Saturday, 10 November 2012


I have not yet had my training day, due to house move, I suppose, or maybe just caught up in the hospital's over flowing newly diagnosed Type II's backlog.

I am trying to positive, and on the whole, have given up approximately 50% of my favourite things. I know it could be better, but the sight of a fat woman leering at a giant cake bear claw is just sad.  I succumbed.  There was a lady in front of me in a mobile scooter having a good mooch, and we had a good giggle as we coaxed each other on, 'to be a devil'.  She got her French Horn and I got my oversized choux pastry.  Now, I am riddled with guilt that I may have set her down the path to wrack and ruin, by comparing the deliciousness of our 'naughty but nice' buys.  

I am sure there must be a simple way of corrupting 'choux pastry' thus making it making it diabetic friendly. Even I can remember how easy it is to make, and already thinking of savoury ways to fill them.  Sadly, most ideas involve lashings of cream cheese, thus far.

Fortunately, I am too lazy to make them, as yet, but have have great plans.  I still have a hazy and unscheduled lifestyle, but keeping active with hoovering and dusting and decluttering my head, as well as my home and worrying more about lightshades than changing the world.  I was fortunate to meet a new friend, whose wisdom is legend, in my opinion.  Suffice, to say, I have learned much from her, not least the importance of having a clean and comfortable home.  

It is amazingly uplifting, I totally get those 'hoarders' and hippy protesters (I class myself as the latter) but should add, also by nature, bone idle, I flaunted my lack of housekeeping skills and cobwebs from a feminist perspective.  

I am now looking at things from an enlightenment perspective, and a nod that says it is ok to pamper yourself with luxury, albeit faux satin, and to offer your guests a variety of food from a 3 tier cake stand!  The ownership of said cake stand is a lifelong dream, lol.  It took much exercise to find 'just the right one'.  The Mrs Bucket in me, wants to create the ultimate tea at the Ritz experience, in minutes.  

I have dispensed with the whole tier system, on account of the fact, that I rarely buy cakes these days so I just fill each layer with whatever I can find in the fridge.  Unless, pre-warned, should add, then I can get my fat arse down to M&S to buy their sarnies and fruit cakes, to arrange prettily. My guests have been delighted!  If the fridge is bare there should always be cheese, then toasties work well and look fine on all 3 levels.  Not quite the divine Dehlia, but a nod in her direction.  I once made her cheese and walnut choux pastries, and they were fabulous!  

But back to the diabetes.  I have good days, and I have bad, GP told me, that apparently, all my unhealthily high levels, are so common, they are collectively known as Factor X, in the US.  I haven't yet braced myself to do any research, suffice to say, it probably has nothing to do with Simon Cowell but is more closely related to lifestyle, body type etc.  Thats just a guess.

On the plus side, I have increased my exercise, and am now eating many more cereals (with fake sugar) and my unstable teeth make it pretty impossible to tackle a t-bone anyhow - though I could probably manage the chips.  

The bad days still exist, especially the day following excessive exercise.  I expect, it is best to do these things slowly and find a happy medium.

Well, ttfn, must go see where pasta stands on the whole diabetic side.  Is it a complex carbohydrate? 

Ps.  Determined to experiment with the choux pastries, so watch this space. Any suggestions welcome, presently thinking if there is anything other than cream cheese, that goes with olives? Hmmm


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