Tuesday 30 May 2017


After watching Theresa May's weak and wobbly performance on the Jeremy Paxman interviews last night, it is astonishing that anyone could trust this unlikeable woman to negotiate anything.  In the suit she wore to meet 'Loadsa Money' President Trump, she patronised the audience with her 'I know best' but she was left without words when the inhumane consequences of her 'difficult decisions' were laid bare by the policeman, the midwife and the teacher.   Like a robot with a loose connection and no spanner, her set replies and her hard beady eyes spun out of control.  By the end she looked flustered and unhinged as she launched her new slogan 'No deal is better than a bad deal'.  A couple of xenophobes shouted 'yes' and one man stood up to applaud then sheepishly sat down again, (son shouted 'splitter') as the camera panned out - but it was clear, the word we came away with was disaster.  

Jeremy Corbyn by contrast, engaged with the audience, he took the time and trouble to win them over.  Not with fuzzy talk about a national debt that is being heaped on society's poorest, but with a positive message of hope.  Things don't have to be this way.  He remained poised and relaxed throughout, confident that he had done his homework and confident in his ability to transform the lives of millions. 

Theresa May spoke about Europe as if they are they are enemy!  Jeremy Corbyn spoke about Europe as friends.  The message that we want to continue our friendship with our nearest neighbours, could not have been clearer in the aftermath of the Brexit vote.  Even those who voted to quit the Union, didn't want to fall with out them!  
Our friendship with Europe has kept us in peace and prosperity and prosperity since WWII, safe in the knowledge that we may be a small island, but the nearest continent has got our backs. 

With her hard Brexit, Theresa May is causing unnecessary hostility and conflict and as any historian will tell you, that kind of negotiation technique never ends well.  Like Donald Trump, Theresa May cut an isolated figure at the recent NATO summit, she is making us friendless.  Cosying up to Trump has done her no favours, Angela Merkel has now said Europe can no longer rely on the USA and the UK.  Who the hell wanted that?

In trying to appease that very, very, small section of British society who blame everything on immigration,  she is throwing the baby out with the bathwater.  We don't want to be offshore island of Trump's America, or a tax haven for the world's greediest.  We are an advanced, mostly educated, society, we LIKE our multicultural society, we welcome diversity.  Donald Trump played the 'immigration card' that is he appealed to those who held xenophobic and isolationist views.  Though not so obvious, Theresa May is doing the same - that is she hopes to pick up those Nigel fans who can't take to Paul. 

But let's cut to the chase.  You would literally have to have been born yesterday, if you think sending an uncompromising hard nosed battleaxe into delicate negotiations with 27 nations,  we really want to keep as friends, is a good idea.  She has called this snap election because she has already failed.  She wants public backing for NO DEAL because she is too authoritarian and belligerent to make one.  That is, when she takes her ball home and says 'I'm not playing anymore' she will have the backing of all the UK citizens she has just tarred with the same petulant brush.  


  1. Corbyn is a terrorist loving scumbag his links with Hamas the IRA his support for evil people will insure he never gets near number 10.he has no chance.may is 1/16 to win the election on other words a shoe in.what I find with the majority of online anti mccanns is their mainly left wing.get ready for major disappointment Election Day ros

    1. On the contrary John, there is a real sense of hope and optimism for a Corbyn win. Trump was the underdog in the US and look what happened.

      As for Jeremy wanting to get round the table with the IRA, that's exactly what happened for the Good Friday Agreement - do you honestly believe it was better the way it was? Same goes for Hamas, if you want to bring about peace, then all parties must come to the table.

      Strange you are calling Jeremy Corbyn a scumbag, it is you that is using abusive language.

    2. Corbyn didn't bring anyone round the table ros he had nothing to do with peace he supported the IRA that is a fact.peace happened because the paramilitarys were defeated special branch/mi5 had so many of them working for them they had to call it a day.your hopes of a labour victory will be dashed soon enough

    3. 'he had nothing to do with peace'. LOL John, Jeremy Corbyn is a Man of Peace, as his entire life history shows. Are you trying to say he supported terrorism? If so, next question, 'are you mad?'.

      There paramilitaries were defeated? Really, where and when? Does this great battle have a name? There were no winners in NI, because there was no win option for anyone. It was an ongoing conflict.

    4. John Wright I'm interested in where you get your source of knowledge about my country that you fell you are adequately informed to provide an opinion on the rights and wrongs of Jeremy Corbyn or anybody else for that matter meeting with the IRA or any other group involved in the conflict here. Are you so well informed that having understood the reason for the conflict you are content that you view that nobody should have intervened and are you confident enough that things would have got better on their own. The special branch/ M15 solution that you talk about hadn't worked in over 30 years and was never likely to and The intervention by very many good people at critical times mean that my children and grandchildren unlike me don't watch coffin after coffin being carried up the hill to some grave yard in NI on the evening news. I suspect your not well enough informed John and your just another English gasbag who had absolutely no interest in my country until you seen opportunity to use a meeting that took place over 20 years ago to promote your narrow minded agendas

  2. Could you tell us what links does Corbyn have with Hamas and the IRA and substantiate it with credible sources, or do you mean Sinn Feinn and not the IRA? Also, it is time people started thinking not only of the IRA but also of the UDA and the UVF as well as your own special forces who found it quite ok to bomb Dublin and Monagham with the convenient news blackout of the ever so transparent (cough, cough) BBC or the same British forces that thought it was quite ok to open fire on the civilian crowd watching a match in Dublin killing 14 innocent bystanders and seriously injuring another 70? I think it is time you look at your own terrorist activities , as well as the Irish or Palestinian or Israeli etc.

    As much as you dislike Corbyn , it is a dirty tactic to associate him with terrorism with absolutely no links.Once and for all Sinn Feinn is not the IRA and if you think a few pics of Gerry Adams and McGuinness with Corbyn are your proof then do dig out the pictures of the Queen and McGuinness or Theresa May and McGuinness and etc, etc. The "Troubles" are and were not only the IRA or RIRA.

    Sadly for the UK , yes I think May will win. Your NHS will likely be partially privatised as was always their intention. Your Education will be mostly privatised as always was their intention. As for the Shakespearean, intrigue full, ridiculous carry on of the Tories post Brexit , that shold be quite an eye opener as to why people should not vote for the feckless idiots. Rant over, but truly, I am sick and tired of empty propaganda soundbites. "Lefties" and "Liberals" rethoric is tiresome ... maybe one should look up ultra liberal economics and deregulation so dear to the Tories to see where the danger really is .

    If Labour was thinking straight they should form an alliance with the Lib Dems, as unatural as it may seem. Politics are made of compromises, and this is the time to make them for the common good of teh population. The way it is , on their own, Labour will not win the election. But the Tories will not win the parliamentary majority they want...
    If by a miracle Labour wins, I will laugh my head off because the Tories will go running around like a nest of cockroaches hit by insecticide... Their major mini coup of trying to get an absolute mojority with the election will have really turned on them.

    1. Sinn Fein/IRA were/are one of the same anyone with any knowledge of the troubles knows that.corbyn attended republican rallies supported the IRA's sick brutal campaign who were responsible for near 2000 deaths 60percent of all who lost they're lives.corbyn was against the Anglo Irish agreement,the SDLP a nationalist party in Northern Ireland admitted he supported the IRA and was never involved in any attempt to bring piece.he invited known terrorists (army council members) to a meeting weeks after the Brighton bombing.he voted against terror legislation in parliament he stood in honour of 8members of the Provo's murdered by the SAS,these were 8 evil men who'd murdered hundreds of innocent people between them and Jeremy corbyn john McDonald backed them to the hilt.now maybe you and others think this is all press bullshit but it's not it's a fact.not a chance Labour will win the election.and your other point about loyalist paramilitaries whats that to do with Corbyn?

    2. John can you substantiate that Corbyn participated in IRA rallies ? Because , I repeat , Sinn Feinn is not the IRA abd I have difficulty imagining that Corbyn participated in IRA rallies or even that there were such things as IRA rallies under the nose of the RUC. It's an idea that I don't entertain because it's absurd .

      Why bring the UVF ,UDA and British government to it ? Because they are responsible for the deaths of innocents in Northern Ireland and Ireland and people seem to have a blind spot when it comes to it . The moment people brought the IRA to a political campaign to character assassinate a candidate it' then becomes very pertinent to mention that the UK government itself was involved in bombing Innocent civilians in Dublin and Monaghan or opening fire in the crowd in Croke Park . I don't see anyone upset over Pictures of May with McGuinness or a picture of the Queen being branded a terrorist because she shook hands with Martin McGuiness . That's my point . I also find it very hard to believe that Corbyn would oppose the peace talks and agreement , I remain sceptical until this is substantiated .

      As for the election , Labour will not win but the Tories will also lose their parliamentary comfortable majority . The polls , as unreliable as they can be these days , indicate precisely that .

      By the 8 provos I'm assuming you're talking about the Loughgall ambush in Co. Armagh . This was an ambush by 8 provisional IRA members on a RUC post . The RUC killed the 8 men there and then and also one civilian , this last by error . There were no victims among the RUC on this occasion . Over 500.000 people lost their lives during the troubles . From all sides At the hands of the several groups . So you will forgive me but it deeply irritates me that this should be used to undermine a man who has nothing to do with terrorism . It's a dirty and dishonest tactic and shows little consideration for the decades of suffering of the people of Ireland and Northern Ireland to use this in a dirty political campaign .

    3. Sinn Fein were the IRA Adams and mcguiness were on the army council its a known fact I lived through the troubles read up you will find I'm right.corbyn is a terrorist sympathiser always has been so is john McDonald.i expect may to have a majority il have money on it

    4. John, you are talking about events of 40+ years ago that have no relevance to the forthcoming election. If you want to criticize Jeremy, go for his manifesto, his current plans for the UK - shouldn't they take precedence?

      I agree with 22:20, 'its a dirty and dishonest tactic' - but I would add, because it's obvious you have nothing to attack in Labour Manifesto.

    5. Thank you for your post 22:20. John is on very dodgy ground when he brings Northern Ireland into the discussion. How about Bloody Sunday John?

      Jeremy Corbyn has been on the right side of history with the 'Irish' problem - Mo Molam did sit down with Sein Fein and man of wrath Ian Paisley, and bless her, through negotiations and discussion, she ended the bloodshed. Does John Wright throw the same 'cosying up with terrorists' at Tony Blair and Mo Molam?

      But all the above irks tbh, last century's Northern Ireland troubles are now history. The UK is now in danger of cutting all ties with our nearest neighbours because of that bloody difficult woman. What about the current threat of terrorism John?

    6. Jeremy corbyn has been on the right side of the Irish problem!lol.bullshit ros you haven't a notion!stick to mccann it's what your good at

    7. Thank you Ros. I Agree. Sadly, most do not want to discuss policy of either Labour or Tories or Lib Dems etc. Empty soundbites like the 350k to the NHS bus are always more appealing. On another note, bear in mind I am not defending the IRA, but these tactics are dirty and if one is going to quote them as gospel (Corbyn's association with the IRA ) then one has to be totally impartial and accept the other terrorists in the "Troubles" , instead of incorrectly insisting that Sinn Fein is the IRA .

      John, your substantiation with a valid official link would be appreciated that Corbyn supports the IRA and Hamas. Strong and stable substantiation anxiously awaited :-)

    8. With an Irish mother and having been raised a Catholic, I have had more than passing interest in Irish history John. Please don't patronise me. Unlike yourself I can fully understand why Irish catholics did not want to live under British rule. How would you feel living in an occupied country?

      But I don' want this to turn into a discussion of Irish history, there is a General Election one week away. What Jeremy's thoughts were 40+ years ago, doesn't matter one iota. It is how he is going to deal with Brexit, and how he is going to rebuilt the crumbling wreckage that is the UK.

    9. Occupied country!!lol.you really haven't a notion do you!and don't play the poor catholic card heard it all before.corbyn called for terrorists to be honered as did his side kick john McDonald also referred to hamas as friends!the Labour Party is full of anti Semitism their plans for open borders weak on terror even blaming our government over the manchester attacks!the majority of labours mp's can't stand their own leadership that's a fact.i heard corbyn on the radio yesterday he didn't know the figures of policy's he wants people to vote for he's a joke!as is Diane abbot the woman who hates white people!you couldn't make it up!!

    10. Forgeting about Irish history now, but still on the topics of NI and GIbraltar , what are Labour , Tories and Lib Dems proposals for a border / no border solution after Brexit? Since the Tories insist on a hard Brexit, does this mean a hard border between Gibraltar and Spain and also a hard border between the North and the Republic? Considering the implications for the residents , it is a very important matter that should be included in each country's policy proposal.

      I would be interested to see what each party presented as a solution for these two countries after Brexit.

    11. Heard it all before eh John, what a shame none of it sunk in.

      Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell - two brilliant men - are not anti any ethnic minority, and they are certainly not anti semitic.

      Of course foreign policy makes us a target for terrorism! And spare me the outrage, that theory of Jeremy's is supported by 68% of the population!

      It doesn't matter what those other labour MPs think John, the public love him! The more he appears, the more people he persuades. He is charming, likeable and altruistic, everything May isn't.

      And as for policy figures - lol, the Tory party haven't got any! As the wonderful John McDonnell said the only numbers in the Tory Manifesto is on the bottom of the pages. Theresa May has brought in a new 'dementia tax' threatening to seize the homes of the elderly to pay for their care, but couldn't even give an upper or lower limit. Ditto, her decision to take away the pensioners heating allowance by means testing. Again, no figures given.

