Thursday, 21 November 2019

LEADERS' DEBATE, HANDY ANDY and Oh yeah, I'm fine (a pic)

For the concerned, and those wishing me misery and fear, as you can see above (today), I am fine.  Some might be relieved to know that I do a lot more joking about drinking than actual drinking, adding a 'hic' after an outrageous statement can soften the blow.

As for the Prince Andrew interview, I did indeed watch it and my first reaction was 'oh my gaw'd'.  It was indeed so much more than car crash TV - a plane crashing into a petrol tank kicking off a tsumani and an earthquake as one commentator put it.  I don't particularly like to watch a person squirm, nor do I like squirming on their behalf, but there was a small amount of satisifaction in seeing the most twattish of the Windsors hoisting himself up by his own petard.  His arrogance clearly knows no bounds, he went right ahead and said what he wanted to, in the firm belief that he (with his royal honourable blood) knew best.  I say that because I can't believe any lawyer would have told him the 'not being able to sweat story' was a good idea.  His pretend surprise at 'new revelations' was excrutiating to watch, we would laugh out loud  if it were a 6 year old, not so much with a 59 year old prince of the realm.

The Debate!

Was absolutely delighted that tory suck up Jo Swinson wasn't give the opportunity to waste everyone's time.  Borish Johnson.  A boarish oaf as usual goes for attack, attack, attack.  If he had any ground breaking ideas and policies, that's what he would have used his time for.  Note, that's what JC did.  After years of crippling the British Economy with draconian austerity policies that targeted public services and the poorest among us, Boris suddenly has a magic money tree and for the first time in 9 years he promises to invest Great Britain.  That this magic money tree has appeared just in time for the next election is pure coincidence.  Any suggestion that it was just sitting there as every public service went from crisis to crisis and people were starving and dying on the streets, is unfair to the privileged elite.  They always throw coins at the bundles in the doorways on their way to the Opera.  Ultimately, Boris Johnson had only one line, 'let's get Brexit done' (my life depends on it), anything else for him is fluff.

Jeremy Corbyn on the other hand.  JC is, I think, a prime example of why the tortoise beats the hare in the race.  He doesn't need signature ruffled blonde hair or the stature and blustering demeanour of an overstuffed tory landowner demanding his right to an extra pie.  JC is the embodiment of 'speak your truth, quietly and clearly'.  He is where he is through hard work and perseverance, he gets knocked down, he gets back up again, and he returns stronger every time.  He has devoted his life to public service, stood up against injustice, and stood side by side with the oppressed.  He has a beautiful vision for the UK, yes, A Brave New World, where, like the Labour controlled post war Britain, no-one will be left behind. Nine years of tory austerity has left Britain divided and neglected, many of our cities look like ghost towns with rows of boarded up shops and run down buildings.  We need not just a new broom, but a complete refurbishment.


Apologies to non Trump watchers, but I am completely enthralled by the antics of the buffoon in chief and the gripping testimonies of the impeachment witnesses.  Something I am struggling to get my head around is the way in which Trump announces everything, straight forward losses, such as governorships in towns where he held rallies and devastating impeachment evidence, into an out and out win for himself.  It really is straight out of '1984'.  Truth is lies, war is peace, love is hate.  You can kind of see why his form of leadership 'works', in that those sucked into it his madness, where bad is good etc, must become as mad as him in order to survive the bat shit crazy environment.  On a bigger scale, North Korea, where the population must cry, laugh and applaud to order.  

I think I have mentioned, once or twice, lol, that I have spent a lifetime trying to discover what evil is.  I began with, perhaps something happened in childhood? a dysfunctional home? An unhealthy belief, a form of defence, the questions are unending.  Is there a trigger?  Perhaps it is genetic, nature rather than nurture?  I still don't have a definitive answer, maybe there isn't one.  Trump is a compelling study on the whole 'evil' question, I don't think he has one single redeeming feature.  From a psychological perspective, my first question would be 'what the hell happened to him', but I think I already know the answer.  He is plagued by jealousy, and my guess is, it has been lifelong.  He was the fourth of five siblings, so was usurped as the youngest.  I imagine if he were grilled by Freud (Sigmund not Clement), he would eventually break down and accuse the youngest sibling of stealing his mommy.  


