Wednesday, 3 August 2016


I really think it is time for Owen Smith to pack up his ice cream truck, go home, sit in his bedroom and think about what he has done.  His outer face is the cool, calm, patronising politician, but his eyes scream 'what have I done?'.

This 'unity' candidate has unified no-one, in fact I would imagine the corridors leading to his office are filled with tumbleweed as no-one appears to be beating a path to his door.  Where are the 172? They deserted their posts nearly 2 months ago and Parliament is in summer recess.  Angela Eagle is too busy to attend a meeting with her constituency party and isn't holding surgeries on police advice.  What of the rest of them?  The shadow cabinet ministers especially, are they too enjoying an extended summer break? Imagine a workforce telling a boss they don't like him and they won't do any work until he goes.  All on full pay of course.   

Where are the Lords and Ladies of Labour, so condemnatory when they thought Jeremy Corbyn would just step aside and give them 'their' party back.  If Owen Smith is the unity candidate why aren't they accompanying him as he struggles to raise an audience anywhere around the country?  Could it be that the big names of the Labour hierarchy are not as loved and revered by the public as they think they are, and the working classes have got bugger all to thank them for?  The only crowd likely to turn up for Loadsamoney Blair would be an angry one demanding justice for the trail of death, destruction and poverty he has left in his wake.

I've watched Owen's car crash interview with Krishnan Guru-Murthy  a couple of times now, and I am astonished that anyone, let alone a sane person, ever thought for one moment, that Owen Smith would appeal to the Labour Party membership who have been inspired by the honesty of Jeremy Corbyn and his passion and commitment for change.  The spin doctors in Westminster are caught in Blair era timewarp.  They think they are dealing with the same generation who only had access to 'approved news' via a MSM who work hand in hand with the government. 

Times have changed, wannabe leaders can no longer cherry pick those parts of their CVs that might make them popular. Those who compiled the Blair/Clinton prototype of clean cut, attractive, middle aged white guy in a smart suit are still trying to appeal to the Mirror/Sun/Mail readers who haven't yet discovered the internet.  They don't seem to realise that these are the fastest shrinking demographic, the sales and the power of the mainstream newspaper is diminishing rapidly.  The Sun newspaper can no longer change the result of a General Election with a doom mongering front page and established columnists now have to compete with talented bloggers, movers and shakers, who's work is far more pertinent to the zeitgeist than theirs. 

I'm really struggling to understand why Owen Smith was chosen as the unity candidate.  If I were writing his school report, I would have described him as the boy most likely to.......  sell London Bridge to a tourist.  He is so transparent and nondescript, I wonder if the Labour hierarchy even bothered to meet him before selecting him as their hammer of the Left?   With my tin foil hat on, it's as if their carefully contrived plan to break him as a man was a done deal with David Milliband flying in from the US to take over. They knew selecting Ed over Dave was a mistake, doh! Unfortunately, Jeremy Corbyn's failure to resign threw a massive spanner in the works, and they didn't have a Plan B. 

The sheer ineptness of the first two leadership candidates suggests the selection was done on who drew the shortest straw.  I almost feel sorry for the bumbling Angela Eagle who was so out of her depth she needed a coast guard or a guarantee no-one else would be on the ballot paper. I expect she is now breathing a huge sigh of relief as she watches Owen Smith going round the country making an eejit of himself in front of very small crowds. 

The problem Owen has is that he is a shapeshifter.  Whilst Jeremy's beliefs are lifelong, Owen's rarely last 24 hours.  He tells us he is anti austerity then tells the BBC austerity is right.  He is radical left he tells us, whilst also wanting to appeal to the tories.  Unfortunately he is now so confused with Left/Right and Centre, he wants to do away with those terms altogether.  He is a Smithite he tells us, I thought he was talking about the late, great, John, but no, he was talking about himself - don't think it will catch on.. 

It's hard not to wonder if he has any, or indeed any sane, advisors? He want's to overturn the democratic decision of millions in the recent referendum because HE wants to stay in Europe. Err, that's not how democracy works Owen, it's not about you.  Just as you are ignoring the overwhelming consensus of the labour party membership, you are ignoring the democratic decision of the country.  You don't want to go into Brexit negotiations looking for the best deal for the UK, you want to be as difficult and combative as possible, using bureaucracy and administration to hold the process up.  Those are not the intentions or actions of a Statesman, they are the actions of a spoilt kid taking his ball back until everyone does what he wants.  No-one likes the child who insists he has his cake and eats it, then giggles as if it were endearing. It is as if Owen completely bypassed that childhood milestone where most of us learn how to play fair. 

