Monday, 15 September 2014


The Summers and Swan book Looking for Madeleine hit the bookshelves in the UK last week, a book that claims to give the definitive account of what happened to Madeleine, approved and rubber stamped by the parents, their spokesman Clarence Mitchell, and their number One fan Jim Gamble, the former head of CEOP.

I haven't read the book, nor will I.  When its release coincided with comments from the former Police Chief who has assisted the McCanns throughout, it came across as the story endorsed by the authorities in the same way that books had to be approved in Stalinist Russia.  Any book approved of and recommended by 'The State' should be read with a huge pinch of salt (if you have the time) or discarded if you don't.  In my opinion, its as much a part of the 'McCanns are Innocent' narrative as the phoney detectives, phoney sightings, and phoney abductors.

But those aren't the only reasons I won't buy it.  When I began following this case 7 years ago, the internet was buzzing with blogs, forums - hundreds, if not thousands of people with their own individual theories.  It became impossible to keep up, and on top of which, I get very irritated if I have taken the time  and trouble to read volumes of pages, only to discover the writer is clearly barmy and has come up with an even more ludicrous scenario than the McCanns.  I hold grudges.  I have still not forgiven M. Night Shyamalan and Mark Wahlberg* for The Happening - 2 hours of my life I will never get back!

If you want a clear idea of what this case is all about, you have to sort the wheat from the chaff.  If a theorist comes up with something that 'might' have happened and discards the alerts by the blood and cadaver dogs, I recommend you stop reading.  Ditto, the idea that there was someone in PDL soooooo important that the intelligentsia have closed ranks to protect them. I mean seriously, someone with more State protection than the US President and the Prince of Wales going to an off season holiday camp in Portugal for a bit of nooky - Really?

If you want to spare yourself 24/7 reading, and believe me there is that much material out there, you can do no better  than the McCann files, Joana Morais, Blacksmith Bureau and 'Only in America, Teddy' and Pamalam who incurred McCanns' wrath by saving all of Gerry's blogs - well worth an afternoon of reading you will never forget.  Links to these sites will shortly be available on blog.  Good Quality Wristbands was also cracker - though not live afaik, it still contains some brilliant articles as too the terrific website of Ironside, Steel Magnolia who has now sadly passed away.

For discussion, Madeleine McCann Mystery, and also the Jill Havern forum, which still has some excellent posters, if you ignore the ones who have concluded the case (before the police).  But no more wars - please! 

For the truth, and to spare yourself the entire police files or propaganda books, read the first hand account of someone who was actually there and right in the thick of it.  The lead detective, Goncalo Amaral, a man born to write.  His work has the easy going charm of a fireside chat with an interesting and wise old friend - you swish the pages as quickly as you can, inwardly shouting, tell me more, tell me more.

Goncalo Amaral's book, The Truth of the Lie** is the definitive book on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.  Dr. Amaral - yes, Dr. Goncalo is a highly educated man, the complete opposite in fact of everything that has been written about him in the UK press.  One of life's gentlemen, his book has been translated by volunteers and made freely available online. That he has not clamped down on them legally (thus far) negates the McCanns argument that he wrote his book for profit.  Dr. Amaral wrote his book so the whole world would know the truth of the lie. His focus has always been the little girl who disappeared, the child who lost her life.  Some might say he is Madeleine's Avenger - the antithesis of all those who trying so hard to prevent the truth of her disappearance being known.

Dr. Amaral was the co-ordinating detective in the original Portuguese investigation, his position was made untenable by the interference of the British Government and his name has been demonised by the McCanns and those who assist them, ever since.  He was too close to the truth and he had to go. The Truth of the Lie is based on the Portuguese investigation files (police files also freely available online) and gives a first hand account of the way in which the McCanns came to be Arguidos and the author's plans to follow up the little known sighting by an Irish family on the night Madeleine disappeared.  The stage Scotland Yard seemed to have reached in last October's Crimewatch.

The real question of course, is why this book 'Looking for Madeleine' is being published and distributed in the UK, whilst the true story of Madeleine's disappearance is only available to the English speaking population online? Could it be that the McCanns through their vexatious use of lawyers have prevented 'The Truth of the Lie' from going on sale in English and in the UK? They have fought Dr. Amaral in the Courts for 5 years, to prevent his book being published and for compensation of £1m+ for the distress he has caused them and their missing daughter.  The lunatics on STMs and JATYK2 (hilarious pro site filled with the best of the pros (6 tops)) are now protesting about book burning and fascism, whilst failing to see the irony of their support for the banning Dr. Amaral's book and Hacked Off!     

*Mark Wahlberg has seen redeemed himself with 'Ted' :)

** - Free English translation of Goncalo Amaral's book - though I urge everyone to buy the hard copy of the book as soon a publisher is brave enough to print it.  Should that day ever arrive, I will display it on my bookshelves like a trophy!


  1. I would add to the list of blogs the excellent Johanna@unterdenteppichgekehrt [swept under the carpet], well-written and insightful.
    I have asked about 20 questions of S and S via twitter, no replies for the simple reason that they can't come up with one. There is no way to reconcile 2 contradictory statements and these are on record in witness statements, there to be addressed in any book by a serious researcher/writer. Anyone who is crass enough to describe as a hater someone who casts doubt on the official story and who asks logical and reasonable questions is not a person whose work I will be reading.
    I don't need to read this book to know that it won't address Gaspar, not even to show the weakness this would have as evidence in court, that it does not address the MO visit and how he could possibly see what he claimed, Tanner's night time vision, the whooshing, open and closed curtains and the looking on checks that didn't happen, if we take Kate and Gerry's actions as described BY THEMSELVES into account.

