Saturday, 23 June 2012


Well, probably not real love, love may be too strong a word.  Smitten, I think smitten might be more applicable. Yes smitten, with the wonderful Andy Burnham MP, after watching him on Question Time the other night.  He has caught my eye before, it must be said, but when he spoke, I came over all unnecessary, and can't remember a thing.  I was captivated by his eyes, wondering, if I am honest, if he was wearing eyeliner and mascara?  Dreamy eyes like that shouldn't be allowed, as my old mum used to say.  As a kid, I remember asking her who she was going to vote for out of Harold Wilson or Ted Heath, and she said 'Ted Heath, cause he's better looking'.  I could see her point.  My dad liked Harold Wilson, so its no wonder I was confused.

I know, I am selling out on Sheldon with my transient affections, but he won't mind, he knows what it is like to get crushes.  It gives me something to talk about in my head.

Anyhow, back to Andy Burnham, I think he would make a great leader of the Labour Party.  He's got my vote!


  1. send him a signed copy of your book ,with your address so he can thanj you , and even phone number he may ring you to thank you , and a signed phgoto of yourself so he knows what you look like , is he married ? never mind he can get divorced if he is ,
    can i be bridesmaid , its graceland by the wat dont know how to get out of anon

    1. Am laughing away here Ann, if Annie from Europe were looking in, she would say 'no, fer feck's sake, don't send the book!' lol.

      Ahh, my men remain fantasy these days Ann, and besides, I have packed me stalking equipment away (I kept the torch and the magnifying glass), somewhere in the loft, and the restraining order might include his area.

      I digress, he is a happily married man, and the only way I could get him, would be to cosh him on the back of the noggin and try and fit him in me granny barrow. His wife can sleep easy, lol. Id only want to be giving him a cuddle and making him soup though, can't be doing with all that 'how's ya father'.

      Though should say, I watched a film with Jack Nicholson the other night, and it definitely made my toes tingle. He played a grumpy old lech, who had a heart attack and had to be looked after by an older lady, and they fell in love. The divine Jack, has a twinkle in his eye and a devilish look that says 'yeh, I'm up for it!' - I doubt any woman is immune!

      Oh, the woman was played by Diane Keaton, who looked amazing, darn her!

  2. Haha Bell you never fail to make me smile.. havent a clue who he is so going to google him and will come and tell you my verdict on his sex appeal.. might be a bit clean cut for me.. xx

    1. Oh he has a gorgeous face RSue - a real show stopper. And he is a socialist. He was on Question Time the other night, and was terrific, the audience loved him.

      I think it is a shame that people can be so shallow as to base their politics on looks, but it is hard to hate a pretty boy. All our celebrities, male and female, spend huge chunks of their fortunes, having their bodies and faces lifted and botoxed and can only venture out, after dark and a wearing a headscarf and sunglasses.

      Looks mattered not a jot, during the sixties, some politicians looked like an old welly the dog chewed, but it was the age of the radio. Voices and words were listened to carefully, they carried much more weight than physical images. Now we are more likely to be captivated by bookstands flooded with stories of celebratriy lifestyles. We are more likely to be reading about Jordan's latest husband, than the children murdered in Syria.

      Anyhow, I digress, must find a pic to insert in blog..... back in a mo

  3. LOL @ a bit clean cut Sue!! I don't like his lack of jaw line tbh Bell, I much prefer the 'chiselled' look misself Think Graceland's suggestions are good though, you could always give it a try - let us know what happens if you do, wont you lol xx

    Jo xx

    1. If I give it a try, I will get locked up Jo, lol, and would be writing this from within a padded cell. I jest, nothing was proved.

      Nah, I fall in love on a regular basis, and I think Andy Burnham (He's a labour MP!)has now been superceded by Jack Nicholson. I am very fickle.

      Now, who was the biblical actor, who my mother used to say, 'had the jawbone of an ass', lol. I've never really got the jawbone appeal myself tbh, could never make up my mind if I liked the handsome guy with the dark hair in CSI (who also had a jawbone like an ass) - or the adoreable Grissom. He was partially deaf, and I think that would be a great asset in a guy. Sometimes, a simple grunt, or a 'yes dear' or 'no dear' is just enough, lol.

      Men are seldom interested in the goings on at number 24, or how that snooty couple across the way, has got another new car. The detail is lost on them. You can only really down to the nitty gritty when you are chatting to female friends and gay men.

      Think I will take a note of Inta's advice, and compile a tick list, lol

      Drinker, smoker, eater, occasional pothead with a good work ethic, lol, tidy, organised, grower of own organic veg preferred, lol, partial deafness and controlled testosterone an advantage. I think tidy is an essential, two slobs equal Wayne and Waynetta.

      I once had a fling with an old army colonel, I think I was his guilty pleasure. His disciplined ways did take hold for a wee while, and I found myself cleaning the windows, but to be fair the relationship was doomed. Politically we were poles apart, and I was mistress once removed.

      Ps. Still jesting, lol, but in my defence, I had an accomplice, or, more accurately, I was the accomplice, and we didn't have facebook.

  4. If you are wanting a bloke like the one you describe, I think you are going to have to see an expert in genetic engineering lol

    Jo xxx