Tuesday, 2 June 2020


I have always wondered how ordinary people in the past coped with major catastrophes, plagues, wars, famines, brutal dictatorships.  As a child I pestered my Dad constantly to tell me what it was like in the 'old days'.  His replies always consisted of 'blooming cheek', but he relished telling me stories of his young days in Scotland, working in a factory and doing his National Service.  He was too young for WWII, but aged 10/11 when it broke out, old enough to follow all the battles and losses and correspond with his older brother in the army.  

Most families, I think, have stories that pass down from generation to generation, and usually a 'keeper' of that history, the Matriarch perhaps or an enthusiastic Aunt or Uncle.  The usual question was 'what did you do in the War dad?', but for all of us now, it will be 'what did you do during the Pandemic?'.  Did you have to wear masks? were you scared to go out?  How did you go shopping?  When did Amazon take over the world?

My letter to the future would say, well you know what, in late 2019 we were getting near to that happy state our red flag waving predecessors fought and died for.  We had, going into the December 2019 General Election, a leader of the Labour Party, who spoke for the many not just the few.  An enlightened, compassionate, statesman, genuinely seeking a better future for all.  We also had at our fingertips, all the information we could ever wish and within seconds.  News reporting has been turned on it's head in the last two decades, biased news agencies can no longer lie to us.  Everyone has a mobile phone, every incident of, say police brutality can and will be filmed.  We rarely buy actual newspapers anymore, relying instead on social media, particularly twitter, the President of the USA's primary form of communication.  We can literally receive breaking news within moments and even as it is happening.

So what do we tell future generations, especially those historians scratching their heads, completely  flummoxed as to how we, in the UK and our friends in the US, with all the information and education we had available to us, could democratically vote for (that's the hard part), two dishonest leaders who are not only an abomination as human beings but who are so inept at leadership, they shouldn't be put in charge of anything beyond a stationary cupboard.  How different our death numbers from Covid-19 here in the UK would be today if Jeremy Corbyn had been at the helm.  We have two clowns as leaders, but there is nothing funny about them.

But children of the future here we are.  Democracy has given us the worst of the worst, how did that happen?  The USA has a loud mouthed game show host as it's President, we in the UK, have as our Prime Minister, a life of privilege loud mouthed, top hat and tails wearing Eton toff who belonged to an exclusive club whose initiation ceremonies included burning a £50 note in front of a homeless person.  Both of these leaders have white/yellow haystacks atop their heads as their trademarks, as if to say 'c'mon, look at the mad hair, what's not to love?'.  I see you historians now, shaking your heads in wonderment, were we really that backward? Yes we were (are).  Maybe the mad hair has a hypnotic effect.  

You, in the future, will also have the benefit of knowing how the coronavirus story ended.  Here in the UK as numbers and deaths keep rising, Boris Johnson is doing his best to push all the plebs back to work, whilst also trying to feign care and concern by clapping on a Thursday night.  Lets get the schools open, he says whilst fist bumping the air (except for the private ones like Eton who are not re-opening until September). 'Let's carry on with the handwashing and staying 2 metres away from other human beings, and all will be fine.  Ok, ok, many of you will die, but lets not make a big deal out of it.  We need to get the economy back on track so me and my mates can carry on stashing up billions for when we are voted out of office'.

As Trump hides in a bunker at the White House, all of his little fires are joining together and closing in on him.  Metaphorically and physically.  Mueller failed to do it, Indictment failed to do it, but now the public are coming out in huge numbers against him and he is on his knees.  It is clear his dementia is rapidly advancing but the hatred he has for so many people is eating him alive.  I can't see any non corrupt campaign manager or advisor, telling him to use his grudges against President Obama to win the upcoming election, methinks, that's all him.  He is handicapping his own re-election chances at every opportunity.  He's had enough, he's reached that stage he is so familiar with, where he just declares bankruptcy/gets divorced,  and walks away.  Maybe he is trying to broker a deal where he commits to resigning if the Democrats promise not to put him in jail.    

