Thursday, 2 February 2017


It is unlikely that the MSM will make very much of Goncalo Amaral's victory in the Portuguese Supreme Court this week.  Since the summer of 2007, most of the British news outlets have gone with Team McCanns' order to demonise him, and some, revealing their inner racism, have done it with relish. 

They were either astonishingly naïve, jumping on the popular bandwagon Team McCann created, or making nefarious claims about the former Portuguese detective for dishonest reasons.  With no research or fact checking whatsoever, they were portraying the leader of the Portuguese investigation as corrupt, brutal and intent on nailing the McCanns for a crime they did not commit. 

The British establishment, British police chiefs, the MSM, the 'experts', the celebrities and the VIPs chose to believe the word of two of the main suspects over the word of the official Portuguese investigation and the Portuguese Judiciary.  Gerry and Kate McCann were lauded as heroes and survivors of a brutal third world Justice system that couldn't be arsed to look for their daughter. 

That was the story they were flogging and that was the story the British establishment bought, hook, line and sinker.  Goncalo Amaral personally has been blamed for Madeleine's loss.  The British media went out of their way to 'pap' Goncalo at his worst, that is tired and dishevelled having done another 24 hour shift looking for a missing child and relaxing with a glass of wine.  Gerry and Kate meanwhile, who were complaining about the scruffy police, were appearing on camera well groomed, co-ordinated, stress free and squeaky clean. 

Team McCann's campaign against the Portuguese police could not have been more obvious.  They were hostile towards them from the off, Kate referring to the first two policemen who arrived on the scene as Tweedledum and Tweedledee.  Their first calls home were  pleading 'no-one is helping us'. They were planting fake news, because in fact, everyone was helping them, the Portuguese police launched the biggest missing child search in their entire history.  Holiday makers gave up their holiday to search, Warners staff, their time off.  People even travelled to PDL to assist in the physical search of the area.  The only people not out there traipsing miles over the rough terrain looking for the missing child, were the parents, the tapas group, their huge entourage and, of course, the lawyers.  Whilst ordinary people were getting blisters on their feet and brambles stuck in their hands, the McCann holiday group were having tennis parties, trying to beat their personal bests on a mountain run and counting the cash that was rolling in. 

Again and again, the British press have blamed Goncalo Amaral and the PJ for the 'abductor getting away with Madeleine'.  They can't for whatever reason, blame Gerry and Kate,  so they have to blame someone.  Goncalo was more interested in drinking wine with his mates and munching sardines, than he was in finding Maddie, they claimed.  An accusation that carries no logic, no reasoning and no empiric evidence to back it up.  Those arguing, this quite frankly, pathetic, point, are not taking into consideration that no police force, anywhere, would leave a dangerous child predator on the loose in their home town. 

When Madeleine went missing, Gerry, Kate and their entourage, went against police advice and created a media circus.  Some might say they were going out of their way to scupper the original Portuguese police investigation.  The proactive McCanns were taking the search on a European tour, stirring up 'sightings' in every land they touched down on.  Enthusiastic and deranged, heroes and heroines were attempting to snatch blonde 4 years from the Algarve to Washington, Madeleine was everywhere. 

And then we had the British diplomats, asking the Portuguese police to treat the parents kindly, or whatever euphemism they decide to settle on.  And thus, the most essential evidence was 'lost'.  The clothes the child wore that day, the pink blanket pictured, the bed linen, I could go on.  All of this on top of the fact that the parents and the tapas group, consisting of 6 doctors, trampled all over the crime scene, despite their claim that Madeleine had been abducted. 

I have no idea why the Portuguese kowtowed to the British imperialists in this case, but kowtow they did.  Their final judgement on shelving the case looks like the result of a dozen highly paid and highly strung lawyers locked in a room and told not to come out until they reach agreement.  Every word and sentence has been rendered meaningless by the demands of each party, Arguidoes, 2 and 3 especially.

But I don't want to focus on the lies, deceit and political machinations that surround the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.  I want to focus on the one man who risked everything so the world would know the Truth of the Lie. As all around him capitulated to the might of Team McCann and their powerful friends, Goncalo stuck with the job he had been allocated, finding the missing child.  

In these times of universal deceit, Goncalo Amaral is a hero.  His life, no doubt, would have been much more prosperous and faux successful, had he taken the road more travelled.  But he chose truth.  Because like most of the slightly dishevelled, slightly flawed, dedicated cops out there, he was in the job for victims.  Goncalo Amaral is one of life's genuinely nice guys.  He is educated to a degree that his judgement is not biased by malice.  His book, that the McCanns had banned, is a simplistic account of the Portuguese investigation in the summer of 2007.  It is not embellished by outlandish conspiracy theories, nor is it condemnatory.  On the contrary, such is Goncalo's understanding of human behaviour, he is sympathetic to Kate's plight.   

From a legal perspective, the idea of banning a former detective's book is ludicrous.  And I am being generic here.  Libraries and Waterstones have entire sections devoted to 'real crimes', that is books written by former detectives, etc.  In their libel actions, the McCanns have allowed their megalomania to demand unrealistic goals, their defeat was inevitable, it is just a shame from Goncalo's perspective, that it has taken so long.  

The McCanns know that the European Court of Human Rights (that we won't have for much longer) will not take away Goncalo Amaral's right to freedom of speech.  Those days are long gone, dusty old law books are pretty much meaningless in these days of the internet.  All the money in the world can't bury dark, murky, secrets.  

Gerry and Kate are now faced with legal costs, that should, effectively wipe out what remains of Madeleine's Fund.  However, the Madeleine Fund is the opposite of transparent, no-one really knows how much is left in it, and for the benefit of those who still take the occasional peek, they are shuffling what remains around so they still have a fighting fund, when Operation Grange throws in the towel.   Extraordinarily though, they did not take this news opportunity to plea for the search to continue, even though they, and two police forces apparently, still believe she is alive.    

But I am not here to go over the same old arguments.  I am here to urge anyone who hasn't, to read Goncalo Amaral's book, and buy the hard copy as soon as it is available in the UK.  It is pretty much the definitive account of what happened in PDL in the summer of 2007.  From page 1 it is apparent that Goncalo Amaral is highly intelligent, cultured and very well educated.  The opposite in fact, of the mythical, ignorant, scruffy thug created by Team McCann and their supporters.  He has no need to create a false 'goody twoshoes' image of himself as the McCanns do, he accepts his faults as graciously as he accepts his attributes.  

Having spent 30+ years as a legal secretary, I have little compassion or patience for eternal litigants, but Goncalo Amaral was right, dead right, to publish his book about the Madeleine McCann investigation.  Both he personally, and the entire Portuguese Judiciary were being publically blamed for Madeleine's loss.  A blatant lie that only Goncalo Amaral was prepared to stand to up.  All we leave behind us in this world is our reputation.  Were we good or were we bad.  And it matters!  When you have spent your life fighting your own inner demons, and the hateful words of your enemies, you need to know that you chose right, for right's sake even when everyone else was against you. 

Goncalo Amaral has been vindicated by this week's Supreme Court Decision.  No Kate, No Gerry, he did not write his book for financial gain.  He wrote his book because it truly matters to him what his children, his friends, his family, the world at large, think of him.  He defended himself against the heinous accusations and malevolent insults of the British press, by writing his own truthful account of the facts.  The McCanns have suppressed those facts for almost 10 years - now the world deserves  to know the Truth of the Lie

Finally, in the Portuguese Civil Courts, the truth in the case of missing Madeleine McCann has been the victor.  The parents did not walk away with the £Million they were demanding or all the worldly goods belonging to the former detective who searched for their daughter, they walked away with a legal bill that will wipe them out.  It's like seeing the owner of two hotels on 'Mayfair' being wiped out by Utilities because they haven't got any cash left.  The McCanns may be finishers, but they haven't won.  They may not have faced any trial in a criminal court, but now they must face trial by an audience who have both sides of the story available.  Some might compare their loss in the Civil Courts to the Civil Court losses of OJ Simpson, that is, karma is going to get you, one way or the other. 


  1. I don't understand what the fund, which accepted donations to find Madeleine, has got to do with the McCanns legal expenses accrued in their pursuit of libel trials. Couldn't they sell their massive house to cover their expenses rather than take monies from the search fund which people donated in good faith?

    1. Self advancement at the expense of others is the essence of fraud. 'Uncle Brian' told the world from the get go that the money would be used 'mainly for legal expenses'. No one can claim they weren't warned, only that they weren't really listening.

    2. 00:56 Interesting point regarding the house. The legal costs are likely to be phenomenal. Especially as it is likely they will be made to pay not only the costs of Goncalo Amaral, but the two other Defendants. Effectively, the costs of 3 law firms on top of their own, for 8 years!

      The national newspapers seem to be going with a McCann press release - that is they stressing that the parents will now HAVE to use the search fund to pay the costs. They are looking for sympathy and donations.

      The house has not been mentioned, but I don't see how it can be kept out of the dialogue. They claim there is just under £500k remaining in the Fund, but 8 years of costs for 4 law firms will to considerably more than that.

      It is unlikely any of their billionaire friends will come to their aid, because billionaires know better than to back vexatious litigants. For me the key phrase in one of the reports, was 'the matter became personal'. Didn't it just! And that is why Team McCann are now effectively crushed. With this huge legal debt that hangs over them, they will be unable to launch any new actions against any British publisher who releases the Truth of the Lie in the UK. Their claws have been removed.

  2. Blinding post Rosa! I like the frankness of your articles on the McScammers. It's just a shame that so many people still can remove the rose tinted specticals and see through the media bull**** for what they really are. Keep up the good work. Chris..

    1. Many thanks Chris, with all the abuse and boycotting I get, I do wonder sometimes if it is worth it! Then I read the latest from Kate and Gerry, and the blood temperature begins to bubble!

      The are furious, they are seething, the mainstream minions proclaim, Oh, the outrage, freedom of speech and a good man won! Except the old blarney isn't working any more, not only is the former lead detective allowed to give his account of the Madeleine investigation, in 10 years no-one has come up with a more credible explanation for what happened to Madeleine. In fact, many have gone to extraordinary lengths to DISPROVE Goncalo's theory, but there is no other scenario in which all the pieces of the jigsaw fit.

      Many thanks for your good wishes Chris, they are uplifting and much needed at the mo. I am presently alternating between anxiety attacks and the urge to put my head in the gas oven (Trump), the only thing that stops me is the lump of congealed macaroni cheese on the bottom from 2 weeks ago.

      I jest of course, whenever the depression kicks in, I go for gallows humour. Many thanks for the encouragement Chris, it really does mean a lot. I know I often giggle whilst I am typing, but I don't know if it has the same effect on the reader, I hope so.

  3. re "The good cop":

    "The disgraced former Portuguese police chief who previously led the inquiry into Madeleine McCann's disappearance has been convicted of perjury in a separate case. Goncalo Amaral was given an 18-month suspended sentence by a court in Portugal."


    1. And where would that tantalising quote be from?

    2. "And where would that tantalising quote be from?"


      Who cares? It's just the facts. Quibble over 'disgraced' if you like.


    3. Err, tis yourself Chez and McCann Media Monitoring machine that manufactured the word 'disgraced'. I can no longer be arsed checking out the spurious allegations made against Goncalo Amaral by people like yourself. Check out the facts of the Leonora Cipriano case, take a look at the short, tragic life of Joanna, a murdered child, Goncalo remembers with an annual mass in her name. In using this case you truly are defending the indefensible. Would the McCanns have supplied Rosemary West with a lawyer?

      Goncalo Amaral is not disgraced as this week's Supreme Court ruling has shown. He has as much right to give his account of the 2007 investigation as Kate does. There is something very fucked up with society when an event can only be recorded by one side.

      At this moment Goncalo Amaral is probably tempted to launch damages proceedings against Gerry and Kate. I hope he doesn't. Not because, Lord knows, he should be compensated, but because he is better than that. He has spent 8 years fighting a stupid legal action, against stupid people, and through no fault of his own, it's eaten up too big a chunk of his own life.

      He should treat this time as a re-launch of his book The Truth of the Lie, and promote it wherever he can. And he, and his family, should enjoy to the fullest, the compensation and rewards they deserve for standing up for the truth.

      Goncalo should push to get his book into the Bestsellers List, it is fully deserving, Goncalo in all his troubles, found that he had a natural talent for writing, his book is compelling, one of those texts that is impossible to put down. In the libel trial his natural ability was used against him, 'it was too easy too read', said a trail of McCann sychophants, 'can be read in a day' said another, lol. Unlike 'Madeleine' which would take a Detention and a forced Q&A session to ensure it was read. Meiow!

      Goncalo now should go for the fame and glory and forget about soul destroying legal battles. He is a hero - the David who (eventually) beat Goliath. His, is a inspirational story just waiting to be turned into a Hollywood movie. (yes, still pitching here, lol). He is the cop in every police station, beating themselves up as to what they should turn a blind eye to. His story is their story, an illustration of the abuses of power they have to put up with every day.

      To a man, and woman, I have little doubt the assigned detectives have the fate of little Madeleine at the heart of their investigation. However, they have all witnessed the fate of the former detective who had the audacity to point out the blindingly obvious. I don't think anything heartened me more, than seeing the donation of the Met police to Goncalo's legal fund.