Owen Smith policies are off the cuff, probably plucked from thin air as he waits for his TV time slot. He is waving around a figure of £200billion to invest in communities and rebuilding as if he has spent a lifetime drafting socialist policies that would restore the economy, rather than something he has drawn up in the last two weeks when he went from moderate to radical. Not quite sure how the £200billion tallies with his belief that austerity is right, but there you go.   

I don't think there can now be any doubt now that Jeremy Corbyn will win the Labour Leadership and the next general election.  While Owen was telling Jeremy he should be out there talking to the people, he was, err, out there talking to the people, 10,000 of them in Liverpool.  A supporter of Owen's smugly tweeted that Owen's televised interview reached millions, all very well, but if they won't go out to see him, they won't go out to vote for him.  Besides which, the reason the majority of Labour MPs have become disengaged from the electorate because they only see them on the telly!  Deh!  Most people I know haven't seen a Labour politician in years.  And it looks as though they won't be seeing them during this long summer vacation either.    

In the end Owen Smith's legacy, albeit inadvertently, will be a complete change in the principles and ideology of the Labour Party, a return to it's roots and values.  Since records began, the people of the United Kingdom established a reputation worldwide for justice, equality and enlightenment that has made the UK one of the most advanced democratic societies in the world. In the last century, the will of the people brought in the Welfare State and the NHS despite the opposition of the ruling elite. 

Jeremy Corbyn is reaching out to all those ignored by the Labour party for over two decades.  Those not worth bothering with because they don't go out to vote anyway.  UKIP spotted this gap in the market years ago, and they have capitalising on it ever since.  They go out knocking on doors, they put up stalls in town centres and they try to convince little old ladies that the friendly Indian chap who drops off their groceries is a probably a terrorist.  As despicable as UKIP are, they are putting in the graft and the shoe leather.  TV time doesn't compare to getting out there and talking to people individually.  Jeremy voted against benefit cuts because he knows how devastating the effects are, he listens and he cares.  He understands the way in which heartless tory and new labour legislation impacts on the people who have to live with it.  In his comfy television studio chair, all Owen Smith knows about poverty comes from the imaginations of established left wing writers who spend more time opining about their own problems than those of the forgotten communities they drive past. 

Owen Smith is appealing to the middle classes, as if they have the same 'got the foreman's job at last' values as he has [the working class can kiss my arse].  In his appeal to voters, he didn't even mention the working classes, the unemployed and the disabled.  The tories and the middle classes got top spot.  It's as if he is afraid to say the word 'disabled' in case anyone remembers he abstained from voting on the Welfare bill, not to mention those killed and maimed by dodgy legal drugs pedalled to them by an unscrupulous pharmaceutical company. 

I almost pity Owen Smith at the moment, it looks to me as if the 172 and the old party leaders are showing as much loyalty to him as they did to Jeremy. It seems none of them want to share a platform with a dead duck and he faces a future of watching and re-watching where it all went wrong as he shimmies off back to the private sector. 


  1. Hi, Cristobell. Good stuff indeed, once more.

    Poor old Owen, he's too arrogant and ambitious to realise he was only ever a stalking horse, set for replacement following his thrust forward by those more powerful than he, if it transpired that Mr Corbyn's position could indeed be threatened in any way by a leadership challenge. (Same with the flightless, clipped Eagle, with her squeak not screech.) A stronger, more experienced right-winger would have stepped forward if Smith actually won. There's several candidates, but none who were prepared to risk political embarrassment and their career by facing Jeremy untested. Yvette who?

    But as the whole sad episode has been an Epic (Ben-Hur-esque in it's scale) Fail, the 170 have, as you describe, scuttled into the woodwork, to hatch their next unethical plot - the party within a party. (And they have the audacity to scream "Entryists!!" as they watch with horror the scale of the landslide of ordinary people clamouring to join Jeremy's vision!) By their deeds will they forever be known. The re-selection clock is ticking reassuringly, however, and they will descend into obscurity, along with the hapless Owen, whose fate beckons sooner, poor fool.

    Dee Coy

  2. Bravo cristobell you said it all. Not being from a labour or conservative voting part of the UK I don't take much interest in the politics of any of the parties but I couldn't have missed noticing the shambles both parties have got themselves into first the conservatives with the EU referendum and then labour with their attempts to overthrow Jeremy Corbyns. Both have acted like a struggling small enterprise who put all their eggs in the 1 basket and then didn't know what to do when it went belly up. When the UK voted to leave the EU the main players in the leave camp ran around like headless chickens and preceded to pretend that the one big worry, trade agreements, was nothing really to worry about without having anything to reassure us with. When the 172 turned on Jeremy, Angela Eagle looked like somebody who was about to beat up the shop keeper who short changed her. Again no plan B and we now have Owen Smith trying to convince everyone that there really is a serious leadership challenge.