      As for Jeremy not knowing those figures - I salute him for his honesty. Snidey journalists are really scraping the barrel when they try to put a politician on the spot with figures. Jeremy and John have fully costed their manifesto, unlike the tories who think a child's breakfast can be provided for 6.8p!

      Tonight all the leaders of the major UK parties will be debating in Cambridge. Why won't Theresa May appear? What is she afraid of?

    12. Should add, I am starting to think Theresa May wants to lose because she has completely fecked up the Brexit negotiations.

      I don't know the answer re borders 16:14 - a horrible thought, but one that probably appeals to isolationist Theresa. I think I can confidently say there would never be borders with Jeremy, nor the Libdems who are desperate to remain in Europe.

      TM, as I say, is a different kettle of fish. It may be that leaving the EU, will open up all sorts of illegal trade routes and an increase in people trafficking. Whatever - it will lead to more crime.

    13. So john , you deny that the UK occupied a sovereign country by force ? I'll be damned . Well I guess centuries of history were fake news .

      I digress and I'm also off topic now but your stance is typical of the many that live in a certain past , which does explain why tories and ukip get votes .

      Thank you Ros . Yes I am afraid no-one in government gave any thought to the matter of borders and work force movement of NI and Gibraltar nor to the implications brexit may have on the Peace that was only achieved not long ago .

      John im still waiting for the substantiated reply .

      PS judging by today's debate May is strong , stable and also Invisible .

      Apologies for straying again Ros x

    14. No probs 21:22, unfortunately government propaganda was far stronger in the 70's and 80's - very few knew what 'The Troubles' were about and going by John Wright's contributions, they still don't!

  3. Unfortunately its a case of who is the least worst option,May or Corbyn,hopefully May will not get the large majority her arrogance reckoned for.

    1. Oh dear 18:17, your poor glass is indeed half empty. A week is a long time in politics, and Jeremy is rapidly closing the gap and the more he appears in front of the public, the more admired he becomes and the more minds he changes.

      Theresa May by contrast was reduced to a quivering wreck, and hasn't got the guts to face Jeremy Corbyn in a debate. She can't fight this election on her personality, because she hasn't got one. The only thing she had going for her was the perceived strength she would have in the Brexit negotiations. That's now gone - weak and wobbly has replaced strong and stable.

      I see today she has turned to immigration. Like Trump, she is blaming foreigners for everything that is wrong with the UK, reinforcing UKIP's ignorant theories that immigrants are a drain on our resources.

      Theresa is promising them an exact figure, just as she has for 10+ years, never once achieving it. Jeremy is far too honest to make up numbers that will appeal to populist demands and too polite to point out what a ridiculous idea it is anyway.

      It has just been announced that Jeremy Corbyn WILL be taking part in the leaders debate tonight. If Theresa May is too cowardly to appear, how the hell is she going to face the leaders of 27 nations?

    2. My glass is half empty because I've enjoyed the top half,the opinion polls if believed seem to bear out at the moment my hopes that May doesn't get her majority.

  4. ''an uncompromising hard nosed battleaxe ''

    Refreshing to see you finally waking up to this Netto Thatcher. I've admired Corbyn's old school mentality ( thinking about our own society first) and his quiet determination not to bow down to the warmongers. Anyone who has seen what has happened, and is still happening, to Portugal,Spain, Greece etc and has seen the machinations of the European Troika can't seriously consider that staying in Europe isn't dangerous.But that doesn't mean we should consider the countries themselves as enemies and that trading with them isn't a win win. Heath's banker-promoted decision put us on top of this ticking economical bomb in the 70s. It's about time we showed some bottle and came back out.We can only hang off a cliff by our fingertips for so long.It's time we called the shots. We've called enough in the middle east for long enough as the 51st state.

    john wright30 May 2017 at 14:27

    ''Corbyn is a terrorist loving scumbag his links with Hamas the IRA his support for evil people will insure he never gets near number 10''

    This country has run riot with the US to a tune of trillions. Thatcher,Blair,Cameron all became immensely rich as this country has become a mess that has left a class apartheid situation that is hidden behind the banner of austerity.You need to look at the definition of terrorism.Financial terrorism is the cause of our society falling apart at the seems.We can't rescue that situation, but we can throw billions at aircraft carriers to 'guard' Israel and set up military bases all around Muslim countries.I hope Corbyn is good to his word and he brings Blair to face trial for war crimes. That evil reptile has left complete misery and chaos in his wake and it was intensified by Cameron. Look at the hospital corridors filled up with patients in waiting. Count the hospitals that are on red alert 24/7 because they have no beds.Count the suicides that have risen since welfare reform kicked in. Tell me about 'terrorism'.

    1. "I hope corbyn is good to his word and he brings Blair to face trial for war crimes"labour have no chance corbyn be nowhere number 10.imagine Diane abott as foreign secretary Christ almighty!!

    2. john wright 30 May 2017 at 20:58

      “imagine Diane abott as foreign secretary Christ almighty!!”

      I can’t. I couldn’t even try. What a thought…


    3. I would much prefer Diane Abbott to Buffoon Boris!

    4. Rosalinda, Cristobell Hutton 1 June 2017 at 09:04

      “I would much prefer Diane Abbott to Buffoon Boris!”

      To chose between Diane black-mothers-would-die-for-their-children Abbott and on-his-bike-towards-number-10 Boris is possible according to you, milady, but T doesn’t have to chose, for T doesn’t vote.


      Tea, milady?


  5. Top response Anonymous 17.02.

    Corbyn was awarded the Ghandi Peace Prize in 2013.
    If he was , as John Wright says, a "Terrorist loving scumbag", would be have been awarded such a prestigious award?
    I very much doubt it.
    Of course , so many "sheep" are led by the UK's right wing media and Press.
    Press, owned by several billionaires who live off shore and pay no tax, of course, it's in their own interests not to have a Labour Govt because for once,God forbid they may have to pay their fair share to society and we can't be having that can we?
    So, much easier to conduct a smear campaign against someone who they very much perceive as a threat to themselves and the Establishment.
    Take the ' Daily Heil',a 'newspaper' who openly backed Nazism and Hitler in the thirties and who continue to pump bilge and bigotry on a daily basis !
    Corbyn is a peace loving humanitarian.
    He has condemned outright the bombing by both loyalists and the IRA.
    There is a difference between IRA and Sinn Fein. A difference
    that is always studiously avoided by the press.
    Sinn Fein is a democratic political party, the political wing of the Irish Republican Movement.
    Sinn Fein is NOT the IRA!, but let's keep trying to hoodwink the sheep and spread poison and vitriol !
    After all, they think that we're all stupid !

    Interesting to note that Margaret Thatcher was busily negotiating direct with the IR A terrorists at the same time.
    She lied and lied and lied to the British public about this.
    Let's keep that under wraps though eh !
    Photographs of members of the Establishment with Martin McGuiness and Gerry Adams can be found all over the Internet.
    These include Margaret Thatcher, The Queen, Obama, Boris Johnson, Theresa May, the list is endless.
    There they are, shaking hands, in conversation, are these too, "Terrorist loving scumbags?"

    This election on the Tory side has not been about policies.
    Theresa May always wanted it to be only about Brexit.
    She thought it would be a breeze, a walk in the park!
    I'm their pure, sheer, unadulterated arrogance, they threw a Manifesto together, ill conceived, ill devised and totally uncosted which has come back to bite them right on the arse where it hurts, cue, quick U turns, frantic scrabbling and a relaunch .
    The country badly needs a Labour government.
    The alternative is unthinkable.
    Brexit will be used to plunge us into austerity forever under the guise of the "British people voted to leave" , maybe, but not the hard Brexit this opportunistic government is pursuing.
    One that will have the interests of the super rich , the banks and the global corporations at its heart whilst the rest of us suffer further, deeper austerity on a scale unparalleled.

    What is it about a decent, honest, principled man who wants to see a government working for all , not just the few and who wants to rid the world of nuclear weaponry that gets the Establishment so frightened?
    A man who thinks beyond the Tory mantra of 'Profit before People' and puts people first, a man who has empathy and concerns, who listens not hectors, who is humble not arrogant and who believes in the good of people and in the power of negotiation?

    1. Waffle waffle waffle John Wright......those words would be kind if they were addressed to you. As I said above your an English gasbag who has no idea about the history of our country or the good people that took risks for peace. Stop using my country to promote you bigoted, pro Brexit ideas. For the record there will be no hard border between the North and South of Ireland. The night of the crown forces couldn't do it May and her bigoted pro brexiteers won't do it either

  6. Europe is falling as a union brick by brick. There's trillions of theoretical money in the world, yet countries are staring real bankruptcy in the face.Once Germany starts to crumble everyone will want out. The echoes of 1933 are getting louder. That year the US and Germany had new leaders and the US was calling in gold from it's citizens to be in no later than May 1st( note the date). Bankrupt America - Who would have imagined.But they were bailed out..at big interest.History has shown us how they get the goods to repay, and continue to . Trump is the western worlds most famous bankrupt and they've given him the big chair.He looks like a fall guy for the damage already set in motion to me.

    The bankers have told us through the mouths of Hitler, Cameron, Obama, Bush (Sr and Jr) and other warmongers about a 'new world order'. That would be a Global Government and global currency.The lazy would call that conspiracy theory without listening to the speeches and reading the transcripts of those mentioned above.It's all or nothing time and Brexit and the economic nightmare unfolding in Europe is our back yard.The alternative is unthinkable. There won't be a major city anywhere in Europe that won't take to the streets if the rot isn't stopped. History repeats itself and Empires crumble.The Pipers are calling their last tune. There's a lot of turbulence ahead by the looks of things. Something has to give.

  7. I'm no Diane Abbot fan. I think he likes television sofas too much-not to mention Michael Portello. Corbyn would reshuffle anyway ( I hope). But Tory snipes about her aside, after Hague i doubt we can ever do worse.

  8. Reading you political blogs Ros is like have a bacon and egg McMuffin with a giant coke in Weatherfield on a wet Wednesday.

    1. Actually that sounds rather nice lol, but of course, that wasn't your intention ;)

  9. ( * I mean't Portillo, not Portello. His creepy visage made me commit a typo)

  10. Have a look at Trumpy's trouser area in your header, Cristobell - he's looking kinkily pleased to see TM...!

    1. I can't bear to look at him 03:47! The above picture continues to freak me out. She allowed the world's biggest misogynist to treat her like one of his high heeled female minions, probably because that's how she acted. To be honest, I'm just sickened to see a British PM selling arms to Saudi Arabia and trying to make some sort of alliance with a raving lunatic.

  11. I don't normally get involved in political debates, I'm really liking Jeremy Corbyn, he is right we need to invest in our youth as they are the doctors and nurses of the future. I don't want the Tory's to privatise the NHS, it annoys me that they think they can do this and destroy it.

    I've also been thinking about the brexit debate and why it happened, I believe this is because there is little investment outside London, if the Tory's hadn't cut services and jobs then people outside London may have voted differently, the Tory's have a lot to answer for. I don't want to start a right or wrong about Brexit or even say what side of the fence I was on, I'm just examining what has been going on. I will be more shocked if the Tory's win this general election as the passion and support for Jeremy is huge.

    In regards to the McCanns situation, it started under a labour government and it may well end under a labour government.

    1. Thank you for your post 10:41, and indeed your optimism.

      A week is a long time in politics and Jeremy is catching up first. I think the people of the UK want change, in the same way as the people of the USA. Fortunately, our 'anti establishment' candidate is Jeremy Corbyn - dramatically different from regular politicians because he wants to improve the lives of everyone, and his honesty and sincerity is beyond question.

    2. The blueprint for a ragged society was put together by Thatcher during her reign of terrror.The bare bones of it was screw the poor, they're horrible, look after the wealthy, they'e important. She used to almost morph into a woman too when Ronnie Raygun was talking big.She did an excellent job of destroying the unions, antagonising Ireland, starting an illegal 'conflict' against Argentina, quadrupling the unemployment queue, ending student grants and introducing a poll tax.She was equally concerned that nurses were treated like scum too.In her Kipa and star spangled knickers, she was a hero to the better off and our dear friends in Israel and every banker that was slithering about.After the Labour interruption, Cameron made Thatcher look like Mother Theresa. Talk about out of control psychosis.Everything those two bitches stood- and stand- for is diametrically opposed to the ideology of the late, great, Nye Bevan. Their aim was, and still is, 1945 (Austerity and pre-NHS).They've surpassed their own expectations and faced no retaliation.

      Corbyn is cut from the same cloth as Nye Bevan. He represents hope for the poor, those becoming poorer and that will be a good foundation on which to rebuild everything that's been knocked down.

      1950 : Nye Bevan :

      "The eyes of the world are turning to Great Britain. We now have the moral leadership of the world, and before many years are over we shall have people coming here as to a modern Mecca, learning from us in the twentieth century as they learned from us in the seventeenth,"

      On the Tory psyche :

      "So far as I am concerned they are lower than vermin..they condemned millions of people to semi-starvation. I warn you young men and women, do not listen to what they are saying, do not listen to the seductions of Lord Woolton. They have not changed, or if they have they are slightly worse."

      We can't say warnings weren't given.
      People need to let their humanity guide how they vote.Then, all the lunatics that Theresa May calls a government can only be saved by the hidden hand doing a recount and us not catching them.