  1. Hi Rosalinda

    I don't think there’re any real evil people, but too often there’re social circumstances in society, which make seemingly normal and sane civil servants, politicians and others commit crimes of all kinds, not the least crimes against humanity. If lies and injustice become normalized in society, then dark forces may soon take over. Neither Stalin nor Hitler were evil imo, but just as Putin and Trump today, they were obsessed with their own excellence and unfortunately they were much admired for that.

    So if we’ve learnt something from history, it’s now about time that these two caricature characters (I can’t find a more proper word) were made to see the world and themselves from a rational and sensitive perspective. FGS the cold war has been over for decades, and now we live in a new era with quite different problems to deal with, but none of them seems to understand that.

  2. Hi Bjorn, thank you for replying.

    I can't rule out nature Bjorn, the idea that a propensity towards evil is not in our genes. Take fascism for example. Those little nuggets, those little seeds of 'supremacy' were planted in early childhood, most likely from a parent. Now the nurturing side could argue, ahh, but that is early learning, conditioning, indoctrination etc. But said parent must have been so inclined in order to give those ideas dominance in adulthood? A rational, humane, person would have abandoned such ideas as they became educated.

    When I first went into higher education, a lecturer put to the class the proposition that if they could turn back time and kill, shoot, put to an end, the life of a 5 year old Adolph Hitler. Sadly, I missed that particular lecture (doh!) but my new best friend recounted it to me in detail. She, like myself, was one of the older students in the class, and the only one to put her hand up.

    But I suppose, as evil as Hitler was, he was surrounded by people who were equally evil, in that they carried out his demonic orders and totally enabled him to be as mad and as bad as he wanted. There is a strange parallel here with Trump, history always repeats itself.

    Trump is the fourth of five siblings. This is helpful in the nature/nurture debate, because his place in the (very competitive) Trump family was usurped by a younger sibling. By all accounts he was an unpleasant adolescent shipped off to military school but parents who could not control him. Among the many 'murders' as I call them, I once saw a very similar situation but in that case the kid shipped off to military school returned and killed his entire family.

    That was great use of the word 'caricature' there Bjorn, both Putin and Trump are gross exaggerations of the personalities they want the world to see. They are unreal, almost cartoonish, but for comparison, I would say look at the emotive, hysterical speeches of Adolph Hitler. OK he was a lunatic, but his dramatic use of pounding the podium and waving his arms reached the entire audience, even those at the back.


  3. Looking at Trump (surely, pure evil?), the simple textbook answer would be his dysfunction family, not all dysfunctional families are poverty stricken. His mother looks cold, his father, busy building a fortune, distant. Has he ever been taken under a kindly wing, a nanny, a servant, a chauffeur? I doubt it, there is nothing about him that is endearing and that probably goes right to his early years. Who taught him he was superior? The idea must have come from somewhere.

    His general air of unpleasantness I expect, comes from a lifetime of being fawned over as the son of a billionaire. It has given him a distorted understanding of who and what he is. He is inherently deeply unhappy. People who happy and content have no inclination to hurt or get their own back on others. They let things go. Trump, as we can all see in graphic and frightening detail, dwells on every perceived insult and criticism, he has to 'hurt back'. He is screaming, you hurt me so I am going to hurt. A reasonable, logical person, would think, if it hurt, I won't show it.

    Trump's head is overflowing with paranoia, he can't trust anyone, he believes everyone is out to get him. To be fair, they are, because he has shown us just how bad he can be, he's a bit like Jim Carey in The Mask 'somebody stop me'. Imagine your days and nights filled with thoughts of everyone who hates you, that would be the fast route to insanity.

    Trump lacks empathy - a sure sign of psychopathy, but worse, not only does he not understand the pain of others, he enjoys it, he can barely hide his glee. His sons have the same deplorable trait, Ivanka hides it better. I think taking pleasure from the actual plain of another person is, or should be, a definition of evil.

