Thursday, 24 December 2015


UPDATE:  28th December 2015

Tis that strange twilight time of the year when we are not altogether sure whether we should still be making merry. I am presently looking despairingly at the carcass of a turkey and a slightly greenish tinged leg of ham and wondering when I can put it in the bin without committing sacrilege.  When I had my little dog, Barnabus Bubble, there was never any waste!  I always gave him credit as co-chef and chief taster.  He would faithfully guard the roasting turkey whilst I peeled sprouts and cried when ET went home.  Fortunately for myself and family nothing burned, because he was quite insistent on the regular basting and tasting (by himself) of course. 

But this is not a time for melancholy, it is time to wonder what next year will bring.  A time to make those aims, dreams and ambitions come to fruition.  I urge anyone with an hour to spare (and Netflix) to watch 'The Secret'.  The 'Law of Attraction' is very real, you literally can have anything you want.  The only person who can put a limit on your dreams, is you!

I want to get all those reluctant writers out of the closet!  I want them to abandon their inhibitions and get pen to paper.  Everything is valid, when I graduated as a mature student, I would sign my '2 extra pints please' notes to the milkman R.V. Hutton BA(Hons), lol.  There are so many ways in which you can create your own journals, your own personal letters to your descendants, things that may seem so trivial and inconsequential now, but that will mean so much to those of your bloodline in centuries to come.  

I want to tear down the snobbery that surrounds writing and journalism, we are ALL valid.  Simply scrawling '2 extra pints' makes each and every one of us a 'writer'.  Some writers are of course better than others.  There is no secret to it, writing is a craft like any other and one that be improved every time you embark on a new project.  Writers, like any other artist, weep buckets over their past works, because to them, it is never, ever, good enough. My own 'masterpiece' Constance, picked up by a former BBC producer, broadcast on Christmas Day and nominated for a Sony award, remains gathering dust on Amazon.  Why? Because I am scared that if I go back to it, I will change everything, and I don't know if that's a good thing or not!  There you go, an insight into the constantly troubled mind of a writer. 

To write well, you must be well read and well informed.  Reading feeds your vocabulary, every time you read a book or an article, parts of it will be stored in your brain, the way in which the author has articulated the sentence and expressed thoughts that are in harmony with your own, especially.  If you want your work to be read, you must create empathy with your audience.  When you put pen to paper, you must write stuff that you yourself like to read!  I unashamedly pinch from (pay tribute to) writers I love.  PG Wodehouse, Thorne Smith, Sue Townsend, Christopher Hitchens, heck, hundreds.  

Unfortunately, our snobbish society lauds those writers who preach from a lofty tower and who use big words and cryptic clues rather than the vernacular of their intended audience.  The same elitism applies to literature and academia as it does to art and music, the popular culture of the common people doesn't count. 

I want to tear down those walls, I want to reach out to those who dream of writing their own books.  I want to tell them that everything they write is valid and that grammar and their prowess (or lack thereof) with the English language will become charming with the years. And they will improve!  Writing, like anything gets better and better the more you do it.  

For those who have 'write book' on their New Year Resolutions List, I would urge them first of all to find their niche.  What do they like reading?  Whilst it is noble to admire the works of Chaucer, it is unlikely to rock the book shelves of Asda.  If you like sci fi, thrillers, detectives stories or romance, then use those genres to turn fact into fiction.  Actually, I might even write a book about how to write a book next year, who knows? 

Anyway, I wish you all a very Happy New Year, enjoy the remains of your Christmas goodies (or restock, lol) and brush up on the words to auld lang sine and Flower of Scotland (if applicable).  If you can start a conga line AND a revolution, I will raise a glass to you!  Cheers!     


Merry Christmas to all my readers and dare I say, friends, and a huge thank you for sticking with me through the good times and bad - aw shucks.  Your contributions have been fantastic, so many thoughtful and insightful comments that have kept this blog, and my head, buzzing! 

As for what will happen with the McCann case next year.  Who knows?  The Christmas message from the parents lacks the confidence of previous years, though it does remind us about further virtues the McCanns have acquired. Perhaps they are hoping for some recognition in the New Year's Honours List.

They are trying to get the message across that they are positive, though they have little to back it up.  Their own little pat on the back for patience has more than a grain of truth.  How on earth can two parents who believe their child is alive and out there, find anything positive in the police search for her being wound down?  It defies reason and logic.  Anyway, I do not wish to be unkind, they have to live this pretendy existence, and I cannot think of a greater hell. 

As for the anti Christ and his little band of demons over the way, well, heck, I even hope they can stop poking the fires for a while and enjoy a bit of peace and goodwill.  As one insightful reader pointed out, Mr. Bennett should embrace his family before he embraces his God.  As for their fellow paranoid Gollum lookalikes in JATKY2, let's hope they have someone (anyone) around them close enough to trust with their names, lol. 

I'm afraid I have little sympathy for the frightened little critters hiding beneath their rocks, even Robert de Niro goes for a walk in the park. The only reason for their paranoia can be some sort of shame for the evil words they have spouted this past 8 years.  When they created their hideous online alter egos, they thought this case would quickly fizzle out and no-one would ever know about their despicable need to abuse strangers on social media.  They never thought they would be held personally responsible for their cruel and ill chosen words. What would their family, friends and employers think of them if they knew about their thuggish, anti-social behaviour online?  It was a fear that, arguably, drove Brenda Leyland to suicide.   

The death of Brenda Leyland exposed the dark underside to the Madeleine  McCann case, it became so much more than a publicity campaign, it had become a battlefield with real victims.  The onslaught I received following the Martin Daubney (not Sonia Poulton) article in the Sun, went beyond sanity. Apparently, one woman's mother wept!  I'm afraid I would have had an overwhelming urge to slap her and tell her to get a grip.  And no, you horrible little vipers, still no shame or regret.  (As if! lol,  But I do hope the more severely affected have now recovered!)

