Tuesday, 21 December 2021

WHAT I LEARNED THIS YEAR? - 3 gamechanging beauty tips

I haven't done much with regard to my blog this year and not sure if I will carry on next year, depends perhaps on whether I find a subject that is of interest to others.  Meanwhile, my Christmas gift to all my peers who have packed away the Max Factor powder puffs and Revlon red lipsticks, is advice.  Get 'em out again and buy more!  Old age is the best time to enjoy makeup - let's face it, we have never needed it more!  Putting on make up is like taking an upper!  It lifts not only your spirits, but your actual face.  If you have bad eyes and a dodgy mirror, you will see the face you had all those years ago...... 

Now, I'm not saying you need to go full Barbara Cartland or, God forbid, Baby Jane, though it might be fun, but it is perfectly possible to transform how you look.  That is, it is possible to wear make up and look elegant.  Think, ladies of a certain age who buy their food in M&S.  It's a look, an elegant one in my opinion, and anyone can have it.  

But, I am not going to waffle.  I have put together three beauty tip gamechangers that I wish I had known years ago.  How to get fantastic skin, at any age, how to grow your nails long and how to get full long eyelashes.  Not the highest priorities for most people right now I know, but a fun and rewarding way to switch off all the doom and gloom.  

 How to take years off your complexion

When I began my skin care journey at the start of the pandemic, my skin was kind of meh, that is not too bad because I have always moisturised, but with a fair few sunspots and age spots because I never wore sunscreen.  Not to mention the damage caused by a lifetime of excessive drinking, smoking and partying.  And, in my  sixties, wrinkles.  As usually happens with me, what began as a spark of interest, turned into an obsession. Like many women, I had for decades stuck with the same skin care products and make up, rarely venturing outside my established routine.  I may occasionally have had the inclination to try something new, but on the whole I simply didn't have time, other things took priority. 

When I did dip a toe, at the start of the pandemic, I discovered a whole new world of serums and acids that can make your skin brighter, smoother and clearer.  What new magic is this? thought I, can it be true? I was determined to find out.  It quickly turned into a quest, an obsession and soon my dressing table was looking like an apothecary's counter.  Did it work?  Sure did, but whilst I had all the time in the world to do 10 step morning and night skincare regimes, I began to tire of it and I began to muddle all the little bottles up, applying the Vitamin C before the Retinol and forgetting the niacinamide altogether and all sorts of variations thereof.  It was confusing and not as much fun as when I first began.

So I went back to the beginning, my first dabble in serums and the first time I saw a dramatic improvement in the condition of my skin.  My first purchase had a been an 'all in one' Vitamin C clearing serum I found on Amazon for £10.00*  from a company called Eva Naturals.  At the time I was trying several new products and wasn't quite sure which one was producing the amazing results.  I didn't want to credit the Eva serum because I didn't like the smell (and still don't), but time and many trials and errors later, I realised that it was the Eva serum that was making all the difference.  And I could see why.  It contains all the magic ingredients that I have found to be most effective in just one application. Vitamin C, salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and retinol.  Now the experts would not recommend that you apply the Vitamin and C and retinol at the same time, the vitamin C should go on in the morning and the retinol at night, but for me using this formula twice a day is working really well.  

This combination of ingredients keeps my skin clear and blemish free without the need for aggressive exfoliating.  To be honest, I hate that exfoliating word and I hate the concept of it, at my age my skin needs to be treated with extra special care.  Stripping your skin of all it's natural defences to get squeaky clean is a bit like using a sledgehammer to crack a walnut.  Squeaky clean skin is so easily attainable these days without the use of a scrubbing brush!  

And yes, you are never too old to learn because I have learned all about cleansing too.  I haven't used soap and water on my face for decades, it must be said, for many years I took my makeup off with baby lotion and in more recent times make up wipes.  All wrong apparently.  And I have to agree.  Since ditching them, I haven't had any spots or breakouts.  This year I have tried the Japanese double cleansing method, oil massaging followed by foam and the hot flannel technique.  They worked beautifully, I have to say, great if you want to spend ages pampering yourself, but a pain if you just want to take your make up off and get into your jim jams.  