    But this is an eternal debate Bjorn, I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

    1. Dear Rosalinda
      Just a few thoughts with regards to your posts and they're just my own views.

      Is human nature good or evil, is a question that has been asked by many a philosopher. Any dogmatic Marxist would most certainly say that it’s society as a whole, that makes a person good or bad, while a person, who has a religious belief of some kind, would claim that any individual can make moral choices beyond his/her self-preservation, even in situations of poverty, misery or political persecution. Thus evil and goodness as a spiritual choice. However, I don’t believe that we’ll ever understand why some people are prepared to sacrifice their lives for others, while some choose to murder and rape in war situations, as soon as they get a chance to do so.

      From my own experience Rosalinda, I’ve so many times been so surprised meeting and interacting with people, whom I believed would be nasty, but surprisingly such people have often appeared to be nice and kind-hearted, making me be ashamed of my prejudiced attitudes towards them. On the other hand, I’ve also so many times had colleagues and superiors, whom I’ve trusted and whom I’ve have had confidence in, but completely misjudged them, as they in many cases appeared to be mentally disturbed and beyond belief manipulative.

      As far as influential heads of state are concerned Rosalinda, I believe that it would be wiser to see social and economic progress as well as political disasters, as results of long historical processes in which a large number of individuals are involved, rather than the achievements or the destructions by a few leaders. So the significance of “great” and “charismatic” leaders may well be widely exaggerated and they must all be assessed and understood in the light of their times and judged by what they believe/believed they are/were expected to do for their countries.

      Making America great was what people expected Trump would do. Restoring the pride and the identity of Germany was what people expected Hitler to do. I sincerely doubt that anyone could have changed the political orientation of Germany in the 1930s, which was characterized by revenge and bigotry.

      As for the USA, what politician can change the political direction if Trump would be replaced? Tulsi Gabbard? Berni Sanders? I doubt. As for the support around the “Führer”, it was complete and any “competent” and “devoted” Nazis would’ve taken his place if needed. I admit that it is a very simplified description of the historical reality in Germany, and I absolutely don’t want to compare yesterday’s Germany with today’s America, because the Nazism in Germany was a phenomenon in its own right so to speak and it constitutes an inexhaustible source of research, that will help us understand why things turned out so bad and that it may happen again, but in a different way.

    2. Many thanks for your informative reply Bjorn, which I am pondering carefully.

      I am not sure I agree that a leader such as Hitler, could have been replaced by any competent and devoted Nazi. Hitler was unique, just as Trump is unique, in the case of Trump, no one can doubt that he is doing things, err, differently, to anything that has gone before. His 'win' was a phenomenon, he was a reality TV character (which may have started a trend, so too is the President of the Ukraine), not a Politician, not part of the mythical 'swamp'. True, more billionaires are now putting themselves up as presidential nominees, but none of them have Trump's 'X' factor. I'm not being nice to Trump here btw, his 'x' factor, is his brash ignorance and crudity that holds a special appeal to those who don't like books. He is like a character from 'Family Guy' but more so.

      You are right that there are huge differences between 1930's Germany and the USA 2019. Germany in the 1930's was suffering from the catastrophic effects of losing the First World War. Many wanted revenge on the allies who were keeping them supressed and their economy was in freefall. Hitler did pretty much the same as Roosevelt to rescue his nation's economy, except he invested in building up the military and creating munitions factories - all in preparation for war. As those who have '1984' will know, a war, even a pretend one, boosts the economy and the morale of the people. Roosevelt invested in roads, schools, hospitals, homes etc, sadly for Americans not a National Health Service, but after the dustbowl 30's he got the nation back to work.

      Jeremy Corbyn here in the UK, wants to do the same. After 9 years of tory austerity, Great Britain is desperately in need of refurbishment - it looks tired, worn and run down. If the UK were a house for a sale and on a street with a house representing each of our European neighbours, the UK would be the one with an overgrown lawn, chipped window frames, and a plumbing and electrical system held together with gaffa tape and poor quality glue.

