Saturday 26 October 2019

Please can we choose a Brave New World

It is very hard for me to comment on the state of British politics right now, because it's too close to home and too personal.  In Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, I see a brave new world in which these two good men steer the good ship Britannia onto a whole new course towards a brighter future for everyone, as their predecessors, the Labour Government who took control after WWII.  

After 9 years of austerity and the tories running down our NHS and public services, not to mention their crazy idea to make Brexit a billionaires free for all, we are again at a point in history, where we need adults and genuine experienced and diplomatic Statesmen to step in and sort out the mess.  JC and JM have prepared for this moment their entire lives, their ideas and policies have evolved from years of research and discussion, not the cocaine fuelled cabinet meetings of old Etonians who still think they are in the Bullingdon Club.

The pain for me lies in the 'hope', which rightly deserved to stay at the bottom of Pandora's Box.  Hope gives a tantalising glimpse of what might be, what could be, a final last peep before the lid closes down forever.  I remember being mightily moved by John Cleese in the movie Clockwise, wearing a monk's habit and with every chance of his dreams rapidly disappearing, complaining profusely that it was the 'hope' that hurt the most.  I hear you Brother.  

As much fun as it is watching the odious Boris Johnson rightly hated throughout the UK and losing (almost) every vote, I can't rid myself of a niggly feeling that the snidey git will find a way to the pull the UK out of Europe on the 31st and clean up at the bookies.

We are living in a bizarre age, where lawlessness and deception at the highest levels are practiced in plain sight.  'Get over it' says Mick Mulvaney, White House Chief of Staff, 'I'll just lay across this parliamentary bench as if I were in a opium den', says Jacob Rees-Mogg.  We are not even going to try to pretend we are working for and on behalf of the people.  

Unfortunately, the alt right sickness, appears to have hit everyone who has never picked up a book or read a newspaper.  All those who think their lives will be mightily improved if others are made to suffer.  The kind of people who believe the NHS should not treat people in need unless they are a British taxpayer.  That's so unkind I will refrain from commenting.  But I should add, the same applies to public housing, everyone needs a roof over their heads.  

Housing shortages, queues in the NHS, are all down to lack of investment.  If the government doesn't invest enough money to keep up with needs of the population, the government is at fault. The NHS needs massive investment, not fewer 'customers', more homes need to be built.  These 'desperate needs' that have been ignored for so many years by the tories, but will be immediately implemented by Labour, will not only provide the services that should be available to everyone in one of the richest countries in the world, but it will boost employment and boost the economy.

As a child of the 60's, I enjoyed the massive transformation of working class life brought about the Labour government of the 1940's.  A full nutritionally balanced meal every day at school, albeit with free dinner tickets and the shame that entailed, and a bottle of milk in the afternoons.  And yes, I too chanted along to Thatcher, Thatcher, milk snatcher, when the old witch took away our free milk, I believe it was popular in most playgrounds.

But England, in the 60's, was buzzing like a pendulum doo, whatever that is.  It was the 'in place', not only for the glitterati, but the illuminati, the literati, the papparati and all the 'atis' that were popular at the time. 'Arold Wilson' who I'm not sure had an 'aaati' bone in him, turned England into the legend of Austin Powers, it was all about the Jaguar E type, Carnaby Street and the Kings Road, Baby.  On the drama front, 'Cathy Come Home' hit the heartstrings of every liberal, and indeed, every tory, kindness began to replace the cruelty of 'undeserving poor'.  Pop stars, like John Lennon began highlighting novel ideas like kindness, peace and no religion and immediately went onto the FBI's most wanted lists.  Who the fuck wants peace when there is so much money to be made with hostility?

But we are still in the 'hope' phase, but I am scared to look.  I applaud all those warriors out there every day, they are brave and focused.  I am especially cheered by the young 'woke' (not quite sure how to use that word yet) new generation who are making such tremendous waves with Momentum.  Finally, the right wing do not have total control of the airwaves, literally everyone has instant access to the truth.  Gone are the days when Rupert Murdoch could tell the UK masses how to vote via the front page of the Sun.  There is hope.  Which brings me back to where I began.  

