Wednesday 15 March 2017


Loathe as I am to censor 21:11, I'm not publishing that! As much as I am prepared to put my head on the chopping block, I'm not actually going to point out the jugular. 
I don't know enough about those allegations to publish them under my own moral guidelines of honesty and integrity.  I have looked into those allegations as much as I have found necessary, though obviously not half as much as some.  For them there is not nearly as much child abuse going on as they would like us to believe. Thankfully paedo gangs and predators are extremely rare, child abduction hardly ever happens and never in a small family friendly holiday resort like PDL.  The McCanns had every reason to feel safe, what were the chances of a child being abducted? and what were the chances of a child being abducted by a man who looked exactly like her father?  Those are spooky odds. Let's compare them to the chances of an unsupervised toddler wandering around a dark, unfamiliar apartment, hmmm. 

But I don't want to get into any point by point arguments (just now), I have not published that article 21:11 or the results of that research because 1) It's been 10 years ffs, let it go, and 2) the effect that kind of research can have on innocent people, and 3) I find people who study numbers, logistics and outlandish theories a tad creepy. 

I may not have the necessary psychology and criminology qualifications to pass any meaningful judgment, but I have a lifetime's experience of studying human behaviour.  As a bold and up for anything kind of gal, I can honestly say I have never encountered anything that disgusting, weird maybe, but disgusting, never.  I've only ever been to one orgy, and that was pretty much arranged by myself and best mate who's mum and day went away for the weekend and were daft enough to trust her.  Unfortunately, the neighbour walked in, the boys were sent away and we were sent to bed.  Sadly, our cunning plan did not take account of the fact that the neighbour had a key, doh!

But I jest, most people simply do not think or act that way and isn't it a bit odd, that those making such hideous (and freaky) accusations are led by fire and brimstone preachers?  People who have no actual experience of the real world and want to tell the rest of us what we should and shouldn't be doing.  Because as abstainers, they know better.  I laugh as I type. 

I know your post gave all sorts of links etc 21:11, but I am not going to add to the pain of the children involved by publishing such salacious nonsense.  Imo, the people named have played a part, but not in the way you think.  It's more complicated than that.  For my own safety, there is much I hold back. 

I don't claim to know what happened to Madeleine McCann, but I do know the Portuguese Police stopped looking for a live Madeleine in the late summer of 2007.  Anything beyond that time has been part of the circus. 


  1. Hi Ros,

    I thought I will start the comments off on this. It must be really serious for you not to publish. I agree with your actions, it's one thing to have theories on the evidence presented, but to make allegations without proper research and only on hearsay is another. Richard Hall springs to mind, having watched his I have to say well made documentaries he does go off in a tangent and has everyone involved from MI6 to Girl Guides. At the end of the day you have to protect your own interests as well.

    1. "...he does go off in a tangent and has everyone involved from MI6 to Girl Guides".


    2. Sorry John, I went off on a tangent there.

      I will fight to the death for something I believe in John, but not for something I don't, and indeed something that disgusts me.

      The sheer stupidity of these people appals me John, every time they add 2 + 2, they get 5! They don't seem to have any understanding of what they accusing the McCanns of. They certainly don't have any understanding of the effects these lurid accusations could have on innocent children.

      Putting it bluntly. The upwardly mobile do not have sexual relations with toddlers to improve their careers. What I rejected btw John, was supposed evidence provided by someone who remains anonymous, 'proving' the freaky stuff coming from the cesspit and the extremist loons on twitter. If they want to go with that shit they can do it on their own blogs in their own names.

      I also have a sneaky suspicion I am still on the target list John. That is some are trying to goad me into saying or publishing, something that will rule this blog a 'hate site'.

      Having gone through the experience of being edited, legally read and published, I know the game too well John. It has kept me out of the clutches of Carter Ruck thus far - well that, and not being worth suing, lol.