      I am sure most, if not all, of the detectives, both private and government assigned, are just as appalled at this blatant miscarriage of justice as the rest of us.

      Meanwhile, I am secretly hoping that the Scotland Yard detectives have allowed their fellow officer to enjoy his victory in Court before swooping in.

    4. Crikey. Somewhat gushing and OTT - are you in love? Nah, I guess you're just so thrilled that he gave a kicking to the McCanns. Pity that he and you have got it all so wrong.

      Have you forgotten (in denial?) that Amaral "has been convicted of perjury and given an 18-month suspended sentence"? Disgraced seems about right.


    5. 'gave a kicking to the McCanns', you make it sound as though Goncalo was the instigator and pursuer Chez.

      Gerry and Kate wanted him to give them £1million, they issued all the libel actions and they wouldn't take No for an answer. Some (me), might describe their actions as demanding money with menaces and it was the money they wanted.

      As for disgraced. Goncalo's win overrides all those false allegations Chez, this win in the Supreme Court clears his name and restores his good reputation, the purpose of his book.

    6. "As for disgraced. Goncalo's win overrides all those false allegations Chez, this win in the Supreme Court clears his name and restores his good reputation, the purpose of his book."

      LOL. False allegations? He was convicted in a court of law! Amaral 'won' on freedom of expression, not on the merits of his beliefs. He will always be a disgraced copper.


  4. Do you believe Goncalo knows what happened Rosalinda?

    1. I think Goncalo, a highly educated and very experienced detective who actually conducted the original investigation, has put forward the most viable theory as to what happened to Madeleine. It is the theory that has troubled the McCanns the most and that has cost them the bulk of the Madeleine Fund. I think the efforts they have put into silencing Goncalo Amaral, authenticates his theory

    2. "I think the efforts they have put into silencing Goncalo Amaral, authenticates his theory"

      Nonsense! It authenticates the McCanns innocence.


    3. Anonymous @12:20

      'the McCanns innocence' - an oxymoron.

  5. "He defended himself against the heinous accusations and malevolent insults of the British press".

    The stick he got was on social media. The MSM generally reported the facts. It was the McCanns who defended themselves against the heinous accusations and malevolent insults of the British press. And they got a lot of stick on social media for doing so!

    1. The stick Goncalo Amaral got on social media came directly from the McCann Media Monitoring team! Why would the public at large pillory an obscure Portuguese detective? The hate for Amaral came directly from Kate and Gerry, Kate wanted him to feel misery and fear.

      As for social media turning on Gerry and Kate, it was inevitable. Their media monitoring team thought they could stamp out all suspicion surrounding the parents with threats and thuggish behaviour. Their confrontational behaviour increased the McCanns' enemies, it was inevitable and indeed part of the plan. It gave them several front pages as 'victims' of online trolling.

      Gerry and his little gang of megalomaniacs thought he could control the internet, he was wrong.

    2. Too bizarre! It's a pity you picked the wrong path. You might have been a good advocate for the truth.

    3. In answer to your statement 10.36:

      "This is the culmination of a costly, difficult process that caused a lot of pain and distress, not only to the persons directly involved, but also to many who refused to be silenced, both on the internet and 'offline'."

      On another note, due to lack of funds in the Ltd company, I suppose some media monitoring services will soon be suspended. Unless some would like to work pro bono. Now, proceed to scream away in multiple comments. It really doesn't matter. This was, is and will be the end of this matter. Nothing else you can do.

    4. @ Anonymous2 February 2017 at 12:33

      She is and always has been on the dark side. An advocate for the truth is not on Ros's agenda.

  6. One's view re publishing the book will depend on whether you're a McCann hater or not. If you think, as I do, that Madeleine was abducted, then Amaral's book is libelous. Of course you could argue, as the court appears to have done, that freedom of expression overrides all, irrespective of the truth. I suspect a UK court would have a different view.


    1. "...If you think, as I do..."

      Are you sure about that?

    2. Libel Law worldwide, including the UK, is becoming pretty much defunct Chez. As we saw with Truth of the Lie, a banned book can go viral within hours. Apart from the fact that banning books is an abomination, it is also unenforceable.

      Gerry and Kate are about a century too late with their draconian demands and I doubt even a British Court would oblige them. Kate McCann published her 'version of the truth', why Shouldn't Goncalo be allowed to publish his?

  7. "by Get'emGonçalo Today at 8:54
    I think it's only this forum that's been Carter-Rucked several times, but we're still here and getting stronger by the day despite best efforts by certain people elsewhere to discredit our work."

    That's interesting - I didn't know that but it may have been discussed in a members only part.

  8. Hi Rosalinda
    An excellent summary and clarification of what this case has been all about.

    If the McCanns had wished to find their daughter, they would of course have spent all the money, which was left in their fund, searching for her, but instead they chose to defend what couldn’t be defended, namely their honor, as they lost it almost ten years ago.

  9. Murat wasn't impressed with the good cop...

    He was questioned for nineteen hours before he was released. The next day he returned to collect his belongings and Robert Murat says he met Goncalo Amaral, the lead detective.

    ROBERT MURAT: He basically told me it was a game of two halves and as the night before I hadn’t confessed, erm, then, he would get me on the second half and he just kind of turned his back on me. He didn’t… He just… It seemed he didn’t care about the truth. That was the, thats how I felt.

    1. 21:01 As Mandy Rice-Davies might have said, 'well he would said that wouldn't he' - he was a suspect!

    2. Gonçalo Amaral (April 2012):

      “When I left the Police Force it was to write the book to clear my name, defend myself from what the British journalists and some Portuguese journalists were saying accusing me of incompetence and other worse things.

      The book deals with six months of the investigation and the conclusions at the time so the investigation needed to continue. The truth is only known when an investigation is finished.”


  10. "It also becomes clear that the local police force is overwhelmed by the media attention and determined not to be embarrassed in front of the world. I kept being reminded of other cases: the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in Portugal and the death of Lucie Blackman in Tokyo. In those, too, wounded national pride infected the search for the perpetrator." (New Statesman 14 Oct 2016)

    1. Subjective writing:

      "Amanda Knox's crime was to be young, pretty, and female" according to Helen Lewis, deputy editor of the New Statesman. She has presented BBC Radio 4’s Week in Westminster and is a regular panellist on BBC1’s Sunday Politics.


    2. To anonymous 3 Feb. 2017 06.34

      Amanda Knox blamed the murder of her ”best” friend ( Meredith Kercher) on the man she worked for in the evenings (Lumumba), but confessed later, that she had lied. The reason as to why she chose Lumumba was that he was black, just as the guy who that night admitted to having had sex with Meredith Kercher, and who later became a suspect together with Amanda Knox and her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito. Amanda Knox is a soulless and heartless young American woman and she behaved in almost the same way as Jodi Arias did before she confessed having killed her boyfriend, and also very much like Kate and Gerry McCann have done for almost 10 years.

    3. Björn @10:03

      Well said.


  11. I was wondering if anyone still remembers the McCanns' first url back in early May 2007 which was misspelled findmadeliene? I remember it seemed odd that they'd got her name wrong. It was replaced before the website went online, but it remained on record for several months.

  12. Amaral 2016

    Anchor - But you suffered damages, well, you obviously suffered moral damages, and you suffered material damages as well?

    Gonçalo Amaral - And others. We have to wait. I don't think that is essential at this moment. What is essential now is to wait for this deadline to end, that the couple has to make an appeal, verify, to know the basis of their appeal, and only then react.

    Anchor - What is going to be necessary for you to take that step? To make that decision to eventually sue the McCann couple.

    Gonçalo Amaral - If at the end of this appeal..

    Anchor - Did you not think about that yet?

    Gonçalo Amaral - I thought about that, yes, but to affirm that I'm going to sue, let's take it slowly. I've to tell you another thing, to sue the McCann couple alone, what for? They're over there in England, I would have to go there, for an eventual thing, that would take years, and then would the sentence be executed there in England? It would have to be done by a number of people.

    1. Thank you posting that 10:14, good to see that Goncalo is being philosophical here, but that was over a year ago. I hope he still feels the same. I don't think embarking on further legal battles with the McCanns would be a positive step. The McCanns probably won't have any money left after they settle the legal bills, and I expect he is sick to the teeth of lawyers and court rooms.

      However, the McCanns are already acting like the victors. That is they are issuing threats to anyone in the UK who considers publishing and distributing the Truth of the Lie. In using these threats, they are damaging Goncalo Amaral's reputation and preventing him from earning his living as an author. A damages claim in these circumstances is pretty clear cut.

      As for the McCanns attempting to get Truth of the Lie banned in the UK, that is probably Kate's equivalent of kicking the bed. Since Goncalo's book, Kate has published her own account of the events in PDL in the summer of 2007. For a British judge to allow one and ban the other would be an affront to justice everywhere. Whilst the two former suspects sell their story, over and over, the story of the former detective and his team must be silenced!

      Still, I see they are not asking for donations or support for their book burning endeavours. Libel claimants are rarely popular, probably because most of them are arrogant twats with an over inflated sense of their own importance.

      Goncalo has the right to give his side of the story, and the public has the right to read it.

    2. I doubt they will need donations

    3. Part of the McCanns modus operandi is the pretence that they are far more popular and in demand than they actually are. One of the joys of watching the pair being interviewed is Gerry's face when the interviewer says 'you asked to come here today.....'. He much prefers the viewer to think they were invited.

      However, with the civil trials over, the former detective vindicated and Operation Grange coming to an end, the papers may want interviews, but of a very different kind.

  13. Hi Roslinda
    As for the McCanns and their appeal to everyone to help them in their search
    for Madeleine and their attempt to silence those who question their innocence, there is no need for any deeper psychological analysis of their characters in order to make people understand why they keep on doing what they have been doing for the past 10 years.

    Paraphrasing Mandy Rice-Davies spontaneous answer to a rather silly question in court is quite sufficient, I believe; ”Well [they] would, wouldn’t [they]? A young uneducated woman
    could with just a few words illuminate a reality, that no judge, defender or prosecutor could have done better in a scientific thesis.
    (P S I’m not too impressed by PHD people)

    1. @ Björn 13.32

      you say: "(P S I’m not too impressed by PHD people)"

      Are you impressed by people who claim they have 30+ years as a legal secretary?

    2. To anonymous 3 February 2017 at 19.30

      Yes, I’m impressed by and appreciate very much people like Rosalinda and others, who try to see and describe the world beyond political rhetoric and beyond the simplistic view of MSM on life's problems, regardless of what social status or education they may have.

    3. @ Björn3 February 2017 at 22:28

      But not if they have a Phd

    4. It was a terrific reply Bjorn, lol. All those pompous legal eagles and naughty Mandy brought the house down, ha ha.

      The poem Desiderata by Max Ehrmann is one I return to again and again. 'Listen to others, even the dull and ignorant.....' 'for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself...'.

      It is one of the reasons I like to keep my blog interactive - I am constantly enlightened!

  14. Ros you are anti-Mccann and anti-abduction so I could reply to your blog post and comments on here by saying:

    "well you would say that wouldn't you"

    According to the comments on her my reply is clever, accurate and relevant.

    1. Hi Anonymous@18:35

      I hope I can speak on behalf of Ros, Myself & others. Were not anti McCann or anti abduction. But we want justice in a court of law by a jury to find out what exactly happened. To me the parents are more concerned about their own reputation rather than their missing daughter. Why their eagerness to stop this book being published in the UK.

    2. @ John1003 February 2017 at 21:1

      well done for appointing yourself as spokesperson - the rubbish you speak is noted.

    3. I agree John, the anti stuff really is nonsense. I think most of us who are hooked have some sort of default mechanism in the brain, that won't let us move on until the puzzle is solved. I remember my dear old dad was in the grip of it during the OJ Simpson trial, as indeed many were when the trial was broadcast daily.

      The word 'hater' was brought in by the McCanns to explain why so many people did not believe them. They could not accept the abduction story because of their personal dislike and jealousy of Kate and Gerry. Accusing people of being jealous of you is antagonistic and not a good way to win an audience over. For many, the dislike developed into hate purely because of the parents actions.

      As for their eagerness to stop publication in the UK. That's easy John. The majority of the public are headline skimmers, unless an item is of particular interest, they won't check out other sources.

      The McCann case has toppled right down the ladder, Madeleine front pages no longer sell newspapers, there are hundreds, if not thousands of other stories of more interest.

      Apart from this small special interest section of the internet, most people in the UK have bought the McCann party line (the abduction). That was illustrated today with Loose Women apparently, who were still gushing sympathy for the parents.

      Goncalo Amaral's book demolished the abduction story. It gave a logical and rational explanation of what may have occurred that fatal night. It explains the Portuguese investigation and their reasons for reaching the conclusion they did. That is the conclusion in the interim report of Taveres Almeida.

      And of course, as the McCanns complained in their damages claim, it was a reader friendly, - much easier to comprehend than the police files.

      This is an explanation of the Madeleine's disappearance that the vast majority of the British public are unaware of John. It is impossible to read Goncalo's book and still believe there was an abduction.

      We seeking justice for Madeleine are very, very few John, but if Goncalo's book is successful in the UK, it will not bode well for the McCanns. It could turn public opinion and force the mainstream and the politicians to take their heads out of the sand.