For me the past year has been a huge learning curve.  Sadly, I came to realise that the intentions of some antis were anything but honourable and now many are indistinguishable from the pros.  It's like the final scene in Orwell's Animal Farm, the pigs are finely dressed, walking upright and sharing brandies and cigars with the humans. Ce la vie.     

Anyway, again, many thanks to each and every one of you, old friends and new, and I hope you have the Christmas and New Year of your dreams.  May your turkeys be succulent, your roast potatoes crisp, and your sprouts crunchy (or not, depending on who wins the fight) and your gravy flavourful.  Enjoy your Christmas puds and chocolate cherry liquors (I will :) ) and good luck in your battles for the remote control!  Remember girls, one superhero film, = 3+ hours of Gone with the Wind, a glass of Bailys and a mince pie.  If there are any complaints remind them who was peeling sprouts at 2.00a.m. while they were singing 'It'll be lonely this Christmas'.  Tell them it will be especially lonely, if you are forced to watch football. I jest of course, be nice to each other, things may not always go to plan, but they usually work out anyway!  Merry Christmas.  xxx


  1. Have a great Christmas Ros.xx


  2. "Merry Christmas to all my readers and dare I say, friends...."

    "Merry Christmas. xxx"

    A good start and a good end -what a pity the rest was just hate filled bile that confirms your atheist attitude.

    Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all Men.

  3. And a Merry Christmas to you and all your readers.
    I like reading your articles, the way that you don't get railroaded onto theories, which often happens elsewhere on the flimsiest of evidence. We all have our pet ideas as to what happened but there are hundreds of others that would fit just as well.

  4. Hope you had a happy and relaxing Christmas, Cristobell.
    All the best to you and Mr Blacksmith for 2016.

  5. Hope all has had a fab Xmas. Thank you - i have had a great one.

    Didnt understand why Tony decided to get his dirty socks out on Xmas/boxing day and strike up some pathetic convo, well, with himself. Dissing Sonia as per. Didnt realise he was that tragic, although everyone always said he was. I take he he has no family. Or his family have clocked on and told him to sod off. As hes a complete pratt. Oh dear.

    Regards, Andrew.

    1. Happy New Year to you Andrew!

      Like the industrious Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge, Mr. Bennett does not believe in time off for Christmas Andrew. He has people to smear and reputations to destroy, there is no rest for the wicked, or more accurately, those Mr. Bennett perceives to be wicked.

      Today he must destroy the post traumatic stress sufferer Henri Exton, producer of the suppressed private investigation report and the Smithman efits that look like Gerry McCann.

      He doesn't seem to realise that it matters not a jot whether Henri Exton is trustworthy (I believe he is - he did not and would not support the approved abduction theory like puppet Dave Edgar) the efits were compiled on the evidence of what the Smith family had seen on the night of 3rd May 2007. And so powerful was this evidence that it made up the revelatory moment featured in the 2013 Crimewatch program and Smithman (confirmed by Bennett's own FOI request) remains the prime suspect of Operation Grange.

      No matter what barrels Mr. Bennett scrapes in order to discredit the Smith family, or the former private investigator Mr. Exton, the Smithman efits remain at the centre of the Madeleine mystery.

      The McCanns did their utmost to suppress the report of Henri Exton, even going so far as to threaten him with legal proceedings if he revealed what he had discovered. The Smithman efits, as the sane amongst are fully aware, were withheld from the public and the publicity campaigns. The McCanns claimed they could not afford to promote two suspects, and were going with the individual sighting of Jane Tanner, not the sighting of the Smith family of six.

      I think Tony Bennett fixated on the Perry Mason moments where the witness in the box is revealed to have had a life long yearning for Grandma's hatpin and has motive for murder herself! Unfortunately for him, this 'ulterior motive' fixation causes him to lose the plot on almost everything he researches. I often wonder whether he is terminally dim, or enacting some sort of dastardly plan to discredit the main witnesses in any future criminal trial.

      Those questioning the honesty of Henri Exton in Bennett's latest loony quiz, should bear in mind that when employed by the McCanns, Mr. Exton did not produce the result they wanted (confirmed abduction)for their 'search' and the parents did everything in their power to suppress his findings. They didn't exactly look overjoyed when the giant picture of 'Gerry' appeared behind them during their tet a tet with DCI Redwood on national television and they still carry a picture of Tannerman, a suspect dismissed by Operation Grange, on their website.

      That he was going to be smeared by the McCanns, and now Bennett, was a given.


    2. I have a few questions for Mr. Bennett myself.

      1) Why are you focusing your 'research' on witnesses for any potential prosecution?

      2) Given your obsessive compulsive need to pry into the lives of other people, why have you never researched the most obvious suspects? Those with means, motive and opportunity and those closest to Madeleine at the time she disappeared? (Hint: The Tapas Group).

      To my knowledge you have never 'investigated' the doctors, any of them, those flitting backwards and forwards to 'check' on Madeleine - those with alibis confirmed only by each other?

      I am not for one moment suggesting that you do, but I am curious as to why you focus on those on the periphery, rather than those 'directly' involved.

      3) You have gone to an inordinate amount of trouble to 'implicate' Robert Murat yet you have never produced any evidence of motive on his part. And having a bit of porn on his computer and living nearby is not a motive.

      4) Do you believe Robert Murat, was carrying a child through the streets of PDL on the night of 3rd May?

      5) If the answer to 4) above is yes, how did RM have time to dispose of the body and return in time to be spotted mingling by the Tapas Group, AFTER the alarm was raised.

      6) Why would family loving Dad and Grandpa Martin Smith involve those he cares about the most, including his then 12 year daughter, in one of the heinous crimes of the century? The Smith family's dignity and silence, speaks volumes.

      7) What you hope to achieve? What are your goals?