  12. I'm going to get shot down for this but I will be voting for Conservative on Thursday. Why? Because they are the only party that can run this country. There is no obligation for any party leader to take part in TV debates. As David Davis said last night she was going around the country. My favourite PM was Thatcher, again Why? It's because you knew where you stood with her. She didn't pretend to be everybody's friend and she meant what she said. Being a leader involves making tough decisions, sticking your head above the parapet & above all believing in what your doing. I believe in democracy, I will never criticise someone's political or religious views, or any other view for that matter. Before you scream scum, I was brought up in Glasgow in the 70's when my parents either had a job or not or were drinking. I haven't lived in Glasgow since 1979, after a good career in the Army, I own my own house, happily married for 20 years & have a beautiful son, active in my local church & volunteer for local charities.

    1. Hi John 100
      You British people have in modern time had a real choice between left and right, while we in Sweden in the period from 1936 to 1976 in reality had no real choice but to vote for a socialist government, because we had become so used to discuss and view everything from a socialist perspective, so alternative political parties in power seemed almost unthinkable.

      When M Thatcher paid a visit to Sweden, before she became PM in the 70s, she questioned some of our basic views upon politics, one of which was our government's close relation to the USSR. Her attitude and reasoning made me see things a little bit different and just after a year or two we got two liberal and two conservative parties forming a new government, and since then the political power has been as much in the hands of the liberals/conservatives as in the hands of the social democratic party. Thus, politics thereafter became more alive and interesting.

      At least Thatcher in those days made me see things from other perspectives.

      Labour and Corbyn have similar values as our social democrats have always had, while Tories is far to the right of our four liberal/conservatives parties which are now in opposition. IMO, neither Corbyn, nor May should rule.

      There's been too much "e i t h e r- o r" in British politics recent years, which has led to Brexit, among other things and too little "i n - b e t w e e n", which would have been better for everybody.

    2. Interesting perspective Bjorn. Margaret Thatcher was dramatically different because she was a woman rather than the usual grey man in a grey suit. The country may have accepted the harsh reality of her policies because she was female. At the time I was a rather snooty ex convent girl and to my shame, ridiculously naïve and clueless about feminism.

      I'm afraid I don't know very much about Swedish politics, other than you are peaceful nation with the good sense to invest in your children. With world politics we are seeing a shift in the paradigm, the rise of extreme left wing and extreme right wing parties, and the decline of the centre ground.

      Years of austerity has brought anger and resentment, much the same as it did in the USA. Theresa May is now targeting the UKIP vote, or as Hilary Clinton might say, the deplorables. That is, she is picking up on the populist anti muslim rhetoric and with her unstable state of mind, she might start dropping bombs. The last thing we need right now! (writing this while watching news on the terror attacks in London).

      I think, up until the emergence of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader, Labour, the tories and the Liberals were fighting for centre ground. Most of the Labour MPs in fact, who did the utmost to oust him as leader. Happily, they are now seeing the appear of Jeremy to ordinary people and there has been a huge resurgence of support.

      Jeremy, though nowhere near as Left wing as his much admired predecessors who brought in sweeping social reforms that enhanced all our lives. Theresa May is moving further and further to the right and she is isolating the UK with her belligerent attitude. She made a huge error cosying up to the Trump, that will not bode well with Brexit negotiations - Angel Merkel has already lost faith in the UK.

      This country desperately needs a left wing government Bjorn, the entire infrastructure of the UK is hanging on very much begrudged shoestring budget. If, given the go ahead next week, Theresa May will take it beyond repair. If I had a crystal ball, I would predict gated communities and tent cities if she wins.

  13. John1002 June 2017 at 13:25

    ''I will be voting for Conservative on Thursday. Why? Because they are the only party that can run this country''

    Unless you've been on the bottle or suffered a head injury recently. I'm hoping you mean 'run this country into the ground and oblivion'- but i fear you're actually serious.

    They said the Tories would get us on our feet following Brown's short and aimless time at number 10.We got Cameron. His first significant move as the PM of our 'democracy' was to rescue the banks, like the vile Zionist he is.The country was sinking into a recession and he didn't care about the people he was supposed to represent,just the banks.She and her right hand, George Osborne, got together and that was all it took to look after themselves and their banker buddies. Former 'class buddies' Cameron, Osborne, Boris Johnson, and Osbornes former room buddy Nathan Rothschild ( he of the billions in Swiss banks and formerly close to Gadaffi).They used position and power for personal (and vast) gain at the cost of our economy. He almost lost Scotland and needed to be rescued by two of his Tory friends who, ironically, had actually been Labour PMs (Blair and Brown).

    After years arguing with Blair over Labours failure to bring British troops home rather than advance any actual policies( other than his bullshit 'big society) he bombed Libya like a moron.

    He brought about a double recession, starved the NHS and threw money we didn't have at Israel and in building ships and planes to defend them. At the same time, he saw the best way to 'cut back' and keep us afloat was to take the poorest of society, and the disabled, and stick the jackboot on them via his fellow psychopath Ian Duncan Smith ( who cited Mussolini as his historical mentor).

    Cameron, and anyone who didn't walk away from his government, were happy to create a chasm between the rich and the poor just because they could. Everything about Cameron's Tory reign smacks of two things : hypocrisy and failure (home and abroad).He might have slipped away to pen a book full of lies he calls 'memoirs' for more millions, but his legacy is still here whoever they would have chosen to replace him. What has Theresa May said to indicate she'll undo any of his damage ?

    '' My favourite PM was Thatcher, again Why? It's because you knew where you stood with her.''

    You knew where you stood with her because she was a dictator.She was a liar and surrounded herself with weak and duplicitous liars. She was party to covering up years of paedophile activity within her cabinet, close friends with Jimmy Savile, involved in police corruption connected to the picket lines of Arthur Scargill and then Hillsborough.She attacked a retreating ship near the Falklands because only the moronic jingoism of a naive nation could save her in an upcoming election and she got away with that crime too (and brought about a lot of avoidable death in battles).

    ''I believe in democracy''

    Then you don't understand Tory Ideology.Or Democracy. Google feudal system, Dystopia, and Plutocracy. Thanks to too may periods of Tory rule, Britain is miles ahead in the race to set these conditions in place.

  14. Ziggy@whatever

    This is democracy full on, I don't agree your views but I will defend your right to express them.

    1. John1002 June 2017 at 19:26


      This is democracy full on, I don't agree your views but I will defend your right to express them.”

      With respect.

      What about a democratic decision to deny one’s right to express onc’s view/s? Do you see what I’m getting at? Democracy full on…



  15. If you're going to vote Tory and you treasure our NHS then please watch this Youtube video its only 1:57 and explains how the Tory's are going to privatise our NHS.


  16. Cristobell, I’m not disagreeing with anyone here about politics; but ten years after millions of people were fooled into believing a couple of horrible chancers by literally nothing but the hypnotic power of television, why do you think you or I are immune to the same thing happening with Corbyn, May and Co?

    A couple of years ago the McCann effect was confirmed when one picture of a dead child on a beach, reproduced on television, single-handedly produced the largest population movement in Europe since WW2. That has nothing to do with the manipulation and editing that we all know about on TV: we simply do not yet understand the unconscious trigger forces at work here.

    You describe warming or otherwise to people after watching them during the campaign but you haven’t watched them, you’ve only watched processed images, not true representations, and definitely not real human beings. If you or I had gone to meetings and watched and listened to them in the flesh then that would be a different matter, just as if we’d found a dead child on the beach our reactions would surely have been much more tangled and complex than shouting “Let them in!”

    TV debates between the leaders on the 2010 model – the one that made the UK think that Clegg was a principled politician – are now finished because the political researchers have realized that they are unable to control these unconscious forces. And that makes the risk factor too high except for an opposition with nothing to lose.

    I don’t claim to be superior or unaffected by these phenomena but these days I exclude them completely when taking important decisions about the future, political or otherwise.

    And lastly, is there really a connection between being “good” or “effective” on TV and being able to run a country? There is no logical or evidential reason to believe that there is.

    1. john blacksmith 3 June 2017 at 14:05

      Good post, john, thank you.


    2. I hear what you say John, but I'm not sure I agree. The power of television may have persuaded the watching world that Gerry and Kate were victims of horrendous crime, but the power of television has also damaged them beyond repair. As much as the MSM and broadcasters have tried to portray the parents as sympathetic, their lack of empathy and likeability has shone through.

      From a political perspective I have spent nearly 2 decades in the wilderness. I don't think I have ever felt so betrayed, as I did with Tony Blair and New Labour. In fact, I got chucked out of the Labour party for organising an anti war meeting in my home town.

      Jeremy Corbyn brought me back. His compassion and honesty are a breath of fresh air. Unlike Blair who demands a chauffeur driven limo to drive him between his many properties - who needs 8 homes ffs?

      The truth is many go into politics for enrichment, they might start off with good intentions, but the lure of cash in brown envelopes is just too tempting. Look at the Donald for example. As a property developer, all that stood in his way were planning regulations, bye laws, the climate etc, imposed by local lawmakers (politicians). As President, he can now stick a Trump Tower anywhere he wants.

      I love Jeremy because I get him. I've never been bothered about material possessions either and I too get great pleasure from making jam, lol.

      Jeremy doesn't need a golden lift or a supermodel wife to prove his worth as a man. Someone really should gift Trump a copy of Ozymandias - and explain it to him.

      You are in many ways my mentor JB, but at the moment I am buzzing with hope. I have been assisting my local Labour party and MP - who I would add, is as real as it gets, a decent guy who works for and cares about the NHS. I feel there is a real sense of optimism out there, the more people see of Jeremy (on the tv), the more they like him. If there is a comparison to the McCanns, television has revealed that Jeremy is NOT the monster the MSM have created.

    3. I too feel really passionate about this election, Jeremy is offering hope to millions of forgotten people. What he has done is highlight the inequalities between the rich and the poor and shown the common man on the street how unfair a Tory led government is.

      I just hope people can see through the MSM propaganda, I think a lot of people have been blinded by Brexit and the Tory's have been using this as a way to get more votes to cut back even further, I hope people can see through their plan and we can burst their bubble.

    4. General election 2017: Where UK's parties stand on Brexit


    5. Whilst I respect other people's political views, I might add that if Jeremy Corbyn wins. He will take this country back to the 70's, where Labour were in hock to the powerful unions. The reason why Conservative keep getting into power is because of Labours reckless spending, mass uncontrolled immigration, high taxes which affect the poorest as the rich would have gone elsewhere and a large state which again cost billions. That is why Conservative will get my vote.

    6. I'm not sure how investment in the health service, education, defence and public services can be considered reckless John. As we saw on Saturday night, look what happens when you don't.

      Immigration is what is, the whole world is mobile now, including the British. Do you honestly believe streets and villages can keep the same families generation after generation? There are some places in the UK with ageing populations who need young people to keep the wheels of society turning.

      As for high taxes on the poorest, you have that skew whiff, it is the highest earners who fear labour and those rich corporations who are using the UK as a tax haven. As for the rich going elsewhere, where would they go? Take a look at Labour's manifesto, Jeremy's tax proposals are still below the rest of Europe.

    7. Thank you for posting 15:54 - I feel your enthusiasm! :)

      I think people are beginning to see through the negative propaganda 15:54, on social media, Jeremy is leaps ahead. Even out and about there is Something in the Air - many are sharing our enthusiasm!

    8. Hi Ros,

      Investment is not reckless, but throwing money at a problem is and with the NHS it's a political football with all main parties thinking throwing billions without proper reform. Now me reform should mean a top to bottom clear out, PFI deals, procurement, agency staff. Concentrate on training & development & decent pay. With regards to immigration, I'm all for immigration as countries and businesses need it but it has to be controlled, we need to know who's coming in & out. I'm disappointed in your comment blaming events on Sat night from lack of government investment. This would have still happened regardless if you had 1000 or 20000 police on the streets. There is no such thing as 100% security.

    9. The NHS was founded in the aftermath of WWII John, at a time when the country needed rebuilding, quite literally, and the coffers were empty.

      The NHS SHOULD be expanding! It's the 21st century, it can't stand still and it can't be maintained on the budget allotted in the 1940's. The NHS should be the biggest employer in the UK, heaven knows the need is there. And it should be the most advanced health service in the world, we should be going forwards, not backwards.

      I have said this before, but will say it again. Jeremy is basically proposing a 'New Deal' (Roosevelt), to kick start the economy. Investment in the NHS and the UK's infrastructure, creates jobs, which creates disposable income, which boosts manufacture and retail. We have been static for a decade - businesses fail because they have no customers.

      The tory government is not investing in the science and technology that creates new industries. Listen to the words of Macron (in response to Trump's withdrawal from Paris Agreement) - he was offering refuge to the scientists and innovators of the US bonfire of the vanities.

      It is the police who are blaming the events of Saturday night on Theresa May! They had warned her again and again about the recklessness of her cuts. It has also been on the news that the police had received several tip offs about the suspects. Why weren't they followed up? Could it be that they simply didn't have officers available?

      No there is no such thing as 100% security, but with 3 attacks in such a short space of time, something is going drastically wrong. That it coincides with TM cutting 20,000 police is bound to reflect on her personally.

