Tuesday, 23 July 2019


Jesus, Mary and Joseph, God Help Us.  It has just been announced that Boris Johnson is our new Prime Minister.  It's like the UK watched the catastrophe of making a narcissistic idiot who got lucky, the Commander in Chief, and said 'hold my beer'.

Boris Johnson is the Prime Minister because the Conservative party quite literally, have no one else.  They have no-one dynamic, no-one the public can get behind, not even a politician who represents old, traditional, tory values.  He doesn't even have the headmistress, I'm in charge qualities of Maggie Thatcher or Theresa May.  Should he flex a giant whip, his colleagues will be rolling on the floor laughing.  Boris is the prankster, the Bullingdon Boy, who shamelessly burns a £50 note in front of a homeless person.

Like Trump he doesn't read.  All his prehistoric views and opinions were established in his privileged childhood.  He cannot comprehend anything outside of his elite world.  Right now he is probably rubbing his greedy little hands together and arranging State visits for Mohamed Bone Saw and Vladimir (I can dispose of your enemies) Putin.  

On the plus side, putting Coco the Clown in charge of the Brexit negotiations could bring about a much needed General Election.  I believe Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister could introduce to a new generation, the same upsurge in the nation's morale as that brought by Harold Wilson in the swinging sixties.  Imagine a government that invests in science, technology, exploration, infrastructure, the arts, and most importantly of all, it's people?

It is astonishing that almost every generation, for at least the last 200 years, have voted their oppressors into government.  They go along with the myth that rich (ergo successful) people know what is best for them.  They overlook that rich (successful) people are rich and successful because they exploit people like them.  It is easier to sell the idea that each and every one of us can be rich inconsiderate arseholes too than the idea that we can treat each other with kindness and respect.  

We are a nation in turmoil.  All of us, even the deranged nationalists and brexiters, know, deep down, that it's time to let the adults take over.  Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, have literally had years in which to prepare for this eventuality.  They are amiable (vitally important) experienced, and wizened statesmen.  On their team they have Keir Starmer, not always my favourite politician, but one of the few people able to understand the mathematics and logics of  the nitty gritty issues that will directly affect workers in the UK.  

Today will go down as a sad and shameful day for the UK.  Who knows what the outcome will be on history.  Like the USA, we have as leader of our nation, a man with no principles, no morals and no intention of doing anything for anyone other than himself.  The UK, in the 21st century has as PM, another old Etonian, who takes glee in exploiting those working classes who are daft enough to believe he will in any way attempt to make their lives better.

Boris may wear baggy trousers and clown feet, but there is no friendly clown about him.  He is the grotesque head that tries to lure children down drains, the laughing face of a tory party that impoverished the British people to the extent that food banks are a necessity, where people sleep and die outside the Houses of Parliament.  Don't be fooled by his faux friendly exterior.  This is a thug, he may pass himself off as a cute, accident prone toddler, but he is a dangerous idiot.  Like Trump he will follow his own instincts, despite what he is told by his own advisors, the educated and the well informed and an alarmed, ready to march, public.  We are about as close to Armageddon as we are ever likely to be.


  1. This probably won't be the most popular post, but, you 'asked the audience' recently and it seems Ziggy had read the script to the letter.


  2. 100% agree with you.

  3. "We are about as close to Armageddon as we are ever likely to be."

    Rather dramatic Ros - but why mince with words. (I really wanted to insert "but I digress" here but it becomes meaningless when used all the time)

    Surely rather than "Armageddon" it should be a time of rejoicing for you and Corbyn fans as it is probably the best opportunity for the Labour party to come into government.

    As you say "Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, have literally had years in which to prepare for this eventuality." So why the doom and gloom Ros?


    1. When the ruling party installs a new leader in turbulent times it's considered a positive move and gives an impression of a steadying ship, not a sinking one.This renders the position of the opposition as weaker, where previously it had been strong.Corbyn Fans / supporters have little to rejoice about.An opportunity to press for a GE has gone.Now, Boris has enough time to grandstand enough to kid the gullibles and then remain in power. Then he can go back to agenda 1- destroying the gullibles who were and are too tired to think.

  4. The dreaded has happened. What we feared the most has come upon us ( or some similar Bible quotation).

    I'm not claiming to have superior knowledge or psychic ability.When i said what i said it was as much down to venting my frustration as anything else. I knew how it would play out.I knew because i observe and take note and i retain and compare. It's easy when you keep the distractions to the minimum. I have no social network platform i read or use; I've never been addicted to a computer game, farmville or candi crush or the like. I don't see what the addiction is and follow that to death ( game of thrones etc).

    The point is, the game has never changed in our time.The rules are the same. The bosses are the same.The dishonesty is the same.But todays politicians are more corporate than political; more business than academic. They lack the finesse and craft to mesmerize, distract and baffle the masses.The public 25 years ago would have seen right through the dishonesty then but those politicians were on the ball. They had to be.Back then we had a tiny amount of TV channels and no infinite internet.Distractions were nothing compared to todays. We could focus on them and listen and react.So they were trained well. As were the police and the media who did their bidding.

    Today, the collective attention of the population is diffused. It has a finger in a thousand unimportant mind numbing directions and think far more about the spats between judges on BGT and celebs in a jungle.The last 2 general elections saw less votes cast than any BGT competition.That alone is a sign of the times.It goes some way toward an explanation of the possible reasons that a pair of complete elitist, arrogant, ignorant arseholes who look like a Grimms version of Tweedle Dee and Dumb have become the leaders of the allied forces who are trying to rule the world. We're getting the alleged wants of the public as we're a democracy.The implication being - look, democracy is useless..we have Don and Boris.

    Bring this up to a wife / husband / partner / friend. As long as it doesn't clash with Eastenders / BGT/ Strictly or The Jungle, you might get a conversation.The likelihood, however, is that you'll hear about 'a discussion on FB' or an 'angry tweet'. All as the tumbleweed rolls down the quite streets outside Whitehall and Westminster.

    Recently, as the US 'go mad ' on twitter and fb about Trump's latest bullshit and the UK do the same about Boris, two groups have picked up pace angrily; One is a huge group formed online to 'sweep' Loch Ness for a monster; the other to 'storm' area 51 to find the aliens the pentagon have been hiding. Because they're more important than tyrannical Nero-esque rule of two morons or the thousands of homeless and jobless and the ill.These are the same people who will laugh by default at your 'conspiracy theories' about politicians but be the first to tell you that 'they're all the same..liars''.

    Ask me again how we ended up with morons lording it over us....