      .... inspired to write a blog :)

  4. June 2017

    An internally elected Tory OM ( Theresa May ) refuses to take part in a political debate.A seemingly recent preference of Tory leaders.Within 24 hours she is universally criticized for her apathy and bad example.How could a PM display such arrogance and apathy at such a crucial juncture in Britain's history. As the clouds gathered for her and her party, and the blades continued to be sharpened, an out of the blue ''terror attack'' ( Hi America) threatens homeland security( I said Hi Uncle Sam).A van had been driven into pedestrians on London Bridge( it could be you next time etc). The 'terrorists' appeared to be wearing explosive vests.People are killed( by stab wounds) and the killers are killed so we''ll never know which organisation they were from.But the under- fire PM rises to the terror defiantly and shows her teeth.She shows her determination to keep us all safe.

    November 2019

    Internally elected Tory PM ( Boris Johnson) refuses to take part on crucial debate about climate change.A seemingly recent preference of the UK Tory parties.Within 24 hours he is universally criticized for his trademark arrogance, ignorance and apathy.How could he do that at such a crucial juncture in Britain's history.As the clouds gathered for him and his party, and the blades continued to be sharpened, an out of the blue ''terror attack'' ( Hi America) threatens homeland security ( I said Hi Uncle Sam). A van is driven into pedestrians on London Bridge ( it could have been into you).Some witnesses, as they wrestled to set their cameras correctly on their phones to get on youtube ASAP, described what they thought might be a fight.The heavily armed police thought the 'terrorists' were wearing explosives.A member of the public loses their life through a stab wound.The terrorist is killed so we'll never know which organisation he belonged to.The country awaits a bold show from the great rescuer- Boris.

    It's that there deja vu ( again)..

    Zig ;)

    1. No there is no deja vu.

      Your post is rubbish and completely disrespectful.

    2. State sponsored terrorism again. A hand picked convicted terrorist. If he was convicted for 12 years of terror offences who let him out on license and why ? If the terror was ' n the name of allah' why wasn't he deported if they had to let him out ? How do you get a 12 year sentence cut in half for good behaviour if your convictions are for terrorism ?

      He wrote to his solicitor in 2012 to ask to be put on a 'de-radicilization programme' as he wasn't sure what he had done and for who but was sure it wasn't relating to Islam.So, in other words, it wasn't a directed terror attack in the first place and he, himself, couldn't identify a cause he was acting for.

      It would have been interesting as well as valuable to learn what the Hell he was doing years ago in the first place, why he wasn't put on the de radicilization programme.He assumed he was still a danger if he requested it.He was right.But the powers that be decided they could release a convicted, known terrorist into the wild 6 years too soon after receiving none of the rehabilitation he'd requested.So, the fanatical establishment who swears we need to be practically smothered for our own good against terror just opened the prison gates ..does that fit ? Of course it doesn't.But it's a great distraction and a great opportunity for Boris to make up lost ground. He now has a legitimate reason to talk about other things than the NHS. Welfare reforms, homelessness and austerity.Not like that silly Mr Corbyn who never shuts up about fixing it and hates all that war stuff.

    3. Anonymous29 November 2019 at 22:54

      ''No there is no deja vu.''

      I believe the alarming parallels and points of deja vu were clearly pointed out to you. Why won't you allow yourself to see them ?

    4. Thank you for that post 13:29. I did not read the full account until today and was shocked that 'our' police executed the guy as he lay on the ground. It chilled me to the bone, I have to say. I totally agree with you, there was so much to be learned by taking him alive. I know it is the policy, he could have triggered his 'suicide vest', surely they have stun guns that could incapacitate him just as quickly as a bullet?

      My biggest take from this attack however, is the bravery of the 3 men who took on the attacker with a whale tusk, a fire extinguisher and fists! Their bravery was awe inspiring, we can only guess at how many lives they saved by stopping the evil headcase from murdering more people. And note you gun lovers, they did it by grabbing creative weapons that were easily to hand.

      Much will be made of the terrorism angle, certainly he had terrorist links, but the fanaticism, the anger, the violence, the antisocial behaviour etc, all come from him. That is, the mental health problems that underlie all of the above.