    10. Hi Ros,

      The police are not blaming events in TM, the fault lies with the terrorists. As I've quoted you can flood the streets with police but crime will still happen, it just gets shifted to another area. You have to be ashamed of yourself on using this to blame government cutbacks. If JC was PM would you have the same views.

    11. Jeremy Corbyn would never have been so short sighted and reckless with public safety John. I have no shame in blaming government cut backs, just as they have no shame in selling arms to Saudi Arabia

      Avoiding the obvious because it doesn't make for pleasant reading isn't an option John, there is too much at stake. She accused the police of crying wolf, and now their dire warnings have played out - you can't ignore that. Even members of her own party are calling for her to resign.

    12. Hi Ros,

      Unfortunately JC is reckless with public safety as well as taxpayers money in the unlikely chance he becomes PM on Friday. He counts among his friends various terrorist groups hell bent on destroying anything remotely western, democratic or anti British. My trust in him as well as his sidekicks DA, JMcD and whatever cabinet he can muster up on security is a flat zero.

    13. Reckless with public safety? He immediately wants to bring back 10,000 of the 20,000 police axed by Theresa May.

      Where is taxpayers money going now John? It's not going into public safety, it's not going into the Health Service, and it's certainly not going into maintaining the infrastructure of the UK. The UK has decayed under the tories, quite literally, once thriving high streets are filled with charity and pound shops and shops that are boarded up. As that nurse on BBQT pointed out, many people within the health and care industries (approx. 50% of UK employment) are taking home the same pay as they were in 2009! If people do not have disposable income, businesses will collapse.

      Austerity, sucking all the cash out of circulation, has created the kind of environment in which multi millionaires and billionaires flourish. Labour is cheap, often free due to a friendly government's benefit sanctions, and tax is something that doesn't apply to them.

      I don't know how old you are John, but there is not much pride in being British these days. I'm of an age where the British passport was treated with respect. Our country was advanced and civilised, because it was a land of opportunity that welcomed scientists, artists, innovators from all over the world. Had we built a wall around our coastline, we would probably still be living in caves and making wheels out of wood.

      Tax payers money should be used for the benefit of everyone, not creamed off for the select few. We pay taxes for services, ergo, that is what they should be used for.

      The tories have been in power for 7 years John, if our economy is strong and stable, then why are the benefits trickling down to where they are needed? Why is the NHS collapsing, why are the police going to journalists to complain directly about the cuts? These are the people who keep the wheels of society turning John, if they don't trust her, why do you?

      It hasn't gone on the 'national debt' because that has increased dramatically, far more than under Labour.

      Goodness me John, you are poorly informed or you are deliberately being disingenuous. Bringing people to peace talks does not equal 'counts among his friends' - tut, tut, and cheap shot I might add.

      Anti British? Jeremy Corbyn is the quintessential English gentleman John, he even has an allotment! DA is not the best orator Labour have, I'll give you that, but JMcD I have a bit of crush on! He is a genius on economics which might be a bit boring, but he also has a sense of mischief about him, and I loik that!

    14. Hi Ros,

      I'm 47 old enough to remember the 70's in Glasgow, not very pretty. I wouldn't describe as an quintessential English gentleman. If anything I view him as extremely dangerous if he ever got into power. Also JC & JMcD have never ever brought anybody to peace talks, if anything they have exasperated the problem by showing support to various factions while they were still killing innocent civilians.

  17. John1002 June 2017 at 19:26

    ''This is democracy full on''

    A 'full on' conclusion based on studying the world around you for 2 minutes. Tories rely on that kind of considered opinion to ensure they can carry on taking it apart.No wonder we're in a mess.

  18. Anonymous2 June 2017 at 19:34

    Good post and i agree..watch that video..confirmation that Thatchers evil will is alive and well and always will be unless we end it

  19. Björn2 June 2017 at 20:31

    ''At least Thatcher in those days made me see things from other perspectives.''

    Hitler did the same when he took power in Germany.That went well.

    ''There's been too much "e i t h e r- o r" in British politics recent years, which has led to Brexit, among other things and too little "i n - b e t w e e n", which would have been better for everybody.''

    Indecision in choosing which party controls the UK hasn't had anything to do with Brexit. The EU had more of an impact on the decision to get out of it.

    It was a horrible 'in between' situation that gave us a bizarre and useless coalition Government of Conservatives and LIb Dem that run riot and left nothing but damage in it's wake before Cameron finally had his Conservative Party take control and finish the job. Nobody knew then, and i doubt they know now either, what Nick Clegg's role was in that coalition.Maybe he was there to look dumb and talk stupid in order to sustain the illusion of Cameron being 'strong' and smart, rather than psychotic and privileged.That worked. Dumb and dumber. They had the collective IQ of Donald Trump but had better haircuts .

    It was the first coalition Government since the second world war , just prior to the 'austerity' measures were put in place. Hence my observation that Cameron wanted to get back to those heady days of no NHS and plenty of malnutrition for the already worse off in society.These creatures have always been contemptible and always will be if we allow it.

  20. With regard to JB post above :

    One of the things I've repeatedly said regarding so many online pseudo-psychologists who claim magical powers that can read facial expressions and body language is that, first, it can only ever be considered as a subjective 'reading' ( and will never be allowed in a criminal trial) and second, those being observed are not being 'natural' if they know where the conversation is heading and that the microphones, lights and cameras are preparing it to be served to millions.You can't advance a hypothesis claiming such observation in an artificial setting can give you a reading of anyone's true nature. They would have to be observed unknowingly-and even that would be subjective.

    TV was harnessed as a propaganda tool decades ago by the establishment.How sales increased thanks to advertising was a gauge of how receptive and often gullible an amassed audience can be. These principles were exploited by politicians. In our time, they've become more polished and sophisticated. The psychology of advertising and mass psychology married up well and politicians decided to sell themselves as a 'package'.They're instructed on dress, speech patterns and hand gestures. NLP is their preferred tool. They know when and how to engage your rational brain and how to disengage it with key words and phrases that appeal to either concrete reasoning or abstract dreaming / imagining.When we're told of 'visions' any politician has, we 'see' it( no rationality).When we're told of a future they 'see' we do that too.When we're onside with this positive thinking the rational is slipped in while we're receptive.If that rational idea is not positive we are taken back to more 'imagine a world where...'' slogans. Seeds planted...

    In our time we've seen it reach sinister and at times ridiculous levels ( remember Donald Rumsfeld's insane 'there are the known things we don't know and things we don't know we know'' speech ?). But the mother of it all was the infamous 'Nayirah' filmed plea. To this day, no American or British politician has been brought to answer to it.For those who aren't familiar with this dark, insidious piece of history, I recommend you watch this short vid or read what's on the links. And don't let anyone tell you the MSM isn't a branch of Government.




  21. Morning, Rosalinda

    I twice posted what follows, on 31 May at about 11:26 and the day before or after. With hindsight, I presume both my posts went straight to spam. I thought the links might be of interest to someone.








  22. Morning, Ziggmund

    Unlike in the matter of abduction(not) and the dogs, on this thread you are looking at where it’s at.

    “Well, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord
    But you're gonna have to serve somebody.”

    Does one have to serve somebody?

    I shall return!


    Brother T

  23. Hi Ziggy and others
    Our former liberal/conservative coalition government failed just because it was a coalition. A minority government would have been better IMO. Now those parties speak with the same voice in opposition, though they represent different kinds of people in society.

    The social democrats are in coalition with a rather small party focused only on environmental issues. Both parties are reluctantly supported by the communist party (though the latter has left out the word "communist"in the name of the party). They do so just to prevent the growing ultra right party to gain more power.

    Coalitions are often short term solutions and may make many people feel that they are deceived by their parties. I must confess that I've got used to thinking of the U K as either ruled by the Tory party or the Labour party. Anyway I'm taking great interest in what you and others say about British politics, which I should really learn more about.

  24. "A couple of years ago the McCann effect was confirmed when one picture of a dead child on a beach, reproduced on television, single-handedly produced the largest population movement in Europe since WW2. That has nothing to do with the manipulation and editing that we all know about on TV: we simply do not yet understand the unconscious trigger forces at work here."

    Absolute rubbish.

    1. An aside..

      My recent post was ironically and eerily timed as it has now transpired given the latest developments in London.The war on terror is interrupting our politicians canvassing for votes.

      Don't get me wrong, I'm not wearing my cynical hat for a change.Any terrorism is wrong. When it claims innocent lives it's even worse.But this feels wrong to me.Unfortunately, the only part of it that is believable is that real lives were lost(again).

      Not too long ago, I happened to text a friend of mine to arrange something.He text back saying he'd taken some of his kids to London for something.I gave him a call for a quick catch up. During the conversation he said he was parked near the Thames.He went on to say they were 'having a drill to do with terrorist attacks'.I glibly replied that he should know what that meant.He said not to worry, as soon as the kids turned up he was putting his foot down hard on the accelerator and pointing north. Within a week we had that 'attack' at Westminster. We talked about it and came to the conclusion it was a warning only. We thought Manchester, last week, was the 'biggie'. How wrong we were.

      I tuned in last night 'live'.It all seemed bizarre as it was unfolding. The same three things repeated for an hour so I put something else on and tuned in again today. Apparently those naughty jihadists had ran riot.Thankfully, they were silenced forever with British bullets.So we'll never hear what their 'cause' was from the horses mouth. All we 'know' is that three( so far) jihadists went crazy in a van and started attacking people with knives.No bombs, grenades, explosives or guns.It must still have been terrifying and chaotic for the public as well as the emergency services. They didn't know that no guns and explosives were even being carried by these jihadists.Nor did they know that they( 'terrorists'), for some reason, were wearing makeshift fake suicide vests( yes, fake).

      Today we were confronted by Theresa May at her podium. It's been less than a week since we saw her stumble through her Q n A with Paxman. I'm loathe to comment on superficial things like hair or wardrobe as it's shallow. But, I have to say, she looked like she's shaved off ten years since last week.Her makeup was perfect and she wears black well even though the funerial theme was a bit unimaginative. She repeated ad nauseam-just like the Tory BBC- how important it is to 'defend our precious democracy' at any cost. She must have mentioned internet snooping 10 times.She mentioned the importance of flooding our streets with defence as well as the internet. It was basically a badly veiled warning that martial law is getting closer on or offline but it's to defend us, not to suffocate us. This was all predicted 15 years ago and we've moved closer to it step by step.Here's an idea, how about getting snoopers off their computers and go out and find these so-called terrorist cells.I don't think many terrorists tweet their plans do they.I suppose we could always pull out of the part of the world where the terrorists roots are.Imagine that.

      Problem, reaction, solution. You can call it conspiracy theory or you could look back and see how it's worked for the people who run the world. If you want to introduce oppressive measures you won't get away with it.If you make those measures appear as a 'rescue' people will accept it. 9/11 was the watermark. Theresa May's popularity has been sinking like a stone. Now she has her 'Falklands' just before an election. Do NOT be fooled by her jingoistic bullshit. Her domestic policies will sneak in with her under the cloak of anti-terrorism.

    2. Nobody listens to Unknowns.

    3. Hello Ros.

      I think it's great that the election has enthused you and I'm sorry if I sounded negative. I also think that JC's election as Labour Leader was a very good thing for democracy: for a long time people on the left of the Labour party have said that British voters have not been given the chance to elect a genuine socialist government. I think that's true - people like Blair have got into power on the coat-tails of socialist loyalty and idealism and then governed on a very different agenda. That is dishonest.

      The same people have claimed that, given the choice, the voters would indeed elect such a government. After sixty years of these two claims we will find out on Thursday whether they are true or false, with enormous implications either way.

      I believe Corbyn will lose. That means ructions ahead.

    4. john blacksmith5 June 2017 at 01:35

      "Nobody listens to Unknowns."

      Do you want me to use a pseudonym like you do?

    5. ZiggySawdust 4 June 2017 at 17:33

      T appreciates your aside, Ziggmund. No laughing matter have we got before us.

      Believe me when I tell you T neither has been nor will be fooled.

      An aside.

      T has T’s own story to tell.

      Peace to all.

      Comrade Mao

    6. Even Nobody doesn’t listen to Unknowns.


      Nobody (aka T)

    7. john blacksmith 5 June 2017 at 01:57

      “I also think that JC's election as Labour Leader was a very good thing for democracy: for a long time people on the left of the Labour party have said that British voters have not been given the chance to elect a genuine socialist government. I think that's true - people like Blair have got into power on the coat-tails of socialist loyalty and idealism and then governed on a very different agenda. That is dishonest”

      I concur.

      “The same people have claimed that, given the choice, the voters would indeed elect such a government.”


      “After sixty years of these two claims we will find out on Thursday whether they are true or false…”

      Not necessarily so, although I hear loud and clear what you are saying: I fear other ostensibly unrelated events will likely influence Thursday’s voters’ choice. Still far to go?

      “…with enormous implications either way.”

      Yes, indeed.

      “I believe Corbyn will lose.”

      And so do I while hoping you and I are wrong this time

      “That means ructions ahead.”

      Ructions ahead regardless of the cause.

      Many Thanks.



    8. Hi JB, I was nodding in agreement until I got to the last line, doh!

      Things are changing - I think after Saturday, the British public are seeing the devastating effects of Theresa May's public service cuts. The police especially have been very vocal, even Jim Gamble (no fan of JC) has taken the opportunity to slate his nemesis.

      Theresa May has had a disastrous campaign - her failure to debate Jeremy face to face has shown her in poor light with regard to the Brexit negotiations, she just can't hack it.

