Sunday, 11 September 2016


The Labour Right are, for some reason, celebrating the loss of Mosborough to the Libdems and are using it to prove their case that Jeremy Corbyn is unelectable.  The mass rallies they say are not a reflection of public opinion as if the people who turn up for them are a separate species from outside the towns and communities where the rallies are held.  They can't possibly be locals inspired by a man who offers a brighter future for all, they are obviously part of a global Trotskyist plot.

I have no doubt whatsoever that had Julie Grocutt stood alongside Jeremy at the recent Sheffield rally she would have romped to victory.  Those complaining that Jeremy was being berated on the doorstep did not help their cause by berating the Labour Leader themselves. Disloyalty is not an admirable trait and campaigning to oust the elected leader is not an honourable cause. The organisers of Cllr Grocutt's campaign now complain that Jeremy and his supporters didn't help them.  Jeremy's camp say help was offered but declined.

I tend to think however, that Jeremy is past the stage of supporting colleagues who make no secret of the fact that they will continue to disrupt and block the mandate given to him by the party members.  And who could blame him?  It will be impossible to implement the changes we need without the support of the councillors and the PLP.  Mosborough sends a signal across the bow of those rebel Labour MPs - they have now been given a glimpse of their future.   They will almost certainly lose their seats if their agenda is to destroy the elected leader and the mandate the members voted for. 

If Labour is to win in 2020, Jeremy will have no option but to change the dynamic of the PLP, so that it better reflects the wishes of the party members. Some of the plotters will be completely unelectable, especially those who have discredited themselves by acting like precious little Lord and Lady Fauntleroys who need to be protected from the public.  They are representatives of the public, avoiding them isn't really an option for a politician.  Jeremy can't order people to like them, their popularity is in their own hands.  For example, I expect when Angela Rayner steps up to the podium at the Labour Party Conference, and I hope she will, there can be no doubt she will get a standing ovation. She has stepped up to the plate and explained exactly what the reintroduction of Grammar schools will mean to ordinary people.  While the plotters gather figures for the number of times they have been insulted/abused/ name called on twitter, Angela is challenging the Tories and fighting for equality in education.   

Those Labour MPs focussing on the criticism and abuse they receive on social media are not getting on with the jobs they are paid for - placing their hurt feelings above the very real needs of their constituents is contemptible.  I cannot believe that so much time and faux outrage is being wasted on such pathetic games of semantics, what kind of cossetted world do these politicians live in? 

Since I began writing the above, I have read an article in the Telegraph that claims a group of senior Labour MPs are compiling terms under which they would return and serve under Jeremy's leadership.  Terms that would give the plotters the power to ensure no far Left leader could ever hold office again, PLP elections to the Shadow Cabinet and a pledge from Jeremy that none of the plotters will be punished with reselection. 

It is laughable because in the first instance they are the ones who have been defeated, ergo their right to dictate terms of settlement have been seriously diminished.  Why on earth would Jeremy hand them the means to oust him via another (easier) route, having fought tooth to win the leadership not once, but twice!  Many have already hinted that Jeremy will be challenged every year, ensuring that the Labour party will be in permanent opposition with Jeremy as leader.  Effectively, they will hand victory to the Tories rather than support the leader chosen by the members and the Unions.  They do this knowing that society's most vulnerable will continue to suffer the most under Tory rule. 

As compassionate as Jeremy is, he has no option but to take a stand against his enemies in the party.  If he doesn't they will continue to purge his supporters, feed negative stories to the press and vote against him.  They don't seem to have any intention whatsoever of supporting Jeremy in parliament or in the media and the Labour voters know this.  People are flocking to the Labour Party because they like Jeremy Corbyn and the principles he stands for and like the people of Mosborough, they won't vote for MPs who are trying to get rid of him.     


  1. Iam a Socialist and always have been I think Ed Miliband was the wrong choice, it should have been his shiftier but more electable brother David imo. Equally, I think Jeremy Corbyn is the wrong choice but unfortunately there's no "David" waiting in the wings so to speak. Yes Jeremy is very likely a good man who believes passionately about righting the wrongs in society but he isn't a leader,he doesn't inspire the millions who would rather vote Tory than vote for him and therein lies his problem. He can arrive at meetings to the cries of thousands of supporters but that won't be enough in a General Election I fear. We need someone bold and charismatic to lead the way but Jeremy just doesn't fit the bill and neither do any of the others imo. We need a miracle.