      At the moment McCann sceptics are seen as a small group of heartless internet trolls, but that will change dramatically when the other side of the story is known to the British public.

  15. If by some miracle Madeleine were to turn up in another ten years or so, or less for that matter, how would K+G explain how the money from the fund was spent?
    "Look mum, I was only 10km from PDL and you done what?"

    1. They've worried about so many things, but they have always known so well,that the least thing that they have got to worry about is how to explain to their daughter why they haven't physically looked for her. Neither do they have to explain to her why they haven't kept her little pink princess blanket or why they have torn out pages from her little sticker book or why they have washed her clean little cuddle cat or why a sniffer dog could smell the scent of death on it, and a lot more. They have just worried about themselves.

  16. What on earth is the point on publishing the book in the UK?

    The Mccann haters have already posted his book online - without permission and in breach of copyright/distribution rights. So anyone interested in the case can read it online for free!

    No-one even knows if the online version is an accurate translation or not.

    Do you Ros, or anyone else really believe that the shelves or Waterstone or WH Smiths etc are going to be filled with his book?

    Just to point out - there is a big difference between "publisher" and "distributor".

    The free online versions of his book has caused more financial damage to Amaral than the Mccanns and the Mccann haters gleefully advertise it!

    1. As the Supreme Court in Lisbon ruled in favour of Gonçalo Amaral, it will open the way for a more comprehensive book.

      Breaking down barriers to writing about the case.

      The McCanns are fighting a losing battle anyway.

    2. 19:23 Goncalo Amaral was quite happy for his book to be read online 19:23, the clue is in the title. His objective was to defend his reputation and give a truthful account of the Portuguese investigation.

      It may take a little while to appear in WH Smiths and Waterstones, but as soon as the case 'breaks', it will have bestseller written all over it.

      I don't think Goncalo Amaral has lost anything by giving the first edition away free. I think most of us who read it, will buy it on principle. He also has several options. He can update the original. Or he can write a whole new book including the legal battles he has gone through and any further thoughts he may have.

      If anything good has come out of this poisoned chalice, Goncalo Amaral discovered he had a natural talent for writing, one I am sure will give him a very successful new career. I am hoping that now all the restrictions have been lifted, Truth of the Lie will be published in English. If and when Goncalo's theory is proved correct by the PJ and Scotland Yard, it will fly off the shelves, and British distributors will want a slice of the action. If the demand is there, there really isn't anything the McCanns can do about it.


  17. Amarals publisher still holds the copywright, and accoring to GA the online translations are inaccurate.

  18. 1

    I thought I'd watch this for a few posts as i thought at first I'd fallen asleep and woke up in one of Bennet's wet dreams.Or Richard Hall's. Or Hyatt ( etc etc).

    A little justice has been served.But, before we slip into something more comfortable, pop a few corks and engage in throes of ecstasy,i think we should take a breath. A long one.This case was about publishing and censorship.It wasn't about who did what and when and how to Madeleine McCann.The book is about the case, and the thoughts of Amaral regarding the case, back in 2007 .So, now we have a balance, as Kate McCann has had her book in print giving her(their) thoughts and impressions about the same.Reading it as anything more than this leads nowhere.Or, rather, it creates a fresh circle to run around and around in. It isn't a 'sign'. With this in mind, i picked up on a few stand -outs posted and thought i'd attempt to get some perspective.

    '' The stick Goncalo Amaral got on social media came directly from the McCann Media Monitoring team ''

    Possibly. But the 'stick' the McCanns got-and continue to get- is up their with Brady and Hindley or Bonnie and Clyde. Apart from the pseudo-psychologists who can rad 'micro-expressions' from freeze-frame photographs or hear 'embedded confessions' as taught to them by a halfwit, there were the threats online to kidnap one of the twins, reports of 'heard' domestic trouble to go with the rumours of divorce and direct 'we know where you live' flavoured bullshit. These are all from idiots who justify their stupidity by saying they 'just want justice' . But when the McCanns call for protection they get called for it . I thought the McCann haters online occasionally remembered to nod in the direction of the McCanns innocent twins who have to live through this. Have they stopped that too now ? Has the greed for blood damaged them ? They say greed blinds people. It's true.It's become a 'meme' to hate the McCanns and, as such, anything goes.The token referencing of the existence of those two kids falls far too short to be called respectable. Gerry McCann spoke about wanting it stamped out. That could be seen as being protective of his family , especially the kids.He's on record as saying he isn't worried about people's opinions of him or his wife but that there's a line. When Brenda Leyland was killed-sorry, i mean committed suicide- the McCann's took 'stick' for that too.Yes, a few angry tweets mentioned Martin Brunt ( and rhyming slang ) but the McCanns' demand for some control of the content spewed about online just prior to the tragedy was seen as an effort to silence all criticism of them .Brenda Leyland was ambushed on her own property and had a camera and microphone pushed into her face by one of Murdochs vipers.

    ''Gerry and his little gang of megalomaniacs thought he could control the internet..''

    The monitoring team are a seperate entity to Gerry McCann. Can both accusations be true ?

    1. Unfortunately many of the antis will interpret this victory as proof the McCanns 'dun it' Ziggy, mostly the thick ones that I can't be arsed to argue with anymore. You are right of course, it was not the criminal trial, it was a FOS matter.

      I don't for one moment believe the threats towards the children Ziggy, and Michael Wright was unable to produce any evidence for them when asked by the Judge. I totally agree many of the antis go completely over the top with their deranged and yucky theories, but the especially nasty ones, Bennett, Hall, Hyatt, have been completely discredited.

      The monitoring tea are a separate entity to Gerry McCann? Says who? The same Michael Wright (Kate's cousin's husband I believe), also said while in the witness box that he ran the media monitoring unit. How could Gerry not know what was going on?

  19. 2

    ''Their media monitoring team thought they could stamp out all suspicion surrounding the parents''

    I agree. My question is a big 'why?' as it wasn't their child and the parents are not royalty or politicians.

    ''It is the theory that has troubled the McCanns the most and that has cost them the bulk of the Madeleine Fund. I think the efforts they have put into silencing Goncalo Amaral, authenticates his theory''

    If the McCann's are not guilty, it would trouble them for obvious reasons. If the 'theory' was supported by physical evidence it would be more than a mere theory.If the dismissal of said evidence was part of a cover up by the UK establishment, and they then constructed the 'media monitoring' team and threw vast amounts of cash at it, who was really trying to silence Amaral- the Mcanns or the UK establishment ? And why ?

    '' If the McCanns had wished to find their daughter, they would of course have spent all the money, which was left in their fund, searching for her, but instead they chose to defend what couldn’t be defended, namely their honor, as they lost it almost ten years ago.''

    Really ? As it stands-officially- a mountain of accusations were made but not one charge brought. I think that means their honour is in place. Any illusion of honour being lost has been created by ten years of imagined proof and evidence by people who have neither but have an internet connection .If, of course, they are ever charged and found guilty( of Madeleine's murder or disappearance) in any court, their honour( and life) will be in the bin. It would deserve to be in the bin too.But, as it stands, no charges., no dishonour. It's Amaral's honour that has been restored to a degree by winning the right to publish his book . As for the reluctance to throw money around, it will no doubt be construed as them holding on to it for personal enjoyment and to pay their mortgage. Little is being said of how the best part of £400,000 was spent on a fraudster In Washington (Oakley International) or how they trusted Thatchers former spin doctor, Lord Bell, to the tune of £500,000 a year to keep them headlining papers only to be later mocked by him. Amaral was removed from the investigation and demoted. The choice to resign was his own. Professional pride ? Maybe, and kudos for taking that stand and showing the courage of his convictions. But it isn't the greatest move financially. Nothing, however, is said of the 'go fund me' page set up for him, or money from book sales and so on. The McCanns couldn't work while the case was still fresh. Would you be able to ? So the fund paid a couple of mortgage payments. Amaral may have been the victim in a chess match that was underway behind closed doors. It certainly looks that way. But so were the McCanns if you step back and see the bigger picture. The whole dark affair has left both parties in need of funding due to the diplomatic cover ups and a gravy train of a mainstream media that is fuelled by the same .

    1. Ziggy 2. Michael Wright headed the media monitoring team - he told us himself!

      You think the McCanns' honour is still in place Ziggy? Seriously? Despite all their efforts, the majority are still appalled that they left their small children on their own. They are no longer in demand and they are no longer being lauded by the press.

      If I were a gambler, and that's the one vice that has never held any appeal, I would place a large sum on there being NO demand for 10 year anniversary interviews. Clarence was touting 10 year exclusives last year, so presumably there were no buyers.

      What should be said about Goncalo's 'Go Fund Me'. The McCanns had all of GA's assets frozen and scuppered any work he applied for. That so many people responded to help with his legal fees, especially those officers from the Met, was an example of good people not prepared to stand by and do nothing.

  20. 3

    '' behaved in almost the same way as Jodi Arias did before she confessed having killed her boyfriend, and also very much like Kate and Gerry McCann have done for almost 10 years''.

    Very much like ? Unless i missed the memo, the McCanns are getting online knives hurled at them 24/7 for suggesting Madeleine is alive and that they have no evidence of her being harmed(much like the police - 'officially').

    '' Gerry and Kate McCann were lauded as heroes and survivors of a brutal third world Justice system that couldn't be arsed to look for their daughter''.

    The PJ investigation was shelved by Portugal.I don't think they regard themselves as a third world justice system, nor does anyone else.They stated that they weren't happy with the investigation's approach or findings.They may have been lying and merely doing as they were told by certain UK politicians via Scotland Yard, the world's oldest and most famous Police Force in the free world- who have done nothing constructive since taking over.But the McCann's didn't order them to shelve it.So they shouldn't really be criticised for it. Whoever put the pressure on should be carpeted and asked questions.It wasn't shelved merely because the McCanns lost their cool and hurled insults at them .

    '' I have no idea why the Portuguese kowtowed to the British imperialists in this case, but kowtow they did''.

    The most important point made.That is the question that needs to be answered fully and honestly.If it ever is- and we know it won't be- you'll solve the case.

    ''But I don't want to focus on the lies, deceit and political machinations that surround the disappearance of Madeleine McCann''.

    You speak for a lot of people when you say that. But,It should be questioned. Why all of that would happen in either a murder or an abduction of a civilian is beyond anyone with a mind that can think critically.

    ''no need for any deeper psychological analysis of their characters in order to make people understand why they keep on doing what they have been doing for the past 10 years''.

    True.If they were innocent 10 years ago why would they?If they lost their daughter and couldn't find her then, does that mean they should give up ?Are they supposed to travel Europe with spade in hand digging up every inch of field or sand just to placate the haters ? Or, in an ever-shrinking global village, would it be better to plaster her face on websites where most people in the western world prefer to live now ? When they do the latter as a 'strategy' to raise awareness and keep the case as fresh as they can according to the design of PR men, and a team that's comprised of establishment figures who have had one foot in journalism and the other in politics, they get condemned because they mention the 'marketing ploy.' That concept had been explained to them by those who devised it.( As for Rice -Davis, she was only an 'escort' who bedded politicians and helped bring down the Profumo crew before-as fate would have it - disappearing into the dust of Israel( of all places) to get married and run nightclubs. Dolphin Square.Enough said).

    The bottom line is that this victory for Amaral was about publishing.It wasn't about the events of May 3 . The book discusses his views about the case and it's allowed to remain in print as a piece of literature, with the implied proviso that it's to remain just that, and not his report . In other words, the judge is telling him, me, you and the world, that the body of work is opinion, not fact, and is to be treated as such. Anyone who chooses to interpret it it as fact will merely be adding to it, not taking from it. In other words, not a word of it will ever be able to appear as evidence in any trial relating to the Madeleine McCann case, or to defend any libel case Amaral may have had planned .

    1. I don't know if it is deliberate but you are misinterpreting my words. I am saying that the McCanns and the British MSM portrayed Portugal as third word. Eg. Tony Parsons, a nation of sardine munchers.

      Gerry and Kate could have asked for the case to be kept open - that is what innocent parents would do, in fact they would fight for it, and be banging on the police station door every day.

      The McCanns form of searching is as half arsed now as it was on that night. That is, they are always asking other people to do it on their behalf. Yes they should have gone back to PDL with spades and as many volunteers as they could get.

      All these pictures of Maddie, then, now, what she will look like, are complete nonsense. In a class full of predominantly Anglo-Saxon girls, at least half of them could fit the description of Maddie. Especially if they had a face like a bland shop dummy.

      As for the 'marketing ploy' being a concept that had been explained to by those who devised it, why didn't Gerry punch his/her lights out? The idea of putting the child's eye and life at risk is abhorrent to every parent!

      As for trying to sneak the Truth of the Lie into the literature/fiction section, lol, nice try. Real life crime would be the appropriate genre.

    2. Ziggy Sawdust 3.2 @21:01

      IMO this is a key exchange:

      ''I have no idea why the Portuguese kowtowed to the British imperialists in this case, but kowtow they did''.

      The most important point made. That is the question that needs to be answered fully and honestly. If it ever is- and we know it won't be- you'll solve the case.

      ''But I don't want to focus on the lies, deceit and political machinations that surround the disappearance of Madeleine McCann''.