Most beauty and skin care experts recommend double cleansing, that is you remove your make up with an oil cleanser or a balm for the first cleanse, then a gentle foam wash for the second.  I've adapted that to what works for me, no second foam cleanse, it's way too drying.  My new found cleansing routine involves 3 steps, I know that sounds contrary to my desire to find short cuts, but the extra step is for those who want to grow and preserve their eyelashes.  Part 3, of what I have learned this year.  Step 1, I first remove my mascara.  I do this by cutting a cotton pad in half and soaking it with micellar water, I use Bioderma miscellar solution - it's the only miscellar water that doesn't sting or irritate my eyes.  I stick half the pad under my lower lashes and then put the other half on my closed top lid, making an eyelash 'sandwich'.  I let it soak in, squeezing the eyelashes between the wet pads so the mascara simply slides off.  I do this first step for two reasons.  One to preserve my eyelashes and two I don't want to be rubbing black gunge all over my face during the oil/balm stage.  Step 2, I use a big old dollop of Ponds cold cream to massage all over my face, excluding eyes, then I use a clean wet flannel to wipe it all off.  Just a regular face flannel, 30p in Wilkos, I keep a stack of them by the bathroom sink, they get one use, then washed.  It's greener than using cotton pads and the texture of the flannel gives all the exfoliating you need.  My 3rd step, which I don't always do, is  a wipe over with above Bioderma miscellar water, the chemical exfoliants in the Vitamin C clearing serum does the rest.  I use the tip of my nose to gauge how clean my skin is, that is, no tiny blackheads.  Should any dare rise up to the surface, I use the Ordinary's chemical peel, but this I use very sparingly, about once a fortnight, because I am still in two minds as to whether it is a good thing or not.  Since using nothing but the vitamin C clearing serum this past two weeks, I haven't had the need to use it.

Next moisturisers, I feel I have tried hundreds, from high end miracle creams to Aldi's to Nivea.  For decades I simply used Olay's 7 signs of aging day and night duo.  I can't say any of the creams I tried made any dramatic difference, and I discovered during my research (watching videos) that none of the beauticians and skin experts I watch ever promote the expensive high end moisturisers.  Ergo, moisturiser is moisturiser, it works for you or it doesn't, price isn't a factor in it's effectiveness.  The most recommended moisturising creams by the experts are the most basic, such as The Ordinary's Natural Moisturising Factors HD and CeraVe's moisturising cream.  I love both, but prefer the CeraVe tub because it is huge and it instantly softens dry bits everywhere!  I use it day and night on my face because I love the way it sinks deeply into my skin leaving it soft, moisturised and non shiny, so great for when I want to go make up free. I don't like moisturisers that leave a greasy film on the surface of my skin and so many do, including high end.

I discovered this year, that it is absolutely possible to transform your skin, to make it brighter, clearer and younger looking if you are prepared to take the time and put in the effort.  I know the words time and effort lead to a groan, but think of it as 'me,me,me' pampering time and enjoy it, the pay off is amazing.  I don't do it to look younger, I wear my white/blue hair with pride, I do it because I want to look the best I can, just as I always have when not in the pits of depression.  Learning about skincare and makeup this year has been a joy and I am more than happy to pass on everything I have learned.  I am toying with the idea of making videos but that would take a lot of drugs and alcohol and the result wouldn't be pretty.  

I jest, so if you are still with me thus far, I will sum up how to make your skin look as though you regularly visit a beauty salon and have facials.  All you really need is one bottle of serum (the Eva combined one) and one tub of CeraVe.  Each around the £12 mark, so a small investment for visibly noticeable results.  