The results of Donald Trump's and Boris Johnson's chaotic handing of Covid-19 will be available to you, and history will show that the countries with the highest mortality rates had the worst leaders.  Those will be the cold hard facts accompanied by graphs, charts and the warnings by scientists that were ignored.  As I write this today 31st May 2020, the UK has nearly 300,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19, with nearly 40,000 deaths.  We are nearly 3 months into lockdown and the numbers have never really gone below the peak, the first one, we cynics are expecting a second, much bigger wave.  People are bored with the lockdown, the sun is shining and the sky has never been clearer - it would appear we have been polluting the skies, who knew? (sarcasm).  

The future of course, will have all the facts in front of them, but even now, we can see how Covid-19 has exposed the huge failures of absolute capitalism. China, where the virus originated, with a population of 1.49billion, suffered less than 5,000 deaths, close by South Korea had less than 300.   The USA, population 331million has today, 106,000 deaths, and it has just reopened for business so it will probably go much higher.  The UK, population 66.65million, has 38,489 deaths, but like the US, our government is ignoring the advice of scientists and experts in order to get the economy going again.  The first victims of 'the return' our littlest children, the nursery and reception classes.  Ye Gods, what monster chose the toddlers to experiment with!

But children of the future, here we are.  As this pandemic, this plague, sweeps through the world, and we are probably only about half way there yet, we are being led by imbeciles.  It may explain to you, looking back on these times, why 'the West' lost it's status as world leaders and the East took over.  I write this 'warning to the future', because I have always wanted to read the thoughts of a woman from 1930's Berlin.  I guess, everything is fine, until it's not.  We expect every year to be the same as the last, with the shops and restaurants open, the kids at school, the train packed, having it all come to a sudden stop was a shock to us all.  The world literally changed overnight.  Not in that ominous sense of hiding under the stairs waiting for bombs to drop on us, but, perhaps worse.  We have the enemy all around us, we can't see it, but it can get us in multiple ways, many which we don't even know about.  Is it picked up from surfaces? Is it in minute particles on our breath?  It would be easy to become paranoid, but easier still to become complacent, especially if you have stuck to the rules for so long.  

Fortunately, the statistics show that approximately 80% of people in the UK and the US, believe the scientists and doctors over their leaders and politicians.  Neither country has a fast and efficient system of testing, and the danger (so many more infected) is far greater now than it was when the lockdown began.  Most people will follow their own common sense, advice from the government these days is worthless.  

But, children of the future, it is not all misery.  We have, via the television and internet, every form of entertainment, books, films, music, history, science, the list is endless.  We are never truly alone all the while we have mobile phones and Zoom - a face to face 'app' most of us had never heard of until the lockdown. That panicky sense of imminent danger has calmed down to a resigned sense of 'oh well'.  Not many people are wearing masks anymore and less and less people are following the 2 metre rule.  I usually just move away from them or stand out of their way.  I apply the same rule to social distancing as I do to posting on social media.  I am only responsible for what I do and say, what others do is beyond my control.  It's a bit Zen.

You in the future will of course have all the answers.  You will look at the Great Plague in England of 1665, the 'Spanish' Flu of 1918 and Covid-19, which just to confuse things, really took off in 2020.  It would seem that in 2020 that we are just as vulnerable to plague as our medieval ancestors.  You might wonder why countries such as the USA and the UK, spend so much money on arms and weapons of mass destruction, supposedly to safeguard their citizens, yet so little on protecting their citizens from a deadly virus.  Over the past few days we have seen US police, wearing more armour than Robocop, and over the past few weeks we have seen US doctors wearing bin liners.  It's no wonder Trump has withdrawn from the World Health Organisation, science stuff isn't nearly so much fun as buying fighter jets.  

Karma, we hope, will catch up with Trump and Johnson, sooner, rather than later.  Mob boss Trump will hopefully go to jail and Johnson's legacy will be the thousands of unnecessary deaths because he handled the coronavirus so badly.  Sadly it has taken a global pandemic to expose that these two elected leaders have no leadership qualities whatsoever.