      Now terrorism has taken stage and she is being openly accused of having blood on her hands. She has no defence to her ill thought out police cuts, and she is damned further by her patronising accusations to them of scare mongering. As former Home Secretary and now PM, she has no-one else to blame. I think she may regret saying 'Enough is Enough', because it looks as though her days are numbered!

    9. Hi T, always nice to see you :)

      Hmmm, to the pessimism of yourself and JB! I think never have the words 'a week is a long time in politics' had so much significance.

      But I'm curious about these 'ructions' - whatever do you mean?

    10. Hello Ros.

      I am not in the least pessimistic. In fact I am delighted about the future. For any true democrat, the referendum was a triumph, not for the result but because it wasn't "granted by the authorities for our own good" but forced on them by democratic pressure from below to MPs of both parties. And both have now come to support the result.

      Those of the COMM/Only in America/Twitter loser school - the people who know "they up there" plot and decide everything behind the scenes for us poor little victims - seem to have missed something: A Notting Hill mansion-owning Etonian, Ex-White's Club member, married to a hereditary multi-millionaire, friend of all-powerful Murdoch agent Rebekah Brooks, ultimate head of intelligence services in the UK, able to kill Scotland Yard investigations and protect the McCanns at the drop of a hat - that nice Mr Cameron being effortlessly forced out of office by "little people's" votes.

      That assertion of voter power by one of the very few real democracies in the world - against all the experts and their threats - is far more important to me than this rather routine election.

      As with all elections I don't care too much who the people elect - by expressing their rights as voters - as long as we can throw the bastards out when they have served their purpose. That is the most precious possession we have and it is not available to countries in the EU under permanent coalition government by the same political class changing chairs every few years.

      I said I expected Jeremy Corbyn to lose, not because I am against him but because of the evidence of the last eighteen months. Clearly, if he loses, then the two beliefs I outlined in my post are proven false. So the party in its present form must split. Result: ructions.

    11. Rosalinda, Cristobell Hutton 5 June 2017 at 14:08

      “Hi T, always nice to see you :)”

      It’s so kind of you to say so, Rosalinda.

      “Hmmm, to the pessimism of yourself…”

      T sees themselves as a realist, dear captain. That is not to insist that, unbeknown to T, pessimism of others doesn’t occasionally hold sway over T.

      “But I'm curious about these 'ructions' - whatever do you mean?”

      I wish I could reward your curiosity with an answer as interesting as john blacksmith’s. I can’t: the ‘ructions’ I had in mind would be the usual mundane post-electoral squabbles.

      Do keep cool in the summer heat.:)



  25. Anonymous4 June 2017 at 08:41

    ''Unlike in the matter of abduction(not) and the dogs, on this thread you are looking at where it’s at.''

    Evening Major.I did say early doors that the McCann 'mystery' was only on the fringe of things I have looked at for some years, not the centre.I look at far darker things and much bigger.But it does fall into one or two categories I have as an interest and it deserves the attention of as many people as possible as justice needs to be served everywhere and for everyone.That explains my interest in it. It also explains why i value looking beyond the narrow view that's arrived at one-or two at most-conclusions and set them in stone for ten years as nothing has changed. It's why i ask a few simple questions that receive no reply by those who stick in that groove.

    ''“Well, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord ..But you're gonna have to serve somebody.”
    ''Does one have to serve somebody?''

    No, Major. we're born free and have free will.Bob Dylan likes to think he serves the Devil.But he likes to add that air of mystery to himself.He should have served a singing coach with some dollars.Imagine if he sang as well as he composed...

    We should look around and serve the human race to ensure it's survival and serve justice on those who have an alternative and self serving aims.You asked my opinion and there it is.I state that in anticipation of being accused of preaching.

    ''"An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind." - Mahatma Gandhi.

  26. I suppose we'll find out on Friday who will win this general election but personally I can't see the Tory's winning. There has been so much that has come out which is embarrassing for the Tory's during the last few weeks that the Tory's can not defend. The Tory's only line of defence is to attach Jeremy Corbyn which I find disgusting. The Tory's should have the morals to stand up for what they believe in and at least have the decency to say yes we were wrong and we accept that we have cut back too much.

    1. I think for the tories, things have gone from bad to worse 12:25. Theresa May thought a snap election would not allow enough time for the opposition to dig out her failings. But in this high speed age of information, it was a high risk gamble that hasn't paid off.

      Tories/morals - isn't that an oxymoron

    2. The Tories will win by a decent majority on Friday.

  27. I'm 12:25, yes you're right those two words should not have been used in the same sentence, Tory's with morals I don't think so.

    The Tory's have underestimated social media and I think that has been one of their downfalls, just last night something was posted about Amber Rudd trying to sensor.

  28. Too many people have felt the wrath of Tory hatred now.Too many people see through certain 'events' that are intended to drum up patriotism and the bunker mentality. May was tipped off several times prior to Saturdays even ? Imagine if she'd have acted.No drama, no podium. No political posturing in her response. A big opportunity gone begging.And no more innocent lives lost . Collateral damage I believe is the term favoured by the US ( ergo UK).

    I think the genuine opinion of the collective public is definitely swaying heavily toward JC. I think opinion polls will say otherwise via the MSM. A herd will follow the money.It's like watching the market before a horse race that looks wide open. One horse seemingly shortens fast as the others lengthen in the betting.A lot of people prepared to play will jump on board because it means something. There aren't many punters that own yachts.

    If May wins I'll never call the UK a democracy again. If she wins it won't be because the ballot boxes have been emptied and votes counted.While we live in a country that sees far more people voting for X-factor than who runs their lives, I still believe enough have seen the light now. I have to believe that.We all do. Otherwise the blinkered, ill informed die hard Tory groupies who still refuse to see the sheer viciousness of creatures like Thatcher and Cameron will have their day and sink the ship and us with it.

    1. I agree Ziggy, if the Tory's get in I just will not believe the results, I've seen the support on social media for Jeremy Corbyn, I've seen the crowds of people chanting his name on YouTube all over the country. Never in my lifetime have I seen another politician receive so much love and support from the general public.

      I compare the politicians of each party and with Labour they have people that have lived the lives of the people that will be voting for them and understand all the hardships, Tory on the other hand.......well that's another story.

    2. 5.6, 19:51

      "with Labour they have people that have lived the lives of the people that will be voting for them and understand all the hardships"

      Which public school did you/would you send your kids to then?

    3. My other half and myself do not have children but I think all children have the right to a good education and a labour government want to invest in all children and give hope to many.

      I'm sure there are privileged labour MP's as well as privileged Tory MP's but they have opposing views about how a society should work.

    4. Ziggy Stardust 18.08.

      Compared with the nightmare of the McCann case forecasting this election is easy: the tories will
      win, despite the impression the BBC and the Guardian are giving people.

      "If May wins I'll never call the UK a democracy again. If she wins it won't be because the ballot boxes have been emptied and votes counted."

      I look forward to you repeating these words on Friday when the electorate don't meet your expectations.

  29. " for T doesn’t vote."

    But for some reason "T" aka "nobody" expresses opinion on Ros's political blog about the election.

    Isn't there a Bash Street Kids blog that "T" could post comments on?

  30. "Rosalinda, Cristobell Hutton5 June 2017 at 14:17
    Tories/morals - isn't that an oxymoron"

    No - it is your opinion.

  31. ''Tories/morals - isn't that an oxymoron"

    ''No - it is your opinion.''

    I thought it was a question.

    1. 5.6, 20:49

      Absent a question mark = a statement.

    2. Anonymous 6 June 2017 at 10:17

      “5.6, 20:49

      Absent a question mark = a statement.”

      Absent a punctuation mark. The structure of the sentence referred to is that of a question. The sentence is, therefore, more likely a question than a statement.

      Ziggmund’s comprehension gets an honourable mention in the Klingon Chronicles.



    3. It was a typo! I forgot the question mark, lol.

  32. Oh my you're going to be mega disappointed when the Tories come romping home first at the finishing line which, believe me, they will. Corbyn with his student's politics is beyond parody. Sorry folks. He's dead meat.

  33. Interesting:

    Wikipedia does not have an article with this exact name.




    1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Articles_for_deletion/Hubert_Brasier

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. One thing this last few weeks through Facebook and Twitter on mccann have taught me is how many anti mccann folk are left wing!ros you will be very quiet come Friday when the conservatives romp home with a majority i look forward to it

    1. Hi John Wright
      The anti-intellectual working class people fear terrorism and future unemployment more than any other social classes, so they have certainly mobilized their forces more than ever. There will a big surprise to many British citizens on Friday, just as the referendum, that led to Brexit was. Sorry, but I cannot see that this election has any bearing on the Madeleine case.

      Corbyn will become PM, no doubt about that, but unfortunately he cannot do much more about poverty or the preposterous surveillance of people in the U K, than May or whoever.

    2. You're a bit obsessed with people being left wing John . We don't eat little children for breakfast , opposite to popular belief ...

      As for the electoral result although I don't believe Labour will win , I'm almost positive there will be a hung parliament .

      Then , it's only a matter of forming tactical alliances in parliament . So , even if the tories win , they lose .

      May's head will roll as well . Either now or at the end of Brexit deal . Sacrificial lamb , was always her given mission . Shame she's too self obsessed to even see it .

      Let's wait for Friday morning .

    3. I used to teach in an inner city college several years ago, and with every class, from the 16 year olds doing GCSEs to the adults doing Access, I had to begin every course by explaining basic politics. It is quite alarming how uninformed the British are on politics, many not even knowing the difference between the political Left and Right. As a country we are so paranoid about influencing childrens' opinions, that they leave school knowing absolutely nothing! Sadly, the biggest enemies of the Left are ignorance and apathy.

      TM may well be a sacrificial 19:06, the tories totally screwed up with the Referendum, it cost Cameron his job, and they know that no matter what deal they make for Britain, the British public will lose out.

      Theresa May has somehow managed to get to PM without exposing her Achilles heel - her inability to debate or answer difficult questions. That has probably always been known by those close to her, and those who would stick a knife in her back. It may be that in the long term they want history to blame Labour for Brexit, whilst they complain they would have done better. But either way, TM's days are numbered, we can only imagine what her colleagues are saying behind her back.

      Despite all the doom and gloom, I actually foresee a landslide for Labour. People are turning out in tens of thousands to see Jeremy - there is Something in the Air, as the song goes. I think the days of middle ground politics are over.

      Jeremy is a clear alternative to a Tory government, the Labour party of Ed Milliband wasn't. It is Hegel's dialectic, thesis, antithesis, synthesis. After 7 years of crippling austerity, a hard swing to the left was/is inevitable.

      I'm not sure how much I trust the accuracy of opinion polls. Last year for example, we were told Jeremy Corbyn would never be accepted by the British public. Now that he is getting equal airtime, the opposite has happened.

      I know I am sounding a bit like an over enthusiastic puppy, but there is genuine hope out there. I think everything that could go wrong for Theresa May has, not least her terrible judgment in offering Trump a royal visit. I hope those voting for TM realise, that it is also a vote for Donald Trump and his crime family to ride down the Mall with the Queen in a golden carriage. I'm no royalist, but even I would not put the old girl through that indignity! I don't know if it is her getting old or myself, but I was quite touched by her visit to the young victims of the Manchester bombing.

      Well, as you say, let's wait til Friday morning and let's hope we are celebrating!

    4. To Bjorn 17.46.

      I note your words that "Corbyn will become PM, no doubt about that".

      After Corbyn loses on Thursday I hope you will ask yourself whether your knowledge of the UK is quite as strong as you think it is.

      There is nothing wrong with forecasting an election result incorrectly: I did it myself in 1992 and in the 2016 referendum. To make such a forecast as you have made, however, that there is "no doubt", is risking both derision and questions about your judgement if you are wrong. As, I'm afraid to say, you are.

      Readers will note that I have posted more frequently than previously here today. That is not because I am keen for the tories to win or attempting to persuade people not to vote Corbyn.

      So why am I responding only to posters making flat assertions AS A FACT about the result - not giving opinions, for that is a quite different matter?

      Because too many posters in the McCann case make too many assertions without the evidence to back them. On Thursday, just for once, their assertions will be tested by the facts.

      Just to be nice and democratic I've made my own assertions today - so that I too can be ridiculed if my assertion is wrong.

      What could be fairer than that?

    5. I think the country is in for a surprise on Friday too Bjorn, there has been a spate of shock results - worldwide.

      Jeremy Corbyn is far more in tune with other world leaders, such as Merkel, Trudeau and Macron. He has the good manners to treat them with courtesy and respect, and I'm sure that will be returned. Theresa May by contrast, is becoming as isolated as her fair weather friend Donald Trump. She would be a disaster for Brexit negotiations.

      I'm hoping the Trump effect will add to her downfall as it did with Marine Le Pen Bjorn. That is the eyes of the world have been watching the obscene results of right wing greed in technicolour (mostly orange) and it ain't pretty.

      At the last general election we had the rather bland Ed Milliband as leader of the Labour Party. Ed, a career politician, was simply a later prototype of Blair. That is, part of New Labour who abandoned the working classes long ago. I remember a leaders debate from the time, Ed Milliband, Nick Clegg, David Cameron and Nigel Farage. I think Farage won simply by not being a Tony clone.

      Even though Labour were offering more of the same (austerity), the results were close and we then had the bizarre situation where it was all up to Nick Clegg and he chose to form a coalition with Cameron rather than Milliband. Something I hope he regrets for the rest of his life.

