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As many of my regular readers probably know, I am a great fan of the classic one liner.  I have millions of them stuck in my head, but one that stands out above all others was a killer line from Sue Ellen Ewing when she caught her cheating husband JR in bed with his secretary. In full drunken drama Queen mode she screamed 'who do I believe, you or my lying eyes'?

In the case of missing Madeleine, we have seen the 'lying eyes' scenario played out over and over - with Kate, Gerry, our Government and our mainstream media telling us we all need to go to Specsavers.  I think JR said something similar to Sue Ellen, but far more eloquently. Who can forget Kate telling Piers Morgan how they didn't make too much of the fleck in Madeleine's eye, or when Scotland Yard were digging up PDL, Martin Brunt fumbling to create a believable story about an abductor, a shovel and all the time in the world.

When you see what a nice respectable couple Kate and Gerry are, it is hard if not impossible, to believe that they are capable of parking on a yellow line, let alone do anything dishonest.  Nice couples don't do things like that do they? Criminals are usually scruffily dressed low lives who take drugs and live on benefits. They are not smart professionals with great expectations.

Both Gerry and Kate can slot into the 'establishment' in a way that Karen Matthews couldn't. They are PLU, (People Like Us), snobby in the Mrs Bucket sense,  the first generation of their families to go to university, their peers among the media recognised and empathised with them, they know how hard it is to have young kids and a career!  Karen Matthews didn't have a government spokesman, personal calls from the Prime Minister and a multi million pound Fund.  And I don't recall CEOP or Missing People rushing to her aid, strange really, because at Shannon's age, the internet actually was a threat.  The stark difference in the way in which the McCanns have been treated compared with others, will have to be a factor in any future Inquiry. 

But back to those PLU. Gerry and Kate have no problems whatsoever with self esteem, their self confidence puts them within the God Complex Zone.  It is common in some doctors and pretending it isn't, is just naïve.  Doctors are among the few left in society who are held in esteem for their profession.  We all address them with their full titles, and we have all witnessed the way in which hospital staff jump to attention when a doctor walks onto a ward.  The McCanns and their friends didn't expect their word to be questioned, especially by minions and those they consider below them on the evolutionary ladder (most of us) and Gerry and Kate loved Leveson because they were getting the respect they believe is rightfully theirs. 

Unlike 'normal' parents, they didn't fall to pieces when Madeleine disappeared (though they put on a good act), they were compos mentis enough to formulate a plan.  They didn't waste their time searching, they stayed in Apartment A and drew up a timeline that they would all stick with.  A timeline that proved they were not endangering their young children and they were not negligent.  When news of Madeleine's disappearance broke, it was accompanied by straight from the horse's mouth detail that would establish an abduction had taken place.  It's the breaking news we remember every time, and to this day people still believe the apartment was broken into and the poor response of the Portuguese police allowed the abductor to get away.   

Their plan included blaming the police - it began by stating they took an inordinate length to time to respond to the emergency call.  Omitting the fact that they themselves took an inordinate 40 minutes to make that emergency call - despite the fact that Kate knew 'Madeleine had been taken'.  The first policemen who arrived on the scene, Kate nicknamed Tweedledum and Tweedledum - her way of saying, they were thick country bumkins and first in line for the accusations she would make later.  'No-one's doing anything', Kate and Gerry screamed down the phone to their family, friends and handy contacts, we are alone they claimed, as Portugual launched the biggest missing person search in their entire history. 

Don't contact the press, the police advised the parents.  We got NO advice Gerry told Leveson. If you release details of Madeleine's coloboma, the abductor may do something to her eye, or murder her the police warned, but it was a good marketing ploy said Gerry.  Gerry took control, he's that kind of guy. 