    5. The terrorist angle will be overplayed. It's now the British way.We have been well tutored down the decades by Uncle Sam ( and Uncle Henry Kissinger, Donald Rumsfeld, Barack Obomber and Benjamin Netanyahu).The imagery is always the same.Even when the 'heroic' navy Seals raided the Pakistan hideout of Bin Laden in Hollywood silent movie comedy style.After they'd crashed helicopter 1 they tip toed up the stairs.See, they wouldn't hear a helicopter crash but if a stair creaks...and then the poor lady who was cunningly holed up with Bin Laden, when asked who she was, shouted 'Mrs Bin Laden'.The heroes ran into her a la football tackle as she was probably wearing 'a bomb vest'.Yes- you read that right.And then the crew who told this tale- along with the ''we dropped the body in the water- oops' story, all perished in another accident on home soil( apart from the one who survived to write the propaganda. I mean book.)

      This Tory government have made much about their security measures.We need to look at your email; we need to look on your blogs / social platforms; we need to listen to your phone calls; we need to set cameras on you; we need to censor your speech / thoughts that you share;we need to have your DNA; we need to rfid chip you.However, when we do find you committing acts of terror on British soil you will receive a stern prison sentence.And once, you've fallen off the radar and served our propaganda purposes we'll quietly let you slip out the side door half way through your sentence. We really are THAT serious.What complete bullshit.

      I suppose we shouldn't be surprised really.This is the government who have funded the Lion's share of the McCann investigation. A crime committed on Portuguese soil.A crime that comes within their remit- not the UKs.But one Home Secretary after another sees no tangible reason to continue the funding but does so without question in these times of austerity.They don't want to see Britain close the case- even though it isn't a crime committed in Britain.The party is full of morons.

      In the meantime, we've gone from daily debate about our NHS, austerity , education, homelessness and climate change and the various arguments advanced by different parties while Johnson stayed at home to drink champagne and stay warm to all cameras and microphones focusing on him and his party and his 'stand'.It beats having policies doesn't it.Shitbags ..



    Date: 16/04/2013

    "Lord Justice Leveson :

    3. For the purposes of this appeal and the grounds advanced, the facts alleged by the prosecution and the contentions of the appellants require analysis along with a detailed account of the circumstances in which the guilty pleas came to be tendered. By way of introduction, at the time of the offences concerned, the appellants Khan, Shahjahan, Mohibur Rahman and Hussain were each born in the UK although of Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin and lived in Stoke; they are referred to as the Stoke defendants. Latif, born in London, lived in Cardiff as did his co-accused Desai and Miah (the latter two are brothers, Miah having been born in London): they are Bangladeshi in origin and referred to as the Cardiff defendants. Chowdhury and Shah Rahman who are not appellants were also Bangladeshi in origin and lived in London: the London defendants. At some time, the accused each became a committed Islamic fundamentalist, believing in jihad, that is to say, they wished to support and commit acts of terrorism in furtherance of their religious beliefs. They came to the attention of the security services who monitored them using covert surveillance techniques and devices and were able to effect their arrest prior to advanced steps having been taken to implement their plans."

  6. "Jeremy Corbyn has backed the police who shot a convicted terrorist dead on London Bridge during a knife rampage that left two dead.

    Speaking to Sophy Ridge on Sky News this morning, the Labour leader also said that convicted terrorists should "not necessarily" serve their full prison terms.

    Mr Corbyn, has previously been critical of shoot-to-kill policies, that the officers had "no other choice" but to kill convicted terrorist 28-year-old Usman Khan.

    Speaking on Ridge on Sunday, he said: "I think they [police] had no choice.

    "They were stuck in an awful situation where there was a credible threat of a bomb belt around his body.

    "It's an awful situation for any police officer or any public servant to be put in.""

  7. I have to admit it did cross my mind that plots were afoot to bring terrorism into the spotlight, so Johnson could show how tough he is. Looks like it didn't quite go to plan because, as above, Jeremy Corbyn gave the right answers. Hopes of headlines saying Corbyn supports terrorism, did not come about.

  8. June 2017 ( just prior to a general election)

    ''Theresa May has said she is prepared to throw out human rights laws if they restrict new tougher legislation to tackle terrorism.

