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World's phoniest victims 
The parents of missing Madeleine McCann are once again delighted to receive a large cash award to compensate them for their hurt feelings, feelings hurt, not by the loss of their daughter which they recovered from within 48 hours, but by the loss of public adulation.

Again and again, they blame Goncalo Amaral for putting a stop to the phenomenal Fund that was set to make them multi millionaires.  If Goncalo had kept his trap shut, Gerry would have been running his own TV channel devoted to himself missing children and Kate would be dishing out advice on childcare.  They believe that Goncalo alone is responsible for their downfall and that if they destroy him, they will be put right back up on those pedestals where they belong. 

Its lunacy of course, the Portuguese police files, the mountains of evidence online and of course their own bizarre behaviour gave them away, and gives them away still.  They are fixated on Goncalo as the enemy, but the enemy is all around them, and moving in.  Wouldn't want to be them in a zillion years, it will only take one person to break the pact, and then they all go down. They must put all their faith in human nature, and you can't get good odds for that, no matter how many rosaries you say. 

I am stumped as to the Portuguese Justice System.  It has left me without words.  For the moment, I will blame myself for putting too much faith it, perhaps even for seeing the libel verdict as the end, rather than another chapter leading up towards the climax. 

Truth and Justice never comes about naturally, it takes lots of battles and occasionally a revolution.  At the time of writing this, Goncalo has yet to hear the official verdict (?) or commented, though I believe he is going to appeal.  That is fantastic.  And now is the time to up the ante and get behind him with all the support we can rally. 

I would urge all those rich benefactors and media moguls who have been similarly forced to hand over cash to these bereaved parents to get behind Goncalo Amaral, even if they do so anonymously, or they will be held to ransom forever more.  When they make the film, which they will, Goncalo will be the last man standing, and the public will remember the ones who fought on behalf the victim and condemn those who protected her killers.  That's the story.

To donate to Goncalo Amaral's legal fund: 

The Truth of the Lie:


  1. They HAVE got away with it.
    They will never face justice.
    Wake up to the fact that we have been fighting a losing battle.

  2. Away with your negativity strangely named Funf, lol. This isn't quite 100 years war (yet), it is yet another example of the Law being an Ass.

    The truth, sadly for the McCanns, is a bit like the tide, impossible to hold back. At the moment, they are simply plugging the dam with digits, and not very successfully. No-one is cheering their victory or celebrating with them, beating the financial daylights out of a hard working former detective who gave his life and career to find their daughter hasn't won them any friends or indeed influenced people. They are probably now at the lowest point they have ever been.

    Everything they do backfires spectacularly. Had they won this victory 6 years ago, the world would have celebrated with them. Now it is another reason to despise them. The world is still aghast that these formerly impoverished parents who needed donations to pay their mortgage, now have £1m to spare for their missing daughter's search fund!

    It is far from over Funf, only the truth can 'end' it and that has been bubbling to the surface since 2007, it won't go away.

    1. I admire your upbeat tone Rosalinda, and I'm certainly grateful that I've read your many posts about this case and those two excuses for human beings. However, I'm reminded of the famous commentary of the 1966 Football World Cup Final: "They think it's all over, it is now!" Those two scumbags - with the assistance of their friends in high places - have in effect succeeded in discrediting the conclusions of the original investigation. There is surely no way back now and I agree with the concise first post on this thread. Yes, the truth may come out in a lot less time than a 100 years. However, when it does all the protagonists and main players will, if not bedead, then long-forgotten. All that is left now is for Operation Grange to consolidate the outcome of the libel trial. In anger, may I just state what a pathetic nation Portugal is (not its people or its culture) but its compliant political hierarchy who have allowed its people in effect to be humiliated by a pair of sewer rats. And worse still it's allowed a former police officer who dedicated his life to protecting his fellow countrymen and woman to be humiliated. I really do admire you Rosalinda - as indeed I admire your nemesis Tony Bennet, Pat Brown, Joana Morais, Stevo, Richard Hall, Sonia Poulton and others who have incurred derision and smear for trying to expose this evil cover-up. But speaking as a layperson I've never been able to concur with your optimism that there would be any justice in this case. I only wish I could have done. It has been transparent from the outset that the McCanns have powerful friends protecting them . Yes, I could highlight that they've had a former government spin-doctor for eight years. I could highlight their audience with the Pope, Gerry's visit to the White House, the British Government sabotaging the investigation and arranging for them to be flown out of Porrtugal when they were made arguidos etc. etc. But what convinced me that they would never face justice was an episode not highlighted by commentators to the same extent. I allude to when two child-neglectors were accompanied by a government minister to the EU to launch their "childcare initiative" I felt like vomiting. I felt like vomiting again when I heard the verdict of the libel trial yesterday. But it's time to let go, it's a cruel unjust world.

