Thursday, 26 September 2019


Boris Johnson is behaving like a raving lunatic now, to be fair he was always unstable, but his recent meeting with the tyrant in chief, seems to have ratched it all up a few notches.  He is desperate, in the fullest sense of desperate, for the UK to leave the EU on 31st.  It's almost as if his life depends on it, like he will end up dead in a ditch if he doesn't.  

OK, there is no evidence that the mob boss in the White House actually has people killed (Epstein?), but it would appear that there is no level he won't sink to in order to get leaders of other countries to do as he wants.  Just putting this out there, but Trump is the former owner of a model agency that imported European girls to the USA, he also owned the Miss Universe Pageant.  He also has quite a sniffing habit himself.  I expect he knew a lot about kompromat even before he began courting Putin. Dumb enough to get caught in it himself, but there you go.  The Ukraine wanted/needed the assistance of the USA to keep the Russian forces out of their country.  Naturally, he used this to manipulate them.

With the UK, it's maybe not so clear.  Obama advised us to stay in the EU, so is Trump in toddler mode, by saying we should leave?  I doubt he had anything on Theresa May, she's so feckin boring, I doubt anyone has.  With Boris Johnson, it's like Trump's henchmen have just been handed a sack of duplicitous mad frogs.  Digging dirt on Boris Johnson is like being handed a trolley for a supermarket sweep.  Now this is where I will give Trump credit for the only talent he has.  He knows how to hone in on an achilles heel.  Whatever hangup his opponent (or even potential friend) has, will become Trump's obsession.  It's his way of grabbing men by the balls, he wants men, white men, above all, to admire him.

Of course, the biased BBC and the biased mainstream media, have probably hidden or buried, the juicier, more outrageous of Boris Johnson's antics, he has been the Establishment's PM in waiting forever.  Nice boy, went to Eton you know.  Unfortunately for him, Trump is not known for his observance of society's rules, seeing his new friend Boris squished under the wheels of bus, will probably fill him with glee.  He is probably the only person in the world who can truly empathise with Kim Jong Un.  They are probably already planning a joint 'lets blow up everyone we don't like' party.

Boris Johnson's need to leave the EU on the 31st October, is beyond reason and logic.  He is trying to lead the UK into a charge off a cliff.  Why is he so desperate?  He lies when he says he wants to deliver Brexit for the people.  Only, 17.5 million voted to leave, out of a population of 66 million.  He is clearly not doing this for the people, he is doing it for himself and for those who are putting pressure on him.  

I'm not letting him off the hook in saying that, but Boris Johnson is the posh equivalent of Trump's Hill People.  Because he can't be arsed to listen or learn, he only hears the key points as they pertain to him.  Ie. a MAGA hat would really suit you and think of all the money you will make from a chain of Trump/Boris Towers in every UK City?  Trump's way of bedazzling other narcissists, is to let them know he understands them and will cater for their every need.   So what has he got on Boris?  As horrible as he is, on which we are all agreed, including his brother and sister, what has Trump got that equates to a gun pointed at Boris Johnson's head?  Boris is sweating like a man on death row, he's already said he has no other option but a ditch.  I hate the man, but I think he should be on suicide watch.  I'm now trying to think what's worse than Trump's pee tapes?  Yuck!!!!!!

Again, no sympathy, Boris has sailed through school and his parliamentary career, by mimicking.  He mimicks every posh old fecker he has ever known and admired.  He has nothing original.  Not one iota of the home haircut, blustering, faux philanthropist character is real.  No-one is buying it.  OK, they did for a while but, now the country is calling on his deep, imbedded, character, there isn't one.  He is a pretentious man in a pretentious world.  He cites the people as though he were one of them, a rebel against the establishment. As if!  He has been fed, clothed, nourished, taught to speak posh and groomed to be PM by the establishment!  When did he last go visit a foodbank?  Has he ever visited a foodbank?  He is not a man of the people, he is a product, designed and produced to appeal to a popular audience.  Look how well Trump did with his mad hair, we've got a winner here, said Dominic Cummings.

Sadly my mother (who I have said many times was crazy) loved Boris, for purely shallow reasons I might add.  It was the hair, the playful faux rebel.  We argued often, obviously.  She was a babyboomer, an immigrant from Ireland, voting tory was a sign she had moved up the social ladder.  She was a product of her past, her background, her environment.  Added to which, she was extremely cantankerous and quick to anger.  I jest, with me she took the time, and I have stored her wisdom, which I should add, mostly consisted of the right occasions on which to use the word 'feck'.  With some people the only words they understand is 'feck off'.  Don't bother explaining, don't bother teaching, just say 'feck off' and walk away. Wise words indeed.

Those few remaining tories who are now the government of the UK are a shambles and some of them are using some pretty hard drugs to perform.  Yeah, I know, explains a lot.  Jacob Rees-Mogg treating the HOC front benches like an opium den and take a close look at Gove struggling to stand still, sniffing and grinding his jaw.  Classic signs of cocaine use, I am reliably informed.  If any nurse, lorry driver, factory worker or employee of any kind turned up for work off their tits on coke, there would be repercussions.

These are the people leading us off a cliff!  


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  2. Prince Andrew hires Amber Rudd's former 'master of the dark arts' aide to spearhead a PR fightback following the Jeffrey Epstein scandal

    Israeli ‘Master Chef’ winner revealed as wife of $400 million fraudster

    Kincora boy abused by Mountbatten committed suicide months later

    First-ever: 40+ Jewish groups worldwide oppose equating antisemitism with criticism of Israel

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    Butler Bob


    Butler Bob

  4. Text messages show how Israeli men planned an 'orgy' with British teenager and said 'she's getting f***ed tonight' as her trial begins in Cyprus for allegedly lying she was gang raped

    “The Israelis have denied any allegation of assault and have since returned home.”

    “12 young man and fifteen family accompanied by many solicitors with full embassys law team support, Cash in hands, declare war on 19 years young girl who let down By every one and left alone fighting, she had zero cash zero support, this case will put every British girl in risk all over the world, they should brought to justice.”

    “Why are the attackers allowed home, but the victim is forced to stay should it not be the other way round.”

    “Those boys should be locked up. Disgusting behaviour even if she 'agreed' which I doubt. Learn some respect for women.”

    Butler Bob