How to grow long elegant nails

Step 1.  Think about your nails 24/7, put them at the forefront of everything you think and do.  Sounds excessive, but if you are serious about having long, natural nails, it will quickly become a way of life.  You will no longer chop a carrot or dash forward to save a falling child if you first ask yourself how will this affect my nails?  No more merrily opening cans of fizz or soaking in the bath without wearing rubber gloves.  Hot water is the enemy of your nails, you must never wash up without gloves and you can't wash your hair without gloves.  Hair washing is one of the worst nail tearers, a hair will sink into the tiniest split, so gloves for the shower too.  Ah, should also mention you can never go without nail varnish.  But, as I see it, another rewarding, 'me time' pampering chore.  Now I know why I was never able to grow my nails before, life got in the way.  

I began my quest for long nails by cutting all my nails to the same short length.  It was no great sacrifice, I had a mixture of long and short, weak and bendy nails and logic dictates it would be better if they all started at the same length.  First big learning curve - chuck out the emery boards!  Eek when I think of the years of damage I have done with emery boards and probably another reason I have never been able to grow my nails long.  Doh!  Buy a glass nail file, under a tenner online and worth every penny.  It is a game changer because you can file in both directions, it will last for years and it will never damage your nails. I keep mine with me all the time, ready to catch the slightest chip!  In the early days I constantly applied cuticle oils, nail hardeners, bases and top coats and I had the pleasure of watching them grow and grow.  For the first time in my life I had long, very long, elegant nails.  But as much fun as they were to have, they were annoyingly not practical.  Amongst many things, I couldn't type!  I cut them down to a wearable length and that's pretty much how I have kept them.  I discovered that, yes I can grow my nails long and only wish I had known years ago what I know now.

How to grow long, lush eyelashes

Yep, another miracle I never would have thought possible and that I wish had been available when I was younger.  I have always yearned for long fluttery eyelashes and went through a phase, an OCD trying to find and perfect the art of wearing false eyelashes.  Happily the pain of removing the glue and tugging out the few sparse lashes I had, took it's toll and I began to ask myself, do I really need to wear false lashes to take the rubbish out?  

As I mentioned, my research mostly consists of watching those wonderful talented beauty vloggers and it was through them that I learned about the miracle that is eyelash growth serum.  Again, this was a lightbulb moment, a revelation, could it be true?  Well, yes, it works, even on an old bird like me!  It works at any age, and the sellers of these serums had thousands of customer reviews with photographic evidence.  I tried it and I was not disappointed, within the allotted time, 6 weeks, my lashes were long and lush and I have kept them that way ever since.  The first one I tried UKLash worked like a dream, but on the advice of one of my favourite vloggers I tried Vie eyelash serum which is much cheaper and works just as well.  

But, as with the above growing of long nails, it takes time, patience and nurturing, every lash is precious!  No more rubbing, scrubbing or any type of glue near my eye area ever again.  Ditto waterproof mascara which takes lashes with it when it comes off.  I found the above mascara removing tip in section one, on a Lisa Eldridge (famous beautician) video and I loved it.  Not only does it treat your eyelashes gently, it also treats the delicate under eye area gently.  

On the mascara front, and in the interests of preserving eyelashes, the Maybelline Sky High mascara is my holy grail.  It is a tubing mascara, in that it comes off with warm water, or as mentioned, micellar water and there are no tugs of war.  Not to mention, it does incredible things for eyelashes.  I would credit it with curling my eyelashes upwards but I think that may be the serum.  In any event, they are twice as many as they were last year and it is a joy to finally have the lashes I always dreamed of, bit crazy at my age I know, but they give me the same delight as Santa's gifts for a 6 year old.

Well, I know I have gone completely off track and away from my usual navel gazing, but whenever I learn 'stuff', I have an uncontrollable urge to share it and my enthusiasm with others.  It stems from a sense of 'Omg, I wish I had known that years ago'.  That is, I really wish someone had told me all the things I am telling you now.  In my experience, those women at work with the long talons and blemish free complexions kept their secrets to themselves. Or they wouldn't share them with me.  Has been my misfortune in life to encounter lots of mean girls along the way.  