I'm over 60 now, I get knocked down and I get up again, becomes tougher and tougher.  Where I used to think 'nothing's gonna stop us now', I now think, yeah, it probably will.  I even, kind of, accept that I am powerless to stop it.  I haven't felt this level of powerlessness since I was a young teenager in the care of demons.  I couldn't change the nature of the people around me then anymore than I can change it now.  Not a happy place to be.

But we are on a precipice, we don't have to be rushed towards the cliff's edge.  Safety switches and dead mans handles are all in place, the masses can see right through Boris Johnson and his get rich quick backers, everything is stacked up for a glorious revolution, I'm just too scared to look.


  1. "I can't rid myself of a niggly feeling that the snidey git will find a way to the pull the UK out of Europe on the 31st and clean up at the bookies."

    Well Ros get yourself down to the bookies on Monday, put your money on it and clean up like the "snidey git". I am sure you will get fantastic odds on the UK being out of the EU on Friday.

  2. Well put, Ros...

    I'll pop a fuller reply to this tomorrow when my head stops hurting.Isn't it great when you're teetotal but still get the hangovers..

    The title brought to mind the great man himself.A great scholar and, as it turns out, a prophet and and the inspiration for George Orwell's even more well known piece, 1984.His Dystopian vision was pretty much on the money.It's played out as he said.It continues to.The resultant despair is palpable.Or it is to those of us who are yet to be anaesthetized by trivia and any number of pointless , empty distractions.We have to things to do.We need to wake the rest up.Then explain exactly what's here and what's likely to be here soon, according to the natural laws of cause and effect.It's time to start slapping those who only look at you dead-eyed and repeat some dusty tin foil hat witticism.As annoying and tedious as they are, we'll need the numbers up one day...

    In the meantime, some lines of inspiration that confirm the sentiment you speak of isn't a fad.It's all been noted and felt by the great and the good for a long time.

    You, me, and the minority are not alone.And, as a minority, we can get bigger.That's the only real hope you can entertain realistically at the moment..

    “Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime.”
    — Aristotle, Greek philosopher

    “Poverty is the worst form of violence.”
    — Mahatma Gandhi, Indian political and spiritual leader

    “Poverty is like punishment for a crime you didn't commit.”
    — Eli Khamarov, writer

    “In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of.”
    — Confucius, Chinese teacher and philosopher

    “An imbalance between rich and poor is the oldest and most fatal ailment of all republics.”
    — Plutarch, Greek historian

    “Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity.”
    — Coco Chanel, French fashion designer

    “History is written by the rich, and so the poor get blamed for everything.”
    — Jeffrey D. Sachs, economist

    “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”
    — Albert Einstein, theoretical physicist

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.”
    — Edmund Burke, author and philosopher

    “There's more to doing good than hating evil.”
    — Anonymous

    “Failures are divided into two classes — those who thought and never did, and those who did and never thought.”
    — John Charles Salak, author

    “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

    “Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity. It is the protection of a fundamental human right, the right to dignity and a decent life.”
    — Nelson Mandela, Former President of South Africa

    and finally......

    “Poverty does not belong in civilized human society. Its proper place is in a museum.”
    — Muhammad Yunus, entrepreneur


  3. Maybe if JC goes to a barber and gets his beard properly trimmed and shaved he would have a chance. Otherwise his scruffy appearance will never win anything.

    1. 22.32

      Yes, appearance matters far more than integrity.That's how Trump got the job in the US.And how Boris swept to Downing St. Our gains are Versace's loss.Profound stuff.

    2. 27 October, 22:32

      If so, what does that tell you about citizens and voters?

    3. It tells me that they are lost.It tells me that they are shallow and ill informed and better off staying lost in the land of trivia and conducting passionate debates about who we should all be voting for ( and against) in the current Britain's Got Talent or Strictly competitions(according to who looks best and has the best sad back story).It reminds why ,if our votes genuinely meant anything and had the power to bring about real change, we wouldn't be allowed to cast one.It seems the majority go to the polls when they're sleepwalking.