  1. Well hello you :) thought of you today so thought I would have a look and see if your still about and i'm very glad to see that your still very much alive & kicking, glad also to see your still giving the world & his mate hell lol xx

    1. Well hiya Bev, I am sure you used to call me Waynetta and I used to throw my white cider empties over the fence into your garden, lol. How you doing old girl?

      I'm fine as you see, I vowed to keep writing my blog even if there was only one reader left, so it continues. These are strange times, I have not even looked at today's Maddie story, there is so much more going on

      These days, I am enjoying, unashamedly, the downfall of Donald Trump. It warms the cockles of my heart to see so many people in the USA and worldwide coming out against him. His mob boss rule is coming to end.

      I do hope life is treating you well Bev, I often smile when I think back to those 'insane' days on AOL. For a wannabe blog writer, it was a great baptism of fire! My kindest wishes to you and yours, take care.

    2. We are all fine here apart from being a bit stir crazy, mad times we are living in Bell much crazier than those aol boards, can you imagine all the conspiracies lol, I tend to steer clear of anything that could put my blood pressure up although to be fair that and the old ticker are about the only things that arent playing up, i've joined the fight to get our pensions put back to 60 but not that pro active i'm afraid, no marches or protesting but I give my support in other ways other than that I lead a very quiet life now, still designing and making Jewellery oooh! and I did managed to lose just over 5 stone with slimming world (bloody knees & back couldnt take the strain lol) i'm just enjoying being a nanny and taking it easy, I dont remember calling you Waynetta love but thats one of the perks of getting older, complete denial of anything you want lol so glad your well and fighting the good fight (whatever that is for you) long may it continue, keep safe Bell xx

  2. Sonia Poulton
    My thoughts on the 'new' Madeleine McCann lead

    1. another lopsided lot of nothing new. Another lunatic conspiracy theorist who believes a slew of detectives and politicians conspired to hide the guilt of two people they didn't even know just because they're British, no matter how much it cost.Shameful.

  3. CNN: White Children ‘Don’t Deserve Innocence’
    CNN gave airtime to an ‘anti-racist activist’ who suggested that white children should not be allowed to have an ‘innocent’ childhood, but rather be made to feel guilty about their ‘white privilege’ at an early age.

    1. https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2018/02/06/john-brennan-james-claper-michael-hayden-former-cia-media-216943

    2. George Galloway l The Killing of George Floyd

  4. SHAMEFUL ABUSE Soldiers heckled as they silently clean war memorial daubed with graffiti during London Black Lives Matter protest

    1. Thank you for your post 18:35, please note for future reference, you will need to leave some form of ID if you want to be published.

      It is easy to pick up a Sun headline and feign outrage at the destruction of national monuments, that's the instant, expected reaction. However, if you look back through history, you will see that the destruction and defacing of national monuments is pretty much leitmotif when the people start protesting. I refer you to the French Revolution, when not only statues fell, but heads also rolled.

      So, why destroy, deface monuments? Especially as many, as in the case you cite, are memorials to working class heroes. Are the protesters defaming the memory of those heroes, or is it the government who is defaming the fallen? Those themes can become very much confused in the heat of the moment.

      Also, protesters want to grab the attention of the media and marching en masse, sadly, isn't enough. Spraying a slogan on a piece of granite will usually do the trick because it will cause outrage. Job done, and less harmful than hijacking a small business or mobbing a hot dog seller. As offensive as you may find the graffiti, you cannot argue that the pictures of these desecrated icons reached a massive audience, which of course, was the intention. Outrage is what they are going for.

      These symbols of rebellion go viral, and better still, they become representative of the injustice they set out to overturn. Children of the future may be appalled at the injustice against people of colour all over the world. They will find it hard to believe it ever existed, but there captured in time, are the writings on the wall.

