Thursday, 12 December 2019


I take everything back, I fecking hate the English.  


OK, I'm a little bit drunk and high as a kite on hope.  I have, intermittedly for sure, been involved in many (Labour) campaigns over the decades, but I have that same feeling I had in 1997, when, after 18 years of tory rule, we had that break through with Tony Blair.  I raised a glass of champagne to TB that night, for sure.  But turned out, Tony Blair wasn't anything like Jeremy Corbyn.  He didn't just snuggle up with the tories, he got into bed with them.  It was Blair, remember who introduced ATOS.  

He wanted to represent all sides, the working classes, the upwardly mobile and the established elite.  He divided Labour, as never before, New Labour represented the workers, but they represented the bosses too.  His naïve, ill thought out, legacy, bizarrely still inspires those who would could themselves, the Centre ground.  Blair contributed to the destruction of the few powers the working classes had, and indeed inspired the tory government that followed him to take them further.  Ergo we have had over a decade where the dominant ideology has been to blame the poor and the immigrants for all of the UK's woes.

Historians will know that leaders throughout every age and every government, has used the politics of blaming ethnic and religious minorities for everything that goes wrong.  Divide and rule.  If all we diverse people, joined together, we could overpower them in a nanosecond.   But we haven't.  Mostly because we are educated (indoctrinated) to believe that a certain section of society knows better than we do.  As a child of the 60's I would have said newspapers, politicians, the BBC, don't lie - now I laugh at my former naivety.   

Tonight, the YouGov polls, and indeed all the polls owned by Tory ministers and newspaper barons, are saying the Boris et al, are heading for a majority.  Do we believe them or our 'lying eyes', the massive number of young people (bless you) queuing in the rain to vote.  The record turnout, even in areas like mine where the tory old gammon has had way too long in power.

Tonight will be a Night to Remember, my plan A is to stay up and watch every result as it comes in and hopefully chat to those similarly minded during the night.  I know all those with their fingers and toes crossed right now, won't dare to hope for more than a hung parliament, but I honestly don't think that will happen.  Labour will win.  Decisively.  When hardened old tories like Peter Oborne state they will vote for Jeremy Corbyn, we know the tide has turned.  All over the country, even tories who despise JC, will vote Labour rather than hand the nation to a right wing bigot.  For all our differences, class, ethnicity, religion, etc, etc, the British have history for pulling together in the face of adversity, and we have never liked fascism.  

Tonight, will be a difficult night for many of us, hope is much more difficult to deal with than acceptance.  With hope, there is still 'what might be', it is so destructive, that we are taught to ignore it, not let it sprout any roots, we only suffer more when that hope doesn't reach fruition.  Better not to expect anything.  

But hope gives a kick just as great as cocaine, it allows us, even if only for a few hours, to imagine what might be, what could have been.  For the all the naysayers, tonight I am full of hope.  Yes, we can do it.  The biased polls tell us one thing, but our wide open eyes tell us the complete opposite.  Jeremy Corbyn is cheered, Boris Johnson is booed, yet mainstream political pundits ask 'why is JC so unpopular?'.  

Tonight reminds me so much of '1997', in the sense of 'something in the air'.  In 1997, they predicted a tory majority, but it ended with a Labour landslide.   Those of us out there on the front line knew it, and could feel it.  I feel the same tonight.  After a long, long day sat outside a polling station, my dear old dad and I watched the results coming in.  We were drinking, but didn't open the champagne until Michael Portillo lost his seat (actually like him now).  

Tonight, Boris Johnson is in real danger of losing his seat, the best moment this century according to one tweeter, let's hope.  Also Jo Swinson, who totally reminds of that little girl in the Clarkes shoe adverts who was going to grow up to be 'a right little madam'.  Johnson, Swinson and IDS - all in danger of losing their seats tonight,  Let's hope.

Meanwhile, hic, I am going to tuck into lots of European delicacies, whilst praying the UK will not cut itself off from it's nearest friends and neighbours and become Amish.

I'm here live, if anyone can make it through it the night...…...


  1. "Labour will win. Decisively."

    I wish that turns true but unfortunately the early results are backing up the exit poll that predicts a massive Tory win.

    I don't know why you still pour out your hate for Blair Ros - it does you no good to keep on about him.