To get an understanding of what Kate and Gerry are up to and to remind ourselves of the serious abnormalities in this couple's motives, it is good to go over the old interviews - I'm sure the police have, and I'm sure psychologists will, for years and years to come.  At the Leveson enquiry for example, we see Kate and Gerry at their confident best.  As the whole Enquiry was about finding ways in which to restrict press freedom, they were naturally treated as  traumatised victims and VIP guests.  Gerry is positively beaming as he gleefully puts forward his ideas to punish individual journalists. Unfortunately, before he could get into full Dr. Evil mode, Lord Leveson pointed out a couple of the principles of Free Speech.  It was a shame really, because the 'punishments' intrigued me, what did Gerry have in mind?  Thumbscrews?  Kneecapping?  It was a mere tiff however, because the look they share at 11.24 is pure love.  Kate probably wishes Gerry looked at her like that. 

The body language of Kate and Gerry always intrigues me.  I think if I had someone clinging on to me like that all the time, I would give them a good slap. I actually find their closeness a bit creepy, and, erm, suspicious, in that it is a good way to send unseen signals.  Gerry of course dominated most of the mike time at Leveson, answering the questions with a confident front, but a twitchy ear and quite possibly a few ants in his pants.  It was the Gerry show with Dr.McCann on peak misogynist form.  Would you like a little break Lord Leveson asked him, telling him how special he was and how he was willing to make an exception. 'No, I'm fine, carry on' says Gerry, thrilled with the 'Head's approval, then as an afterthought, he whispers to Kate 'how about you?'.   Ouch, that wasn't just thoughtless, it was disrespectful.  As too was the way in which he made a hasty exit, gathering his own possessions and kicking his chair out of the way without so much as a helping hand or word of comfort for his wife. 

Kate spends much of her book making excuses for him.  So he played tennis all day and left her to cope with the 3 toddlers on her own!  So what, that's just Gerry being Gerry, she tells us.  While the staff and holidaymakers of Warners and the all locals desperately search the surrounding areas for her daughter, Gerry had a nap!  He needed his sleep she said, she had seen her poor husband hysterical on the floor, his needs were her priority. 

Actually, his needs and her needs, seem to be leitmotif for her entire book.  She always speaks about her loss, the time she has not had Madeleine with her. Neither she, nor Gerry can bring themselves to speak about the future Madeleine might have had.  Perhaps it is emotional or even a sense of guilt? Or maybe it is a mental block, they know that future ended on 3rd May 2007 and to go beyond that is too big a lie.  They can't speak directly to Maddie either, every time they are offered the opportunity to speak into the camera in case Maddie is watching, they become very self aware and nervous. 

The interviews tell us so much about the many facets of Kate and Gerry that it is incredible that this case still drags on.  The Oprah interview is a prime example, and one I defy lie expert Sharon Leal to watch and again, state definitively that they are not lying.  If they had been hooked up to a lie detector, we would have been able to link the peaks in the polygraph to their shifty body language.   'If your happy and you know it' is a song, not a story.  And it's the last thing you would sing to children you were trying to get off to sleep.  Even Kate is aware of the faux pas she made with that one. 

At some point, Kate is going to face the fact that it will soon be every man (and woman) for themselves.  Gerry will only protect her so far, and if it fits in with his own protection.  The look on Gerry's face as Kate clutches onto his arm already says get this woman off me.  I have no doubt the families will return to their own clans when the chips are down, plans are no doubt afoot. Gerry is the kind of guy who plans his future and his wider agenda and he is somewhat lacking in the compassion department. If Kate is half the woman we think she is, and not still completely under his spell, she should be making plans of her own.  I wonder who will get custody of Clarence?  


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    1. RUBBISH!!!

    2. I WANT CLARENCE!!!!

    3. Ah poor Clarence, had Gerry and Kate Inc. took off as they had hoped, he would be a corporate grieving family helper. Not only stepping out with proclamations on behalf of the McCann family, but as the face of Crisis Management globally.