      You speak for a lot of people when you say that. But,It should be questioned. Why all of that would happen in either a murder or an abduction of a civilian is beyond anyone with a mind that can think critically.

      In the context of familiar crimes, abduction evidences its own normality - person disappears without trace, ransom demands may follow and/or a corpse be discovered.

      Such cases do not typically stimulate involvement of the secret services.

      The conclusion that Madeleine McCann's 'abduction' was out of the ordinary appears inescapable therefore.

      However, Scotland Yard's insistence on investigating mundane hypotheses would suggest otherwise.

      So (and this is a paraphrase of the question you raise above), what is the nature of the abnormality that required state intervention, and to which the Portuguese were no doubt a party?

    3. Your comment is addressed to Ziggy but I hope you don[t mind my replying to the last paragraph 12:41.

      I suspect the 'abnormality that required state intervention.....' was the enormous fuck up made by those who responded to the McCanns pleas immediately without checking out the facts. It may well have been a 'thick of it' moment in Whitehall, a massive Oops they couldn't erase so had to make the most of. And they did, Madeleine's face was an advertiser's dream.

    4. True.If they were innocent 10 years ago why would they?If they lost their daughter and couldn't find her then, does that mean they should give up ?Are they supposed to travel Europe with spade in hand digging up every inch of field or sand just to placate the haters ? Or, in an ever-shrinking global village, would it be better to plaster her face on websites where most people in the western world prefer to live now

      Sorry Ziggy, but such stupid sweeping statements do you no favours!!

      If they were innocent, then here is what they "SHOULD" have done (more or less) which is incidently what they said they would do untill being made arguidos.

      With lets say £2 million in the bank, they could have rented a small property in PDL probably for the rest of their lives, then spend ALL their freetime leafleting, searching, asking questions and publicising MBM`s plight from PDL. I am sure there would be a lot less doubters if they were still in PDL now and advertising their search from there. They would probably have had a lot more donations in the last 10 years as well to keep them going. If they were innocent they would have had nothing to fear and could have walked with their heads held high around PDL. Alas having scarperred ASAP (2 days) after they became suspects they lost that right, and in moved the dark cloud, which is why they never go back to PDL (unless you believe KM`s secret visits). If it was MY child you would have had to drag me out of PDL kicking and screaming, and then spend every day for the rest of your life trying to stop me getting back in. I certainly would not be sofa hopping or going on BGT or ""runs" or missing children charities functions. I would be In portugal, thanking the public for their donations by SEARCHING for my child EVERYDAY and EVERYWHERE for the rest of my LIFE, which is what the money was given for !!! To me it is quite clear that they could not give a SH1T. (Sorry about the language Ros).
      A Fan

    5. I agree A Fan @20:33, and I would never diss the dogs.

    6. Now your form of searching I understand 'A Fan', as I am sure do most people. And I totally agree. Had the McCanns used their time in PDL to search for Madeleine, and returned again and again as the Needhams did, the public would have been more inclined to believe their search was genuine.

      I think it is astounding that they were able to convince so many for so long, that Madeleine was alive and findable. But of course their search has only ever been focused on Madeleine being alive. They want no truck with anyone searching for a body, which is bizarre. They are supposedly devout Catholics, laying their daughter to rest properly and finding closure through prayer is all part of their religion.

      I don't know that the parents failure to return to PDL is because they don't give a sh1t (no probs A Fan), rather, they don't want the area around Warners to be searched again.

      For all the criticism of Operation Grange, they haven't continued the McCanns search in Rome, Dublin and Washington, they went back to PDL and dug up areas close to the holiday apartment.

      I think it is significant that the parents have always steered the search away from where Madeleine disappeared. It began on the first night with their desperate pleas to shut the borders and it has continued ever since.

  21. 4

    Sometimes it's best to hold your cards close to your chest.Leave thoughts unspoken.Show them too early, or speak too soon and the game's lost.

    '' ROBERT MURAT: He basically told me it was a game of two halves and as the night before I hadn’t confessed, erm, then, he would get me on the second half''

    Amaral : '' It was all a matter of time. The McCanns knew that I was going to get them."

    The total conviction of a focused and confident hunch. About two unrelated parties for the same crime.

    1. Most investigations begin with more than one suspect Ziggy, and if he had just gone after the parents I am sure there would have been a lot more complaints.

  22. Ros says:
    "Finally, in the Portuguese Civil Courts, the truth in the case of missing Madeleine McCann has been the victor."


    1. Amarals bud Rui Pereira..

      Let me add, that I feel most reassured because the Court of Appeals produced a balanced decision, and even though the case isn't over yet, it's a civil process and there is still an appeal to the Supreme, it seems to me that what the Court of Appeals concluded is correct. It doesn't say that the investigation of the Judiciary Police is truthful but says that what is revealed in the book corresponds to the investigation, and therefore, within the freedom of information, within the freedom of the press, can be made public.

  23. Amaral would mak money from suing all the scabs who posted his book online for free and lost him income.

    1. I hope he sues all the sites that published his book online.

  24. "It is unlikely that the MSM will make very much of Goncalo Amaral's victory in the Portuguese Supreme Court this week."

    Apart from the fact that you chose to publish a blog about what May was wearing, you were wrong.

  25. So now the decision it out we can expect Sonia to publish her documentary and you to publish your Mccann book?

  26. Hi Ziggy@21:02
    '' Gerry and Kate McCann were lauded as heroes and survivors of a brutal third world Justice system that couldn't be arsed to look for their daughter''.

    No they couldn't be arsed to look after their kids in an unsecured apartment in a foreign country.

  27. 'ello @john

    You're stating a fact John and it can be proved, and i agree.It's indefensible. They are guilty of leaving the kids in a vulnerable situation. they'll no doubt feel the life sentence that will bring. But they haven't challenged the fact that they left them there alone. They've challenged the 'fact' that, in a country that had already had 31 child -abductions in the year leading up to May 3 2007,that they hurt, molested, harmed, or killed accidentally or deliberately.

  28. C'omm be honest - who the hell reads Ziggy's posts (apart from Ros)

    I don'teven think she/he maybe not on the dark side.

    1. It's like another Tony Bennett. There'll be loads of blue highlights next. Just someone else who likes the sound of his own voice.

    2. John100 3 February 2017 at 23:07

      “…they couldn't be arsed to look after their kids in an unsecured apartment in a foreign country.”

      John 100 would’ve been wrong to state that as anything other than an opinion (if he had indeed stated it as a fact). Such an opinion would’ve been based on the admissions whose truth remains unexamined.


      “You're stating a fact John and it can be proved, and i agree.”

      There seems to be no point in asking you for a proof since you are wrong to agree.

      To ease your readers’ journey through your posts, you might consider using ‘its’ and ‘it’s’ correctly. Smaller paragraphs would also be helpful. :)

      I like reading your posts however. Please continue.


  29. @23:41

    You read every word, surely.How else could you make such a worthless, pointless observation unless you didn't read every word ?

    But, well done. You've devised a really clever way to criticise a contributor without having to consider and dismantle their points. I wonder why.

    There's two sides to every coin. '' Heads you win, tails you don't lose, is NOT how it works in an honest game''- key word 'honest'.

    It's possible to still hold a particular position AFTER giving it's opposite position as much thought and analysis as your own . But if all you do is tighten the blinkers and, at the same time, dismiss out of hand any other view,your argument and position looks progressively weaker and less tenable to genuine neutrals who balance logic and common sense.I know those two words are red rag to a bullshitter, but they can stand on their own two feet.

    PS : ''C'omm be honest... I don't even think he maybe not on the dark side''.

    Where do I even begin unravelling that mess...

  30. @ Ros

    I agree, most cases, especially like the PDL one, begin with more than one suspect.In fact, they should have the tag line :

    ''Everyone's a suspect until eliminated from now''.

    That's what I mean about showing your hand. Amaral , or any lead detective, isn't under obligation to go public with who he suspects. He could have had a shortlist of 10 and then 5 and so on. But going so public damaged the case and damaged his reputation . He put his neck on the line and it was removed sharpish . We see it hear all the time in high profile cases. The lead investigator has the same line :'' we have ongoing lines of investigation and if there are any significant developments you will be informed''

    The danger of naming names ahead of charges can be damaging. The most recent high profile one that comes to mind in the UK was Christmas day 2010 when Christopher Jeffries was named publicly as the suspect in the murder of one of his tenants , Joanna Yeates . Every mainstream paper's front page had huge photographs of him the next day and the public 'realised' suddenly how 'weird' he was in interviews prior to arrest. After the public crucifixion of his character, he went on to be a pretty high profile case in the Leveson inquiry farce. Thankfully, the real killer was arrested before Jeffries was subjected to the worlds largest jury- twitter.

    All that said, i still believe that those above Amaral would have removed anyone else who went after the McCanns and went so public about it . The surface shows an assault on Amaral's competence by his superiors . That was the official reason he was removed .But, if we never scratch at surfaces, we never dig up anything of any worth.In this instance, it's served to ensure that those who operate from the wings are never brought to centre stage and into the glare of the spotlight . In the meantime, those up in cheap seats with the worst view continue to boo and hiss at what they can see . Not what they can't .

    1. You seem to forget the first arguido named was Robert Murat, arguably you could say RM was put in the same position as Jeffries and he was of course awarded substantial damages by several British newspapers.

      The idea that the McCanns should have been above suspicion is ludicrous Ziggy. In most claimed child abductions, the parents ARE involved, statistics have proved this time and time again. Long before we even knew Goncalo Amaral's name, the parents were under suspicion, not least because of their bizarre behaviour.

      The parents behaviour wasn't normal Ziggy. And while you can argue that no-one knows how the parent of a missing child should behave, we all know how we would have behaved. That is we would not have stopped physically searching until we dropped, and we wouldn't haven't given two hoots what we looked like.

      Goncalo Amaral cannot be blamed for the suspicion that grew around the parents. It was all their own doing! They were too well groomed, too articulate and even those without a fake degree from a fake language quack, could see that they were manipulating us. This may come as a surprise to Clarence Mitchell and his ilk, but the general public are not as stupid as he thinks.

      Within days of Madeleine's disappearance the McCanns were appearing regularly on our TV screens, looking amazing and telling us leaving toddlers alone in a holiday apartment is responsible parenting.

      The backlash against every McCann TV appearance had nothing to do with GA or any information that was allegedly being fed to the press by the PJ, it was all down to the parents' terrible acting.

      The flimsy allegation that GA was removed from the case for talking to the press, remains flimsy. GA was removed from the case because he was closing in. The Smith family were flying back to PDL to give their statements.

    2. Rosalinda @12:37

      "The idea that the McCanns should have been above suspicion is ludicrous Ziggy."

      "The parents behaviour wasn't normal Ziggy"

      You appear to be attributing to ZS claims he does not make.

      What was it you said elsewhere about 'Projection'?

    3. I refer you to Ziggy's final paragraph '......... those above Amaral would have removed anyone who went after the McCanns and so public about it'.

      How would you interpret that?

      With 'the parents behaviour wasn't normal', I was introducing reasons for the suspicion surrounding the McCanns BEFORE the name of GA was known to the press.

    4. Rosalinda @14:04

      "I refer you to Ziggy's final paragraph '......... those above Amaral would have removed anyone who went after the McCanns and so public about it'.

      "How would you interpret that?"

      Exactly as Ziggy intended. Those above Amaral had their reasons for dousing the flames, but that does not equate to the McCanns being 'above suspicion' as far as the rest of us are concerned.

      DCI Redwood is the only police representative to have made such a public declaration AFAIK.

      "With 'the parents behaviour wasn't normal', I was introducing reasons...."


  31. @Ros 01.06

    I'm not claiming that threats made to the children were genuine, I'm only saying that they were posted. The chances are, they were posted by some sad case. But a sad case who kissed the real world bye bye to live his new life, with his new powers of invisibility, is a ticking time bomb often enough.How many women have been beaten ,stalked,raped, or killed out there after taking the first steps online ? It's a frightening figure. If your kids were threatened, could you afford to take the gamble on it being rubbish ? It could well have been from team McCann via Mitchell - it certainly fits his MO . But, if the McCanns are being 'handled' unaware to themselves, they wouldn't be privvy to those tactics. That's only my suspicion, admittedly, that they're being used. Mitchell would keep them in the loop that he decides . Remember, Mitchell was first and foremost answerable to Westminster's finest . Gerry McCann will no doubt be told of developments, but how does he really know how much he isn't informed of? I'd say, as a rough estimate, once you remove the fake sightings all over the world and the new persons of interest are used and then put back, that 75% of the whole affair is in closed books and locked files.That is including Amaral's fate.

    Ros @ 01:017
    Michael Wright may well have been heading the team. he said so , so it must be true. Is it just a coincidence that, on his shoulder like a pirate's parrot scrutinising every word from every mouth , sat Clarence Mitchell, who happens to have 30 years experience in that arena that's propelled him up the ladder ?
    Honour is a subjective concept in this context. The McCanns mistake was, as you say, leaving the kids alone. There's no coming back from that one.But it makes them neglectful and careless. It doesn't make them psychotic or paedophiles .


    1. In all the years I have been commenting on the McCann case, here and in forums and facebook pages, I have NEVER seen any threats towards the kids, and as said before, MW could not produce them in Court.