    The Prime Minister said she will make it easier to deport foreign terror suspects back “to their own countries” and would “restrict the freedom and movements of terrorist suspects” if re-elected on 8 June.''

    ( and she - against all odds( yeah, right) became PM in June.

    Nov Dec 2019 ( just prior to a general election)

    ''Boris Johnson says a Conservative government will end the early release of prisoners convicted of terrorist or extremism offences in the wake of the London Bridge terror attack.

    Mr Johnson said it would be part of a tougher action plan on security and crime which will see "terrorists serve every day of their sentence, no exceptions". ''

    There are so many ironies and coincidences in this tragedy.The first named victim, as it turned out, was Jack Merrit. A bright young Cambridge graduate who had helped to organise the Learning Together conference that the terrorist took in before going on his rampage.The conference focused on the rehabilitation of prisoners.Apparently an idealistic and driven young man, he believed in the educating of prisoners serving their sentence as crucial in their rehabilitation. One friend was quoted as saying that he 'saved lives' through his work.What is the irony and contrast to this ?

    The terrorist was Usman Khan.A convicted terrorist who had been released mid way through a 16 year sentence.He had made requests, whilst in prison, to be 'de-radicalised'.He was aware that radical views were unbalanced and dangerous.he was aware that he wasn't a Muslim extremist.So he wanted the rubbish that had been put into his head to be removed from it. Wouldn't it have been ideal had he met his eventual victim while serving his sentence.Why he was refused the help is anybody's guess.The Home Secretary hasn't invented a narrative as yet- they overlooked that.But the prisoner clearly didn't think he was rehabilitated if he was asking for psychological help.How can you gauge how much a convicted terrorist id rehabilitated any way ? If he's been in prison he hasn't had access to other radicals or explosives.That doesn't mean he's now balanced and sane.It means he hasn't had access to instruments of death and destruction.And so the crash course was inevitable( apparently). It's an x-rated horror; the white knight killed by the evil bad guy and the evil bad guy put to sleep before he could explain himself.

    PM, Boris Johnson has dragged his unsightly self into the limelight to make all the usual Tory noises.But, somehow, the Tory spin doctors have somehow managed to go back to 2008 and a Labour motion that was passed to allow prisoners early release.So it was all Labour's fault.So if it's Labour's, remember who Corbyn represents.That's not desperate at all is it...

    Johnson has decided that when- oops, i mean if of course- he is left in charge of his Gestapo- like drones to ruin us all, there will be NO- repeat NO- early releases.Especially for those convicted of sexual or violent crimes( which I'm sure must have made a few of his colleagues panic).So we now have another ironic twist that relates to rehabilitation, sentencing, sexual or violent crimes and political capital.

    One of the first 'have a go heroes' who sprang from the passers by to tackle the terrorist was one James Ford.he was convicted in 2004 for a random attack on a woman who had the mental age of 15.He slashed her throat.He was one of many ex offenders attending the above meeting.Many of whom were out on license. Just like the terrorist.

    This is just the latest chapter in the Tory manual called 'Project Fear'.It's the dictators handbook.The more in fear the masses are the more readily they'll allow a dictator to be our Fuhrer.


  9. Latest in the TV political BS wars...

    Rishi Sunak, Chief Secretary to the Treasury. A post he's held for a few months now.He cut his teeth among the high rollers of the country as a hedge fund adviser.A 'money man'.
    But only an hour or two ago he told us about our 'special relationship' with Trump and the millions that the US invests in the UK.Trump, as he spoke, was packing his suitcases and hairbrushes for his imminent UK visit. Was this 'Wall Street 3' ?