  2. Top of the morning to you John and many thanks for kicking this off. I shall ponder this as I wander off to enjoy the sunshine (make a trip to the offy, lol). Tis St. Paddy's Day, and I have a yen for some falling down water, ha ha. I can't help it, the head says no, but the feet are already doing a jig.

    I was wondering if there was a way to hold a 'live' discussion, I'm sure there is, will look into it later, perhaps with a bit of Seamus Moore going on in the background :)

  3. Hi Ros,

    Happy St Paddy's Day don't drink too much of the black stuff x

  4. Hi Ros,

    Not heard the expression Offy for a long time (years or decades can't remember). We must be around the same age lol x

    1. Yeh, the word 'Offy' does capture an era John, lol. Myself and my friends always seemed to looking for late night ones, ha ha.

      Fortunately, or unfortunately, I am real lightweight these days, 2 glasses of (good) wine is my limit before I burst into song and pass out!

  5. Ros says:"I don't claim to know what happened to Madeleine McCann,"

    But Ros you have claimed that Kate "did it" and Gerry covered up for "it".

    1. I don't believe the abduction story. I do believe the theory of Goncalo Amaral to be most plausible. It is not against the law to have those beliefs.

  6. Oh so correct - after you have allowed the bilge and bile against the Mccanns for years.

    1. Every time Gerry and Kate issue a press release or statement, they invite comment 20:21. That's how news works.

  7. what a larf eh

  8. Rosalinda, Björn & others,

    "Men ett utspel från den portugisiske kriminalutredaren Moita Flores, 64, kommer chockartat för familjen McCann. Flores, som var knuten till Policia Judiciaria som skötte det initiala sökandet, säger nu till The Sun att han är säker på att Maddie dog i sina föräldrars lägenhet i Portugal."

    1. Hi Anon 22:24 and others
      Just a short translation of what you quoted from the Swedish paper "Expressen"

      ” A statement from the Portuguese criminal investigator Moita Flores shocks the McCanns…..who now tells The Sun that he’s quite sure about Maddie having died in the apartment”

      Yes, as can be seen, the Swedish newspapers sometimes comment on the case, but most of the time it’s just a quote from an English paper, like this one.

      Unfortunately, this is not a hot case here in Sweden, though a lot of people have become suspicious (at least the ones I've talked to) about the McCanns innocence, especially after their appearance on Swedish Television, I think it was in 2009 (Skavlan talk show). They seemed so absurd.

    2. Thank you for translating Bjorn. It is indeed absurd that they should be raising Madeleine's awareness in Sweden, all over Europe and the USA, but not Portugal!

  9. Publishing? You really couldn't make it up.

    The following is from a report in yesterday's Scottish Sun (17.3)

    wherein Ms Tracey Kandohla, denouncing Marco Pierre White Junior's behaviour, informs her readers of how

    "In what could prove to be a legally “malicious and libellous” posting, he spouted a torrent of hate which he even stupidly mis-spelt."


    "Big Brother favourite Marco not only mis-spelt the family’s surname documented millions of times but also said “there” daughter instead of “their” and used a dollar symbol, for allegedly bagging cash, instead of a pounds sign."

    You don't say, Trace...

    Her final sentence opens with (and I kid you not):

    "In July last year Spanish his mum Matilde Conejero – estraanged from the famous chef..."

    And Blacksmith considers my English "poor". (I think he needs to get out more).

    1. "In July last year Spanish his mum Matilde Conejero – estraanged from the famous chef..." - lol

      It was then she felt the stranger kick her right between the eyes.

    2. Careful... I'll not stand for any abuse of BJ's lyrics. He wrote the 'book of life' as far as I'm concerned.

  10. Björn18 March 2017 at 08:28

    ''a lot of people have become suspicious (at least the ones I've talked to) about the McCanns innocence, especially after their appearance on Swedish Television, I think it was in 2009 (Skavlan talk show). They seemed so absurd. ''

    1- Looking, sounding, 'seeming' or appearing suspicious isn't illegal in any country.'People Watchers' are never called as 'expert witnesses'-thank God.