      I personally treat threats online in the same way as I would in the real world. People resort to threats because they don't have the intelligence or the vocabulary to win their argument any other way. They are the opposite of threatening or frightening, the last resort of the powerless, or the toddler who lashes out because they can't explain themselves.

      The idea of going into panic mode because some weirdo threw a tantrum online is ludicrous. Those who live in fear do so through their choice Ziggy. If they choose to spend their nights petrified that an online predator is about to climb in their bedroom window, that's up to them. It almost never happens, but if they believe they are that one in a billion, let them crack on. I always advise people not live in fear of 'dark imaginings, many fears are borne of fatigue and loneliness....'. (Desiderata)

      I am intrigued by the distance you are trying to put between Clarence and Gerry, Ziggy. Have they crossed swords?

      I do agree with you that the McCanns have been used, the cherubic face of Madeleine suited many political agendas. When someone screams 'think of the children', it gives the green light to ID cards, compulsory DNA testing, extreme vetting at borders and access to our confidential information online.

      Then of course we have Hacked Off. That conglomerate of prissy, self obsessed, disgruntled 'victims' of the press demanding their absolute right to censor everything the press says about them. But the McCanns entered the Leverson Inquiry with relish, with Hacked Off, it is not clear who is/was using who.

      In any event, vexatious litigants, Gerry and Kate were happy to turn on all the hands that previously fed them. I wonder how all those media moguls, especially those who have been stung by Carter Ruck, now feel about the '10 year exclusive' currently being hawked by Clarence? Especially Rupert Murdoch who got a custard pie in his face?

      The McCanns mistake had dire consequences Ziggy. And while I can see the parents must have some sort of mechanism to deal with their guilt, downplaying their mistake as something that could happen to anyone is wrong on every level. They are shifting the blame for what happened to Madeleine onto the police and all those who kind volunteers who were out searching! It is their refusal to accept any blame that gets peoples' heckles up Ziggy.

  32. (cont)

    As for Amaral's go fund me page. I'm not condemning anyone for setting one up or him for accepting it. I'm condemning those who brought about his situation. Have two members of the public from a foreign country got the power to freeze his assets ? Look at it that a moment. A couple being accused of what a detective perceives as covering up the death of their child has his assets frozen by them because they're angry.

    Ros @ 01:34

    I didn't misinterpret your words. I know it isn't you suggesting that Portugal is a third world entity but that others have said it. The 'sardine munching' comment is, I suppose, racist to a degree but juvenile for sure.It isn't worth dignifying with an argument. He's obviously an idiot.

    I've said earlier on the thread that the 'keep searching' for Madeleine now is pointless. She's 13 now and was 3 then. She isn't made out of pixels, she's a human being. Computer generated age progression is stupid.

    The argument over releasing the pictures of Madeleine and using the 'eye' motif has two sides. Remember, it was still fresh back then. The police suggested it would in some way persuade her abductors to remove the distinguishing feature -therefore placing her in danger. What could they do instead ? The distinguishing feature would assist anyone considering phoning in a sighting. If they removed it from pictures, it would dissuade them from calling - '' oh it's not her, Madeleine had that thing in her eye''. Who makes that judgement call ? The parents are panicking and want to try it.Or can we start looking for a 13 year old Madeleine lookalike with a glass eye now ? I'm afraid i think the police got this one wrong.

    ''As for trying to sneak the Truth of the Lie into the literature/fiction section, lol, nice try. Real life crime would be the appropriate genre.''

    It would be if it was a real crime, with convictions in the bag and the case closed.But, for all the reasons debated surrounding this case, it isn't, and that's unlikely to change. It will sit next to the Jack The Ripper files and underneath Lord Lucan's .

    Isabel Duarte : ''My understanding from reading the appeal ruling is that the judges have decided Amaral was entitled to write a book the court calls a literary book....the court is basically saying he had the right to express his opinions.''

    Her words, not mine.

    ( shall we shhh now before we're told to get a room ?)

    1. The McCanns did have Goncalo's assets frozen Ziggy, that is a fact. The Amarals had to separate to save the family home. They also seized thousands of books - I don't know if these have yet been returned.

      You and indeed Isabel can spin as much as you like Ziggy, lol, but Goncalo's book The Truth of the Lie, is the definitive 'Madeleine' book for anyone interested in this case. It is the book that will fly off the shelves when Operation Grange and the PJ finally accept there wasn't an abductor.

  33. @ Ros 13:53

    I've never commentated on the Madeleine case ,or similar, until on this blog. It's often come up in conversations when other things i've looked into, and commentated on, of similarly 'mysterious' makeup that are more often than not accompanied by official vesrsions that would be hilarious if the subject matter wasn't so dark . My interest sparked in December with all the Ramsey coverage. This being the case, I never visited social networks, as I learned a few years ago that, more often than not, all that can be viewed is people passing each other the same parcel and expecting it to change.Other than that it's vapid displays of ego mania and bullshit. I prefer to dig and delve anywhere else, and decide if I'm reading a balanced view or a biased view. It isn't that hard, as you know. In the Madeleine case, because there is no official evidence,because the victim is tiny and innocent, and because the suspects( at one point) are from the 'comfortable' middle class, and because it's setting is in an exotic place, there's an Agatha Christie, Poirot, Columbo festival that's grown from it. All those CSI episodes, and all those episodes of Cracker we were fascinated by ( dramas by the way, not documentaries) suddenly seem as though they were mean't to be.We could now use our perceived qualifications as forensics experts and psycholgical profilers and solve the ultimate crime of our time. It's not like there's a handful in the team either.There's a million and counting who 'know' who did it , and how.And still they walk free.The frustration of that situation soon manifests as anger and who is it aimed at ? The suspects. Are they supposed to arrest and charge themselves ? I see nothing, or next to nothing, aimed at the army that could have nailed the case but chose, instead, to close it in all but name. If they're protecting or covering up for, the McCanns, why all the hate at the McCanns ? I can't get my head around that.

    I don't know if any genuine threats were made directed at the twins, but I know it was reported. The odds are not a billion to one that threats online will be carried out. They're a hell of a lot shorter. I know people who've had seven shades kicked out of them, a woman who was attacked, one killed. It's hard to hold the opinion that the internet is populated by thousands of lunatics and also say you'd ignore a threat, even against your kids.If the threats are idle, great. What if they're not ?

    The distance i put between GM and Mitchell is the distance I suspect exists. He jumped at the role of ring master of this circus . He loves cameras and microphones and the sound of his own bullshit. He loves to delegate so much he's taken anal retention to a level that even Freud would choke at (no slip intended). he briefs everyone; he gets the official secrets act signed by small time actors in reconstructions ; he takes questions on TV as they stand behind. Everyone comments on the Gm snarling face and how miserable he looks and reads it as arrogance and badness. He might just have a reason or two for it. I've watched the same footage and I personally think he battles with himself not to knock Mitchell on his arse.He looks like he could throw a decent dig and Mitchell's jaw was made for that. GM's increasing anger and frustration is seen mostly when he gets wound up discussing media bosses and asking just who has done what for two years ? A guilty man( as the internet have decided) in his position would know his bread's already been buttered on both sides and not to stick his neck out.

    1. I imagine Gerry and Clarence have probably been at loggerheads for quite some time Ziggy, and I suspect, Jim Gamble too. Three alpha males vying for airtime. There have been too many massive fuck ups for them all to be on amiable terms, not least the Brenda Leyland tragedy.

      In the early days everything they touched turned to gold, but those heady days have long gone. That's why a book would be difficult at the moment, I want to know who was responsible for the really bad, really reckless, decisions and ideas. Gerry and Clarence bonded on that flight back to PDL. I'm guessing they shared a few drinks and a few grandiose schemes. Clarence is obsequious enough to have treated Gerry like a much valued client, and Gerry would have lapped up the flattery. I see Clarence more as Thomas Cromwell to Gerry's Henry VIII, a whisperer in the royal ear'ole, and a guide to the loot. Whether he has more success keeping his Henry under control than Thomas is debateable. I suspect like many spin doctors, he is left with little but damage control. Gerry does what Gerry wants, remember the good marketing ploy?

      Gerry's fall back position btw, is victim, ergo, as long as he is wildly pointing the finger of blame at others, he can feign anger and frustration. Madeleine's loss is due to the incompetence of others, not his own selfish decision to leave the children unattended. If he doesn't blame others, he will have to blame himself, and that will never happen.

    2. Whilst I agree some of the armchair detectives are completely delusional Ziggy, most of the antis have reached their conclusions based on evidence available. And of course, on the excellent account of the investigation in Goncalo Amaral's book. It is only a few who claim to know more than the police and GA, and we all agree they are bonkers.

      This case is unique because there is so much evidence available. Who knew the PJ were going to release their investigation files? And it is impossible to read those files and GA's book and still believe there was an abductor.

  34. (cont)

    Those stats you mention are face value stats. You suggest abductions are mostly by a parent. They're not.If using statistics in a case as important as this, you would have to do a meta analysis. For instance, how many of those parents were still married and living together and how many were estranged ? How many were from overseas but living in a different culture.

    Mitchell's trying to re-sell the Madeleine case but he knows people are tired of it's red herrings and lies about new leads.He knows he, and his bosses, have killed the case.Mission accomplished. My question is who chose the mission and why. Careers were lost, huge funds were donated, mass media was employed.All by the people at the top-not the public.The public joined in early when they bought the story.

    The McCanns left their kids alone. That can't be defended.In their hearts they know that.And that's where they're paying.They always will. I believe, one day, the brown stuff will be too big to contain and it will fly at an equally big fan.I wouldn't want to be between the two, that's for sure.I also believe, somebody will be identified as the perpetrator of what ever happened to Madeleine. All questions will have their answers and all suspicions will be confirmed or destroyed. Like everyone else watching, I have my thoughts on it all.Until i looked deeper and wider I assumed the McCanns had got away with it.I believe, behind the make up, lights and scripted answers, there's a few people losing their smugness as we speak. They can't hide forever.

  35. Here is a simple experiment to disprove bennett and macleod and others over the weather on the day the last photo was taken.

    open this page

    It is safe - it is a live webcam for Praia da Luz
    Webcam at Bar Habana.

    It takes a snapshot every 10 minutes and therefore records the weather and especially the sunshine/clouds.

    If you open it today 05/02/17 and then click to scroll back in 10 mins intervals you will see how often the sun came out and then went in.

    Remember - this is Feb and not May!

    1. "If you open it today 05/02/17 and then click to scroll back in 10 mins intervals" (for the past decade) "you will see how often the sun came out and then went in" (during the first week of May 2007).

      For Pete's sake don't give up your day job in pursuit of that Nobel prize.

    2. Anonymous 5 February 2017 at 21:44

      “For Pete's sake don't give up your day job in pursuit of that Nobel prize.”



  36. Ros I notice you have mentioned statistics again: "In most claimed child abductions, the parents ARE involved, statistics have proved this time and time again"

    So I will repeat my previous question:

    "Anonymous30 January 2017 at 10:36

    @ Ros 01.20

    What are the statistics on someone receiving a formal notice in a supermarket for threatening an annoying chid with a bunch of spring onions?"

    1. No idea 18:30, but given the variety of potential weapons in the produce section, quite small I would imagine.

    2. Rosalinda, Cristobell Hutton 6 February 2017 at 01:06



  37. Maybe Ziggy will be able to jump in and answer the question addressed to Ros?

  38. I'm struggling with the thread..sorry. I keep scrolling back up and finding insertions of posts that were not there before.The continuity makes me dizzy. I'll try and address a point I've just found.


    My 'stupid, sweeping statement' was neither stupid, or sweeping. It didn't suggest that the 'murdering' McCanns were obviously guilty either so I suppose the response is to be expected.God forbid someone tries to try and go a way to achieveing a debate that has more than one side.

    I can see the rest of your points. I'd be the same had I had my child abducted in a foreign country.I wouldn't be able to rest, or to live haunted for the rest of my days. Let's say, as you do, they had that 2M in the bank. Your position presupposes that the payment was a kind of unofficial compensation payment for their loss, or if you want to stretch that even further, the pain and suffering brought about the -officially- bungled investigation. Of course, we know none of those components exist when funding is mentioned.It wasn't handed to them to do as they wanted.They were told( we're led to believe) what we too were told-it was a 'fighting fund'.Whoever rubber -stamped the cheque somehow knew a long fight lay ahead, rather than a case being solved.It was later referred to as a 'war fund' by Cameron. And he, Blair, Brown et al know well enough how expensive wars can be.

    The McCanns had their life at home. They had careers and a mortgage. If they'd have thrown the cash at a villa in the sun can you imagine the backlash ?''Those murdering bastards win a holiday villa in the sun '' and the like.But, the other view is ''wouldn't you think those bastards would use some cash to buy a place in PDL to search''. The usual 'lose,lose'. They could have gone on a leafleting tour. They could post pictures, posters and postcards of Madeleine ( complete with the 'eye anomaly' that everyone has used to suggest they used in order to place her in danger because the police said so).But, chat shows all over the globe add up to millions of eyes seeing what a few thousand would see on leaflets.And, as Madeleine had embarked on a world tour, according to our own Scotland Yard, it made sense to make one. Also, the tens of thousands of internet detectives who pretend to want justice( it sounds better than 'see the McCanns in jail') would also see her and be kept up to date if it was put online. I think that constitutes 'searching' rather than leafleting a town with a population of under 4,000. The same town that had 600 'foot soldiers' already on the case.