      Unfortunately he too saw all his big dreams swirl down the pan when Gerry and Kate were made arguidoes. Despite all his gusto performances of indignation and outrage, he always came across as a lying twat. Amusingly, Kate, Gerry and Clarence believe the more the public sees of them, the more likely it is they will take them to their hearts. They believe they have the 'power' to turn everything around with their honest faces and endearing personalities. I can almost hear Sue Healy saying to her daughter 'it's not you Kate, it's 'them''.

      The fact that Clarence is ready, willing and able to say anything to protect the image of his clients, should make him highly desirable in the world of corporate spin. Unfortunately, his name is synonymous with Kate and Gerry. Even those corporations raiding third world water resources and using slave labour for cheap fashion, have to draw the line somewhere.

      As for his political ambitions, they seem to have got no further than a few wet days out on a Brighton beach. I mean seriously? Brighton is the least likely area of the UK to vote tory, a member of the old Monster Raving Loony Party would have fared better there than a conservative.

      Time has done this case no favours whatsoever. The initial shock and awe at Maddie's disappearance just about allowed this flimsy story to get past first base. Those early interviews seemed odd at the time, but 9 years on, they are downright bizarre. Not only are the parents cold, they are practically automaton. They speak about the most tragic event anyone can imagine without so much as a quiver of the lip or a tear in the eye. The interviewers seem to be more distressed than they are.

      But, back to poor Clarence. His chances of a safe tory seat are probably slim to remote. As to the chances of another 'Madeleine' - just as remote, the world is unlikely to fall for such a phenomenon again, and his name is tainted by his association with this case.

      Hypothetically, Clarence could have a civil case against Gerry and Kate, his career has clearly taken a nosedive. I don't think he would have much of a case - he was such an enthusiastic victim, and besides which, when the civil claims against the Fund begin, he will have to join the queue.

      It's a shame he doesn't have the charisma to cross over to reality TV, I would have quite liked to have seen him eating kangeroos testicles in the jungle or battling his wayward hair in the CBB house! :)

    4. @ 19.06.
      Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.

    5. @ 15:08
      Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.

    6. @ Anonymous20 March 2016 at 10:22

      Is that you again, Tony?

  2. Cristobel reading this I just be so amazed how this was allowed first of all to happen and second allowed to continue. Somebody with a lot of intelligence and with a lot of authority let those to eejits onto levenson knowing the kind of performance they were going to bring, knowing that Lord levenson was going to have to explain his behaviour sometime in the future and knowing that it would make Britain the laughing stock of the world and yet they went right on ahead. I can understand Oprah or piers Morgan allowing them on their show at the time they were a big attraction and I think a lot of the media where intent in building up enough footage of what would be known as the Crime of the century. But levenson and the government of a western country beggars belief. I think this case when it is finally revealed will shake Britain to the core. I know in the past it has had saville and other high profile protection of individuals but I guarantee that if 30,000+ pages of evidence collected by another countries police force had been made public on any of these individuals the government would have had the wit not to put them on a public forum and bow to them the levenson did. What is this all about

    1. The Leveson Inquiry was all about appeasing those who want stricter regulation over the press. They had sympathetic victims in the parents of Millie Dowler who were genuinely hurt by the phone hacking. The rest however wanted guarantees that whatever they do in private, stays private.

      I think Kate and Gerry were hoping for more compensation of some kind. Gerry stressed that the compensation they received only covered the damage done in the UK, yet it was worldwide. And of course the newspapers were earning money with their pictures and they weren't getting their cut.

      You are right of course, that the McCanns were used as witnesses in a government Inquiry makes fools of everyone, not least the fawning Lord Leveson.

    2. Lord Justice Leveson; he's a law lord, not a peer and there is no "n" in his surname. Did he not remark that English law did not allow the kind of revenge that Kate wants?

    3. Bjorn is writing in another language Highmyope, quite an achievement in my opinion, so that was a tad harsh.

      As for your other point, that is quite a sinister thing for Lord Leveson to say, and something I missed (probably my fault, not yours). What kind of revenge did Kate want, I wonder?