    The sad Pam I need a life Gurney even parrots the S and S interview where they make claims for the Tranmer statement about the gate , when the witness herself ascribes no motive for the man's actions. In S and S and now Gurney world this was a test to find if it was noisy, possibly with a motive for activity that needed to go unheard and unseen, not just a man quietly opening and closing a gate.

    Any factual account should not have an opening where a 3rd party speaks about a figure in the shadows near the apartment block while the group of adults eat and drink at the far side of the pool.. the only figures who were witnessed were seen by Tanner and the Smiths, neither sighting in these circumstances of furtive movement while the group wined and dined.

    As for a child will go missing this that factual? She was certainly REPORTED missing late on May 3rd.

    The book has to be a crock, given its omissions.

    1. I agree Russian Doll, Johanna@unterdenteppichgekehrt is one of the best theories purported. She makes a strong case for it happening the day before although I still lean towards same day. S/he should write a book.

  2. Another good blog cristobell your good with words but where i disagree is some one with more protection than the us president prince of wales comment i think your being naive who says the person or group being given protection was even there that week this is a complex case like a game of chess lots of pawns there but the king and queens lurking from a distance check mate

  3. What the public have been expected to swallow in this crazy affair has been astounding, take the bus video and the plane video for example, freeze frame them second by second and count the flaws and just see if you lose count or fall asleep first.

    The handrails on the plane (plane?) are as wonky and irregular as a donkey's hind leg, Georges Melies: Four Heads Are Better than One, is more believable.

    Eh Clarence, Clarence Mitchell that started working for Uncle Tone's Cabinet Office on the 26th April 2006 and that other business that had no business being involved and that sprung into life on the 24th April 2006 that begins with C and ends with P.

    Enough already, Andy Redwood and Operation Garage need to sort this almighty mess out, sooner rather than later; too many people have been hurt and there's a dead child screaming out for justice.

    No amount of cold grey slab rhetoric and incessant cringe worthy smirking will keep this big secret and show on the road for ever, you've had long enough.

    Solution time...

  4. "Solution time"

    I think after your rambling you should lay off the solution for a while!

    1. Thanks Uncle Jim and Aunt McGurrin.

  5. The more I delve into this case the more sinister it becomes, I'm beginning to wonder if there'll ever be justice for poor Madeleine! I even read on another Forum even the Portuguese Police now believe the parents are innocent, surely that can't be right, can anyone on here confirm if that is the case? I do hope the person responsible for that statement is wrong, I live in hope of a successful outcome so I can forget I ever heard the name McCann.

    Thanks to Cristobell, and all other contributors to this blog that keep us all informed
    Cheers B

  6. Bennet is still going on about the 2 efits on the JH forum, he even has the audacity to provoke people into sending him a PM if they want to see a photo of the person(s) he thinks the efits relate to, unbelievable:

    "Now I am prepared to make this offer to any geniune researcher on this forum who would like to see the photos I have - and can offer an opinion on the likeness of the efits to the two persons I have in view. Ideally I would like to hear from anyone who has any degree of expertise or experience in the science or art of facial recognition.

    Send me a 'pm'. Please don't be offended if I say no to anyone as I am only willing to share this with people who can demonstrate that they can be trusted."


    He professes to be not working for the McCanns et al, but anyone who he is willing to share his information with "he has to trust".

    But can anyone who shares this information trust Bennett?

  7. Have just had a look at the JH forum site and one of the members has had an outburst regarding Bennett's request to PM him and could he be trusted. I think our brains were working in unison when I posted here earlier, not knowing whether Bennett can be trusted or not. I will wait to see if that particular member is "put in the cooler" or even "banned" for thinking what many others may have been thinking on the JH forum but didn't have the guts to print it.

  8. How about Pat Brown's Daily Profiler, for a straightforward appraisal of the evidence?

  9. Am I correct in reading T.B. now thinks Tigger (CMoMM) is actually Bagheera on C.F.'s new forum if so what is the problem. I actually find his persistence in the Madeleine case way too suspicious seriously.

    1. His total involvement in Madeleine's case is too obsessive and very, very sinister. He has mentioned on this blog that he has not been "bought" by the McCanns but who can believe his words.

      He must spend hours and hours looking up information to copy and paste from posts years ago and to reply to other posters for hours on end to ridicule their theories if they go against the McCanns' mantra, doesn't he have anything else to do in his life, unless he's been threatened by .............. Does he ever get to bed or is he on 24 hour duty on the internet?

      His life must be hell if he's being blackmailed by the McCanns but I feel more for his poor long suffering wife.

    2. We had a man in our village very similar to T.B. ex C.E.O. of an American Company but now retired. He totally split our village, literally caused chaos with cyber bullying etc, turns out he worked for a rather suspect company in Spain prior to arriving back here, so to be honest everyone was convinced of his megalomaniac tendencies but there was more to him than meets the eye total crook which has been proven. Sorry if this is off topic but the similarities now still freak me out.