  2. I predict that within 7 days Jeremy Corbyn will not be leader of the Labour party.

  3. So, the shock horror ( not ) happened after all.I hate to say I told you so but I told you so.Weeks ago, when Boris refused to be interviewed on certain TV shows or take part in television debates,I called it then.After 3 years of uncertainty, anger, confusion and growing homelessness and increased austerity, it has never been more important to win the 'hearts and minds' of the electorate.It was particularly important for the Tory PM.After all, these conditions were engineered deliberately by them and they have stubbornly refused to back down or review the situation.But their (current) leader thought it didn't matter enough to debate or to discuss.He knew the situation.He was staying in power.

    As the results rolled in throughout the night we were subjected to the BBC branch of the Tory party forcing their kowtowing presenters to the fore to gush with unconcealed joy as Labour strongholds of the past crumbled and were replaced by the Tories.They should have been wearing Blue rosettes...It brought back memories of that night America voted.Clinton V Trump.Trump seen as larger than life 'character' and celebrity who had a lot of money and even more front, weird hair and ill fitting suits.He was a lamb to the slaughter and would be humiliated and they'd remember him as a plucky trier.But no, he didn't just win he won by a landlside.TV presenters were unglued for 8 hours of excitement.Whoever guided that result guided ours too.The hidden hand is still moving the pieces on the board.Generation by generation, party by party.Don't be fooled by the appearance of party politics or choice.There's only one government.And it moves the ones we can see.

    Nigel Farage was at hand to mouth off in the afterglow- surprise, surprise.He did for Boris what he had done before for Cameron. Persuaded the disillusioned Tory voters to vote elsewhere but not Labour. Just like former Labour PM (and staunch Tory), Tony Blair had only 24 hours before the election.That creature only surfaced once Corbyn was made leader and has devoted himself ever since to undermining his downfall from within by calling in favours from old friend Margaret Hodge ( of Islington child abuse cover up fame) and rising star Chukka Umunna who flounced out of the party as a protest and screwed up elsewhere.

    On ending austerity , Corbyn offered a solution. Boris offered none. Boris wins by a landslide. On fixing the NHS, Corbyn pledged money, Johnson offered nothing and lied about trying to sell us out to America.Boris wins by a landlside. Boris is continually caught lying and trieds to brush it off with laughter. Corbyn isn't but is called ant- semitic.And that's the sin of sins apparently.Not just among the jewish community ( and businesses) but most of the 'right on' country.I don't f***g think so somehow.

    Did anyone see anything reported about the famous Boris Johnson book '72 virgins' ? Where were the delicate snowflakes ? Where were the thought police and free speech fascists ?

    So, this morning, as the homeless woke up hungry in cold , wet doorways and hoped to have the generosity of strangers help them through the day, the BBC crew continued their orgy of celebration live from Canary Wharf getting the men in suits to say how high the pound had risen and how happy the banks are.

    Go back to f***g bed Britain.Or go post a picture of a celeb on your social media and start a worthy debate about what matters to you..


  4. Hello Rosalinda

    First I’ve to say, that I regret the landslide win by the Tories, but not really so unexpected here in Sweden, where the real right-wing winds are blowing hard now.

    ”For all our differences, class, ethnicity, religion, etc, etc, the British have history for pulling together in the face of adversity, and we have never liked fascism”  

    Unfortunately, Rosalinda, that time is now gone, and for a foreseeable time I’m afraid, and it’s actually perfectly logical considering the growing unhealthy nationalism that we’ve witnessed in recent years all over Europe, which is also reflected in the Nobel Foundation's choice of Peter Handke as a literary award winner. If the purpose was to provoke the relatives of the victims of the Srebrenica massacre; so what did they achieve by that?

    As for fascism in general it’s so dangerous in that it can appear in so many different disguises and forms, making it so easy to ignore its innermost quest, which is fuelling racism proposing simple solutions to complex problems, limiting freedom of expression in order to form a single-party constitution or possibly a multi-party state governed by an autocrat for as long as he/she so wish, like in Russia, North-Korea, Cuba and even in Turkey as it seems.

    What we perhaps could hope for Rosalinda is a world-wide peaceful social revolution aimed at creating a new world order based upon, justice, compassion, mutual respect and without corruption, oppression and poverty.

    All I can say Rosalinda is; ”I have a dream”

    1. Hi Bjorn, and many thanks for your thoughtful reply. At the moment I feel poleaxed, unable to take in the full horror.