    4. Ros...

      I penned a reply to your thread.But i kept expanding on things.I thought maybe a 2-parter.Then i feared it would be 3.And a 3-parter would turn heads away.Would i be better presenting it as one of those guest blogs ?Or would i have to register ? I don't know how it works.If i could do that, people could throw darts at it away from here, thus not disrupting your discussion ;)


    5. Count/Viscount

      Can’t wait. You’ve given us your Война и Мир and now we are about to read your Dix Ans Plus Tard. Can’t wait!


    6. Apologies for my delay in getting back to you Ziggy, I'm kind of getting back into the land of the living.

      You are welcome to do a guest blog, but the only way I'm afraid, is for you to send me an email ( so I can copy and paste it into a blog. I cannot give you direct access to my blog, you may well be up to all sorts of espionage (100/1 your Jim Gamble), so you see my dilemma.

      Should point out though, that I am getting into full General Election mode. I'm going to take that hope and go with it. That Brave New World is now in sight!

    7. Anonymous30 October 2019 at 14:48

      It will be another random chapter from my Sturm und Drang, comrade. Much ado about all kinds..i will endeavour to stir the adrenaline as is my way.. ;)

      Marquis Zig( not to be confused with Don Marquis)



  5. The Nobel Prize goes to the Wrong Person


  6. "The UK is set to go to the polls on 12 December after MPs backed Boris Johnson's call for an election following months of Brexit deadlock.

    By a margin of 438 votes to 20, the House of Commons approved legislation paving the way for the first December election since 1923.

    The bill is still to be approved by the Lords but could become law by the end of the week."

    There you go Ros - Corbyn has another chance.



  8. Hello Rosalinda
    Yes, A Brave New World! Who wouldn't wish for that Rosalinda.

    Life is a struggle Rosalinda and the only choice we can make is to fight against lies and tyranny in all its shapes and forms whatever the outcome might be.

    Just the thought of Julian Assange collaborating with enemies of the US with the intention of influencing its citizens to vote for one or the other political party is beyond belief absurd. Nevertheless, if American voters would change their minds after having read classified documents, which reveal immoral behaviour among politicians, it’s nothing but democracy in the true sense of the word.

    The judicial investigation in the UK, which seeks to clarify whether the extradition treaty between the UK and the US allows Assange to be extradited, is going on, all while the fearless publisher himself is in custody and therefore completely unable to properly speak for himself. In comparison with the British judicial system's royal response to the McCanns’ needs, Assange has been treated like a street-infested dog, that few people dare even to touch.

    If Assange won’t be released after 50 weeks (maximum for breaching bail) and regardless of the progression of the extradition case, both the UK and the United States must be held morally and legally accountable for what may happen, or what may have happened, to Julian Assange within the walls of Belmarsh prison, all of which should of course be added to all the war crimes committed by those who wish to keep him locked up forever.

    1. Bjorn...

      I'm reminded of a recent saying. A sort of digital age philosophical sound bite if you like :

      ''In an age of Information, ignorance is a choice''.

      And when you state a Brave New World having to be wished for reminds me.Courage is a choice as well.It;s sitting and waiting and hoping that gets nothing's a passive acceptance to the destruction of our existence on the planet or, as the destroyers know- their progress...
      We need to fight.But how ?Obviously the most important thing to do is identify the enemy and inform as many as we can.We have the internet for that.Then we have to mobilize and strategize. That's where it goes wrong.We outnumber them by a colossal percentage. But they out gun us by an even bigger one.When 12 men close in on one who only has a wall behind him it isn't looking good for the man on his own.When he draws two machine guns and a grenade the odds swing.Just do some multiplication...

      Staying with the Brave New World / Huxley thread,the man himself was from a family of well respected scientists.He wanted to join them in that field and no doubt would have contributed much but for his failing sight.But he contributed much more because of it.He believed that science and technology are not bad or evil.They aren't immoral. Those who command it make it that way.Radios and TV can be used to inform and to entertain.But were seen as priceless conduits through which to spread poisonous propaganda. We can use our knowledge of the atom to supply free energy for everyone or commit genocide.We know what the choices have been.