    3. I thinks its fairly obvious Bennett is in the McPockets. On the agreement of writing off a grand sum of money, he has to discredit any independant witnesses and muddy the waters as much as possible.

      Poor Madeleine.

      Regards, Andrew

    4. For a man who demands answers from others on a daily basis, Mr. Bennett is unbelievably coy when people question him. I know that he reads my blog, enough to copy large chunks for his own forum, yet the questions I have posed directed to him, he ignores.

      So come on Mr. Bennett, why have you not 'investigated' the inner circle? Why are you trying to implicate strangers who clearly have no connection to the McCanns or Madeleine?

      Unless you have valid answers to the above questions, then all the 'research' on your forum is worthless. (it is anyway, but I#m trying to break it to them gently) What do you know that the police and the rest of us don't?

      You are trying to implicate Robert Murat in the heinous crime of killing a child and disposing of her body. You are also trying to implicate a nice Irish family who were doing no more than strolling back to their apartment when they spotted a man carrying a child. You must have solid grounds for your belief that RM is involved and the Smith family are covering for him. So what are they? Unless you are a complete sociopath, how do you justify these vile and very public accusations?

      All of these people have ample cases against you for libel and harassment Mr. Bennett. That they don't could be a matter of timing or like me, they won't indulge your childish need for attention.

    5. @ Rosalinda, Cristobell Hutton29 December 2015 at 11:15

      he spent years "questioning" everything the tapas group and the Mccanns said before moving on to others.

    6. I beg to differ 11:55, he has not investigated any of the doctors or their relatives, in the way he has investigated the Smith family, even going so far as publishing a school report on Martin Smith's 12yr old daughter! The urge to call him a sick fuck is overwhelming, but such is the law, I would be the one imprisoned, not Bennett.

      He has done nothing whatsoever to assist Goncalo Amaral, in fact some might say, he has given the McCanns ammunition to sue Goncalo. The only proof the parents had of harassment following the release of GA's book, came from Mr. Bennett and his Madeleine Foundation.

    7. It wasn't actually a school report, Cristobell, but a newspaper story.

    8. Ah, many thanks Terry, much appreciated and seasons greetings to you!

    9. Not a squeak of a reply from Tony yet to your reasonable questions, Cristobell?

    10. Not a sausage 09:50, the chief inquisitor who demands the answers to so many questions from others, cannot and will not answer questions himself.

      It is a funny old situation where Bennett and his gang (many of whom are anonymous) scrutinise anyone who questions the McCanns or passes comment on the case. Unless they are squeaky clean in the eyes of the cesspit, their opinions are deemed worthless and corrupt. Meanwhile these anonymous 'judges' who haven't got the guts to show their faces, are beyond reproach.

  6. Hate-filled rants certainly aren't the sole prerogative of atheists, Anonymous at 20.55 on Christmas Eve!

  7. @ ros - it is "auld lang syne".

    1. Oops, don't think my Scots dad would have been impressed! Lol. I am fortunate in that I am half Irish and half Scottish, so I can flit back and forth! Happily I know all the words to Danny Boy, Flower of Scotland and I've Been A Wild Rover...... - especially the bit about spending all me money on whisky and beer! ha ha. I best warn the neighbours, I might have a practice!

  8. Cristobell is the only so called "anti" McCann commentator that I can bear to read. I have taken a great interest in this case, but not to the extent of many others. I don't happen to believe that the McCanns are guilty, however, for whatever reason, Cristobell's blog does not appear hateful to me. The other "anti" blogs just read as hate. We all have a right to an opinion. Mine is that the McCanns made a ridiculous babysitting choice and that this is where their "guilt" ends. I also respect that Cristobell has a different opinion. That's called democracy.

    However, I have tried reading the sites where Mr. Bennett and co post, and it strikes me that their motive has very little to do with the truth of anything; and a great deal to do with self promotion. Tony Bennett just comes across as someone who wants everyone to think he's intelligent. I mean, to his "followers", he must be, right - I mean, he has a law degree? However, unfortunately lots of idiots have law degrees, and in the case of "failed" ones, they often find some other outlet to feign self-importance, because they could not cut it in the actuality of the law profession itself. I think that's what Tony's motivation is: He wants a lot of attention and praise for his "intelligence". He appears to garner this from a lot of his followers, who, though clearly not all illiterate morons, don't appear to have Tony's education. Therefore, they look up to him. It's a bit like a failed actor putting on a show in his own living room! Anyway, that's my view. I find this case interesting, as much for the obsession it has created, and have to it admit that its mystery intrigues me. Sadly, I think the reality is more banal, and that Madeleine McCann is a victim of a child predator who has gone to ground, unnoticed by all. I think it is imminently possible for a child abductor to carry out such an action and leave no trace of himself.

    In my own opinion, (and that is all it is!), I think the predator may well have been highly sophisticated in his understanding of forensics and how to undertake a crime without leaving forensic evidence. There is still a case in Australia, of the infamous "Mr. Cruel", who managed to abduct and sexually molest two children, molest and kill another, without leaving a trace of DNA, or anything else. The police know he exists, because of the stories from the surviving children; whom he kept locked up somewhere with a mask over his face. When he finally threw them back onto the street, there was little they could reveal to the police, and not one shred of him on any of the children's clothing, body etc... The belief is that he was a highly sophisticated criminal. I think that as DNA advances, we will find out that Madeleine was in fact abducted by a stranger. I believe that, with time, larger and larger amounts of stranger DNA will be found on the remaining items the police still have. In the meantime, it makes for profound mystery.

    I respect a person's right to any opinion, and their right to disagree with my own opinion. I think that Cristobell defends the theory that the McCanns were involved in a way that is respectful. It's her belief and she is entitled to it. However, she doesn't appear to be motivated by anything but the search for truth, which is why I am prepared to read her theories with more thought than some others.