      I have, throughout my lifetime, always blamed lack of education for the British public consistently voting for an elite Conservative party that doesn't represent them. And I stand by it. I don't know what the policy is now, but my memory is that teaching politics was not allowed. Ergo, my generation and thereabouts, left school with no understanding of what 'Left' and 'Right' meant politically. And not just my generation, while teaching a group of A-level students the basics of the British electoral system, one student asked if I was allowed to teach 'Marxism'. The answer btw, was yes,

      Unfortunately, many people become hostile when caught in a conversation they do not understand. Yes, it happens in real life, as well as online. Rather than own up to their ignorance, they will end the conversation by changing the subject or walking away. They have reached a level of intelligence they are happy with, and that's enough, thank you. They are infuriating, but there are millions of them.

      I agree with you Bjorn, that there is a rise of fascism not just in Europe, but in the USA. These are sad times when the major powers who fought against far right extremism, are now embracing it. I fear for the world, and these far right turns, will bring about it's destruction all the sooner.

      I love the sentiment in 'I have a dream' Bjorn, but I fear we are entering a dark tunnel, where that dream is disappearing into the blackness. All I can think of doing right now, is joining the 'Resistance' - if there is one. I believe the US 'Resistance' started up with Trump as soon as he won.

      What breaks my heart the most Bjorn, is that our society now has more information available to us than any society that gone before. There is no excuse for ignorance. Imagine the serfs in the days of old, toiling away in the fields and houses of the rich, being given the option to change the system? Would they have voted 'yeah, let's keep it the way it is'.

    2. And I'm angry at those thick people now Bjorn, those people who foolishly believe that 'they know it all' and there is nothing left to learn. They anger me the most. I consider myself to be very well educated, not just because of the academic certificates I hold, but because I have devoted my entire life to research. My greatest joy is learning something new every day, it's why I do not mind being corrected or 'put right'. For many years my enemies picked me up on my spelling and grammar and I can't thank them enough, lol.

      For me Bjorn, this now Little England, not in the cute 'Dad's Army' sense or the twee English villages of the 60's, but an England where the 'small' (little) minded now have control. I fear now for every immigrant in this country, and I am so ashamed of my countrymen and women for being so backward minded. Britain became Great because it welcomed all the talented and all the ambitious, hard working immigrants who saw Britain as the land of the opportunity. They brought their talents here. Let that sink in. (not you, Bjorn who already knows that). We have now shut the door, but on the plus side, we are free to marry our lifelong neighbours and first cousins.

      I do not understand the madness Bjorn, I don't even question if it is 'me' anymore, I know for fecking sure it's them! The 'right' rarely, if ever challenge me on here Bjorn. Probably because they know I'd kick their arses, lol. Not that I am inviting them, I once suggest to a 'halal' activist, that his life might be much improved if he became a vegetarian. I then, for approx 12 hours, became the target of an extended group of lunatics. I will admit, it was scary. I usually poo poo troll attacks, but from the far right, they are vicious and demented. It was like the McCann supporting headcase who accused me of making sick pornographic videos. Fwiw, I have to have a pillow handy, even for PG films, lol.

      I wish I had a dream just at this moment Bjorn, but sadly I do not. The chances are I will continue overdosing on all those things that make me feel happy, raindrops on rose, whiskers on kittens, lol. Also Jerry Seinfeld, soppy Christmas films, mushroom arancini and smoked salmon on blinis. Meanwhile, I am looking forward to 'Jumanji', the new one and 'Cats' - I have had many 'I can smile at the old days, I was beautiful then' moments, I am sure it going to be absolutely delicious :)

      I am so sad we are going back to the ignorance that prevaled a century ago Bjorn. In those days, it was lack of education for all, girls especially, but now, I suspect, it is the constant indoctrination of instant satisfaction. Anything, literally anything, we want can be delivered by Amazon the next day. Food, McDonald, Chinese, Turkish, anything our heart desires can be in our hands within an hour. I'm not suggesting any government should interfer with supply and demand, the public wants what the public wants, but it has perhaps, devalued our gratitude, our appreciation, our morals, our scruples, our humanity. We no longer appreciate what others do for us, we expect it, we demand it. We are so close now to an episode of Black Mirror, where everyone depends on 'likes' and 'dislikes' to survive. We are horribly judgmental, seeing faults before positive attributes. We judge people by the wrong criteria, we are truly indoctrinated to believe everything our dominant ideology tells us to believe.