      Today's 'science' and technological breakthrough has been communicating on the internet.And those who own it, command it.Trump is trying to run America and threaten the world via it ( Twitter).He spotted the power years ago- especially the power of Alt news 'faces' and sites.
      He was using the internet alt media to listen to him demand that Obama came clean about his birth certificate and being a Muslim.He had the loudest Alt media voice online in Alex Jones drumming up support for him.he was well aware of the 'big ones' that drew attention.The JFK assassination; 'Fake news ; aliens; moon landings; corruption in the Whitehouse ' 9/11. he was goinf to 'drain the swamp'.Suddenly we were going to see an American president who was going to be transparent and expose all the bullshit we'd been fed- IF he was voted in.And he was voted in...

      He released heavily edited files that we'd all seen; he drained no swamp; he finished the Assange job that his former ''enemy'' Obama had begun ;he has systematically removed all balanced discussions about recent psyops and false flags online ; he has gagged and bought Alex Jones out.This is what's happening to the latest 'science'.The 'information superhighway' is having as much truth and questions removed and replaced by shill bullshit.Hitler did it; Bush; Blair; Cameron. It's control of the enemy( you and I).
      I hope Ed Snowden has something up his sleeve.Something that can help raise awareness about Assange and Wikileaks.About the last 25 years of US governanace and bullshit.And far less about Russia( it's not 1962 ffs) and more about Israel....


    2. Of course Björn 31 October 2019 at 17:45 he could have returned and faced the charges against him in accordance with the European Arrest Warrant.

    3. or refuse to face Trumped up charges- which he would anyone

    4. Hi Anon 31 October 2019 at 23:04

      "Of course Björn 31 October 2019 at 17:45 he could have returned and faced the charges against him in accordance with the European Arrest Warrant"

      Why would he? As I’ve said before, he would then sooner or later have been extradited to the US facing a sham trial there. Besides the accusations against him in Sweden are, as I’ve said so many times, based upon the lies by two women, who have had consensual sex with him. The prosecutor immediately sided with the alleged victims, morally supported by the "world famous Swedish feminist lawyer Claes Borgström" who is capable of twisting and turning our new preposterous legislation on sexual behaviour, making a barely noticeable eye flirtation become a sexual offense.

    5. Hi Ziggy 31 October 2019 at 22:20, and many thanks for comments and feed back on my posts.

      "I hope Ed Snowden has something up his sleeve.Something that can help raise awareness about Assange and Wikileaks.About the last 25 years of US governanace and bullshit.And far less about Russia( it's not 1962 ffs) and more about Israel...."
      ”in an a blatant attempt to obstruct justice, British judicial authorities are stymying an investigation into the US Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) illegal spying on WikiLeaks’ publisher Julian Assange”

      This would really be something if just Snowden had a little more about this "up his sleeve" or if perhaps Assange himself had. At least it's already very embarrassing both for the UK and the US if it appears to be true.

  9. "As a child of the 60's, I enjoyed the massive transformation of working class life brought about the Labour government of the 1940's. A full nutritionally balanced meal every day at school, albeit with free dinner tickets and the shame that entailed, and a bottle of milk in the afternoons. And yes, I too chanted along to Thatcher, Thatcher, milk snatcher, when the old witch took away our free milk, I believe it was popular in most playgrounds."

    Would you like to look again at that paragraph Ros - first of all in those days and at your age there was no "shame" attached to free school meals. Thatcher didn't come to power until 1979 so I doubt you were chanting in the playground at that time.

    1. True Thatcher was not in power in the late sixties, but she was Minister of Education in Edward Heath's tory government (in 1971) when she removed the funding for free milk. I left school in 1973.

      Where do you get 'no shame' in having free school meal tickets? Perhaps you didn't experience the shame of everyone knowing you were having free school dinners, many did, and it was brutal.

    2. "Harold Wilson's Labour government stopped free milk for secondary school pupils in 1968 and then in 1971, Lady Thatcher, who was education secretary under Sir Edward Heath, ended free school milk for children over the age of seven."

      Started by Harold Wilson when you were at school.

