Wednesday, 10 January 2018


If I were a soothsayer, which I’m not, though I do on occasion have a hankering…..  I would say we were hurtling into a period of final acts, not just here in the UK as the investigation of a toddler who went missing abroad comes to close, but big showstopping finales, like the collapse of the inhumane facism regimes of the UK and the USA.  A change in the paradigm as information reaches the masses, and people power is realised.  An information revolution.  Numbers matter, they can force the abandonment of unpopular laws and appointments.  See Toby Young, who was in office for less time than Scaramucci.  In the old days, the said Toby Young would have blended in nicely with Theresa's cabinet of psychopaths, but his life is littered with a trail of repugnance that will never go away.  Some call it Karma.  
Democracy is tottering.  It CAN be interfered with, it is no longer the safest and only option.  The Russians demonstrated that targeting a specific demographic, can swing an election.  Momentum, and I love them, have demonstrated that by targeting specific constituencies they can unseat MPs. 
Trump's demographic might be as small as 30 something percent, but if they all turn up to vote, and they will, they can swing an election.  In a nutshell, ways have been found to shift the apathetic, all those who couldn't be arsed before.  Everyone carries a phone, every 5 minutes, 'did you go vote yet?'.  How do they know who to target?  We give away our likes, dislikes, preferences, age, weight, social status, etc, every time we log online or buy a bottle of wine.  As much as we the masses have access to information never seen before, so too do the authorities, the large corporations, the Keyhole Kates and the downright creepy.  Knowing everything about us, is a good guide as to how we will vote. 
But let's get back to the Ides of March.  Trump is on the brink, Theresa May, could spontaneously combust, but with grown ups Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell taking over, something can be salvaged from Brexit.  I have faith the US too have grown ups waiting in the wings. 
After the Ides of March, we will have a 'sweep up April' and a glorious May.  I am unashamedly a huge fan of Prince Harry and Meghan.  Yes, their exalted status, class, privilege, etc, etc, are inherently wrong, but isn't it possible they are just nice people?  For all my Marxist, revolutionary ideas, my heart went out to those two young boys who lost their mother, and aw shucks, I do shed a tear when I think how proud she would be. 
For many of my readers however, there still remains the huge question of how Operation Grange will conclude.  For that, another blog.  
Theresa methinks will be hung by her own petard, or one of those ghastly necklaces that remind us of how enchained she is to those billionaire puppet musters.  If I didn't hate her so vehemently I would send her a copy of Women Who Love Too Much.  And I'm playing fast and loose with the word 'love' there.
The Trump Show however, is history in the making.  The world has once again thrown up an absolute raving lunatic with the power to destabilise the whole planet.  And yes, I say planet, because Hitler only managed the world, had he realised there was a war to be had with Mother Earth, I'm sure he would have gone for it.  Trump is actually that deranged that someone could tell him there was a bigger planet out there, with lots more gold and lobotomised beauty queens and he would go take a look.  I bet Mike Myers now kicks himself for not making 'Goldmember' President.  
I read a great article the other day, (will find link) comparing Trump to Emperor Nero.  Apparently Nero used to tour Rome locking all the citizens in, in each town, so they were forced to watch him sing, dance and perform.  Followed by great applause and praise for how wonderful he was.  Guards would stand watch so no-one could climb out or over the gates.  If you have ever been to a bad show you would know how that feels.  Of course the punch line is, as Rome burned, Nero was asking 'so what did you think of my fiddling?' .Quite.
I don't see the Trump crime family lasting much longer than March.  This has been a huge knock in my faith in human nature.  I love Americans!  Just as much as my dear old Dad did - he was eternally grateful to them for stepping into WWII.  But he loved the whole US thing, the culture, the accents, the glamour, the music, the books, the courage. And by courage, he meant all those immigrants who had the guts to go start a new world.  But most of all the movies!  A love I always shared.  For the past year or so, I have believed you have a room of good guys like Steve McQueen, Henry Fonda and Marlon Brando somewhere, just waiting for a moment to take the bast'ard out.  Legally of course, a swine like Trump should stand trial for his crimes, the world needs an example of 'this should never happen again'.    