    1. I think your analogy between the failed actor and captive audience is brilliant 11:48.

      I agree on the educational level and the deference shown by those in the cesspit who seem to be trapped in the lower middle class mentality of showing respect to those in professions, rather than jobs. They believe Mr. Bennett to be superior to themselves because he wears a suit and speaks with a posh voice. They cannot accept that I am a writer, because writers go to Cambridge, they are not common like moi! One of my 'enemies' on the YGL board used to call me Waynetta, ha ha.

      My voice, incidentally, like all our voices, is entirely manufactured from everything I have heard and everything I have read and everything I have liked. I have discarded everything I didn't like for obvious reasons. It is the voice I WANT it to be. It is the voice I have in my head, it is made up of sounds that I like, sounds I want to copy and imitate.

      I hate this prejudice towards people who have accents that do not represent their class and status. This inverted snobbery that keeps our society tribal. Not speaking badly is seen as a betrayal of your roots, as though you should wear your lack of education with pride.

      It takes away our choice of the person we want to be. I was very fortunate indeed. I was the daughter of a 17 year old Irish girl who already spoke better English than the Queen. She didn't want to be the girl from the bogs, she wanted to be lady! And she wanted me to be a lady too! Any paddy, Scots or God forbid, cockney, vernacular was met with a clip around the lug (if she could catch me). The Queen's English could get her credit in all the local shops also. Happily, I enjoyed her games as much as she did. My brother, not so much.

      I don't wish to kick off an arts .v. sciences debate, suffice to say that Law Degrees require a methodical mind and zero imagination. I personally would prefer to stick my head in the oven on gas mark 4 for three years.

      I should add, I don't entirely dislike lawyers, during my many years as a legal secretary, my favourite (mischievous) game was to crack the outer pompous veneer. With very mixed results it must be said, sometimes I got promoted, others, reported to Human Resources. I jest of course (or do I?), most had inner tigers waiting to be unleashed, lol.

      There were many 'Bennetts' of course. They were usually stuck at Legal Executive or Assistant level until they were 90. Very reliable with the filing but not much else.

      There were 'stars' too, some I was very proud to work for. One in particular, a personal injury lawyer was known in the legal world as the Silver Fox. He was ruthless, yet charming, and I had a huge crush on him!

      Successful people have an easy going, natural, charm that puts others at ease. We see it regularly in the A list stars who appear on TV, and now in the new Masters of the Universe, the owners of the social networks. If there were a God, we should all now be on our knees thanking her, that these men are philanthropists and not capitalists.

      Anyway, happy new year to you my friend, a difference is beliefs is not a reason to discard someone. Some of the best times I have had in my life have been with people at the opposite ends of the spectrum to myself! My company seems to bring out the devil in people, lol. They should let me loose in a seminary ;)

      As for the voices we should have. I think we should just pick a role model and go for it. Unfortunately, for my family and friends, mine is currently Margaret Rutherford at full throttle, lol. Happily, I have just drunk a glass of red wine (hic) and am halfway through a glass of baileys, so the 'Paddy' is coming out! Now where are the words to 'Ive been a wild rover.....'

      Happy New Year Everyone! xxx

    2. Are you new to this 11.48? Or is it you Cristobell? Respectful to the Mccanns? Clearly you need to delve a little deeper into the failed authoress' mindset and check some of the vile comments she has made regarding the Mccanns.
      Also 'respect & democracy' are not demonstrated by a relentless, vicious obsession she has with Bennett. Even at Xmas time she has to spew her bile.
      As for openness and response I seem to recall the 'international (in my own mind) journalist' and the author of this cliché riddled blog demanding Bennett prove payments to CR. This he did however when the two intrepid harpies are asked a question the eloquent response was 'kiss my @rse'.

      Still struggling with you spelling eh Ros?

    3. Let me see 12:35, are you a failed doctor, failed parent, failed police chief, failed lawyer, failed teacher, or just a failed human being?

      As for Bennett, call it obsession if you like, but every time he lies, I will point it out. I hate to see people being misled.

      His need for money and support is not too dissimilar to that of the McCanns, it has little to do with finding Madeleine and everything to do with self enrichment and getting himself on the front of the tabloids.

      Your use of the word harpies is interesting, it is one of the favourites on JATYK2, the pro McCann death dossier site. If you are aiming for another suicide, you picked the wrong person. I fight back.

    4. I am "anon" of 11.48, and to answer "anon" of 3 January, I am not entirely "new to this", but probably less absorbed by it than some others.

      I'd like to defend Cristobell by stating that my post was definitely not written by her, disguising herself as me! I'd use my real name if some of the vitriol around this case was not so scathing. I don't have Cristobell's courage, in that she's willing for others to see who she is. She's hardly likely to post comments under "anon".

      By respectful, I meant that whatever Cristobell posts about this case, does seem to be coming from her heart and from a need for justice. I don't mind her "not so respectful" comments about Tony Bennett. She's a good writer and therefore, I quite enjoy reading what you describe as a "relentless, vicious obsession". When she does "spew her bile" (as you describe it), it's witty and hilarious, and therefore readable. Her writing is entertaining.

      Bennett is far from entertaining, and he's clearly denying his own working class roots, even if his education (like Cristobell's) has moved him into what we would deem the "middle class".

      Now, about Azaria Chamberlain. The dingo did eat the baby. I am from Australia, and I've followed that case for many years, and know a great deal more about it than I do about the Madeleine McCann case. I just wish that a dingo would seize Tony Bennett, whose writing is convoluted, and boring as hell. I have read a fair amount of his "stuff" because mysteries intrigue me, but he's a nut case who is not well served by christianity.

      I consider myself a feminist, and am, in this respect, "anti pornography", however, for Tony to link Robert Murat's viewing of porn as some proof that he could kill a child, is just absurd. I mean, that would surely make 99% of men capable of murdering a child. To take the moral high ground and use it as evidence is bizarre.