    3. I was recalling my childhood memory of 'Thatcher milk snatcher' in the playground, I didn't know anything about politics at the time. My memory has been proved correct, so what's your point?

    4. My point is that when you were at secondary school the free milk had been taken away from you by Harold Wilson - not thatcher.

  10. Very gracious of you, Ros, thank you x

    I shall get to work...

    Jim Sawdust ;)

    1. Ah, so it's Jim is it, lol - finally!

      I'm starting to feel a tad uncomfy now about offering you a platform, but my bad (is that the correct use of 'bad' lol). But just to let you know, I won't publish right wing propaganda or any angry diatribes against Jeremy Corbyn.

      On the Madeleine front, you can say pretty much what you want, because as you know, if you are untruthful or disingenuous, you will be pounced on. In more extreme cases, they go after your grammar, so watch your commas and colons. Please do not libel anyone, please do not mention the kids' names, and please be respectful to myself and my readers, we are regular people, with individuals views, not 'haters'.

      I could probably think of a zillion more things to nag you with, but I'll go find something else to worry about, lol.

    2. Stop panicking lol

      I thought you'd have sussed a long time ago that anything right wing turns my stomach..I'd love to kill a Tory or two( is that a song ?). And I've only ever said good things about Mr C...

      As for the Madeleine front..surely my reputation goes before me..;)

      I never claim to be telling the truth about what happened to her. I have theories and say as much. I tend to criticize those who have theories but swear they're fact and won't admit otherwise.I debate, often with a little fire, but never swear or name names unless referencing people and facts already publicly known.I always try to debate and discuss in good spirit and try to resist rising to insults but often fail.I rarely-if ever- throw the first punch.But I often throw the knockout one ;)

      The grAmMeR anD tyPo POliCe can ****'s a blog not a GCSE paper..;-)

      All I was going to do was expand on your Brave New World theme..with a few references to then and now..

      You can nag if you're blonde now so use it to your advantage x

      Zig ( Gamble)

    3. If I were a feminist of today's ilk, I would scold you for labelling me a 'blonde', but I thrive on compliments, even those of the flirty variety. And I love being a blonde. I have gone from fairly low maintenance, to extremely high maintenance, lol. As usually happens when I am going through a full on OCD, I am compelled to put in the necessary 10,000 hours it requires to become an expert. Be it knitting the perfect bobble hat, baking the perfect chocolate cake or, dare I say it, getting to the bottom of the Madeleine mystery. Now I want to look like those fabulously glamorous news anchors on US TV. In the eighties I wanted look like stars of Dallas, and I kind of achieved it - when I used to drop my son off before heading to work, the kids in the playground would shout 'it's Sue Ellen!'.

      But back to my current narcissistic obsession (the narcissistic ones are rare), I now cannot leave the house without going through every step to achieve flawless hair and makeup - even I am wondering if highlighting and contouring is strictly necessary just to nip out for a loaf of bread. But I'm not unhappy, just, as my dear old dad used to call it, away with the fairies for a while.

      I have inadvertently discovered, that looking good goes a long way towards feeling good. Actually, it's a not a new discovery, it's something I have always known, but have forgotten about when I hit the lows. If I browse through a lifetime of photos, I can see the 'happy times' just from the way I looked. Jeez, how did I manage to make it all about me again, lol, but should add, I'm going to put up a couple of new pics, have some great ones dressed as a witch from the other night!

      Then and now sounds good Zig (Gamble?), I think a large section of my audience are, shall we say, of a certain age. For myself, I cannot say, for example, that there is a particular genre I relate to, at age 14, at a house party with no alcohol, my heart was broken by 'Sugar Sugar' and 'Hey Girl don't bother me'. I was in a love with a boy who was in love in with my best friend :( In fact, I think he pushed me out of the way to get to her, when the slow dancing began. I'll give you a moment a mop up the tears. I did too, but I loved her as well, so the memory is both sad and kind of sweet. My first venture into a 'real' nightclub was aged 16, whilst Ringo Star was singing 'Your 16, your beautiful, and your mine'. I think we were also dancing along to 'Rockin Robin' and Marvyn Gaye, but my memory is blurred. We were drinking a lot of 'Little Pony' - the little drink with the big kick. It was 15p a bottle and you get smashed for 45p! Followed by a lot of dancing around handbags, checking out the talent, snogging some strange boy outside in the car park, or throwing up in the toilets, finally reuniting with your friends in a desperate attempt to find a lift home. No girl to be left behind! If lucky, getting into deep philosophical or political discussion with a knucklehead who will basically like everything you like. Great if you want to get on a soapbox, but the downside is the attempted licking and slathering. Imagine explaining Hegels theory on thesis, antithesis and synthesis to a giant St. Bernard with your face covered in pate? On telling one young knucklehead (good slow dancer) that I was a lecturer, he asked 'what do you lech?'. It would be fair to say the romance ended there and then, despite the dancing.