      I cannot for the life of me understand why the MSM seem to be supporting Kate and Gerry. Especially given the fact that Kate and Gerry want legislation that will imprison most of them if it ever becomes Law.

      It is impossible to imagine the McCanns still enjoy the blossoming relationship they had with the press in that heady summer of 2007. Since then they have demanded endless financial compensation and full control over everything written about them.

      It is hard to imagine what will happen to Lord Leveson, and indeed all those towering intellects taken in by the most obvious con since some eejit bought London Bridge. What of all those experts? Those professionals who's actual job it is to spot crime. They have all been made fools of.

      But I have digressed, in what context did he say it do you remember? I know the McCanns have said they wanted the media to be subject to the same rules and regulations as Doctors under the GMC.

      A ludicrous idea, given that they are entirely different professions with entirely different agendas. Could you imagine how 'Stalinesque' our newspapers would be if had to operate (no pun intended)under the rules of the GMC?

      The greatest news stories have come from rogue journalists, those willing to do whatever it takes to get an exclusive story. And long may they continue, they prevent the great and the good from taking the rest of us for a ride. Though I have to concede, they seem to be few and far between these days, especially with the mystery of Madeleine McCann.

      Given the negative personalities of Kate and Gerry and their continual attacks on the press, it is unlikely they have retained many friends in the media. Most of them are probably now pulling the knives out of their backs.

      But, business is business, I suppose. The unholy pact is still profitable for both sides. The Madeleine case saw a huge peak in sales of newspapers, thousands, if not millions, were captivated. And kudos to the McCann publicity machine for that, they got us hooked, and reeled us in. We were getting stories every day, with members of Team McCann giving us regular updates on Sky News. The distance between the tapas bar and 5A, and the rights and wrongs of what the tapas gang did, was the hot topic of debate.


      I think for most of the population the case of missing Madeleine is largely forgotten and the parents have now become irritating. However, it does have the potential to become as sensational at it's ending as it was as it's beginning.

      I know I seem to have been saying this forever, but I do think we are coming to the closing scenes. Operation Grange have completed their part of the investigation it would seem, without any appeals for information. Everything may now be dependent on the Portuguese, they of course hold primacy.

      However, at some point they will have to explain to the tax payer what they have been doing for the past 4+ years. Common sense should of course tell us that this is much, much more than the case of one missing child. The Madeleine investigation is unprecedented, there must be some explanation for the amount of money and time spent on it.

  3. Who will get custody of Clarence you ask. Both sides will lawyer up to fight for him and the Fund will need to appeal for more moneyto pay the lawyers. Maybe Clarence will be abducted as sometimes happens with feuding 'parents' ?

  4. I find it interesting how the McCanns have disappeared from view for the last few months, Gerald in particular. Maybe they think it's all over now and they can scurry off into the horizon with their ill gotten gains ? Afraid not. Whether or not Goncalo Amaral receives juatice from the Court of Appeal, the fact will always remain. The McCanns are guilty of far more than they have ever admitted to and as Kate said to journalists, "We know more than you do".

    Chris Roberts

    1. Hold on Chris - you have to toe the Ros party line - Ros says the Mccanns are forever and continually in the news with the begging bowl out to get money money money.

      Like you I haven't seen them in the news (apart from Kate about various alerts) for a long time.

    2. As I don't run a party or belong to a party, how can I have a party line? lol I have always been an independent commentator. No Foundations, Funds, or groups for me.

      As for being in the news? You must have seen the sad headline about the McCanns moving the measly £175k they have left into a special Search Fund for Madeleine. Clearly those who thought Madeleine's Fund was to find Madeleine must have been mistaken if they are having to open a dedicated account.

    3. Indeed I did see Mitchell quoted in the press as saying:

      "He told how former GP Kate and heart doctor Gerry, both 37, of Rothley, Leics, had moved money from the publicly-backed Find Maddie Fund into a special account in anticipation of having to finance the hunt for their daughter themselves.