    2. I hear ya 12:57, I have read your words, digested them, and taken them in, but I have a cartoon on my kitchen wall, that says 'never, ever, give up'!

      Legally this couple have been able to walk a very fine wire, and they have survived thus far, but they are far from home and dry. Apart from the law and public opinion closing in on them, they have enemies everywhere. Who can they trust? the media moguls they gave evidence against at the Leveson Enquiry? Martin Brunt who one days says there is a 100% match and the next day prostrates himself in sympathy? With friends like them, they need no enemies.

      How about all their 'friends' those tied to them by an unholy pact that hangs like a dark cloud over all their lives. Each of them fearing every knock at the door, each time their children ask to surf the net. That isn't living, that is a prison.

      What about their families, their associates, they too are under a cloud. DCI Redwood's declaration that the parents and none of their friends were suspects had the opposite effect, more questions were asked. When Crimewatch unveiled their revelation moment, the anti groups membership went up by thousands.

      Had this entire debacle ended years ago, with Kate and Gerry slinking away to mourn their child and thank all the Gods that be they got away with it, I too may have moved onto new pastures. However, it is the sheer wickedness of their actions since that has driven me on. Their vindictive campaign against Goncalo Amaral, and their constant pursuit of money - it grates.

      For myself, I have, on the whole moved on. I am 5 stone lighter than I was and mentally prepared to take on giants. Goncalo Amaral too looks fighting fit, the same cannot be said of the remains of Team McCann. Most of the army has deserted and what's left are holed up in the bunker, there really isn't anything for them to celebrate.

      Meanwhile, I am enjoying a new Lease of life, my new diet book works (yeeees) and not just for me, I am delighted to say. I remain trim and so too do those who have followed it. My next book will be a humorous (and yet practical) guide on how to be a single mum and still have fun!

  3. " Cristobell Author retweeted
    Sonia Poulton @SoniaPoulton · 45m 45 minutes ago

    I have been informed that as of an hour ago, #Amaral's lawyer still did not have notification. #McCann"

    They can't have looked very hard because it has already been posted online!

    1. Anon at 11.31

      Apparently the McCanns' lawyer released the information on a "draft" of the final procedure, which I believe is against the law. It had no official stamp on the document from the courts, she may be in breach of her legal status and may be in serious trouble if the matter is taken further by GA and his lawyer.

  4. Legal fights are always down to detail. Here it was an unfair fight. McCanns were fully financed and hired a team of the very best lawyers available. Amaral had no money (assets frozen) and had to make do with a single lawyer (his mate).

    The law (in Portugal, UK, and most everywhere) favours those with the deepest pockets or best connections. In this case the McCanns had both.

  5. 11:50 So true, it appears parts may have been interpreted literally with no room for common sense - as is often the way with the Law, and clearly not confined to the UK.

    However, there are good people out there, including millionaires who thought they were genuinely helping in the search for a missing child. By now, many of them must have realised they were cruelly misled. Now is the time to make amends and to put their money behind the real victim in all this, the missing child, and the only one brave enough to continue fighting on her behalf.