      I am sorry to have gone on so Bjorn, but tis cathartic to be sure, to release some of that depression. I'm still too scared to look at what the fallout has been, like 'Scarlett O'Hara', I will cope with it tomorrow when I feel better.

    3. Hello Rosalinda

      Thanks for such an exhaustive response. Silent and introverted people have always made me feel uneasy. You're quite the opposite I’d say. I’ve always appreciated people who speak or write directly from the heart.

      I understand your disappointment with what is now happening in the UK.

      As for myself, I’m going north at Christmas to meet the real winter. When the northern light illuminates the night sky, which happens from time to time over our cabin at this time of the year, I feel so small but still so spiritually present in the universe and I forget the political madness, that’s going on in the world.

      I’m wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Rosalinda and I really hope that you too have some special place, be it geographical or spiritual, where you can overcome the disappointment of what has now happened in your country.

  5. “I take everything back, I fecking hate the English.”

    I sympathize, but there’s nothing to take back. The English have got what they’ve voted for. The circus has finally arrived. All eyes are on the clown, never mind the elephant.

    In five, perhaps ten years you’ll get another clown if you are lucky.


    Today’s Daily Express

    I could have told you this was going to happen, but I hadn’t so as not to have to say I told you so.

    I understand having principles. But having principles pointing against the prevailing wind is not a recipe for success in politics in a democracy. Clowns know this, Jeremy Corbin doesn’t seem to. All those years of learning, you said he’d had, wasted to become the leader of the Labour Party, achieve noting and resign.

    I’m sad and sorry for JC.


    A couple of days ago, four people on LBC,.. at 28:16

    Sarah Vine, Daily Mail columnist: I’m just as worried about an anti-Semite, Jeremy Corbyn, being in number ten. I mean it’s a question what, you know, what would you prefer: somebody who overestimates the number of nurses, or someone who thinks, you know, that Israel shouldn’t exist?”

    Someone Interfered In The UK Election, And It Wasn’t Russia

    “As of this writing British exit polls are indicating a landslide victory for the Tories. Numerous other factors went into this result, including most notably a Labour Party ambivalently straddling an irreconcilable divide on the issue of Brexit, but it is also undeniable that the election was affected by a political smear campaign that was entirely unprecedented in scale and vitriol in the history of western democracy. This smear campaign was driven by billionaire-controlled media outlets, along with intelligence and military agencies, as well as state media like the BBC.”

    “You say I am repeating
    Something I have said before. I shall say it again,
    Shall I say it again? In order to arrive there,
    To arrive where you are, to get from where you are not,
    You must go by a way wherein there is no ecstasy.
    In order to arrive at what you do not know
    You must go by a way which is the way of ignorance.
    In order to possess what you do not possess
    You must go by the way of dispossession.
    In order to arrive at what you are not
    You must go through the way in which you are not.
    And what you do not know is the only thing you know
    And what you own is what you do not own
    And where you are is where you are not.”

    T S Eliot Four Quartets, East Coker

    The Ethnic Predicaments of the Shrinking White Majority

    “…to borrow from T.S. Eliot, in order to become the majority, you must go by the way of the minority.”


  6. So after not being "I'm here live" last night - who are you going to blame for the disaster of your hero?

    1. Apologies, I'm afraid I dived under the duvet when I saw the Exit polls and have only just emerged. I think stricken is not too strong a word to describe the way I felt. I didn't cry, I rarely too, but my heart is broken. I believed the UK would be the country to fight back against fascism, instead they have endorsed it. I have avoided all news, but I heard Tommy Robinson has now joined the Conservative party.

      I mocked those in America who voted for Trump as deplorables, convinced that the UK was far more enlightened - that belief is now shattered. I now have to face the fact that at least half the people I meet and engage with voted for a lying, greedy, racist monster. I'm really struggling to come to terms with that right now 18:48.

      And my heart breaks, that good men like Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell are being condemned for caring about the many, not the few. All those odious Blairites will now tear into JC and JM and brag that the UK doesn't want socialism. I feel so bad right now, I cannot bring myself to watch the news or even peek at social media. It is too depressing.

      Right now I am losing myself in 'Seinfeld' (when Seinfeld comes out it is a code red) and indeed, feel good Christmas movies. Though I have to say, it is at times like this, that I wish I had religion. A higher power to turn to, I'm even considering lighting a candle in a church.