All my tips absolutely and positively work, I speak from personal experience and the amazing results I achieved.  But I have to admit that each commitment be it nails, skin or eyelashes, takes time, patience and care.  That is, all the things we don't have when we are leading busy lives and have more important things to worry about.  This pandemic certainly brought us an abundance of time and I wish I could say I spent it more usefully.  My conscience, presently chained up in the basement, would scold me relentlessly for my vanity, it is the remains of my catholic indoctrination, that part that tells you scrubbing doorsteps brings you closer to God and cosmetics are the work of Beelzebub.

Pah, it bothers me not, my priorities these days are enjoy life while you can, especially all those things you never really had time for in the hectic years.  I'm looking on my make up hobby in the same kindly way that I looked on my Dad's calligraphy and matchstick cathedrals.  I was happy that it made him happy and I'm fortunate that those who love me, see it the same way.  

Anyway, I wish all who pop in a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.  Keep safe everyone and hold your loved ones close. My kindest wishes to  all,  Cristobell.


  1. Happy New Year to you lovely, I would have sent an email but i've long since lost yours so having to use this to pass on some very sad news, I heard a few days ago that Amanda (madandjam) has passed away, she lost her son a few years ago and she had a massive heart attack Christmas day and slipped away a few days later, I lost touch with her a few years ago when she left facebook but just assumed we would catch up eventually and am so sad thats not going to happen now, anyway, the news set me off thinking about how we all met and here I am, your looking great btw and I enjoyed reading about your beauty tips, been going down the same road myself so will be having a go at the serum youve recommended, funnily enough I took delivery of an eyelash serum just yesterday so started that last night, my hair has fallen out and my eyelashes are coming out in sympathy, hair pieces are great but cant be doing with false eyelashes lol glad to see your still about and active, take care love xx

  2. Oh Bev, how lovely to hear from you, but what tragic news. I had a kind of affinity with Amanda because our sons were born on the same day, 8.8.88 (also Princess Beatrice). That is so so sad, bless them both, I hope they are together.

    I actually always smile when I think of those mad days when we all used to meet up online, mostly for punch ups, lol, but it was so compelling... I couldn't keep away ha ha. I was worried about my addiction and discussed it with a psychiatrist I was seeing at the time, he actually laughed at my 'problem' and said it was no different to having a chat across the garden fence. He was delighted I had a hobby that enthralled me, a sign of good mental health apparently. So our little group were just doing what comes naturally, though it must be said there were a few psychos!

    But I have to say I do remember those days with a huge grin on my face, so it couldn't have been that bad. What I have loved about it was that any time, day or night, there was always someone online to talk to, friend or foe, hostilities would (mostly) cease when someone needed help. There were a few night owls among us, who would pop up when the insomnia kicked in, not to mention the comedians who had us laughing out socks off, Amanda among them. The 'Masked Ball' nights were an absolute scream, an opportunity to go for the funniest insults and we all made the most of them, laughing all the way.

    So glad you enjoyed the beauty tips, I wasn't sure how they would be received, but I was so keen to pass on what I had learned, I had to do it. A couple of months on, I am still using the same Eva all in one serum, Ponds cold cream and CeraVe moisturiser and my skin has never looked better.

    I was blown away by the eyelash serums, they really do work and I have continued with them. Weird that it has taken until my mid sixties to have long curled lashes, and I am loving it. I have a pot full of mascaras, but the best I have found and the one I use every day, is Maybelline Sky High mascara. It is a tubing mascara, so virtually waterproof. That sounds weird because it comes off with warm water, but it won't come off with tears or rain. To make the most of every eyelash I use a basecoat of Eveline SOS lash booster, then literally one coat of mascara. One coat fans out your lashes, if you go in with another coat, it will clog your lashes together and make them look fewer than they actually are.