      But bring it on Zig, I am pretty sure you are not Jim Gamble, he's been in and through the system, so long, he would never refer to a woman as a 'blonde'. He's not much of a ladies man either. There was a great 'scandal' many years, where a fabulously beautiful actress claimed to have had a fling with a Labour MP. They were all confessing to it, ha ha!

    4. I kind of left that high and dry, it was a funny story I suddenly remembered and for whatever reason, it seemed apt.

      I thoroughly enjoyed 'clubbing' and make no apologies. Certain songs can bring back floods of memories, of the good times and the bad. Songs that were hits when we were in the full throes of love. I personally think I have a legal case against Captain and Tennille 'do that to me one more time', the singers of 'Nothing's gonna stop us now' and Sonny and Cher 'I got you babe' for ruining my life. If someone could write music and lyrics that say 'don't fall for a coke head who will steal all your money' to a catchy tune, it could change lives!

      I have to confess I loved the sparkling lights, the pounding music, the invites to the VIP suites, the champagne and the drugs. I rarely, if ever, encountered anyone who was rude or disrespectful to me. I have no #metoo encounters that traumatised me, I've always been a formidable woman, they wouldn't dare - I was a formidable child too, the 'hitters' in the convent backed off when they attempted to strike me. I had a look that said 'don't you dare'. That's why I hate the #metoo movement, it is instilling in women that they are victims, wtf? I never had daughters, but if I did, I would instil in them, don't you ever believe or accept that you are victim.

      Once you accept you are victim, other people have power over you, and don't ffs, give them that. Hold your head high and jut your jaw forward, never lower it for anyone. It's what my mumma told me when I was about knee high. As great as it is being the centre of attention with everyone fawning over you, fawners have a very short attention span, and they will quickly find someone more downtrodden than yourself to fawn over.

      I get knocked down, but I get up again, is the greatest anthem for, well, everyone. Those of us carrying scars from wounds we received decades ago as if they give us entitlement to a lifetime of sympathy, are deluded. Bringing up ancient hurts, is like dream sequences and 'best ofs' in long running dramas and sitcoms. It's the point where the writers have run out of ideas and are trying to trade on past glory.

      I could write a whole blog about victimhood and how much I hate it, but it could be said I am hated enough already, ha ha. I particularly hate those women in parliament who use feminism as if it were a cause they espoused and practiced! I still laugh out loud when I think of Jess Phillips with her 'panic room'. You can almost hear her screetch (she has no finesse), woman with no discernible talent, and voice like a banshee being throttled, demands privilege over here, simply for being a woman. She is not even attempting to make it on her own as a formidable woman who can face a man on a level playing field as an equal, she wants special privileges. Wtf is wrong with her? Has she never seen the 'Hunger Games', and worse, did she ever see Margaret Thatcher complain about the abuse she received as a woman?

      I have zero tolerance for these namby pamby MPs who spend their days googling themselves to see who has said something 'offensive' about them, so they can turn it into front page headlines. Diane Abbott, bless her heart, receives more abuse than anyone, but unlike her Labour party female peers, she just gets on with her job. She is not looking for tabloid front pages that paint her as a victim.