      History is a subject in which I can lose myself for hours, but even that I have to avoid right now, because history has shown us so many times how this story ends. In 1943, Hitler had 148,000 Jews locked up in Auschwitz, now in 2019, Trump has 169,000 KIDS locked up in refugee camps. Will Boris Johnson ever protest? Of course not, he will probably brag about how he disposed of 130,000 problems by simply making them hungry and homeless.

      Who am going to blame 18:48, I don't know, you tell me.

  7. Hi again Rosalinda and others
    3rd paragraph “a foreseeable time” should of course be “an unforeseeable time”

  8. Don't look at social media for a week or so (at least), Rosalinda. It's not pretty.

    But we should remember that Labour won the election with the younger half of the electorate.

    And most of the older half who did vote Tory aren't as lost as reading the horror on social media might make us think.

    Labour lost the older half of the electorate because of Brexit and because they just didn't connect with Jeremy, unfortunately. It's a sad fact but politics is really just showbiz or reality TV these days. Johnson appeals to them, and there's little we can do about that except find a new leader.

    Once they get their Brexit Johnson will have to satisfy them in other ways, but that would involve the rich parting with some of their money and of course they really don't want to do that. His alliance with 'Workington Man' won't last long once Brexit is out of the equation. At least it shouldn't - if the opposition gets its act together.

  9. Labour under Corbyn failed twice, he should have no influence in his successor and should not hang around.

    I have always voted Labour (yes longer than Ros). It will be interesting to see who the new leader is - but unless Johnson reneges on every promise he has made, I doubt that Labour can get back in power until at least 10 years.

  10. "Get Brexit Done"

    A simple message that complied with the the vote of the people.

    Simple. Labour had no reply.

    1. “"Get Brexit Done"

      A simple message that complied with the the vote of the people.”

      I believe that message is just a message if you see what I mean. It’s done its job, and so have other ‘messages’.

      I know that the hypnotized never lie. I get on my knees and pray “the people” won't get fooled again.

      Also sprach Pete T

      Sollte es denn möglich sein! Dieser alte Heilige hat in seinem Walde noch Nichts davon gehört, dass Gott todt ist!

      Fried N

    2. @ Anonymous19 December 2019 at 15:45

      I have no idea what you are talking about and have no intention of going to any link that you give.

    3. Anonymous 19 December 2019 at 21:28

      Thank you, I appreciate your comment and apologise for being obtuse and incomprehensible. Your having no intention of going to any link that I give is understandable: my obfuscation and impertinence have been running amok.

      I gave a link to and borrowed from Pete Townsend’s song Won’t be Fooled Again and juxtaposed Pete’s view and Nietzsche’s

      “Pete Townshend wrote this song about a revolution. In the first verse, there is an uprising. In the middle, they overthrow those in power, but in the end, the new regime becomes just like the old one ("Meet the new boss, same as the old boss"). Townshend felt revolution was pointless because whoever takes over is destined to become corrupt. In Townshend: A Career Biography, Pete explained that the song was anti-establishment, but that "revolution is not going to change anything in the long run, and people are going to get hurt,."”

      “In a 1985 "My Generation" radio special, Pete Townshend said he wrote the song as a message to the supposedly "new breed" of politicians who came around in the early '70s.”

      “The Woodstock festival was an influence on this song. Most songs inspired by Woodstock follow the peace and love narrative, but Pete Townshend had a very different take.

      The Who played Day 2 of Woodstock, going on at the ludicrous hour of 5 a.m. During their set, the activist Abbie Hoffman came on stage unannounced and commandeered the microphone. Townshend may or may not have belted him with his guitar, but he certainly did not want to provide a platform for any cause. "I wrote 'Won't Get Fooled Again' as a reaction to all that - 'Leave me out of it: I don't think you lot would be any better than the other lot!,'" he explained to Creem in 1982.

      In the same interview, he shared his thoughts on the festival crowd: "All those hippies wandering about thinking the world was going to be different from that day. As a cynical English arsehole I walked through it all and felt like spitting on the lot of them, and shaking them and trying to make them realize that nothing had changed and nothing was going to change."

      Pete Townshend: "I'm a Remainer, he [Roger Daltrey] is a Brexiteer. I believe in God, he doesn’t.”
      September 13 2019, The Times interview

      Friedrich Nietzsche: “Could it be possible! This old saint in the forest hath not yet heard of it, that God is dead!
      1880s, Thus Spoke Zarathustra: A Book for All and None [Also sprach Zarathustra: Ein Buch für Alle und Keinen]

      It so happens that we’ve been blessed here with comrade Zoro’s comments cutting through the self-indulgence and irrelevance and getting to the meat of the matter. You might safely ignore my comments and links and read comrade Zoro’s. I would if I were you.

