Sunday, 15 March 2015


In the worlds of Health, Science, the Arts Industry, the government are advised by legitimate experts with strings of letters behind their names and years of hands on experience.

However, in the world of child protection, they appear to take their advice from self appointed experts and from the police and ex police who have set themselves up as child protection consultants.  Whilst the police may have a lot of experience in arresting, interrogating and prosecuting child abusers, they do not have the background or training to deal with the sensitive psychological issues that surround this whole issue.  They are coming from the wrong direction, they do not understand the causes and effects, their job ends with a conviction. 

Child abuse is a complex issue that can only be tackled effectively once we know the causes, the triggers, the ways in which it takes hold, and the ways in which it is covered up.  Breaking a door down, arresting family members and placing children in care, does not an expert make.   

Most governments are reluctant to commission a report, or even listen to real experts in the subject of child abuse, because their advice will involve spending lots of money.  There is little political kudos to be gained from headlines like 'a million kids lifted out of poverty', after pats on the back all round, its yesterday's news.  Stranger danger cases like Madeleine McCann, can headline for years, with the added benefit of increasing the need for public surveillance.

Child protection, like every other industry, is competing for government cash.  It is in the interests of those protecting children, to claim that our children are in constant danger from strangers and online.  The actual statistics however, bear little resemblance to the claims. Children are indeed abused, but the majority (over 90%) are abused within their own homes, and they are abused by people who know them. The ONLY way in which to protect these vulnerable children is through education and expansion of the frontline services who are presently collapsing through lack of funds.

I take issue with the manufactured fear of stranger danger and gangs of paedophiles congregating and lurking together on the internet.  I'm trying to picture Cyril Smith, Jimmy Savile and Gary Glitter chatting and exchanging images on a forum.  Nah, just don't see it.  They all knew exactly where to go for their supplies and were doing it, not chatting about it.

Unfortunately, the whole issue of child abuse, both historic and current is a hot political football, one where we the public, are only seeing the surface of what is going on.  We are not seeing the back door dealings, the blackmail (its a murky subject, why not?) or the power games that are being played, and we probably never will.  There is little that we can do about that, but for the sake of children everywhere, we should protect them by asking who are the experts and consultants advising on government child abuse policy now?

During the 1980's and 1990's social workers and government ministers were being advised by the 'highly regarded' Mr. Ray Wyre, an ex Baptist minister and self proclaimed expert on paedophilia.  During this time, hundreds of children were 'seized' and placed in care by the authorities, using the guidelines drawn up by Mr. Wyre, and subjected to the most horrendous abuse imaginable - the topic of the day was how far the anuses of these children dilated.

Mr. Wyre believed that masturbation satiation should be mandatory in the treatment of (male) sex offenders.  That is, they should be supplied with, and forced to watch horrific images of child abuse (where do they get them from?) as part of their 'cure'.  Its pretty hard to imagine anything more sickening.

I doubt very much that Mr. Wyre's methods and techniques are the result of any legitimate, scientific/academic study, yet his 'expertise' was so widely accepted that children were 'seized' by the authorities throughout the UK, thousands of lives were wrecked and the victims now form part of Theresa May's growing headache. 

Ms May, or whoever takes her place after the General Election, should look carefully at child protection consultants who advise them, especially those who advocate the 'seizure' of children from their parents on a mass scale.  Appointing a Witchfinder General never has been and never will be a solution.

In the unenlightened 80's and 90's, there was no internet, and wild claims of ritual satanic abuse were able to take hold and flourish and the reluctance to question Mr. Wyre and his methods led to utter devastation.  I can only hope that the politicians of today are not so coy.

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