    The money was given for reasons. 400,000 reasons went to Oakley International who were trusted investigators.They were liars. 500,000 reasons a year went to multi millionaire Lord Bell, who promised to use the press to promote the cause. That isn't leaving much change is it. And, don't forget, dear old Clarence will dance for change too.That money is an investment.And not by the McCanns.

    1. I have to challenge your idea of searching Ziggy.

      Plugging the picture of 3 year old Maddie won't help find her and the same applies to the age progressed pictures. They are more about hope for the family of missing children than they are about finding them. The age progression pictures are so generic they could be any white schoolgirl. And is it really a good idea for the public to accuse random families of stealing Maddie?

      Search for most of us Ziggy, means a physical search of the location where Madeleine went missing. The McCanns could have avoided much of the suspicion that surrounds them, if they and their large holiday party, had actually joined in with the searches. Not just on the actual night, but in the days and weeks that followed. You can imagine how the searchers felt, toiling in the hot sun and having their arms and legs torn by brambles, watching Gerry and Kate having a daily run in matching sportswear. It was actions such as these that made the public dislike the McCanns, not the then unknown Goncalo Amaral.

      The McCanns form of searching, could be interpreted as leading the police, the public and the searchers AWAY from PDL. Immediately, they spoke of closing the borders and putting up road blocks. And by 1.00am one of the tapas group was telling fellow Brit Jes Wilkins that his help wasn't needed with the search.

      The Needham family returned to the Greek island where Ben disappeared many times, and with spades and tools for their search. The McCanns have only returned to Portugal for their Court battles with Goncalo Amaral. Even when Scotland Yard went to PDL with diggers, they didn't stand vigil or go along there to pray, should their poor child's body have been recovered. Odd, given the religious fervour they had in the summer of 2007.

      The McCanns are in such a state of denial, that it surely must be uncomfortable, and a little embarrassing, for those [pretending] to go along with 'Madeleine is still alive'. At what point do the sycophants stop patting Kate and Gerrys hands, and saying yes dear. How much longer will the British establishment continue to make them feel better by writing blank cheques for police investigations that don't go anywhere?

      The only people expected to search for Madeleine are the general public. Not the parents, not the police, not the massive donated fund, but ordinary people all over the world.

      The word 'search' really needs to be clearly defined with regard to Madeleine. What does it mean? What are the McCanns asking people to do?

    2. Exactly Ros. And if you look again Ziggy what I actually said was RENT not buy! as for mortgage and a home, are you trying to tell me that that is more important than finding their daughter? Ever heard of commuting, I commute from Spain to the UK every month for work. There is NO excuse, if your life has been changed so dramatically then selling your house to move to portugal for such a noble cause would not be critisised by ANYONE. Lets face it, it was good enough for them to holiday there and if im right plenty of other people are permanent residents. So please dont try to BS me on this. With regards to the £2 million, if i recall correctly they received between £1-2 million in donations from the public in a fairly short space of time in the form of cash, cheques and people being able to pay staright in to their ltd co bank account !! It was not compensation. And seeing as they have had over £4 million in 10 years that works out at around £35,000 (35 thousand) A MONTH!!! Im sure with that they could have based their search in PDL and been seen to be searching. Every time they use the word "search" it boils my piss as its the one thing THEY HAVE NEVER DONE!!
      A FAN

    3. I used to post on an old AOL message board (war zone)in the early days of Madeleine disappearing. It was completely unmoderated and divided into two distinct sides, pro's and anti's. It was like one of those illegal backstreet fights, where spitting, hair pulling, eye gouging and below belt punching were applauded. One of the more amusing posters had an avatar dressed in armour.

      I mention the old Europe board, because it followed every 'scam' in depth, in real time. The private detectives were the 'pretendy' detectives, a front to cover up the fact that there was no actual 'searching' going on. I mean realistically, was there ever any chance of the most famous child in the world travelling from continent to continent? Who bought that shit and who still does?

      Whilst the myth that Madeleine may be alive is comforting for the parents, it has proven to be very expensive for the governments of two countries. It has also allowed the parents to ban an alternate explanation for Madeleine's disappearance. An action that allowed the parents to maliciously pursue the former detective who did no more than his job in trying to find their daughter. They have been absolutely ruthless in stamping out alternate opinion, demanding changes in UK Laws. Even now they have lost their 8 year legal battle with Goncalo Amaral and are faced with a mountain of costs, they are still using Clarence to threaten any British publisher or distributor who sells the Truth of the Lie in the UK. You have got to admire their front!

      On the question of legal costs, I see no-one is daring to mention the true scale of what those costs will be. Gerry and Kate do not scrimp with their lawyers, they are the walls around their fortress. However, they do not come cheap, don't take my word for it, look at the costs they incurred in their battles against the loon Tony Bennett. All of which I am sure are annotated and cross referenced in the cesspit.

      I suspect this loss is the real disaster the McCanns feared the most. What's left in the Fund would barely have covered the trivial matter of Bennett, let alone the fees of 4 legal firms for 8 years. They may have made provision to protect their home (which can be challenged), but who knows how far the jurisdiction of the Portuguese Courts can go in the UK.


    4. But returning to your point A Fan. The Search. Handing out leaflets and appealing on television is again asking others to their searching for them. They are asking the rest of us to get out there and search and act weird around young teenage girls. Do they stare into the eyes of all their kids' friends?

      The fact that the McCanns never got their hands dirty in their search for Madeleine, is, I believe, one of the main causes for the bad feeling against them.

      In addition, in all the years Madeleine has been missing, they have very rarely used their TV appearances to appeal directly to their daughter and her abductor. Madeleine is now 13, and if she lives a 'normal' life, she will have access to media. In addition of course, to the memory of once being called Madeleine and having a mummy and daddy called Kate and Gerry. Wouldn't that be more effective than handing out zillions of flyers and asking people to spy on their neighbours?

      Searching for Maddie isn't now, and never should have been about getting a record number of hits on a website. It was, and still is, about putting on the hiking boots and traipsing miles and miles of rough terrain until you drop, just like the proactive families of other missing people. Their need to lay their child to rest with dignity being as intense as their 'need to know'. Words we rarely hear from Gerry and Kate.

      I think their hopes of revitalising a 'search' for Madeleine once Operation Grange is over, are slim to zero, that particular zeitgeist has passed. It would be like watching 80's pop stars re-launch themselves. Awkward.

      At the moment getting an offer for that 'exclusive' is pretty much all they have to save them from the Lisbon Court disaster. And seriously, how many exclusives can you sell? Doesn't that devalue the whole 'exclusive' bit?

      The whole 'Fund' thing has become a bit awkward. Having said from the outset, and indeed all the way through, that Madeleine's Fund would not be used for legal costs, they are now saying the Fund will used to pay their debt to Goncalo Amaral? Where does it say that in the Company objectives?

      Having played fast and loose with the public donations, and making disingenuous claims about the profits of Kate's book, any further pleas for financial assistance will be frowned upon. It is now completely transparent that the McCanns will use Madeleine's Fund to pay their libel losses. Not a cause that is likely to be popular.

  39. Repeat unanswered question:

    "Anonymous3 February 2017 at 22:39

    So now the decision it out we can expect Sonia to publish her documentary and you to publish your Mccann book?"

    1. The decision in the Civil case is out, the police investigation continues.

  40. @anonymous 22:12

    ''5 February 2017 at 22:12

    Maybe Ziggy will be able to jump in and answer the question addressed to Ros?''

    Maybe Ziggy knows that Ros can stand on her own two feet.Maybe Ziggy knows Ros has skin thick enough to allow nutcase posts onto her blog despite them being silly.Maybe you should think before you log on.Grow up.

  41. The McCanns are said to be “extremely disappointed at ruling” according to The Sun and then the paper goes on quoting the McCanns, who still claim, that “there is no evidence that Madeleine has come to physical harm.”

    Honestly, I cannot think of any scenario in which Madeleine, if she were alive, would not by now be traumatized and suffer enormously, and that she must have done so from the very first minute, as she was snatched from her bed. How can any parent, who assume that their child/toddler has been abducted by a paedophile or a ring of paedophiles years ago, claim that his/her child has not been the victim of brutal physical and mental violence.

    If the joint Metropolitan Police-Policia Judiciaria investigation are looking for a healthy young teenager, they certainly won’t find Madeleine.

  42. I think the McCanns' claim that Madeleine has come to no harm, is a rebuttal of Goncalo's book and theory that she is dead Bjorn.

    But you are right, it is of course ridiculous. No parent could live with the thought of their child being held in a dungeon or being tortured, it would drive them insane. I truly do not know how they can cite victims kept in basements as sex slaves, as a beacon of hope.

    Your final line Bjorn hits the nail on the head, it should be emboldened and underlined. The thought of blending a 4 child into an existing family without arousing suspicion is ludicrous. Especially as that child's name and face and very distinctive eye, dominated the world's press for at least 2 years. At 4, Madeleine was a talkative child who knew exactly who she was. Even if they somehow managed to brainwash her, how would they get her through school, medical and dental checks, and all the social activities a normal childhood entails?

    It must be said Team McCann's ability to sell the impossible dream has set a benchmark for spin doctors. No more 'they'll never fall for that', with the right marketing and PR, black can indeed become white. There are still people out there who believe Madeleine is alive because the McCanns have said it enough times. It's pure Goebbells.

    1. @Ros 03:06

      I've stated more than once what I think about computer -generated age progression pictures. They're ridiculous . But they make 'good cover' for the propaganda arm of our elite that go under the guise of 'the press' . It also makes it appear that they're waging that 'war' they funded themselves. I've asked what people expect of the McCanns - a European tour with spades in hand ?

      Comparisons of the McCann case and any similar ( Ben Needham is the usual case referenced) are a waste of time. You need to find a case of a missing child that became an international incident that brought in an enormous body of politicians, intelligence and police from two countries. And that case would have to have huge 'funding for war' payments provided by said politicians as well as a family PR man( who had been a politician in a former life).It would also have to be a case that was taken over by a governments 'man on the inside' in order to 'control' all Q'n'A sessions and what the media were allowed( yes, allowed) to report. Don't Google- you won't find any. A better line of enquiry and research to contemplate would be to ask why the differences between the McCann and Needham situations are so vastly different . The Needhams had none of the above and were left with no option but to go and search alone. They had no press calls for donations and no political interest in their plight.But there was never any hushed talk or innuendo about highly placed people having a penchant for small girls or boys then . When such talk is nothing but scandalous rumour advanced by the over imaginative public, it can be ignored or laughed at. If it has any weight, it becomes a powder keg. The unprecedented interest by high ranking politicians, and their subsequent 'interference' and tampering suggest to me that nobody is ignoring or laughing at the hushed talk . Which leaves the powder keg. The whole operation was taken over by politicians early on and they've controlled the game ever since. The McCanns were told how to operate and what strategies would be the most effective with a clear 'leave the rest to us' implied when the cheques changed hands. I suspect the McCann's public announcements and appearances are little more than puppet shows. You can't see the strings being pulled though. They've brought suspicion upon themselves based on what they do and what they say. But what they do and what they say is dictated by those who paid them war funding. As long as the spotlight remains on them, the real perpetrator's are out of danger.It's as though the real perpetrators know for sure that they can never be caught. And that they've told the McCanns that they can't be either. Anyone would think the perpetrators knew for sure that no evidence will ever see the light of day and Madeleine will never be seen in public anywhere.

    2. Ziggy Sawdust @15:05

      One word: 'Yes'

  43. It's easy to say a lot of 'if it was me' type of lines when we hear about things like this.It's easy any time to say it. It's easy because of the 'if' . There's a big difference between making judgement calls and predictions about nightmare or life -threatening scenarios other people are in, or have been in, and actually being in them yourself. If you're plunged into a real life scenario you have a whole brand new mindset that has to take in horrendous possibilities. Sat drinking a coffee and reading the situations of strangers in those situations you can casually suggest what the right action would be or the right behaviour because nothing is at stake for you. Empathy would be useful in getting a better grip of the situation. That words only mentioned when the pseudo -sleuths are creating psychological profiles of the enemy - GM /KM. It fits the psychotic or narcissistic personality inventory that's been collectively designed,examined and summarised by people guessing. If they are ever charged and found guilty, that's when it will be time for actual psychologists to do that. In the meantime, all guesswork should take in two sides of the coin(again).

    In the Madeleine scenario -whatever it was or is , what can the parents think ? They're intelligent people. It doesn't take a degree to look at things in the cold light of day, and it doesn't take statistics on a page to inform them, or us, that these situations rarely have a positive outcome or happy ending and that a gruesome fate is too often the reality. Running around chasing leads that go nowhere and trying to sell the idea to people that she might be with a family somewhere is nothing more than hope and denial. Where there's hope, there's life, as they say. If, in darker moments, reality intrudes and the more probable scenario is entertained by the parents it must be like a dagger through the heart. I think those moments have visited the McCanns often.But if they voice even a hint of entertaining the thoughts that 99.99 % of online experts have already 'seen' in their own minds, there's a feeding frenzy and a race to spew the poisonn out.