      Thank God Tony Bennett did in fact leave the legal profession. His basis for presuming guilt is so far off the mark, that it's hard to believe he passed his law degree in the first place. That's what I meant by my comment about a lot of lawyers being idiots.

      Tony Bennett likes to come across as a left brain, logical, reasoned individual, but he is far "madder" than Cristobell could ever be. Yes, I know, she has bi-polar, but so do a lot of creative and insightful people. I am surprised that Tony Bennett doesn't have a psychiatric "disorder", but then again, as a close psychiatrist friend of mine explained to me - "The problem with those who suffer from a Narcissistic Personality Disorder is that they very rarely seek help for their condition". Why would they? After all, they are right about everything, so why seek out the help of a professional. As my grandfather would have said "That bloke is one kangaroo short of the top paddock".

      By the way, Cristobell is not "struggling with spelling", as you put it. She makes typo errors here and there, just like the rest of us.
      You're an example of what I mean by the meanness of the other sites I've looked at. When you've got no argument, you make some kind of personal, nasty comment, that is clearly designed to hurt the other person.

    5. Many thanks for your beautifully written, erudite reply 13:14. Of course I don't have an 'obsession' with Tony Bennett, good grief, if I were to risk life, limb and freedom it would be for someone like Gerrard Butler or Paul Merton (yes seriously, I luv him). Fortunately, I am way too self obsessed to be obsessed with anyone else, and if I were to go out stalking, Mr. Bennett would be nowhere on my list. He has nothing to fear, he is just about as safe as it is possible to be, lol.

      If Bennett had the wit, talent and intellect, he would convert the McCann audience over to his way of thinking. It's that simple. Unfortunately for Mr. Bennett, his writing style has all the appeal of a dusty old law book, and it's not even as entertaining. Legal clerk Charles Dickins had good reason to take his mind off into a fictional world of his own. There is nothing exciting about rules, regulations and clauses, they are the last resort of those who do not have the intelligence to come up with a more convincing argument.

      Mr. Bennett clearly loves the droning sound of his own voice. He should have gone into teaching or preaching, somewhere where the audience have no means of escape. Actually, he seems to have found that captive audience in the cesspit. We should feel pity for them.

      I found your psychiatric disorder interesting, most people who are barmy are aware of it, but, as you say, if they can force those around them to tolerate their behaviour, they will carry on. The blame for all their cruelty and intolerance lies with the good Lord, they follow his word without question.

      Manic depressives on the other hand, the quaint and less glamorous description for bipolar disorder, blame themselves for everything. Even things that are way beyond their power. They don't brag about how powerful they are, they despair that they are so powerless.

      Tony lacks empathy and humanity, the psychologists will make of that what they will. But like the McCanns, it is their lack of empathy that enables them to act with such cruelty.

      Whilst 'normal' people will express remorse and regret for past actions that brought pain to others, neither the McCanns nor Bennett have ever apologised for anything, and if they do, we know their word means nothing.

      Many thanks for explaining the typos! Some people are so petty. My writing style is 'stream of consciousness' and I spent years as a secretary with a typing speed of 80+ wpm! lol. Happily the watchful eyes of my critics keeps me on my toes.

      I do try to stick as close to 'good Queen's English' as I can, but I have mental blocks with the spelling of certain words and some aspects of punctuation. I am fortunate in that I have had my work edited by professionals in the past, but tbh, I'm more comfortable with the slang and vernacular that goes on in my head and the voice I hope my readers hear.

  9. If it is true that Mr Bennett's debt was reduced on condition that he maligned any witnesses who throw doubt on the McCanns' story, it can only mean that the story is just that, a work of fiction, and those witnesses need to be discredited at all costs.

    1. That's a very big "If" and I don't believe it for one moment.

      Conspiracy rules.

    2. " Re: Maxine Carr wants 'taxpayers to foot bill for new home and new identity' over fears she could become victim of a vigilante attack

      Post BlueBag Today at 16:30
      Huntley was swiftly taken to Rampton and pumped with drugs because "he didn't understand why he was being questioned".

      All bets on veracity of subsequent statements/confessions are off.

      RAF Lakenheath where the bodies were found is actually a US Airforce base and had (later convicted) pedophiles on the base at the time.

      In the 13 days the girls were missing no questions were asked about US servicemen at the base.

      There was a Gulf war about to start.

      I always wondered about the evidence that he conveniently incriminated himself with. Made no sense.

      The taxi driver Ian Webster saw a car with two girls on board driving in a crazy way on the A142 whilst the driver was swiping away at the girl in the back.

      6 witnesses saw Jessica and Holly at the war memorial shortly after they were supposed to be dead.

      Witnesses saw a suspicious green car in the village around that time.

      I'm not saying he didn't do it, but there's enough here to make people want to turn over a few more stones."

      Anything is allowed on CMOMM.

  10. It seems obvious to me that if the Smiths really did see someone carrying a child through the streets of PDL on the 3rd May 2007, it certainly wasn't Gerry McCann or any one of the males belonging to that little group, the Tapas Crew. Why would they? They don't strike me as stupid people and carrying a 'dead' child around on that fateful night would have been darned pretty stupid.
    Given all the blatant help the MCT have received from government aides and institutions since the so called 'abduction' isn't it reasonable to ask oneself that given the fact that TMC could rely on this type of assistance AFTER the event surely they could rely on it BEFORE the abduction cry? No need for panic actions . It would have been sorted well before the cry went up. Seems logical to me.

    1. Stupid or desperate 16:36? The doctors were 'stupid' enough to write out their alibis on a page torn out of Madeleine's colouring book.

      Actually the whole idea that they could cover up the death of a child is pretty stupid, so too the idea that they wouldn't be investigated because they were doctors.