      Peace and Merry Christmas.

  11. David Cameron ( Tory Leader ) was responsible for the birth of the concept that became known, trendily , as Brexit. He Promised to stick around to see it through, but he lied. he ran away. Enter Theresa May- new Tory MP ( voted internally ). She promised to get the Brexit deal pushed through and accepted and that she would see it through.She lied.She was jumped as she was pushed.Enter new Tory PM ( voted internally), Johnson. he promised to have Brexit completed and gave two deadlines. He lied.And, we are still without a deal for Brexit. All we have is rhetoric and promises and hype.From the same liars with a new leader.Can anyone explain to me why they say Corbyn failed because of Brexit when he's the leader of a completely different party ? We were bombarded by zion - inspired hyperbole about Corbyn being a jew -hater.And the 'younger' end of the electorate adore a chance to be up i arms for a minority and a nice 'ism' If only they knew how big this minority are.

    All those who have seen the country flooded by overseas 'visitors' in the middle of yet another Tory 'double dip ' recession' and still voted for the Tory party are ignorant.All those who have been aware that we have the worst housing crisis post -war and voted Tory are ignorant.All those who see homelessness increase and doorways filled with those left behind and still voted Tory are ignorant.All those who know where there is a food bank and still voted Tory are worse.Don't console yourself because you didn't vote Tory, but you just didn't vote Labour. Votes that went elsewhere could have gone to the one man who prioritised the restoration of dignity and a safety for the poor, the homeless and the sick.Scattering votes around maintained the Tory stranglehold on the power that's crushing too many people.We were given a chance to free ourselves and too many didn't take it.They have blood on their hands.Well done.


  12. Transport Secretary Andy McDonald accused the corporation of “consciously” favouring the Conservatives during the campaign.....Labour has previously complained about the BBC's political coverage, and Mr McDonald said their approach to the election was further evidence of bias...The frontbencher highlighted comments from a BBC reporter who came under fire for saying Boris Johnson "so deserves" his election win.''

    and more evidence of the Tory propaganda arm..they have all bases covered. TV / Internet / newspaper.

    Welkcome to democracy..


    1. “Welkcome to democracy..”

      No, thanks. Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you.

    2. The people chose the plonker who was less of a plonker than the other plonker.
      Welcome to democracy.

  13. Hilarious to read that you still maintain that 'the little people '' didn't know what they voted for.
    Uneducated and thick.
    Oh change the wretched tune for heaven's sake!

    1. An incompetent human being- let alone politician- has somehow landed the biggest job in the country, been caught out lying on a daily basis and won a general election by a landslide the likes of which hasn't been seen since Zionist friend Margaret Thatcher landed the same kind of coup. You think 'the little people' were fully aware of all of this and went ahead and paved the way for it anyway.Because they're aware of what day it is and brilliantly educated.Your take is 'change the wretched record'' . Is that it ? A pointless nugget of meaningless advice aimed at the poster of the comment but unable to dismantle the content of the post.Can I guide you to a site that loves that kind of thing ? They have a comment section under every video.Mostly from 'the little people'. it's called Youtube.


  14. It's very strange that people posting here are so clever, so well educated, so observant, so in tune with the population, know what people want, know how people should be educated, know how people should ignore the press, know that people should have relied on a little enclave of their own social media. But the people here got it so wrong.

    It's all a load of bollocks. I said on here a while ago that things were too concentrated on the main party leaders and not, as they should have done, on the Party policies.

    I voted Labour - NOT because of Corbyn but because of their policy.
    Corbyn came across as crap - in particular he was indecisive and didn't make a good enough impression in the campaign. It didn't change my vote but it apparently changed a lot of people from my Northern homeland.

    Calling people ignorant, uneducated or stupid because they didn't vote for Labour will never ever convert them.

    Grow up people - work to change things in 5 years, although it is likely to be 10 years before change is made.

    Stop being nasty and vindictive and work for change.