      Unfortunately, those who have been running the Labour party are still hanging onto the winning formula of Blair circa 1997. That is a party that would support the workers AND the bosses. As you probably know Bjorn, the Blairites have done their utmost to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn, but they have now been proved wrong.

    6. Meant to add, where the Madeleine case is concerned, who knows what a change of government will bring. There is every likelihood Jeremy will be a 'new broom'. I think there is one thing we can be sure of. Jeremy, if he looks at the case personally, will be looking for the truth, and I have no doubt he will look at all sides with fresh eyes. He would not become part of a cover up, on that we can be sure.

    7. john wright6 June 2017 at 13:30

      ''One thing this last few weeks through Facebook and Twitter on mccann have taught me is how many anti mccann folk are left wing!''

      If they are your chosen sources for learning, no wonder you don't learn much. It speaks volumes about you and them. If the insinuation is that the working class want the McCanns punished out of some twisted envy of their station in life, I'll remind you that that Victoria isn't on the throne now. I'm not anti - MCCann but I'm heavily anti Tory and Zionism.I'm very pro-left. I can want a better way of life in my own country and want justice in an unsolved case and keep them separate.

      Rosalinda, Cristobell Hutton6 June 2017 at 23:32

      ''TM may well be a sacrificial 19:06, the tories totally screwed up with the Referendum, it cost Cameron his job, and they know that no matter what deal they make for Britain, the British public will lose out. ''

      I suspected then, and still do, that Cameron was far too obstinate to resign and put smiles on the faces of the poor.He brought about the conditions that would have him ousted deliberately. He'd achieved his aims with the austerity measures and war on the below-the-breadline population and refused to put right all the lies he'd told about pledges to the NHS. Osborne did his bit making sure we were kept in a recession and made sure it was impossible to climb out of it. Duncan-Smith was vicious-bordering on openly psychotic- in his irrational hatred of the poor and the unemployed.His reforms have caused us to sink closer to a Dickensian rat's nest than ever before. As you read this, ask yourself this : where are they now...

      ''I'm not sure how much I trust the accuracy of opinion polls. ''

      You shouldn't. Remember Kinnock ? The 'well alright!' air-punching as he came and readied himself for his acceptance speech ? More recently we were under the impression that Hilary Clinton was home and hosed before the voting even started. They're cynical attempts to influence the public and tap into the herding mentality that persuades them to follow the crowd.

      It seems that Corbyn is becoming 'trendy'. For once i hope a trend goes the right way. I hope he can undo the damage done. It's a big job but it isn't impossible. All you need to take a huge population out is a loaded pen. The same pen can lift them up.

      ''the Blairites have done their utmost to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn, but they have now been proved wrong.''

      It was on the cards that Blair would crawl back into view if an election was announced. he's selling himself as some horrible hybrid of Mother Theresa and any Pope you can name. A bit much for someone who made fortunes out of slaughter.

      ''He would not become part of a cover up, on that we can be sure.''

      With regard to the McCann case, I agree, he wouldn't be party to a cover up. But Blair, Cameron,Milliband,Brown,Beckett and May would.He may well be a new broom, but all signs point to a broom or two have been used more than once during the last ten plus years and there'll be nothing of any worth for him to have looked at. He might try, but I don't think these eggs can be unscrambled.

      My one fear about this election is in Theresa May's constant fawning and kowtowing to Israel. She has promised them in her 'friends of Israel' role( a pre-requisite for all Tory PMs or US presidents).If only the UK meant as much to them. She has promised them, probably as a favour to Cameron, to be their 'champion'. What a hero. Bear in mind that this is the 100 year anniversary of the Balfour Declaration.



    8. Hi Rosalinda
      Thanks for feed back.
      I hope you're right, but I'm afraid that the Madeleine case is a much too "hot potato" (I don't know if this is idiomatic English) for Corbyn to deal with. He may have the will and the guts to question what the Met/SY have done (or better perhaps haven't done for the past 6/7 years, but he would need more support from the rest of the British establishment in which there are so many influential people trying to intimidate those who are seeking the truth. First of all, let us see what happens on Friday .

    9. john blacksmith 7 June 2017 at 00:44

      “…too many posters in the McCann case make too many assertions without the evidence to back them.”

      Too many posters do indeed, don’t they?

      “… I've made my own assertions today - so that I too can be ridiculed if my assertion is wrong.”

      Be you right or wrong, I will not go for ridicule, john.

      “What could be fairer than that?”

      Perhaps your clarification as to the that which the following comments touch upon might.

      Rosalinda’s blog


      http://cristobell.blogspot.co.uk/2017/05/panorama-madeleine-mccann-10-years-on.html?showComment=1494071467559#c5653620930587262421 :

      “Himself 6 May 2017 at 12:51

      Somebody is conspicuous by his absence in these comments.”

      http://cristobell.blogspot.co.uk/2017/05/panorama-madeleine-mccann-10-years-on.html?showComment=1494076067328#c3939053592395086111 :


      Anonymous 6 May 2017 at 14:07

      Busy re-thinking his satisfaction with the status quo as regards Operation Grange I imagine.”



    10. My today’s @11:24 post:

      “Perhaps your clarification as to the that which…” was meant to be “Perhaps your clarification as to that which…”



    11. Hello. Perhaps other people can comprehend this post of yours, 11.24 name-hider. I'm willing to admit I don't understand a word.

    12. 13:14

      "Perhaps other people can comprehend this post of yours, 11.24 name-hider."

      They can.

      On behalf of 'name-hider' (and for the benefit of pseudonym users everywhere) he/she is referring to your observation above (“…too many posters in the McCann case make too many assertions without the evidence to back them.”) and tactfully inviting you to back up an earlier assertion of your own regarding what you saw as the satisfactory progress of Operation Grange, especially since you apparently chose not to comment on the subject when Rosalinda blogged about it recently.

      No doubt you had your reasons. In any case, leaving comments here or elsewhere is not compulsory.

      For my part I wonder only at your supposed fallibility of McCann posters as a justification for responding to a comment about the current political situation in the UK, and how those McCann posters' assertions will be tested by the facts come Thursday's election.

      You appear to be suggesting a connection I fail to see. Perhaps you could enlighten us further?

    13. "Perhaps you could enlighten us further?"

      Nothing will enlighten you, my friend, as your posts prove.

      "...and tactfully inviting you to back up an earlier assertion of your own regarding what you saw as the satisfactory progress of Operation."

      So seeing "satisfactory progress" of a police operation is an assertion is it? So seeing satisfactory progress of an operation is the same as saying "there is no doubt that Corbyn will win the election, is it? Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

      I have never stated what the outcome of Grange will be. I have written many times about what the evidence suggests it could be - but you can't see the difference between the two, can you?

      Well, Name Hider No. 1 & 2 - I assert that you are quite clearly the same person and invite you to prove that you aren't - I am even happier with the progress of Operation Grange than when I made that statement, the one, presumably, that made poor old Teddy "Where's My Cardigan, dear?" - Prendergast lose control of his bowels on twitter.

      Of course the real reason for your posts is that you want me to attack Ros, don't you?

    14. 18:12

      For God's sake get over yourself man!

      Your English comprehension should be more than sufficient to appreciate that I am not the person who signed himself off as 'T'

      "So seeing "satisfactory progress" of a police operation is an assertion is it?"

      No. Claiming that it 'IS progressing satisfactorily', however, is an assertion, unless accompanied by a disclaimer of the 'in my opinion variety'.

      You may be happier now. If so then congratulations. Personally I couldn't give a monkey's.

      Did you answer 'T's inquiry? No you did not (you didn't understand it). So I clarified it for you.

      Have you answered it now? No.

      Have you answered my own question, politely put, and with nothing whatever to do with Rosalinda's point(s) of view? No you have not.

      You think nothing will enlighten me? Well that's certainly true of your aggressive sarcasm. You are by no means the one-eyed man in the land of the blind. Others of us have 20-20 vision.

      As to my earlier question - forget it. What you say or think is of no further interest.

    15. http://www.oed.com/

      Anonymous 7 June 2017 at 14:48, 23:59

      Perfect pitch. Perfect tenor. Great coda.

      “…Name Hider No. 1 & 2 - I assert that you are quite clearly the same person and invite you to prove that you aren't…” + “Of course the real reason for your posts is that you want me to attack Ros…” + “…aggressive sarcasm.” etc.

      A case of dementia praecox perhaps? Hopefully, our friend isn’t “majoring in medicine” (no “Bang! Bang!” with a blacksmith’s hammer, yet…).

      Many thanks.


      Unnumbered ‘Name Hiders’ (aka T and their teddy peacefully side by side)

      Peace to all.

  36. Let's face it - when has Ros been right about anything?

    1. At least she has the guts and honesty to post under her own name. You risk nothing because you're just a blank.

    2. So John Blacksmith is your own name is it?

      I will accept that Ros has the guts and honesty to allow comments on her blog - not like you.

    3. john blacksmith 7 June 2017 at 00:45

      “At least she has the guts and honesty to post under her own name.”


      “You risk nothing because you're just a blank.”

      From memory:
      “No everyone feels like displaying their knickers in public.”
      Not Textusa

      No disrespect to Rosalinda. :)


    4. re: 7 June 2017 at 11:31

      "Not everyone..."


    5. I see you are boosting the post count again T without saying anything sensible, constructive or the slightest bit on topic of the blog.

      But Ros loves your posts and misses you when you are gone - keep up the good work.

  37. Rosalinda, it’s really none of my business, but as an interested reader Corbyn has my sympathy vote. How about that weather?

    “TV viewing habits have changed greatly since 1964, but the weather is something we cannot change. Let's hope voters pay attention to the forecast and plan accordingly, so we see a high turnout at the polls this Thursday - whatever the weather.”


    An alternative for you?

    “Nobody can force me to sit on that chair.”


    Best wishes, left, right and centre.


    1. Anonymous 7 June 2017 at 09:54

      Greetings, NL

      Cool. Delightfully to the point. Rembrandtian almost.:)

      Many thanks for the link.

      Stay cool and please visit again soon.

      Cucumber cool T:)

  38. Rosalinda, you cannot be serious!! You really believe that Corbyn is in with a chance? He's just a nonentity who will bring our country to its knees. The electorate is just having a laugh, unfortunately, at the Socialists' expense. Personally I have completed every poll saying that I will vote for Corbyn. I certainly WILL NOT. I find it thoroughly entertaining to mislead the nosey parkers. I'll be celebrating a Tory win...............a wipe out in fact.............tomorrow with a good white wine . You and all the other delusional lefties on here will be crying into their glasses.

    1. Hi Anonymous 7 June 16:52

      Your false answers in the recent opinion polls have made people like myself believe that Corbyn may have a chance to win. I'm so disappointed that you misled me and many others by lying about who you're going to vote for. Shame on you.

    2. Well done for being a liar - it must give you great pleasure and sense of empowerment.

    3. Hi Anonymous@16:52

      Well said, but if in the unlikely event he becomes PM as uve said in an earlier post I believe he will be a danger to this country. I too will be celebrating a Tory win.

    4. I wouldn't take any notice of the eejit at 16:52 Bjorn, I don't think the opinion polls mean half as much as the reality of the tens of thousands who have turned out to see Jeremy Corbyn up and down the country. Dopey up there can't interfere with those.

      Even the Labour hierarchy who are now acknowledging that Corbyn has run a phenomenal campaign and Blairism is dead.

      Such is life Bjorn, I have a small number of malcontents who post on here simply to wind me up, piss me off and bring me down, lol. They are always anonymous and always pathetic. I suppose I should be flattered that I am always in their heads - they're certainly not in mine, lol.

    5. No , but Dopey Corbyn down there only goes out campaigning in strong Labour constituencies ...............hence the deluded crowds..................he's preaching to the converted. You won't find him anywhere near a Tory stronghold. Do you honestly believe that anyone who posts a differing point of view to you is there simply to wind you up? Is that what you're doing when you pontificate on the McCanns? Just 'winding them up?'
      This 'anonymity' thing is so pathetic. It's YOUR blog. You SHOULD have your name on your posts. Me ? I'm just a member of the great British Public. MY name is none of your business .
      Remember today as the day you learned something important. Wishful thinking doesn't make something true.

    6. 09:21. Re: Corbyn only preaching to the converted. Jeremy has been campaigning all over the country 09:21, he has been reaching out to EVERYONE, and if you think they are already converted you are delusional. Do you understand election campaigning? He has been speaking in marginal constituencies in large open air arenas, unlike May who has restricted her campaigning to selected tory voters in small, restricted venues. Oh and by the way, Telford is a tory stronghold and they turned out in their thousands.

      No, I don't believe those with a different POV are winding me up, but anyone familiar with my blog will be aware of the small handful of 'malcontents' who post here regularly.

      I have no problem with people posting anonymously, but I do have a problem with those who use anonymity to insult myself and others. That is pure cowardice.

      I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge 09:21 - I like to learn something new every day, and actually, you might be amazed to learn that wishful thinking can and does work - you have clearly never heard of 'The Secret'.