      They were dealing with extraordinary events 16:36, ALL of their high flying careers were at risk. Added to which they have gone to extraordinary lengths to provide alibis for Gerry at the time of the Smith sighting. Even going so far as trying to morph the short haired man seen by the Smiths into the long haired man 'seen' by Jane Tanner.

      As for the McCanns receiving assistance BEFORE the abduction cry, I'm not sure where you are going with this. It is of course possible that during their absences from the tapas table, any of the group could have been phoning around for outside help. The police, including Operation Grange, have shown a lot of interest in the telephone activity in and around PDL on the night, so it will be interesting to see.

      I think ultimately though, that on the night they were on their own. The abduction story is so flimsy, so too their alibis, in fact all of their actions on the night were highly suspicious and seemed to be led by panic rather than logic.

  11. @ Anonymous29 December 2015 at 16:36

    "if the Smiths really did see someone carrying a child"

    Why do you say "if" - do you think they lied?

    Secondary question - if they lied - why?

  12. 0h look

    Re: Sonia Poulton on Murdoch's SKY News AGAIN - today (4 April 2015)

    Post Get'emGonçalo Today at 8:15 pm
    Members, please note that I have removed some off-topic posts from this thread, including some of my own, blushing1 and would ask that it is now kept on topic.

    Ta muchly.

    1. The ghouls have gone very quiet of late, which is odd, because they have basically got what they wanted - an exclusive group of malcontents to whom freedom of thought and expression is an abomination.

      One line of thought only really works out if it is supported by jackboots and threats of ostracisation. Unfortunately for Jill Havern, no-one gives two hoots about being thrown out anymore, and in fact some, myself included, wear our exclusion as a badge of honour!

    2. Well, even ghouls have to take a rest from their labours at times. I expect that they will be back in the new year.

      Good wishes to you Ros and all the contributors here for a happy and healthy 2016.

  13. You may be onto something with this Henry Exton being one of the good guys. Your tweet has sent me back here with a new thought.
    The two Smithman images look like two different men. The same two men who were allegedly seen outside 5A with a pram?
    Was the girl that the Smiths saw the child in the pram outside 5A, and if so which of the men was her father?
    Are Exton's images a message, or are they a kind of insurance policy for him and his team.

    1. Sometimes a cup is simply a cup 08:44. The two Smithman efits are different because they are a compilation of what several members of a group saw. The 'abductor' walked through the middle of the group, some saw right profile, some saw left. It's that simple. The basic features are the same, short hair, clean shaven, age, build, stature etc.

      Henri Exton did his job, he followed his conscience rather than the remit he was given. Ergo, his contract with the McCanns came to a swift end, and his findings were not only discarded, but actively suppressed. They were uncovered 6 years later by Operation Grange.

      We all do things that are completely out of character when we are under enormous stress. I once walked out of Superdrug carrying one of their shopping baskets containing a pair of exfoliating gloves and a tube of toothpaste I hadn't paid for! I got to another shop before I realised. Does this momentary lapse in memory make me a dishonest person? I bleddy hope not.

      Using the shoplifting charge to question Mr. Exton's honesty is a low blow. Like all of us, he has had an up and down career, those who don't toe the party line usually do. Had Goncalo Amaral followed orders without question, his police career wouldn't have come to such an abrupt end. From what I can see, it was mostly 'up' - which of course may account for the enemies he now has.

    2. I see BlueBag is following TB in trying to destroy the cess pit.

  14. Do you mean his (?) belief that Ian Huntley might have been framed for the Soham girls murders? J.rob thinks so too.

    I did wonder if the idea was to discredit the forum.

    1. It looks as if j.rob and BlueBag might be the same person as BlueBag replied to the post addressed to j.rob.

      See the posts at 1.03 and 7.40 on 31st December.

    2. No chance is blue bag / jrob the same.

      Blue bag is a McPlant imo. (Just my opinion).

      Jrob or poster as known in the better place is sound.

      Again, imo.

      Regards, Andrew

    3. Harry I suggest you look into the Soham convictions with an open mind. When I did this I was shocked by what I found. The DNA and forensics don't add up one bit. I have no axe to grind over this case. I just delved into it and my eyes opened wide. You really cannot believe all you read in the MMM - it has become more and more corrupt.

    by Tony Bennett Today at 11:06 am"

    What an embarrassment he is.

    If he gets 1000 - then only another 9000 to go to get some kind of recognition!

    Remember - this is the guy you all followed and supported before you had your fallouts.

    1. "Remember - this is the guy you all followed and supported before you had your fallouts."
      Let me assure you I for one have never supported or followed Bennett.
      I have had several accounts all banned from the Jill Haveren site all at the behest of Tony Bennett simply for questioning his reasoning.
      Who remembers the Ausie rules "Big footy" site where they invited people to post their thoughts on the Maddy case? Everything went well there until Bennett got wind of it and posted the link on CMOMM, needless to say his "true followers" were there in a flash, spamming and name calling, to the extent admin had to call it a day and pulled the plug,Bennett knew exactly what would happen, he knew his "true followers" would follow and wreck all reasonable discussion and debate.

    2. @ Anonymous1 January 2016 at 16:04

      I am pleased to hear your were never one of his supporters or followers.

    3. Seriously... Does TB actually have any 'followers or supporters'..? Ok - a few puppets like aquila, jill and sharon. (Is the old goat bedding all 3), the rest are all socks. Have a look any time who is a 'a member online, on CMoMM'. 85% have never ever posted, ever. Just Tony logging on under loads of names to make it look like the site is actually 'popular'. And not a cesspit which anyone with half a brain has figured out.

      Regards, Andrew.

    4. It really is noticeable how few people there are logged in at any particular time, yet the last 24 hours listing has dozens and dozens, most of whom as you say have never posted.