    I can only recall a parent with a grasp of reality in this situation once. It was the father of a schoolboy who lived close to one of what we now know was a child brothel( for a lot of politicians) in London.His boy was seen being bundled into a car in the area and that was the end. He said he thought the kid had been trafficked, probably abroad( Amsterdam ) for child porn movies and worse. A journalist asked why he was so sure and why he was giving up hope so soon. The father's answer was to the point. He said that, if your child goes missing, the Police take your details and a search follows right away.But when the police turn up with a member of the intelligence service, you know it isn't just a police matter.The boy was never found or spotted.Not in England anyway.

  44. I have to say,, and im just putting this out there. Does anyone else think that this whole fiasco could possibly be a False Flag Operation with K and G and the Tapas lot as crisis actors?? If you research Sandy Hook, 7/7 london bombings,Nice parade lorry,9/11, boston marathon bombing etc then there does seem to be a lot of similarities. Ie, huge public donations, police investigations that go nowhere, mysterious and unexplained deaths of people involved or snooping to hard. obvious crisis actors (see sandy hook for some of the worst),a wider agenda (ie gun laws, war on terror,ID tags, amber alert,high level cover ups, children that no one seemed to know etc. And the greatest coincidence that all of these stories have is that at some point they have had the label Conspiracy Theory attached to them.
    Its just a thought, but I wonder if anyone else has thought the same at some point?

    1. At no point have I thought that 17:24, lol. That almost takes us into a whole Truman Show scenario, and no, I don't think there is a producer out there crazy enough, or indeed, cast, crew and investors, crazy to create such a high risk 'show'. And for some reason the thought of K and G being actors, brings to mind that Rock Hudson/Doris Day movie, where Rock, as a gay man, had to play a straight man pretending to be gay!

    2. @ Anonymous6 February 2017 at 17:24


    3. 17:24 Yes yes yes!

  45. Anonymous @17:24

    It's wrong to 'cherry pick' I know, but...

    "9/11,7/7 London bombings, police investigations that go nowhere, a wider agenda (war on terror) high level cover ups - all of these stories have...had the label Conspiracy Theory attached to them."

    You just might be on to something.

    1. well thanks @17.58, you never know. In my view K and G look more like crisis actors than real parents of a missing child. All the fake sad faces on camera and then smiling off camera (see robbie parker re sandy hook). I have not seen one genuine or even fake tear as yet, rather like on last nights program Tears of a murderer with the Philpotts et al. Then you have colin sahke (went to pdl) and barry jennings (911 janitor) who both died under mysterious circumstances (not to mention Brenda Layland who we have heard nothing official about). I could go on......

    2. @18:35

      Well Gerry did say, "Everyone's acting"

  46. Rock Hudson-gay ? The world's gone mad. Next you'll be saying James Dean was...


    I seriously doubt that this was a false flag op. Sandy Hook for sure ( that whole thing is a Grimm's fairy tale). So was 7/7.

    If there was a hidden agenda ( ie chipping kids etc), there would have been politicians front and centre, after a respectable passage of time, pitching ideas .The politicians involved in this nightmare avoid speaking about it even when ambushed. Margaret Beckett , Westminster's very own Kate Moss,typifies the cold, calculated, controlled and careful wording when confronted about it.She was interviewed early on when she was the newly( and shock-according to herself) appointed Home Secretary ( she didn't mention if being responsible for MI 5 was still her weekend job, we don't talk about that though ). Her response was laced with ice and brief to say the least.You could smell her fear.

    A false flag would have left a body to be discovered not too far away. It's all about impact and shock tactics.The only likely agenda would have to do with yet more surveillance or DNA banking and a genuine excuse for data mining. But, thanks to Assange and Snowden and on the ball commentators , we know they've been doing that for years now anyway. Besides, if all missing kids were chipped, can you imagine how many politicians would be subjected to dawn raids . No, not in their interest. Don't argue with our masters and their obsessive need to spy on every move we make, word we speak or thought we think, or you'll be a terrorist -sympathiser . Frau May and Herrs Blair and Bush will back me up on that .

    1. You hit it long there Ziggy, but im not totally convinced its outta the park!!!

    2. ZiggySawdust 6 February 2017 at 18:22

      “Rock Hudson-gay ? The world's gone mad.”

      Has the world gone mad?



  47. Anonymous @17:24

    Continuing your theme...

    How's your Portuguese?

    This may be something, or nothing, but consider the following claim made in 'Correio da Manha' (12.8.07):

    “Alípio Ribeiro, director nacional da Polícia Judiciária, recebeu uma chamada telefónica de John Buck, embaixador britânico em Portugal, na noite em que Madeleine desapareceu do Ocean Club, a 3 de Maio.

    “Por volta das 23h00, cerca de duas horas depois de ter sido participado o desaparecimento da criança, Alípio Ribeiro teve de interromper um jantar privado para ouvir o diplomata.

    Sentence two of The English translation freely reproduced at the time ran thus:

    “Around 11 p.m., approximately two hours after the child's disappearance had been communicated to the police, Alípio Ribeiro had to interrupt a private dinner in order to listen to the diplomat.”

    If you notice (and I don't think too many people have), the Portuguese version makes no reference to anything having previously been communicated to the Police.

    Rather, it is Alipio Ribeiro who is described as having been informed (ter sido participado) of the disappearance way before his 11.00 p.m. telephone conversation with Ambassador Buck.

    O.k. so Ribeiro was head of the PJ (police) at the time, but did he proceed to alert his colleagues at Portimao as one might reasonably expect?

    No he did not, or they'd have turned up well before midnight, which is when they first heard about it.

    Q: Was John Buck advising Ribeiro of something that had only recently occurred, or was he in fact discussing the finer points of detail regarding a disappearance Ribeiro already knew something about?

    1. its right up there with one of the waiters saying the alarm was raised at 9.30pm....... personally, I think anything is possible.....

    2. Anonymous 6 February 2017 at 18:32

      Thank you for the info and the question. I‘ve been ignorant of the claim.


  48. @18:32

    There was something rotten in the State of Portugal that night for sure. The more you open it up, the more you find in the neglected, darker corners of this box of tricks.

    I see a tsunami of opinions that discuss the 'behaviour' of the McCanns. It's normally about 4 or 5 points the beat to death.But that's all there is, unless you want to examine the behaviour of a lot of powerful people in the wings that night and since. Supporting those insightful claims are readers of movement, examiners of photographs and guitar tutors who can spot liars as if by magic. Nothing has come of that path which has been so well- travelled it's become a ditch.

    Climb out. Bring a torch.

    1. in another similarity that just came to mind, the donations web page for the victims families of sandy hook was dated 11th december 2012...3 whole days before the tragedy...and can anyone tell me if the wayback machine episode re MBM was ever actually cleared up??

    2. @22:06

      "can anyone tell me if the wayback machine episode re MBM was ever actually cleared up??"

      The answer to that might depend upon whom you ask.

      Ironically a certain person contacted the operation in the USA, insisting that the 30th April date under discussion could not be correct, because Madeleine was not reported missing until 3 May. She later went on to produce a video arguing that the child was not witnessed alive after the Sunday.

      You couldn't make it up. I certainly wouldn't want the woman as a Bridge partner!

      I believe the 'crawl' history of the CEOP page in question has been amended, such that the notorious 30th April version has been deleted altogether, leaving a later representation as the first accessible example.

      Since the 'Wayback' organization announce their preparedness to remove pages from the record, if requested to do so by clients, who might we suppose arranged for the CEOP history to be revised? Or are we to imagine that they dance to the tune of some random third-party objector?

      Interestingly the wording on their (legitimate?) 13th May page refers to Madeleine as 'missing for a number of days'.

      I thought the police were expected to have 'O' levels at least. Something is clearly off if they can't count beyond 3, or employ conventional English idioms to express elapsed time, e.g. 'a week', 'a fortnight', or even 'since May 3rd'.

      Surely the appeal wasn't drafted a couple of days in advance, before they knew exactly when the 'disappearance' would happen? That's what the discovery of a 30th April reference suggested after all.

    3. Ziggy Sawdust 6.2 @20:51

      "Climb out. Bring a torch."

      Thank you for the advice.

      I have already emerged from the mine, not entirely unscathed it must be said. Any points I might raise now are taken from my personal trophy cabinet of historical artefacts.

    4. Anonymous 7 February 2017 at 10:42



    5. Anonymous 6 February 2017 at 23:41



  49. @22:06

    The way back machine isn't reliable and can be edited to suit. The same way someone decided to 'find' a cache of GM's alleged registry number on the offenders list.I wonder why anyone would try that hard considering a mountain of proof was already available online..

    I've seen and read almost everything of any worth on Sandy Hook. It's up there with 9/11 in ludicrous stories. Nothing fits, nobody adds up anywhere. Once Obama had enjoyed his photo shoot and the masses started to pick it apart he was nowhere to be seen. That particular little mess backfired big time. If anyone suggests a fund was set up before Madeleine went AWOL, they can pass it to the press, the police and the PJ. After they've ridiculed it, they can pass it to twitter and Facebook where it will be held as nailed on concrete evidence that the McCanns are witches.

    The UK intelligence and US intelligence are as similar as Clouseau and Sherlock.

    1. Ziggy Sawdust 6.2 @23:08

      You seem to be tacking with the wind, or perhaps using one too many metaphors for ease of understanding.

      "The way back machine isn't reliable and can be edited to suit".

      The 'machine' is a actually a building full of computers. It cannot be 'edited' as you put it, although the data it handles can be.

      That said, are you suggesting someone 'hacked' into the system and planted a malevolent pre-history of a specific CEOP file?

      Amidst the 'ludicrous stories' attaching to 9/11 there are other, more serious concerns, such as the suicidal hi-jackers who turned up alive in different parts of the world afterwards, and the destruction of three buildings by only two planes, the registration number of one at least being 'spotted' on an airport runway subsequently.

      What exactly are you wishing to imply with respect to suggestions of premature fund-raising, and the similarities between UK and US intelligence operations?

      I'm sorry but your meaning is not entirely clear.

    2. Anonymous 7 February 2017 at 11:03

      Thank you for your post. I was about to post my somewhat similar thoughts.

      “I'm sorry but your meaning is not entirely clear.”

      Ziggy’s meaning is entirely unclear and I’m not sorry: they might be residing in bliss.



    3. ZiggySawdust 6 February 2017 at 23:08

      “The way back machine isn't reliable…”

      The Wayback Machine isn’t reliable because…??


  50. KM ('madeleine'):

    “On 2 October, the national director of the Polícia Judiciária, Alípio Ribeiro, removed from our case a detective named Gonçalo Amaral, the coordinator of the investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance. [...] The reason for his removal, it was said, was that he had made controversial remarks about the involvement of the British authorities in the investigation."

    1. @09:33

      "The reason for his removal, it was said, was that he had made controversial remarks about the involvement of the British authorities in the investigation."

      That was GA's own interpretation I believe. The question is whether Ribeiro saw fit to cure the symptom or the disorder?

  51. Did Ribeiro resign due to the fact that not everyone in Portugal shared his sentiments (KM) or did he take this decision because “he was tired of the constant media attention.” (Algarve Resident)?


    "Early that month Ribeiro also made a statement commenting on the continuing headlines in the press. He said that many were speculative or contained false information, adding that the police were still considering several other scenarios, not just the theory that Madeleine had been killed. Four months later, Ribeiro would remark in an interview that the PJ’s decision to make us arguidos had been ‘too hasty’.

    Finally, we thought, someone in authority was showing common sense and decency. But it seems these sentiments were not shared by everyone in Portugal. By May 2008, Sr Ribeiro was no longer in his post."

    ALGARVERESIDENT May 09, 2008
    Head of PJ resigns due to media pressure

  52. Anonymous 2 February 2017 at 14:12

    First thing first.

    “Self advancement at the expense of others is the essence of fraud.”

    Oxford Dictionaries differ. : “[mass noun] Wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.”

    “'Uncle Brian' told the world from the get go that the money would be used 'mainly for legal expenses'. No one can claim they weren't warned, only that they weren't really listening.”

    Let’s give a thought to what the McCanns’ Official Spokesman ‘told the world’, shall we?

    Clarence Mitchell (Radio Live, NZ, 20.09.07): “I’d stress as well that the money that people have donated from around the world is only being spent on that campaign and Kate and Gerry’s legal costs and media management in the shape of me that’s all coming from the financial benefactors who are contributing quite separately so that anybody who has given money to help find Madeleine need have no fear that their money is being spent on lawyers fees or anything like that.”

    You cannot claim you weren’t in a position to know, only that you really didn’t.

    What appears to be the case therefore is that very many, if not all, can properly claim that they have been wrongfully deceived and likely defrauded.


    1. Anonymous @12:08

      "You cannot claim you weren’t in a position to know, only that you really didn’t".

      Ah but I did. I was being ironic.

      You may think my spontaneous definition of fraud inadequate, but the dictionary interpretation doesn't appear to add much, if anything, of consequence. Fraud is of course criminal. It goes without saying (so I didn't).

      "What appears to be the case therefore is that very many, if not all, can properly claim that they have been wrongfully deceived and likely defrauded."