    2. Ros, you completely have missed the point.

      SHAMEFUL ABUSE Soldiers heckled as they silently clean war memorial daubed with graffiti during London Black Lives Matter protest

    3. The Winston Churchill memorial has been vandalised by ‘Black Lives Matter’ protesters in London, reports confirm.

    4. Candice Owens Goes In On George Floyd Criminal Past & Why She's Not Supporting

    5. I couldn't care less what Candice Owens has to say.

    6. Rosalinda Hutton 7 June 2020 at 21:28

      “One is to be cheated into Passion, but to be reason’d into Truth.”
      John Dryden, 1682

      Doesn’t sound like you, Rosalinda dear, almost hostile. Why do you feel that way?

      I have listened with interest to what Ms Owen had to say very eloquently, have you? 18 minutes well spent and no regrets.



    7. I am not a fan of Trump supporters T ergo, I will not be using my precious time to listen to them. I have also spammed a comment of yours that sounds horrendous, you really shouldn't do Ali G impressions. I struggled with it for a couple of days, but I couldn't in good conscience publish it.

      I have no problem with you having alternate views on the Black Lives Matter marches and protests T, in fact, I have, as a work a progress, my musings on the whole statue and landmark issue that is now taking centre stage. I look forward to your views on that.

    8. Rosalinda Hutton 12 June 2020 at 13:51

      “I am not a fan of Trump supporters T ergo, I will not be using my precious time to listen to them.”

      In her video, the lady mentions no trump, my dear, she speaks of the current situation in the USA. Do you discard someone’s informed opinion without knowing what it is? That’s so unlike you, my dear.

      “I have also spammed a comment of yours that sounds horrendous, you really shouldn't do Ali G impressions.”

      Oy vey, that’s mighty generous of you. I take it you are serious.

      I don’t do piss-taker Cohen’s impressions, thank you, my dear. My initial remark was in the style of the honourable Richard Prior Esq if you know who he was. Did my comment sound horrendous due to a change in your circumstances/attitude? I’m asking because I’d used, in jest, that very same initial remark more than once before with no negative reaction from you whatsoever. I would offer you links to confirm what I’m saying, but there’s hardly any point since you would perhaps spam them also.

      “I struggled with it for a couple of days, but I couldn't in good conscience publish it.”

      Oh dear, I do feel your pain, my dear, trust me. What have you been on?

      Now that you have alleged that I made a comment that “sounds horrendous” and you obviously expect your readers to take your word for it in the absence of the comment, I’m left with no better option than to say that you are profoundly mistaken. But what’s a mistake, however profound, between friends, eh?

      “I have no problem with you having alternate views on the Black Lives Matter marches and protests T”

      You seem to be able to dream up something I haven’t written about or even dreamt of writing, my dear. That’s your writer’s imagination at work, I suppose. :)

      Come, come down to Mother Earth, my dear Rosalinda, and we’ll sing a lullaby.

      All lives matter. I would refer you to Brother Malcolm.



    9. Good afternoon T and thank you for your post.

      You seem a tad agitated towards me of late T, which is a shame, because I really haven't changed. The expression you used in the post I spammed is wholly inappropriate at this time. It was funny when used by Ali G, but horrendous when used by Richard Madeley - do you see where I am going with this? Black men and women can joke and parody racism, but from elderly white men, it's just wrong. Think of the odious Jim Davidson and his character 'Chalky'.

      I haven't yet left Mother Earth T, in fact I am remarkably down to earth given that we are in the midst of a major pandemic and a global protest against racism. There are going to be issues on which we, even old friends, will take different sides. To my horror, with my latest blog, I find myself on the same side as the extreme right who are gathering in London to protect statues. How tf did that happen?

      I hope you will take a look at my latest blog T, 'The battle of the Statues' and give me your opinion which I should be very interested to hear. I don't think we are anywhere near lullaby time T, there is way too much going on! My kindest wishes.