    1. 100% correct.

    2. These arguments that Jeremy is not charismatic and is not a leader are laughable. Who else in any political party has stirred up the public's interest in politics as Jeremy has? Jeremy is the most popular leader the Labour Party have ever had, with record membership and vast armies of activists ready, willing and able to go out and campaign for Jeremy and those who support him when the next General Election campaign begins. It is fear that he CAN win, that is frightening the plotters, because their own aims and ambitions will be consigned to history.

      Tell me one Labour or even tory politician who can reach out to the public as Jeremy does? There isn't one. I left, or was turfed, from the Labour Party when I organised an anti Iraq war meeting in my home town. In all the time that passed in between no other Labour MP has inspired me, and following the Madeleine McCann cover up, the sinister Operation Ore and the witch hunt disguised as helping victims of historic child abuse, I consider New Labour to be even worse than the tories.

      Of course Jeremy can win a General Election. Just look at the way the public react to him? He is the first Labour MP to openly challenge the tory policy of austerity, that alone makes him a hero. Austerity has hit the working classes the hardest, the people New Labour abandoned. Added to which he is captivating audiences up and down the country with his sincerity and eloquence.

      The idea that he is not a leader and not a good speaker is New Labour myth - if it were true the movement behind him would have fizzled out long ago. People don't turn out for has beens, delusional wannabes or those who have lost the plot.

      Jeremy has a talent for leadership in the same way as Mick Jagger has a talent for rock and roll and he draws the same huge crowds. His opponent by contrast, probably struggles to fill his sparkly new battlebus.

      The test of popularity really is how many people will come out to see you, and more importantly, come out and vote for you. Even with his followers, the anyone but Jeremy brigade, and free ice cream, Owen struggles to attract even passers by.

      With Jeremy as leader, I am sure many new stars will emerge over the next couple of years. These are exciting times where gems like Jeremy will no longer be hidden on the backbenches and kept out of the media by a party intent on siding with the bosses.

      Simply the way in which Jeremy's campaign has kept such close contact with the public, and grown into a nationwide movement, shows what talented people Jeremy has in his team.

      Hopefully the new PLP (and its inevitable) will have the same work ethic and commitment to change that Jeremy has.

    3. The Labour party had a very charismatic leader with Teflon Tony , who won three elections ,now hated and despised .

      Sadly Mr Corbyn , who comes over very measured and calm , is despised by his own MP's or most of them , i suspect the Labour party will split after the vote , that he will win ,then we will see where the voters loyalties lie

  2. Corbyn is 50 to 1 on to win the leadership election, with most bookmakers. And people are still putting money on him! So for a £50 stake, they will get back £51, less betting tax. Is it worth it? Sad to say, for the reasons so well explained by Anonymous 2053 above, it will do the Labour Party no good. The membership is now little more than a cult, worshipping Corbyn, who can do no wrong.

    1. It is actually 1:50, but the rest is about right.

      Away with your silly Cult ideas. It really is a lazy and unimaginative way in which to explain the world around you.

      Fighting against inequality and injustice is not cultish, it has led to all the freedoms and human rights you enjoy today.

      Jeremy rarely says I or me, he uses we and our, he is the not the Messiah, he wants to empower all of us.

  3. Tony Blair reached out to the people and did more for the people than Jeremy Corbyn ever will, if he ever wins. Anyone can show their support by leaflet dropping and promising their support but putting their cross on a ballet paper is another thing.

    1. Why would someone show their support, drop leaflets etc and then vote for someone else? This McTernan argument is one of the more ridiculous.

      As for Blair, he is many things, but man of the people, I don't think so. He may have Roman Catholic idolatry all over his many properties, but he can never get his soul back. When a politician starts with the premise how much can he personally profit by this, he has already sold out.

      Whether you like it or not, Tony Blair's legacy is the Iraq war and the deaths of thousands of innocents. He made a stand against the grass roots of the Labour party and the members left in droves, and none of his successors could win them back.

      Jeremy has entirely different priorities, and enrichment of himself is not one of them. Jeremy's legacy will raise the living standards of ALL the people in the UK, Blair sadly, caused a greater divide between rich and poor. Of the two, history will remember Corbyn as the greater leader.

    2. You've been well and truly brainwashed, carry on with your blinkered views. Jeremy has a far from blemished record so stop making him out to be a god because that he certainly isn't.

      He's never going to become 'Prime Minister' so accept it and move on.