Tuesday 5 July 2016


All those Labour MPs who claim a Left wing candidate like Jeremy Corbyn could not win a General Election in these times, have obviously not studied history or the works of Karl Marx. 

This war against the 'undeserving' poor was never going to be without consequences.  Bizarrely, withdrawing benefits from the disabled, kicking families out of desirable areas and depriving their kids of shoes hasn't fixed the abysmal state of the UK's economy.  It has in fact created greater numbers of poor, as more and more sink beneath the poverty line. 

Outside the plush corridors of Westminster, years of austerity have torn families and communities apart, we are not all in this together.  The only place people see their MPs is on the telly, telling them to hang on in there.  I doubt any one of those 174 'socialists' will fight a leadership battle on an anti austerity ticket. They will all vote for more of the same, that is, more benefit cuts, stricter ATOS assessments and an occasional 'oil' war in the middle East. 

Jeremy Corbyn is the only Leader who will fight for society's poorest, with Shadow Chancellor John O'Connor by his side, he knows that squeezing the masses to breaking point will never replace the billions lost by the greedy bankers - the war against the poor is ideological.  How many kids have to go without school dinners to make up for the taxes not paid by Sir Phillip Green for example? 

The people trust Jeremy Corbyn because they know he won't sell off the NHS under any circumstances.  He won't take them into foreign wars that bring personal fortunes to all those who say yes and he probably won't be attending any Murdoch weddings.  And, must be said, he won't take us into war with Mexico if Trump wins the Whitehouse.  More importantly, he will put the people first, and he will reverse all those cruel government cuts that have left our High streets and our pockets, skint and in despair.  

It's not that Jeremy can't win an election, it's because he can, and probably with an overwhelming majority.  Those who claim he is not a good leader or speaker, really need to challenge their own perception of what makes a good leader.  Ten thousand turning up in Parliament Square within hours of the aptly named chicken coup, should be a good indicator.  Jeremy has inspired hundreds of thousands of Labour voters up and down the country.  He packs out stadiums - when he speaks, there is standing room only.  The people are sick of the highly polished corporate yuppies who speak in soundbites and inspire no-one. 

Jeremy is as real as it gets, and the public love him for it.  He is the polar opposite of the composite automaton the spin doctors think the public want.  They are still going with 'it worked for Blair, Clinton, Obama, Milliband (not so much)', so it's bound to work again.  But while the smart suits were a winning formula in 1997 (a backlash against donkey jackets), they are rapidly losing appeal in 2016.  They have been overtaken by passion, honesty and straight talking, who'd have thunk it. 

Those who have turned on Jeremy Corbyn should perhaps spend today, (No Bullying Day) reading up on the Bourbons and even our own King Charles I, to see what happens when a small unpopular minority try to inflict their will on the masses.  The people have been squeezed to breaking point, and no-one, not even their members of parliament are listening.  Jeremy is.

Due to years of austerity, the time is ripe for revolution, there will be either a swing to the extreme right, or a swing towards the extreme left.  The 174 now find themselves standing on a tightrope in the middle.  They have probably already lost most of their own voters - who can now trust them? and they are being led by an increasingly more sweaty Tom Watson, who's fiendish plan to break his leader with hourly resignations brought thousands to the streets, to support, err, Jeremy.  Having used up all his Ace cards he is now in danger of drowning in his own perspiration as he watches his dreams flush down the pan.

Tony Blair's agenda to woo the rich and influential has failed the grass roots of the Labour party.  All his billionaire chums didn't suddenly become humanitarians and philanthropists ploughing cash into good causes and letting up on their employees once in a while, they found new and more creative ways in which to increase their millions and screw their workers.  

For most of the chicken coup rebels, a Labour party under Jeremy Corbyn, may seem a bleak prospect, especially the champagne socialists who are lining up lucrative consultancies, directorships, and TV presenter jobs for the future.  Hobnobbing with the rich and famous is a parliamentary perk, and far more appealing than speaking to a village hall full of food bank organisers.  This huge reshuffle that they have brought on themselves, will sort the wheat from the chaff. 

I hope the Unions stand firm today against the evil machinations of the sweaty Tom.  I am still in awe of Len McCluskey's performance on Marr, so the best advice I can offer Mr. Watson is, stand on a bathmat. 


  1. quotes from Ros:

    "increasingly more sweaty Tom Watson"
    "in danger of drowning in his own perspiration"
    "machinations of the sweaty Tom."

    Maybe your political blogs would be more interesting and influential if you did not resort to personal schoolyard comments!

    1. I'm not usually a fan of bitchiness tbh, but for Tom I thought I would make an exception.

      I have extreme distaste for his witchhunts and I have found his treachery sickening. It would be fair to say that he is truly deserving of the karma he is receiving now.

      He has been portrayed in the MSM as going into the meetings with the Union leaders from a position of strength. That isn't true, which is why I have described the sweat dripping from his brow. It illustrates the awkward situation he now finds himself in.

      I do however take note of your comments and will try to curb my personal feelings. It will be difficult however, as this evil attempt to get a Blairite/ Murdoch puppet back in will keep the tories in power for the next two decades.

    2. So Ros - he was going to meetings when you were "still face down on the floor kicking and screaming like a disgruntled toddler!"

    3. He is a far better person than I 21:26, and you will be relieved to know, I won't be standing for the leadership :)

  2. I notice that you have retweeted a statement by Corbyn that says:

    "I want a society where everyone cares for everyone else and an economy that works for all."

    I notice that he does not discriminate against anyone for any reason - and doesn't mention personal hygiene or appearance.

    Do you really think that he would want you as a supporter Ros? I don't believe he would.

    1. Maybe, maybe not, I expect my support is pretty low down on his priorities right now lol. But I am delighted to be followed by the amazing John McDonnell on twitter, so there you go. Not everyone it would seem, hates me quite as much as yourself.

    2. Ros @ 20.34

      "Not everyone it would seem, hates me quite as much as yourself."

      There you go again passing personal comments after saying 5 mins earlier "will try to curb my personal feelings".

      Can you never make a comment to someone who does not agree with you without passing a personal assumptive comment without any basis?

    3. I'm not usually a fan of bitchiness tbh' - Roz
      Another you couldn't make it up moment. I agree with you 21.07, she's great at dishing it, rubbish at receiving it back.
      Perhaps Roz you should try a little serious research. Your attempts at portraying yourself as one who has read & studied every major political and literary work is getting tedious. It is quite obvious to everyone your 'knowledge' is cobbled together from Twitter and 'right on bruv' blogs.
      Your EU drivel is a prime example.

    4. Well I haven't got a Masters Degree in what to do when the UK leaves the EU, but in fairness, who has? As for your cliché, 'rubbish at receiving it back', I have published your comments, I reply to them, those are not the actions of someone 'rubbish etc...' I'm not ducking anything you throw at me, bring it on.

      Serious research? lol. OK, what do you suggest? What is it you do that makes you so much better informed than myself? Please enlighten me, in fact enlighten all of us.

      I have written several thousand words about my opinions on the EU, your response is 'drivel'. Can you see why you are failing to convince me or indeed anyone?

      I'll give you a while to deconstruct the above. Take your time, you may find it challenging.

  3. "Cristobell Author ‏@RosalindaHu 4h4 hours ago

    Jeremy is the leader Britain needs – he’s the only one keeping his cool"

    Whilst Ros is "still face down on the floor kicking and screaming like a disgruntled toddler!"

  4. Brought tears to my eyes cristobell. To live in s country with Jeremy leads.......how wonderful

    1. Unfortunately 07:49, history has shown again and again, that there is no such thing as Utopia.

      Those who fear the 'extreme' (helping the poor) policies of Jeremy Corbyn envisage some Stalinist or North Korean State where we all live under the jackboot. Their overactive imaginations lean towards worse case scenario.

      What they forget is, we live in a democracy - our system of government allows no leeway for wannabe tyrants and dictators. The people can give Jeremy Corbyn power, but they can also take it away.

      The House of Commons is designed to debate government policy, no laws can be passed without a majority. Should the system work effectively, the 'good' laws would go through, and the 'crazy' ones would quickly be discarded. It is a safeguard against extremism of any kind.

      It saddens me that so many of the PLP are blind to what cosying up to the millionaires had led to and it is terrifying that they are no longer listening to the people.

      For myself I would never trust any of them again, because we know they will block any kind of reform Jeremy tries to introduce.

  5. Unfortunately, the party of the people has now become the party of the elite. Almost every day there are millionaires weeping on twitter about how their party is being stolen by the people. Today another major labour party donor is offering to fund a new party just for them (strictly no plebs). And no doubt while the 174 should be behind Jeremy Corbyn fighting the tories, their schmoozing of the rich and influential has probably gone into overdrive. Sorry constituents and all those who voted for me, but my diary is packed with lunches with the influential and high society galas, it's the height of the season, doncha know. The failure of the plebs to understand that their representatives NEED to be part of the Elite to carry out their jobs, can be so frustrating. And naturally they can't discuss subjects like low wages or food banks, that would be crass and insulting to the hosts.

    What we are seeing with New Labour is the final chapter of George Orwell's Animal Farm. The 174 are wobbling unsteadily on two feet as they mingle with their former masters. We are the animals on the outside looking in, unable to distinguish the pigs from the farmers.


    Do you not remember that Cameron "asked the audience" and a lot of people (including you) didn't like the answer.

    Beware what you wish for!