rest of their natural lives.  Ok, I added the second part, but that would not be paranoia on Goncalo's part, we all know that a 'Get Out Of Jail Free Card'  for Kate and Gerry will unleash yet more of their spite in his direction.

In my opinion, Goncalo is catastrophizing, it is something we all do, particularly when we are under humungous stress.  It happens to the best of us, even to those who would normally weigh up situations using logic and rationale.  We imagine the very worst that could happen then convince ourselves that it will.   In a crisis our memory seeks out a similar situation from our past which often causes us to react in a childlike way, perfectly illustrated by Kate's 'its not fair'.

I fear that on the eve of trial, Goncalo was imagining every worst case scenario.  And who could blame him?  Many of us have shared the journey with him, and have been as astounded as he at the appalling misuse of power in this case.  At many times he must have felt as if he were the Last Man Standing,  He has sacrificed literally everything, in a way that no one else caught up in this case has and I doubt anyone can know how he really feels.  This dreadful case has been a huge shadow over his life and that of his family this past 7 years. 

At this moment in time, he is The Last Man Standing.  That is, he is the only one who has said a big fat NO to Kate and Gerry.  No, I won't go along with your lies, and No, I won't help you to build your private business enterprise on the back of your missing 3 year old child.  No, I will not give you my family's home and all of my earnings for the rest of my life. 

The sad thing is, Goncalo is the only one challenging them, everyone else capitulated at the first hurdle.  If Scotland Yard and the PJ do end the case with a mystery burglar and a Certificate of Innocence for the McCanns and their friends, then that's it.  Kaput.  No one has challenged them, and the likelihood is, no one ever will.  The libel arm of the McCann Campaign will be back in business, and newspaper editors and private citizens alike may as well keep their cheque books handy, with a few made out to the sinister Fund in readiness.

Goncalo's fears at the moment may overshadow the rational part of his brain.  He is too deeply imbedded in the case to see the light through the trees.  The case is not limited to the last day, it will be based on all the evidence that has gone before, and the McCanns had no case.  However, it is easy for an 'outsider' to say that, and hard to take in when you face losing everything.  If he reads here, I would say have faith Goncalo.  You have truth on your side, and your case not only went well, it went amazingly well! 

There may have been a mix up over whether or not Goncalo would speak on the final day.  I hope that he does, the world deserves to hear the Truth of the Lie from Dr. Amaral himself,  and they need to be reminded that the victim in all this was Madeleine.

The Truth of Lie (English Translation)
- brilliant 'easy' read, can be read in one session - actually, unputdownable! GA is a gifted writer

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  1. i think he is playing the "silly stories" media have drug dealers and i have cremation etc.

  2. I like to think he's screwing them around like they've spent the last seven years screwing him around, but I doubt it very much. He is far too honourable to reciprocate with tit for tat, no matter how delicious. I can't imagine his anguish. If the verdict is that he's innocent, I hope to God he persues the parents for every penny they've ever owned for ruining his life, marriage, career, family and his health.

    Good luck Goncalo, my spirit will be with you.

  3. To add:

    No wonder Goncalo is at breaking point, he's on the receiving end of whatever is really going on behind the scenes

    Maybe the witness disappeared into the ether of her own free will which is why she's not been heard of since - let's face it, she wouldn't have been the first witness to have been visited by the family and their aquaintances, look at the people who suddenly clammed up - the Smith's are a prime example of volunteering themselves as key witnesses and then hiding away ever since BK (I think it was him?) Visited them soon after they came forward.

    None of this smells palatable.

  4. Anon. 20 June 2014 10.21

    It certainly reeks of FM IMO. Once Gerry made the call for help all Brothers have to respond. Their reach is in every sphere I am afraid. GA has sacrificed all and this awaits anyone who defies TM and stands up for Truth. No wonder so many have kept quiet and done the McCann bidding. Have preferred to shuffle off and not protest. Only those brave enough to hold Truth higher than their own well being.

  5. Stand on one leg with your trouser leg rolled up and swear allegiance, truth is inconsequential, coming to the aid of - and covering for a brother is all that counts!