    I am sorry to hear about your hair problems Bev, what I have found a godsend are those snug large headbands with a knot at the front, knitted ones especially. Again, wish I had discovered them years ago. They are perfect for bad hair days and days when you can't be arsed. They always look elegant and you don't have to worry about anyone looking at your hairline.

    My own hair has grown crazily long, I haven't had it cut since before the pandemic, and it is 'weinmarer' (sp) blue because I always wash it with Fanola blue shampoo and Fanola hair maskm (a tip from someone on here). Lucky me, my hair is full and lush, I look like a 16 year old from behind ha ha, what a fright when they see the face! I jest, I never wear it down, too 'mad woman in the attic' lol.


    1. I am inspired by Lagertha (Viking shield maiden) to keep it long and mad whilst I can because it is so much fun trying out different hairdo's. Via watching Youtube videos, I can now do a French pleat and an 'Eva Peron'. It is a perilous line, one slip and I'm the crazy cleaning lady Kim Woodburn, God forbid! I see it as a form of exercise, more doable than the Jane Fonda video.

      I think I have now reached an age where I accept the things I cannot change, I know that sounds a bit '12 steps' but it really isn't, it's just a life philosophy now. My goals these days are much more realistic, and I have the satisfaction of achieving them.

      But I have waffled on Bev, as usual, so glad you are going to give my tips a try, I have no doubt the eyelash formula will work for you, but the key is patience. I had none, lol, and scrutinised them every day with a magnifying mirror. I also got in the habit of brushing them upwards with a clean spoolie every day, still do, I feel it helps with the growth and fanning out. I sleep on my side so my outer lashes on my right eye eye are always curled towards the centre so I have to brush them back to where they should be. Some vloggers sleep on their backs or buy special pillows for that, believe it or not, but I am not ready to go that far, ha ha.

      I hope all is well with you and yours Bev. This pandemic I think has changed the world as we know it, I know my life has changed dramatically, not just with the restrictions but several bad diagnosis (what is the plural of that?) last year, ergo the need to enjoy my hair and health whilst I can. As long as I can look in the mirror and go 'Yes dahlink, you look fabulous' I will ha ha.

      I'm also ticking off boxes I've always had, and boxes I never knew I had! I have been crazy about the Tudors for decades, but I then discovered the Vikings, pure joy. What a wondrous age we live in Bev, that we can so easily find all the historical facts we want online! Like myself, you must remember trekking down to the library and gazing at lines and lines of bookshelves! Happy times it must be said, but now everything is at our fingertips. I have enjoyed glorious cyber walks around castles and palaces courtesy of historians and history geeks and I have 'tasted' wonderful cuisines and explored historical cities and sites via travel and food vloggers. Must find one who goes to Graceland!

    2. You have inspired me Bev. I know other old friends occasionally look in, and I hope they will say hello. I certainly don't hold any grudges or bad feelings, actually, each and every name just makes me feel nostalgic. Have to laugh though because we are all knocking on a bit now so we will have to waive our zimmer frames and walking sticks!

      I remember once sharing a hotel room with a friend, both in our fifties, who I had known since girlhood. We still had exactly the same giggly personalities but instead of talking about boys non stop, our main conversation was our feet. Not sure why I brought that up (on second gin) but have to say, word of wisdom from an old bird, our personalities never change, we are always that same 5 year old who walked into school on that first day. Whoever we were then, we are now, nuts eh? And I tend to think that the old AOL board, what was it called? The dementia is terrible these days (might be the booze or drugs), Penny something, was a complete madhouse! I absolutely loved the complete freedom of no censorship, no sanctions, no banning, etc, it appealed to my inner rebel! I was one of those obnoxious just graduated 40 something know it alls, preaching marxism and feminism. LOL, was I ever that young (and naive) ......? It was quite an introduction to the Europe Board (just remembered), as most though I was a shaven headed, tatooed, dungeree, jackboot wearing feminist circa Greenham Common, lol. I was most perturbed, because I consider myself a laydee, of the Mrs Bucket mold, twinsets and pearls, tea out of fine china etc. How could this be thought I? Not surprisingly, ha ha, most of the Board told me.

