Friday, 3 October 2014

HOW MANY PEOPLE SCARED AWAY from questioning the McCanns?

Well first of all, I'm surprised the McCanns had to hire lawyers Carter Ruck, I thought they had them on a permanent retainer.

Also very strange how the big bully media has given them £55k from the one hand, and dedicated a day's news to them from the other - wonder if it was all part of the deal?  The McCanns firmly believe that the more they get their story (and faces) out there, the more chance they have of turning public opinion back in their favour.  There is a certain glee in that for some of us because we can see that they are in fact digging themselves into an even deeper hole. 

Yesterday, we had a day's whitewashing from Sky News, almost every hour, on the hour, possibly accompanied by a subliminal 'you will believe' message to further hypnotise the especially dozy.  Then we had the imposing presence of Jim Gamble ramming home the menace and bullying message just to make it absolutely clear, that they will go after anyone questioning the official story.  How many perfectly innocent people with legitimate questions about Madeleine's disappearance been scared away by these shock tactics?  The message was clear.  Anyone tweeting negatively about the McCanns will come to the attention of the police. We are all under surveillance because we don't believe the ridiculous abduction story.

And just to hammer the message home, Gerry and Kate have again received a substantial payment from a UK newspaper, said by them to have been donated to a charity (which one?) and they are back up on their pedestal demanding the newspaper industry be gagged.  The only people who want newspapers gagged are those with something to hide.  What kind of police state are we turning into where journalists are imprisoned and every story has to be run by the subject, before it can go to press?

Its not the tories demanding the media gags, they have running the gauntlet with press barons since time began, its New Labour and the increasingly more sinister Hacked Off.  A public that votes to gag the free press, is a public walking blindly into police controlled State. 

A free press comes with good and bad, those used to the limelight, or born to it, treat it with the same attitude as the Windsors, 'Don't Complain', Don't Explain'.  Those who choose to put their private lives in the public domain, again and again, invite public comment, especially those who pose for 'Hello' style photoshoots and tell the world 'I couldn't make love to my husband'.  The McCanns make themselves the news, ergo comment will follow. 

The press do not persecute and intimate victims of crime.  Sadly, our history is littered with tragic stories of children taken and murdered, and their families have continued their lives, devastated, but with the privacy they asked for. 

The problem the McCanns have (apart from megalomania) is their inability to accept that the public just don't like them and their constant whining about what a bad deal they have had ain't helping.  The public know who has had a bad deal - I remember seeing the Ben Needham tweeter asking for donations for a PC ffs.  Yet keep the sympathy and cash (£4m+ to their private company) with Gerry and Kate.  Perhaps Gerry and Kate could give the cash to them?


  1. Yesterday's shenanigans IMO can only mean one of two things

    a) McCanns - exonerated of ANY wrongdoing FOREVER and whoever questions that, gets the 'Go to jail' card - and sod freedom of speech


    b) SKY and the rest of the MSM know there will be a very big WTF moment for the pair in the not too distant - and jockeying for position for when that moment comes

    a) is more likely
    b) when watching SKY News at 6pm (Samantha Simmonds) last night - 4 tweets were shown on screen

    3 of those tweets lamenting the neglect the pair had shown to all three children over a number of nights
    1 tweet berating tweeters for playing judge and jury

    hardly scientific - but my overall impression is that MSM are hedging their bets - proactively right now.

  2. Excellent stuff. All about manipulation imo

  3. Their dossier has been handed into Grange and they are now "purporting" the intimidation of witnesses, but they forget one thing, this is a Portuguese case and therefore legally.. Portugal holds primacy. These folks are very bold and shout a lot but when it comes to detail and all that is nuanced they fail miserbly.

    On the other hand a concerted effort of one group labelling another group haters and using intimidatory tactics falls under the jurisdiction of hate crime. If they want to lose everything and have liens put on their properties then so be it, carry on.

  4. The OP asked 'How many people are scared away from questioning the McCanns?'

    That's a fair question.....answers might lie in Fahrenheit 451, the works of Kafka or Orwell

    The pair's narrative has become the norm - accepted - white van man in Basildon simply doesn't care anymore - hasn't cared for yonks

    Quite a feat - but PR spin or not - there will be the voice of one of the siblings

    at the most unexpected moment

    'Mummy, Daddy - is it true you never came when Madeleine cried out for you'?

    Carter Ruck that

    Rust Never Sleeps

    Ain't no such thing as a free Tapas meal

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