  5. Hello Dear Rosalinda
    I now understand your reaction

    "What happens when the idea becomes victimized in the name of equality?"

    It wasn't me, I'm innocent LOL. I just quoted from the book I referred to. Unfortunately a very bad translation by me.

    Here comes a better one

    "What happens when your freedom of thinking becomes restrained in the name equality"

    Makes sense, doesn't it.

    Have a nice weekend

    1. Ah that makes more sense Bjorn, thank you, though I did have fun discussing victimhood!

      Years ago, I would have said it is impossible to restrain thinking, you can stop people talking about their ideas, but you can't stop them thinking about them. But having spent several years being indoctrinated in a Catholic Institution, I can see how a set way of thinking can take hold of an entire community.

      I am trying to think of a way in which feminist doctrine can influence thinking outside of the Arts. In a scientific or sociological experiment or project perhaps. Presumably it would begin with the ratio of male and female candidates, will funding etc be biased towards women? Maybe it will lean more towards the previous findings of women, rather than men?

      I don't really understand feminist doctrine in practice, perhaps because all the feminist literature I have read comes from the last century and the one before. Sadly, then as now, feminism never really filters down to working class women. At the turn of the last century, working class women had dozens of mouths to feed (no contraception) and lived in constant fear of eviction. That Oxford University would not allow ladies in the library unless accompanied by a man, wasn't a big deal to them.

      Have a nice weekend yourself Bjorn, take care.

    2. Thomas Sowell answers William F. Buckley Jr’s question

  6. Björn 5 June 2020 at 16:51

    Hello, Bjorn my friend

    “I’m actually so tired of listening to Afro-Americans who’re feeling the historical pain of the whole slave trade, when they instead should deal with today’s realities with regard to their specific social- end economic situations and with racial discrimination in general.”

    This is an informative and germane discussion (as are Thomas Sowell’s books), imho:
    Thomas Sowell on the Myths of Economic Inequality
    What a charming man of experience and knowledge!

    “As far as feminism is concerned, I have always had an admiration for Inna Shevchenko, initiator of the Femen movement.”

    Inna Shevchenko did not ‘initiate’ FEMEN. You are mistaken, as was Inna when, addressing a much larger audience, she started with a ridiculous mistake (one of many):
    I will not stop speaking out loud | Inna Shevchenko | TEDxKalamata

    Inna: “I was born the year of collapse of USSR…”

    USSR ‘collapsed’ a year and a half after Inna was born. Don’t take my word for it, nor Inna’s. :)

    “A real modern Jeanne d'Arc in my opinion.”

    Well, can’t argue against the Freedom of Opinion, Bjorn, not that I can see why one would hold such a peculiar opinion. I must be missing something. What have you been drinking, my friend?

    This is Mother Earth’s eternal bulletin:


    Et puis, et puis encore?


    « Ô cerveaux enfantins!

    Pour ne pas oublier la chose capitale,
    Nous avons vu partout, et sans l’avoir cherché,
    Du haut jusques en bas de l’échelle fatale,
    Le spectacle ennuyeux de l’immortel péché:

    La femme, esclave vile, orgueilleuse et stupide,
    Sans rire s’adorant et s’aimant sans dégoût;
    L’homme, tyran goulu, paillard, dur et cupide,
    Esclave de l’esclave et ruisseau dans l’égout;

    Le bourreau qui jouit, le martyr qui sanglote;
    La fête qu’assaisonne et parfume le sang;
    Le poison du pouvoir énervant le despote,
    Et le peuple amoureux du fouet abrutissant;

    Plusieurs religions semblables à la nôtre,
    Toutes escaladant le ciel ; la Sainteté,
    Comme en un lit de plume un délicat se vautre,
    Dans les clous et le crin cherchant la volupté;

    L’Humanité bavarde, ivre de son génie,
    Et, folle maintenant comme elle était jadis,
    Criant à Dieu, dans sa furibonde agonie :
    « Ô mon semblable, ô mon maître, je te maudis »

    Et les moins sots, hardis amants de la Démence,
    Fuyant le grand troupeau parqué par le Destin,
    Et se réfugiant dans l’opium immense!
    – Tel est du globe entier l’éternel bulletin.