    5. Hopefully, my new found confidence will get me writing more. I have many ideas that I have kept back, because, simply, once again I am at odds with the world around me. I love Jeremy Corbyn, but not every Labour policy. The far left sometimes teeters on the edge of 'nanny state', that is, in their efforts to help the working classes, they can become 'too' involved in everyday lives. Good, when bringing in mass innoculations, good nutrition, and perhaps fitness programmes, but bad when you think of those mums squelshing chips and McDonalds through school fences when Jamie Oliver introduced healthy eating. Enforcement never really works, education is the way forward.

      I detest for example, the idea of a sugar tax. I was that kid among a crowd, who couldn't afford to buy large bars of chocolate and a fluorescent troll (all the rage at the time). I was the poor kid trying to get as much as I could in the penny section. They can't ban sugar, but they can put it out of reach of poor people. Yeah, that's fair.

      LOL, I find myself up on a soapbox, without the requisite slobbering, lol, it would seem, along with the platinum Jean Harlow blonde, and the 'to die for' Clinique lipstick, I've developed a kickass new personality, along the lines of Evita, but without the audience.

      My Spanish sadly, is not going so well, I keep getting the 'neh neh' sound when I pronounce something wrong, even 'Hola', jeez! For now I am blaming my speakers, but to be fair, it's not getting my full attention. The idea of a new beauty product can lure me away like a tasty biscuit to a mutt. Smart arsed son compares my attention span to a goldfish, as in, ooh that's a nice castle, ooh that's a nice castle. Tis true, my attention can literally be grabbed by anything that sparkles. SAS also says, I have more paintbrushes than Picasso, and the crew from 'Joker' called, and they want they want their makeup back. He can be very cruel.

      But bonsoir old friend, for now, time, I think, has mellowed all of us, maybe not so much the extremists who may well still be going strong and angry as ever, I don't know, I haven't looked. Age, wisdom, experience, whatever we call it, brings the realisation that not everything turns out as you wanted it to. As Mick Jagger once said, you can't always get what you want'.

      On the vengeance and retribution path, I have never felt that strongly about anything. Ok, apart from getting the creeps from the convent in court. But it didn't bring any satisfaction, you just can't right a wrong, you can't turn back time, you can't even be sure it will never happen again, because you know it will. Punishing an elderly person for crimes they committed when they were in positions of power, doesn't make anyone feel better. Their biggest tormentor will always be their conscience, that is something they can never run away from. Those people used their power to be horribly cruel to vulnerable children, they must live with that, forever.

      For all my interest in Crime, Law and Order, etc, I shy away from the 'punishment' side. I simply do not have the 'character' to punish anyone for anything. Probably the biggest flaw in my plans to take over the world. I would, more than likely, tell a potential assailant with a 10 inch dagger, 'is there anything I can say to make you less likely to want to plunge that 10inch dagger into my head?'. I wouldn't last long.

    6. I think I waffled on for a bit longer, but off now to listen to Maria Callas singing 'One Fine Day', a groovy dance with George Michael to 'I'll be loving you always' and setting a reminder for tomorrow night's 'Walking Dead' - Where's Rick? Why am I doing countdowns for this 'gross out' series, lol, oh, and a quick check that Trump hasn't pressed any nuclear buttons. On that note, I'm off to make my ovaltine! :)

    7. Professor Zimmy Zoro 2 November 2019 at 23:54

      May I hope, Professor, your Stumm und Drang will include your thoughts in the “then” on Traingate and, in the “now”, on the News About the Lepton Universality Anomalies in B Decays ( ), the latter broke when you were absent, and also on the probability of the two items being entangled?



      Do I hear right? You have ‘labelled’ our Venerable Hostess ‘a blond’, Zimmy? I’ve been led to believe she is still blond, and that. inter alia, is why your romancing her has been getting louder by the day. Watchit mista. You knowz I iz watchin you… Whatz your gamble? You iz pleyin viz fuyer…

  11. Ros - are you still barred from the Labour party?

  12. Oh look Ros - it is first of November and we are still in the EU!

    1. No, I don't think I am barred, my protest was against Blair and the invasion of Iraq - issues that have passed, and I have faith in Jeremy Corbyn, who was also against the invasion of Iraq.

    2. 00:06, yes, and I am much relieved about that! I am also hoping Boris Johnson and his mates lost fortunes for failing to deliver.