      Do take care of yourself my old friend, luxuriate in your self pamperit really is a joy, when you have your eye on a high end beauty product that your heart desires, remember all those times you did live without, you sacrificed, X number of years not buying, adds up to buy what the fuck you want.
      I hope other old AOL board members are still around, especially anyone with a better memory than I. Where are you now and what are doing? For myself, my hopes of conquering the world didn't pan out, so I am mostly propping up my face and learning the art of disguise, wrinkles, age spots and saggy jowels.

      I have achieved the perfect pastry, the perfect chocolate cake, the perfect Quiche and the perfect duck. The perfect steak eludes me. The duck I bitterly regret, will never be able to look the ducks at the local pond in the eye again.

      On the makeup front, I feel I have found my holy grail in every category, happily I am able to resist the tug of buying more, more more. I give it perspective by wondering how the Tudors and indeed the Vikings got on without Charlotte Tilbury.

      I would like to brag about my knowledge of history but as most real historians know, everything you learns teaches you how little you actually know. In my first life trimester, I was 'into' the French Revolution, Charles Dickens himself had me at 'it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. In my teens it planted all those seedlings of leftism, socialism and feminism.

      In my mid trimester I was a fully paid member of the Labour Party, though, it must be said, never 100% fully committed. But my attitude was always, may not agree with everything, but better than the tories. Corbyn was a revelation, a shining star, the one, and now it appears, only hope of propelling this country forward into a beacon for others to follow. A nation devoted towards a fairer society for all, a share in the wealth for all. How Boris Johnson and the tories managed to turn all that into a bad thing will always be beyond me.

      Oops, wandered onto politics there, but ce la vie, my love and kindest wishes Bev, take care. xxx ing,

  3. I too remember those days very fondly, I had forgotten about the masked ball lol there were certainly some characters on that board, I only kept in touch with a few, Ann Daunt, Sharon (from London), Amanda & Inta and of course you now & again lol Ann I havent heard from in a long time as with Amanda but i'm friends with Sharon & Inta on FB so catch up with them regularly although Inta isnt on there much the rest I havent seen since I left Intas's forum and cant even remember why I did leave, boredom I suspect but I do wonder sometimes what happened to them all, hope they are having good lives even the ones I didnt like lol

    I had all but given up on the beauty lark when my hair went tits up, wasnt a lot of point with my hair a mess, nothing I put on my face made me look any better so I stopped bothering, got to the point when I started looking at hair toppers and after some trial & error found some that actually made me look ok and that boosted me enough to try makeup again, had to learn some new techniques as mine were from the 70's but i'm getting there just need to look after the basics a bit better so skin, eyelashes & nails are getting some long overdue help :)

    I have an idea for a Blog for you but its a touchy subject and will need some research but it would be invaluable to women of our age and somewhat younger women too to prepare them for whats likely to happen to them menopause wise, i've truly had my eyes opened this last year or so with things happening that I had absolutely no clue about (my mother has a lot to answer for), the worst part is its fixable with time & some research but its stuff that should never happen in the 1st place if Doctors were better trained or took the time to educate themselves, its not something I feel comfortable writing about here but i'm on the same email addy i've always had its the name I used on the boards plus 123@aol.com so if you want to find out more drop me a message :) if not no worries i'll just pop back now & again to make sure your still causing hell somewhere lol xx

    1. I just wanted to mention a couple of beauty vloggers that I love to watch, they have taught me so much about make up! You can do a search on Youtube, 'Pretty Over Fifty', a lovely lady who is actually 65 and 'Mrs Melissa M', another 50+ lady with great tips for older skin etc. I too used to apply my make up as I did in the 70's so it was a huge, but very enjoyable, learning curve!