    7. No Rosalinda you can't get away with that. Telford was always a strong Labour seat until
      Lucy Allan's victory in 2015 , with a majority of 730, marked the first time Labour have lost in Telford since the seat was created in 1997. The only reason electors gravitated to the Tories was they offered a vote on Brexit. What did Corbyn offer?
      No one is insulting you Rosalinda , it's a discussion as far as I'm concerned. Yes I have heard of 'The Secret' and I believe Rhonda Byrne became a wealthy women after it was published. Now THAT wasn't wishful thinking, THAT was wishful doing.

  39. Great decision to throw a sickie Abbott.

    1. Just plain nasty 'unknown'. Are you a spiteful fuck in the real world or are you only brave when using anonymity?

  40. So blacksmith - if I create a blogger profile in the name of Jane Wheelright and leave it blank (as your is) will you then be happier?

  41. 16.52 it's an election , not a football match , you know ? Can't help but smiling at the image of you filling countless polls in anger and , maybe , caps

    1. Yes, I too can imagine the angry, spitting, little buffoon angrily filling in polls 20:21, very odd, and a bit sad. Probably a member of the cesspit, Verdi, Bennett or Aquila, there is a distinct whiff of bitterness and sewage in those posts.

    2. In anger??? No I find it hugely entertaining that the BBC and other media outlets manage to get it so hopelessly wrong. Think Trump. Think Brexit. If these Institutions were worth their salt they would have a finger on the pulse and KNOW how we, the electorate , felt, without having to ASK. They are so removed from real people, they just haven't got a clue .

  42. Ros says: "In the suit she wore to meet 'Loadsa Money' President Trump, she patronised the audience with her 'I know best' but she was left without words when the inhumane consequences of her 'difficult decisions' were laid bare by the policeman, the midwife and the teacher."

    Has anyone worked out what the suit has got to do with the rest of the sentence, or even what the rest of the sentence actually means?

    1. All the clues are there Unknown, you really must try harder, or perhaps find a forum that caters for your low level of comprehension.

    2. Hold on Ros - what relevance was the suit she wore?

  43. You appear to think I'm Ros's resident Agony Aunt. I can't help you with all the resentments you have or your anonymous posting compulsion. Sorry.

    1. 23:08

      I've no idea who that remark's addressed to but to judge from her past 'tweets' I'd say you were Ros's USP. (No help required btw.)

  44. Anonymous7 June 2017 at 16:52

    ''He's just a nonentity who will bring our country to its knees''

    You're just as ugly as an 'anonymous' as the usual name.You're profound insight doesn't improve either.

    '' I have completed every poll saying that I will vote for Corbyn. I certainly WILL NOT...I find it thoroughly entertaining to mislead the nosey parkers.''

    Step aside Che Guevara - there's a new kid on the block.

    ''I'll be celebrating a Tory win...tomorrow with a good white wine''

    A nice Chianti surely, and some fava beans. The result will be early Friday.Put the bottle down.

    ''You and all the other delusional lefties on here will be crying into their glasses.''

    When people like us are called delusional by people like you it only confirms our sanity.

    Whatever the result on Friday, the sane will still be sane,the lunatics will still be lunatics and those who favour Johnnie Walker wisdom and whining will still be slurring rubbish at anyone unfortunate enough to encounter them.If the Tories do stay in, I hope they bring in new controls that require customers to provide proof of their IQ before being served alcohol.

  45. There is nothing delusional about the huge support Jeremy Corbyn has drummed up in this past few weeks Ziggy, and those calling it delusional are running scared. If I were 'unknown' or indeed any of those staunch tories, I would be deeply embarrassed by Theresa May and the dumbasses who thought she could be leader without the ability to debate. I've been out on the doorstep, even the diehard conservatives can't stand her.

    Enjoy your wine John100 and Unknown, but you won't be celebrating my tears. I believe Jeremy will win. Theresa May is up again 'the many', the nurses, the doctors, well all NHS staff, the police, the emergency services, the teachers, the students, the pensioners, the farmers - actually I can't think of anyone the tories haven't upset and of course all the non billionaires who aren't dumb enough to think the conservatives stand up for them.

    Opinion polls have their place, but as we saw with Brexit, Trump and Macron, everything can change on the day. Theresa May hoped that a snap election would not give Labour enough time to beat her comfortable lead, but she was wrong.

    The tories won't win on Friday, May herself said, she only has to lose 6 seats to bring about a hung parliament and that is now a given. Her own performance has been disastrous, she has gone from strong and stable to weak and wobbly, whatever happens now, she is finished.

    Jeremy Corbyn has changed the face of UK politics, he has started a Movement that has inspired the young and brought the oldies (like moi) back to the fold. Whatever happens on Friday this is just the beginning.

    1. Hi Ros,

      JC has not changed the face of politics, all he has done is taken Labour back to the bad old days. If anything it was Nigel Farage who changed the face of politics. He forced the Tories into giving us an EU referendum.

    2. Do you mean the bad old days when there weren't food banks and people sleeping on the streets John? Or the bad old days when the NHS was run for the benefit of the public and there were enough police to prevent terrorist attacks?

  46. How can it be wrong to want a fairer society or to want children to have a better education and to want a NHS which isn't going to be privatised. We all rely on the NHS I cant imagine what sort of world it would it would be without the NHS because most people wouldn't be able to afford to pay for treatment or even afford the insurance premiums for health care.

    I hope labour win, roll on Friday.

    1. I think you need to study Tony Blair's record on privatisation in the NHS. The NHS and education , all public services in fact, are suffering because of the huge demand placed on it by free movement of people sacred to EU membership. There's only so much money in the pot..............it can't be produced out of thin air. How can you possibly budget for an unknowable amount of additional people arriving in the country ? Corbyn won't accept a 'no deal' so when Merkel tells him that a single market deal is reliant on free movement of people ( as she has , many many times ) he'll cave. After all he repeatedly implies ,even a bad deal is better than no deal .Where do you think the money will come from to house, educate and medically treat all those yet to come? He's economically illiterate.

    2. Thank you for telling me I need to study Tony Blair's record on privatisation, I am aware of that, I am also aware of the Naylor report. JC and TB couldn't be more different, we'll agree that we will/have voted differently.

      Labour have a fully costed manifesto unlike the Tory's.

    3. You haven't read my post properly. HOW CAN Corbyn cost his manifesto when open borders is the price he will be willing to pay for a single market deal? He has told us repeatedly that any deal is better than no deal. YOU and I will be paying dearly believe me. Aren't the schools, roads, hospitals full enough for you yet? Who is going to fund all the extra housing that will be required ? Thank the Lord he won't get a chance to bankrupt us all.

    4. Personally I believe JC if he is elected will approach brexit to get the best outcome for the whole of the UK during the negotiations. Sorry but I don't believe that TM's way would be the best way for the UK.

      I'm not going to get into a debate about immigration or imaginary figures, I believe this country has bigger issues and most of those issues have been caused by the Tory's.

      What makes you so sure TM will win, have you ever heard about the polls being wrong.

  47. 'Theresa May is up against the many?how about the 5million plus ex armed forces the millions of people worried about immigration the millions who remember his support for terrorists.ros your over confidence will come back to bite you tomorrow morning when May has a majority.

  48. Just for fun, psychic dog predicts UK election as follows:


  49. Hilarious! I can't help but think that Eddie and Keeela might have done a better job though!

  50. I'm looking at one or two posts above. The ' I will be celebrating a Tory win' garbage is a disturbing sign of the times.Do these people( even when sober) look around them and see a country thriving and walking into a bright future now ? If they do, they're either stupid or hallucinating. Unfortunately, the former are allowed the vote and the latter are seldom diagnosed. Democracy can be a dangerous thing.

    1. You have a mighty high opinion of your own intelligence don't you ? Your classic, '' If they do, they're either stupid or hallucinating. Unfortunately, the former are allowed the vote and the latter are seldom diagnosed. Democracy can be a dangerous .
      So basically anyone who doesn't perceive the world through your eyes is either stupid or deluded . I'm mightily surprised that you didn't add, '' or both.''
      Well , I DO see a bright future for us free from the petty EU diktats and yes, the country is thriving. I'm sorry for you if you have been left behind but with your superior intelligence I'm sure you'll find a way through. Or are you relying on Corbyn's largesse , free money to the downtrodden. Grow up!

    2. May I ask you a couple of questions 18:41. What petty EU diktats concerned you? A pound/kilo of bananas or the European Court of Human Rights for example?

      And second question. If the country is thriving why are there are food banks and why have essential workers not had a pay rise in 7 years?

  51. john wright8 June 2017 at 12:13

    ''Theresa May is up against the many?how about the 5million plus ex armed forces''

    How about them.What's your point.Are you suggesting they shouldn't vote for Corbyn as he is anti-war ? Or that they should vote for May because the Tories will ensure employment for them intimidating overseas. If they want their lives put at risk for wars we shouldn't involve ourselves in or begin under false pretences then yes, May's the vote.

    ''the millions of people worried about immigration ''

    This has happened since Cameron allowed the masses in. It was intensified during his blatant and continied lies about the numbers. The immigration problem was created and sustained by the Tory government. Was the problem making headlines prior to it ?

    So the massed ranks of our armed forces ( the ones lucky enough not to be sacrificed for the cause of the banks) and the massed ranks of the immigrants let in by Cameron's gang are your two main reasons to give May your vote ? I hope you're never called up for jury duty.

    1. ''................So the massed ranks of our armed forces ( the ones lucky enough not to be sacrificed for the cause of the banks) and the massed ranks of the immigrants let in by Cameron's gang are your two main reasons to give May your vote ? I hope you're never called up for jury duty...............

      It was your Socialist leader BLAIR who oversaw mass immigration which is continuing to ruin our hard earned public services and lower the price of labour. Where were your beloved unions then ? Why did they not have something to say about this on behalf of the ordinary working man who was the big loser ? What on earth has jury service got to do with it? Every man thinks with his own head and thank the lord for that.

  52. Good Luck everybody to tomorrow's election. Unfortunately I'm not entitled to vote, but whoever you'll vote for, it will be in the spirit of democracy.

    @ anon 8 June 12:53
    My labrador would have chosen the same sock had he lived in the UK, but as for myself, I really don't know.

  53. Anonymous8 June 2017 at 18:51

    ''It was your Socialist leader BLAIR who oversaw mass immigration which is continuing to ruin our hard earned public services and lower the price of labour. Where were your beloved unions then ?''
    The beloved unions are a big dog with a quiet bark and no teeth. The trade unions of yesteryear are long dead at the hands of Thatcher. As for BLAIR, he was one of the cleverest cards played. There were( and still are) a lot of observers that saw Blair's mantra of 'New Labour' as 'Blue Labour'. Nothing about Blair was socialist. He practically infiltrated the labour party to disintegrate it from within, set the stage for idiotic Brown-his fellow Bilderberger- to finish the job and make it look untenable to keep labour in power. Don't you find it strange that these three stooges were( and still are) best of buddies privately and enjoyed many a glass of champers with the media moguls in their beloved 'Chipping Norton' parties ? Or that, when Cameron was slowly but surely losing Scotland, the two Scottish stooges came to his rescue and took to the stage to argue his points ? Two former 'New Labour' PMs ? I never consider Blair a socialist. He was a Church Of England PM practising Catholicism and attending catholic masses, and he was a a labour MP practising Tory ideology and lying about threats from Iraq. He spent his final five years preparing the stage for the Tories.Nobody, even the socialists, believed Brown would last long. Now we have a chance to put a genuine socialist in power.Finally.

  54. Anonymous8 June 2017 at 18:41

    ''You have a mighty high opinion of your own intelligence don't you ? Your classic, ''


    Point A- not really, just a realistic one. I'm not an Oxford Don, But I'm smarter than an idiot.

    Point B - thanks.

    ''So basically anyone who doesn't perceive the world through your eyes is either stupid or deluded . I'm mightily surprised that you didn't add, '' or both.''

    Or both.

    It's not a matter of seeing anything through anyone else's eyes, its more about looking at things with a bit of depth and breadth and questioning the state of the UK now and how it came to be that way.Once you have done that you can make broad statements.Not before.

    '' I DO see a bright future for us free from the petty EU diktats and yes, the country is thriving. ''

    That's the kind of thing I mean.

    ''Grow up!''

    Find a dictionary. Look up 'thriving'. Give me some examples of how the UK is thriving.Include in your explanation the points made by Ros -food banks, pay rises and so on.Record numbers of homelessness and suicides is optional.

    1. NO, 'YOUR' as in possessive. Not as in 'you are.' YOUR classic ( statement ) '' If they do.. blah blah blah ''I'm afraid you need to be a bit more on the ball to fault MY grammar.

  55. John1008 June 2017 at 03:12

    ''JC has not changed the face of politics, all he has done is taken Labour back to the bad old days''

    Those dark and dangerous days of low unemployment queues, free healthcare for the low earners, housing for those unable to get on the ladder. The days when trade unions were given respect and the freedom to defend themselves and kids all had free milk in school.days when we weren't running around the globe at the taxpayers expense at the beck and call of Uncle Sam .Days when ordinary people had hope and opportunity whatever their station.Days when the idea of democide and genocide ever occurring again were the stuff off nightmares.

    '' it was Nigel Farage who changed the face of politics. He forced the Tories into giving us an EU referendum.''

    Banker-turned-politician Farage was a Tory stooge. I actually won a few quid backing him to be gone within months of Cameron's 'victory'. He used the MSM on and offline to tap into the paranoia and lazy mindedness of the masses who might have been considering voting for labour, thus ousting Cameron.

    There's only one thing more dangerous than a rabid mind, john, and that's one with access to a corkscrew, a pen, and a ballot paper.