    2- If a case is 'hot' or you take it seriously- The Sun is the last rag to use as a source for anything. That's what's really 'absurd'.

    1. Hi Ziggy
      You're quite right, in that MSM, especially "The Sun" isn't any reliable source. I had rather preferred information directly from the "Operation Grange", but as long as they keep quiet about, what, I assume, they haven't done over the past 5/6 years ,curious people will guess, assume, and speculate. It's actually very natural that people will try to figure out what's fake and what's true in the papers, and discuss that openly, and so do I.

  11. "In the online context harassment by repeated publication of material over a period of time is a problem recognised by the courts and in which 5RB barristers are well-placed to act. Harassment via social media, including through repeated online posts, “trolling”, the use of fake online profiles and the posting of private photographs is a developing area in which 5RB barristers have the necessary expertise to advise"

  12. "
    The Final Judgement provided, for the first time, a defence for the UK media in the libel courts"

    Hmmmm Ask Bennett what Tungendhat said in the case management hearing when he wanted to have the previous Supreme Court judgement brought in his defence.

  13. Another recently published pearl (salt water this time):

    The Blacksmith Bureau -

    "No, not the Wayback machine, the real one, the Payback Machine. One after another up they come before our eyes, the Verdict, the Final Judgement and The Empty Cupboard. The main shelf of the cupboard is now labelled "Grange: facts in the McCanns' defence to emerge from the investigation." It is big, it is friendly and it is empty"

    Big and empty eh?

    Well it's not as if we hadn't noticed, but I wonder if the commentator has any idea as to why? I mean, after 6 years and £12 million quid you'd think someone might have left at least a crust in the larder.

    Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the McCanns were never under investigation from the off?

    If the RSM orders 'Left Wheel!' that's what you bloody well do (charge the guns and all that), never mind the enemy escaping down the other valley.

    Anyway, at the risk of becoming consumed with metaphors, there's at least one more that should be taken on board after 10 years: Shelf life. We may soon discover whether or not the McCanns, Gerry especially, have exhausted theirs.

    1. The 'left wheel' argument makes no sense whatsoever 17:08. There is no way any police force could investigate a crime by ruling out all the main characters and most of the evidence. If the McCanns are not involved in the investigation, it's because they are not co-operating.

      Taking the investigation back to scratch, puts the McCanns back in the frame. Because it rules out everything he, DCI Redwood just said! Ie. The McCanns and their friends are not suspects. If you go back to zero, they are! No lies told.

    2. @00:05

      "The 'left wheel' argument makes no sense whatsoever 17:08."

      Then I'll put it more straightforwardly. If you're handed a brief, or a remit in the case of Operation Grange, you work in accordance with those guidelines.

      Thus if the instruction is 'to investigate the abduction as if it happened in the UK' you're not going to scrutinize the parents of the missing child. They didn't abduct anyone, did they?

      Never mind their personal beliefs, the officers engaged in Grange did exactly as they were told. A few of them salved their consciences along the way with a 'whip round' for Goncalo, but the operation did a significant detour when it came to conventional wisdom.

      I don't get 'taking the investigation back to scratch'. Redwood took it back to zero. For him that was around 9:00 p.m. on the Thursday night. Are you suggesting that, after six years, someone else is going to come along and repeat the farce all over again?

  14. @17:08

    It seems Blacksmith had his variation on a 'Two Ronnnies' sketch up his sleeve all the while (answering the question before it is put - a strategy liberally employed by Kate McCann in her only work of fiction to date).

    From a previous oration:

    “Grange is slightly different because the successful sabotage of the PJ investigation by the parents and the media together, and the peculiar circumstances under which the review was set up, meant that Grange had "to go back to scratch" for essentially political reasons and consider far more possibilities than any normal investigation, or their own skills and experience, would justify. That's getting near Infinity Tramp Territory.

