Sunday, 12 August 2012


Like many, I have been following the tragic case of Tia Sharp.  Having spent my entire life studying human behaviour and psychology, alarm bells rang from the moment this story broke news.

I have a feeling this blog will cause much controversy, but I feel so angry on behalf of this child that I refuse to keep quiet.  

Too many women take strange men into their beds and into their families based on nothing more than a drunken night of sex.  Within days, weeks, these unknown men are owners/occupiers and role models for their precious offspring.  

I know how hard it is to be a single mother, its as lonely as hell and an endless struggle against poverty and destitution.  Chuck in the hormones that are continually signalling to us to mate and reproduce as often as possible, and its easy to see how our natural instincts to protect our young can be easily blinded. 

Have I done it myself?  Yeh, and I produced another child.  Other than producing an amazing son, we were a match made in hell.  Unfortunately, I am not a Black Widow Spider, so bumping him off post coitus was not an option.  

I should add, I'm kind of glad it wasn't, there are so many qualities in him that are good, not least that he was, in many ways, a great dad, and I knew instinctively that he would never harm the kids, and that was my only priority.  

Some of you will know the reasons behind my heightened instincts for spotting a wrong 'un, you learn an awful lot about human behaviour, when you see it at its very worst.  I refer of course to the nuns and wierdos society deemed appropriate to be given the care of vulnerable children. 

Time and time again, I have seen women such as the mother and grandmother of poor, tragic Tia.  I have lived on rough council estates, I have seen and even been dragged into those pointless, bitching, streetfights.  I watched as a downstairs neighbour gave his deranged son an air rifle so he could shoot at things from the balcony - I kid you not.  It sickens and appals me, but it also breaks my decrepit old socialist heart that all of this could be avoided if someone had just sat down and read a book with them, when they were 5 years old.  

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  1. Yes it was a car crash waiting to happen and like many others you saw the signals the moment the story broke. Respect to you for putting these feelings and truths out there, for that i Salute you.

  2. Judge Ian Pearson, who sits at Portsmouth Crown Court, once said "It seems to me that the courts spend a lot of time protecting women from their stupidity in relationships."

    Unfortunately, children often pay with their lives for that same stupidity.