    3. Jocob Rees-Mogg for one will probably have much shallower pockets after the latest failure by the bully boys with bad hair and god-awful attire. And that's just the women!



  14. And, in 1968 under Harold Wilson unemployment was a choice.If you were fired on Tuesday there would be a job elsewhere Wednesday.Then once he was stitched up we had Ted Heath, a nice sailor boy who only mixed in elite circles and hired the same for his cabinet, we were led into the common market.We suddenly had never had it so good.Oh for the 70s.When we got Jim Callaghan back in '76 the rot had begun.He was never going to see out a full term.We had an unthinkable 750,000 unemployed- almost a million.So Thatcher the faithful elite servant was groomed for the big job( once Airey Neave was conveniently ''removed'' by the IRA).Her promise was to demolish that figure.And, within 3 years of waging war- she had.It was just under 4 million.

    This country is a total mess through so many Tory Governments. The havoc and chaos they cause is tantamount to psychological and fiscal terrorism.The targets never change.If you're below middle class you're a target.They have a disturbing lust for class apartheid.

    Corbyn, ideologically, is cut from the same cloth as Bevin.He's a humanist and as such is anti war.Not just because of the obscene amount of money wars and defence cost as the population grows and illness spreads on a par with poverty and homelessness, but because it's hypocritical to use the ''we will protect you at all costs'' bullshit and '' we don't care what the safety of our nation costs' bullshit when the same liars get rich by endorsing wars( even illegal ones like the Blair and Bush Vs Iraq one).No Leader who presides over a war leaves office less than a millionaire.It's blood money.It's big business.The banks love to finance them at interest.Corbyn's ideology is a threat to business.He's talking about stopping kicking the poor while they're down but taxing the well off.So he's 'anti-semitic'. He's talking about avoiding nuclear wars- so he's anti-semitic.He's talking about putting the money clawed back into the NHS.So he's anti-semitic.

    Who owns the banks ?Who owns the media ? Who owns the social media platforms ? Where is Corbyn slated and lied about ?The last time the Tory zion puppets had a panic on like this was when they thought Ashkanazi Cameron wasn't going to win an election.So their friend and former banker friend Farage was called out to cause a stir over immigration.Nobody thought he'd ever get into power.But he caused enough confusion to cause enough Labour voters to vote for him and get David in.He then gave up on politics. But now Boris, Davids old school chum is panicking..deja vu anybody ?


  15. Ehud Barak September 11 interview London UK 2001

  16. "Like his predecessor, Epstein had a financial stake in a startup (headed by former Israeli Defense Minister and later Prime Minister Ehud Barak) connected to Israel’s defense industry that provides infrastructure for emergency services as a call handling platform. Considering the company’s connection to military intelligence, it wouldn’t be a stretch to speculate on some of this software’s other ‘special’ features. A variation of the early technology that Maxwell was able to procure for his Israeli bosses was later sold to the Saudis, who leveraged its sophisticated tracking features to assassinate Jamal Khashoggi."

  17. Rustam Aliev


  18. No more ladies and gentlemen in gender‑neutral theatreland

    Woke Supremacy: University Racism Study Criticized For Including Anti-White Racism

    The message, which has been spotted on North London’s Holloway Road, reads: “Imagine a city less crowded… do your part–get sterilised! Yay!”

    Are Migrants Selected on Motivational Orientations? Selectivity Patterns amongst International Migrants in Europe


    1. Leaked footage shows shocking moment Israeli policewoman shoots Palestinian in the back 'for fun'

      U.K. Jewish Pedophile Who Made Over 1,000 ‘Indecent’ Pictures Of Children Will Serve No Time In Jail

      Jewish Professor Exposes ADL’s ‘Heinous’ Lie That ‘White Supremacists’ Are A Serious Threat To Jews


  19. A lesson for the West: The Berlin Wall fell but Croatia Balkanized
    The breakup of the artificial state of Yugoslavia was a result of the fall of an idea, symbolized by the fall of the Berlin Wall, but Croatia and Serbia are no better off than before. It seems statehood is not always all it is described to be.