    “Hence the absurdly long lists of "possible abduction opportunities", "possible suspects" and so on. That's the reason you've been waiting five years so far, folks, that's where your ten million has gone - because the remit insisted that as many scenarios as possible should be investigated, instead of the fewest, in order that the eventual conclusions would gain widespread acceptance.”

    You might have thought Andy Redwood would have referred, at least once, to 'man's best friend' though.

    Still, he did make it clear they'd 'gone back to zero', I'll give him that.

    For Blacksmith, “Almost certainly the relatively simple, linear, course of events put forward by the police – an accident followed by an effective refusal to co-operate with the investigation, (PJ), or stinky intruders goofing up their voyeurism or burglary, (Yard), lie at the heart of the case.”

    So now perhaps he can treat us to some linear thinking about the not-so-minor matter of when said accident might have occurred; prior to AR’s ‘zero’ no doubt, which puts us into minus time, and makes an immediate mockery of Redwood’s reasoning.

    Maybe all those hotels subscribing to door-knob tags announcing the procedure in the event of an accident should commission reprints, since ‘Call the emergency services’ no longer applies apparently. “An accident followed by an effective refusal to co-operate…” indeed.

    And he has the brass neck to suggest Joana Morais "knows very little about the outside world.”

    She's not alone.

    1. Out of all McCann commentators, Blacksmith must be the most Odious, self congratulatory, superior know nothing.
      Quelle surprise, the public despise the couple. Wow! How pleased I am we have such an insightful writer to show us the way.
      I'm still waiting for the Op Grange lads to get the cuffs out or has the Oracle, by the reading of his latest missive, done a U turn on that?

    2. Time for him to order a new crystal ball.

    3. There was a time, before he joined the Amaral groupies, that he didn't rate either him or the investigation.

  15. '' Should an accident occur, followed by an effective refusal to so-operate and then a concerted team effort to cover it up, call the emergency services, a tabloid, and me mum''

    I think that's quite catchy as it goes.The tag might look a bit on the large side but there's definite marketing potential in the T-shirt industry. I favour grey lettering on a mauve background, personally. Possibly white on taupe for the summer.Tenner a throw- anyone interested can place an order now.

  16. Ah blacksmith bureau - now you see them - now you don't.

    Famous for deleting everything, declaring they will not post again and them re-appearing when they think it is safe to go back into the water.

  17. Was it 2 or 3 posts on the last Ros blog that blacksmith posted that said absolutely nothing - they were long though.

  18. I notice that Brown - you know, her that walked down the Thames with bennett and had photos in some cheap breakfast cafe - then went to Portugal with a trowel and murkymac who proved that the shutters could be opened from outside, has surfaced down under after been absent from US TV for 7 years.

    Apparently the Aus broadcasters were careful about the distribution of the show and it's content - but low and behold - the hate sites are showing it in all it's glory.

    Oh dear Brown!

  19. Hi I have been on the for and against forums and found that on the against the McCanns forum if you disagree with their version of events you are derided or shut down. It's laughable censoring in order to direct people to the conclusion they want. This to me would seem to be an agenda worthy of the for McCanns websites.Would this mean that they are actually controlled by the same people, and are not looking for opinions that differ from theirs. And it's the same for other posters as well.Now that is complete control.Differ from their agenda and you get this:

    Re: Blood in the boot of the McCanns' hire car
     by winslow boy Today at 16:52
    As several members of CMOMM have noted, 'winslow' boy displayed clear evidence of coming here to disrupt and distract. It is despicable for anyone to come here and try to undo the good and hard work of so many who strive to unravel this dreadful mystery.

    winslow boy's post has been removed.

    And so has s/he - Mod


    Freedom of speech yes if you agree with us. Disrupt,distract,and despicable really ?.Is there a website that gives an open view and not one where freedom of speech is controlled.