      Registered Users: A Mancunian, aquila, Badria, bobm52ny, Cherry, cloak'ndagger, HelenMeg, hentie, HiDeHo, Higgins, Hobs, Latetothecase, proper_job, Smokey Joe, snook, soldier blue, Verdi, whodunit

      Bots : Google (2), Yahoo!, bing
      Members connected during last 24 hours : 'Allo 'Allo, *~Melody~*, 1984, 56cheffy, A Mancunian, A.Bartle, AidanD, Alfie2, Allykat, alpha_bravo, Amy Dean, Andy, Anne-Marie, apple10, aquila, Badfaerie, Badria, Barry Sutton, batmann, biker_don, blackmagic, BlueBag, bobm52ny, BoStyne, Brassneck, BringItOn, BrokenBritain, broken_dreams, cabot_pike, canada12, caricature, carilina, Carobees3, CATS19309, cbcannie, CeeferCat, Cherry, cinnamon bear, cloak'ndagger, close_shave, Cloud9, cocobuck, colinthecucumber, comperedna, criminal minds, C_Ingram, Darren Bowdrey, DavidLFarmer, dawnraid, deafoldbat, Diana Murphy, DocMartin, Dorothy Brenner, Doug D, dumpling, Duper's Delight, Eilisha, Emily21, emmzp, Enrique75, exodus, F@6it, Fern66, Fi O'Grady, figgy, fingers maloney, Fiyon, Flashford Thomas, fleabag, Fozia Moulavi, frothychops, Garrincha, gelsomina, genji, Gestalt, gestede, Gigi, GinghamGinny, goodqualitywristbands, Google.Gaspar.Statements, Graham Hopper, Grotbags, GrumpyCat, Hannah, happychick, Hawkeye01, HelenMeg, hentie, HiDeHo, Higgins, Ho Lee Fuq, Hobs, hogwash, hoodwinked, IAmNotMerylStreep, indigo, Interceptor, interestedobserver, ITgirl, Jack Sparrow, James, James Scouler, JanineLynch, Jasmine Jessop, JianQing, JoannaFellows, Jordan, joyce1938, Judy Parsons, Karen_L_Dempsey, KarmaSuitsHer, KennethB, kinell, Larry Steine, Latetothecase, Laura Youngson, lemony snicket, LiamO, LittleGreyCell, lorrainesquires, Louise Crowe, luthfi, LynneNicholson, Madison, Malcolm Derridge, mank, manon, manzanita, Martin Kamrava, Martin Royle, mcgeown, MDurkan, mercedes, MichaelC, Mike, Miraflores, Miss Pandora, Mitzy, Mr Prinsep, mrearly, Mrs T, MrsC, murkyworld, muskrat, MyBrainHurts, Nick Sweeney, Nina, noddy100, nomendelta, NormanFlavell, Not2Gr8, notlongnow, onepoundfifty, only me, OpenMinded, Orchid, OwnGoal, Paddy, Pamela Crawshaw, patchouli, Patti, Patty O'Daws, pclearni, peabody, pegasus, Pete Sanderson, PeterC, Phil, Pomegranate, proper_job, pudsgirl, pumpkin pie, Raine45, Rekha, Reneé Laeeq, Roamin, Rob Royston, sammi1967, saphirai, sarahwhittaker, sardine muncher, Savannah, Schön oder, screamin' abdabs, Searcgforthetruth, Seth1308, sid bonkers, Smokey Joe, smoking_gun, snook, soldier blue, Sopheira_Charosi, Sparklehorse, Stevi, strawberries&cream, stumo, sweepitunderthecarpet, syrup, taffwac, tempus fugit, Tennison, TheJoker, thingy, Thursday's Child, TinyMol42, topdrawer, trey, Trigger, tuppence worth, Turberville, tweedledum, ukasyah, umi, Vanessa Davidson, Vanya, Verdi, Vidonia, wasgij, whatever, whodunit, willowthewisp, Wilson, wjk, womandotcom, worldweary, worriedmum, yadda_yadda, Yankee, Yulia, zeight, __marla__, ~SoulMarco~

    5. It really is quite scary Rachel.All these supposed new members. Something not right here.Very interesting.


    Post Tony Bennett on Sat Dec 19, 2015 8:11 am"

    sick sick excuse of a man.

    1. 16:24

      As stated before, it's all a sick game to him. And yes a very poor excuse. New years day and could not wait to stick the "answers" up. And he got it wrong so had to go and correct it. (I saw by 1 response earlier).

      I'm sure when the real game is up for the Mcs, then it will be for Tony Bentit as well.

      Regards, Andrew

  17. I hope C.R. get to hear about this. Sicko.

  18. Happy New Year to all my friends on MMM.

    2016 is going to be a great year in more ways than one.

    Truth and justice for Madeleine. At last.

    Regards, Andrew.

    1. Happy New Year Andrew.

      Costello MMM.

    2. Andrew, if you'd like to give your views on the McCann case You're welcome! no hassle, no membership needed and most importantly no bickering. Everyone gives their opinions which are all respected even if they do differ from everyone else's. It's called "Madeleine know the truth" and if your interested it's on Facebook!!

      Cheers B :)

  19. I see TB has bought out his sock to celebrate the new year.
    He really should find a new hobby before the law finally catches up with him.

  20. Verdi is going over the top now.
    All is good!

    1. verdi is probably the most inconsequential unoriginal poster that I have ever read on any Mccann forum. Has it ever had an original idea to post?

    2. Verdi has never, ever had an original idea to post. Ever. It is as thick as pigshit and nowhere near as useful.

  21. Verdi is Tony Bennett. It's absolutely pathetic.

    Regards, Andrew.

    1. Andrew have you thought about twitter as a platform? you would be great on there.

    2. @ Anonymous2 January 2016 at 19:16

      yes I agree - why not add one more drunken fool to all the others on there?

    3. ... or add another smelly Tony sock to back himself up. Yeah - thats a good one, 22:00.