      That is most certainly true. Furthermore, quite apart from inappropriate, if not entirely illegal distribution of Fund income, should a solid case be made for the McCanns' having knowledge of their daughter's fate from the outset, they would surely be open to civil charges of fraud, on account of their soliciting donations for an altogether pointless search (e.g., the 'appeal' bucket pictured at the Ocean Club).

    2. Hi T, I actually read a Mail article this morning wherein Gerry and Kate and spelling it out [to Goncalo] that they have Carter Ruck on standby. Bizarrely, the article also states that they retain Carter Ruck through use of the Fund!

      Actually, I think I'm going to turn this one into a blog, the heckles are up!

      For ears they have stressed that the Fund is for the Search for Madeleine and when questions were asked about the use of the Fund, their spokesperson at the time, Esther McVie, stated categorically that the Fund would not be used for legal fees.

      The message in today's Mail is unequivocal. They are using Madeleine's Fund to sue anyone who challenges the abduction story. This will not bode well for any future cash appeals. Even billionaires shy away from vexatious litigants.

      Will the McCanns sue the Mail for saying they are using the Fund to pay Carter Ruck? I haven't read the objections of the registered Company recently (they change frequently), but hard to believe keeping the UK's most expensive lawyers on a retainer is among them.

      The Daily Mail have seriously damaged any future fund raising the McCanns may have in mind. Will they object or do they just not care anymore?

      I think it very unlikely that the McCanns already have 30 bids on the table. Clarence Mitchell was pitching the 10 year exclusive last year. In a literal sense an 'exclusive' should be just that, all the ins and outs that the other newspapers and magazines don't have. Of course it is easy to play fast and loose with the word exclusive, eg. Kim Kardashian, 'I was robbed', 'How I felt about being robbed', 'How I miss my diamonds', same story, 3 different 'exclusives'. That however is Miss Kardashian, the same does not apply to a 10 year old human interest story, that is merely an update of years 1 through 9.

    3. I read that to Ros, mind boggling wasnt it!! and they are letting comments through!!!
      A fan

  53. @ 11:03
    ''The 'machine' is a actually a building full of computers. It cannot be 'edited' as you put it, although the data it handles can be.''

    I concede that my knowledge of a lot of things 'IT' is pretty limited. I've read and tried to understand things and my success in understanding it is not much better. What i was driving at, was that some alleged 'archived records' -or web entries' are open to tampering should it be in the interest of certain people. I believe the global paranoia ( terror) that's been forced onto our consciousness has been the official line in justifying the powers that be to unleash their web -crawling spiders 24/7 ( national security , apparently).Plus, of course, the thousands of hackers employed in a poacher -turned-gamekeeper capacity for said powers. I mention this as it fits within the context of the suggested false flag scenario mentioned in recent posts. It isn't all Governmental, that's merely where the buck stops. The UK have MI 5 and MI 6. The US have the FBI and CIA. They carry out the orders .The Sandy Hook and 'Batman' shootings were clumsy.The best argument offered in defence of the official narratives is for a variety of shills or those in denial to call doubters( and critical thinkers) the old 'your tin hats showing lmao lololol ' and such . Sandy Hook was the one with pages on Facebook set up ahead of the event. That was the tip of a huge iceberg of bullshit. The page was 'disappeared' after first being edited. That wasn't ( to the best of my knowledge anyway) down to the way back machine, but it's my contention that 'damaging' information can be edited. I couldn't swear that any hacking took place Re CEOP files. All I'm suggesting is that with so many people in dangerously high positions of power involved in the McCann case, there is far more to it than just a murder or kidnapping.As such, I doubt very much that our intelligence service would have let anything through the net while Madeleine was still around and enjoying her holiday. It's way too amateur.

    As for 9/11. I think i must have seen a million videos and read a million documents. It certainly feels like it.It was only recently that i finally found the video interview that, for my money, is the absolute definitive explanation of how the towers really came down.It's a long interview and involves a whiteboard and a lot of talk about Physics( another area that i won't make any claims of expertise in). There's mention of the planes and Building 7 are looked into in depth. The man with the information is Russian. he's vanished now, as did his Wikipedia page about it.

    What I'm implying about the UK and US intelligence service isn't subtle. The FBI are highly intelligent, slick, highly trained, handsome( and beautiful too since women got to play a role) and never lose. But when you finish watching that movie or TV series, the real ones are shockingly clumsy and ham-fisted. They've been caught arming people then later arresting them as terrorists wanting to blow up 'the fed', they messed up Watergate, JFK, 9/11. They're dangerous. The UK have been far more accomplished in covert ops. Maybe it's because of our longer history and involvement in wars ( by wars i mean when two countries attack each other, not one attacks and one fights back in their own land).The UK are proud of their underhanded spies. We practically invented it. The US often confuse reality and the silver screen.

    1. Ziggy Sawdust @13:32

      Thank you. That's cleared a few things up!

    2. Yes I saw that video too Ziggy with the russian, If i recall correctly his theor was a nuclear bomb underneath the towers, and quite a compelling argument he made!! Though whether it would have turned the towers to dust (as is what happened) im not sure (and I also have seen every video on this subject too). The most compelling argument seems to be very powerful planted explosives throughout as shown up by the "squibs" in every video, and in my opinion collaborated by the more orthodox demolition of building 7.

    3. sorry...corroborated NOT collaborated.

  54. Anonymous 6 February 2017 at 17:58

    “Anonymous @17:24

    It's wrong to 'cherry pick' I know, but...

    "9/11,7/7 London bombings, police investigations that go nowhere, a wider agenda (war on terror) high level cover ups - all of these stories have...had the label Conspiracy Theory attached to them."

    You just might be on to something.”

    Anonymous 6 February 2017 at 22:20


    Well Gerry did say, "Everyone's acting"”

    You are on to something. Please continue.


    1. Anonymous @14:00

      GM made this remark as part of a lengthier statement to ITV on 25th May, 2007:

      "everyone is acting, some in big ways"

      Speaking personally I would not dispute that claim for a moment.

      If it's the more general theme above you wish me to elaborate, then please be patient while I don my tinfoil hat.

      The entente between 'W' and 'President Tone' established their corporate ethos, namely the 'war on terror', under which rallying cry they could (and did) instigate all manner of restrictions upon civil liberties.

      I make no apology for taking the view that 7/7 was the London version of 9/11. The British have a typically quaint way of emulating 'big brother' overseas - not quite so grandiose, but with the same general purpose in view.

      If you really want to frighten the home fans, stage a demonstration on their pitch. (It's not beyond the realm of possibility IMO that the same team of mercenaries came with a transatlantic recommendation).

      2007 and the 'war on terror' had still to be won. Having declared such a war however, it will have been obvious that the number of 'fronts' was potentially limitless. Any disaffected minority that could knit a 'balaclava' or two and fire a weapon could suddenly appear as the enemy.

      Of course the UK security services had one of those long before the spectre of middle-eastern martyrs ever arose. And I suspect that to be the context in which the unexpected disruption occasioned by Madeleine McCann's 'accident' played out.

      As extreme an idea as it may appear to some, I believe the McCanns were not ultimately responsible for Madeleine's disappearance, but that the scheme was put to them on behalf of the same state-sponsored consortium that has been pulling their strings ever since.

      Jim Gamble (Head of CEOP and formerly involved in NI security) was interested in identifying an Irish person, most probably male, as having been in the Algarve during late April, early May 2007.

      Exactly who that was we may never know, but such reconnaissance requires international co-operation, especially when it is part of a joint initiative to up-end terrorist activity (you may want your ball back, but you'll usually need the neighbour's permission to fetch it from his garden).

      As Kate McCann helpfully explains in her chapter 23, those are precisely the circumstances in which the away team CAN stage a pitch invasion without first appealing to the referee. Hence the new BEF, in the form of diplomats, ACPO, CEOP, Leicestershire Constabulary, Control Risks Group etc., etc.

      Keeping the spotlight on the McCanns throughout has made it all the more difficult to see what has been going on in the wings, but I find it impossible to imagine a pair of mediocre medics from Middle England suddenly being in a position to appoint Extradition lawyers from afar, disband the FSS, direct the Gold Group, and summon the FCO to meetings when it suited them.

      The McCann case is unique. Since none of the family are, including Madeleine, there has to be an explanation for it all which does not centre upon them.

    2. well, like 9/11 and 7/7 which were designed to induce terror in us..the MBM case as Ros has been telling us for a long time was also used to induce a kind of terror in us, ie..lurking paedos everywhere and children snatchers. Over the last 10 years it seems to me that when a child gets left alone by some numpty parent in the Uk or a foreign land, there is an inevitable link back to the Mccanns and we all know and remember that, which then stirs up emotional memories.It sounds wacky to me even as i type it, but i find it hard to shake of the feeling that maybe the whole MBM event has been staged, with a wider agenda in mind.

      I have 1 question..

      How come, in 10 years, I cant think of one friend of the tapas 9 who has had anything to say about this whole mystery (even anonymously) online or to the MSM . It seems like nobody knows any of them, not a word from a best friend to say what great people they are and that we can believe everything they say. No extended family,neighbours or workmates or colleagues or old school friends of ANY of them with a single character reference. It seems as if they materialised for this 1 holiday and then poooof gone! Surely as one of the most famous missing person cases in history, we should know a whole lot more about the players after 10 years. I think D paynes "pact of silence" spreads a bit wider than just the tapas 9.

    3. @17:19

      That's a pretty complex explanation but worth the hard work in my opinion. Wear your tin hat with pride, it's part of the uniform of the anti-baaaaa movement. I know i do.

      It's hard to comment on the ''everyone's acting' quote as it reads as though it's been pulled from a much broader conversation. A guitar tutor would make a meal of it but I suspect 'acting' is mean't as in 'why isn't anybody acting for us' or 'it's about time somebody acted'. In other words - action. Part of the crisis actor's remit is to never say you're an actor :)

      Tony Blair and 'dubya' are swimming in blood.They're also swimming in money. War is big business. But scruples are worth nothing when the wine bill arrives at dinner. David Kelly had scruples ( God rest him).He was collateral damage . Official narrative ? Something along the lines of cutting his own wrists with a gun and hanging himself with a knife and choking on exhaust fumes. I admit, I'm paraphrasing, but i doubt you'll find the word by word official narrative or post mortem much more believable.

      Since 2007 a lot has come out about politicians in NI and their own particular penchant for small children ( Kincora etc) and blackmail.It was quite a headline when St Anthony Blair turned up there, pen in hand, and all the IRA and UK troubles were erased by ink.

      I agree about Big Brother's Little Brother and the monkey see monkey do UK. I remember when the towers fell, over 600 Brits were arrested randomly across the country for being Muslims. Obviously, they were all released without charge. But the MSM loved it.The power of nightmares .George W sent a biscuit to Blair for that one.

      As readers of false flags will know, there always seems to be 'a drill' going on at the same time close by or just prior to the event.7/7 interrupted a 'mock' hypothetical terror attack exactly where the real one occurred.Rudy Giuliani just happened to be in London that day.Nobody had heard of him in the UK until 9/11. I wonder if he was staying at the same hotel as the visiting Israeli PM that day.Deja Vu again...

      I've entertained a similar idea Re McCanns being drawn in by darker forces.Or that said forces did what they did and it was made known to the McCanns,but something, or someone, has put them in an untenable position. It's the only rational theory that would explain how it became a national incident.Or, in modern political parlance ' a national security' issue. So many little demons behind so many closed doors in our great and proud democracy assures we won't be allowed to know.

      The pact of silence is the Tapas 9 get-out clause. A sort of say nothing and you can't hang yourself belief.The internet hasn't done much to loosen their lips though to be fair. The government are under a permanent pact of silence when it comes to matters of truth and transparency.It's their democratic right. Bastards.

    4. Ziggy Sawdust @18:42

      We are in accord.


  55. @17:19

    “I believe the McCanns were not ultimately responsible for Madeleine's disappearance, but that the scheme was put to them on behalf of the same state-sponsored consortium that has been pulling their strings ever since.”

    My thoughts exactly. Thanks for translating.


  56. The Decision From The Appellate Court of Lisbon

    1. Thanks a lot Anonymous 7 February 19:42. Exactly what searched yesterday but couldn't find.

    2. Translations will be added in the coming days.

  57. Bennett's banging on again about the photos and is stating his mate and his beliefs as fact when they are, in actuality, guessing.

  58. Hi Rosalinda and others.
    A little bit off topic, but I just felt that I had to comment on an article in MailOnline/1 February 2017/

    I’ve always appreciated the English sense of humour, so I was very amused, as I read the joke about Kate McCann being a possible front singer in a choir formed by families, who have lost their loved ones, and that we can expect to hear and see Kate in Britain Got Talent later on.

    Had the journalist in question (Sam Tonkin), instead tried to make us believe, that O J Simpson, Charles Manson or Phil Spector were to be chorus masters or front singers in that choir, it hadn’t been quite so clever irony, as one of them is a talented actor and the other two are supposed to sing now and then, while Kate neither can act nor can she sing, as far as I know.

    1. Hi Bjorn, lol.

      Kate certainly has a lot of front, possibly more than Gerry, she seems to have done more solo engagements. I have no idea how she keeps the lie going, perhaps she has actually convinced herself!

      But more of this to follow, I'm going to be commenting on another Mail article this week, from Tracy Kandohla.