      Mr Mitchell said: “In a common sense and practical move, they have kept some money back from the Find Madeleine Fund in case it is needed for an ongoing search.”"

      It was from Sep 2015 1.e. 6 months ago!

      I would have thought that as you have millions of one-liners in your head you would have known what toe the line means in the context that I used it.... But then obviously not.

    4. You said 'party line', that changes the meaning entirely.

      The moving of the £750k was mentioned again recently, but I can't be arsed to look I up. See, I can do charmless too ;)

    5. Charmless ;) Going back to the jiggling around of funds, do you no find that a bit suspicious? We have always been led to believe that the entire Fund was for the Search for Madeleine (and support for the family). Why then the need to separate a designated amount? And how exactly can they happy with the winding down of the search for their daughter, and the fact they will be back in the position as they were 5 years ago.

      Are they still happy with Operation Grange? There haven't been any new appeals for information, it looks as though they have everything they need.

      I wonder if the stalemate still prevails? As Gerry would say 'there is absolutely no evidence'. Personally, I can't see it. When the Prime Minister via the Home Secretary, very publically hands a criminal case to Scotland Yard to solve, he wants answers.

      I am amazed that the McCanns still have £750,000 left tbh, with several top legal firms on the payroll, that's quite an achievement. And if Scotland Yard fail to give them that 'all clear', raising further funds will be impossible.

      What are the remaining funds to be used for btw? Indeed, how much is remaining? Are they ever going to give any of it to a children's charity?

      Apologies if I have mistaken you for a pro. I have many antis who hate me too!

  5. Yet another bitchy spiteful post Cristobel.

    What is it with you? Jealousy? The McCann's look to have a close relationship, which is getting them through the horrendous disappearance of their child.

    Where you see a clingly Kate I see a woman giving encouragement to her husband.

    Acting you say when they found their child missing? Well that isn't what the PROFESSIONALS said, indeed the Liason officer said they were behaving exactly how parents of child that had gone missing would, no sleep, worried out of their minds very distraught.

    Why write about something you know nothing about? Just stick to what you know.

    1. I am writing about what I know 09:27, human behaviour is my specialist subject.

      As for the PROFESSIONALS, sadly, it has transpired that most of the PROFESSIONALS were in on it, I wouldn't trust any of THEM as far as I could throw them. I believe tweedledum and tweedledee, the first officers on the scene who thought the scene looked staged and the parents were acting weird.

      You see 'supporting her husband', I see hanging onto him for dear life. In any event, it is not the behaviour of a strong, independent, woman.

    2. Should add you are seriously deluded if you see jealousy - what on earth makes the McCanns think anyone could possibly be jealous of them? They always use jealousy as a defence, as if they are so vastly superior to the rest of us, that jealousy must be only reason for doubting them. It also implies that they are very proud of their achievements, all the worldly goods they have acquired. Where normal parents would be crucifying themselves for the neglect that led to their loss of their child, the McCanns expect accolades and rewards.

      Like many women, I could, had I been lacking in the self esteem department, have allowed myself to be manacled to a control freak many times during my courting years. I tried it once and learned from my experience. Never again will I hand my 'power' to anyone else, and a shudder runs down my spine at the thought of it.

      The McCanns' happy marriage and happy family is as fake as the abduction story. They are not romantic young lovers, they are a middle aged couple who share a very dark secret. No-one envies their relationship 13:23, in fact for many of us, it is the stuff of nightmares.

    3. 22 March 09.27

      When did the liaison officer state the MACS were behaving exactly how parents of a missing child would.
      No sleep very distraught and worried out of their minds.
      You advise Cristobell to write about what she knows but you should really take your own advice because everything you wrote about the liaison officer is complete and utter bollocks!

      As an idiot you write for spite not for knowledge and the word is clingy not clingly but checking facts is obviously not important to you,what a sad life you must have.