    Sadly 11:50 this entire case has spun on filth lucre, it is the driving force that kept it going. Gerry had a dream, the good Lord spoke to him, he is the special one. Get the world and its dog to give him cash, 5 star hotels and a private jet, and thus his wish was granted.

    Goncalo needs a fighting fund and a fighting team, because he is representing all those wronged by Team McCann, all those who have forced by ridiculous libel laws to hand ridiculous amounts of money to a supposedly grieving couple who only want their child back. He is David up against Goliath, but he doesn't have to be.

    The most damning part of this verdict is the decision to burn books! WTF! How are these odious people able to have books removed from libraries and cleared from shelves? What century are we in?

    Everyone out there who cares about freedom of speech, both in Portugal and the UK, needs to get firmly behind Goncalo Amaral, because when they start burning books and imprisoning journalists, we are on the road to hell.

  6. Well good on you for staying so positive Cristobell - don`t know how you do it. You always have been the antidote to TB`s negativity, seeing only the good and positive side. The world may despise them, but I doubt they even care. They have the media on side.

  7. " we are on the road to hell."

    oh what drama!

  8. I am happy to provide the "sisters" with this link to the English amaral support fund

  9. Money talks bullshit walks JUSTICE FOR MADELEINE

  10. For those old enough to remember, this is really groundhog day/deja vu.

    Remember when the last court decision went for the Mccanns against someone who can't be named here? Indignation, disbelief, it must be wrong, there will be an appeal, he will counter sue the arses of them, the Judge made a mistake, it was a technicality, he really won, there was a spelling mistake, let's set up a fund, let's all pay money and support him, get his a proper solicitor, teach the Mccanns a lesson etc etc etc.

    And what happened?

  11. It cost him a lot of money.

  12. Can someone explain why jeanmonroe types like a child?
    Her posts are unreadable.

  13. Don't be so rude!!! I've always found Jeanmonroe's posts straight to the point and have never had a problem reading them!

  14. Much has been made about the rich backers Team McCann had/have.

    Portugal as a nation/her police/her judiciary has been (often unfairly) maligned and slated in large parts of the British media - Tony Parsons, anyone?.

    Would now be the right time for some of the richest Portuguese people to inject
    mega Euros into Amaral's campaign?

    If not, why not?

    It's not that Portugal doesn't have it's fair share of very rich people -

    A brief selection: (in Euro for 2014 - source Forbes)

    Americo Amerin - 4.4 Billion
    Eliseo dos Santos - 2.5 Billion
    Belmiro de Azevedo - 1 Billion

    And there's of course Cristiano Ronaldo

  15. Really? !!!!!!!!!!!!.

  16. from the judgment:

    "d) prohibit the defendants Gonçalo Amaral, War and Peace, Editor, SA and VC - Oak-Movies Valentine, Audiovisual, SA, respectively, of the transfer, onerous or free, any form of copyright and book publishing and DVD."

    all those providing links to the "free" version of the online book should think very carefully about whether they are helping or actually harming the cause.

  17. Off topic - but not by a country mile:

    the enormous hold our dear old friends, CARTER RUCK have over the internet in the UK now - just shades of things to come.

    BTW: 'Going Clear' is all over the internet - I have a direct link but don't want the blog owner to get into trouble.

    A 5 minute search will lead you to the most succesful HBO documentary of all times.

  18. I notice that a prolific poster is saying the following in various places:

    “The Mccanns LOST 5:2, with the two counts deemed "Partial" by the judge
    In addition they have to pay 58.7% of the costs, which also indicated what the judge thought.
    The use of the words DISMISSED, FULLY REJECTED (3 times !), UNFOUNDED
    gives a fascinating insight into the judge's assessment of the veracity of the McCans and their witnesses”

    So let’s look at what that means:

    For the sake of argument I will use a figure of 100,000 for costs

    Amaral pays 500,000 damages to the Mccanns
    Amaral pays 106,000 interest on the damages
    Amaral pays 41,300 share of the costs
    Total 647,300

    Mccanns pay 58,700 share of the costs
    Total 58,700

    I hope that clarifies things for people.