  4. I miss your mad rantings and even though I could have cheerfully throttled you on occasion you always held true to what you believed even to fence sitting whilst you made up your mind, didnt always agree with your opinions but was always ready to defend your right to them, trying to be the diplomat was bloody hard work and I wasnt even that good at it but I did try lol I tend not to get involved in "causes" anymore although I did dabble in the 50's women pension fiasco for a bit, resigned now though to just waiting another 11 months & 10 days (not that i'm counting lol) until I get what should have been paid to me 5 years ago, robbing bastards have already stolen something around 40 grand off me and it makes me so bloody angry some days, I was stupid and didnt bother getting myself a private pension so no income apart from selling a bit of handmade jewellery & flogging a few bits on Ebay, it does make me very bitter some days but it was my own fault to a certain extent so I live with it, other than that life is good, I have 3 fabulous grand kids, my 2 are doing ok, i'm still with the toy boy and I have a bus pass lol bloody covid has done my head in, scared the bloody life out of me to start with but i'm just getting on with it now not much else we can do is there, I enjoy history too cant beat a good period drama and the upside to the memory not being what it once was means I can watch the same ones over again lol politics have never been my thing I dont bloody trust any of them but how the hell Boris got in I have absolutely no idea, Brexit is a disaster and i'm beginning to be thankful I live in Wales and we have slightly different rules here, Mark Drakeford isnt much cop and I dont think he will survive another term but there are some plans in the pipeline which could help a lot of low income families so we will wait & see, hope whatever the bad diagnosis were they manage to sort out but if you ever need to let off some steam give me a shout xx

    1. Ha ha, I know I used to drive you and many others nuts, that was the fun bit lol. I blame the 'paddy' within me, the mischievous part. Unfortunately with the written word you can't see the wink or the tongue in cheek. But got to rush at the mo, off to do a bit of shopping, but will be back this evening cause it's great to chat :)

    2. I had intended to return last night but I got caught up watching Boris Johnson performing like Billy Bunter at the Despatch box with Lord Snooty sat beside him looking bored silly. It was a bit like watching a particularly aggressive Beano farce. I loved that they topped it off with Nadine Dorries, pissed as a fart, demonstrating that the culture of drinking until you are off your face in the tory party remains completely unaffected by the current proceedings, she might just as well said fuck you, we intend to party on.

      But lol, no, even as the politics of today are batshit crazy, I will stick with 'it's beyond my control'. Besides, I have a lot of faith in young people, they know more than we did, and as horrible as it is to see the rise of the Right, it will only fuel a rise in the Left, the nicer, more compassionate majority.

      But enough with politics, though should mention I too am one of the 50's born women robbed of my pension. Galling as, probably like yourself, I have worked for most of my life and paid my taxes and NI. Happily money has never been a big thing for me, little things make me happy, all I ever wanted was a room of my own and the tools to write. Of course, with the internet and a laptop I not only have the means to write but access to every book I want to read and every film I want to see. Heaven! Probably a bit too much because it distracts me from writing, doh!

      Phew, my bad diagnosis. Still don't know the plural. My diabetes has gone nuts and I have rheumatoid arthritis plus liver problems from my misspent youth. On the plus side I have lost loads of weight and indeed the appetite I once had. I have recently taken an entirely new approach to food, the buying, cooking, storing etc, and it's saving me time and money and I have never eaten so well. It may just be that I have (finally) caught up with the 21st century, but for me it is new, so I might write a blog about it.

      I haven't got a bus pass yet, robbed again, grr, but I have a lovely son who bought an ex chauffer car, a jag, to drive me anywhere I want! My ex, his dad, jokingly refers to it as 'driving Miss Daisy', ha ha. We have been to some wonderful castles and museums and I even saw a tear in his eye as we gazed at the wonderful gardens of Sissinghurst, but that may have been because he was missing the FA cup final. I jest, I had no idea when I booked it was a football day doh!


    3. I was going to bore you with my diet, but my dear Bev, you have inspired me to write a blog!