    Charles Baudelaire, Le Voyage


    — И что, и что — ещё?


    — О, детские мозги!..

    Но чтобы не забыть итога наших странствий:
    От пальмовой лозы до ледяного мха,
    Везде — везде — везде — на всём земном пространстве
    Мы видели всё ту ж комедию греха:

    Её, рабу одра, с ребячливостью самки
    Встающую пятой на мыслящие лбы,
    Его, раба рабы: что в хижине, что в замке
    Наследственном — всегда — везде — раба рабы!

    Мучителя в цветах и мученика в ранах,
    Обжорство на крови и пляску на костях,
    Безропотностью толп разнузданных тиранов, —
    Владык, несущих страх, рабов, метущих прах.

    С десяток или два — единственных религий,
    Все сплошь ведущих в рай — и сплошь вводящих в грех!
    Подвижничество, та́к носящее вериги,
    Как сибаритство — шёлк и сладострастье — мех.

    Болтливый род людской, двухдневными делами
    Кичащийся. Борец, осиленный в борьбе,
    Бросающий Творцу сквозь преисподни пламя:
    — Мой равный! Мой Господь! Проклятие тебе!

    И несколько умов, любовников Безумья,
    Решивших сократить докучный жизни день
    И в опия морей нырнувших без раздумья, —
    Вот Матери-Земли извечный бюллетень!

    В божественном переводе Марины Цветаевой, arguably the greatest Russian poet of the twentieth century (undoubtedly a woman).

    Kind regards.


    1. Can I just ask you a quick question T.

      Do you think it is interesting to Ros's readers to post things in a foreign language without having the decency and intelligence to provide a translation? You must have ignored Ros's comment recently to stop posting in a foreign language.

      Do you think it indicates that you are clever and interesting or do you think it is rude and a blog conversation stopper?

      Oh sorry I asked more than 1 quick question.


    2. Hello T
      I have read the two poems and all I can say is ..

      Дуже харно, прекраснно! Нехай Господь вас благословить! (Ukranian as a matter of fact)

      Meaning; Very nice, beautiful! May the Lord bless you!

      Unfortunately, I do not believe that so many people here are interested in poems written in foreign languages, so with respect for Rosalinda's readers, I do not want to go into any more detailed analysis of these poems, unless someone would like me to do so. French is OK for me, but my Russian may not be so good considering, that I did not study that language so deeply.

      Inna Shevchenko still my favorite whatever you may say.

      Have a nice day T

  7. "Björn 5 June 2020 at 16:16
    regarding journalists and uneducated dummies in society
    Just an example
    (what sane person with some kind of university degree, who reads The Sun or any other paper, does now believe that the newly found German paedophile, burglar, drug dealer, child abuser is Madeleine’s murder?)"

    I can't see that you have replied to Björn Ros.


  8. I didn't respond Y, because I have the same disdain for this latest Maddie suspect as Bjorn. When you know there was no abductor, these stories are of no interest.

    1. If you know something then you're witholding information.

    2. I suppose with an airborne virus in circulation keeping your head in the sand is a good idea.


    3. Rosalinda Hutton7 June 2020 at 21:26

      “I'm knowledgeable about all the subjects that interest me, and when unsure of an opinion, I can debate the subject widely between myselves. Added to that, I'm a great wit, I always know how to raise or lower the tone. I don't know if it comes across, but sometimes I am giggling as I type, especially when I think how indignant you will be when you see this reply.”

      Were you serious, Ros, or just boastful?


    4. Was I serious or just boastful? Hmm, I think probably both. Being happy in your own company is a blessing, a good thing, isn't it?