  6. Those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

  7. Rosalinda, so you think the professionals are all 'in on it' you are living in a fantasy world. Why would they cover up for two ordinary Drs? That is what they are and what they were when Madeleine disappeared, two ordinary Drs. who decided to have a break. To say all the professionals would suddenly cover up for them is utterly ludicrous.

    I didn't mean jealous of them as such as jealous of a couple who have a good relationship. As you have never gone through the trauma of having your child go missing, then you are not someone who can make a comment on how the McCann's behave, Kate gives her encouragement to Gerry just as he does the same with her, talking to the public can't be hard when it's the disappearance of their daughter they are talking about, if it was myself I would need medication to get me through it as I would just be a bundle of nerves, though as human behaviour is as you say a specialist subject of yours, you should really understand just how the McCann's must feel.

    You label them with this 'couple with a dark secret' when really they haven't been accused of anything, SY say they are not suspects and you don't have a clue about detective work.

    When I say stick to what you know, you could start by not accusing the McCann's of something that you have dreamt up.

    1. 'if it was myself, I would need medication etc', and there you have it, 16:49, most of us would, that is why the behaviour of the parents is so peculiar.

      I'm trying very hard to understand how the McCanns must feel 16:49, unfortunately, in almost every interview they have put themselves in a lie detector situation. Their responses would correspond with the needle on the graph. When Gerry is asked directly 'did you kill your daughter', that needle would have peaked. 'No, and that's an emphatic No' he replies, followed by a step by step explanation as to why the very idea was ludicrous. Gerry just can't help himself, he has a tendency to over explain, believing all the 'barra boy' tactics he has used in the past, will just as successful this time.

      For Gerry and Kate, the draw of the cameras has been irresistible, they cannot see (or more likely, they cannot accept) that everytime they appear on camera they are digging themselves into a deeper and deeper hole. For anyone studying body language and forensic linguists, there is a lifetime of resources there!

  8. 16.58 - Maybe you should read the statements in the Police files, the statement from the liaison officer is there, maybe did not use the exact words I did but the same view was expressed, behaving as you would expect parents to behave.

    That is from a PROFESSIONAL.

    1. I took your advice 24/3/16, and had a read of the statements from the liaison officers and was shocked to see the all the British ones state 'no abnormal' behaviour seen. I have got to tell you, that chilled me to the bone. Nothing weird about opening an online shop, taking daily photo ops with the paparazzi? Flying of to tour Europe and to see the Pope? All perfectly normal.

      Good grief, I am hoping that there are further statements in the undisclosed DVDs, and if there aren't, those officers should hang their heads in shame!

  9. "You label them with this 'couple with a dark secret'...and you don't have a clue about detective work."

    A popular misconception then:

    "My gut instinct is that some big secret is probably being covered up" - John Stalker, Manchester's former Deputy Chief Constable (who probably has a clue or two about detective work).

  10. Ok sorry 16.58 it was not the Liaison Officer it was the Crisis Officer Mr. Pyke, read his statement.

    1. 24 March 11.03

      Yet more complete and utter bollocks!
      Alan Pike is NOT a police officer
      Neither is he a Psychologist
      Pike has NO PROFESSIONAL psychology qualifications
      He is a man paid to promote the Macs agenda either by the Macs or their supporters
      You advise Ros to write about what she knows you really should heed your own advice!

    2. Hi JJ, wasn't Pike the expert who advised the McCanns on how to deal with the twins and who turned up in Lisbon to give evidence for them?

      The idiot who thought it was a good idea to tell the toddlers a man broke into their bedroom while they slept and stole their sister? I can't think of anything more traumatising to tell a child. Not only do I doubt his psychological qualifications, I also doubt his sanity.

  11. 10.56 since that remark by John Stalker, SY have said the McCann's and their friends are not suspects or persons of interest. I would think they have a clue or two about detective work too, don't you?