      That weird creature who is called aquila

      Hello you puppet. Can you really think for yourself without some loons influence. I mean really . Tragic.

  22. 19:16.

    No chance. Got 2 for business purposes but not to get involved in this. Seen what happens.

    Last thing i want is some loon called Tony trolling me. Although he's spent the best part of 2 years doing exactly that. Poor sod.

    Regards, Andrew.

    1. You sound like a jealous spurned lover. Take what is left of your soused dignity and give it a rest. Please.

    2. Yes, I think that you should leave this in the past where it belongs.

      Could I just say though that your response to Tony posting your online dating profile on the forum was surprisingly calm and collected. I think that most of us would have blown a fuse at such an unwarranted and irrelevant invasion of privacy.

      Have you any idea how he managed to find it out?

  23. Does Andrew have any firm evidence of what he posts on here or is it just opinion?

    Usually statement are backed up with facts/evidence!

    I believe he is talking bullshit and guesswork.

    1. 22:05.

      Why would i bullshit. Thats nothing to do with Madeleine. And thats all im bothered about.

      I guess i could post up all the pathetic emails, tony sent me, when i got banned from the cesspit. Very bizarre. MMM have that.

      Cant prove that TB is verdi although he is. Cant prove the pratt is off his rocker but clearly is.

      Happy new year to you anyway.

      Regards, Andrew.

    2. I agree some posters do write 'as if' they are TB. Verdi is always nodding her head to everything TB posts, but SHE certainly isn't him(!). Here on the blog, 5-6 weeks ago, someone was writing about Verdi in the comment section. Information that seemed genuine and truthful, but what do I know? And the 'informer' wrote about a 'she'. So for some reason Verdi often agrees with TB. I don't know if that is sooo spectacular. Aquila does too, although I have read posts from Aquila that don't agree with TB...
      All that aside, I don't really know why you Andrew keep writing about TB. Let everyone have their own opinions. Try not to get personal. What has the man ever done to you? You do say you are here for Madeleine. Yet whenever I come to this blog, the name Bennett is in almost every comment you post...???

    3. 00:32

      "What has the man ever done to you"

      Plastering non-stop lies about me over the internet for over 2 years for starters.

      Accusing me of allsorts of nonsense.

      Your right though. I shouldnt waste my time talking about that idiot.

      You see, i would like to talk about the Madeleine case and join in with uncovering the truth and seeking justice.

      Something i used to do a lot on MMM. Until Tony made up some shite about me and got me banned.

      Have a good day.

      Regards, Andrew.

    4. Sorry, didn't know about that. I read a lot as a guest on CMOMM but never come across any bad stuff about you....Anyway you seem like a polite person and whatever there is between you and TB, just try and put it behind you...As for me, I actually enjoy reading his posts though many of them are very long. I guess TB wants to be thourough, not forgetting anything. And I think we should be respectful to each one of those who want to find out the truth about what happened to Madeleine. I admire Gonçalo Amaral for his struggle through the years. But I also think he got a LOT of things wrong initially, by believing every word the Tapas9 delivered from day 1. His initial work was led in the wrong direction which resulted in wrong conclusions. Luckily others after him managed to find some correct pieces to the puzzle (Paolo Rebelo for instance) but it was rather late. P.R discovered that there had been no neglect. Unfortunately this is rarely highlighted in the discussions nowadays (some even think it's an invention of Hideho) so that statement from P.R has 'drowned' in the debate.
      Have a good day you too:-))

  24. I am enjoying Tony Bennett's homoerotic new avatar. Maybe he is subtly challenging Andrew 'Bedroom Eyes' to a semi-naked wrestling match?

    1. I had to go take a peek 08:59, and agree, hilarious. Tony really is blissfully aware of how much he projects about himself - anyone with any knowledge of psychology can see exactly what he is.

    2. And anyone with any common sense can see exactly what you are.

    3. Tony Bennett had to 'try' and get rid of Andrew on MMM,he was too popular. Karma is a wonderful thing. Can't wait.

    4. The trouble with MMM is they are so scared of an old man they dare not make public what they really feel. iMO.

  25. Sorry if my common sense has flown out of the window (wouldn't be the first time) but I just see Cristobell as a blogger stating her opinions as we are all entitled to; not that the McCanns always agree with that.

  26. I see Jill Haven is posting non stop. Afraid her forum is waning maybe?
    With an old man in control who believes he's special I guess I should't be surprised.

  27. TB and his socks are such hypocrites. He is the first to stick the boot in if he does not agree with someone or if someone criticizes one of his 'holy cows' (Smithman being fictious being one of hem). Yet he is remarkably thin-skinned (ditto his socks - ha!) if anyone levels any perfectly reasonably objections towards him.

    He can't actually deal with anyone who is able to stand up to him or challenge him or bring fresh ideas to the table. Anyone with interesting ideas get ridiculed yet he is embarrassingly sycophantic to the sycophants, the socks and the dullards.

    As has been noted here and elsewhere, TB is the kiss of death to a forum. He's done it time and again and he's most definitely done it to CMoMM. There were some cracking threads on there and some progress was made but then the trolls came out and derailed them. Shame.

  28. TB and his socks are such hypocrites. He is the first to stick the boot in if he does not agree with someone or if someone criticizes one of his 'holy cows' (Smithman being fictious being one of hem). Yet he is remarkably thin-skinned (ditto his socks - ha!) if anyone levels any perfectly reasonably objections towards him.

    He can't actually deal with anyone who is able to stand up to him or challenge him or bring fresh ideas to the table. Anyone with interesting ideas get ridiculed yet he is embarrassingly sycophantic to the sycophants, the socks and the dullards.

    As has been noted here and elsewhere, TB is the kiss of death to a forum. He's done it time and again and he's most definitely done it to CMoMM. There were some cracking threads on there and some progress was made but then the trolls came out and derailed them. Shame.