Monday, 20 July 2020


Remember when Jess Phillips said she would happily stab Jeremy Corbyn in the front?  Imagine if JC had said that about her and the hysteria induced grand mal that would kick off?  I'm not sure any amount of smelling salts would bring her around.  I'd keep her out by playing her own ill informed speeches on a loop. It would be fair to say, few MPs irritate me as much as Jess Phillips, not just her loud geezer bird voice and behaviour, but her narcissistic belief that only her opinions matter.  And worse, she portrays herself as an expert on subjects she clearly knows very little about.

Now she has written an opinion piece on Johnny Depp's libel case against the Sun, where she has, not surprisingly, taken the side of Amber Heard (the woman involved) and err Rupert Murdoch and The Sun. Of course pretendy feminist and pretendy defender of abused women, Jess Phillips felt the need to throw in her two penny worth by portraying the stunningly beautiful and successful actress Amber Heard as a victim of domestic abuse.  Portraying Amber Heard as the victim, demonstrates just how little Jess Phillips knows about domestic abuse.  Most victims of domestic abuse are trapped - they have nowhere to go, no money and usually babies and children they must protect.  They don't have access to multiple mansions or private planes at their disposal.

Jess Phillips has with her opinion piece, made two huge 'Trumpian' errors.  Firstly, with her high profile in the Labour Party as a spokesperson for women and domestic abuse, it is appalling that she wrote about a domestic violence case without reading or knowing the basic facts that led to Johnny Depp's libel case.  Victims of domestic abuse for example, don't usually stub out cigarettes on their partners, chop off their fingers or shit in their beds.  Phillips either doesn't know about all these incidents or it's part of her coverall generic 'it doesn't matter what a women does'.  Phillips complains that Amber (the victim) is having her name dragged through the mud by a libel case in which she is not personally involved.

Well ahem, ahem Jess, why do you think Johnny Depp is bringing this libel case?  Take a minute.  Yeah, you got it, Amber Heard with her false accusations dragged his name through the mud with lies.  Arguably, she destroyed his 'A' list career.  Should we all just ignore that bit, say it's OK to destroy a man with heinous accusations of physical abuse, even if the man is completely innocent?  Is the man not allowed to defend himself even if his career and livelihood are at stake?  Fucking good job you're not on a jury you single minded bigot. 

And here is her second great Trumpian error.  Men can be abused too.  Horrifically so, as we have seen in this case.  Johnny Depp should be lauded for speaking out about female abuse against men.  It happens.  Probably far more than is spoken about because men cannot bear the shame of other men, well anyone, knowing that they are being battered by their wives.  No one doubts Johnny Depp's masculinity or thinks him less of a man for tolerating that crazy woman's behaviour.  His strength lies in his not retaliating and I am sure many men can relate to that.

She also commented on the women from Johnny Depp's past such as Winona Ryder coming forward to defend JD's character, dismissing their evidence as irrelevant.  Another sweeping, no room for argument, judgment on her part, displaying her sheer ignorance of human nature and behaviour.  People, predominantly, do not change their basic personality or kind, or unkind natures.  A non violent person doesn't suddenly become violent in middle age.  The evidence of Ms Ryder et al is integral, they knew Johnny Depp intimately, away from the cameras and media.   

Jess Phillips should hang her head in shame for publishing that article without doing any research whatsoever.  She seized on this very public libel trial to defend The Sun (ffs) and to defend a violent woman who's abuse towards Johnny Depp is proven beyond doubt.  At the very least, she should have listened to the tapes before diving in with an opinion based on nothing other than her own prejudice.  Ms Phillips clearly doesn't do her homework and that shouldn't be good enough for an article published in a major newspaper.  


  1. "Jess Phillips, the Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley, said that Labour would lose and suffer a worse result than under Ed Miliband if an election was called today."

    Well she got that absolutely correct. I suggest you try reading context Ros.


  2. I was fully aware of the context when I wrote those words JKH. She was disloyally forecasting a terrible defeat with Jeremy Corbyn at the helm. That doesn't justify her violent rhetoric, again, imagine a man saying he would happily stab her, a woman, in the front? No MP should be happy to STAB their leader full stop. Why don't you mull over that 'stab' word for a moment and ask yourself is that an appropriate verb for a domestic violence spokesperson?

    1. It meant she would challenge him up front, face to face instead of stabbing him in the back - it is clear to anyone that it is not a threat of physical violence.

      stab in the back
      "A betrayal of trust, an act of treachery, as in Voting against our bill at the last minute was a real stab in the back. It is also put as stab someone in the back, meaning “betray someone.” For example, Don't trust George; he's been known to stab his friends in the back. Both the noun and verb forms of this idiom, alluding to a physical attack when one's back is turned, date from the early 1900s."


  3. "Jess Phillips, Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley and chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Domestic Violence

    Jess is a vocal campaigner for women’s rights and equalities. Before she became a member of parliament, she worked at Black Country Women’s Aid – where she developed new refuges, a sexual exploitation support service for children, a home for victims of human trafficking and schools education programmes. Since becoming a Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley, she has continued working to end violence against women and girls. She chairs the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Domestic Violence and her work towards ending violence against women and girls includes providing a voice for the women detained in Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre through to leading the campaign in parliament to protect refuges from closure."