    1. It is over 4 years since SY issued that statement 12:29, and they haven't said anything like it since. If they had, the super efficient media monitoring machine would have splashed it everywhere.

      Can I ask what it is that makes you believe 100% in the innocence of the parents? Is it the 4 year old words of SY, or do you have another reason? Something that those of us who disbelieve, just cannot see?

  12. 12:29

    Ask the dog's Sandra.

  13. The McCanns' happy marriage and happy family is as fake as the abduction story. They are not romantic young lovers, they are a middle aged couple who share a very dark secret. No-one envies their relationship 13:23, in fact for many of us, it is the stuff of nightmares.


    I agree. I think the marriage was already under a lot of stress due to the length of the IVF treatment, then having a baby who had colic and didn't sleep then having twins when Madeleine was still under two. Plus, by Kate's own admission in her book Gerry had a bit of a reputation as a ladies man and who knows maybe else besides.

    I suspect that Kate flew into a rage when Gerry paid too much attention to the curvaceous quiz host that week. First meeting her at the welcome meeting on Saturday and eagerly anticipating the two quiz nights on the second of which he invited her to join the table. Kate returns to the apartment feeling humiliated and police records show there was a flurry of activity on her mobile. I reckon Kate was complaining to her friend (Amanda?) about Gerry. This was almost immediately followed by an hour and a quarter of sustained crying coming from apartment 5A as overheard by neighbour Mrs Fenn. This stops very abruptly when Mrs Fenn hears the patio doors opening or closing and assumes that the parents have returned. But of course it could have been anyone either going in or going out of the apartment. I suspect Kate lost her temper. Quite possibly and maybe even probably Gerry too. There IS a dark secret between the two of them because despite what they say I believe they both know what happened and both were involved, but in different ways. If the Gasper statements have any credence then I suspect that this was a factor in what might have happened. Kate I believe adopted an ostrich approach to what Mrs Gasper suspected about David Payne and also how this reflects on one of his best friends Gerry McCann who is not bothered by Payne's lewd gestures which she believed were made in relation to Madeleine. Gerry's response suggested that he was not shocked or disturbed by Payne's behaviour. Which suggests that he considered it acceptable and normal.

    1. I pretty much think along the same lines as yourself. They have projected the image of perfect marriage and perfect family, but it is so unrealistic, it is almost Stepford like.

      We have seen evidence of both their fiery tempers and the pair of them are the opposite of chilled, I would imagine being in their company would be like walking on the edge of knife.

      The unpleasant personalities we see on the TV cover up the bubbling tensions that lie beneath. I found the way Gerry jumped up and walked away from Kate at the Leveson trial very telling. A loving husband would have comforted his wife after such an ordeal and a gentleman would have helped her with her chair and gathering up her belongings. It is 'slips' like these that gave away the true nature of their relationship.

      The truth is, even the most stable, loving couples will be torn asunder by the trauma of a child's disappearance or death. They will blame themselves and they will blame each other.

      No-one is taking responsibility for the 'collective' decision, which is bizarre. ONE of them must have come up with the idea and we would hope that they discussed the risk factors of what they were doing. Leaving the other couples out of it for a moment, out of Kate and Gerry, one must have pushed the idea more than the other. That is, one of them (possibly the 'over protective' Kate) must have expressed doubts and indeed, may have needed to be persuaded. Yet they accept the made the decision together without any qualms whatsoever. How likely is that?

      All the while they are covering up whatever happened they must present a united front. However, when the truth comes out, and it will, the blame game will begin with a vengeance. Their modus operandi is to blame others, it is only a matter of time before the knives come out.

      As for the Gaspers - I don't really know what to make of their statements. I don't suppose they realised that their statements would be made public, but even so, that two doctors approached the police with their concerns cannot be dismissed lightly.

      I also think it is very strange with all the libel actions the McCanns and the Tapas group have embarked on, that David Payne has never done anything to defend himself or clear his name. Those accusations can't be good for his career.

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