    Then, through his carefully effected lisp, almost straight face, and immaculately cut suit, told us that the answer to the problem of 4 million children living in poverty since the Tories took power 10 years ago, ''sadly when children are involved'' was 'hard work.Yes, in other words, the parents should 'get a job'.Obviously in touch with reality this stuffed shirted millionaire Tory halfwit.Because millions of people dedicate their lives to trying to 'screw the system' and live in abject poverty for money that doesn't feed a family or pay for heating.He then, in case we mistook his name for a traditional Irish name, or missed the colour of his skin, reminded us that his success was living proof of what's great about immigration '' my family arrived here as immigrants''. On the NHS ? '' hey, I grew up in an NHS family. I worked in my mother's Pharmacy''.That's a genuine verbatum quote that can be checked online or catch up TV.This 'working class immigrant' was 'an NHS family' because people used his Mother's pharmacy to collect their prescriptions. What's wrong with these creatures. And, more importantly, why do they keep being allowed to hold power despite not getting enough votes.The general level of morality and intellect in the present Tory party is all the proof needed to confirm that governments are not chosen by ballot.They're chosen by the deep state. mainly the Bilderberg Group.Johnson has ducked these TV debates because he's already heard the result of the next election.Contacts are everything..

    Johnson will no doubt promote Sunak as soon as things are over and the new term can begin.
    Naturally, during times like these, stress and mental strain spike.It's little wonder.It's little wonder either that the cause is the ill will and vicious collective mentality of the elite.So it follows that removing the funding of the lifelines is a foregone conclusion.So, what is Johnson's idea ? You don't need any NHS 'help' What would cure you is good old fashioned 'hard work' ( see, him and Sunak must hold hands regularly).He cited, alcoholic Tory, Churchill ( but not his booze).

    ''“It was with work that he pitchforked off his depression; and what was true for Churchill is basically true for all of us....being engrossed in our daily tasks – that we get that all-important sense of satisfaction''

    So, if it was good enough for the privileged, wealthy alcoholic Churchill, it's good enough for us all.Just get an endless supply of Gin and money.

    Johnson's own mother was an in patient in a Mental Home for a year ( privately of course). A talented and popular artist, she developed severe OCD.Her husband greeted her with divorce papers once she was home. Lovely man.Does Boris think she too should have just 'got a job' ?No wonder the best Tory is a Psychopathic Tory..

    Johnson too has an invented 'modest' history.Friends say they're not 'millionaire rich but wealthy in spirit'.I wonder how much spirit paid for 4 private schools.

    What utter bullshitters these demons are..


  10. Hi Rosalinda (and others who agree or disagree to my views)

    Without having any statistics to support my belief, I still suspect that most of the so called radicalized and religiously brainwashed terrorists, who in recent years have carried out acts of violence, have done it alone (as the latest LB-drama) or in extremely small groups and also fairly unplanned, clumsy and inefficient. Few of them seem to have acted on the basis of an order from above. Moreover, it seems as though most of them have had mental problems, not necessarily related to religious fanaticism, let alone to any political ideology at all. Unless loudly praising of Allah, while striking against ”infidels” would be seen as a serious political commitment.

    As for Trump, Rosalinda he is different from “ordinary” tyrants in that he hasn’t any consistent and clear political vision, but just acts as a political weather vane (I don’t know if that word is linguistically correct in this context). Anyway he chooses to express opinions, that currently seem to favour him, which actually makes him more predictable and therefore also less dangerous than many rulers from the past, like Hitler, Stalin or like Honecker, who assured everybody that “niemand hat die Absicht eine Mauer zu errichten”. Yet, the very day after that announcement he made the decision to build the Berlin Wall, which he secretly had planned for so long time, but unfortunately no-one outside the DDR could foresee that.

    You mentioned Family Guy Rosalinda, while discussing Trump and I would just like to add that anyone who enjoys that character (I do) will also understand the comic and shallow character of Donald Trump, because that’s all there is to it.

    1. Guten Morgen, Björn

      Walter Ulbricht: "Niemand hat die Absicht, eine Mauer zu errichten."

      Leicht versprochen, leicht gebrochen.


    2. Hi BB
      "Leicht versprochen, leicht gebrochen"
      so true
      You're right in that it was Walter Ulbricht who "promised so", not Honecker, who then in 1961 was a rather young politician in the DDR. However I believe that it was Honecker, who was the "genious" behind the construction and therefore did everything he could to defend his chef d'oeuvre.

    3. Yes, Björn, Honecker had been in charge of строительства шедевра and got Ulbricht’s job years later.

      Kind regards