      I have a constant inner dialogue going on, like JD in 'Scrubs', but then I wonder, doesn't everyone? My own is particularly entertaining as I have a penchant for seeing the funny side, even in the most dire of situations. Keeping 'my trap shut' is an ongoing daily battle, but one that amuses me. But I do have to say there were times when I just went for the laugh, and, err, the sack, but that's a whole other story.

      The thing is W, I actually like me, I like that I enjoy my own company and that I have so many interests. I joke about my clinical diagnosis of multiple personality disorder, it takes me one step further than the bipolars. To be honest I have always benefited from the disassociation, especially the self who took over the serious matters like exams and interviews. The successful ones were definitely an out of body experience.

      I am sad that talking about inner dialogue makes you uncomfortable W, but it is something we all do, perhaps writers more than most. For myself, everything is dialogue, how does it read? how does it sound? The words I am saying out loud in my head and I want them to sound eloquent. I want them to sound the same way in the heads of my readers as they in mine, the sighs and the inflections. I want them to hear my actual voice, which, yes, I do like the sound of.

      I don't know if I achieve that, but it is something I strive for every day, I want to connect with my readers, I want them to think 'yes, I feel that too', or 'yes, I have done that'. I have always found, throughout life, that the quickest route to winning friends and influencing people, is by telling them something daft or outrageous that you have done. Brutal honesty, also a good ice-breaker, but it could go either way, eg. 'W' 'I can't believe you just said that'. Or you could just laugh out loud, and think, hey what's wrong with loving yourself?

    5. @ Ros 14:28

      "I am sad that talking about inner dialogue makes you uncomfortable W"

      Where does W say anything about being uncomfortable? Are you going back to reading between the lines and coming up with misinformation again?

      It is you that sounds very uncomfortable.


    6. Ros @14:28

      Rosalinda Hutton7 June 2020 at 21:26

      “The first time I ever connected with other people, was when I joined a writing class in 1999.”

      So, Ros, you hadn’t connected with other people until you were about forty-two.

      I now realise I shouldn’t have given you as much context as I’ve done @11:53, so I’m asking again. What are the subjects that interest you that you are knowledgeable about? Are you a great wit? Do you always know how to raise or lower the tone? Are you giggling as you type because you think you are spreading ‘sweetness and light’, especially when you think how indignant (unhappy) the fruit of you labour will make the intended recipient?

      “I am sad that talking about inner dialogue makes you uncomfortable W”

      You mistake me for someone else. I am not the person you were replying to on 7 June 2020 at 21:26.

      Thank you.


    7. LOL W, I have no idea what you are trying to prove, but I'm happy to give you a few straws to clutch at.

      Perhaps I should have been more specific when retelling the story of our class of '99. We were actually the first class of it's kind, a motley crew made up of entirely different characters with seemingly nothing in common, but we bonded instantly with our shared love of books, movies and creative writing. Writers often feel a sense of dissonance, the hardest part being that most people do not want to talk about the things we want to talk about, ergo we can be in a crowd, but our heads are miles away.

      So what subjects interest me...…? Ooh, that opens the floodgates W. My reply would be, there are over 500 blogs for you to read through. Read the comments too, because 'subjects that interest me' have often come up, and I have given many lengthy replies setting out my opinions.

      Am I a great wit? Yes, I believe so, I have always had the ability to make people laugh, especially when they are sad. I don't giggle at the thought of making the 'recipient' unhappy, how absurd. And if they are going to be unhappy at my reply, why do they write to me?

      Seriously W. I don't have any power over another person's state of happiness or unhappiness, that power lies solely with them. Personally, I don't bother with people I don't like, by not engaging with them they have no power over me. Which begs the question W, why do you keep coming back here, do you think if you criticise me enough I will have a complete change of character? Regardless, you are not a happy soul, so why continue to torment yourself?

  9. Good morning, London

    Mayor Khan Sets Up Commission To Review All London Landmarks To Ensure They Comply With ‘Diversity’
    “Just as well you are not the mayor of Rome.”