    1. Amaral never harmed his daughter,McCanns harmed theirs.
      I hope that clarifies things for you.

    2. Meanwhile the criminal investigation continues.

    3. @ Anonymous30 April 2015 at 22:19

      Perfectly clear but completely irrelevant - thankyou.

  19. Amaral:

    "I find that the court's decision is unfair and questions my right and every Portuguese citizen's right to freedom of expression and of opinion.

    For that reason, I do not resign myself to the decision and I will appeal it until the very last judicial instance.

    If I am able to continue counting on your support, I will continue to fight within the judicial system for the Truth and the achievement of Justice.

    Thank you. "


    "We would like to add a few words of our own.

    This week's verdict is the result of a long, drawn-out trial. It is far from over, as we now enter the appeals phase.

    Your ongoing support - both moral and financial - has been key to Gonçalo Amaral's ability to defend himself.

    There are no words that can adequately express our gratitude, as we have witnessed so many acts of solidarity over the last five years. It has been a humbling journey; a journey of learning and of sharing.

    Now we need to reach the end of it.

    Thank you.

    Posted by astro at Thursday, April 30, 2015"

    I think it is perfectly correct that the supporters of Amaral fund his appeal - after all, as he has said - he can't do it without you.

  20. How about launching an appeal Fund for Leonor Cipriano?

    1. Why don't Kate and Gerry help Leonor if they feel so strongly that she has been falsely convicted? Like the majority, I feel justice has been served. Her daughter Joana suffered years of abuse before Leonor and her brother brutally murdered and dismembered her - that isn't something I can support. Gerry and Kate have already assisted her by providing a dodgy lawyer and getting another 7 months added to her sentence for perjury. Perhaps they can now share their winnings with her?

    2. Wish there was a like button on blogs......keep up the good work Ros.

    3. Wow you would make a brilliant detective, Rosalinda!

      Leonar confessed after having been beaten during a 48-hour-long interrogation, Amaral was convicted of perjury in May 2009 for having falsified documents in the case and received an 18-month suspended sentence.

      Do you really believe everything that Amaral says or writes?

      2 missing children, two mothers accused of murder, and Amaral is the same investigator. Coincidence?

  21. 15:48 I can't believe you don't see the irony of your assertion "Do you really believe anything Amaral says or writes?". Of course Rosalinda believes what Amaral says and writes. And also all of his co-investigators who came to the same conclusion that he did, And being the McCann sycophant that you are, you know damn well that you are putting a false spin on the Cipriano case and Kate being accused of murder. I;m not implying that Madeleine died because she caught Gerry or Kate have incestuous sex has happened in the Cipriano case. But dead she most certainly is and you know it.. And in the long-term we WILL find out how Madeleine died. It may take another eight years and another eight years but eventually....

  22. @ Anonymous1 May 2015 at 19:18

    "all of his co-investigators who came to the same conclusion"

    Would you like to name them - you know - just for accuracy?
    "But dead she most certainly is"

    So it is not definite then - you just prefer her to be dead.
    Try using FACTS

  23. 21.19 Yes, I'll use some FACTS. Regarding Amaral's co-investigators, the final police report was compiled not by Amaral but inspector Taveres De Ameldia. The Forensics Expert Paulo Sargento stated that an abduction was an "impossibility" and the criminologist Moita Flores described the abduction thesis as "a fairy-tale". Also it was a British police officer Mark Harrison who advised Amaral and his team to consider the possibility that Madeleine died in the apartment and recommended using the British police dogs. As I'm sure you well know, the circumstantial evidence provided by the dogs was one of the reasons the McCanns were made arguidos. With regards to the point "But dead she most certainly is" yes, all the way, definitely. Not that I wish her to be. As stated in my original post, you know that better than me. As a member of Team McCann you must do by definition.. Oh and finally another FACT in regards to the Cipriano case. The murderess you've been defending was given away to the Portugal police by her equally sadistic and evil brother she was caught having sex with by the murdered child.