  1. ''life is littered with a trail of repugnance that will never go away. Some call it Karma. ''

    Others call it politics. If Karma was as reliable and effective as the new age books told us in the 90s, the repugnance wouldn't be happening on a loop decade after decade.

    I'm gathering you're still keeping abreast with all things US online.Another choir singing the same couple of songs. Trump, the caricature comic bad guy in a high postion. A cross between Kubrick's Dr Strangelove and an ageing lothario .The man with small hands, dyed hair, dyed skin, dyed teeth and dead eyes. The man who found fame by embodying the American Dream of greed and gluttony with true Romanesque arrogance.And they let him run for President.What a place. Like George Carling said : ''you know why they call it the American dream doncha..because you have to be asleep to f***ng believe it''. The great man would have a field day had he lived long enough to witness what he always suspected was coming.

    I don't see what the real issues are. Once the hilarity dies down and the fashion moves elsewhere, maybe I will. I see a grotesque right now, nothing more. He makes a lot of noise, as empty vessels do, and then he shuffles back to his Twitter account like an insecure teenager with a fragile ego. He gets reactions from other powerful clowns and the American comedy channel they call news over there, but it never comes to anything or leads to anywhere.

    The irony of it all is that he's lambasted as a despot witout invading a country under false pretences.He draws his gun but nobody expects him to shoot.He talks a good fight and he likes to shock with his 'different,' politically incorrect views on immigration and so on.But he hasn't hit anyone yet.Like the Mossad puppets before him, he has his script for his particular act. Gone are the slick suited, smiling, inspirational orators, Bush Sr, Clinton,and Obama. The 'spontaneous' retorts and the 'God bless Aamerica' bullshit.Gone too are the illegal wars, the genocide and the ripping away of human rights one by one. The illegal water boarding( sorry, Obama, 'enhanced interrogating') and the raping and murdering of prisoners who fought back. Trump may be a clown but he's sitting in a chair that's been the throne of a chain of despots for over 40 years.

    Nero and Hitler may well have been nutcases ( especially Nero). But they were also maniacs with God complexes and a lust for death.But, if you want to quote despots, maniacs and those who promote democracy while working on mass enslavement and complete compliance, look no further than the family Bush. From Prescott to the present day. Hitler was just a naughty boy in comparison. Do the digging.

    Those immigrants who created a new world did it after slaughtering the one they found first. Since then,they haven't spent a single generation throughout their existence war - free. They've created a new world for everyone now.well done.

    What should Trump stand trial for ? Considering what the Bush crew, the Clintons, LBJ and Obama got away with, he's just the classroom showoff.

    Trump was placed in power by those who wanted it, not those who voted it.The question you, and the rest of the choir, should be asking is why.

    Theresa May, Merkel, Cameron, Blair have all been puppets for the masters who have Trump now.

    You don't need to be a soothsayer or turn to a snake oil salesman either.You just need to observe closely and dig.

    Grange is floating belly up in the water.It's time to pack our rods and nets and go home.

  2. The problem with your little diatribe Ros is that you imagine that there are some 'good guys' out there just waiting to heal the world. Do you honestly think that Clinton is any better than Trump? Or Corbyn better than May? Government is always Government and it is incumbent on ANY political hopeful to be part of the Great Corrupt to succeed. It really doesn't matter who is in charge Government is always the Government. It's all just a distraction. Surely you of all people know this?

    1. Exactly . While we all watch the actors on stage, the writers, producers and directors are unseen . it's the hidden hand that steers the ship . Their crew just keep us from looking for it .

  3. "Police forces say that, together with the national intelligence services, they have prevented 23 attacks since the murder of soldier Lee Rigby in east London by jihadis in 2013.

    But Mr Rowley’s tenure has also been marked by a wave of attacks last year that have killed scores of people. They started with the Westminster Bridge attack in March and continued with the Manchester Arena bombing in May and June’s attack on London Bridge and Borough Market."


    "The Met gave no indication of why the assistant commissioner was leaving, or what he would do after his retirement."