    1. Hi Ziggy@22:30

      Point 1-please read your history of the Labour party particularly the power of the Trade Unions in the 60's & 70's. Bodies being stacked up because the gravediggers have gone on strike. Rubbish bags building up causing an infestation of rats, cockroaches because the dustmen have gone on strike. Power cuts because all the utility workers have gone on strike.

      Point 2- Don't piss off your core vote by calling them mindfulness & lazy. People are more intelligent than yourself & know exactly what they voted for. I had an argument once with a senior union officer, I was a health & safety rep. He remarked that anyone who read The Daily Mail should be shot. I said attack the paper by all means but don't piss off the readers.

    2. John1009 June 2017 at 14:12

      ''Point 1-please read your history of the Labour party particularly the power of the Trade Unions in the 60's & 70's''

      I have no need to. Strikers strike and forgo their wages because they want long term improvement and less exploitation. That's right. In an ideal world, the working man wouldn't need defence. We won't ever have a Utopia, but we should want to be taking the route at least rather than the one that ends with the Dystopian dream of the elite.

      ''Point 2- Don't piss off your core vote by calling them mindfulness & lazy. ''

      I can't decipher that sentence.

      '' People are more intelligent than yourself & know exactly what they voted for.''

      Perhaps you could give one a shout and ask them to decipher the above.

      '' I had an argument once with a senior union officer''

      Did he laugh ?

      ''He remarked that anyone who read The Daily Mail should be shot. I said attack the paper by all means but don't piss off the readers.''

      He was half right. I'd stop short of shooting them.Only just, though.They keep the paper in print unfortunately.

  56. Get in there Jeremy things looking good. May has to go if the exit polls are anything to go by. From the day she became leader I knew she wasn't someone who the people would take to

  57. The DUP kingmaker in a government!brilliant!no number 10 for Jeremy thank god!

    1. You really have kamikaze instincts John . this is so entertaining. It has the potential to be better than post Brexit tory wars .

    2. The Orangemen won't last 5 minutes John, especially when their history and antiquated ideology become common knowledge. And besides which, they completely oppose her main policies! They don't want a hard brexit, and they oppose her plans for social care.

      Theresa May is a dead woman walking, her colleagues are unlikely to forgive her losing their majority and, err, their seats.

      Labour have made huge gains, the largest for a Labour leader since Clement Attlee. This hung parliament is unsustainable, Most commentators are predicting another election within a year which I have no doubt will put Jeremy Corbyn in Downing Street.

      Imagine what the result of this election would have been if Jeremy had had the full support of his parliament party? All those Labour 'big beasts' have had a wake up call - the Leftie, anti austerity, Jeremy Corbyn is exactly what the public want.

      Not only has Theresa May lost all credibility, the tories now have to rely on ten extremist Ulster Unionists to pass legislation, ffs. How would the public feel if Jeremy Corbyn had made a deal with Sinn Fein?

      You have nothing to celebrate John Wright, if anything you should be feeling very embarrassed.

      Theresa May called a snap election hoping to capitalise on Jeremy Corbyn's perceived unpopularity, she was buying her own propaganda.

      Another election is now inevitable, but this time will be with the full backing of the entire Labour Party. Jeremy has not only revitalised the party, he has started a Movement, he has reached out to the young people and they have responded.

      That bloody difficult woman has caused absolute chaos. She has little or no authority going into the Brexit negotiations, no-one wants a hard brexit (see UKIP results), not even the Orangemen. I would be very surprised if she is still Leader next week, because it is now clear to everyone, her own party especially, that she cannot be trusted with Brexit.

      The strongest message from Theresa this past 7 weeks, has been me, me, me. She alone must decide on the terms of Brexit without the interference of other parties.

    3. Rosalinda, Cristobell Hutton9 June 2017 at 17:53

      ''How would the public feel if Jeremy Corbyn had made a deal with Sinn Fein? ''

      Exactly. That a Tory leader didn't take a second to consider the wisdom of annoying Sinn Fein is evidence of sheer panic. Have they forgotten the 1980s ? Frau Thatcher will be turning in her coven downstairs tonight. Let's hope her dear friend, Savile, is close enough to throw an arm around her.

      ''You have nothing to celebrate John Wright, if anything you should be feeling very embarrassed. ''

      Him and his ilk lack the insight to understand why.

      ''Theresa May called a snap election hoping to capitalise on Jeremy Corbyn's perceived unpopularity, she was buying her own propaganda.''

      Two ways of looking at this. The Tory funded mainstream fuelled the Tory machine and the sheep bought it. The online-and younger- voters read more widely.A brilliant stroke by Corbyn to target them( and a further reason for may et al to want to control the internet).Maybe the MSM are seeing the end of their days as a propaganda tool now. It would be good to see the bonds removed from certain reporters who want to deliver the real news and not the official scripts.

      ''That bloody difficult woman has caused absolute chaos.''

      That woman is an arse-H- ( apologies for 'woman')

      '' I would be very surprised if she is still Leader next week, because it is now clear to everyone, her own party especially, that she cannot be trusted with Brexit. ''

      Talks begin in ten days.If she goes who will attend in her place ? A party attending Brexit talks without a leader ? it's a nightmare...

    4. 'Extremist Ulster unionists'.lol.wise up!!bitterness flowing out of you ros!'the orangemen won't last 5minutes'.lol.you haven't a clue.

  58. Just come here at 14.45 09/06/17. Very quiet isn't it.

    1. Hi Unknown
      I'm still here. What we've learnt is just that the Queen all mighty preferred to have a little social chat with May, instead of having a serious talk with Corbyn about all the problems that the U K are facing right now. That's all.

  59. Well the Tories got the most seats but admittedly it was a hollow victory. Credit where credit is due and Corbyn played a blinder with his popular policies. May on the other hand was an absolute disgrace and one can only conclude that her performance was a set piece to derail Brexit. Although personally I feel that a Labour government under Corbyn would have been a disaster for the UK I concede that May could well be even worse. Fox hunting in a major manifesto! I ask you! So crucial. NOT.

  60. Anonymous 5.6, 19:51

    "with Labour they have people that have lived the lives of the people that will be voting for them and understand all the hardships"

    Yeah, right. As of today:

    "Instead the seat went to former police constable, solicitor and Manchester councillor Mr Khan elected as an MEP for the north west in 2014, romped home to victory with 35,085 votes - on a turnout of 61pc.

    "Mr Khan was accused of taking victory in Gorton ‘for granted’ - after putting his flat in Brussels up for rent almost a month before the election in early April."

    To be fair, Anonymous later added:

    "I'm sure there are privileged labour MP's as well as privileged Tory MP's but they have opposing views about how a society should work."

    You can bet the farm on a 'win-double' there. Trouble is neither equates to a conscientious representation based on shared deprivation of any kind. No George Orwell's will you find among either Labour or Tory ranks nowadays.

  61. 14:46

    Gosh, how embarrassing! Take your hands out of your pockets, boy, clean yourself up and never again do it in the presence of others, ladies in particular. Do you hear me, child?

    Want it to be amazing? Lesson one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2gEcsOmotY

  62. Anonymous8 June 2017 at 23:09

    ''Get in there Jeremy things looking good. May has to go if the exit polls are anything to go by. From the day she became leader I knew she wasn't someone who the people would take to''

    Unfortunately, your enthusiasm was a bit early.I warned you about polls up there ^^.

    May has to go, yes.But the Tory party won't if signs are anything to go by. One of the slimmest slices on the pie chart was the DUP. But, slim as it is, May will take it to get her over the line.Are we ready for Boris Johnson as PM ? Why not. These are political Monty Pythonesque days we live in.

    I'm not comfortable with the celebrations of labour and labour supporters. I'm happy that JC finally received the much deserved respect as a man and a politician that he has always deserved.But, in times when austerity has ravaged the UK as the elite have become even richer and bent laws to protect themselves, it should have been a cakewalk for labour.A miss is as good as a mile as the saying goes. A moral victory is great, but given who is still in power, 'moral' is a painfully ironic term to use.

    I wonder if the constituency of Westminster will share the results of their ballot soon. It's teatime Friday and they're still having a 'recount'. Coincidentally, the Tory cabinet have been nowhere to be seen all day.I told you here this isn't a real democracy.If the results aren't going the 'right' way, out comes the hidden hand...

    ..as the Tories were looking humiliated as the night turned to day, the 'recounts' began. 4:45 am Richmond park. Three recounts didn't throw up the correct result. Suddenly( true story) somebody 'found a box of votes'. Bear in mind they're bigger than a box of matches...

    Tory MP : Zac Goldsmith .Son of billionaire financier 'Sir' James Goldsmith. Current wife : Alice Rothschild( they of the founding of Israel and signing of the Balfour Declaration).We won't discuss his biological siblings because that's secret.He resigned from politics less than a year ago amidst accusations of rabid anti-islamic views ( I thought that was a pre-requisite for a Tory?).After Theresa May called a snap general election in April 2017, to be held on 8 June 2017, Goldsmith was re-selected as the Conservative Party candidate for Richmond Park.Well, who'da thunk it..an old Etonian Muslim hater and dear friend of Cameron, Osborne, (Nat) Rothschild, May, and Johnson. He isn't a run of the mill mp is he.And he won his seat back, surprise, surprise.I isolate this one incident as, for me, it serves as a microcosm of the so-called transparency of our great democratic MPs .It also serves as a great example of the so-called integrity of them.

    I voiced my fear on this blog, on this thread, about this democracy not actually being a democracy, and that elections don't matter if the count is putting the wrong horse over the line first..It doesn't matter if it's fixing Gold prices, setting up psyop 'terrorist' attacks to achieve a collective public reaction, or just recounting votes until they achieve their end.They do whatever they like.Nobody can stop that ( ask the PJ).

    Big Brother got his way.Honesty and integrity are of no matter ; all is fair in war and war. May will be on her way either way now to make way for an other old Etonian. Something stinks. Maybe it's because we've all been done up like a 'kippah'.

  63. PS

    Gerry Adams has rightly pointed out that Corbyn did really well considering the sustained 'media bias' against him throughout his campaign ( well done, tabloid readers). He issued a short and cold statement about how history records that alliances like the one May is desperately grasping at have 'always ended in tears'. A warning ? I think so. The DUP, after all, have jumped at the opportunity to hold hands with the Tories.Not because they respect their policies or ideology, but because it would piss Sinn Fein off. See..it's not about the will of the people, or their needs, or their voice.It's a game being played amongst themselves. We just suffer the fall out.

    1. Mark Twain "If voting made any difference they wouldn't let us do it.”

  64. I've decided to undertake a 'quotathon'.

    here's how it works...

    every time the twitching robotic May uses the phrase ' as we won the most seats and most votes' you all have to give me a fiver. Then, next month, you can all join me on my new yacht for champers and strawberries.

    NB : I'm prepared to donate 25% to anyone who can give me definitive proof that our PM isn't Jack Straw with lipstick.

    1. ZiggySawdust 9 June 2017 at 20:28

      Good morning, Liverpool

      A few mouthfuls and a drop of Strange Brew for your Saturday Breakfast Special, blud:

      Jedes Urteil wissenschaftlicher Kritik ist mir willkommen. Gegenüber den Vorurteilen der sog. öffentlichen Meinung, der ich nie Konzessionen gemacht habe, gilt mir nach wie vor der Wahlspruch des großen Florentiners: ‘Segui il tuo corso, e lascia dir le genti.’
      London, 25. Juli 1867
      Karl Marx

      Every opinion based on scientific criticism I welcome. As to prejudices of so-
      called public opinion, to which I have never made concessions, now as heretofore the maxim of the great Florentine is mine: “Segui il tuo corso, e lascia dir le genti.”*
      Karl Marx
      July 25, 1867

      *Follow your own course, and let people talk – paraphrased from Dante

      How reminiscent of you! And that initial, unfulfilled, promise…

      Are you telling us you’ve started composing your Das Kapital whilst leaving us craving for your Война и мир, Ziggmund? Or is “…you all have to give me a fiver. Then, next month, you can all join me on my new yacht for champers and strawberries.” just your letting us have a glimpse of ‘the ugly face of capitalism’? Still, we remain amused. You may remain.

      (Champers is not agreeable with us. Will strawberry vodka and Strange Brew be served? No EVRD dogs? Can we have a yacht too should you have cash left after all your disbursements?)

      We do hope June is the end of May!

      Yours peacefully

      Georg Wilhelm Friedrich at Tempio Malatestiano

      PS No plowman digs my earth. I ‘dig’ (with a little help from my friends, Spade and Fork).:)

  65. Anonymous9 June 2017 at 19:19

    Mark Twain "If voting made any difference they wouldn't let us do it.”

    spot on

  66. 21:36

    I’ve told you before, Verdante, stick to your music, you git. I was talking to another bloke anyways.


    Spot on what, Dust man?

    I told Mark if the voting made no difference, we wouldn’t be voting.

    1. Anonymous 10 June 2017 at 00:26

      “I told Mark if the voting made no difference, we wouldn’t be voting.”

      Nice I daresay.


  67. Morning, Captain

    Realism has prevailed.

    Good to see JC smiling!

    Some juice (on me) to celebrate?



  68. Oh my goodness, I have lost the will to live reading the illiterate, grammatically incorrect sentences of John Wright.
    People such as he shouldn't be allowed to vote !
    He's too dangerous !