    “London Mayor Sadiq Khan faced backlash Tuesday after he announced the formation of a commission to review all London landmarks and street names, and vowed to remove any that do not comply with ‘diversity’.

    Khan promised to ‘review and improve’ London diversity in the wake of BLM “protests” at which statues of Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln were defaced.”

  10. For anyone who would like to contact me privately, my email address is Rosalindahutton@gmail.com

  11. 'John Cleese has railed at the decision of BBC-owned streamer UKTV to remove the famous The Germans episode of Fawlty Towers from its platform, labelling people who failed to see it as a critique of racist attitudes rather than an endorsement of them as “stupid”.

    “One of the things I’ve learned in the last 180 years is that people have very different senses of humour,” the writer, actor and founding member of Monty Python said from his home in Los Angeles. “Some of them understand that if you put nonsense words into the mouth of someone you want to make fun of you’re not broadcasting their views, you’re making fun of them.”'


    1. Thank you for posting that 12:39. I don't often agree with John Cleese these days, but on this I do. And I don't need to add to it, he's got it spot on.

    2. @12:39

      Thanks for that. Welcome to 1984 + 36.


    3. Hello Rosalinda, W and others

      I just had to comment on this madness

      “Khan told Sky News that the ‘Commission for Diversity in the Public Realm’ will review all London’s landmarks, including murals, street art, street names and other public memorials”

      My God, what is happening in the UK? This is flagrant history distortion and history revision, which is very much like what happened in the former Soviet Union, when the towers of the churches were torn down and names of streets and cities were not allowed to be reminiscent of the Tsar era. In addition, the art and the literature, that was considered politically reprehensible were forbidden as were irony and satire (ref the recent removal of fawlty-towers-German satire episode)

      What about the prehistoric Stonehenge. Does that monument represent diversity? If not, why not replace it by a multicultural artwork, depicting all the different races and genders working towards the complete utopia of eternal diversity.

      Have Nice Weekend Rosalinda and W.

    4. Hiya Bjorn, is it possible you have a copy of this to post on my new blog, The Battle of the Statues? You and I, it would appear are deeply troubled by this whitewashing of history, and I am sure you have this to say and much more!

      Destroying art and history is never a good thing, even when it is the supposed good guys who are doing the destroying. You mention the towers and churches torn down in the Soviet Union, so now we think of Russia as cold, bland and grey, the tsar era erased. That's chilling.

    5. Rosalinda Hutton12 June 2020 at 19:49

      “so now we think of Russia as cold, bland and grey, the tsar era erased. That's chilling”

      We? We?? We??? On whose behalf you think you are entitled to say such nonsense?

    6. @ Anonymous15 June 2020 at 18:10

      Do keep up - Ros speaks on behalf of: DEAR CHILDREN OF THE FUTURE

    7. Anonymous15 June 2020 at 23:18

      I beg your pardon, mate, you must be right, it was silly of me not to have grasped the writer’s time travel had been involved.

    8. So nothing to say on the content of my blog 18:10? The same question to 23:18 and 10:07? Is it the same person talking to himself/herself? Is it possible 3 separate people felt the need to write in to condemn my blog as nonsense without a single idea amongst them as to why it is nonsense?

      I won't even spend a moment of my precious time on people I dislike and have no respect for, ergo your constant presence, all three of you, lol, is bizarre. Why do you torment yourselves?

      Regardless, you are here now, so what is your opinion? Should statues stay or go? That is the subject matter that appears to have gone over your head(s).

    9. @ Ros 16 Jun

      I refer you to Anonymous 5 June 2020 at 22:25 signed by T.

      Can you explain what relevance that post has to statues - did the subject matter go right over T's head?

  12. @ Rosalinda Hutton 16 June 2020 at 11:28

    This is the "DEAR CHILDREN OF THE FUTURE" blog - why are you banging on about statues?

  13. Yes, yes, yes, I knew I made error immediately after I posted, but I also knew the joy it would bring you catching me making a mistake. So good of two of you to respond so quickly! Enjoy.