    1. People displayed their lack of education and awareness by failing to realize that the party that caused social chaos through their 'benefit reforms' essentially began class apartheid.They were, are, and will continue to wreak economic terrorism intended to destabilize and undermine the well being of a particular group in our society.A group that continues to grow as they continue to wreak havoc. That group is comprised of those on the lower end of the salary scale and the unemployed.They have ceased to count in the eyes of the elite represented by and composed of Tory members and Tory loyal supporters.It didn't take lectures and study to understand this is happening.All it took was a pair of eyes and ears and legs.It's everywhere.

      Johnson avoided any discussion of the area.That was at least honest of him.He avoided making empty promises he knew his people would never see through once the results were in.Corbyn at least tried.he made promises to address austerity, mimimum wage, zero hour contracts and lifting the NHS back to it's feet.He didn't baffle anyone with science or try to filibuster his way through debates.He kept it simple in order that the simple messages and pledges reached the broader audience.That isn't ineffective.

      In the blue corner Johnson's propaganda was aided and abetted by the usual suspects, the Zion owned media papers and the BBC.All they wanted to talk about- along with the Labour members present and past who are only serving the Tory party as destabilizing influences- was Corbyn's alleged anti semitism as though we were living in Tel Aviv.Nothing about the NHS, austerity, zero hour contracts- nothing about homelessness.But it's Corbyn who was ineffective ?

      The Tory party tapped into the latest trend.Self -censoring and ganging up on anyone who might be displaying a petty 'ism'.There's so many things we daren't say, type or think now we don't need Big Brother, he has his minions looking for brownie points for reporting naughty free thinkers and those who think it's ok to exercise free speech.The invasion of the snowflakes.

      I said months ago that May was a scapegoat for Cameron.He threw the grenade of Brexit in to our midst and ran away.They wouldn't have dared to force Boris on us.They'd elect Theresa may, refuse to support any of her positions on Brexit until she jumped and then Boris could step in and be sold as a rescuer.I warned on this very blog the script was clear back in Summer. I also said that they'd get Boris in, he'd win an election despite the general consensus of the people and he'd then screw Brexit up so we wouldn't leave.The whole thing has been a sham, a scam, and flim flam.

      Democracy ? Don't kid yourself.


    2. @ Anonymous19 December 2019 at 18:19

      You have given a perfect example of why people did not vote Labour.

      I voted Labour and Labour lost - move forward you idiot.

      "People displayed their lack of education and awareness" - no YOU and people like you showed ignorance of the relevant facts.

      Read my comment again and don't bother to come back to me.

    3. '' move forward you idiot.''

      Don't tell me - let me guess. You voted Tory ? No, I'm not psychic.I can recognize arrogance and ignorance.I'll 'move forward' when you grow up .

      Now, back in yer box x

    4. @04:48

      Anonymous17 December 2019 at 18:35: “I voted Labour - NOT because of Corbyn but because of their policy.”

      Anonymous19 December 2019 at 21:42: “I voted Labour and Labour lost - move forward you idiot.”

      You: “Don't tell me - let me guess. You voted Tory ?...”


    5. You can say you voted Labour..Tory..whatever..for effect - the effect being to magnify what you believe is Labour's weakness and incompetence.A lot of Tories do it.It's old.

  15. Anti-Semitism Bandwagon Resumes Against Jeremy Corbyn

    Corbyn’s Defeat has Slain the Left’s Last Illusion

    Jewish Chronicle lied in reports on “Labour anti-Semitism”


    1. Would you like to bring us the news from Iceland, Hawaii etc? Or maybe

    2. Ros pronounces:

      "I have, throughout my lifetime, always blamed lack of education for the British public consistently voting for an elite Conservative party that doesn't represent them. And I stand by it. I don't know what the policy is now, but my memory is that teaching politics was not allowed. Ergo, my generation and thereabouts, left school with no understanding of what 'Left' and 'Right' meant politically. And not just my generation, while teaching a group of A-level students the basics of the British electoral system, one student asked if I was allowed to teach 'Marxism'. The answer btw, was yes,"

      Mabe Ros will also pronounce how she thinks her problem will be solved, how do you teach politics in school? You don't - you teach UK history in school.

      But of course Ros's solution is of course wrong.

      Little Fred came home today and teacher said you should vote Labour.
      Little Jennifer came home today and said you should vote Conservative.

      Ros (although she has apparently been allowed back in to the Education system) is WRONG.

    3. Jeez, I am right off politics now to be sure, but your ignorance astounds me 21:24. Politics not allowed for the masses, but major part of curriculum for Eton and top public schools. Check out how many PMs went to Eton. Check out how many PMs worked down a coal mine.