    Your comment on labour demise over they years being a consequence of labour MP lack of visibility is so true. At home the 2 main parties in power now where the minority parties in the 70s, 80s and early 90s. That changed through both parties getting out on the ground dealing with everyday people while the other 2 parties sat with a pole up their ass expecting people to continue to vote for them regardless.

    BTW I'm almost afraid to visit Bennett cesspit these days in case he tries to link poor Owen to that guy seen walking to the beach with a child lol

  3. Hektor! Ray Stevens! Zampos! vs Felicity, Gemma and Marina... Old Benny-Boy's aliases seem to be either B grade butch or remarkably Femme. Perhaps he is a bit of an extremist?

  4. Off topic but posted because it concerns me. In response to the news that "Child sex abuse inquiry: Judge Lowell Goddard quits", bennett pops up and says:

    "I know why. Because I know of dozens of ex- and current police officers who cannot 'lift the lid' on the senior level cover-up of child sexual abuse because of the fear of prosecution under the draconian Official Secrets Act."

    So what exactly has bennett done to reveal this cover-up - or by non action is he part of the cover-up itself.

    Why has he not taken his apparent knowledge further?

    He doesn't say - so the question must be asked - why?

    bennett is not restricted by the Official Secrets Act.

  5. An anonymous well-wisher6 August 2016 at 00:41

    Has (pen/is stronger than the sword) Militant Tony been bathing at the fountain of youth? The chestnut glow of his hair is that of a teenager, and them glasses are looking clear and sparkly - I do hope cocaine was not involved, for his health. What's with the open-neck shirt and blazer combo? Bordering on the Smithman, or perhaps an homage to that strangely reminiscent (of TB himself) Polish paedophile guy? The sign he's posing with some husky boilersuited guy under - Black Rod's Garden Entrance...! Good God.

  6. Good grief! And even more photos of Bennett and his anti-metric crusade here - he has his own website!

    1. Sweet Jesus. That three (fisting)armed swastika is the most homo-satanic thing I've seen yet in this case! Some sort of Hopeful Yellow spiky pyramid thing - with bent tops, even - and then a circle at the centre marked 'ENTER'. Then there's the faceless Site Manager cats, all male and shadily camp. Second from the left, check him out. He's rubbing that budget placard with a disordered Boy Scout salute, whilst thrusting out his left knee and checking out Mr Far Left over his shoulder. Mr Far Right's hand is in his pocket - no surprises there!


    P.S. Their hats are a bit Bill & Ben, and where are naughty Mr Middle's mitts? Reflector strips on those yellow jackets look a bit like harnesses, perhaps even Bauhaus bohunk bikinis? God knows.


    Mr Bennett looking all Smithmanic again, this time with a tie the colours of a pressure sore. To the left of this picture, a lion with an odd right eye - is it winking or is it just wonk? Photoshopped eyeliner, even? Then behind Tony's left shoulder - where the devil dwells - is a rampant male unicorn (!) with what might be the letters LGE branded across its neck. What really has me perturbed, though, is the little garden gnome thing with the ziggurat hat which looks like it is warming its feet on Tony's bald spot. It even out-creeps the over-informative cheopochino trousers...!

  9. In this article
    Bennett claims his campaign 'Saved the Mile'!


  10. Ros - I used to visit your blog regularly and catch up with your comments on the issues of the day. Then I followed what you had to say about Maddie McCann which I found most interesting. Suddenly everything seemed to be Bennett, Bennett, Bennett, but then you said you'd stop writing about him. Now I find that you have stopped but all the posts are still about Tony Bennett. What is it about this man that he gets so much attention? I don't get it

  11. Hi 19:55, there is not much to say about the Madeleine case as it seems to have come to a standstill. Not that I think the McCanns can relax - the opposite in fact. The Labour Right have lost their grip of the party, and sure as eggs is eggs, it is those among the resigners who have been covering up the involvement of Blair, Brown, Jacqui Smith, Alan Johnson, Harriet Harman - all supporters of Gerry and Kate. The Chilcott report exposed the machinations behind the invasion of Iraq, but I suspect it will be the beginning of Inquiries once the Labour Party returns to its' roots.

    As for Bennett, lol, he is an oddity. Many of the people who came to my blog did so because they wanted justice for Maddie but found themselves attacked, stalked and pursued by Bennett and his rottweillers for not agreeing with them. CMoMM as we know, has banned hundreds of posters leaving them without the right to reply. I hate to see people deprived of their voice - hence I am happy to publish these posts even if others do not agree with them. Freedom of speech has always been one of my biggest bugbears with the McCann case, firstly the jackboot way in which they have attempted to stamp out all their critics and secondly with tyrants like Bennett and other facebook pages and forums that censor and ban alternate points of view. Censorship by the antis is just as oppressive as the censorship of the McCanns and their supporters.

    As I said Bennett is an oddity and there is not much happening on the Madeleine front right now. And I have say, I find it hilarious that Bennett doesn't agree with 'partner' Richard Hall on aliens, UFOs and Holly Grieg, but believes him to be spot on with Madeleine McCann! Methinks there will soon be a parting of the ways as the bromance continues to hit major hurdles and the terminally dull videos fail to reach an audience of any sort. Twelve hours! They are not so much entertainment as torture pandering to the narcissistic tendencies of the 'presenter' (world's dullest) and the vanity of the petty minded, sanctimonious 'researchers' (lol) who believe discussing the faults of others day in and day out is a worthwhile occupation.

    And don't even get me started on the 'antis' who are desperate for there to be some sort of sexual deviancy involved! I find what goes on in their heads chilling to the bone as I do with anyone who finds children sexual in any way, even, or should I say, especially. those who are so intent on protecting them. From what I have to ask? The majority of us don't see anything sexual in tots dressing up and playing with make up - and those talking about sexual messages in the way a child eats ice cream are just plain weird! To be fair, a lot of the antis creep me out, which is why I have kept my distance from the groups. I can be volatile on occasions and I like to limit the number of people I piss off in a day.

    I suspect Bennett is mightily peeved at the moment, absolutely no-one has the slightest bit of interest in him or his dreary films. His enemies (and I count myself among them) have wised up to the fact that he gets his jollies from the endless dissection of minor points of law, especially in a law court with TV cameras waiting outside. It's Bennett's way of worming his way into the limelight and to be fair he's not going to do it with talent and charm.

    1. bennett won't fall out with hall whenever he is receiving his share of the money coming in from Youtube videos etc.

  12. Thou must believe the last photo was taken on Sunday, the only possible day available.


    1. Thou must believe everything that bennett says without question - for he is the second coming of Christ with knowledge far beyond the comprehension of mere mortals.


    2. Praise be to the follicles of life.


  13. "Nobody can find fault with RDH's DVDs".

    Are all CMOMM members thick?

    One example, Hall states boldly by the end of 2007 all the tapas group had changed their minds about identifying Murat outside 5a on May 3rd.

    How then did they give rogatory statements in April 2008 stating RM was there.

    FP and RO have never retracted their statements. Why do Hall and Bennett lie and deceive over this, what is their purpose?

    CMOMM members should ask Bennett or Hall to produce their evidence that Payne and Oldfield retracted their statements in December 2007.

    It is not there.

    They are 'sick'clowns exploiting the gullible

    I did email Hall over this but he was on another planet.


    Who's your daddy, Madeleine?

    1. @ Anonymous17 August 2016 at 04:58

      that's neither funny nor clever.

    2. But a valid question nevertheless, given green-eyed progeny of blue-eyed parents (where did the pigmentation come from?)and Gerry McCann's doleful look to the floor when Ernie Allen told him Madeleine had 'his nose'.

    3. "A remarkable example of the best of genetics", according to Ernie Allen.

    4. You've got it. "Remarkable" is the operative word, and 13 the unlucky number when it came to IVF.

      “We had thirteen fertilized eggs. We decided to have some of them frozen and to have two blastocysts implanted.” (Madeleine, p.22)

      “Two months later we were ready for a second shot using two of the embryos we’d had frozen.” (p.23)

      “We were so pleased when the IVF team agreed. But then a practical obstacle arose: we discovered that at the point when Gerry would need to produce his sperm sample for fertilization he was due to be in Berlin.”

      Fertilization? Of an embryo?

      From a stock of thirteen embryos, two are implanted and some (not simply two more) frozen. A second contemplated attempt, again with two embryos, also goes awry. That leaves one at least, according to Kate McCann’s own description of events. And yet two further embryos are implanted after Gerry is called upon to add fertilizer!

      And she was a doctor? Small wonder the PJ were denied the child's medical records!


      1 to 4 years:

      Accidents (unintentional injuries)
      Developmental and genetic conditions that were present at birth

    6. Epidemiology (a branch of medicine) thus exposes the most likely cause of death in this instance - ironic really, given the parents were both doctors.

    7. The parents and four 'friends'.




  15. "MADDIE'S 10TH ANNIVERSARY 29th APRIL 2016. How will it be marked? (Poll)"
    Tony Bennett Today at 5:54 pm

    "The title of this section is Maddie's 1st > 9th anniversaries, but the 10th one is coming up soon."

    what calendar on Earth is bennett using????

    he has totally lost the plot and should be sectioned for his continual harassment of the Mccanns and anyone who has ever been connected to them.


    Looking schlick, Toncek!


    Havin' a lark in the park, in the dark.


    Who knew Tony (Toncek to his Mother) had such a pert arse?