      For centuries, the mass media, the newspapers, the emerging broadcasting system, were powered by money and governments that favoured the elite. It was deliberate government policy to keep the working classes educated 'just enough' to serve the ruling classes and continue in manual work. Education has always been the biggest enemy of the establishment. Educated people have a tendency to rebel you fecking moron.

      You obviously have no understanding of the complexity or even the simplicity of politics. I was fortunate, I had an educated father who took the time to explain. 99.9% of my classmates didn't have parents similarly inclined, were you one of them?

      That you are in agreement with keeping the masses ignorant, disgusts and annoys me on so many levels - and I was in such a good mood, doh!

    4. Anonymous 19 December 2019 at 21:07

      Sure I would.


      Hawaii (A very nice place. Recommended):

      A bonus: Larry King on JFK assassination theories

      What Ephraim Mirvis said has already been mentioned.

      Merry Christmas


    5. Rosalinda Hutton20 December 2019 at 01:40

      ''For centuries, the mass media, the newspapers, the emerging broadcasting system, were powered by money and governments that favoured the elite. It was deliberate government policy to keep the working classes educated 'just enough' to serve the ruling class ''

      ''That you are in agreement with keeping the masses ignorant, disgusts and annoys me''

      Pretty much sums up the blueprint used brilliantly by Germany in WW2. That was the first big test of the power that the machine could wield over the masses.The media that could hypnotize the masses and change the way they thought and what they believed. Today it can be 'updated' daily thanks to the real time online.The war was called of eventually ( they called it a victory for Europe officially).But the lessons learned during that period of History have proved to be priceless and they have been refined and implemented brilliantly by Germany's historical allies, America , and their banking partners ,England.Well said, Ros.


  16. Some history


    “A long-accepted wisdom has it that just days before the state’s birth, its founders settled two burning issues in a pair of closely decided votes. The wisdom is half-wrong.”

    Some amusement

    Why does Bill Maher get to run anti-Semitic jokes with Bari Weiss, when Ilhan Omar can’t say a word about Israel?

    Some opinions


    By PETER ULLRICH, Dr. phil. Dr. rer. med.


  17. Labour had the worst result since 1935.

    Why are people here trying to convince anyone that Labour were right?

    1. Because the Labour Party wanted to look after the people, not the Elite and the American Investors or the ''business people'' ( PC crime avoided on purpose). If our votes really meant anything and wee really capable of facilitating genuine change for all, we wouldn't get to vote.

    2. ''Why are people here trying to convince anyone that Labour were right?''

      To explain that the mess we're in and the mess that we'll soon be in is down to the collective gullibility and lack of insight and originality of thought is to blame. The electorate.Not labour. It's easy really..

  18. This is exactly an example of why following certain people on social media is wrong:

    Cristobell Author Retweeted
    General Election 2019
    12 Dec
    It’s time for our LIVE exit poll!

    Pls RT before voting.

    Who did you vote for?

    #GE2109 #GeneralElection #GeneralElection19
    Conservative 20%
    Labour 64%
    Lib Dem 7%
    Other 10%
    68,295 votes · Final results

    Does anyone with half a brain notice how wrong that was?

  19. After years of American and British leaders turning a blind eye, and refusing to condemn the genocide Israel have inflicted upon Palestine , finally, somebody has spoken up.The International Criminal Court no less ( finally).had this been one of the oil or Opiate producing countries ( Asian or Arab) the heroic allies would have 'liberated' the Palestinians years ago.Or, if they were just plain old fashioned Muslims- same dance.But no, this is Israel.And if anyone or any body of people dare to condemn them for atrocities it;s -guess what- yep - ''anti - smitic''.

    Netanyahu was right in there :

    ''"New edicts are being cast against the Jewish people - anti-Semitic edicts by the International Criminal Court telling us that we, the Jews standing here next to this wall ... in this city, in this country, have no right to live here and that by doing so, we are committing a war crime," he said.

    Yes, Benny, That's what the crime is.Trying to live there.Not genocide or any other war crime that the rest of the world has to abide by.Happy Hanukkah


  20. Last month, Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit announced an indictment against Netanyahu in three corruption cases, which include charges of breach of trust, fraud, and, in the most serious case, bribery.

    Oy gevalt!

    1. Netanyahu's respone..'' it's anti - semitic''...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz